Strike Back s01e03 Episode Script

Zimbabwe - Part 1

(beeping) The men holding Bratton used this boy as a suicide bomber.
I need you to tell me everything As'ad said to you.
He said that the man who killed your friends was another soldier (gunfire) Collinson, we need to go back! Just give the order! Extraction denied.
Have you come to a decision about our offer to join Section 20 (man) Our own people have got to realise that they are not a separate entity from the rest of the people.
We are a free people, a free nation.
"Don't you realise that the people of Zimbabwe are a sovereign people.
" "We don't have to intervene.
" (car horn) (speaks Shona) (chatter) (Mugabe) We don't have to be like the British.
And who are they after all? Our invaders and colonisers of yesterday.
(applause) Prepare for exit.
(Mugabe continues) (speaks Shona) (repeats in Shona) (gunshot) (groans) (man shouts in Shona) (groans) (horns) Fuck! (gunfire / woman screams) Fuck! (tyres screech) (sighs) (man shouts in Shona) (he shouts) (he shouts orders) (gun cocks) Go on, bastard, do it.
Job done.
Mugabe's dead.
(siren) How can you be so sure? (sirens) (man shouts in Shona) "President Mugabe was uninjured in the attack, but one of his body doubles is reported dead.
" "A suspected gunman, Felix Masuku, was immediately arrested and two of his accomplices shot dead.
" "The Zimbabwean Intelligence Service claims that they have evidence the assassination attempt was planned by the British government with the help of the" This is becoming a serious problem.
Christ! He's a British soldier.
Felix Masuku's parents were killed in 1982 by Mugabe's troops in the Matabeleland massacres.
He fled Zimbabwe was brought up by an aunt in Peckham.
At 18, he joined the Royal Engineers, before returning to Zimbabwe six years ago.
You're concerned this history adds credence to Mugabe's claim that Britain is behind the assassination? In one.
(phone rings) Could you hold, please.
We need you to resolve this problem, Hugh.
So you want me to break him out of prison? Correct.
Masuku's being held in the secure wing of Chikurubi Prison in Harare No guns, no noise.
No footprints back here.
This is a fully deniable operation.
Layla will be your contact on the ground.
She'll be based in South Africa until required in Harare.
You'll be travelling in on a business visa.
This is your identity.
Your cover will be as an illicit diamond deale John Dean? Any objections? Couldn't be James? The operation codename is Ugly Trade.
Chikurubi was originally built as a British fortress.
We can provide you with early blueprints, schematics, archive photos, whatever you might need to plan the escape.
Be under no illusion, this prison is Mugabe's most secure facility and Masuku will be under close watch.
So how long do I have to spring Masuku? His trial is set for eight weeks from now.
Look, if we can't leave footprints, why send a Brit? My point entirely.
You have a problem with this? If we had no hand in the assassination, why are we so concerned about Masuku? Isn't just another case of deny, deny? Mugabe will use this as a show trial to destroy the credibility of the UK across the entire continent.
And, believe me, it's fragile.
Right now, Masuku represents a threat to the realm.
He cannot be allowed to stand trial There is one other thing, John.
If this goes wrong The last bullet's for me.
Well, let's hope it doesn't come to that.
John? I thought you should know, As'ad's body hasn't been recovered.
John! John, they're leaving him?! So, he might still be alive? Well, it's a big desert.
He didn't tell you anything? (speaks Arabic) Such as? Anything that might tell u where he could have gone? I don't speak Arabic.
Your passport in the name of John Dean.
Driving licence and condoms.
Standard issue for Africa.
Serviced any other officers recently Or was I the one with particularly low self-esteem? Well, we all have a job to do.
Some are more arduous than others.
Don't get your cock shot off.
I'm really sorry, love, I can't come up this weekend.
I don't really care what your excuse is, you've never been around and I shouldn't expect you to be now.
Alex, grow up.
The world does not revolve around you.
Why can't you understand that? Alex? John, it's me.
(sighs) Listen, erm I'm sorry.
It's just she's 17 now.
She's gotta start understanding what it is I do.
No, no, it's not that.
Erm, listen, there's something I've got to tell you.
(knock at door) Just hang on one second.
Two minutes.
Sorry, love, what was it you wanted to say? Nothing.
You sure? Yep.
It can wait.
Well, I'll call you when I get back.
I've gotta go, OK? OK.
" Why didn't you tell him? Felix Masuku, who is also known as Raymond Frayn.
Irish passport, South African passport, US passport.
These are all SAS issue IDs, sir.
It gets better.
Not only did Masuku serve in the Regiment between January 2001 and March 2004, but since returning to Zimbabwe, he's been an intelligence source for MI6.
And we're claiming Masuku doesn't work for us?! This isn't just embarrassing, this this really stinks.
And? You knew this.
Didn't you? Have you told Porter? Porter knows what he needs to know.
Haven't you got a flight to catch, lieutenant? This place is dangerous for you, my friend.
Make sure you behave here otherwise you will end up in Chikurubi Prison.
If you end up here, you can kiss your mother goodbye.
You will never see her again.
(chatter) (dog barks) (flies buzz) (laughs) Harry Curtis.
Welcome to Jo'burg.
I like the open air approach to the embassy.
Very un-British.
It made sense that we met off site.
Hope you're not too knackered.
Most people are undone by the altitude.
I had nose bleeds for a whole month.
Maybe that just happens to high flyers, Mr First Secretary.
I got everything you asked for.
All legit South African documents.
In the name of a real life SONOP Inspector, Lizbet Dreyer.
Their brief is counter narcotics and smuggling.
May I ask what these are for? I'm a curious sort, you see.
I hadn't noticed.
Thank you, Mr Curtis.
Normally people try and short change me.
(sighs) In this world, you don't trust anyone, my friend.
(laughs) Like you said, trust no-one.
(rattling) (automatic gunfire) (groans) (gasps) Hands up.
Take it easy.
Alright! (speaks Shona) Take him away.
(birdsong / phone rings) Hello? Mr Dean's been picked up as arranged.
When do you intend to visit? Tomorrow.
So he's on his own till you get there.
Will he be comfortable? If he keeps his head down and avoids trouble.
(speaks Shona) (groans) Here I'm God.
(chatter) (men laugh) Why are you here? I made some bad choices.
Didn't we all? I'm Anthony Silongo.
(cicadas chirrup) (woman sighs) (gasps) (moans) (chains rattle) (whimpers) (whimpering) (sobbing) (Anthony sobs) (whimpers) (wails) No! Argh! Go! (shouts in Shona) (sobs) (groans) (groans) (groans) (gasps) Argh! I've got information.
Useful information.
About the assassin.
(gun cocks) (cicadas chirrup) Lexie.
What information? I know him.
I know who he is.
He'll trust me.
I'm British.
My name is Elisabet Dreyer.
Elisabet, Elisabet Dreyer.
You are a despicable man.
You are a despicable man in an ugly trade.
My name is Elisabet Dryer, Dreyer.
(rattling) (door opens) (groans) (muffled shout) He doesn't trust you, Mr Dean.
And to be honest, I don't blame him.
You've wasted my time.
(hollers) Sit.
Wow, I didn't know they allowed conjugal visits.
Mr John Dean.
Who wants to know? The South African Government.
We've been monitoring your smuggling activities.
We believe it's time you were brought to account.
It was you who had me arrested? As I will have you extradited to South Africa to face charges.
Do you have anything to say? Yeah, darling, get me an upgrade.
Suite, jacuzzi? OK, Mr Dean, don't get clever with me.
From where I'm standing, you are a despicable man in an ugly trade.
Listen, sweetheart, you don't know what ugly is.
I've seen how ugly it can be in here.
Obviously you've come face to face with it.
I have.
Are you saying you've received brutal treatment? No, love, I'm not.
I'm saying everyone is extremely well treated.
Thank you for your assistance, Colonel.
Pleasure to cooperate.
We would appreciate it if Mr Dean could be moved to a secure wing.
We consider him to be a dangerous criminal, and until we have custody of him, we need to know he's safe.
Of course.
And once again, a pleasure.
Thank you.
You never touch Masuku.
Understand? Yes, sir.
And if anyone else asks to speak to Mr Dean, I want to know about it (phone rings) Yes? What news of Porter? He's met the target face to face.
Says he's unharmed.
Masuku's not been tortured? No.
His words were "extremely well treated.
" Really? That may help explain something.
Why? We intercepted a communication.
They're moving Masuku to a remand cell under the courthouse.
When? Noon, the day after tomorrow.
Shit! Have they brought forward the trial? By two months, and if they're not torturing Masuku, they must have the evidence they need We have accelerate our plans.
Well, I can't just walk back in there.
Tomorrow then? Porter has to know, Layla.
You've got 48 hours.
I need a copy of an extradition document now.
Where are you? You know I can't tell you that, Mr Curtis.
Er, I'll send you non-specific documentation.
You fill in the blanks.
Who are you? Friend.
Your cell? (door is unlocked) Don't suppose we're off to breakfast? Welcome, Mr Dean.
I'm guessing this isn't Queensberry Rules? You guess right.
Vincent! (cheering) (chanting) Vincent! Vincent! Vincent! Bet on me.
I'll give him the first round, then you can take all the odds you can get.
What's in it for you? Keep him away from that boy.
We need a handicap.
Ding-ding! Whoa! You're not doing so well, my friend.
Double the odds.
I've got the Englishman! (cheering) (chanting) Vincent! Vincent! Vincent! Quiet! Alright, boys.
Ding-ding! (booing) (yells) Again? So soon? Consider me your number one stalker, Mr Dean.
I have your extradition papers.
Time is short.
You need to go through everything thoroughly.
If there is anything you wish to appeal, you have until tomorrow n This is all very sudden.
Deadlines are changing constantly.
Everything you need is in this document.
I should warn you that if I don't receive your confirmation signature, you might remain here indefinitely.
Do you understand what I'm saying? It's possible.
I can give you my confirmation signature first thing tomorrow.
Thank you, Mr Dean.
That would be a relief.
You'll need to remember this case number.
It will help drive through the paperwork.
Colonel, how fortunate.
I have a copy of Mr Dean's extradition application for you.
How efficient! Usually I'm sent this by your Department of Justice.
I was able to expedite things.
So I see.
Land Rover Under Angel.
Land Rover Under Angel.
(key turns) You asked to see me? Organise another fight.
Set two men against me.
No one will bet against you.
Except you.
I'll take the first fight, I'll throw the second.
We'll both do well.
When? Tomorrow morning.
Same time, first light.
(phone rings) Tshuma.
(automated voice) You have urgent mail from Little Fox.
You're coming with me.
Am I? Trust me.
(snorts) (phone rings) Hello.
Where the fuck is everyone? Cock fight.
(loud muttering) Let's go.
There's been a breach.
I've been compromised.
Get out.
Head for the RV.
What about Porter? He needs transport.
I can still get there.
Look after yourself.
Get out.
That's an order! Let's go.
Isn't this a dead end? Yup, but this is our way out.
What? OK, go on.
(alarm rings) Stop.
Go back.
Give me a hand.
(both) One, two, three.
(both grunt) OK, go.
(urgent voices) Go.
You're in charge.
Where the fuck are we? Old munition tunnels.
Left or right? Oh, fuck! Down.
Where's the fucking Land Rover? I don't fucking believe it! Go, go! Hurry up! (engine splutters) (engine fires) Yes! Get in! Go! Go! Radio traffic confirms there has been a break-out from Chikurubi.
Local police have been ordered to set up road blocks.
Oh, size 10.
Result! Shit! Do you think he saw us? (birdsong) What are we doing? Ditching this piece of shit.
Cut some brush, we need to hide the car.
So you want me to break him out of prison.
Masuku has to disappear completely.
Understood? Sir.
(gun cocks) (sighs) Of course.
Drop the knife.
(sighs) I said drop it.
Before you do this, you should know something.
I was set up.
The whole assassination was a trap.
They were waiting for me.
On your knees.
I don't make mistakes, Dean.
I'm ex-Regiment, just like you.
I was hired by British Intelligence to kill Mugabe.
Someone betrayed me.
I said get on your knees! They betrayed me! They betrayed you, too! Where was the Land Rover, Dean? No, where was it? Shut up! It was supposed to be there, wasn't it? Think, Dean! Think! Those weren't prison guards outside the prison, they were Elite Guards.
(gunfire) What, ten seconds after the alarm went off they were outside? Tshuma's men, Dean.
The same men who captured me.
Who do you trust? Who the fuck do you trust? My name's Porter.

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