Street Legal (2019) s09e05 Episode Script


1 I want a divorce.
Can you get sober first? Please.
Adophol was developed and patented after you bought the company.
Yes or no? Correct.
And what was your involvement? I don't have time to get involved with individual medications.
Tie Dumoulin to the drug.
He's an advertising man.
He'll have been deeply involved in the marketing.
I know.
Clancy, what's your role at Standout Pharma? I'm the Chief Marketing Officer.
I'm her husband.
We made vows to each other.
She's sick.
You do whatever you have to do.
I'll be here, okay? We told people not to abuse the drugs.
Did you think it was likely to be abused? Hell no.
We had no idea there were going to be addiction issues.
This is the entire history of his correspondence with his boss, Charles Dumoulin.
We're going to win.
Class actions can be a long haul.
You need to be in top shape.
Down the hatch.
There's a chicken shawarma joint around the corner.
We're going there after.
How long have you been coming here? Just joined.
It's an investment.
It's not about the exercise.
Meet our trial judge.
That's Justice Zeke Mayer? In the flesh.
You're stalking him? Stalking-studying, potayto-potahta.
You can tell a lot about someone by watching them work out in public.
You want a good trial strategy? Build it around your judge.
Tell me about him.
He is not sympathetic to bleeding hearts.
5-1 against.
Do not try tugging at his heartstrings.
So we're not leading with our damaged teenager.
Notice the gadgets? Hard to miss.
Goes off on random monologues about what's coming next in tech.
So play up the science.
And be ever so impressed he understands everything so quickly.
Know your judge.
Words to live by.
Call an ambulance! Or not.
We have a judge.
You know him.
I know all the judges, Lilly.
This one's Leon Robinovitch.
Leon? Olivia.
You're late.
I'm sorry.
Your colleagues here were just suggesting I should recuse.
Given your history.
Do tell us about our history, Ms Lissandri.
Your impartiality is not in question here, Your Honour.
This is strictly about media play.
If you're willing to take the heat, we're more than willing to have you as our trial judge.
I'm not bread.
I don't like getting buttered.
I'm your judge, get used to it.
Lilly Rue, my co-counsel.
Hi there.
Cole Haney.
Oh, I know who you are.
You just signed on? Yeah.
Typically I don't show up till trial.
Alright, everyone.
Listen up.
I'm will never get another trial like this.
This is a gol-darn unicorn.
Anyone of you tries to sneak in grounds to appeal or any, and I mean any, tom-fuckery in my courtroom, I will make you pay.
Do not take this warning lightly.
Alright, folks.
Let's make history.
Good to see you.
You too.
You think this is wise, changing our witness list? New judge, new strategy.
RENEE: Adam! You're in the paper.
I know, Mom.
I saw it.
Olivia knows what she's doing.
Yeah, I hope so.
The lawsuit.
I saw it, I said.
I'm interested.
I would like to be involved.
Mom, we need to work.
Okay? I want you to give this to your father.
What? No.
I just want it over.
It's not complicated.
Yeah, actually it is.
Give it away.
It's yours.
Really? You're gonna put that on him? Excuse me? It's your marriage.
If you want to end it, you should do that yourself.
RENEE: I did.
No, you put it on your son.
I'm watching you do it.
He can take it.
So that makes it okay? You're his mother.
No, please.
Let the woman speak.
Tell me what you know.
I don't know anything.
Nobody does, right? Nobody understands.
Except the drugs.
Okay, enough.
I will not be spoken to like this.
This is my home.
This is my home.
You left yours.
You know what? We're gonna go for a walk.
You know you have a drinking problem when.
I can't keep it in the house.
Just need a tablecloth and you're all set.
Is she always like that? She only has one gear.
- And no filter.
- Yup.
I like her.
You can have her.
She's available.
No, she needs you.
So does your dad.
One at a time, okay? How is he? You seen him? Not today, no.
When? Look, I've already got a mother.
She's inside waiting.
Thank you though.
Not to help with him.
God'll do that.
You think your parents are always going to be there.
But they won't.
My folks died.
Plane crash.
Fly fishing incident.
You never told me that.
I don't like to talk about it.
Appreciate what you got.
Can I talk to you for a second? Are you sure about this? They're going to tear this kid apart.
Yes, they will.
And that will reveal who they are to the jury.
I know what I'm doing, Adam.
All rise.
The honourable Justice Robinovitch presiding.
So you qualified for the Commonwealth games? In February, yeah.
I had two personal bests at the meet.
And then you had a wisdom tooth removed.
And got a prescription for Adophol.
Three weeks worth of pills.
But then it got infected, so they gave me three more.
And I used that up early.
And did your dentist renew that prescription? Two more times.
By then I was buying on the street.
And swimming? I just stopped.
I mean I tried to get clean but I was just so sick.
Like having the worst flu you can imagine, only a hundred times worse.
You're going to die.
If you don't get your drugs.
And it just looks like a little pill.
I mean, you have no idea.
No further questions, Your Honour.
Haney? Thank you, Your Honour.
So, Maddox.
When did you start swimming? I guess grade six.
That's when I started at the club full time.
Full time? Well I mean, I was still going to classes in grade six.
Not in high school? I had tutors.
That can't be easy.
What age were you, how old were you when you had your wisdom tooth removed? Fifteen.
And at that time you were focused on the Olympics? God, yes.
That's a lot of pressure for someone who's fifteen, isn't it? Yeah.
It is.
You ever just kind of want to take a break from it all, be a normal kid for once? Sometimes.
Go drinking on a Saturday night.
You ever do that? Sure.
At fifteen? Well, not often.
All that work, travel, constant competition, all the time.
Then maybe once in a blue moon you just wanted to blow off a little steam.
What's a blue moon? It's a very rare thing.
That sounds about right.
We didn't get to blow off much steam.
Once in a blue moon.
So no wonder you abused your pills.
What else could you get your hands on when you were fifteen years old? I didn't abuse my pills.
They gave them to me.
But you didn't stick to the schedule.
You said that you were buying on the street before your prescription ran out.
No one's judging here, son.
Being a junkie isn't normal.
Neither is being an Olympic athlete.
Some folks take things to the extreme, right? I played hockey.
And I moved away from home when I was fifteen.
And to tell you the truth, there were times that I just wanted to run away.
You ever feel like that? Sure.
What was it? You missed a meet, right? It was, uh, six months before you had that wisdom tooth taken out.
I was sick.
But you kept up with your schoolwork.
I got better.
I've had Sundays like that.
You missed another meet too, though.
I had a groin pull Sure.
But normally you'd still go to the meet Support the team? Sit on the sidelines? Coach let me skip some sessions.
Maybe Coach sensed you were looking for a way out.
Is he a mind reader? Mr.
Forget the coach.
You were looking for a way out, weren't you? That's why you were abusing your pills.
I wasn't even taking any pills yet.
Of course.
That's right.
That came later.
But you were looking for a way out.
A way out from swimming long before you found Adophol.
Isn't that true? No.
No further questions, Your Honour.
So much for your trap.
He killed the kid but he sure didn't lose the jury.
I can see why they call him the babyfaced assassin.
I tried something.
He's a good lawyer.
We're going to win this on science, not violins.
So what have we learned? Is there anything we should adjust for our next witness? No.
That was a trick question.
Of course we should adjust.
Your original witness list was better.
You shouldn't have changed it for the judge.
One witness, Mina.
We're gonna do better on the next one, yes? I will.
Good luck.
You mad it ain't you? If you were Olivia Novak, would you trust me? Yeah.
I saw signs in the first months, but I really didn't see what was happening for about a year.
By then the clinic was basically a pill factory.
I showed up to open one morning and there was a lineup on the sidewalk.
So I talked to my partners.
And did they see what you saw? No.
They believed the marketing.
We were just bombarded with reassurances it was harmless.
There was an "Adophol is good for them" article in every journal, every issue.
And meanwhile the number of prescriptions you were writing kept going up? Every month was a billing record for the clinic.
And is that why you left? Yes.
I'm not comfortable exploiting addiction.
No more questions, Your Honour.
Thank you, Doctor.
You've got a new clinic now, right? I do.
We use alternative therapies.
Any drugs? No.
I don't prescribe drugs anymore.
What do you do? Well, that's a complicated question.
In a few words, if you can.
I try and help people live with their pain.
Aren't they already doing that? How many doctors do you have working with you at the clinic? I'm the only MD.
Really? That's unusual, though, isn't it? Well, it's it's the point.
You don't get along very well with your colleagues, do you? I certainly do.
I mean your fellow medical doctors.
Pain specialists.
No, I guess I don't.
When you applied for financing, you didn't have one single reference from your partners at the pain clinic that you co-founded.
That's right.
You couldn't get one of your old partners to support you? We had a falling out.
Over? What do you think? Adophol.
Because you stopped prescribing it? Because I wanted everyone to stop prescribing it.
Because you know more about pain than every single doctor that you worked with? Yes.
They've all been fooled by Adophol.
Every single doctor in Toronto except you.
I didn't say that.
Oh, pretty much.
No further questions, Your Honour.
LEON: Thank you, Doctor.
You may step down.
All right, I think that's everything for today.
We are adjourned.
You're not telling them.
You're not explaining it.
It's like you don't understand.
Understand what? Anything! Pain.
You're making it all sound normal.
You shouldn't be up there.
It should be Adam.
Not here.
He's the only one who cares.
The rest of you are mercenaries.
Stop it! Hey! How dare you.
These people are fighting for you! It should be you.
You are not helping us right now.
Take me home.
Get my stuff.
LILLY: I saw you through the window.
You don't have to tell anyone.
You should put me on the stand.
And you should step up and handle your own divorce.
Why do you think so little of my son? I don't.
I think highly of him.
I'm pushing for him to take some witnesses.
Meanwhile he has to look after people who should be old enough to look after themselves.
It's not just Adam you look down on.
It's everyone.
I am trying to get you to understand that Adam is having a hard time dealing with his father being alone.
You should understand that better than anyone.
But you don't.
Are you done? For the moment.
That's a relief.
What do you mean? Adam says his father blames you for your addiction.
Well, Adam blames him.
ADAM: This is our best chance.
This is where we hurt them.
I wish it was Terry.
Yeah, me too.
OLIVIA: What do you do for a living, Ms.
Graham? I'm the Chief Marketing Officer for Lindgren-Bala pharmaceuticals.
So you're in direct competition with Standout Pharma? We were #2 to Adophol until we sold off our opioid brands.
When you were competing with Adophol, how did you do? Terribly.
They cleaned our clock.
Adophol had 80 percent of the market.
We had six percent.
And we were number two.
And how did that come to be? Standout Pharma owned the doctors.
What do you mean by that? The marketing department could order up a study and a Standout-funded lab would do it and then Standout-hired doctors would peer review it and a Standout-owned journal would publish it.
Would you say you feel the medical profession was successfully manipulated? With tactical precision.
Marketing as information warfare.
They created a myth.
They revolutionized the way prescription medicines are sold.
You see, we're not allowed to advertise to the public.
But turns out we can still advertise to doctors.
Would that strategy have been as successful with a non-addictive medicine? No.
So do you think it's a coincidence that Charles Dumoulin revolutionized marketing with a very well-known drug type, an opioid? Objection, your honour.
Your honour, I'd like to refer the court to our latest submissions containing extensive private emails between Charles Dumoulin and his Chief Marketing Officer, Frank Clancy.
Your honour, we are preparing submissions showing conclusively that those emails are protected work product of a private enterprise.
Don't bother.
I've read the emails.
I'm not sympathetic to your claim.
Then we insist plaintiffs call Mr.
Dumoulin and allow him to speak on his own behalf.
If the defence wants to call Charles Dumoulin, they are well within their power to do so.
I'm admitting these emails as evidence, but I'm not giving you carte Blanche to play games with them in here.
We're going to need some ground rules.
I'm sorry, we'll have to bring you back.
Court is adjourned.
These emails are material evidence.
These are conversations about Adophol, I'm going to allow them.
That said, here are the rules.
I will only allow evidence related to Adophol, not to anybody's character or private lives.
I will not get into the Dumoulin family or anybody's divorce.
The charity is also out of bounds.
And I mean completely.
Keep this about Standout Pharma.
I will not have you turning my courtroom into a tabloid.
I saw your mom.
Like, socially? I told her she needs to face up to her own divorce.
And you felt a need to do that because? Because she's a selfish lady.
And I need your mind on the trial.
JAMES: A reading from the Gospel of Mark.
If your hand causes you to stumble, cut it off; it is better for you to enter life maimed than to have two hands and to go to hell, to the unquenchable fire.
Well, that sounds a bit harsh, doesn't it? Jesus gave His life to open heaven not because we are perfect, we stumble all the time, but because He forgave us.
And all He asks is we accept his gift.
So what is Jesus saying here? What does He mean by stumble? Well, that one's easy.
He means sin.
Now, this passage is not about burning in hell.
It's about how you get there.
Which is losing your way in this life.
Because you are blinded by sin.
Maybe it's lust, maybe it's greed, maybe it's dependency.
But if you go far enough into sin, you imperil your immortal soul.
You are betray yourself.
And you must cut out whatever it is, whoever it is that is keeping you from God.
God died to forgive your sins.
He is offering you eternal life.
What's an eye to that? (SOFTLY) Our Father who art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy name JAMES: So Jesus is telling us how to survive temptation, because temptation can become addiction and we can lose our way.
We can turn our back on everlasting life.
We can lose everything.
And so we need to take extreme measures, sometimes, to save ourselves.
JAMES: And God loves us, but love sometimes is harsh.
So if something you love is hurting you, or causing you to hurt, you have to cut it out.
If you believe, you have to.
And we're all believers here.
Aren't we? (RENEE LAUGHING) Look at me.
You know what I think of yoga people.
It's not about yoga people.
Oh don't kid yourself.
Group therapy, chronic pain, addiction, recovery and now they gotta throw goddamn yogalates into the mix.
It's like a hell designed just for me.
It's helping.
I know.
Just shut it and let me complain.
You're wearing an apron.
Otherwise my pants get wet.
Don't hang around the clinic today, okay? Don't go early.
Just get your dose.
They're not subtle about it.
They come right up to you.
Boy or girl? That's what the dealers call it.
Boy is Heroin.
Do you have to do this? I spent too much of my life not saying what I think, Adam.
I'm not going to waste what time I've got left.
Sit down.
We need to talk about your father.
I've got to go to court.
Sit down.
Sit down.
I have to go to court.
Sit! He wanted to quit, years ago.
He didn't want to take on Blessed Saviour.
But he made it thrive, didn't he? He has done mighty works for God, Adam.
That's just the truth.
I know.
He thinks it's bullshit.
That's also the truth.
The church is bullshit.
Not the church.
He lost his faith.
No, he didn't.
Yeah, he did.
Years ago.
You remember when he went away? He decided not to tell you.
Why? Because he hopes it will come back.
And you're telling me this now Why are you telling me this right now? Anyway, the point is that he didn't fail at anything.
I did.
I was the faith in our marriage and I am the one who walked out and made him a hypocrite.
And if I go anywhere near him I'll go off the rails for good, Adam.
I know it.
I feel it in my bones.
So I don't want you blaming him.
I've gotta go.
When you launch a major campaign, how do you interact with your CEO? They give notes.
And you'd expect the same at Standout Pharma? I certainly would.
Your Honour, I'd like to circulate notes given in writing by Charles Dumoulin regarding the launching of Adophol.
This is a proposed brochure from Adophol's original launch.
Charles Dumoulin marked it up.
Those are his initials.
You'll see them on every page.
So what are Mr.
Dumoulin's notes? Change "reduce risk of addiction" to "virtually eliminates".
He even took out a paragraph about the importance of sticking to prescription pain schedules and instead wrote in a line about Adophol being safe for general pain therapy.
All his changes made it into the final pamphlet.
Is this how your CEO gives notes? No.
This is an advertising man marking up copy.
So this level of involvement isn't normal? No.
He was micromanaging the campaign.
So you are saying the CEO and owner of Standout Pharma was micromanaging claims about Adophol's addictive properties from the start.
I don't think so.
Answer the question, please.
He wrote the copy himself.
He had a message.
And what was that? "This drug is safe.
" He downplayed anything that played against that.
No more questions, Your Honour.
Your witness.
She's killing us.
Stop digging.
No questions, Your Honour.
OLIVIA: This is it.
We can take it.
You want to rest? Your Honour, the plaintiffs rest.
Your Honour, the defendants would like to add a witness, and call them first.
What witness? Charles Dumoulin.
Hey, Dad.
Why are you here? Mom wanted you to have this.
I don't know why.
It's a reminder of failure.
You didn't fail her, Dad.
I certainly did.
Look, I wanted to say that I'm sorry.
I've been blaming you.
You're allowed.
For the wrong things.
(SIGHING) You don't owe me anything, Adam.
- You're the kid here.
- I know.
I know.
Whatever you think you did I thought that I couldn't live up to you.
Turns out I was wrong.
I could have told you that.
You don't believe in God? Do you? I'm not a priest.
So no worries about living up to me.
I have made a lot of decisions based on what I thought you were.
That's what children do, so I just want to say this, so please just shut up.
I'm really sorry that you lost your faith.
It was right there in front of me but I couldn't see it until Mom told me.
And I'm sure that was hard on you because I remember when you had it.
I have not been a good son to you when you needed me to be.
But I will be one now.
How about we consider the slate clean? Whatever harm's been done we start from here.
We start from here.
Good afternoon.
Good afternoon.
Have you ever been to Turin? Beautiful city.
You had a study done there, right? Well, the company started one.
But unfortunately it wasn't finished.
Why not? Frank Clancy said we should shut it down.
I'm sorry, who's that? My Chief Marketing Officer.
And why would he be involved? Frank is a direct access point to me.
I only have a few.
I'm sorry, would you mind unpacking that a little bit for us slower folks? We're a private company, heavy vertical integration, which peaks at me.
Frank Clancy has been my point man on Standout since I bought the company.
Or he was, I should say.
I'm sorry? Yeah.
I've terminated his contract.
I've turned over his hard drives to the police.
And why would you do that? Once these emails came to light, I realized how badly I've been misled.
And how were you been misled? Adophol was Frank's project, I trusted him to keep me fully informed.
I now realize he didn't.
He was lying to me.
About potential problems with Adophol? That's right.
He buried anything that might have warned me it could be addictive.
That study in Turin, for example should never have been halted.
I'm only glad that I insisted on doing another.
Which has been submitted into evidence, Your Honour.
And now that I see these emails, it's not just what he was withholding from me, but also the things he was saying behind my back.
The things he's hiding about his personal life.
His marriage.
I'm going to ask you not to discuss his marriage, please.
Let's keep this about Mr.
Clancy's work life, alright? Now, you said you brought the police in.
Do you really think that was necessary? I do.
I want to be completely transparent here.
You think that Mr.
Clancy may have committed criminal acts? Objection.
Why did you turn over Mr.
Clancy's work product to the police? The man has shattered my trust as badly as he shattered his marriage.
I need to know what he's done.
I'm going to ask you not to discuss his marriage, please.
Of course.
His children have suffered enough.
Your Honour, may we approach? He's spewing this stuff about Clancy in front of the jury, I'm going to need to address it in cross.
Haney, I have seen you control witnesses before.
What the hell do you think you're doing? He's Charles Dumoulin.
Your Honour.
Dumoulin is establishing a narrative in front of the jury that is flagrantly untrue.
No, he is not.
He fired Frank Clancy from Standout.
It's a fact.
It's a sham.
He gave him a grotesquely large severance and he keeps him employed to this day.
Clancy provides services to Mr.
Dumoulin's Cancer Charity, often pro Bono.
No They co-own a yacht together.
This bullshit about turning stuff over to the cops is just that.
I can turn my recycling over to the police too.
How do you know all this? We're using investigators.
Same as them.
I'm not dragging the charity into this.
It's a fine organization.
I know it.
My wife has given her name to it.
Leon, he's lying to the jury.
I will run my courtroom the way I see fit, Ms.
As for you, Mr.
Haney, you let your witness go off in front of the jury again, this will be the last witness you question in this trial.
You know what? I'm done.
He's all yours.
So it was really your Chief Marketing Officer that was running the show? That's right.
Even after he divorced your sister.
I don't abandon people.
Unless you turn them in to the police.
I want to be fully transparent.
Or perhaps the discovery process made things more transparent and you're scapegoating him.
Is that a possibility? No.
Frank Clancy has taken full responsibility for his actions.
Your honour, I have a sworn affidavit from Mr.
Frank Clancy taking full responsibility.
He put it in writing! OLIVIA: Was that a condition of his severance? No.
How much was his severance? I don't remember.
It was in his contract.
Twelve million dollars, isn't that right? It could be.
So you fired him, you turned his hard drive over to the police, and yet you still honoured his contract? I did, yes.
Even though he breached it? He breached his side, and I kept mine.
Are you still involved with Frank Clancy? No.
I no longer see him socially.
Do you still work together? Objection.
Clancy no longer works at Standout Pharma.
That wasn't my question.
Move on, Ms.
Do you still have a relationship with Frank Clancy? I wouldn't use that word.
Is it fair to say that you have financial connections? For instance, does he receive compensation from your charity? Objection.
Novak, you have been instructed.
Consider this your final warning.
I am drawing a red line, Olivia.
Do not defy me.
Is it not true that Frank Clancy still works for you? Olivia Novak! The fact is he is a director of your cancer charity right now.
GIULIA: Objection! That is enough! I will not be defied in my courtroom.
DUMOULIN: May I answer the question? Please do.
Let him speak.
Frank Clancy is the father of my nieces and the sole provider to my sister.
He has taken a job doing charity work at a vastly reduced salary.
I am not ashamed in the slightest to pay it.
You paid him to take the fall for you.
Your Honour! And you lied about it.
You're lying right now.
- Alright, that is enough - You're lying to the jury, - We are done here.
- you're lying to me, - Mr.
Dumoulin, you may step down.
- and you know you're lying! I am not finished.
Oh, you most certainly are.
We are done for today.
And you, Ms.
Novak, are hereby barred from my courtroom until further notice.
I've had about enough of you.
LEON: Court is adjourned.
RENEE: You're still here.
I thought you'd leave.
Where did you think I'd go? Somewhere smaller.
Somewhere that needs you more.
Another church.
That's where you belong.
Not without you.
I can't hold up your faith anymore.
I can't hold up your church.
I can hardly hold up myself.
I never asked you to.
You asked me.
Jesus Christ, James.
I wanted a bigger church.
You deserved it.
You filled the damn place.
So why did you leave? Because otherwise I'll die.
Do you still love me? It's done.
Let it be.
(MOURNFUL MUSIC PLAYING) What happened? What makes you think something happened? You only play this when you're upset.
I'm not upset.
I just had a bad day in court.
You're going to win, though, right? Do you care? Um, yes? It's important.
Those people need to pay.
Excuse me.
Could I have one of those? Hey.
It's on me.
(ENGINE REVVING) This is for you.
Thank you.
Where's Adam? He hasn't shown up yet.
Sam's trying to track him down.
He needs to prep for court.
He's got to fill Olivia's chair.
Do you find it at all ironic that after lecturing us not to go to war with the witnesses she decided to do it with the judge? A little.
So Adam's not responding to his texts.
There's no answer at his house or at his father's.
He's not at the bar.
Who's he sleeping with these days? Nobody.
Everyone's looking for you.
What's going on? Is it your mom? Nope, she's fine.
It's my dad.
He's dead.
Your father Adam, I'm so sorry.
How? He'd been having these dizzy spells lately.
I asked him to go see a doctor, but you know how he is.
He was on his way to a parish retreat.
He must have blacked out behind the wheel.
They say he died instantly.
(SOBBING) Is that what you want me to tell everyone? (BOTH SOBBING) ADAM: I stink.
Yessir, Adam Darling.
You're nothing but pure man.
You smell like wet socks.
(LAUGHING) I thought I wanted to be alone tonight.
I've got nowhere to be.