Strike Back s02e04 Episode Script

Project Dawn: Episode 4

- Stonebridge? - I'm going in.
Fall Back.
Fall Back.
It's Connolly.
Are you fucking kidding me? It was a bit of fun.
We have the charge set to explode away from your body.
Not that you knew that, which was the fun part.
No calls.
You didn't even go for your phone? You strapped a fucking bomb to my chest.
Who am I going to call? My Mom ask her to defuse the fucking thing? You sick fuck! Scott's alive.
Wait, Scott's alive.
You passed.
And now it's time to claim your prize.
Just the one, mind Show him.
Come on.
Colonel? One day you're gonna be where I am and you're gonna have to make these decisions for yourself.
I knew Connolly would vet Scott, in the most extreme manner.
I told Scott that he was not to flinch in any way.
Not to make a play.
Not to call for help.
Even if he thought, he was going to die.
Did you order him to go in? I gave him an informed choice.
He volunteered.
Knowing exactly how dangerous Daniel Connolly is.
Do you have previous with Connolly? Northern Ireland was my first posting.
I'd been there three days when Connolly broke into the home of a delivery guy.
He delivered groceries to the barracks.
Connolly tied up the man's family in the front room.
And told the guy that if he didn't drive a lorry full of Semtex into the barracks That he would kill his family in front of him.
But, if he did what he was told Connolly promised to spare the lives of his wife and children.
The explosion killed five soldiers, and maimed dozens.
I was the first on the scene.
And the man's family? Daniel Connolly is not a man to keep his promises.
They've moved to the compound.
- Bank job? - You don't need to know.
You need to do your job.
Which would be what, exactly? Override the security.
Do I get to see this place beforehand? Fuck.
- What about here? - Not your concern.
Cracking the access code for here, that is.
You okay with that? Yeah, well As far as the future-proof and impenetrable encryption data storage unit goes.
Looks fine.
I'll need to run some checks at my place.
What's this? Hugo, the guy before you.
The other codes he was working on.
You can take this shiny stuff.
Nothing else.
I want you back at the bar in two.
Do we have a visual on Scott yet? - Affirmative.
- Is he okay? I think He'll come through.
Fuck! I've been looking into ATAT, like you asked.
Read this.
You look like shit.
They fucking blew me up, dickhead.
Sorry, I look fucking bad.
You know, I've met some sick mother fuckers in my time.
Daniel Connolly - I'm fine, by the way, thanks for asking.
- Sorry about that mate.
How you feeling? You all right? Fuck you.
I saw what happened back there.
- You saw that, did you? Did you learn anything? - You're reckless, Scott.
- Excuse me? - She's a fucking terrorist.
No fucking shit.
Don't worry about me.
I'll do my job.
- Really? You gonna put a bullet in her? - If I have to.
She's the bad guy.
You're the one that's banging one of the Home Team.
I told you, Kate and I is none of your fucking business.
It fucking is if it's going to get me killed out there! Sort your shit out.
For your sake.
For Kate's.
Especially for Kerry's.
Your wife? Remember her? - You see Scott do this from memory? - He only had eyes on them for seconds.
Looks like it relates to the same site.
One appears to overlay the other.
If this is an ATAT facility, there'll be anti-ram barriers, acoustic, infrared sensors, ballistic-resistant entry points.
You name it.
Not to mention, more guards than even Connolly could kill.
This looks like some sort of tunnel system, running underneath.
Scott said the maps looked much older.
So, this structure could have been there for years.
Decommissioned, forgotten about Whatever and wherever this is.
Connolly's going in by the back door.
- Try again.
- All right.
Root, at 10, dot Dot, 0, dot, 57 M- K, D- I-R, dot.
That's not right.
Try again.
All right We have documents dating back to 2003.
- Take a look at this.
- Excuse me, sir.
No, not right now.
Pakistani weapons scientist.
We know what length Latif went to capture and interrogate her.
Now, it turns out that up until 2003, she's on ATAT's payroll.
Mahmood and Bratton.
It's in Baghdad in 2003.
Days before Porter got him out of there.
Now, what if, right? Bratton and ATAT intended on planting a chemical weapons stock, in Iraq? Giving the Pentagon hawks what they wanted and making a killing when the war started.
If what you're saying is right, there's been a huge conspiracy, here.
And some very influential people will go a long way to make sure none of this ever comes out.
Where are we? Scott saw the code that Connolly's hacker used.
Do we know what it was? We have the data, and we have the device.
We also need the initialization protocol that they used to hack into ATAT's security system.
Can we use it to hack? Only if we get the exact code.
One wrong character and it's completely useless.
Having a photographic memory and trying to remember all this shit's really fucking hard with you people talking.
Shut the fuck up! The guy before you, he was working on it.
Try this D- I-R Slash, root at 10 Dot, 105 Dot, 0, dot, 57.
- We're in.
- Well done.
Fuck yeah.
Did you see that? We've implanted a worm on this hard drive.
Scott needs to open the system with the drive and the code.
The worm will then allow me to remotely bypass the proprietary firewall - And work on the system from here.
- Right.
Only one problem, dude.
I don't speak "geek.
" You remember the code.
Leave the rest to me.
- But, you will need to buy me some time.
- Yeah, how much? A few seconds.
Shouldn't be a problem for Scott, world-class bull shitter.
So that opens the vault? No, hacking into the system will bypass the base site security.
- And avoid triggering the alarm.
- Right.
All right.
How do we get in the vault? Most likely a biometric key.
Retinal scan, fingerprint match From a high-ranking executive, like Kenneth Bratton.
All right, I'm outta here.
- Hello? - It's Ken Bratton.
I need to see you.
I can't speak over the phone.
We have to meet.
Somewhere safe.
- Looking forward to a that drink together? - What drink? She's here.
Gotta go.
Where's everyone else? Busy.
- Right.
- What are you worried about? I'm on orders to keep you relaxed.
Bratton's scared.
He wants to meet in a public place.
- You think he's telling the truth? - I do.
This is about his children.
Colonel, if we're right, and bring Bratton in This puts an end to Connolly's plan.
You could pull Scott out.
Nothing would give me greater pleasure than chopping himConnolly off at the knees.
But his plan needs to succeed, if he is to lead us to Latif.
Connolly could be coming for Bratton at any time.
I want you to extract him quickly and quietly.
So, we can brief him And put him back to work with Connolly, under our protection.
You're his contact, you're running point.
Copy that.
Let me get in close.
You run point.
- He asked for me.
- No, I know he did, but But, what? Scott told me about Connolly.
If something goes wrong, or it's a trap - I don't need you protecting me.
- You don't need me protecting you.
But, I care about you.
I know.
Lovely family, Ken.
I can't speak over the phone.
We have to meet.
I want to know that my family are going to be safe.
You wanted to see me, Ken? Darrin, there are certain things I need to tell you.
Oh, fuck me! Please.
Please, please, please.
Just stop, stop, stop That was amazing.
You really know what you're doing, huh? I trained for two years.
Pleasure and pain.
That's me.
If you're that good at something Nobody wants to pay for a massage Not since the credit crunch.
So, you just become some terrorist groupie? You don't know Daniel.
You don't see what he stands for, what he believes in Anyway, live fast, die young So, what happens if you don't die? Who would you rather see in the mirror in 20 years time? A happy masseuse with a couple of kids.
Or just some cold-hearted soulless bitch with black holes for eyes? Fuck you.
So, How many people have you killed? Where the fuck are they? - Visual? - Principal.
Visual clear.
Ready to transport.
Copy that.
Initiating contact.
Walk to the end of the street and take a right at the coffee shop.
Wait for me at the windows, outside.
Bratton! - Am I being followed? - What about my family? Relax, We're gonna get you out of here.
- They're fine.
You need to Come with me.
I have to know that they're safe.
They'll be safe.
We're fifty yards from making that happen.
You just need to come with me.
- No! I need to know that they are safe! - I need to get you into the car.
- How the hell did I get into this? - Transport secured? Negative, walking away.
No! You have no idea the pressure we were under.
God knows they needed to find chemical weapons in Iraq.
- It was never supposed to be used.
- Get into the car! - Bring him back! - That's why I hid it.
Principal is not secure.
Repeat, Principal is not secure.
When I found out what this damn thing could do Millions of people with just a few drops Kate? What are you doing? - Talking Sarin? Talking VX? - Yes, but you must understand Then tell me about it What the hell is going on? - Move! - What the hell is going on? Get down! Shit! Leave.
We're moving now.
It's true what they say.
You can take the girl out of Ireland Connolly's is after a chemical weapon for Latif.
Sarin VX.
That's what Kate said.
- We have to get our hands on it first.
- Kate? We do not deflect from this mission.
We still have Scott on the inside.
And no way of knowing where Kate is.
That's not entirely true, Colonel.
Maintaining lock on Scott's phone.
Heading East.
Signal is slow.
Are you fucking serious? Come on.
Very fucking sneaky.
Why'd you change the schedule? Are you getting cold feet? We've lost Scott's phone.
I don't remember giving you an order to put a tracking device.
on Captain Marshall.
Give them the tracking reference.
Then get out in the field and find Kate.
Yes, Ma'am.
So, what is this place? Patience How you holding up? I have a surprise for you.
They've got my family! Now, come on Ken.
Remember Ramadi? Remember the lies I told for you? I put my neck on the block for you.
And just because You've lost your balls.
Doesn't mean you're going to take me down with you.
We've got Marshall's signal.
It's the same location as Scott.
As we discussed Ken's not leaving? Nobody's leaving.
Now, I've got to ask What's a nice girl like you doing working for the Colonial enemy? Spare me the prehistoric shite.
See, I think it's a childhood thing, that you've never Playing soldiers in the back garden with your brother No brothers Always wanting to be one of the lads.
Enough about me.
Did you always want to be a cold-blooded butcher? It wasn't my first calling Don't tell me You want to become a priest.
As a matter of fact I've never told anyone this before I always wanted to be a jockey.
On the level.
When I was 15, I jumped school, and Hopped on a bus to Fermanagh to work at a stable out there.
You know, mucking out, grooming I even got to ride a couple of times.
It was the greatest week of my life.
And then on a Saturday The head lad calls me in and says "We have to let you go.
" Why was that? I frightened the horses.
They're on the move.
Sending you co-ordinates.
So, basically, we're just gambling That Marshall will be with Connolly.
If she's still alive, it's because Connolly has a use for her.
We're getting transmission interference.
Her signal's down.
I'm patching through last coordinates.
Roger that.
On my way.
According to Captain Marshall's last known position I think the tunnel's under this facility.
What is it? It's a factory making fertilizers, agricultural chemicals.
- A shell company for ATAT? - A hiding place.
You're on.
Wanna give me a bit of space? Please.
D-I-R, breaker, at 10, dot 105 Dot, 0, 550 - Scott's online.
- Here we go.
The worm's not loading.
Behind the doors.
- What's the problem, Major? - I don't understand.
It Come on.
It's not loading.
I don't know what's going on.
Activated! Okay, okay.
The worm is uploading.
Come on Come on.
- Denied? - Not denied.
Not recognized.
Come on.
Come on.
Work, damn it work! - Have we a problem? - Come on! The worm! It works! Okay, I-D.
Password, please.
We're in.
I never doubted you.
Watch him.
It's a bit late to find your spine.
This is nice Open it.
Do you have any idea what that is? I haven't got a fucking clue.
Pack it.
What're you gonna do? You're gonna kill me? If that's what he tells me to do.
I'm on his side, remember? He's got no side.
It's him against everyone else! He's killing everyone else.
Think about it.
Come on.
As soon as I'm done here, he's gonna kill me.
Shut up! Shut the fuck up! That's it.
As soon as you're done, he's gonna kill you.
Who are you? Who the fuck are you? - What about my family? - You'll never know.
They detected the worm.
- You OK? - Yeah.
He's down here.
Grenade! Get down! Come on.
Another grenade! Move! Connolly, drop your weapon! Coast clear.
Capture, Michael, do not fucking kill him! He's up, he's up, come on! Connolly, stop, don't move! Put the weapon down, Connolly.
Put it down! Put the fucking weapon down! Gently.
- Now, get on the ground.
- On the ground.
- Come on, get on your fucking knees! - Get the fuck on the ground! Typical fucking British.
Always giving orders.
On the ground.
You should look in the van, lads.
Can't have too much insurance, you know what I mean? Keep watching him.
It's all right.
- You like that? - You fucking piece of shit! It's your shot to add the fucking point.
Some of my best work.
Shut the fuck up! Shut up! We have an anti-handling device.
- There's a tilt switch, yeah? - Yeah, that's right.
That mercury moves, it'll detonate.
You have to stay still.
These charges are shaped to blow right towards you.
- Can you feel anything else? - Yeah, there's something.
It's metal, digging into my stomach.
- I can cut through this cable, here.
- No, it's wired to the bomb.
I can get this off of you.
I just have to see Besides, we both know there isn't any time! Switch it off.
Switch it off! Yeah, I can switch it off.
But you'll have to let me go.
No fucking way! You've won.
You got your fucking apocalypse back.
Now, all I'm saying is, I can disable that timer remotely.
- That is bullshit! - But, I'll need 100 yards start.
No, Michael! You think I haven't done this sort of thing before? Yeah, go ahead! Shoot me! Go on! - He will not do it! - We have to give her a chance.
There is no fucking chance! He's playing you! Come on soldier.
What other choice do you have? Or maybe she's not worth it.
Michael, he's a fucking liar.
Tick, tock, lads.
- I can't let her die.
- He's not gonna do it.
That's all I need.
- He won't fucking do it.
- Shut up, Scott.
He's fucking with you - You will not get that bomb off her! - Shut up.
- We've got the weapon.
It's fine.
- What have you done? He promised! He promised.
- What have you done? - He promised.
Time to go.
Look at me.
Do you love me? Sergeant, you will obey this order! - I'm sorry, Kate.
- Michael, get the fuck out.
You always had my back.
Come on! Move! - I'm sorry, Kate! - Move! Come on! pos(192,280) My friend, a thousand apologies.
The reputation of a man like Connolly, relies on results.
Let him know I'm extremely disappointed.
Of course.
But, I assure you this is only a temporary setback.
Kwarfet's contact is still in place.
And I know where the remaining stock can be found.
Fellows What took you so long? Didn't seem like you were going anywhere.
You're right.
I figured between you and Latif Got tired of running.
Sorry about your friend But you know how it is.
I had a dream about you, Eleanor.
So I was dead I'd like it to be you.
Soldier to Soldier.
You were never a soldier.