Street Legal (2019) s09e02 Episode Script

Moving Day

Mom? Don't tell your father.
Opioids killed more people last year than breast cancer.
It's a pain medication.
Your client created an epidemic.
Somebody else filed.
- Against Standout Pharma.
- What are you talking about? RDL Legal.
Never heard of them.
Adam Darling.
I know.
Lily Rue, Mina Lee.
You're here about Standout Pharma.
Hey, you can't come in.
- Was it an accident? - Looks like it.
Terry overdosed, it's what these goddamn drugs do.
Don't let your friendships stop you from going where you can go.
Instead I should stab him in the back and give the case to you? That's the pitch? C.
Novak is about to cease to exist, Olivia.
Take the karmic hint.
Your best days are behind you.
You want payback? I'm how you get it.
- Hello? - Lilly, oh, thank God.
Kayla, where are you? I'm stuck in Nairobi.
I need you to check on my parents, do you still have my spare keys? Yeah, I know exactly where they are.
They won't answer their phone, can you check on them please? It's been like, a week.
I lost my damn passport, I don't know when I can get home.
I just need to know they're okay.
Of course, I'll go right now.
Thank you.
I just have this feeling.
Are you sure you have my keys? No worries.
I'm on it.
Johnson? Mr.
Johnson? It's Lilly! Ugh Oh John? Karen? Augh ugh! Oh, that's gross! Okay, this is creepy.
I called all the hospitals, no patients that fit.
I also ran their names through social services.
Yeah, they're not gonna be in foster care.
Right, but I'm on hold anyway cause they called me back, so Yes, hello? I'm just gonna grab a pen.
Hey, what's going on? My friend's parents are missing.
What kind of missing? Like, "aliens abducted them in the middle of breakfast" missing.
How long? We don't know, over a week maybe.
My friend's been in Africa.
I'll talk to the cops.
I already did.
Yeah, but you're not me.
Their names? John and Karen Johnson.
Thank you.
You found them? Yeah, they're wards of the Crown.
They have a guardian.
How the hell did that happen? Can't we do this in the office? I wanted to talk to you privately.
I'm here.
- I understand that you're first chair.
- That's good.
I'm fine with second, I still want to argue the case.
- I haven't given you second chair.
- Excuse me? I'm assuming it will be Lilly.
The three of us decided that I would take the lead in court well before you came along.
You think you're better than them? For this, yes.
Do they know you're here? They won't have a problem with it.
- You think so.
- I know so.
I'm good in court.
I'll think about it.
So what's the strategy? In a sentence? If you can.
I want to pin it on the owner.
Charles Dumoulin.
Marketing genius who bought a drug company.
The problem there is it's not a public company.
We found almost nothing on the guy.
Put Derek on it yet? Yeah, he got nowhere.
Dumoulin's a billionaire sitting on drug patents.
That's not Derek's league.
Now we need to talk about office space.
Specifically mine.
Lilly! Oh my oh good to see you! Good to see you.
Do you know where Kayla is? She's still in Africa.
She's been trying to reach you.
What are you doing here? Oh uh John had an incident.
Well, we had to move in.
I can't look after him on my own.
He fell, and I couldn't get him up.
Well, they said at the hospital that he'd had a stroke.
But it was minor, and he's fine.
Uh, so they kept us in over night.
But they sent us home, and then this woman showed up and said we had to go with them.
Wait, she came to your home? Yes, she insisted that we go right away, and she had all these papers, and and she brought us here, and she's been in charge ever since.
Who is she? Uh, our guardian, Ms.
Mom, can you pass me to Lilly for a sec? Oh, yeah.
I got it.
I got it.
I can't get home for at least two more weeks.
I'll sort this out, trust me.
I want my parents back.
It's a mistake, I'll fix it.
Can you? Count on it.
The drug is intended for patients, not addicts.
I was a patient when I got hooked, wasn't I? And you wanna know what? - Thank you, moving on.
- No, listen to me.
I understand you saw a doctor last month.
Why are you asking that? Just answer the question, you have nothing to hide.
I sprained my ankle, what's it to you? Did you request pain medication? Where are you getting this? Okay, that's between him and his doctor.
We have evidence that you did.
What evidence? Okay, that's between him and his doctor.
We have evidence that he did.
What evidence? Okay, that's between him and his doctor.
We have evidence that he did.
What evidence? Hey.
We have to find out how they knew Terry Harvey asked for opioids.
Giulia said they have evidence.
It wasn't in his records.
We wouldn't have known if Giulia hadn't asked.
- Okay, you're on to something.
- We'll bring it to a judge, then.
If they say they have evidence, they need to produce it.
Olivia, court just filed an injunction on the use of all work product from C.
Hal Lloyd filed it.
Damn Hal he's suing over my C.
Novak files! They're not going anywhere.
He's just being an asshole.
An asshole that got an injunction.
- Does that include the Turin study? - Mm-hm.
That's a problem.
Not for long.
We are not losing this study.
- Are you sure? - 100%.
What are you doing? What do you want? Silence.
You know damn well those files are mine.
Well, that's what you say.
I say they're mine.
You can't get involved in my suit, it's unethical.
You're helping Standout Pharma.
I'm insulted you'd even suggest such a thing.
Sure, I work at Driscoll's, but there's a paper wall between myself and your class action suit.
This is purely about protecting my interests.
How much? You're broke.
How much to buy you out? Driscoll's has deeper pockets than you do, Olivia.
Besides, you have to prop up those children you're working with.
Oh, you're way out of your league.
What the hell did I ever do to you? Enough.
See you in court.
The social worker called me from the hospital.
Your friend's father was in distress, he'd had a stroke.
Yeah, a minor one.
She said he was irrational and agitated, and his wife couldn't cope.
So she called you? They couldn't locate any family.
There was a number for a daughter but it didn't work.
And you filed for custody, just like that.
After an evaluation.
They were in distress, that is the procedure.
Okay uh, how do we undo it? Their daughter is coming back from Africa.
- Hmm when? - In two weeks.
What does she do? She's a water resource engineer.
Does that matter? - Can she provide full time care? - They don't need it.
Yes, yes they do.
And right now, they're in a pretty top-notch facility, and maybe your friend will realize that she should be grateful that this worked out how it did.
She's not gonna be grateful that you took her parents.
I'm their guardian.
I just want what's best for them.
Well, I'm their lawyer.
No, you are their daughter's lawyer.
Either way, I'm gonna get them back.
Olivia, how are you doing? Great, thanks for asking.
How's it going conspiring with Hal Lloyd to sabotage my work? I don't have anything to do with Hal Lloyd.
- Don't shit a shitter, Giulia.
- What did he do? Ask him yourself, you work on the same floor as him.
Olivia, I'm serious, whatever Hal is up to, I'm just repping my client.
That's bad enough.
You wear glasses? To read, sometimes.
I had laser treatment.
They do that while you're awake.
The entire time, yeah.
I just got these.
The bottom is for reading, the top is for seeing far.
You look down at the wrong spot, the world is all a blur.
Hey, we get old, we lose our sight, that's just what happens.
Moving on.
Your honour, we want Standout Pharmaceuticals to provide all information they have on Terry Harvey, and to provide the source of that information.
Your honour, we gave them our affidavit of documents.
Standout Pharmaceuticals seems to have medical information on Terry Harvey that we don't.
We have reason to suspect that they've breached doctor-patient confidentiality.
This isn't relevant, the claimant is deceased.
His estate is still part of the class.
We won't be introducing anything about him in trial.
Pardon my bluntness, but this is a waste of the court's time.
What are you hoping for, Ms.
Novak? Your honour, my friend badgered Terry Harvey with wild accusations that he asked for drugs.
That night he died.
Oh, please.
It's not like I stuck a needle in his arm.
Your honour, you'll see that Will I? You got anything else? There's no there-there.
She's fishing.
Fine, here's my ruling.
Show her how you knew.
Produce the documents.
Thank you.
By the way, those frames look smart on you.
Can I speak with him? Can you please put him on the phone? Is he gonna call me back? Fuck Hey, what's going on? Um, he cancelled my contract.
Our contract.
- Who? - Ed Greenstein.
My zoning contract for Magellan Properties.
That pays our rent.
What happened? Nothing.
My work is excellent.
They said they're gonna take it in house.
- That makes sense.
- No, it makes zero sense.
They have conflicts, that's why they farmed it out to me.
I'll talk to them.
Don't tell anyone, I can fix this.
- I know you can.
- Thank you.
'Cause we need to pay our rent.
What the Ugh! This thing giving you a hard time? Yeah, I just want a coffee.
That easy, huh? Nice job finding the Johnsons, by the way.
Quick work.
Yeah, well, it's a small office, we step up when we can.
All right, well, if Olivia gives you any shit, - you can come to me.
- I'll keep that in mind.
Who is she demoting? I mean, who is the alpha in this shop? This usually works for you, doesn't it? You want cream in that? No, I take it black.
You're very welcome.
Greenstein, sir.
I have seven valid arguments as to why RDL should keep the subcontract.
Number one is cost.
The decision is made, it came from a senior partner.
Then let me talk to the senior partner.
- I can't do that, Mina.
- Ed! What the hell? I articled under you.
Just tell me why.
What are you doing taking on big pharma? You're pulling my contract because I'm suing Standout Pharma? Someone did someone a favour, that's all.
Bay Street's a club, you know that.
I can't help you.
Going to that custody thing? I'm just leaving.
Why? You want company? For a custodial hearing? Absolutely.
I wanna see you in action.
Well don't expect much.
On the matter of the Johnson guardianship, I have reviewed the material.
- Where's the daughter? - She's still abroad.
She can't even fly here? She's working on getting a new passport, she lives here.
She's working out a transfer home in order to get her parents to take care of them.
She isn't capable of looking after them, they need fulltime nursing.
Yes, thank you, I've read the medical reports.
If there's no family here, I don't see what the issue is.
The issue is they don't want to be in guardianship.
Then Mrs.
Johnson shouldn't have signed powers of attorney.
- She didn't.
- I've got them right here.
I don't know you, Ms.
Rue, but there's a way things work around here the appointment of a guardian is supported by medical professionals, and Ms.
Forrester's work is well known and highly regarded by this tribunal.
The motion is denied, the guardianship stands.
Chair, you're splitting up a family.
Their family didn't show up.
They're lucky someone did.
This hearing is done.
This is bullshit.
He was pretty deferential to the guardian.
She's probably in his court two days a week, he just rubber stamps her.
Why is she so keen to keep them? That's a good question.
I wouldn't mind looking into it.
I wouldn't mind if you did.
Adam? Do I need to worry about this? No, you can leave that to us.
Let me guess.
Giulia Lissandri.
A couple in here for you too, from Hal Lloyd.
But yes, mostly from Giulia.
Document requests.
Forget it Medical follow-ups on all our clients, ten page questionnaires for them to fill out, proof of residency forms Any new lawsuits? Not yet.
We need to hire some associates.
We can't afford it, we're DIY around here.
Olivia? Yes, Sam? Should I be looking for a new job? Always.
Who are you? Mina Lee from RDL Legal.
We've never met, but I'm your lawyer.
At least I am your lawyer whenever you file something anything, everything with the city.
- Or, used to be.
- Uh, I don't follow.
Your main lawyers who you do know, Ed Greenstein in particular, have terminated my firm's subcontract, and that will be a catastrophe for your business.
How so? Well, you won't get the demolition permit for the end of the month.
And your condo development in Vaughan won't get approved this year, for starters.
Well, that that would be a catastrophe.
Yes, it would be.
There's more.
Such as? Number one, Urbancorp filed for bankruptcy.
They have seven prime condo builds in progress all along the lakeshore.
The properties were freehold investments so the condo buyers will lose their down payments.
You can buy them all for a song, economizing $50,000 per unit on the build by dividing half the condos into FRPO purpose-built rental units, and by leasing back common elements of the property to the condo corporation and by tweaking plans to qualify for the government's new environmental SMART Green Program non-repayable grants.
But you have to move now.
Number two Wait a minute, wait a minute.
How do you know this? I overheard it at the clerk's office yesterday about the bankruptcy.
Look, you need a lawyer who is going to get out of their cushy office every once in a while and has their ear to the ground.
And that would be you? Yes, that would be me.
Number two Yes, yes, yes, yes! Yes! This is crazy, Lilly.
Just come home, Kayla.
I'm trying! Why did Mom sign a power of attorney? Turns out that she signed a bunch of them, for herself and your dad.
For property and person.
She was taken advantage of.
I wanna punch this woman.
As your lawyer, I would advise against it.
As your friend, wear a mask.
Kayla? Good news! I did not lose the Magellan contract.
What contract? The zoning contract? Exactly, no change there except we'll invoice directly.
What happened to your old firm? Hm I cut out the middle man.
Good for you! We have incoming.
Court ordered, straight from Driscol's.
Finally some answers on Terry.
Let's see what we got.
A private investigator.
They were having Terry followed.
That's not right.
It's standard when you can afford it.
Does Derek do jobs like that? You bet.
Look at this.
A handwritten note.
Old school.
Terry asks for pills, detective says he slipped a nurse $50 to tell him about Terry that's how they knew.
Yeah, it doesn't do us any good.
What does this mean? Beside the doctor's name, nine digits, five letters.
I dunno, some code? This is from Standout Pharma.
What is all this? The doctor's prescription records.
They're all for opioids.
These are filed by year.
This goes back to the '90s.
How does Standout Pharma have his prescription records? And why did they send it to us? Someone at Standout Pharma made a mistake.
This is their complete file on Dr.
We never asked for it.
Yeah, well, we've got it now.
And we're gonna find out how they got it.
I'll write up the motion.
Ah, shit, I'm gonna be late.
Mina, can I take a picture of that number? I'm gonna show it to Derek, I'm meeting him later.
He's helping me with my friend's parents.
I'm sorry I haven't really been pulling my weight around here.
Did I miss anything? Yes, lots.
- Hey.
- Hi.
- Come on in.
- Thank you.
How are you doing? I'm fine, how are you? Good.
Drink? Uh, water? Please.
Nice place.
Yeah, I lucked out.
You alone here? When my boyfriend's away.
He's gone a lot.
What are you saying, exactly? I'm just making small talk.
It's an open relationship.
So, what have you got? Oh, yeah, found an announcement.
Guardian put all the Johnsons' jewellery up for auction - but that was last week, it all sold.
- Oh, shit.
Sold their house, too.
Way below market price.
She sold their house? They don't have a home to go back to? No, liquidated everything.
Technically it's in the interest of the estate.
Oh, bullshit.
She sold their lives out from underneath them.
Yeah, and fast.
The woman's a con artist.
She's ripping off old people.
- Maybe.
- The Johnsons have money.
Well, their estate does, but they can't control it.
The guardian does.
Could you get me their financials? I may have a friend I can ask a favour.
What kind of friend? - She's a banker.
- She's a friendly banker? Oh, she's in an open relationship, too.
I like her already.
How's Mom? She's upstairs resting.
You want? No, I'm okay.
Everything okay? Yeah, it's nothing, we're just getting buried in paperwork and nuisance suits.
Nothing we didn't see coming.
You need money.
We always need money.
You need more.
Well, leave it to me.
I've got some ideas for a charity campaign call it "Pain Relief.
" Mom? Mom?! Hey, hey! Stop! No, no, no! Stop! Hey! Are you okay? Oh my god.
Oh It hurts! Here, come, lie down.
Come here.
You have to give me something.
Please tell him.
Just tell him.
We've gotta get through this, okay? I want my goddamn microdose.
Renee, I already told you, it's too soon.
You're against me! You're all against me! Stop it, listen to me! Listen to me! These are the rules, okay? And rules are rules.
Okay? - It's okay.
- I can't! It's okay, it's okay.
I'm right here.
Adam! People are watching! I don't care! I won't have you embarrassing your father rules are rules.
I hate stupid rules! Well, that's just the way it's gotta be, kid.
You'll see.
No, no, no, don't! Do not touch me.
Do not touch me.
Do not touch me! Hey, did Lilly ask you about that number? - In the private detective's report.
- She did.
Did you find what it is? Well, it's not an insurance number, it's not a license, it's not a hospital ID, it's not a faculty ID.
My gut says it's a tracking code, but I don't know for what.
- Tracking Terry? - No, it's attached to the doctor.
Standout had copies of all the opioid prescriptions - he'd ever written.
- Lilly said.
Could the number be tracking that? - Sure.
- Any idea how? You like asking questions? No, I like answering them.
Me too.
Gotta go.
I'll get back to you.
Ready? Yeah.
It's her.
Come on.
Excuse me, are you Lindsey Webb, the social worker? Who's asking? Lilly Rue.
I represent John and Karen Johnson.
You did an assessment on them? I can't discuss patients.
How much do you get per referral? I don't have to talk to you.
You do if we subpoena you.
And frankly, I don't want to have to drag you into court, but if you wanna play it that way.
Are you threatening to sue me? We can make it a promise.
I'm on contract to Allie Forrester.
It's all legit.
How much does she pay you? Adam! Adam? Hey Sam, is anyone else still here? Just Olivia.
I figured out what that number is, it's the doctor's PMD number.
What's the PMD? The Prescription Monitoring Database.
Doctors are assigned tracking numbers, each time they prescribe a drug, it's recorded into the database.
Who gets the data? It's available to medical boards.
It's how they track doctors who over-prescribe.
We need to find out how Standout got access.
I'll write a new motion.
Is Derek working on this? When he's not helping Lilly.
I see he's fitting in.
You will, too.
You'll see.
I'm just gonna run up for a second.
- Don't bother.
- We have time.
She's had a fit, she's sleeping.
Beth is gonna stay with her.
She's not herself.
No, Dad, this is who she is now.
Look, I can't raise the money.
What do you mean? You haven't even tried yet.
What are we doing tonight? Uh, The diocese feels I've spent too much time on this.
There are other charities.
I'm not allowed to fundraise for you.
Including tonight.
This was your idea, Dad.
I'm going to talk to some other organizations.
See if I can get them interested.
It's fine.
It's fine.
We'll cover the disbursements.
Hopefully Olivia will bring in some work.
If it's all the same, I'm going to skip this gala, then.
I've got a lot of work to do.
Of course.
Silver lining, right? I just don't want to believe it.
I mean, she's supposed to be acting in their best interest.
She sold their home and your mom's jewellery.
I know.
But if they can't take care of themselves Your dad's medicated and your mom's intimidated.
They do not need to be wards of the Crown.
I need to see them.
We can't.
We've both been barred access to the home.
What?! Lilly, what did you do? We'll get them back! I got us a hearing.
Who steals old people? For the record, your name is Allie Forrester.
That's correct.
And how long have you been a certified legal guardian? Seven years.
And how many families have complained about you? None, no complaints.
Do you recognize Kayla Johnson? I don't.
Never met her before.
I tried to.
Was there a problem? Her phone was out of service, registered mail wasn't accepted.
She was frankly completely absent in their time of crisis.
Is that something you've seen before? Oh, yeah.
Some people are just waiting for their parents' money.
They don't really care about anything else.
The Johnsons were remanded to your care when? A little over two weeks ago? And how did you come to know about them? I was notified by a social worker.
Lindsey Webb.
She's sent a lot of clients your way, right? That's how it's supposed to work.
In fact, she sent you a ward named Nick Murray.
Do you remember him? Of course.
And under your guardianship, Mr.
Murray had no heirs, a million dollars in retirement funds, a lavish home, and supplemental health care.
Five years later, his estate went bankrupt, and you dropped him as a client.
Why? His needs changed.
Do you know where Mr.
Murray is living now? I don't know, he isn't under my care.
Exactly, he's in a government run facility.
He's sharing a room with four other senior citizens.
Objection, this isn't about public health care.
No, but it is about what happens to Ms.
Forrester's clients.
I'll allow it.
His health deteriorated.
I couldn't help him anymore.
No, you couldn't bill him anymore.
Can you tell me about your relationship with Lindsey Webb? She's a social worker at Royal East.
We have a working relationship.
In fact she has a personal consulting contract with you.
Is that normal? It's quite standard, yes.
Excuse me? What's normal? To hire consultants.
They inform me about prospective clients.
That's her job.
Why would you pay her a fee on the side? And why is this the first time I'm hearing about it? Oh, Ms.
Forrester has a number of consulting contracts.
I would like to submit to you Allie Forrester's financial statements.
The consulting fees are highlighted.
May I show them to Ms.
Forrester? Let's be blunt, these are finders fees for wealthy seniors with no relatives, right? They're consulting fees.
And after consulting, they'll get a doctor to declare that your lucky future client "in crisis," right? Just like what happened with the Johnsons.
That's what you're paying them for.
My consultants refer patients to me because they know I am the best at what I do.
What you do is rob old people of their life savings.
We have obtained financial information from seven other seniors who Lindsey Webb referred to your care.
All of them now bankrupt.
All of them no longer in your care.
This woman is running an organized scheme to defraud seniors, and she's abusing this tribunal to do it.
I think we're done here, Ms.
I'll be referring you to the authorities.
Oh, thank you.
My pleasure.
Take care.
Don't lie to the po-po.
Thank your friend for the financials, huh? I will.
Can I buy you a drink? The thing is, I shouldn't.
Oh you eat? From time to time.
We really doing this? You cut it wrong, it's a deal breaker.
Where do you wanna do this? Right here.
How much should I take? How much do you want? An inch? That's it? I wouldn't take more.
You sure? Sorry, come again? Standout Pharma owns the Prescription Monitoring Database.
Charles Dumoulin owns them both, to be precise.
Not that he wants anyone to know.
How can that be? He bought it right before they released Adophol.
Hid the ownership behind a chain of non-profits.
Was he manipulating data? No it's a legit database.
A whole range of doctors and labs have access.
And so does Standout Pharma.
Which means they can track every single prescription written.
Even the ones that get rejected, like Terry's.
He knew the drug would set off alarms when sales went through the roof.
So he bought the fire department and silenced the alarms.
And then he lit the fire.
With this plus the Turin study, we can prove that they knew their drug was addictive and they covered it up.
Even better, it means we can go after Dumoulin himself.
Except we don't have the Turin study.
Olivia's work product is still held up.
- I'll get it back.
- Anytime.
You're gonna have to sign for this, Olivia.
- Who's it from? - Hal Lloyd.
Did you change your hair? No, um, uh I just washed it.
Are you kidding me?! Now Gerry Czernik is backing Hal's claim on my materials.
Son of a bitch.
This means he's willing to lie under oath.
Then we've lost the study.
You miserable old man.
- Olivia - Are you really gonna side with him? Well, I tried siding with you and how did that work out? Oh, yes, I remember now, uh, I lost my entire firm.
Hal did that.
He won, that's what he does.
And that's why I'm siding with him.
I obviously overestimated you.
Excuse me? I made you, Olivia, and you know it.
- Fuck you, Gerry.
- I championed you.
You would never have made partner with another firm.
That was me.
I did that.
I earned everything I ever got at C.
I brought in the clients, I billed the hours, I recruited the associates.
And every single day you undermined me.
Patted me on the head like a good little puppy.
Lick my ego and maybe I'll give you a treat.
Well There's gratitude.
You're really gonna side with him.
Have you sunk that low? Apparently.
I bought it in in '94.
Yeah, just a standard line of credit.
Two million dollars.
I'm sorry, this will only take a minute.
I forgot to send you the dissolution papers.
Honey, would you just give us one minute? You have some nerve coming here.
I was going through some old files and I came across something.
What is it? My dignity.
How did When? I was concerned you might screw me over when I ended our brief, pathetic affair.
So I had a private investigator take these as insurance.
That's low, Olivia.
Even for you.
What do you want? Drop the injunction or your wife gets these.
You wouldn't dare.
These photos expose you as well.
reach out to in terms of getting more pharmaceutical information.
Maybe even some financials.
That's You know, if I call Derek, Derek can probably hook me up with some Olivia? I'm going to invest in the case, I've taken out a line of credit.
Two million dollars, first dollar out.
That's generous of you.
We need it.
Hal Lloyd has dropped his injunction.
The opioid study is ours to use.
Wait, what about your old boss? He can go backstab somebody else.
It's dealt with.
How did you pull that off? Blackmail.