Street Fighter II: V (1995) s02e13 Episode Script

Super Energy Wave Crush! (3)

Guile and Zangief's fierce battle was finally settled.
But the battle between Fei Long and Cammy continues as Ken battles his friend Ryu, who has been turned into a killing machine by the cyberchip!.
Meanwhile, Nash, having finally reached Vega is attacked by Vega's Psycho Power as Chun Li watches coldly a cyberchip shining upon her own forehead! Guile! NASH!!! Nash! Nash! NASH! It can't be! NASH!!! Death is an inevitability, and always so unsatisfying.
Give him a proper burial.
As you wish, Master.
Now that we've taken care of unwelcome visitors ZOLTAR! Order Ryu to fire his Hadou again.
But, Master Vega! If he does that--! I don't care! Give the order now! Yes, sir! Ryu RYU! Do it, Ryu! Ryu, are you You're going to use the Hadou Ken on me?.
That's right! When I tried focusing my Ki before, I was able to see Ryu.
The Hadou was able to link my mind with yours.
It's a long shot, but I have to try to use Hadou to somehow break through into your mind.
- Master Vega! - Be quiet! But, sir, if they both use it head on like this they may blow the entire base apart! I DON'T CARE! Hadou versus Hadou I want to see just how powerful a blast such a clash will produce! Ifyou're gonna shoot me, then shoot, Ryu! Shoot him, Ryu! Show me what you're made of, Ken Masters! He's close I'm coming, Nash! In here?.
Nash! Are you in there??!.
Damn, it's locked! Master Vega! An intruder! Master Vega! It's another American commando-- Silence! My God! The door! Nash! Hey! Hey, Nash! Nash, speak to me! Nash! Please! Nash NASH!!! Nash What's wrong?.
I've just got a weird, cold feeling.
Like the worst thing in the world's waiting for us there.
Well, that's something I've never heard you say.
Especially after all the hellholes we've gotten out of.
I've still got a bad feeling about this one.
We've come this far.
We have to commit, right?.
Yeah, right.
Shall we go?.
A dear friend, eh?.
Such a beautiful thing to see.
By the way, why don't you have a look at this monitor?.
We have here two other dear friends who are fighting for their lives.
A battle to the death is also a beautiful thing, is it not?.
God damn you God damn you, I'll make you pay! This is the best part! Just wait there a while, won't you?.
I won't let my Shih-Fu be a victim of some mystery syndicate! You're a Shadowlaw assassin, aren't you??!.
What are you talking about?.
Dorai's in league with the Hong Kong drug syndicates.
Shih-Fu?! Are you nuts??!.
He's been busting the drug syndicates so Shadowlaw sent you to kill him! What??!.
Th-that was quick.
So, what's wrong?.
Why did you call me out here?.
Dorai may still be alive! I doubt you'd like people to know that you blew a hit for someone.
This whole job is starting to stink! Why is an Interpol investigator sneaking around like this?.
Your eyes tell me you're not lying.
I'll take a gamble on your eyes.
A gamble?.
Is it you who's been tricked, or is it I?.
Damn it, quit hanging around and get in here! What if somebody sees you??!.
Well, Cammy, did you take care of Dorai?.
Come on, answer me! Is Dorai alive or dead??!.
Dorai is dead.
- You're sure?.
- You don't believe me?.
No, I don't mean that.
Then why did you call me?.
Why didn't you go see foryourself if Dorai was dead or alive?.
Well, it's just You see, if I were an Interpol investigator I'd pass along false information to set a trap.
Then all I'd have to do is wait for the spy to get caught in my net.
What are you getting at?.
I think we may have been set up.
You weren't followed, were you??!.
I don't know.
But if the guy we're dealing with keeps his wits about him, then-- Then, now that Dorai's dead, he kills you as a "terrorist" and everything gets neatly wrapped up.
A bit dirty for standard Interpol procedure.
Not to mention incredibly crude! Who are you, really?.
I don't have to tell a dead woman anything.
You should be grateful.
You, a mere assassin have the honor of being killed by a warrior of Shadowlaw! So, I was right Adios.
Don't move! Freeze! Both ofyou! Barrac! Bison, we're going to have a nice, long talk later on.
Of course, with witnesses present.
Fei Long! Mr.
Barrac, could you please just ignore what's about to happen?.
- What do you mean?.
- I made a promise.
Bison! I'm sure you're ready to pay for tricking me.
Prepare to die! Spiral Arrow! Flying neck hunt! Hey! He's a valuable witness! Hey, you're going too far! This isn't what we agreed to! Heavenly Father, forgive me.
This man hired me to kill Dorai.
He claimed it was a mission for Interpol.
I thought as much.
Fei Long! I owe you one.
By all rights, this man's life is mine, but I'm handing him over to you! Farewell, Fei Long.
I'll take care of Shadowlaw in my own way.
C'mon! Ryu! Do it! C'mon! Yes! Shoot! Shoot! Now?.
Here it comes! HADOU SHO RYU!!!!.
Now free of the cyberchip's spell Ryu joins Ken as they search for Vega's whereabouts.
They discover Guile and Chun Li waiting in the eagle head shrine but a cyberchip still gleams coldly on Chun Li's forehead.
And before the two fighters stands a dark shadow:.
Vega! Next time, on Street Fighter II V:.
"Fight to the Finish (Round Four)" "Master Vega, the Overwhelming Destructive Power!" They go to meet the mighty!