Street Legal (2019) s09e04 Episode Script


1 In the matter of who shall be subject to examination from Standout Pharma, plaintiffs have requested the owner and CEO Charles Dumoulin.
I did not expect to get a shot at the king.
You do not want to get into a long war with my client.
Maybe he doesn't want to go to war with me.
Where do you want to go? Rehab.
Lock me up right now.
When I turn my back, she's in a fucking crack house, Adam.
Don't turn your back then.
You're gonna have to talk to me at some point, Em.
I just want to help.
Help what? I'm good, Mom.
Then, why did you leave school? Because I'm a fuck up, Mom.
- You're second chair.
- That's Adam's.
Not anymore.
You're my girl.
You are up against a rich and ruthless man, Olivia.
You should have settled.
(HORN HONKING) (HORN HONKING) You're from here, yes? Do you get back often? I love Montreal.
I don't really miss it.
What's the focus with Mr.
His boss.
We need to tie Charles Dumoulin directly to Adophol.
He's an advertising man, he will have worked hand in hand with his head of marketing.
The head of marketing's pretty important on his own.
But he's how we build the trap for Dumoulin.
I can't believe they gave us these rooms.
I have a friend on the faculty.
He pulled a few strings.
Actually, I first asked for the Dumoulin building.
Thought it would be more appropriate.
How are you? I'm good.
Professor Beck.
Mina! You two know each other? We sure do.
I didn't realize you two were working together.
Olivia joined my firm.
Ah, come this way.
That's not the witness.
What is Dumoulin doing here? My client has to leave the country tonight.
He won't be available for the scheduled time.
He's making himself available now.
What kind of a bullshit stunt is this.
He's trying to complete an acquisition, there's a competing bid.
He needs to be in London.
This is unacceptable.
We are examining Frank Clancy first.
We have things to establish with him before we talk to Dumoulin.
You can have Clancy tomorrow.
But if you want to examine Mr.
Dumoulin, either do it now or we go back to the judge and find a new date.
Maybe next year.
You want him or not? Uptown got to make it Coming from the brink You always functional this early in the morning? You weren't complaining about an hour ago.
No, I wasn't.
I'm an early riser.
I grew up on a ranch.
That's right.
Spruce Meadows Junior Show Jumping Champ.
Hey, I'm an investigator.
Do you miss being a lawyer? Less and less.
I like knowing the real story.
I don't miss not being able to tell it in court.
Life's good.
I had a nice night.
Sorry I can't stick around.
- Bye.
- Next time.
Hey there.
Um Roman, this is Emily.
Emily's the daughter of our new partner at RDL.
You have a new partner? Yeah, we do.
You missed a lot, despite not being gone for very long.
Well, I'm outta here.
Thanks so much.
I'm gonna go home tonight.
Well, it was nice to meet you.
So, what happened? Fighting in Congo spilled across the border.
All the NGOs are pulling out.
I lost my key.
I noticed.
You lose your phone too? I was going to surprise you.
Look, I'm sorry, okay? I should've let you know.
It's just it was a mess.
Welcome home.
So, where were we? Mrs.
She gave birth.
Thank God.
That woman wears her pregnancies like a peacock.
You ready for the trial? (SIGHING) We're getting there.
Olivia's in Montreal, interviewing their top management right now.
And I'm finalizing the witness list.
You let that woman shove you aside.
Plenty of work for me.
And your so-called friends let her do it.
I can take care of myself Mom.
Doesn't look like it.
(SIGHING) All right, look, we have to talk about Dad.
He wants to see you.
Mom, you can't hide in here forever.
Sooner or later, you're gonna have to go home.
You know that.
I'm not going back there.
I want a divorce.
Oh, Christ Can you get sober first? Please? Not if I think I'm going back there.
I can't.
I won't survive.
You make him sound like a monster.
(CHUCKLING) (CHUCKLING) I'm the monster.
(SIGHING) OLIVIA: How long have you owned Standout Pharma? CHARLES: Uh, seventeen years now, as you know.
And you've been Chief Executive Officer since then? Correct.
So, Adophol was developed after you had full control over the company? Well, the company had a strong R and D department and some interesting patents.
Adophol grew out of that foundation.
Adophol was developed and patented after you bought the company.
Yes or no? Correct.
And what was your involvement? With Adophol? I wouldn't say I really had any.
I find that surprising.
(CHUCKLING) I don't have time to get involved with individual medications.
Adophol isn't just any medication.
It's your main profit driver by some margin.
Isn't that right? It's been our best-selling product for a few years, yes.
And your most promoted? That goes hand in hand.
Brands need to advertise.
You have a background in pharmacology, yes? I studied pharmacology school.
OLIVIA: And earned a degree.
I did.
But I never really worked in the field.
No, you went into advertising instead, made a fortune with micro-targeting algorithms and then, bought yourself a drug company.
Is that a fair description of your career path so far? Pretty much.
So, given your background, you'd understand what's going on in the labs, especially for a product like Adophol.
I don't get involved in the lab.
You focus on marketing instead.
See, I really don't get involved in the day to day.
I'm not talking about the day to day things.
Adophol received the largest advertising budget of any product in the history of Standout Pharma, despite the fact that it was marketed exclusively to doctors.
Was that your decision? Not personally.
You own the company.
Listen, I don't micromanage the company.
This is a multi-billion dollar corporation.
So, the marketing strategy would have come out of marketing.
What on-label uses to apply for would have come out of research.
And then, you make the decision? Actually I prefer to work by consensus, both with senior management and my board.
- You chair the board.
- I do.
So then, consensus means whatever you decide, right? He's answered the question, Ms.
Try something new.
Your company initiated a study at a medical school in Turin.
Are you familiar with that? - I am.
- Are you aware it was shut down? I am.
Who's decision was that? My senior team felt it wasn't being run properly, so we funded another study at a facility in Switzerland.
It's recently been completed.
We'd be happy to share that with you.
We already have it, thanks.
Anyway, I wasn't involved in either of them.
It's funny, isn't it? You own the company, have a background in advertising and pharmacology, and yet you know nothing.
Well, I hire good people and then I get out of their way.
I'm sorry I can't be more help.
We told you this is a waste of time.
Well, forgive me while I waste some more.
How's your mom? (SIGHING) That's a loaded question.
Today, she says she wants a divorce.
Does she mean it? Who knows.
How long has she been an addict? What? You didn't read her file? We were never going to use her at trial.
Uh, long time.
We didn't see it at first.
She just needed her pills for the pain.
But she was way down the rabbit hole before any of us admitted what was going on.
And she couldn't kick it? No.
She got sober.
She went through rehab.
She was clean almost two years.
But then, she fell off the wagon.
Then, she fell off again.
And again.
Got to the point where we couldn't trust her anymore.
And Dad Dad stopped blaming the drugs and started blaming her.
You should've gone to Montreal.
You could use the break.
Let Mina have her moment.
I'll have mine in court.
Olivia is staying at the hotel to work.
- She'll see you at dinner.
- You're having dinner? Mm-hmm.
Of course you'll come.
I have to prep for tomorrow.
We got a big bunch of nothing today.
That's disappointing.
It sure is.
Can I ask you something? Why haven't they settled? They made an offer, when we got access to Dumoulin.
I guess maybe we should have taken it.
Why didn't you? We want them to admit fault.
Pie in the sky, Mina.
Big companies don't do that.
They just pocket their profits and walk away.
Boy, I sure don't miss Bay street.
(LAUGHING) Yeah, me neither.
Nobody puts Mina in the back office.
I'm glad to see you doing so well.
I am.
You have to watch your back with Olivia, though.
Did you have problems when you worked with her? No.
But that was a long time ago.
Novak was a snake pit.
That's why they went down so fast.
So, that's normal to her.
You're too suspicious of people.
I was a prosecutor.
You always hated Adam.
I never hated him.
You had something against him.
You were writing his papers! Never.
I just did his research.
Anyways, I don't mean to stir up anything.
Olivia's a very good lawyer.
As she will show tomorrow.
Frank Clancy, here we come.
I know his ex-wife a little.
You know Charles Dumoulin's sister? We served on a board together.
She's not exactly close to her family.
Well, if she has anything she wants to dish, I'm happy to listen.
I'll ask.
MINA: That's the first lady of Iceland.
How do you know that? I have a thing for Iceland.
You're working with Eliza Minitt, I understand.
Unfortunately, no, she had to resign.
- Her lab is expanding.
- Oh, well, that's a loss.
She's a real master at the technical side of these drugs.
We'll replace her.
What we need to do is add a real pain specialist to our team.
Someone who works with patients.
Well, that'd be me.
You want to know about Adophol, this is ground zero.
So, how many of a group like this get addicted? Hopefully none.
And that problem didn't start with Adophol.
Opioids have always been addictive.
Adophol wasn't supposed to be.
They marketed it as a miracle drug.
It wasn't, and I learned that the hard way.
They lied about their product.
Don't they all? But the risks of Adophol were downplayed and a lot of people suffered avoidable opioid addiction.
And withdrawal.
You're familiar with it? My mother is.
What's her issue? She had hip surgery.
There was an infection.
They kept her on pain killers longer.
- She's off the pills? - Yeah.
And she's still in pain? Every minute.
You want me to see her? Sure.
Talk to Rachel, she'll book you.
Okay, so, yes, I will work for you.
I will say Adophol is potentially deadly, highly addictive, and that Standout Pharma bent over backwards to mislead me and my profession on both counts.
- Send me a contract.
- Sounds good.
And when they ask you if it's effective? Well, of course, it's effective.
We can't just send people home with a couple aspirin nowadays.
I have to get back to work.
Talk to Rachel.
Maybe we should keep looking.
He's a veteran witness.
There's nobody better.
Sure there are.
Standout just already bought them off.
Well then, be thankful we have one at all.
You shouldn't bring your mom here.
She needs treatment.
She doesn't need it from here.
Hey, Em.
I've been trying you.
EMILY: Yeah, I was out.
Are you home now? Yeah.
Guess who I saw today? Dillon Beck.
Do you remember him? Sorta.
I'll tell him you say hi.
Why would you do that? You used to babysit his kids.
No, I don't think I did.
I remember you guys had a big case together.
A son and a daughter.
You babysat them a dozen times.
What were their names? (CHUCKLING) Is this a test? You're right.
I babysat, if you say so.
I say so because it's true.
(CHUCKLING) Why are we arguing about this? We're not.
(EXHALING DEEPLY) Hello? Emily? Hey, Mom, I, uh I got another call.
Can you hold on for a sec? Yeah, yeah.
Hello? Okay, and so, where is she now? In rehab.
And she doesn't want to go home.
So, it's all on him and we're heading into possibly a very major trial.
So, he's looking to just park her somewhere? No.
He's not.
It's just, you look at she's a hard-core addict, so drugs are out of the question, and she's in a lot of pain, and he doesn't know what to do.
Who is this guy? It's not like that.
It's about work.
It's about work.
Girl, you are such a bleeding heart.
What does she do? For herself.
She needs to go to Scarborough.
What's in Scarborough? - Hope.
- (LAUGHING) - That's her name.
- What? Shanice Hope-Williams.
That's the doctor your friend needs.
OLIVIA: So, how's teaching? DILLON: Worthwhile.
OLIVIA: Shaping young minds.
Plus, you can plan a proper vacation.
Are you surprised I signed on with a boutique? I didn't expect you to give up.
You're the only one of us still working cases, you know? Leon's a Judge.
He's still working cases.
That ain't working.
I'm teaching, Rob and Laura are counting her money, and Chuck's on the other side of the world.
And I'm starting over.
Anyway Emily says hi.
She moved back east.
How's she doing? She had an affair with a teacher and got kicked out of med school.
What? I know, I know.
You get the kid you deserve.
Is she okay? Oh, she will be.
I just need to give her some space.
What I want to do is shake some sense into her.
Olivia, never shake your child.
She's not a child.
I just shake her a little.
So, tell me about Mina Lee? Mina.
She's smart.
First in her class.
She's not back office though.
She goes after things.
Like what? Like starting her own firm, headhunting a young Supreme Court Clerk to make it happen, finding reliable billings to fund the lease.
She did all that? Ask her.
I don't have to now.
She's a good one.
Don't fuck it up for her, okay? Oh.
She's lucky to have me, Dillon.
Meet my friend.
Oh, hey, bud.
Good to be home? No.
They sandbagged us with Dumoulin, said we could only do him today, not tomorrow.
What? And Olivia let them get away with that? And we got nothing.
And now, I have to have dinner with my parents.
Come on.
They miss you.
They want me to move back home.
It's because they miss you.
You're just gonna have to tell 'em no.
God, it's like coming out all over again.
"Mom, Dad "I'm a Torontonian.
I'm not coming back.
" I should go.
Yeah, me too.
How is she? She wants a divorce.
Who is this? My name's Emily, Olivia's daughter.
Do you know what time it is? Yeah.
I'm I'm sorry.
I just I need your help.
What's going on? You knew her, Olivia, back then.
What was she like? Well, she was is one hell of a lawyer.
She was tough.
Very good in negotiations.
Was she always such a cold-hearted bitch? Sometimes she could be, but not when it came to you.
She loved you very much.
And she still does.
You're her pride and joy, Emily.
I don't think I am.
Join me? Shut the door.
We probably shouldn't have sex at the office, but, technically, you're my boss, so I guess Roman's back, and that means I have to end things with you, and that's what I'm doing.
Yeah, of course.
I get it.
(SIGHING) He's home early.
Maybe he'll take another contract.
ADAM: Lilly? You ready to go? Olivia.
Listen, I got a call from Emily early this morning.
- Emily? - Yeah.
She wanted to know what you were like back in the BRT days.
This girl will be the end of me.
She called at six a.
, Olivia.
Oh, I'm so sorry she woke you.
No, that's not what I mean.
Look, she's your daughter so I don't want to overstep, but she sounded really well, "upset" isn't the word.
You should go home.
When we're done here.
I can examine the witness.
I'm prepared.
She's your daughter.
Mina can do it.
You should go.
I'll drive you to the airport.
Tie Dumoulin to the drug.
- That is your job.
- I got it.
He's an advertising man.
He'll have been deeply involved in the marketing.
- I know.
- Don't let Clancy play dumb.
Anything else? - Get my luggage.
- Yeah.
Let's go.
So, I don't know you, but I'm gonna guess a couple of things about your mother.
First is she can't see past the pain.
Well, that's what the drugs do.
They put a blanket over it.
Give you a moment's rest.
And if she's not getting any rest, she won't give you any either.
You're taking her into your home? Yeah, but don't worry about me.
Okay, well, if she's going to live without the opiates, she's going to live with pain, and that's what we do here we learn how to do that.
This way.
Lee? Almost ready.
Clancy, what's your role at Standout Pharma? I'm the Chief Marketing Officer.
Which involves what, exactly? I oversee the planning, development, and execution of the company's marketing and advertising initiatives.
And you oversaw that process for Adophol? Yes, I did.
Did you report directly to Mr.
Charles Dumoulin? I reported to a panel that he chaired.
Was it your idea to market exclusively to doctors? No, and that's not unique to Adophol.
It was unique for a pain killer.
Well, there was a crisis.
Nobody's treating pain.
"Take two acetaminophen and toughen up.
" And we found a solution.
Major pain therapy combined with time release, reducing the risk of addiction to almost nothing.
We were spreading the good news.
The real truth here is we were failing chronic pain sufferers long before the magic of time-release opioids came around.
We were failing them by pretending it didn't exist.
Phantom pain, psychosomatic, malingering none of those are medical terms, but we didn't have any medical terms to describe what our patients were telling us they felt.
So, we just waved it away.
And then, this magic, non-addictive, yet still massively effective painkiller arrived and we had a solution.
So, we could finally acknowledge that there was a problem.
Adophol worked.
All day and all night.
One pill a day.
It was a godsend.
Adophol turned out to be exactly the same as morphine, or Percocet, or Heroin.
It's just another opiate.
You become physically dependent.
You can't stop taking it and the drug consumes you.
That's what happened to your mother.
And we were very clear about the marketing.
Patients had to stick to the schedule.
One pill a day.
Rise and sunshine.
That's right.
Follow the label, you won't get addicted.
We'll introduce evidence to the contrary.
Oh, sure.
There are exceptions, just like with any drug.
But our warnings were big and clear.
There was no small print.
We were transparent.
This warning.
Do not crush or take if crushed.
Do not ingest the pills other than orally, as directed by a physician.
You were providing instructions on how to get high.
Crush it and snort it.
You were creating addicts.
Do you realize that now? Look, that makes no sense at all.
We told people not to abuse the drug.
So, you knew it could be abused.
Any drug can be abused.
Did you think it was likely to be abused? No.
Hell no.
We had no idea there would be any addiction issues.
Your sales quintupled in the first year.
It never occurred to you your drug was addictive? No, no.
It was successful.
Doctors decided to prescribe it to their patients.
If mistakes were made, that's on them.
They're supposed to be informed.
They were misinformed by you.
It was right in front of our eyes.
Don't get me wrong opioids have their value.
But they are not the solution for living with pain long term.
So, what is? There's the rub.
There's no magic pill.
But Adophol is still pretending to be one.
Yeah, and they're still sending people home with bottles of the stuff.
That's why I opened this place.
I don't prescribe opiates anymore.
But a lot of doctors still do and over-prescribers don't get touched.
Doctors think they know everything, and they don't like to admit that they're wrong, and they don't like to discipline themselves.
Well, they were lied to.
They're complicit.
That's just how medicine works now.
It's all drugs.
If you sell a lot of pills, you get a free vacation to the Bahamas.
Standout did a lot of that with Adophol.
What? Free conferences.
It's a vacation.
Pharma kickbacks are not subtle.
Where did you work before? North York Recovery Centre.
My old partner still runs the place.
We were supposed to use him as an expert witness.
Have you ever done that? A couple of times, a long time ago.
We'd want you to work with us.
We want you to tell the jury exactly how this whole mess started.
Not just how the drugs worked, but how the system worked.
Or didn't.
Court is not exactly my area of expertise.
No, maybe not, but pain is and that's what we need.
What do you know about Turin? Go ahead.
You're asking about the university thing? What university thing? The study, the one that went wrong.
What went wrong? It's not my department.
You were already working on advertising, weren't you? There was some early mock-ups, sure, yeah.
Well, isn't that putting the cart before the horse? Shouldn't you finish studying your product before you worry about packaging it? We always work ahead.
All departments do.
Was that Mr.
Dumoulin's idea? No.
It's just how we work.
So, you were aware of the study.
I never said otherwise.
But yet, you don't have any idea why it was shut down.
Well, the lab coats didn't like the results, and look, they never explain to me why.
What was the plan for the study, had it been completed? Peer review, we publish.
And the marketing value? That Adophol is safe and harmless for long term use.
Meaning non-addictive.
No, meaning it worked.
Who shut it down? The new product committee.
- Are you on the committee? - Yes, I am.
- Did you vote? - We don't vote.
So, Mr.
Charles Dumoulin makes the decisions by himself.
No, absolutely not.
We work by consensus.
- How? - There was a recommendation we shut the study down and nobody objected.
Did this recommendation write itself? It came with the report that the study was flawed.
I don't think Mr.
Dumoulin ever said a word about it.
Not that I can recall anyway.
You remember what he didn't say? I remember he never said anything, yeah.
That's all I've got.
Em? Em? Oh, Em What the hell? I just wanted to see how it looked.
What do you think? Don't play dumb with me.
You left a trail of hair through the house.
What the hell's going on? I was just trying out new haircuts.
I took pictures.
Stop it! Why are you getting so upset? What is the matter? What? Is this a cry for help or are you just angry at me? Why can't it be both? Because you're better than that.
Look, you don't want to go to med school, fine.
Do something else.
I'll support you.
You'll be disappointed.
I'm not disappointed.
You can do anything you want.
You got into med school.
Not if I want to make you happy.
Then, don't make me happy! Look, do something else.
Be a waitress.
I give you permission.
And while we're at it, how about you give me permission to succeed? Excuse me.
Grow up, Emily.
You want my attention, you got it.
What do you need? I don't know.
I'm sorry I'm such a bitch.
Oh You come by it honestly.
My mother's going to hate this place.
Do you think she'll try it? Oh, I'll make her.
It's refreshing to meet someone who isn't just pushing another pill, though.
I mean, how many doctors have we met who just act like innocent bystanders while all their patients end up with withdrawals? At best.
They've been had.
They just won't admit it.
Other than this one.
At least we found one.
Darling? Speaking.
Is something wrong with my mother? Hi.
I'm here.
Can you take him away please? (SIGHING) Dad.
I'm simply asking you to tell her I'm here to see her.
No guests.
She's got a standing order.
She sees him.
She chose him.
One family member.
I'll wait.
I won't be any trouble.
Please, tell my wife that.
I've got this.
Thank you.
Christ sakes, Dad, do you have to make this about you? I'm her husband.
We made vows to each other.
She's sick.
That was part of the vows.
(SIGHING) Don't come between us.
I didn't ask you to be here.
Hey there.
You look good.
You do whatever you have to do.
I'll be here.
Okay? Look, you're They're testing you.
You'll come through.
And I will be here for you, always.
(SIGHING) ADAM: What did she say? (SIGHING) Nothing true.
(SIGHING) You think you should stay? I offered to.
You must think it's weird, being a priest's son.
I always thought priests couldn't have sons.
Anglicans are different.
I still think it's pretty weird.
Me too.
Um Olivia wants me to be second chair.
Well you'll be good.
DILLON: Mina! What's wrong? Nothing.
Quite the opposite.
How did the examination go with Frank Clancy? We didn't get anything.
Same with Dumoulin.
They denied being involved in the drug development.
Well then, they lied, and you can probably nail them for it.
I talked to his ex-wife.
Remember I mentioned her? - She can help us? - She's disgruntled and she would like to inflict harm on both her brother and her former husband.
Are you saying she's a witness? Charles Dumoulin's sister?! No.
She won't talk to you.
But she will give you a present.
She copied her husband's hard drive before he left.
This is the entire history of his correspondence with his boss, Charles Dumoulin.
There's ammunition in here, Mina.
I'm not going to get too excited.
Do not get too excited.
Do not Fuck it! Thank you! (BOTH LAUGHING) - Oh my God.
- Here you go.
Thank you.
Good luck.
- Hey.
- Hey.
What's up? Why aren't we suing the doctors? What doctors? The Ontario Association of Pain Specialists.
And/or the Academy of Physicians and Collegians of Ontario.
And/or the Prescription Assessment Panel, who set the doses.
They're all complicit.
They're all liable.
This is just occurring to you now? What is? Your genius associates here have just figured out the medical profession are part of the opioid problem.
We can name them to the suit.
You decided this by yourselves? You didn't wanna run it by me? We just met a new expert witness who opens the door.
That door closed long ago.
You want to sue the doctors themselves.
I cannot believe the level of amateur I signed onto here.
We're looking to use the justice system to get a little justice.
Yeah, and you're just looking to get paid, Olivia.
How dare you? I mortgaged my home to buy in here.
I didn't know that.
Because you don't think, and that's why I'm giving Lilly second chair.
We are going to trial.
We are not changing a word of our suit, much less adding some medical association to it.
No, that would set us back years.
We'd never get near trial again.
Anyway, I have news.
Big news.
Dillon came up with something.
Actually, Frank Clancy's ex-wife did, who' also Charles Dumoulin's sister, and who is not gonna be invited to Christmas this year, because she just stabbed her brother in the back.
Or maybe the front.
What is it? It's Frank Clancy's personal email inbox up until he left his wife.
She had access.
We can use it in court.
What's in it? Lengthy exchanges with his boss and brother-in-law, especially as he was going through the divorce, right at the same time they were launching Adophol.
And they talk about it? Ad nauseam.
That's just from a quick look on the plane.
Work documents? Hundreds of them.
To and from Mr.
Charles Dumoulin himself.
Oh! Who swore under oath that he was not directly involved.
ADAM: We can prove that he lied.
We're going to win.