Strike Back s01e04 Episode Script

Zimbabwe - Part 2

MUGABE: Our own people have got to realise that they are not a separate entity from the rest of the people.
We are a free people, a free nation.
Don't you realise that the people of Zimbabwe are a sovereign people? - We don't have to intervene - (CAR HORN HONKING) (PEOPLE ON PAVEMENT CHATTERING) (RIFLE COCKING) MUGABE: We don't have to invite the British.
And who are they, after all? Our invaders and colonisers of yesterday.
(CROWD CHEERING) Prepare for exit.
MUGABE: We can never lose.
Job done.
Mugabe's dead.
How can you be so sure? (SIRENS WAILING) NEWS ANCHOR: President Mugabe was uninjured in the attack, but one of his body doubles is reported dead.
The suspected gunman, Felix Masuku, was immediately arrested and two of his accomplices shot dead.
The Zimbabwean Intelligence Service, the CIO, claims that they have evidence the assassination attempt was planned by the British government, with the help of (SWITCHING OFF TV) This is becoming a serious problem.
COLLINSON: Christ! He's a British soldier? Was.
Felix Masuku's parents were killed in 1982 by Mugabe's troops in the Matabeleland massacres.
He fled Zimbabwe, was brought up by an aunt in Peckham.
Age of 18, he joined the Royal Engineers, before returning to Zimbabwe six years ago.
And you're concerned this history adds credence to Mugabe's claim that Britain is behind the assassination? - (PHONE RINGING) - In one.
Could you hold, please? We need you to resolve this problem, Hugh.
So you want me to break him out of prison? Correct.
Masuku is being held in the secure wing of Chikurubi Prison in Harare.
No guns, no noise.
No footprints back here.
This is a fully deniable operation.
Layla will be your contact on the ground.
She'll be based in South Africa until required in Harare.
You'll be travelling in on a business visa.
This is your identity.
Your cover will be as an illicit diamond dealer.
"John Dean"? Any objections? It couldn't be James? COLLINSON: The operation codename is Ugly Trade.
Chikurubi was originally built as a British fortress, so we can provide you with early blueprints, schematics, archive photos, whatever you might need to plan the escape.
Be under no illusion, this prison is Mugabe's most secure facility and Masuku will be under close watch.
So, how long do I have to spring Masuku? His trial is set for eight weeks from now.
Look, if we can't leave footprints, why send a Brit? My point entirely.
You have a problem with this, Layla? If we had no hand in the assassination, then why are we so concerned about Masuku? Isn't this just another case of deny, deny, deny? Mugabe will use this as a show trial to destroy the credibility of the UK across the entire continent.
And believe me, it's fragile.
Right now, Masuku represents a threat to the Realm.
He cannot be allowed to stand trial.
There is one other thing, John.
If this goes wrong The last bullet's for me.
Well, let's hope it doesn't come to that.
I thought you should know.
As'ad's body hasn't been recovered.
As'ad! John! They're leaving him! So he might still be alive? Well, it's a big desert.
He didn't tell you anything? (SPEAKING ARABIC) Such as? Anything that might tell us where he could have gone.
I don't speak Arabic.
Your passport in the name ofJohn Dean, driving licence and, um, condoms.
Standard issue for Africa.
Serviced any other officers recently or was I the one with particularly low self-esteem? Well, we all have a job to do.
Some are more arduous than others.
(LIFT BELL DINGS) Don't get your cock shot off.
RECEPTIONIST: That's right, put the name of the person you want to see.
I'm really sorry, love.
I'm not going to be able to come up this weekend.
I don't really care what your excuse is this time.
You've never been around and I I don't know why I should expect you to be around now.
Alex, grow up.
The world doesn't revolve around you.
Why can't you understand that? - Alex? - John, it's me.
(SIGHING) - Listen, um - I'm sorry.
It's just You know, she's 17 now.
She's got to start understanding what it is I do.
No, no, no.
It's not that.
Um Listen, there's something I've got to tell you.
- (KNOCKING ON DOOR) - Just hang on one second.
Two minutes.
Sorry, love.
What was it you wanted to say? Nothing.
- Sure? - Yeah.
It can wait.
I'll call you when I get back.
I've got to go, okay? - Okay.
- Bye.
(PHONE BEEPS) Why didn't you tell him? (COMPUTER BEEPS) Felix Masuku, who is also know as Raymond Frayn.
Irish passport, South African passport, US passport.
These are all SAS issue IDs, sir.
It gets better.
Not only did Masuku serve in the regiment between January 2001 and March 2004, but since returning to Zimbabwe, he's been an intelligence source for Ml6.
And we're claiming Masuku doesn't work for us? This isn't just embarrassing, this this really stinks.
And? You knew this, didn't you? Have you told Porter? Porter knows what he needs to know.
Haven't you got a flight to catch, Lieutenant? CAB DRIVER: This place is dangerous for you, my friend, huh? Make sure you behave here, otherwise you will end up in Chikurubi prison.
If you end up here, my friend, oh, brother, you can kiss your mother goodbye, you will never see her again.
Harry Curtis.
Welcome to Joburg.
I like the open-air approach to the Embassy.
Very un-British.
(CHUCKLES) It's what made sense, that we met off-site.
Hope you're not too knackered.
Most people are undone by the altitude.
I had nosebleeds for a whole month.
Well, maybe that just happens to high flyers, Mr First Secretary.
I got everything you asked for.
All legit South African documents.
In the name of a real-life SONOP inspector.
Lisbet Dreyer.
Her brief is counter-narcotics and smuggling.
May I ask what these are for? I'm a curious sort, you see.
I hadn't noticed.
Thank you, Mr Curtis.
DEALER: No, normally people try and short-change me.
In this world, you don't trust anyone, my friend.
(CHUCKLES) Well, like you said, trust no one.
(GUNS FIRING) - Hands up.
- Easy.
Take it easy.
(PORTER GRUNTS) Here, take him away.
(MOBILE RINGING) - Hello? - Mr Dean's been picked up as arranged.
- When do you intend to visit? - Tomorrow.
So, he's on his own till you get there.
Will he be comfortable? He will be if he keeps his head down and stays out of trouble.
(PRISONERS CHATTERING) - Why are you here? - I made some bad choices.
Didn't we all.
I'm Anthony Silongo.
Useful information.
About the assassin.
What information? I know him.
I know who he is.
He'll trust me, I'm British.
(IN SOUTH AFRICAN ACCENT) My name is Elisabeth Dreyer.
Elisabeth Elisabeth Dreyer.
You are a despicable man.
You are a despicable man in an ugly trade.
Ugly Ugly My name is Elisabeth Dreyer.
And to be honest, I don't blame him.
(METALLIC CLANKING) (CHUCKLES) - You've wasted my time.
- No! GUARD: Sit.
Thank you, gentlemen.
I didn't know they allowed conjugal visits.
- MrJohn Dean.
- Who wants to know? The South African government do.
We've been monitoring your smuggling activities.
We believe it's time you were brought to account.
So it was you who had me arrested? As I will have you extradited to South Africa to face charges.
- Do you have anything to say? - Yeah, darling, I was wondering if you could get me an upgrade, suite, Jacuzzi Okay, Mr Dean.
Don't get clever with me.
From where I'm standing, you are a despicable man in an ugly trade.
Listen, sweetheart.
You don't know what ugly is.
I've seen how ugly it can be in here.
Obviously you've come face to face with it.
I have.
Are you saying you've received brutal treatment? No, love.
I'm not saying that.
I'm saying everyone has been extremely well treated.
Thank you for your assistance, Colonel Tshuma.
Pleasure to cooperate with a friendly agency.
We would appreciate it if Mr Dean could be moved to a secure wing.
We consider him to be a dangerous criminal, and until we have custody of him, we need to know he's safe.
Of course.
And once again, a pleasure.
Thank you.
You never touch Masuku.
Understand? Yes, sir.
And if anyone else asks to speak to Mr Dean, I want to know about it.
(MOBILE RINGING) - Yes? - What news of Porter? He's met the target face-to-face.
Says he's unharmed.
Masuku's not been tortured? No.
His words were "extremely well-treated".
Really? That may help explain something.
Why? We intercepted a communication.
They're moving Masuku to a remand cell under the courthouse.
- When? - Noon, the day after tomorrow.
Shit! Have they brought forward the trial? Yes, by two months.
And if they're not torturing Masuku, then they must have all the evidence they need.
We have to accelerate our plans.
I can't just walk back in there.
Tomorrow, then.
Porter has to know, Layla.
COLLINSON: You've got 48 hours.
I need a copy of an extradition document, now.
CURTIS: Uh, where are you? You know I can't tell you that, Mr Curtis.
Uh, I'll send you non-specific documentation, you fill in the blanks.
Your cell? (TYPING ON KEYBOARD) (KEY TURNING IN LOCK) (DOOR OPENING) PORTER: I don't suppose we're off to breakfast? Welcome, Mr Dean.
I'm guessing this isn't Queensberry rules.
You guess right.
Vincent! (ALL CHEERING) ALL: (CHANTING) Vincent! Vincent! Bet on me.
I'll give him the upper hand in the first round and then you can take all the odds you can get.
What's in it for you? Keep him away from that boy.
We need a handicap.
Double the odds.
I've got the Englishman! (ALL CHEERING) ALL: (CHANTING) Vincent! Vincent! Vincent! Vincent! Vincent! Vincent! All right! All right, boys.
Ding-ding! ALL: (CHANTING) Vincent! Vincent! Vincent! Vincent! (ALL EXCLAIMING) Come on! (MEN CHEERING) Come on! (PRISONERS BOOING) Again? So soon? Consider me your number one stalker, Mr Dean.
I've prepared your extradition papers.
Time is of the essence.
You need to go through everything thoroughly.
If there is anything you wish to appeal, you have until tomorrow, midday.
This is all very sudden.
Deadlines are changing constantly.
Everything you need is in this document.
I should warn you that if I don't receive your confirmation signature, you might remain here indefinitely.
Do you understand what I'm saying? It's possible I can give you my confirmation signature first thing tomorrow.
Thank you, Mr Dean.
That would be a relief.
You need to remember this case number.
It will help drive through the paperwork.
Colonel, how fortunate.
I have a copy of Mr Dean's extradition application for you.
How efficient, Miss Dreyer.
Usually I'm sent this by your Department ofJustice.
I was able to expedite things.
So I see.
PORTER: Land Rover.
Under angel.
Land Rover under angel.
(KEY TURNING IN LOCK) KINGSTON: You asked to see me? Organise another fight.
Set two men against me.
- No one will bet against you.
- Except you.
I'll take the first fight, I'll throw the second.
We'll both do well.
- When? - Tomorrow morning.
Same time.
First light.
AUTOMATED VOICE: You have urgent mail from Littlefox.
(NECK CRACKS) You're coming with me.
Am I? Trust me.
(CHUCKLES) (PHONE RINGING) Hello, Chikurubi.
(DIALLING TONE) - Where the fuck is everyone? - Cock fight.
(ALL CHATTERING) PORTER: Good girl, Layla.
Let's go.
There's been a breach.
I've been compromised.
Get out.
Head for the RV.
What about Porter? He needs transport, - I can still get there.
- Look after yourself.
Get out now, Lieutenant, that's an order.
Let's go.
- Isn't this is a dead end? - Yep.
But it's our way out.
Go back.
Give me a hand.
One, two, three (BOTH GRUNTING) Okay, go.
Where the fuck are we? Old munition tunnels.
Left or right? Oh, fuck.
(GUN FIRING) (SHOUTING IN SHONA) (ALARM SOUNDING) Where's the fucking Land Rover? I don't fucking believe it! Go! Go! Hurry up! (ENGINE SPUTTERING, REVVING) Yes! Get in! Go, go! Radio.
Radio traffic confirms there has been a breakout from Chikurubi.
Local police have been ordered to set up roadblocks.
Oh, size 10.
Shit! Do you think he saw us? What are we doing? Ditching this piece of shit.
Cut some brush, we need to hide the car.
So you want me to break him out of prison.
Masuku has to disappear completely.
Understood? Sir.
(GUN COCKS) Of course.
Drop the knife.
I said drop it.
Before you do this, you should know something.
I was set up.
The whole assassination was a trap.
- They were waiting for me.
- On your knees.
I don't make mistakes, Dean.
I'm ex-regiment, just like you.
I was hired by British Intelligence to kill Mugabe.
Someone betrayed me.
I said get on your knees! They betrayed me! They betrayed you, too.
Where was the Land Rover, Dean? - No, where was it? - Shut up! It was supposed to be there, wasn't it? Think, Dean, think! Those weren't prison guards outside the prison, they were Elite Guards.
What, 10 seconds after the alarm went off, they're outside? Tshuma's men? Dean, the same men who captured me? Who do you trust? Who the fuck do you trust? My name's Porter.
Sorry, mate, I only packed for one.
So what's plan B? (SPEAKING SHONA, INDISTINCT) LAYLA: It was Colonel Tshuma.
I'm sure of it.
COLLINSON: What makes you so certain? His Elite Guard were all over the Land Rover.
- It makes sense.
- Why, is there something else you're not sharing with me? We intercepted Elite Guard transmissions from Chikurubi.
They were at the prison immediately after Porter's jailbreak.
Shit! I should have driven to the prison, got him out myself.
Layla, it was operationally the right choice.
- For Porter or for you? - Listen.
PORTER: (ON RADIO) SHopper, this is Lancer.
Come in.
- It's Porter.
- Shopper, this is Lancer.
Come in.
Lancer, this is Shopper.
Glad to hear your voice.
I was expecting transport.
Papa ordered me home.
Uninvited guests.
Is the Ugly Trade complete? Change of mission.
Repeat, change of mission.
Prepare exit for two.
Christ! He's bringing out Masuku? Tell him he can't.
Papa says mission must be completed.
Passenger has vital intel.
Explain, Lancer.
Passenger claims his job was a legitimate UK contract.
Do you understand what I'm saying to you? Over.
(DIALLING TONE) Understood.
How long till you reach rendezvous? We fancy a little walk.
We'll be with you tomorrow evening.
I'll wait for you.
Reconnect 1800? Copy that.
Over and out.
We need to head for this location.
It's an exit camp just over the border.
Layla will debrief you there.
Layla? The same woman who was supposed to leave the Land Rover, yeah? Yep.
- Can you trust her? - It's not her I'm worried about.
I'll call you back.
Masuku claims he was recruited directly by the British government.
- And you believe him? - Right now, sir, I don't know what to believe.
A bullet in Mugabe's head might be desirable for some.
But the order did not come from this office.
Well, then, that leaves only two options.
- Which are? - Either Masuku's lying or he's been set up to think he was working for us.
Is your man aware of consequences of his actions? There is one other thing, John.
If this goes wrong The last bullet's for me.
Yes, sir.
Get me a file on all UK intelligence liaison for Zimbabwe over the last five years.
- Is this about Masuku? - Yeah.
Someone's recruited him, someone's handling him.
I need to find out who.
- Are we looking for a double agent? - Yeah, check all bank records unusual patterns of behaviour, you know the drill.
- Yes, sir.
- (MOBILE RINGING) Diane? LEXIE: (SOBBING) Where's Dad? I need to talk to my Dad.
- Lexie? - I need to talk to my dad, where is he? It's my mum! What is it? Nothing.
Let's just stop for a minute.
There's some water in the side pouch.
MASUKU: Shit! We've got trouble.
On the ridge.
- And scouts with a radio.
- Yep.
- Tshuma's men? - Mmm-hmm.
Okay, we need to move.
No, no, no.
That man can tell how far ahead we are just by the dent in our footprints.
Hard ground.
Keep low.
Let's stay on the tarmac.
No footprints.
(TYRES SCREECHING) Remind me not to come your way next time.
(GUNS FIRING) It could be worse.
(HELICOPTER WHIRRING) Lancer, this is Shopper.
(STATIC ON RADIO) Lancer, this is Shopper, waiting at home.
Do you read me? Over.
(STATIC CONTINUES) Here, Cinderella, have a look at this.
Not a hope.
You know, that's twice in my professional career I've chosen not to kill someone and lived to regret it.
Was the first an Iraqi kid? How did you know about that? Part of the training.
- Mistakes to learn from.
- Yeah? And what have you brought to the party apart from being a pain in the arse? I just swept.
COLLINSON: Layla, have you heard from Porter? LAYLA: Not so far, sir.
I'll keep trying.
Speak soon.
Sir, here's Ml6's record of all intel liaisons to Zimbabwe.
This person caught my interest.
He's been careless.
Harry Curtis, our Embassy contact.
His apartment in Joburg is paid for out of his Civil Service salary.
But we discovered three other properties purchased by him under one of his logged aliases, Alan Shenley.
- Did you follow the money? - It wasn't hard.
Shenley has bank accounts all around the world.
Antigua, Caymans, Liechtenstein.
$5 million we've traced so far.
- Where's the money coming from? - Here.
Holmann Trust and Investments? It's a Swiss bank used by Mugabe's ministers.
Get me a flight to Joburg, tonight.
(SPEAKING MATABELE) - They've got a phone.
- Mmm.
(EXHALES) What do you think? It's too risky.
We move on.
We do this quietly.
I'll cover the house.
Who were those men? Why does it matter to you? They're Tsotsis.
If they find the bodies, it will be very bad for us.
(SIGHS) You're gonna have to bury them.
Lord, though they be sinners, please find it in your heart to forgive these men.
And grant them eternal rest in your kingdom, amen.
- What was that for? - For finding killing so easy.
Look, I'm sorry if we scared you.
I'm sorry, too.
I owe you thanks for saving Josette.
But you must go now.
Come with us.
You and the children.
It's not safe here.
- Are you mad? - We can't leave.
- Why not? - Because she just said they can't.
The Tsotsis have a camp just across the river.
If we leave MASUKU: What? These men They smuggle people into South Africa.
And they use our orphanage as a place for refugees to meet.
They're promised papers, passports, and they hand over money.
I don't know what happens to them when they leave here.
Come with us.
When Sister Carmel and Sister Mary refused to help these men, they shot them.
And now they always take two children as hostages to make certain we cooperate.
My burden is to care for those I can.
And my burden is to get you, and you alone, across the border, not traipse over the hills like some cockeyed Von Trapp family.
- Do you know what this place is? - I don't care what this place is.
We've got the Elite Guard hunting us down.
These kids are AIDS orphans.
All they've ever known is loss and abuse.
And anyone who's ever cared for them is dead.
Porter! Look, it's only, what, three or four klicks to the Tsotsi camp? We could get there, rescue the kids, be back before sunset.
- No.
- Head off under cover of night, - be over the border before daybreak.
- No.
It'll take Tshuma at least that long to pick up on our trail.
- No.
This is not my problem.
- Oh, right, right.
Just ignore it.
You know what? At least I know why I fight, you prick.
Do you? I'm not leaving here without these kids.
What are you gonna do, huh? Shoot me? You bastard.
I'll get the rest of your stuff.
You're not going anywhere.
I'll be faster on my own.
Protect the farm, get the kids packed.
If I'm not back before sunset, leave without me.
(EXHALES) (GUN COCKING) I've seen a lot of killing, Mr Porter.
Most men seem to take pleasure in it.
But you, you're like a machine.
I don't know which frightens me more.
These are for Masuku.
And this is for the children.
It's not much, but they should eat as well as they can before we leave.
Are you a good man sent by God, Mr Porter? Or evil, not to be trusted? (CHORAL HYMN PLAYING) JOSETTE: Sister? SISTER BERNADETTE: Yes.
JOSETTE: Don't you think we should say a prayer for the army man? Of course.
JOSETTE: Lord, please protect Mr Porter.
May the angels guide him to where he's going.
And please help him to deliver our brothers back to us.
- Amen.
- Amen.
My god.
The refugees.
(SPEAKING SHONA) Collinson, Mr Curtis.
Section 20.
Going somewhere? This is unexpected.
Uh Would you like something? Some tea? - Something stronger, perhaps? - No, thank you.
- You speak Shona? - As do you.
Handy for dealing with the regime in Zimbabwe? Sometimes you have to talk to people you find unpleasant, Mr Collinson.
How true.
Sister Bernadette sent me.
Come on.
Up there.
(MAN SHOUTING) Run! Move! Move! Get down, go! What was it, Curtis? Gambling debts? A penchant for houseboys? How did Tshuma turn you? (SCOFFS) You'll forgive me if this is a fantasy I don't recognise.
You and Colonel Tshuma, Harare, four weeks ago.
You seem like good friends.
I'm obliged to form relationships with Zimbabwean officials.
- What is this supposed to prove? - On its own, nothing.
But with this We've now found over $6 million paid into your several accounts.
And according to your own files, you recruited Masuku as a sleeper in 2006.
So when Tshuma suggested you use him to stage a fake assassination attempt, everything was already in place.
Relax, Curtis.
You're still of use to us.
I'm here to offer you a chance of redemption.
All we ask is that you continue letting Tshuma believe you're working for him, but in reality you'll be working for us.
Your money will, of course, have to be impounded by the exchequer, but think of it as a a donation.
Forgive me.
COLLINSON: No! Curtis, you fucker! (RIFLES FIRING) Get over the bridge and don't stop running until you find Sister Bernadette.
Do you understand? Go! BOTH: Porter! Porter! Shit.
Porter! Don't move.
Stay where you are.
It's all right, I've got you.
Go, run! Go, go, run! Go! Go.
Ah, fuck! (GRUNTING) "Little Fox.
" Sister Bernadette! Where's Porter? PORTER: (GRUNTING) We need to staunch this.
- Shit.
I'll get the first aid kit.
- Bring some cordite.
(GRUNTING) Lie down.
Times, dates, communications.
No wonder they didn't need to torture Masuku.
But does it prove that the assassination attempt was a set-up? Not with Curtis dead.
All we have here is a legitimate UK government official planning a hit on Mugabe using a former SAS operative.
We can deny all we like, but the evidence looks overwhelming.
Our only hope is if Porter can get Masuku across that border.
- Any news? - No word.
Stand by your phone.
I'm going to have to clean this mess up.
(WIND CHIME TINKLING) (GROANS) Lie still or you'll open the wound.
- What time is it? - Around noon.
Kids are packed, ready to go.
We need to get moving.
(GRUNTS) Who's that? Get down.
- Go to the children, keep them quiet.
- Okay.
PORTER: Pass me the FM.
Did you get him? Bollocks.
That would have been useful.
Oh, well, excuse me all over the place.
They'd have radioed their last position.
- How long do you think we've got? - Two hours.
Three at best.
Right, we need to get moving.
(GRUNTS) You need to head for this location, it's about 12 kilometres from here across the border.
You'll find a camp and a woman called Layla.
Give her this note and she'll look after you.
You're not coming with us? No.
No, if I do, I'll put you and the children in greater danger.
Masuku will be with you.
I don't understand.
Tshuma's hunting us down.
If I stay, I might be able to hold him off long enough so that you can get across the border to safety.
I've got the answer to my question, Mr Porter.
May God protect you.
MASUKU: Sister.
I don't think I'll be going.
I'm going to stay here.
Sister, look after those kids, yeah? Where do you think you're going? You know as well as I do their best chance is if we both make a stand.
I really wish I'd shot you.
You believe the British will let me live? I thought I was paranoid.
Sure they'll want to hear what I have to say, yeah, but then what? - As long as I'm alive, I'm a liability.
- True.
I'm Matabele, John.
I was born a warrior.
My blood belongs here, in this red soil.
- Anyway, we have an advantage.
- What's that? Tshuma needs us alive.
- So we've got the four AKs - Yeah.
the FM - Mmm-hmm.
the shotgun, the Tokarev and three grenades.
Where did you get those from? Off the Tsotsis you dropped by the river.
Didn't have an RPG on them, did they? (LAUGHS) Bloody hell.
My dad had one of these.
No! So did mine.
(CHUCKLES) Unbelievable.
It's full.
All we need now is four wheels and we're out of here.
(HISSING) Backed in a corner, mate.
I know how you feel.
(HISSING) (COCKS GUN) John Dean, if that really is your name.
Why don't you just give me Masuku? Do that and I'll consider letting you live.
I saw the grave you dug for him, Dean.
Are you really willing to die for him now? Or is that your weakness? You have a conscience? Yeah, I'm all heart.
(MACHINE GUNS FIRING) (SPEAKING SHONA) Oi! Looking for me? Fuck! (SHOUTING IN SHONA) Time to go? Bomb.
- What? They've got an RPG.
- I thought you said he wanted us alive.
- I can't be right all the time.
Go! What is he playing at? Fuck! Clever bastard.
(SCREAMS) You're actually enjoying this, aren't you? (SHOUTING IN SHONA) Plan? Take out as many as we can.
Save two rounds.
One for you, one for me.
I'd better not arrive in hell and find out you're not there.
(ALL SHOUTING) What the fuck is this? (SHOUTING) - Friends of yours? - South Africans.
(GUNFIRE CONTINUES) Cease fire! Cease firing! You three, check the house.
John Porter, I presume.
Impressive woman, that Sister Bernadette.
You'll be glad to know she and the children arrived safely at our exit camp.
- Layla was - Dean! Dean.
It's Porter.
(GROANS) (GROANING) SOLDIER: We searched the house but Masuku isn't there.
Where's Masuku? Drowned.
River jump.
Deep water.
- What happened to the body? - No idea.
The current must have taken it.
- You okay? - I'll live.
That's for leaving my arse on the road outside the prison.
John? John! We need to talk about Lexie.
It was meant to be a really simple operation to remove a tumour.
There was a There was a complication.
I don't really understand what happened.
Oh, sweetheart.
Shh, baby.
I'm sorry.
I'm Shh.
I'm just not as used to death as you are.
I didn't mean that.
I'm sorry.
Yeah, you did.
You're right.
You hang in there for me, yeah? I'll be home soon.
I love you.
I love you, too.
(EXHALES) (SOBBING) She can stay with Jenny and me as long as she needs.
She's my daughter.
Stop putting me in your debt.
(KNOCK ON DOOR) Come in, Danni.
I'm just Sorry to disturb you.
What's on your mind, Layla? I need to know what happened during the Bratton extraction in 2003.
Porter! Where are the other men? Collinson! Where's Mike and Keith? - Fuck! - They're dead! Porter! Porter! Why do you want to know? Because I need to trust the people my life depends on.
There's history between you and Collinson.
And at this point in time, I don't trust either of you.
Tell me, John.

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