Street Legal (2019) s09e03 Episode Script


1 It's the one and only human drug trial they did that tracked addiction.
It changes the whole case.
It destroys their defence.
So, what's the strategy? I want to pin it on the owner.
Charles Dumoulin.
Marketing genius who bought a drug company.
I want my God damn micro-dose! Renee, I already told you, it's too soon.
(RENEE SCREAMING) Hey! You're against me! You're all against me! ADAM: Hey, hey, stop it! Mom, stop it! We really doing this? Is this your daughter? OLIVIA: Yes.
First year med.
You must be proud.
Court just filed an injunction on the use of all work product from CL Novak.
Hal Lloyd filed it.
Drop the injunction, or your wife gets these.
He can go backstab somebody else.
It's dealt with.
How did you pull that off? Blackmail.
Len Dakota.
Thanks for coming so early.
I'm hoping you can help me out with all this.
Um, well, as I said on the phone, I'm not sure I understand what you're looking for.
You'll see.
We've got a minute.
C'mon in.
LEN: Come on in.
How long you been here? Eight years.
And you work from home? Mostly at night.
My main clients are out of China.
What do you do? What? What do you do? Uh, translation.
Instruction manuals.
And there's always been a daycare next door? LEN: Yeah, yeah, but I'm not complaining about the daycare.
I mean, I'm not a fan.
(AMUSED) You're not a fan of children? Do I have to be? Uh, no.
Anyway, the daycare is what it is.
I can live with it.
The problem is this damn drop-off they added this year! See? All these kids show up at the crack-ass of dawn, and their parents think they can come here, start their own private social club right on my front lawn! Look.
6:35 in the morning.
You see that? - Come on! - Uh Unbelievable.
Every damn morning! - Hey.
- How are you? Good.
You? I missed you at the picnic.
Hey! It's 6:30 in the morning! You can't park here! I'm calling the police! We're just dropping off our kids! LEN: Can't you read? No drop off before 7:00! Hello? Okay! You need to watch your tone! There's children here! (INCREDULOUS) You want me to watch my tone? Watch my tone.
How's this? That's my car! (SLAMMING) - What are you doing? - Maybe you should watch my ramp! Stay off his property! LEN: Yeah.
That's my lawyer.
You should listen to her.
- You are my lawyer, right? - Yeah.
See? That's my lawyer.
WOMAN: Yeah, right.
LEN: You'll be hearing from her.
(SCOFFING) MAN: All rise.
Good morning, folks.
Big day today.
I have decided to send you folks on to trial as quickly as I possibly can.
No offense, but this has gone on long enough.
So either settle or get ready to face a trial judge.
We have significant issues outstanding.
JUSTICE DAVIS: Not for long.
I'm ready to hand down my major rulings.
"In the matter of who shall be subject to examination "from Standout Pharma, "plaintiffs have requested the owner and CEO, Charles Dumoulin.
"Defendants have offered the chief marketing officer, Frank Clancy.
" I'm inclined to approve both.
Everybody wins.
GIULIA: Your Honour, Charles Dumoulin is not involved in the day-to-day operations.
He has almost no knowledge that would be relevant to this suit.
I am going to express just a barleycorn of skepticism on that one, Ms.
And I would venture to guess that he also has no involvement in the day-to-day operations of a Prescription Monitoring Database.
Of course not.
And yet, you'd think he bought it for a reason.
Plaintiff's request is granted.
Dumoulin will present himself for examination by the plaintiffs at his earliest convenience.
Dumoulin is an extremely busy man.
Well, then he'd better make some time, hadn't he? (CHUCKLING) Shall we talk? (LAUGHING) Nothing to talk about right now.
- She's upset.
- We were not supposed - to get Dumoulin.
- He's the company.
She probably promised him personally.
Did you expect to get him? No.
I did not expect to get a shot at the king.
Don't miss.
Uptown got to make it Coming from the brink Okay, you're got going to be charged.
And what about them? They didn't assault anything.
Yes, they did.
Every damn morning, they assault my sanity.
(SIGHING) Now, what are you going to do about it? I can file a noise injunction.
Yeah, and you think those entitled assholes are going to care? Huh? You can call the police if they block your ramp! Oh, amazing.
I never would have thought about that.
You learn that in law school? Come on.
I got to do something.
I'm going flippin' crazy here.
You're my lawyer.
Tell me what to do.
Dakota, I'm not sure if WOMAN: Mina? Is that you? Taylor.
Uh, hi.
I'm I'm Len Dakota.
Can I talk to you for a sec? Excuse us.
You're repping the kid-hater? He's not a kid-hater.
He's not a fan.
Well, he wants to shut down a daycare.
They were laughing about it in the breakroom.
He doesn't want to shut down a daycare.
There's an issue with an early-morning drop-off program for older kids.
That's all.
Mina, do you know how hard it is to get childcare? Just drop it, now.
We're only asking for a noise injunction.
Yeah, and even if you get it, the kids are still going to make noise, and you're not going to be able to manage your client, and you're going to be wishing you never got involved.
We both know how this story goes.
Rip off the Band-Aid, Mina.
He has a right to the use and enjoyment of his own home.
And you can't help him with that.
Watch me.
You look fantastic.
Where were we? You were just about to dump me.
I know the signs.
No, I'm not going to dump you.
But you are going to behave yourself from now on.
I always do.
Come on! (GROANING) Olivia's here, yes? Yes, she is.
Can I help you? Thank you.
Standout Pharma is willing to settle.
You mean they don't want Charles Dumoulin deposed.
Aren't you insightful? LILLY: It's an offer.
Has to be.
She should have presented it to all of us.
It's weak to do it this way.
They are weak.
She knows it.
That's why she's here.
What's the offer? $30 million.
Take it or leave it.
We'll leave it.
What's your bottom line? We are not going to talk settlement until we examine Dumoulin.
GIULIA: You can go fishing, or you can take the cash now.
I suspect your rep plaintiffs will want to take it.
You can let me worry about my clients.
The offer's $30 million.
You drag my client into an examination, it's withdrawn.
I need to talk to my partners.
They'll do what you say.
OLIVIA: So will my clients.
30 isn't good enough.
So counter.
We'll be in touch.
(CLEARING HIS THROAT) How much did she offer? We're not taking it? Of course not.
Now, we need to explain that to our rep plaintiffs.
(KNOCKING) OLIVIA: I know it seems like a lot of money, but it's not a lot of money to them.
And the sad fact is, it's not going to be a lot of money for you, compared to what you deserve.
How much? We estimate about $15,000 per class member.
That's a lot of money, Mom.
(CHUCKLING) Yes, it is.
(FORCEFULLY) It's not enough.
It's something.
And it would be over.
What do the others say? All the rep plaintiffs are going to reject the offer together.
It's the only way we can get them to change, by fighting until we force them to face what their drugs did to your son.
NIA: What does it mean if they settle? (SNIFFLING) Do they apologize? No.
They don't admit anything.
They're paying for you to be quiet.
So they don't have to change how they're selling their pills.
(TEARFULLY) So they keep on blaming Maddox? You think he wanted this? He was going to the Olympics! He had a goddamn wisdom tooth removed! OLIVIA: (GENTLY) We know.
We know.
Those pills, they ruined our lives.
They need to admit what they did.
OLIVIA: They're never going to apologize, Nia.
But I can get you more money than they're offering now.
Then do that.
Well, ours are all signed off.
How'd things go with the Olympian? They're on board.
We're rejecting the settlement.
So, I have a question.
What's a win? I'm serious.
What is a win? What would we take? However much we can get.
But Mina's right.
We could force a settlement.
We need a number.
Why just a number? What about admission of liability? That's what our clients want.
We're suing a corporation.
The answer is going to be money.
Well, obvi, but there's more than just money.
No! No, there isn't! This is about the size of the settlement.
That's what you get.
Well, personally, I'm looking for more than just size.
Our clients want Standout to admit they're at fault.
It's called a guilty verdict.
They're never going to apologize.
And these things don't go to trial.
Even if we don't get it, we need to make the demand.
Agreed? (SIGHING) Fine, as a tactic, as long as you know we won't get it.
Well, maybe we do need to go to trial.
Why, because that's the moral thing to do? No.
I'm not arguing from morality.
This is personal.
I'll drink to that.
Em? (CHUCKLING) Emily? What are you doing home? Have I missed some sort of holiday? No.
(CHUCKLING) Everything okay? Yeah.
I'm good.
I'm great, even.
I decided to drop out of med school.
It was a hard decision, so please don't freak out on me right now.
What am I supposed to say? How about you don't say anything at all? EMILY: Mom? Are you here? Olivia? Are you home? Hello? Can I help you? Uh, yeah.
I'm looking for Olivia.
I'm Emily.
I'm her daughter.
I'm Lilly Rue.
I'm one of her new partners.
Has she taken over yet? (LAUGHING) She's trying.
It's tougher than it seems.
So's she.
So, she hasn't said anything about me? Your dad is her old partner.
I googled him.
Did he show up as a lawyer or a guru? (DOOR CLOSING, HEELS CLICKING) Guru? Yeah.
Australia changes you.
He says it's because you're upside-down.
(LAUGHING) It's a dad joke.
(LAUGHING) - Emily? - Oh.
What are you doing here? This is my daughter.
Oh, hi.
I'm Adam.
- Hi.
- Can't tell you how happy we are to have your mother working with us.
That won't last.
(LAUGHING) You left early this morning.
- I had a meeting.
- Mm.
Emily's here visiting from Vancouver.
I'm I'm not going back.
I dropped out of school.
No real idea what to do with my life.
OLIVIA: Med school can burn you out.
We're taking some time to regroup.
Right, Em? Yeah.
You got it, Mom.
How about we, um go out for some lunch later? No.
I'm going out with friends, and I won't be home for dinner, either.
I just wanted to see your new place.
Can anyone give me a lift to the subway? Uh I've got some documents to pick up downtown.
Downtown is perfect.
I had a good buddy of mine one time that was doing his PhD in philosophy.
And he called me one day from a futon factory.
Said he'd dropped out of school and was making futons.
Said they're cheap.
They're practical.
People need beds.
Wound up being one of the best things he's ever done.
Making futons? (CHUCKLING) At the time, yeah.
He eventually went back to school and finished his degree.
He's a professor now at Guelph, but he just needed to touch the ground for a while, you know? I'm not going back.
That's not exactly what I'm trying to say.
So, how did you guys end up with my mom, anyway? (PHONE BUZZING) Shit.
Hi, Mom.
Mom, are you there? RENEE: Oh, God, Adam.
I'm so close to going wrong.
Mom, tell me where you are.
I told you I was going to.
I can go to 35.
Really, Giulia? Why are you here? You do not want to get into a long war with my client.
Maybe he doesn't want to go to war with me.
They know how guilty they are.
And they know I can prove it.
I am advising you to reach a settlement with me.
Tell me what you need.
We want an admission.
(CHUCKLING) Not on the table.
Then our price is $100 million.
Tell that to your client.
You'll regret it.
You busy? DEREK: If I am? Drop it.
I need you.
Standout Pharma is up to something.
Giulia all but told me.
DEREK: "All but"? So she told you nothing.
OLIVIA: I know Giulia.
Find out what she's up to.
RENEE: (MURMURING) Holy one, holy immortal one, holy immortal one, have mercy upon me.
Holy immortal one, have mercy upon me.
Lord Jesus Christ, son of God, have mercy upon me, a sinner.
Holy God, holy and mighty, holy immortal one, have mercy upon me.
Lord Jesus Christ, son of God, have mercy upon me.
I can't go back there.
I can't be in that house.
- Okay.
- I mean it, Adam.
I will go so far off the rails Where do you want to go? Rehab.
Lock me up.
Right now.
Full lockdown.
No visitors.
I don't want to see your father.
You explain it to him.
What do you want me to say? You're better with words.
That's all of them.
Yeah, okay.
I see.
They shut it down overnight.
The results just stop.
They knew it was going to show that Adophol is an addictive product.
Unfortunately, that's hard to prove.
Any other reason they'd stop it? Not really.
Uh, this is considerably more material than Olivia and I originally discussed.
I'm going to need to raise my fees.
Of course.
Well, we can live with that.
What we need to know is that you can convince a jury that Standout Pharma knew that they were flooding the market with an addictive product and lied through their teeth to do it.
I haven't even scratched the surface of the new material.
The study's a slam dunk.
The study is certainly damaging, but it's the fact they buried it that makes it a slam dunk.
I can present a very compelling argument they aimed to deceive.
I'm confident.
We'll leave all of this with you.
Well that took less time than expected.
What to do now? What are you suggesting? I don't know.
What are you? (LAUGHING) BOY: Oh, he's going to do it.
(OTHERS LAUGHING) BOY: He's doing it! Ew! (KIDS LAUGHING OUTSIDE) (LAUGHING) (GRUNTING, GROWLING) Come here, you little shit! BOY: Post this on the internet.
Ah! I got you, you little punk! You want to pee on me? Huh? I was just joking.
Hey! Hey! Yeah? Because I'm a joke? Hey! Hey! Is that it? Get your hands off of him! (YELPING) MAN: Don't touch my kid! Don't touch my kid! (DAKOTA GRUNTING) He's a child, you crippled piece of shit! Stop it! Stop it! Leave him alone! Get off me! Alright! Tobin, get your stuff! You never touch my kid! Okay.
Calm down.
Let's go.
In the car.
(DAKOTA GROWLING) Get back here! Assault with a moving vehicle? Are you serious? You start with the biggest list you can.
He hit a kid.
He did not.
The only one who got hit was Len Dakota.
He grabbed the kid.
He did not hit him.
Listen to yourself.
He's a 12-year-old.
Who peed on him.
I'm trying to help this poor guy.
Mina, I don't want to tell you, "I told you so.
" MINA: Then don't.
Help me.
This does not belong in criminal court.
You know that.
I guess.
So just can you drop it? If you get them to kiss and make up, I'll drop the charges.
Did you see her? Yeah.
She's, uh, she's in isolation for the first two weeks.
And then? Then she'll have a visitor list.
They said I'm not on it.
Look, just give her some time, alright? Take a good break.
Can use it, right? She's going to be herself again, and and so am I.
Why don't you just focus on that last part? - Yeah.
I'm trying, Adam.
- You blame her! I'm not! Sure fooled me.
I turn my back, and she's in a fucking crack house, Adam! Don't turn your back, then! Emily! You home? (DOOR CLOSING) OLIVIA: You're home early.
I'm tired.
You're going to have to talk to me at some point, Em.
I just want to help.
Help what? I'm good, Mom.
I'm so good.
Oh, come on.
Should we be talking to your father? Chuck moved to Australia to be with his son, so just leave him out of it.
He's still your father.
I did talk to him, okay? After the college did.
So you don't need to.
Really, I'd rather you didn't.
Excuse me? The college spoke to him? Whatever.
He called them.
I told him I didn't want to talk to him.
Okay? So just I don't want to talk to anyone, honestly.
TOBIN'S DAD: Point is, you assault my kid, you assault me.
Your kid peed on me.
Everyone was a bit wrong.
We are here to listen and make this right together.
He's a kid.
You're a child abuser.
A child abuser? If the wheelchair fits.
Please, everyone take a deep breath and let one person talk at a time! Len! Just because you're in a wheelchair doesn't mean that you're the victim! You punched me in the face! You assaulted my kid! Yeah? What did your asshole kid do, huh? Anyone want to talk about that? TOBIN'S DAD: Don't call my kid an asshole! Stop! Be quiet! - Oh, you're on his side now? - Yeah.
Everyone's on my side.
You want to know why? Because we're normal people.
- Mr.
Tey! - Excuse me? Normal people don't hate children, you twisted stump.
Are you going to let him call me that? He is not a stump.
LEN: This is over.
I don't have to deal with this shit! Len! Len, stop! Do not leave this room! Len! (YELPING) LEN: Son of a bitch! Some lawyer you are.
Olivia, hey.
Got your texts.
Um, I'm sorry.
Chuck's away at a wellness retreat.
He'll be back tomorrow.
Day after that for you.
I really need to get in touch with him.
We can't, but look, he knows about Emily, and it's all going to be fine.
Did she call him? No, the school did.
Her dean.
Chuck knows him.
Anyway, they hushed it up, so no worries.
(EXHALING) Do you not know what happened? No.
This is ridiculous.
It shouldn't be me telling you this.
Oh, you're so right about that.
Anyway, Em had some kind of fight with her teacher, and there was going to be something in her record.
But that's all gone away.
Chuck made sure.
OLIVIA: Good old Chuck.
You should, uh you should talk to Emily.
Oh, I will.
Thanks, Maeve.
No problem.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Wow, wow, wow.
Nice digs.
MINA: I'm sure yours are nicer.
You know, I was going to bring wine, and then I realized you just wanted to talk about your wheelchair guy.
Not just.
Mina, I can't do that.
Do what? I can't talk to you about charges I may or may not be laying.
So, perfect.
We won't talk about charges.
- Mina - Taylor.
As it happens, I have wine already.
You still like big Cabs? They give me a headache.
So do I, remember? (TAYLOR LAUGHING) - Here.
- Thanks.
This is so not like you.
What's not? You being blatantly unethical like this.
It's I know.
But it's totally defensible.
These people are not acting in their best interests, nobody, not one of them.
We could solve that.
No one would know.
I would know.
I could trust you.
You could trust me.
I have a sort of plan, actually.
I'll tell you over breakfast.
We're already talking about breakfast.
I still have the vegan-only frying pan.
You didn't take it.
We could do this.
No, I could do this.
For you.
(LAUGHING) (PHONE RINGING) (SIGHING) Derek? You got something? Maybe.
Giulia Lissandri is getting into an airport limo.
OLIVIA: Where is she going? DEREK: Switzerland.
And she is not traveling alone.
OLIVIA: Who's she with? Charles Dumoulin, the CEO himself.
They're having an argument right now.
Something's up.
Find out what.
MAN: Come on, Nicholas! WOMAN: Come on, Billy! TOBIN'S DAD: Tobin! Tobin! Tobin! BOY: I'm open! TOBIN'S DAD: Tobin! Get back! Tobin, pass the ball! Tobin! Get back! Get Oh.
Get up! Pick up your man, Tobin! Hey, there.
You're Simon, right? I'm Taylor.
So, Tobin's playing.
What? Yeah.
He's Sorry.
Taylor? Yeah.
Taylor Caron.
I'm actually the prosecutor for the Len Dakota mess.
So, which one's Tobin? He's number nine.
He's right there.
Come on! I'm right here! TAYLOR: God, I feel so bad.
A kid like that.
Why do you feel bad? Well, he's 12.
He's 12.
He can be charged now, just like you and Mr.
Administering a noxious substance.
Urine's a slam dunk.
Even without intent to injure, it's, like, a two-year sentence.
What are you talking about? Oh, I think it's ridiculous, you know, but what can you do? I mean, that's the instruction they gave me.
If I go to court, I have to charge everyone.
What the hell are you saying? I I want my lawyer.
Oh, yeah.
And you're going to need one.
I'd consider separate counsel for your son, but that's just my personal opinion.
I mean, I shouldn't even really be talking to you right now.
This is ridiculous.
This is my son's life we're talking about here! Yeah.
Well, let's not be melodramatic.
It's just a criminal record, not his whole life.
What about mediation? You walked out on that.
I did not! No, I did not! He walked out.
Did he? (CHUCKLING) What do I need to do here? You need to make redress with Mr.
What does he want? He just wants peace and quiet.
Is that so much? How does he get that? Triple-paned glass.
I'm sorry.
TAYLOR: Triple-paned glass.
Ready? Yeah, I'm good to go.
EMILY: Is that her guy? Hello there.
I was sitting just over there.
I noticed.
Why didn't you come say hello? Um, I was waiting for them to leave.
So, do you want to get another drink, or should we just go? That's an interesting question.
Let's have another drink.
What you got for tequila? Only in Toronto.
They don't have tequila in Vancouver? It generally doesn't get its own menu.
You on Tinder? Occasionally.
I couldn't find you.
Well, now, you have.
At your beck and call We're not the first to fall To feel unknown Still we jump at your beck and call How much of this is about your mother? None.
Would it matter? That's what I'm trying to figure out.
Full disclosure.
You're pretty much a tool right now.
I can live with that.
(BOTH MOANING) Blind love In dark bedrooms Find love Within confusion At your beck and call Fuck me.
We're not the first to fall To feel unknown She loves me Still we jump at your beck and call She loves me not He loves me He loves me not (BOTH MOANING) (DOOR OPENING, CLOSING) OLIVIA: How was your night? Good.
You? What happened at school, Em? Where is this coming from? Of course.
You talked to Dad.
(LAUGHING) I liked it better when you guys didn't talk.
Tell me what happened.
I was sleeping with a teacher.
We broke up, and I cut him a little bit.
- What? - It was an a accident.
We were in his office, and he was trying to hug me, and I was holding scissors, and he got cut.
And you didn't tell me? Do we really have to do this? Yes! You were sleeping with a teacher? Was he pressuring you? It was my call, Mom.
Are you sure about that? Thanks for the faith.
Yes, I'm sure.
This isn't that.
I'm not a victim.
Then why did you leave school? (WHISPERING) Because I'm a fuckup, Mom.
No, you're not.
Yeah, how could I be, right? I'm your daughter.
(CHUCKLING) You know, I spent the night with Adam Darling, by the way.
Those RDL folks are decent people.
Who knows? Maybe one day, they'll rub off on you.
Careful with that.
MINA: Hey.
You got your windows.
Now, I want to sue the daycare.
- Len.
- Now we got the parents, let's go after the real bastards.
No! It's over! You won! Come on.
Len, we're done.
(LAUGHING) - Thanks.
- You're welcome.
So, why am I here, again? I'm showing off my work.
I'm pretty impressed I got him something, to be honest.
Speaking of, did you, uh, get something? You talking about Taylor? Bang on.
No bang on yet.
Oh, God.
Mina, please do not go down that road.
Oh, my God.
Adam, do not talk to me about going down.
I could do this all day.
I'm sure you could.
Uh (CLEARING HIS THROAT) I saw Emily last night.
I know.
You're okay with it? Believe me, it has very little to do with you.
Uh (CLEARING THIS THROAT) We have a problem.
They have a new study.
Charles Dumoulin and Giulia Lissandri just appeared at a cocktail party celebrating the publication.
ADAM: What study? Into the effects of long-term use of Adophol.
It's called "Sustainable Pain Management for Life.
" OLIVIA: It's a whitewash.
- You know it.
What does it say about addiction? I'm guessing very little.
They won't even have looked at that.
They're not stupid.
ADAM: How does this affect the Turin study? Well, they'll say it was flawed.
That's why they shut it down.
This one's published.
Well, if it is a whitewash, we'll expose it.
We need Dr.
Minitt to do that.
This is not good.
LILLY: Their study? It's a detailed and thorough sales pitch for Adophol as safe for long-term use.
But of course, they've only studied the ways it doesn't cause harm, like liver damage, and completely ignored the ways it can kill you.
Their study is basically the same as gluten-free labels on butter: true, but not exactly relevant to anything.
Can you show that to a jury, that it's a whitewash? Well that's the other problem.
I can't.
Not personally.
I've been appointed director of the lab.
We're expanding.
I can't really take on any consulting work.
I I can recommend some other experts.
They'd have to start over! You can't just walk out on us! I don't have a choice.
I'm sorry.
I really wish I could make this work.
OLIVIA: (QUIETLY) Yeah, right.
(CAR APPROACHING, ENGINE SHUTTING OFF) - How'd it go? - She quit on us.
She's taking over her own lab instead.
They're going to expand.
Must've come into some money.
I wonder from where.
Dumoulin's behind it.
Get it confirmed.
I am going to murder him in examination.
So, I'm going to take Mina with me to Montreal to examine the Pharma execs.
Good call.
But if we get to trial you're second chair.
That's Adam's.
Not any more.
You're my girl.
Congratulations? (CHUCKLING) Are you done for the night? I'm heading out.
Uh, I got some stuff to finish.
Later? You know my local.
I think I do.
We'll see you there.
Three queens.
Three queens beats a straight any day.
You know, there are faster ways to get our clothes off here.
I'm savouring the moment.
Late night missing you Call your phone (CARDS SHUFFLING) Call your phone But you're talking slow Talking slow Body yearns My body yearns On the low, on the low For you so But I'm a sinner Now that I can see I can find you clearly Follow everything Right beside you Now that I can breathe I can sigh too Swallow up the sins there that hide you (PEOPLE TALKING INDISTINCTLY) Olivia.
You've seen our filing.
You're buying fake science, Giulia.
It's not even borderline ethical.
I didn't have anything to do with that.
You're the one providing cover for this bullshit to the court.
You bought off my witness.
You are up against a rich and ruthless man, Olivia.
You should have settled.
It's not too late.
My client does not want to be examined.
Too bad for him.
I was hoping someone would show up.
Are you with my mom? No.
This is not really her kind of place.
Do you want to smoke a joint? So, how do you like my mom? A lot.
Not many women have her kind of career.
Oh, I know.
But do you like her? Sometimes.
(LAUGHING) Why'd you drop out of school? I hated it.
I was sleeping with my professor.
I didn't like myself very much.
That's about it.
You glad to be home? Toronto? Hell, yes.
My mom's place Why don't you come stay at mine for a few days? Yeah.
Mom wouldn't like that.
Isn't that a bonus? I mean, I'm not afraid of your mom being mad at me.
Can you teach me? (LILLY LAUGHING) So, uh is that your boyfriend? Oh, God, no.
He's cool, though.
He's just a side t'ing.
(LAUGHING) Who the hell are you? (LAUGHING) You tell me, and I'll tell you.
(CHUCKLING) I'm on it