Street Fighter II: V (1995) s02e06 Episode Script

The Unimaginable Power of the Body!

With Cammy's green eyes flashing Dorai was thrown headfirst from his hotel room veranda! Meanwhile, Ken's father asked his friend Ortega the director of the CIA, to help recover his kidnapped son and two military special operations experts were scrambled to the scene.
Their names:.
Guile and Nash.
Fate once again draws these fighters together! He's just kid! What for is he sleeping out here?.
Okay, who are you??!.
My name is Zangief.
Now, you be good boy and come without fighting, right?.
I don't know what's going on here, but I don't know who you are.
Now just get out of my way.
If I don't get back to the hotel Sorry you say that, my friend.
They order me to bring you back.
So, you be good boy and come back quietly, right?.
Bring me back?.
What are you talking about?.
Never mind, just do what I say, my friend.
Hey! Lemme go! My friend, please do what I say.
I don't want for to be making the rough stuffwith you.
What are you talking about?.
I just don't get this guy Hey! What are you waiting for??!.
Our orders are to grab that guy now! Christ That idiot! That guy's useless! Oh, well.
I'll grab the kid myself! What??!.
You little! You stubborn! Sorry about this, my friend.
There it is! Okay, I'm taking us down! Now what?.
We can't afford to let them see us! Get in, fast! Target recovered! Returning to base at once.
Please be okay, my friend! I told you I didn't want to be making with the rough stuff! His pulse and respiration were already stopped when they were transporting him here in the ambulance.
But when they brought him into the hospital he suddenly started breathing again! I don't know if it was a miracle or something else.
- But he's going to live?.
- I'd say his chances are 50-50.
He has broken bones at 36 points in his body and proportionate injuries to his neck.
His neck??!.
The wounds suggest something like piano wire was tied around his neck.
An assassination attempt! A first strike by Shadowlaw? But why would they target Dorai? Only those at yesterday's meeting knew he'd been chosen to head the Shadowlaw investigation.
The men at that meeting were supposedly the most trusted investigators in Interpol! Doctor, I want him secretly moved to another hospital at once! Don't be ridiculous! Moving him now would be extremely dangerous! And keeping him here could be even more dangerous! Here it is.
The castle where that ball was held last night.
Looks pretty quiet.
Doesn't feel like anyone's around.
Okay, let's go in! Nash, check out the upstairs! Gotcha! Well?.
Not even a mouse up there.
And there was no sign they returned to the hotel, either.
Yeah So where the hell did they vanish to?.
Where am I??!.
I remember practicing using my Ki on the beach But what happened after that?.
What the??!.
Areyou awake, Mr.
Ryu? Who are you??!.
Forgive the rough treatment, but we were ordered to bringyou to this guest house by any means.
Who are you??!.
My master is coming to meet you personally.
Wouldyou please wait a moment? Quit talking to me and show me who you are! What's the big idea, locking me up in here??!.
So, are you "the master??" What do you want with me??!.
You have been chosen! What??!.
Ryu! You possess unique abilities.
I have therefore chosen you to become a member of Shadowlaw! And I really don't care what you have to say! Now either show me the way out or I'll find it myself! Unless you defeat me, you cannot leave this place.
Youoryour friend! My friend?.
You mean Ken! Is Ken here, too??!.
I'm treating him as my very special guest.
Why, you! What are you doing this for??!.
Defeat me and I'll tell you.
Is that all?.
Wha What happened??!.
What's wrong?.
Is that the best you can do??!.
You son of a! Damn it! I know you're capable of more! Show me your true power! My true power?.
The power you were practicing on the beach yesterday! What??!.
You! How do you know about Hadou??!.
How does not matter! Ifyou do not defeat me, you will be my guest forever! Or wouldn't you mind that?.
Ifyou wanna see it so bad, then I'll demonstrate it! Your body'll get a nice, big taste of it! He's starting! Get set! Yes, sir! Life gauge, check! - What the?.
- What is it?.
The life field reading's going off the scale.
The Crowding code's like a giant column! It's almost like Master Vega's! Are you saying that boy can use Psycho Power as well??!.
No, the astral pattern's different.
This power's different from Psycho Power! A different power?.
Just what can be as strong as this??!.
Magnificent! Even better than I expected! - Trouble! - Now what??!.
The life gauge just went down! Too much power for it! This is getting dangerous! Master Vega! Master Vega, it's dangerous in there! Please, get out ofthere now! Don't interfere! What's that light? Come on! Let's see you fire that energy at me! Your wish is my command! What the??!.
The Hadou's going wild! Damn it! Why??!.
I could do it yesterday! Is it him??!.
Is he interfering somehow??!.
Life coating off-line! Safety screen destroyed! Stop the experiment! I can't! We've lost life sensor control! It's overloaded! Master Vega! Master Vega! Master Vega! This This is a disaster! Calm down, Zoltar! Master Vega, you're still alive! Get a medical team to the guest room at once! Are you injured, sir??!.
Relax, it's not for me.
Just do it! He'll be very amusing for me.
Chun Li! Stop it! What are you doing to her??!.
Stop it! Let her go! Chun Li! Help me! I don't care who, just somebody help me save her! Chun Li! CHUN LI!!! Glowing with an eerie light a cyberchip draws close to Ryu's forehead.
Meanwhile, Fei Long, having arrived in Barcelona is horrified by the news that his Shih-Fu, Dorai, is dead! And Ken, still a prisoner of Shadowlaw, is tortured by nightmares of Chun Li falling to Vega's Psycho Power! Next time, on Street Fighter II V:.
"Compulsion Towards Vengeance" "Cyberchip - The Challenge to Mind Control!" They go to meet the mighty!