Strike Back s02e05 Episode Script

Project Dawn: Episode 5

I know, I'm coming.
If you want me to drag you out over my shoulder, just say so.
You can't treat me like that until we're married.
- Five minutes, I promise.
- No, now.
You know it's not safe to stay.
The convoy is leaving.
I'm coming.
- What's wrong? - His mother.
They were collecting firewood.
The Janjaweed came.
Where? Subin, can you take him? Easy.
Just gently.
Can you hear me? She's been stabbed.
And raped too, by the looks of it.
She's haemorrhaging completely.
We'll need to operate.
But Clare, we have no time.
We have to get back to the security compound before dark.
If we leave now, she'll die.
We have had this discussion.
We cannot save everyone.
Well, you tell him.
Go on, tell him, because I can't.
Tell him that we're gonna let his mother die because our ride home is waiting.
Then drag me out of herelike you promised, because that is the only way that I'm leaving her now.
Can you hear me? I'm Doctor Clare Somersby, I'm here to help you.
So, how is she doing? Good.
She's stable.
Thank you for staying.
He says you saved his mother's life, and with these, he will save yours.
- They're gris-gris.
- I couldn't.
You're going to have to take them.
They are talismans.
Very powerful.
He says his mother gave them to him for his protection and now he gives them to you.
They are coming.
Get up.
Go! Get up, get up! Najim, sweetheart, she's still sedated, she can't be moved.
Come on, we have to go.
We can't just leave him! Enough talk of martyrdom.
We have to survive, or else our purpose will become meaningless.
Back, back.
I think we should split up.
Maybe there's a way I can draw them, create a diversion.
We stick together.
- Run.
- Are you okay? Just go! Run! Run! A Cup Of Team That blonde hottie on the plane? - Got her number.
- Yeah? New target.
Ex-Royal Marine, turned global arms dealer.
Gerald Crawford.
We have growing evidencethat Crawford supplied the weapons used at the hotel siege in New Delhi, as well as and those used by Connolly in the Cape Town heist.
So the explosives that killed Kate, they're from him.
He's Latif's chief armory.
And normally ultra security-conscious, never directly connected to the weapons he supplies, until now.
Two days ago Mombasa police broke a shipyard smuggling ring led by this man, Central Yard controller Ken Masoto.
Masoto confessed that Crawford bribed him to let through an illegal arms shipment destined for Sudan.
What's More, Crawford will personally supervise the transfer onto trucks for overland transportation to Darfur.
He'll be traveling with his head of security, Dieter Hendricks, former South African Special Forces.
They're meeting at the docks tonight.
This is our chance to get to Latif.
I want Crawford alive.
All right.
Fox is in the coop.
You can shoot his bodyguard if that's any consolation.
The customs papers have been processed as promised.
It is all in order.
As soon as he confirms the shipment and signs the ledger, move in.
Number TN-3 form, to authorize transport of chemical fertilizer.
I have to sign for it, right? Don't worry, I've got a spare one in the car.
What's a TN-3 form? There isn't one.
They made us, Scott! Track the feed.
I want eyes on, now.
- Give me a bead.
Tell me where he's at.
- Looking.
Look for Hendricks, too.
Copy that.
Where is he? Sector 2, primary target heading towards the storage facilities.
Sector 2? I'm in Sector 2.
- Who are you? - British Military Intelligence.
It's over, Crawford.
Be smart.
You've lost the shipment, but we can still cut a deal.
Don't tell me what I've lost.
Heading to Sector 2.
You all right? See what happens when you go off without me? Then fucking keep up.
Still no visual.
- Scott, what's your position? - Sounds like Hendricks found him first.
Find me Crawford.
The car's on the move.
Come on.
Go! You know what to do! I believe you have a deal you want to offer me.
You sick fuck.
Easy, tiger! Grant said alive.
Come here.
Hands on your head.
Keep 'em there.
And my reward for this betrayal? If the information you provide leads to Latif's arrest, you get a reduced sentence in a British jail.
Or you can rot in some African hell hole for the rest of your life.
Information such as his point man in Europe? I've heard your terms, now you listen to mine.
That arms deal was a humanitarian ransom payment, being made in exchange for a British aid worker, a doctor, held hostage in Darfur.
Of course it was.
Once the weapons arrived in Khartoum, she was to be released.
When did you get into the humanitarian ransom business? She's my daughter.
Get me my daughter back, and I'll give you Latif.
My name is Clare Somersby, and I am an aid worker.
And I am here to heal people How the fuck did we miss this? The Embassy in Khartoum is aware of Clare's abduction, but no link was flagged to Crawford.
She uses her mother's maiden name, Her parents separated when she was 12, and she's had no contact with him since.
Someone knew.
The tape was sent to him direct.
She was deliberately targeted to ensure he got the weapons.
Fucked him and ourselves then, haven't we? I say we get Guantanamo on his ass.
Give us 10 minwith him, he'll spill his guts on Latif no problem.
And s She becomes what? Just another dead woman we've sacrificed for the cause? Would he talk? Or would he just sit there thinking about how his daughter was suffering and beg you to hit him even harder? Well, f Fuck it.
Find out where she is, we'll go and do a snatch-and-grab.
The Janjaweed are nomadic.
They could be holding Clare anywhere.
We need Crawford to offer them cash instead of arms.
I want them to bring her to us.
Where? Darfur.
Clare, Just leave it.
He will be one of them soon.
Like all of the children they take from us.
Najim, no, stop it! Don't! You don't have to do this, none of you have to do this! Get off me! My name is Tahir.
And if you insist on provoking my men like this, they will behave like men.
This is gris-gris.
He gave them to me.
I will take them.
I will give them to you.
As a gift.
To keep you safe.
I have enough protection, not least in the shipment of arms your father is sending me to ensure you return unharmed.
When the guns arrive, you will be released.
But until then, you will earn your food and water by treating my men.
We will.
Thank you.
I need only one doctor.
No! No, Bakri! Bakri! No, sweetheart! Subin! And sadly, his father is worthless.
You bastard! Bakri! Get off me! I can't believe we're doing this shit.
We won't let him supply weapons, but he can give them this cash to buy those same weapons someplace else? As long as it gets us intel on Latif, what do you care? Matak's already here.
He's waiting for us in the restaurant.
The Janjaweed eat in hotels? Matak is the government minister conducting negotiations on my behalf.
As far as he's concerned, you're my employees, so act accordingly.
If he even guesses at the truth, it's over.
Well, dip me in shit and call me Colonel.
Now I know I've got a story.
Damien? - Who is that? - A journo.
War zone junkie.
We fucked a couple of times.
Get rid of her.
- Maggie.
- What are you doing here? Just give me the headlines.
Is it juicy? Should I grab the table next to you and make notes? Why don't we make this a liquid lunch, for old times' sake? What about your friend? Is he coming too? He looks kinda fun.
Well, he's English.
So, no, on both counts.
Now, I seem to remember Captain Crawford, my friend.
As-salaam alaikum.
Alaikum salaam.
Sinclair, Mr.
Stonebridge, Matak Achmed.
We have to be conscious of security in these troubled times.
I'm afraid I have some bad news.
They have killed one of the hostages.
Not your daughter, subhanallah, but another doctor.
I have warned you we are dealing with a very volatile man.
This will not be an easy matter to resolve.
I think we're going to need a bigger case.
Is it Special Ops? You going to render Bashir? Make him stand trial for war crimes? Snatch the President of Sudan? Well, w hy not? He's already been indicted by the courts.
Everyone knows the Janjaweed operates on his say-so.
Something's going down.
I've been seeing you guys all over lately.
- What guys? - Mercs.
PMC assholes.
He look like a tourist to you? I swear I've seen him in fatigues somewhere.
Do you recognize him? Wasn't Iraq, was it? Kosovo? The snake guy's a Russian called Grigor.
Where'd you take these? Some shebeen, not far from here.
You want to tell me where it is? Quid pro quo.
Who are those guys you were with? What was in those cases? What did you just do? Well, I'm going to find out who that guy is, then I'm going to the place where you took those photos.
Catch you later.
That was not the deal and you know it.
I got a driver.
- Awesome.
- Jacoub! Hey hottie, it's me.
We good to talk dirty again? Yes, the line is secure.
They're chewing over the bribe now.
I got a photo to send you.
Love ya.
Get me an ID.
They don't mind if you don't.
My name is Jacoub.
You are American also, yes? I have made arrangements for the exchange.
We are meeting them at noon tomorrow.
You have the weapons ready to deliver? But I have this as collateral.
And a sign of my good faith in concluding the deal.
But Tahir will want weapons.
And he'll get them, I promise.
When I have my daughter back safe and unharmed, I will release the weapons immediately.
They'll be nearby.
Now, there is one suitcase for Tahir, and this one will be for you alone, for all your endeavors in ensuring that our two parties meet as arranged.
My deepest gratitude, as always, to a true friend.
What the hell was that? You're offering them weapons now? You've seen what we're dealing with.
If I'd said w We had no arms, what do you think they'd do to Clare? This way, at least I've made sure they'll bring her.
Crawford, you tell me what happens when they find out the truth.
This was your fucking plan.
If she dies, if you've killed her by stopping that shipment I lost her once.
Fifteen years ago, when her mother took her.
I'm not gonna lose her again.
All right.
We'll get her back.
No matter what it takes.
So that's it over there.
You want Jacoub to wait? Shit, that's him! I have an ID on that photo.
The man's name is Andre Botha.
He's a South African mercenary frequently hired by Crawford's private security firm.
He's been playing us all along.
No shit.
We gotta follow him.
Let's go.
Not yet.
Jacoub, get out.
I'm driving.
Not until you tell me what this is all about.
Maggie, not now.
I'll tell you while I'm driving.
- Jacoub, get out of the car.
- No! What's in it for me? - You better talk fast.
- Get out of the fucking car.
- You've got to be kidding me.
- This is my car! So get in.
You are such a piece of work, you know that? Maggie, not now.
Yeah, we've been compromised.
We need to extract the principal.
No, we can't risk them aborting the exchange.
I've got a tail to shake, I'll see you later.
He's made us.
You couldn't just do what I say, could you? Always gotta put the squeeze on, and try and get something for yourself.
Sound familiar? If we lose him, I'm never gonna sleep with you again.
Ever! Like I'd miss those three seconds.
- What is happening? - Plan B.
Buckle up.
He was there.
I'm telling you.
That fucking man from the shipyard is tailing us.
- I see them! I see! - Yeah, I got 'em.
- Where the fuck's he gone? Do you see him? - Negative.
You wanna hold on? That hurt? What do you got here? Fuck me.
You guys are tooled up for a war! All right.
Thank you very much.
- You all right? - You fucking son of a bitch! Yeah, you sound fine.
You? - My car! - I'll buy you a new one.
- My car! - You! Get out of the car.
Get out of the fucking car right now! Leave it.
- Get in the car.
- Jacoub, get in! I've taken two of 'em outI got their weapons, but I'm thinking there's more.
That guy in the photo with the snake tattoo is a Russian called Grigor? He's a Chechen.
Grigor Tchevsky.
We're cross-referencing border controls.
Andre Botha, Grigor Tchevsky, and a third mercenary, Casper Bryce.
They all flew into Khartoum on the same flight two days ago.
We're sending the information to Stonebridge now.
Room service.
We haven't ordered anything.
It's for Mr.
Compliments of the hotel.
Why don't you leave it outside, we'll collect it later.
He needs to sign for it.
Just a moment.
Shut the door for him.
There's one other man, just off to the side.
Get ready.
- What are you going to use? - They brought it with them.
Hi, come in.
Come on in.
Nice work.
You really should pay your driver more.
This place is a hovel.
I have to deliver these.
Sorry, buddy.
- I know it's your home.
- This is just a room.
They were my home.
He had a farm, once.
They destroyed that, too.
Quite a gash you got on your head.
Let me have a look at that.
When I found out Clare was working in Sudan I approached Matak, and bribed him to have her visa revoked.
Instead he had her abducted.
He played distraught, of course.
Promised to personally liaise with themJanjaweed to broker the deal to get her back.
For a fee.
So, you see, if I hadn't made him aware of her value, I couldn't trust themthat they'd deliver her to me even once they had the weapons, so I had Dieter prepare a covert team to plan to be at the exchange.
just in case.
They were in place before my arrest.
What they've done since is without my knowledge or guidance.
How many others are on the team? Two more.
Dieter and Andre.
They've both been taken out.
Then Clare's in your hands now.
My whole life, everything I have done has been a "fuck you" to his wars, and the blood money he's made from fueling them.
And now he's using it all to save me.
Well that is not saving me.
Not like that.
Please, not like that.
That man that you murdered, where are they taking him? To a wadi near here.
It is almost full.
But there is still room for a few more bodies.
He's my fiance.
I want to give him a proper burial.
And what will you give me in return? Nothing you can't take.
Colonel, it's Sinclair.
I think we should abort.
We're too exposed.
What about Stonebridge? He wants to continue.
But I'm convinced Crawford's double-crossing us.
We have no idea how many more of these guys are out there.
Stonebridge knows what he's doing.
And we need that intel on Latif.
Where's Scott? Gathering intelligence, apparently.
He said he'll meet us at the exchange.
Make sure he gets there.
It's Scott's job to watch your back.
Lucky me.
Maggie, I said no.
It's too dangerous.
Bullshit! The arms dealer's daughter? That's like my Pulitzer Prize right there! - I said no! - And I still think There's more you're not telling me! Where's the car? Which car? The fuckin' car we stole.
Where is it? - I took it back.
- You fucking kidding me? His driving license was inside.
With his address.
- I didn't know you still wanted it.
- Of course I still want it! If I don't get to that exchange point, people are gonna die.
- You understand that? - Okay, so we'll steal another one.
Where from? The only transport around here is a fuckin' goat! My neighbor has a car.
He will lend it to you, I promise.
Come with me, and show me, right now.
You call this piece of shit a car? Fuck.
How long till we get there? Soon.
Everything is prepared, is it not? Everything's prepared.
Stonebridge? We have new intelligence.
We're cross-referencing border controls.
Another three of Crawford's men arrived in Sudan yesterday.
Looks like you're gonna have company.
All right.
Problem? I have a visual on the boss.
As soon as he has his daughter, we take care out the special forces.
Roger that.
We spotted anyone? That abandoned bus.
The barn.
Maybe the walkway.
I don't see anyone.
Neither can I, but that's where I'd put men.
So what's my role? Apart from sitting duck? You grab the girl.
She'll make a perfect shield.
No one's going to shoot you with her in the way.
Doesn't sound very chivalrous.
But I like it.
Yeah, good plan.
Where the fuck are you, Scott? If you don't hurry up, you're gonna miss the party.
Crawford Clare.
It's okay.
You're gonna be fine.
I'm gonna bring you home with me.
And the trucks? The shipment of arms that you promised? - Where are they? - They're coming.
When I have my daughter.
Show me them.
He will bring them soon! And offers this as collateral! Jacoub, you got this? - Hold this.
- Sure.
that the UN denies us.
You'll get them shortly.
Give me my daughter, take the money! I'll release them! This is what your money has bought.
A useful aid, for a father who will not hear and does not listen.
Kill him! Fucking kill them! All of them! Duck! Get down! Come on! - Anyone hit? - No.
- Keep him alive! - I'll do my best.
Clare, to me! Get down to the ground! Fuck! Just go back inside.
Go back, it's all right.
Stay inside.
- What're you doin', cocksucker? - Where the fuck have you been? Saving your life! Clare! Stay down! Come on, Jacoub.
Come on, buddy.
- Talk to me! - You going for the girl? - That's what we came for, isn't it? - Let's move! Comin' to ya! Cover me.
I'm going to go in for the principal.
Clare, come here! Move! Michael, the girl! Hang in there.
Come on! Fuck.
You get him? Where is that? Oh, fuck! Did he get you? Is he okay? Scott look here, look here, look here! - It's gonna be okay.
- Stay with me.
Stay with me, Scott! What's that? It's morphine.
I love that shit.
- Did we get the girl? - No, not yet.
He's bleeding out.
You gotta get him to a hospital, fast.
- Come on, Let's go! - We're gonna patch you up.
The fuck are you doing? I'm getting my daughter back, and I'm taking that car.
You need a car, and a better car than this piece of shit if you have any hope of getting across that desert.
Now, My friends are taking this, and you and I are taking one of those Janjaweed technicals.
Sinclair, Take this gun in case there's trouble along the way.
- You tell Grant what happened.
- Are you seriously going on? - I have to find that intel on Latif.
- Like that's the reason you're going.
Come on.
You're outgunned, you got no backup? How're you gonna even find her? You don't know where the fuck to look.
- I do.
- What the fuck is he saying? My village was near here.
- I can help you.
- All right.
Let's all go.
The morphine's kicking in.
I'm up for a road trip.
No, you're going to a hospital before you bleed to death.
He's gonna die before me.
Stupid fucking Brit.
There's tools in the back.
You go kick some ass.
Let's do this.