Street Legal (2019) s09e01 Episode Script

Glass Floor

1 (DOG BARKING) WOMAN: Don't touch me.
(GASPING) ADAM: Heroin was released commercially in 1895 by the Bayer Pharmaceutical Company, the same people that brought you aspirin.
It was a cough remedy, sold over the counter.
They made sugary versions for kids.
Can you help me out? You got a dollar? A hundred years later, Standout Pharma released Adophol into the market.
It mixed the power of an opioid stronger than morphine with the magic of a time release formula that made it non-addictive.
Well, that was bullshit.
I'm looking for someone.
Tell me, have you seen this woman? Have you seen her? MINA: Anything? (SIGHING) Turns out Adophol was just as addictive as all the other drugs we make from poppies.
The time release could be beaten by crushing the pills or just chewing them.
There was a warning about it right there on the box.
Instructions on how to get high.
LILLY: Have you seen this person? We can't give out any personal information.
I just want to know if you've seen her.
I can't tell you that.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Millions got hooked.
Billions got made.
They use these buildings.
All of them.
Even if you followed the instructions, followed the regimen, took the pills only and exactly as prescribed, you could still end up hooked.
Soccer moms and hockey coaches turned into junkies by people who swore an oath to do no harm.
And when the prescription ran out, the addiction didn't, so you had to get something else.
Which brings us back to heroin.
Mom? Oh, shit.
Don't tell your father.
(ENGINE REVVING) (CAR HORN HONKING) DRIVER: Put your makeup on at home, sweetheart! You say something to me? I did.
This isn't a parking spot.
I'm working here.
So am I.
You can't do that.
Move your car! Giulia.
I'm not going to discuss Adophol, Olivia.
You know that.
You represent the maker.
I represent their victims.
Not until you file.
Oh, I'm coming.
Opioids killed more people last year than breast cancer.
Add in the heroin overdoses, fentanyl My client doesn't make heroin or fentanyl.
I presume you want to make an offer? You think I'm looking to settle already? Why else are we talking? Your client created an epidemic.
It's a pain medication.
Used properly, it's not addictive.
I repped Big Tobacco once, too.
They used the same spiel.
I get it.
I'm the bad guy.
You don't have an offer.
Oh, I'm just getting started.
You ever been to Turin? - I'm sorry? - It's in Italy.
Big medical faculty.
I don't even know what you're talking about.
A medical school? My daughter is going there next year for a summer program.
The Navarone Institute.
It's quite famous.
I just thought you might have heard of it.
I don't know what kind of game you're trying to play here, but it's less than engaging.
Not that it matters.
I got to run.
I'll see you.
I don't think you will.
PORTIA: Good morning, Olivia.
Something is up with Giulia Lissandri.
Find out what.
Is Derek in yet? He's in the war room.
Thank you.
Heard you had coffee with Giulia Lissandri.
Breakfast, no less.
Who told you? Your assistant seems to trust me.
I'll have to talk to her about that.
So, what's your angle with Lissandri? Just messing with her.
Letting her know she's going to be the bad guy.
I dropped a hint about Turin.
She didn't bite.
Total blank.
Yeah, right.
No, really.
She didn't know anything, if there is actually anything to know.
Standout Pharma didn't make a large donation to some random medical school.
They bought something.
Well, you're my investigator.
CZERNIK: Get out! You're fired.
Go on.
Right now.
Let's go.
Move it.
Keep going.
Let's go.
All of you.
Get your traitorous asses out of here.
You're fired.
THOMKINS: Let's go, folks.
We're done here.
Yeah, you're done here, all right.
All right.
You two, in my office, now.
What did Thomkins do? Well, we've just been raided.
He walks out of here with our entire mergers and acquisition department.
Then he comes up here and he has the nerve to say to me he wants his whole package paid out.
I don't think so.
It's in his original agreement.
I don't have that kind of agreement.
We needed him.
We'll have to pay him out.
How are we going to cover it? Adophol.
Right, Olivia? You ready to file? Pretty much.
Well, I have to hand it to you, Olivia.
You never let me down.
Unlike the other rat bastards around here.
Novak? OLIVIA: We're busy, Portia.
You need to see this.
Somebody else filed against Standout Pharma.
What are you talking about? Some boutique firm.
They filed this morning.
It's on the database.
Word is they've got 800 people signed up.
DEREK: That's not good.
How do I not know about this? Who are the lawyers? RDL Legal.
Never heard of them.
Got their clients through some Anglican Church group.
What are you going to tell Czernik? Nothing yet.
Who the hell are RDL Legal? ADAM: Attention, please.
(CORK POPPING) Time for champagne.
LILLY: Hell, yes, it is.
- Not for me.
- I'm in.
TERRY: So, we're actually suing the bastards? LILLY: Yes, we are.
ADAM: Hey.
To us.
Hi there.
Can we help you? Actually, I think we can help each other.
I'm impressed you all stayed off my radar.
Who wrote the brief? I did.
Thank you.
Is that your full staff? Oh, we don't have staff.
We have Sam.
That's Sam.
We'll add as necessary.
Oh, it'll be necessary.
What's your budget? That's not something we can discuss.
What's your interest? I've spent the last long while putting together basically the same case as you.
Mine is stronger.
MINA: That's not relevant.
We represent the class now.
You can't.
And you can't win.
You have lots of sympathetic victims, but this is real now.
You don't have what it takes to fight this.
Which is what? Expertise, money, patience.
You're lacking all three.
You have to bring this to C.
Why you? Because we don't rep Big Pharma, and we're by far the biggest firm on Bay Street that can say that.
Because you're too moral? That's not quite your reputation.
No, because they specialize in suing them.
Isn't that what you need? You must know you're in over your heads here.
And you're over-involved.
I'm invested.
I think you should make your offer in writing, and we'll decide how to respond, thank you.
Mina is right.
Let's do this more formally.
Pleasure meeting you.
Was that over the line? No.
No, that was good.
How'd it go? Well, you were right about the family issues.
Adam Darling shouldn't be lead, but he's too dug in.
I'm going to need one of the women.
You looking to recruit? No.
I just want what's mine.
(CHUCKLING) I'm on it.
RDL Legal? What the hell? I just met with them.
And? They think they're hotshots.
Will they give up the class? I'll convince them.
I'm not letting a bunch of kids screw up my case.
Not just yours.
I'm head litigator.
We're a long way from court, Hal.
If we have to, we'll just buy them out.
How the hell did they get ahead of us? Family connection to a minister.
His church is backing them.
It's an interesting angle.
They're good lawyers.
They dug up some real gold.
Yeah? Such as? Their key rep plaintiff is a former top salesman for Adophol.
Till he ended up addicted.
An insider.
Mm-hmm, with an axe to grind.
Oh, this one is going to pay out big.
You want me to help make the sale? It's okay.
I got it covered.
Um, Mr.
Czernik asked to see you.
I'll be right there.
OLIVIA: Just sleep on it.
I've already slept on it.
I don't know anybody anymore, Olivia.
I can't even recruit a good mergers man.
So, try a woman.
Well, what do you think I'm doing? I'm backing you.
You can run the firm.
I know I can, Gerry.
I need the votes.
Stay on for a year.
Help me with the transition.
Oversee the board.
I've made up my mind.
I'm done.
But I'm giving you a head start on this.
Use it.
How long have I got? Well, I'll keep it quiet until the next quarterly, but then I'm telling the partners.
And triggering your buyout.
What have I always told you? "Look after yourself first, Livvy.
" Get the votes.
So? He's quitting.
He's telling the partners at the next meeting.
And he only tells you? Why? So I can take over the firm.
He's backing me for managing partner.
So, why are you coming to me? Because I don't think I have the votes.
But between the two of us, we do.
We can buy him out.
You and me.
We're the name partners.
The firm is cash-short because of Thomkins and the opioid budget.
We step up, we're the heroes.
And you become managing partner? - Do you really want it? - I don't know.
You want to be in court, Hal.
What about the opioid case? What about it? You add these kids' case to ours, could you force a settlement? Quick and dirty.
Cash buyout to go away.
For pennies.
A lot of pennies.
Case like this, even a rushed deal is more than enough to buy Gerry out.
Are you broke? The firm has cash flow issues.
Why can't I? 'Cause you make a shitload of money, Hal.
It's right in front of us, Olivia.
Listen to me.
Cash out Adophol.
I'm telling you.
Cover Gerry's buyout.
I will back you to take over the firm.
Seems like an easy choice to me.
Get the votes.
You're smoking? Jesus.
You scared me.
Yeah, 'cause you're hiding it like a teenager.
Is it tobacco? Yes, it's tobacco.
I want Mom to try pot.
Just have an open mind, all right? And more importantly, an open heart.
I talk about it most Sundays.
How is she? Not great.
- She was gone three days, you know.
- I know.
You shouldn't be leaving her alone.
It's not for long.
Take your time.
(WOMAN MOANING, RETCHING) Mom? Withdrawal is a bitch.
Would you believe I have to have more surgery? It can wait.
I can hardly walk.
One hip is no use to anyone.
They're going to have to give me something.
That's how we ended up here.
You think I don't know that? I had a setback.
You see it in group all the time.
Yes, we do.
Did you forget my tea? (SIGHING) He's mad at me.
He shouldn't be.
Of course he should.
I'm going to stop messing up.
I am.
You know what this is? Fifty bucks? Thank you.
It's good to have your mother home, hmm? Jesus, James.
Don't soft-peddle it for the kid.
It's a hellhole.
He's just waiting for me to bolt.
And are you going to? I don't know.
I haven't decided yet.
ADAM: Dad, just leave her be.
Do you have to goad him like that? That was nothing.
So, I looked into the women at RDL.
You find me a way in? No, not really.
But I know Lilly Rue is your target.
Why? 'Cause Adam Darling and Mina Lee are joined at the hip.
Hooked up at college.
Been inseparable ever since.
Hooked up? Not like that.
Work wives.
Package deal.
So, what do we know on Lilly Rue? Not much.
Star student, clerked at the Supreme Court.
What's she doing at a boutique? Afraid of the big leagues? No.
I think she's a do-gooder.
Looking for causes to fight.
She can write.
I'll need a travel chit and some petty cash.
Where are you going? I'm not.
I'm flying someone in from Italy.
You're approved.
Thank you.
We are officially certified, folks.
Discovery starts now.
We know.
What's going on? MINA: They want to examine Terry right away.
They're calling it an emergency request.
That's nonsense.
There is no emergency.
What's the emergency? He's the face of the case.
They want to go after him.
I want to do this.
If they want me, I'm right here.
I'm not hiding.
Forget it.
We are not letting them set the agenda.
They're not.
I am.
I want this done.
Terry, we don't know what they're up to.
Sure we do.
I know what's coming.
I'm a junkie and a thief.
I've got no pride to lose.
What are they going to say to me? That you're a liar.
You know when I was lying? When I was working for Standout Pharma.
I got to do it sometime.
Get her done.
Terry, we're your lawyers.
But I'm asking her.
She's the one who signed me up.
(DOOR OPENING) Hello? Oh, good.
I was hoping it was you.
I saw the lights on.
Did you bring an offer? No.
I just want to chat.
With me? Exactly.
Buy you a drink? I don't bite.
Red or white? Red.
Oh, I used to be red.
I miss it.
So, I guess we can't talk about the case.
Yours or mine? It's all the same case.
They need to be put together.
And this isn't talking about it? Sorry.
Actually, I wanted to talk about you.
So, what are you afraid of? To be blunt.
Not much, to be honest.
I think it's success.
(CHUCKLING) - Do you? - Mm-hmm.
You have an exceptional résumé.
You could have a major career.
Very few women get that opportunity.
I don't think this is about my gender.
Oh, don't kid yourself.
The glass ceiling is very real and rock solid.
Yay? You broke through it.
So, maybe I'm worth listening to.
I'm sure you are.
But I work at RDL Legal.
I'm the R.
There's no ceiling in my shop.
(SCOFFING) Oh, come on.
I bill your annual gross in a month, if I'm on vacation.
I get it.
You founded a start-up.
You're taking on big cases, and now you've got one.
What you do right now, at this point in your career, with a case like this, this is when doors open or they don't.
You're setting yourself up to fail.
You're letting your partner represent his family.
You're letting personal relationships interfere with pursuing the right outcome here.
For me or for our client? They're the same thing.
Don't let other people determine what you can be.
Don't let your friendships get in the way of where you can go.
Instead I should stab them in the back and give the case to you? That's the pitch? (LAUGHING) This is a major case.
You can make a difference.
It's an epidemic.
You stick with what you got, you can't win.
I have company.
I'm sorry to interrupt.
I was just leaving.
Thanks for the drink.
Hey there.
Derek Leiber.
Lilly Rue.
I know.
Well, she's prettier in person.
Got something for you.
This couldn't wait till the office? No.
You want to see this.
Straight from Italy.
It's a closer.
With whom? Lilly Rue, for starters.
What is it? It's an application for a research project.
1994, The Navarone Institute at St.
Michael's University, Turin.
Fully funded by Standout Pharma.
Now, what did they fund? An addiction study.
For Adophol.
Standout Pharma swears they never did one.
Well, they paid for one.
The approval is on the last page.
It was never published, but it exists.
I want that study.
I need it admissible.
It won't be cheap.
Nothing worth having is.
Hey, Maddy.
They just got here.
Make mine a double.
I'll do that.
- Hey.
How's your mom? (SIGHING) Unvarnished.
And your dad? He's angry with her.
He shouldn't be.
He's trying.
Well, he's failing.
So, he blames himself.
Then she falls off the wagon again, or maybe he pushes her.
It's not his fault.
It's not her fault.
It's her doing, though.
I mean - Hey.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
So, Olivia sand-bagged me.
She cornered me in the dark, if we're being literal, and then she took me home and she put the moves on me.
- You wish.
- You wish.
I'm not denying it.
What was her pitch? She said I was the special-est special lady lawyer ever and I could do better than working with you two.
Well, that's to the point.
She's not really shy about being manipulative.
You sort of have to admire it.
We don't have to let her push us around.
I didn't.
But she's right.
The case is too big for us.
ADAM: Then we'll get bigger or we'll get help.
Novak is not the only option.
But they're the one that fits.
I don't want to screw this up.
We won't.
MINA: Okay.
Stop it.
We are not letting some Bay Street pantsuit muscle into our case.
We earned this.
Learn to deal with success.
ADAM: Hear, hear.
You're outvoted.
To us.
(GLASSES CLINKING) (PHONE RINGING) GIULIA: So, you continued to abuse your prescriptions after you returned to work.
Is that correct? If I had prescriptions, how is that abuse? Because you lied to get them to multiple doctors, correct? I didn't have to lie.
We were loading them up with free samples.
Standout Pharma was.
The drug is intended for patients, not addicts.
I was a patient when I got hooked, wasn't I? And you want to know what? Thank you.
Moving on.
Listen to me.
Terry, don't do this.
We told doctors you couldn't get addicted.
Less than 2%, we said.
Meanwhile, sales are just skyrocketing.
Control your client, please.
Terry, you can't do this.
Got it.
Bury the truth, promote the lies? It's a lie that you're an addict? It's not a lie.
I understand you saw a doctor last month.
Why are you asking that? Fairly simple question.
You saw Dr.
Jamal Hadi on the 17th, is that correct? That's private.
I've just entered it into the record.
So, now it's public.
Excuse me.
What's your source for this? Answer the question, please.
It's really not a hard one.
Just answer the question.
You have nothing to hide.
I sprained my ankle.
What's it to you? Did you request pain medication? Where are you getting this? Okay.
You know what? That's between him and his doctor.
- We have evidence that you did.
- What evidence? You'll see it when it's introduced.
Did you request opioids? Yes or no.
Don't answer.
It doesn't really matter if you admit it.
It's true.
Screw you.
I'm clean.
I don't know where she's going with this.
I'm establishing a pattern of addiction.
I got hooked on your client's magic pill because a doctor gave them to me.
And I believed the horseshit that Standout Pharma was pushing just as much as he did.
Then why did you ask for them last month? Because I wanted to see if they were still giving them away like candy, and they are.
Terry, stop it.
How do you know this? It's private information.
Let's move on to the next question.
Answer my question.
I am not the one being examined here.
Then I'm shutting this down.
You want to ambush my client? You better present some facts.
Terry, let's go.
TERRY: Mina You can't do that.
Nothing happened, Mina.
You lied to me, Terry.
I know.
I'm sorry.
I should've told you.
I have to know! I can't have them telling me things about my own client.
That's not okay.
I can't organize information I don't have.
It is not okay.
Are you using? No.
I swear.
How can you do that? How can you ask for Adophol and not tell me? I was ashamed.
I would have used it, and that's the real truth.
I'm telling you now.
I have to trust you.
How can I do that? I don't know.
I It won't happen again.
I swear to you.
It can't, okay? I have to know.
I know.
We need you.
I'm taking the bastards down, right? Yeah.
Hey, uh, I should get myself to a meeting.
Yes, you should.
That's all of him.
That's all he owns? Pretty much.
He's a simple guy.
You two are anything but simple.
How'd it go with Terry? They ambushed him.
I wasn't ready.
He asked a doctor for pills.
The other side knew about it; I didn't.
How the hell did they know about that? They wouldn't say.
He didn't get the pills.
It's not in his medical records.
Well, if they want to use it, they'll have to source it.
We'll find out, okay? I still think it's weird you disappear your boyfriend.
Uh, he disappears.
I just tidy up after him.
It makes me miss him.
You're literally putting his things in storage.
It's normal to me.
I wish I was normal to me.
See you.
See you.
I'm his lawyer.
(SIREN WAILING) You can't come in.
Was it an accident? Looks like it.
Are you a relative? I'm his lawyer.
He was going to a meeting.
OFFICER: Dealers target meetings.
Is there anyone you want us to notify? No.
There's just me.
(SIGHING) You know where the key is.
It's less alone outside.
Come in.
I'm sorry I took so long.
Is your mom okay? Yeah.
She's fine for the moment.
It was an accident.
Terry overdosed.
That's what these goddamn drugs do.
It's not your fault.
Terry had problems of his own.
That's why he needed me.
(SOBBING) OLIVIA: I'm going to be blunt.
You had a witness that showed how Standout Pharma pushed the drug, but he died.
So, now you don't even have your key rep plaintiff.
You also don't have anything that proves that Standout Pharma knew how addictive Adophol is.
There weren't any studies that proved it.
Standout sure didn't commission any.
Actually, they did.
And I can prove it.
Derek? In 1994, Standout Pharma agreed to fund a major study into their new time-release opioid concept.
Done at a medical school in Italy.
This is it.
It ran for 16 months before they shut it down.
No final reports were issued.
But I got the full data set.
Is this admissible? Better be.
We paid enough for it.
No offence, but I was asking the lawyer.
Oh, Derek was a very good lawyer.
Back in the day.
Mina? If this is real, it's really big.
Oh, it's real.
It's the one and only human drug trial they did that tracked addiction.
After this, they deliberately went blind.
It changes the whole case.
It destroys their defence.
You need this.
You've lost your best witness.
You need my rep plaintiffs.
You need my resources.
You need me.
She's right.
I wish she wasn't.
Lilly, tell him.
We can't say no to this.
We have clients.
(CLEARING THROAT) What are the terms? I take over the case.
You retain 1/3 of the payout.
I'm prepared to discuss a fast track to partnership at C.
Novak if you want to go that route.
We don't.
I'll subcontract you on an hourly.
You'll stay on the case.
This is our case.
We retain control.
I'm in control.
You remain involved.
I need an answer now.
We want minimum terms.
We gave my father assurances.
What assurances? That our representative plaintiffs get final say, and we don't even consider settling until Standout is afraid of us.
And when are they supposed to be afraid of you? When they realize we're willing to take it to trial.
OLIVIA: That could take years.
We realize that.
I can't practise the law that way.
I need the option to settle.
We want a veto.
Two years.
It's a deal-breaker.
Thank you for your time.
I'll give you one year.
You can have a veto for one year.
I can't do better than that.
Go write it up.
DEREK: Look forward to working with you.
I'm sorry, Adam.
This is the right thing to do.
Now, I've just got to tell my folks.
RENEE: I don't see why you have to give up the case.
Why? Because they lost their client, Renee.
Well, they have hundreds of clients.
I'll testify.
Tell them how much I love their little wonder pills.
You don't have to give it up.
I have a responsibility to my clients.
I'm not one of them? Your father hasn't been raising money 24 hours a day? That's what got us here.
But now we have to deal with a major lawsuit.
We can't do that alone.
Well, what if they want to settle? Well, I've got a veto over that for a year.
RENEE: Are you still going to argue it in court? Olivia Novak will take the lead.
Hal Lloyd will probably do the closing.
These are major lawyers.
This is good news.
I'm sorry.
Me, too.
I'll testify.
I meant that.
For that guy who died.
They need someone relevant, Renee.
I'm not relevant? There are lots of things that you can do to help.
Mum, we'll have you examined, okay? We won't finalize the witness list until we go to trial.
Don't get her hopes up.
Yeah? Well, don't take them away.
You know best.
(SIGHING) You'll be fine.
Why was Giulia Lissandri here? We're going to be working together.
I'm going to Driscoll's.
You can't.
You're in conflict.
I'm not having anything to do with Adophol.
Novak is about to take over the other side of their biggest case.
Novak is about to cease to exist, Olivia.
Most of us can do better somewhere else.
I'm bringing the litigation group with me.
Labour group is going to Rhodes Steinberg.
Turns out you're not really a popular choice for managing partner.
You've been setting me up ever since I told you about Czernik.
Oh, I knew you'd betray me.
It's not the first time, is it? And I'm right.
You gave them a veto on settling? Way to keep a fuckin' deal.
It was the right thing to do for the firm! There is no firm.
The vote is tomorrow night.
You're welcome to come.
It won't make any difference.
I made my deal with RDL.
I'm taking it with me.
Well, that will be up to the partners.
Everything's been put into storage, pending the dissolution.
You took my case files? I thought it was our case.
I'll go to a judge.
No doubt.
In the meantime, possession is 9/10ths of the law.
Jesus Christ.
Why don't you just give it up, Olivia? Take the karmic hint.
Your best days are behind you.
Were you always this big a prick? Always.
What the hell is going on? What did they tell you? Just my contract is terminated.
(SIGHING) So, I asked around.
Lloyd is really going to Driscoll's? I know.
I thought I had him bought.
I was paying his ticket to buy out Czernik.
But obviously, Giulia offered more.
You wanna go get a drink? Not tonight.
You know what you're going to do? Not tonight.
You okay? Yeah.
Yeah, thanks.
I'll call you.
Take care.
(DOOR OPENING) This is not the best time.
Am I interrupting your wallowing? As it happens.
How much did you lose? I don't see how that's any of your business.
So, the full stake, huh? What do you want? Your study.
Frankly, we want your whole case.
Come work with us.
I'm not interested in joining a start-up, thanks.
You don't have your firm anymore, unfortunately.
What happened to your case files? My backstabbing partner put them in escrow.
Yes, it is.
Can you get them? Eventually.
Oh, I get it.
You don't want me.
You just want my files.
No, we want both.
Come work with us, and we'll give you an equal share of the case.
With or without your files.
I'm not a charity case.
What did you say to me? "Don't be afraid of success.
Don't just settle for the easy path.
" I know it's hard to start over, but don't sell yourself short.
What you decide right now will probably determine the rest of your career.
Like if you have one.
You want payback? I'm how you get it.
(INDISTINCT CHATTERING) Have a good life, Olivia.
Die in agony, Hal.
A judge might not like this.
Possession is nine-tenths of the law.
It's my study.
I'll walk.
(EXHALING) (ENGINE STARTING) ADAM: Opioid addiction has been around 1000 years.
(RENEE MOANING) These drugs are so powerful they can kill you if you take a tiny bit too much.
And they can kill you if you try to stop.
(RENEE SCREAMING) Even if you do stop, you're damaged.
You're not the same.
(SCREAMING) (RENEE CRYING) Standout Pharma brought that addiction to the masses.
Brought it out of the shadows and into your home.
(CRYING) They're going to pay.