Street Fighter II: V (1995) s02e12 Episode Script

Final Words from a Best Friend About to Die! (2)

After infiltrating the fortress, Guile found himself facing Zangief!! Breaking into the hospital for a second attempt to kill Dorai!!! !!!the assassin Cammy was challenged by Fei Long! And Ryu, now under the control of the cyberchip!!! !!!could not hear Ken's pleas to end their battle! All of these fighters are now caught in!!! !!!the sinister machinations of Vega, the leader of Shadowlaw! Game over! You are quite strong, my friend, but this battle goes to me! I will crush you! You're pretty good when it comes to raw power! But you don't win a fight with brute strength alone! What the!!!??!! Uh-oh! I'm in trouble! That sure killed some time! Spiral Arrow! Hmm, you're not half bad! For trying to kill Master Dorai!!! !!!I have to make you pay the highest price I can! Man Geki Shu! Distant Attack Kick Shih-Fu! Outta the way! Damn it! Respiration level falling.
Respiration level falling.
Heart rate falling.
Heart rate falling.
Shih-Fu Damn it!!!! Why didn't you just finish me off?! If you'd kept on fi ghting, you could've killed me and my Shih-Fu.
Two birds with one stone! I have my own philosophy about killing! My pride would never allow me to kill someone!!! !!!by just letting his oxygen mask fall off! If I'm to kill him, it will be on my own terms! After I defeat you, of course! Such confidence! Let's see just how good you really are! Let's do it, assassin! I'm not holding anything back now! Ifyou even tried holding anything back!!! !!!you'd just end up dead! Ooh, she can talk the talk! Your little speeches just send chills up and down my spine! Heavenly Father Forgive me.
Damn it! At this rate!!! !!!I won't get anywhere! Wake up, Ryu! Look at me, dammit! Look at who you're fighting! Someone you've been friends with since you were a little kid! You and I didn't train to be martial artists!!! !!!just so we could end up killing each other! Ryu, snap out of it! Open your eyes! RYU!!!!! So, Ken Masters.
At last you decide to fight back.
Excellent! Go on and fight him! Bite me! You both compete against one another so that you CAN fi ght! No! No! No! Open your own eyes to the truth! The opponent who stands before you is not your friend! He is simply a man named Ryu whose only purpose is to fight you! Now fi ght, Ryu! Fi ght, Ken! Defeat the enemy who so desperately wishes to defeat you! It is your destiny! So, they've got surveillance cameras! This fortress' defenses up to now!!! !!!Iooked more like they were designed to keep monkeys out! That seems to be different up here! Meaning the control center must be nearby! Guile, do you read me?! Hey! Do you read me?! Guile! Hey, answer me! Guile, what's wrong?! Guile! I hearyou.
You don't have to scream at me.
I was worried.
Something happen to you? Nah, I just stopped for a breather! Where are you now?! I'm headed into the top level! Looks like they've got real security set up from here on! Okay, I'll head up up there! Just watch your step, Nash! Right! Get up here as soon as you set the bombs! Rogerthat.
Can't we take a break?! We've got another hour! Just be patient! Damn, I'm getting some unwelcome company here! Guile, the situation's changed! I'm going in! Wait! Nash, what's wrong! Hey! Who are--??!! Why, you!!!! You son of a!!!! Yes, what's wrong?! Intruder alert! He's made it in here! Lock down the monitor room, sir! What are our guards doing??!! Those useless imbeciles! Master Vega, we'd better get out of here! Don't let a mouse or two frighten you! Leave them be! But!!! But, sir!!!! Hurry up, Guile! It looks like I've made it!!! !!!to this fortress' control center! Look, I'm trying my best to get to you! Damn it, another dead end! This place really is built like a maze! Nash, wait till I get to you! Don't charge in on your own! Yeah, I hearyou! Zoltar, unlock the door! Let's invite our guest in! - I want to askwho he is! - But, sir! Do it now! I've never seen a visitor!!! !!!who's been able to make it this far in! He must want very much to meet me! Heaven forbid I don't show him some common courtesy! As you wish, sir! Mr! Vega, I presume?! Just the man I wanted to see! I sincerely doubt you came just to meet me! Why are you here?! I came to bring Ken Masters home! Ken Masters! I should have expected as much from the great Masters Corporation! To launch so reckless a mission in not even two days time! You're with the U!S! Special Forces?! I don't have to tell you anything! First it's down and then up! What's WITH this building??!! I've got a bad feeling about this.
Nash, don't rush into anything before I get there! So, how did you find this island?! Before I kill you I'd like you to at least tell me that! Spy satellites?! The latest radar from the Pentagon, perhaps?! Nothing that fancy! Just my partner's instincts! Question time's over, pal! Now take me to Ken Masters! Do you really believe you can order me around!!! !!!just because you're holding that puny gun?! Try and shoot me! What's wrong??!! Why even hesitate?! Shoot me! Go on and shoot! You're taking a stupid chance, pal! Guile!!! Guile!!! Guile!!!! Nash! Nash, come in! NASH!!! Guile!!! Guile, be careful!!! This man, Vega, is!!!! Nash! Hang on! Nash! Guile!!!! NASH!!! Nash is dead! Guile, what was ityou saw!!! !!!when you heard your friend's final cry?! And now Ken and Ryu threaten each other!!! !!!with all the power at their disposal! A clash between the Hadou Ken and the Hadou Sho Ryu! Will this final fight between friends end at last??!! Next time, on Street Fighter II V:! "Fight to the Finish (Round Three)" "Critical Point - The Limits of the Smashing Hadou Energy" They go to meet the mighty!