Street Fighter II: V (1995) s02e04 Episode Script

The Beautiful Assassin with Green Eyes and an Evil Cross

Scoring a direct hit on Balrog with his Sho Ryu Ken Ken brings their deathmatch to a close.
Having regained consciousness, Chun Li runs to his side.
The beautiful, green-eyed assassin, Cammy, lands in Barcelona and is hired by the Shadowlaw spy, Bison, to kill Dorai.
Meanwhile, Ken and Chun Li are menaced by the sinister Vega! Who are you?.
I am Vega.
I see now why Balrog was so taken with you.
Stay away from me! You cannot resist me.
Of all the dirty! Now, do as I say.
You can't make me obey you! You had better behave, otherwise you will suffer far more than you have already.
YOu SOu KYAKu! Hawk Talon Kick Young lady, ifyou don't want that lovely body to get hurt I suggest you stop testing my patience! You thinkyou can fight me one-handed?.
I wasn't planning to! Oh, my! What a shameless girl you are! Gotcha! Chun Chun Li Damn it Chun Chun Li Damn it all Did I do it again?.
Against this girl??!.
Prepare them for transport.
Ye-- Yes, sir! I reserved a room for you next to Dorai's.
The rest is up to you.
One last request.
I want your guarantee that Interpol won't have me eliminated after I complete this job.
What sort of guarantee do you want?.
Why don't you think of one?.
HADOu KEN! Make the call.
Who are you?.
My name is Vega.
How do you do, Mr.
Masters? To think that I'm talking to one ofthe richest men in the world.
I'm honored.
Vega, may I please ask what business you have with me?.
Ah, forgive me.
Far be it for me to rudely contact a concerned father like yourself.
Concerned father?.
What are you talking about??!.
I have your son, Ken, Mr.
You've kidnapped him??!.
I want one billion U.
dollars in 48 hours.
That should be pocket change for you.
You son of a! Is Ken Is Ken all ri ght??!.
Ken! Ken Don't worry, wejust have him under sedation.
Just do as I say andyour son will be returned alive.
You You son of a bitch! I will contact you again in 24 hours.
Until then Ken! Ken Sniping Heel! Cammy's cross shines against the night sky as she moves in to take Dorai's life.
Will he survive??!.
Meanwhile, two experts hired by Ken's father set out to Barcelona.
Their names:.
Guile and Nash! Can they rescue Ken from Vega's sinister clutches??!.
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