Street Fighter II: V (1995) s02e07 Episode Script

The Computer Chip that Controls the Mind

Guile and Nash, the soldiers sent by Ken's father, arrived in Barcelona.
Elsewhere, having been taken by force to Shadowlaw's fortress Ryu found himself facing Vega himself!.
In the fierce clash between Hadou and Psycho Power Vega emerged the victor!.
Meanwhile, as Ken struggles in the grip of nightmares a power begins to awaken within him as well! Chun Li! Stop it! What are you doing to her??!.
Stop it! Let her go! CHUN LI!!! Chun Li! CHUN LI!!! Guile.
We tracked your son from his hotel to Castle Isabella but there was no trace ofwhere he went from there.
I see Very well, then.
Thank you.
Do whatever you can to find where Ken's been taken.
Ken Stop the car! Whoa! What's up??!.
Stop it in that parking lot! Guile, isn't this that car?.
It's just a hunch but I'm sure that big guy is mixed up in this somehow.
Yeah Wha-- What do you want?.
Sorry if I woke you, Pops.
Can you tell me ifyou've seen the owners of that wagon parked out in the lot?.
Don't go scaring an old man like that! Yeah, I saw those guys.
One of them, this REALLY big fellow took a motor boat out from the dock.
These guys you saw Were there only two of them?.
Oh, forgot about that.
There was another one with them who looked pretty drunk.
The big fellow put him on the boat with them.
This "drunk guy" Was he one of these two kids here?.
Hm, can't rightly say.
You see, the big one carried him with his face away from me.
I only got a little glimpse of him.
Well, then, do you know where they went in the boat?.
About thirty kilometers out from here there's an island owned by one of those big, super rich-types.
I think they were headed towards it.
- "Super rich-types??" - Tell us more about it! Look, I'm just the caretaker.
I don't know anything.
Once in a while they come in by motor boat and they load up with all sorts of things.
I don't know anything more than that! A drunk man and an island owned by some tycoon Suspicious.
We still have no proof that this "drunk man" was one of the kids.
But I still think that big guy is mixed up in this.
I've known you for ten years.
Except foryour total inability to ever understand women I trust your instincts.
Shall we investigate this a little more closely?.
Master Vega, I have the test results on the cyberchip at this current stage.
Very well.
Show me! As you know, the human brain is divided into the frontal occipital, parietal, and temporal lobes.
Within these, human consciousness, creativity, emotions and conscious body control are handled by the cerebral cortex in the frontal lobe.
This triangular metal construct is the final stage form of the cyberchip.
We implant this chip into a subject's cerebral cortex.
By means of a high-efficiency microwave transmitter that Iinks it to Shadowlaw's host computer, the cyberchip picks up the signal from the computer's impulse transmitter and internally translates the digital signal into a 1 00 micro-volt impulse signal which stimulates the cerebral cortex and allows us complete control of the subject's brain.
We're stimulating a feeling of sadness here.
Now, ifwe send different signals As you see, we can trigger various responses.
However, at the current stage in development we can't control the strength of the impulse signal.
So if, for example, we command him to hit his head against the wall we get this result.
How long will it take to perfect the impulse signal control?.
We can have it finished in three days, sir.
Do it in one! I want Ryu to be under my control as soon as possible! To that end, I need the cyberchip perfected quickly so that I can have it implanted in his brain.
Do you understand?.
As you wish, sir.
The time has come for Shadowlaw to broaden its tactics! And I need to raise the strongest, most powerful and absolutely obedient warriors to do that! Be grateful, Ryu.
I have chosen you for the honor of being the very first one! and these little animals are quickly capturing people's hearts.
In other news, it was reported today at 1:00 PM that the man killed after falling from a 1 5th-story veranda at the Hotel San Juan has been positively identified.
According to the passport left in his room the man was a traveller from Hong Kong: Senor Dorai.
The police investigation has concluded that the fall resulted from his being intoxicated.
After Senor Dorai's body has undergone a police autopsy at the Veronica Piana Hospital, it will be turned over to Hong Kong embassy officials.
Answering rumors that West African terrorists may have been involved authorities replied that the possibility was very thin.
It can't be It's impossible! And now, in other news It's not true!! Not true!! Not true!! Shih-Fu, dead?!! It's not true!! It can't be!! It's not true!! IT'S NOT TRU E!!! Yes?.
It's me.
The police just announced they're concluding that he died from a fall due to intoxication.
Good work.
Due to intoxication?.
No matter.
You Interpol people must have arranged a false announcement from the police.
You all seem a bit overly eager to protect your reputations, though.
What do you mean?.
It's not true! Please let it not be true! SHIH-FU!!!!!! What??!.
You're saying the wounds on his neck would show clearly that he was murdered with piano wire??!.
I seem to recall the terms being the elimination of the target without it looking like the hit came from Interpol.
You never told me to make it look like an accident.
Ifyou didn't arrange all this, then who's hiding the truth?.
Could that damned Dorai have somehow?!! Hold on! I'll contact you later! Dammit! Who? And why?! Where's Shih-Fu??!.
Is Shih-Fu-- Is Master Dorai still alive??!.
Are you a member of his family?.
Yes! Now tell me if he's all right! Shih-Fu's dead?! It's impossible! There must be some mistake! To have died from a fall after getting drunk! He wouldn't do that!!! Please! Tell me there's been some mistake! I'm very sorry.
It's not true It's not true! It's not true! It's not true! It's not true! IT'S NOT TRUE!!! Are you a member of Dorai's family?.
Shih-Fu was more important to me than my own father! He was! He was!!! Come with me.
We have to talk.
This island's pretty suspicious, all right.
I see a strange-looking building.
Looks like we'll have to wait till sundown before we can move in.
Nothing else we can do.
Chu-- Chun Li!!! Ken awakens! Sensing Ryu's anguished spirit Hadou begins to awaken within Ken's body! To create an all-powerful and absolutely obedient warrior Vega implants the cyberchip into Ryu's forehead! Hurry, Ken! Can his Hadou Sho Ryu Ken somehow manage to save Ryu??!.
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