Strike Back s02e06 Episode Script

Project Dawn: Episode 6

Get out! Why? Unlike your father, I am a man who keeps his word.
You wish to bury your fiance.
Go there and find him.
I will wait, while you dig.
This is the journey your father has sent you on.
This is where it ends.
Your old life is over now.
You have only a new one with me.
Do you desire it? If not, I will leave you here to lie with him.
Make your choice.
Tahir No.
Please just, just wait, don't please.
A Cup Of Team Here.
Pull back here, aim, pull the trigger.
Yeah? You're not afraid I might use this on you? If you can find your daughter without me, go ahead.
He's doing what? Get me satellite surveillance on a 50-mile grid around the exchange point.
Where's Scott? I had to bring him back Khartoum along with that bloody journalist woman.
He took a bullet to the spleen.
He's lost a lot of blood.
They're prepping him for surgery, now.
You've let Stonebridge go off on some suicide rescue mission, with the only lead to Latif.
Please tell me Crawford gave you the intel beforehand.
- Negative.
- Sinclair.
I think I'm about to get arrested.
Walk away now, you don't know me, go.
Wait, wait, wait There are two wells near here.
The Janjaweed will be close to one.
The nearest is Bir an Natrun.
That way.
And we're trusting him as our guide, why exactly? It was Tahir's men who destroyed my village.
And my family.
And, your friend, Scott, he promised me much money.
And a new car if I help you, yes? You gotta love that mercenary spirit.
So, what's your reason? This isn't only about Latif, is it? Not for you.
If we don't get a signal soon, get some back-up.
We're driving towards Clare in a hearse.
I'm not going to hurt you, I need some drugs.
Adrenaline Something to keep me going.
If you come with me, I can get you your drugs, and examine your wound also.
There are soldiers here, they're looking for me.
Why? I was trying to rescue a woman.
She's a doctor.
She got kidnapped by the Janjaweed.
Her name's Clare Somersby.
The aid worker? She's going to die Along with a lot of other people, if you don't help me.
So, please? There's no sign yet of Stonebridge on any of the satellite feeds.
Widen your grid reference.
What about Matak? According to his office, - He's away on an official engagement.
- No, He's stalling.
He's hoping nothing will stick to him.
See if she was arrested, as well, and get me on a flight to Khartoum.
I'm gonna have to deal with this personally.
Thank you.
I need a phone.
I have done all that I can.
For you and the other one.
I'm sorry.
- What do you mean? the other one? - Hendricks.
He came in last night.
He'd been in a car accident.
I have to go.
It's when I'm nervous.
I used to sing that song to my children.
When they are scared.
To help them sleep.
And now, whenever I am frightened Beautiful story Now shut the fuck up.
They are Masalit.
Why are they running? That's why.
What do we do? Depends how many there are.
Let's take one alive and find out.
- Take the wheel.
- What? Drive right up beside him! Son of a bitch.
Jacoub! Get out there and translate for me.
He's going to tell us where the camp is.
If you become Tahir's woman, it will make you safe.
And you also, I promise.
You cannot save everyone.
That's what Bakri said.
But saving even one person, surely, would be something.
If we'd used sniper rifles, instead of driving straight at them, we could've picked them off easy.
- We're good, if we stay in this direction? - Yes, that way.
No point in rescuing Clare if we can't all get out again.
You do want to get home, don't you? See your wife? That's a wedding ring, right? What about kids? Got any of them? No kids.
Your marriage is shit.
- That's starting to make more sense.
- Don't shrink me! You have no idea what the fuck you're talking about.
I know self-loathing when I see it.
How reckless that can make a man.
That's why I'm here.
Only I want to rescue Clare, not die trying.
We're professional fucking soldiers.
We got a job to do.
You're not a fucking soldier.
You're a scumbag arms dealer, selling mass murder.
You should hate yourself.
That's why Clare hates you too, right? But that's your shit to work out, not mine.
I don't give a fuck if she forgives you or not.
I'm here for one reason and one reason only.
And that's to get that information on Latif.
Which I'm starting to think is some bullshit story you're selling.
I'll keep my part of the deal.
Really, Crawford? Redemption costs.
And on my watch, you fucking pay up front.
Everything you know about Latif.
Or I put a fucking bullet in your head right now.
Latif has a spy at the top of British intelligence.
Neutralize him, and you'll stop the atrocity Latif has planned.
- He can't finalize the arrangements without him.
- Who is he? I need a name.
- When my daughter is safe.
- Last chance.
You need Clare safe, as much as I do.
You wouldn't be here otherwise.
People die.
I'm fine with that.
You fucking prick.
Shoot, then.
Hello, Maggie.
I'm Eleanor Grant.
Can I get you a drink? No, but can you can turn off the recording device in your pocket.
This conversation is off the record.
We never met.
Do you understand? Damien said you were a ball breaker.
Well, Damien Scott talks too much and to people he shouldn't.
He knows he can trust me.
I protect my sources.
That's why I'm here talking to you.
- I want to protect him.
- Why were you not arrested also? Nobody knew I was there, just taking photos.
Damien looks after me too.
Right, I'm gonna need copies of all the photos.
No way.
But I will promise not to use any that compromise your team.
I think you misunderstood me.
All photos, now.
You do not publish until this is over.
You make no mention of my unit or personnel.
Or what? You gonna kill me? I can't see her.
Christ, There's a lot of them.
We're heading out soon.
Once they've juiced themselves up for the night.
That's him.
That's the one we kill, no matter what.
Why isn't he leaving with them? She's in that hut.
She's in that hut with him.
I trust you have been treated appropriately, Major Sinclair.
Yes, thank you.
Sit, please.
It is a tragedy how things have turned out.
Then let us work to resolve it.
Indeed, yes.
All along, I have tried merely to facilitate this poor girl's return.
As your Major Sinclair can confirm.
Well, I'm glad you now accept my men were not responsible - for the shoot-out.
- The shoot-out.
Although, there is still a fatal traffic incident about which we must question Mr.
If he can recover from his wounds, of course.
I understood he survived the surgery.
So far, yes, but complications do occur.
- May I visit him? - Alas, no.
He is still under arrest.
As for Mr.
Stonebridge and Mr.
Tomorrow, we will send troops into the desert.
I only pray we find them before the bandits who have his daughter.
It would be deeply regrettable If all my men brought back were their two corpses.
Rest assured, Minister.
That if none of them make it back, then the photographs they took at the exchange tell a story I think most of us would rather keep private.
Thank you, Minister.
I've got your back.
What is it? Arak.
Then we shall eat.
Come on, get it together.
Do you wish to know how much your father thinks you are worth? I have no father.
You are all of his world.
He destroys worlds.
Like all men of violence.
Let's get this over with, shall we? Help me! Help me! Stop, help me! - Subin! - She is not your concern.
She is an abid, a slave No, she is a nurse, and my friend.
And you wish to save her? I wish you to.
I desire it.
You cannot save someone in this place.
You can only replace them.
Do you desire this also? - Yes.
If that's what it takes.
- No.
You are not for them.
You are mine.
Get off me! You want me willingly? Then protect her.
You will be willing, in time.
When you have lost your taste for ultimatums.
Help me.
Do it.
Make your father proud.
I knew it, I fucking knew it.
Where the fuck do you think you're going? To the camp.
He needs help.
Get in.
Fuck! Where are my weapons? Is this all you have brought me? - One soldier? - Let her go.
But she wishes to remain.
She has chosen to stay here.
Is that not so? Please.
Don't hurt her.
You must go, now.
My men will soon return.
And they are many.
I told you.
I can get you those weapons.
Anything you need And still, you do not hear.
Say goodbye to your daughter.
Clare, you're safe.
Najim! It's okay.
- Clare, we have to go.
- Come here to me! If he don't esn't want to come with us, that's his problem.
- I'm not leaving him.
- Janjaweed.
They are coming.
Move, now.
Crawford! Get in! Crawford, drive.
Kill the lights! - They are coming! - Quick, it's okay! He saved my life.
I can't leave him.
No, wait.
He's coming.
Stop the car.
Come on, Son.
Come on.
Good boy.
It's not my usual fantasy.
Usually, you're wearing latex and a strap-on.
I see the bullet hasn't improved your sense of humor, then.
And Stonebridge? - You found his corpse yet or you're still looking? - We don't know that he's dead yet.
He's been looking for that bullet ever since Kate died.
You knew that.
You fucking used it.
You knew he'd go the whole nine yards to rescue some damsel in distress.
Too bad your perfect plan fucked up? I liked him too.
But, unfortunately, I can only rescue you at the moment.
Lucky me Bitch.
I think we're good.
They're just chasing blind.
For now.
But we're still gonna have to keep moving.
- You can still have that morphine shot if you want it.
- That's all right.
It's okay, I won't think you're any less macho.
Someone else might need it more later.
That's reassuring.
I hope what he's paying you feels worth it.
I don't work for him.
I work for the British government.
He's my prisoner.
I've been arrested for trafficking arms Weapons I was sending to save you.
So, I struck a new deal.
We help get you out and he gives us valuable information about a terrorist.
Which he knows about how? And you expect me to be grateful? At least you got your money back.
That's something? We're picking up smoke trails at the water hole at Bir an Natrun.
The heat map indicates some sort of explosion.
If Stonebridge has managed to engage the Janjaweed, then this would fit that scenario.
Send through the image.
Julia thinks that lunatic might still be alive.
Really? Probably nothing, it's an oil burn or a blip.
Let me see.
That's not nothing.
Send a chopper, take a closer look.
Unfortunately, I don't have the resources.
What? This operation was not officially sanctioned.
Excuse me? London vetoed the mission.
They still think Crawford is in custody in Kenya.
Which is where he would be, if everything had gone to plan.
I took a calculated risk.
- Fuck that.
- We need the information on Latif.
Fuck you.
In Latex, I know.
Should we save the recriminations till later? Let's get you to safety.
In Dieter's file, it said that he was a chopper pilot.
It's a long shot, but they might have had a bird out here to extract Clare and Crawford after the exchange.
How unfortunate that you killed him, then.
Is it worth a hand job, if I didn't? Hello, Dieter.
I'm Colonel Grant, British Military Intelligence.
Don't move, please, don't move.
If I push this, a air bubble will go into your heart and kill you, It's a very nasty way to go.
It's Insurance.
You weren't going to kill my men after all.
We weren't, we Now I can choose not to kill you.
So, shall we discuss where your transport is? How many people have you killed, rescuing me? I don't know.
Less than I'll save, if I get that information.
That doesn't make it right.
- It's still playing God.
- It's a doctor's prerogative, is it? Don't preach to me.
I'm not.
I'm sorry.
I've spent my whole life trying to prove I was different from him.
Only to realize that I'm just the same.
I've killed people.
I killed my own fiance.
That wasn't your fault.
It was my fault.
It was my fault that we were abducted.
He hated the camps.
He hated the danger, and I made him stay.
Because I wanted to save that boy's mother.
But, I didn't save her.
She died anyway.
So, they'd blame you too, would they? They're dead now, and you'll never forgive you rself because neither would they? They deserved to live.
Clare, have you ever saved anyone that didn't? Fuck.
Somebody get this fuck off me! Where's Hendricks? Hendricks is in a hospital, Andre and the others are dead.
So let's not fuck up anymore! - And who are you? - I'm Mr.
Crawford's CEO.
Codeword for this, is Scylla and Charybdis.
Now, move it soldier, we've got a package to collect.
Crawford, wake up.
Government troops.
Army checkpoint.
Well, t That's good, isn't it? I'll name drop Matak, we'll get an escort back to Khartoum.
- What? - I don't know.
- What are they doing out here? - Well, p Patrolling? Who cares? Maybe Matak has them looking for us.
Christ knows I've paid him enough.
Matak set you up before, remember.
And y Your men tried to kill him at the exchange.
Maybe he just wants to return the favor? I say we find a different route, just to be safe.
What's he saying? - Janjaweed.
Two jeeps.
Coming fast.
- If we press on, we hit that checkpoint.
If the soldiers are friendly we'll have more fire power against the Janjaweed.
Crawford, y You drive, take it slow, but get ready to gun it on command.
What's going on? What are you doing? It's a checkpoint, g Get your head down, we might need to blast through.
- No more guns.
- Clare, just keep low.
Latif's spy.
What's his name? Clare's safe now, is she? - What - Jacoub.
Stay down.
Jacoub, put your weapon down.
Put your weapon down.
For Christ's sake No that's good, it'll frighten the life out of them if they hear us all singing.
Everyone, sing.
Nice and loud.
Come on! Good, Go.
Go, go! They wanted us dead.
They weren't fucking government forces! I told you, Matak had us marked.
Najim, outstanding, back of the net with that one.
We're celebrating killing people, are we? Is everyone all right? Dad? Najim? - You all right? - He's good.
We're all fine.
Except me I've been shot.
Dad - He's been hit.
- No his back, his back.
- Get him higher.
Get him higher.
- Jacoub get the fuck out of here.
All right, Dad? It's all right, Dad.
Just, just relax for me Dad, okay? I'm here.
It feels wet.
Wet, like I'm drowning I know, just relax.
I can's feel an exit wound.
Crawford, I need you to give me the name of Latif's spy.
You saved your daughter's life.
You have her, n Now tell me his name.
Are You interrogating him? Yes, I am! Don't you dare! He's dying! He's got blood in his lungs, and they're filling up.
And t There's fuck all in here that I can use to stop it! I can still hear all this.
Okay, Dad, just relax.
Just keep calm.
Fine, Clare! What do you need? Okay I need something sharp T to stab into his chest, to release the pressure.
That's right.
I have a knife.
That's no good.
A valve I need a valve.
- Got a pen.
- In my back pocket.
Yes, a pen! A pen will work! Yes, p Perfect.
Take that part out of it, and then slice off the end.
All right, Dad, just keep breathing for me.
That's right.
I've got you.
I've got you.
Are you good? All right.
All right.
- Keep breathing for me, all right? - They're gaining! Najim, here, here! Same as last time! Here.
Stick it in here, between the first and second rib.
You do it.
You're the surgeon.
Fuck, I can't! He's my Dad.
Please? Okay, here? First and second rib, here? - Fuck.
- That's it.
- That's the air coming out, right? - Come on, Dad Jacoub? Why are we slowing down? - I don't know.
The gas.
- Pull over.
- It must've been hit at the checkpoint.
- Pull over by that tree.
Pull up to that side and pull over.
That's good.
Just keep looking into my eyes, dad.
- It's OK.
No! - Clare? - Come on, Jacoub! - Don't close your eyes! - I need you to stay here and cover me.
- Okay! I'm gonna draw the fire.
What the fuck? Why aren't you dead? Go, go! Dad, it's working, dad.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Clare? Dad? It's no good.
He needs a name.
Just don't die on me now.
I'm sorry.
Dad? Dad? No ammo! I'm out of ammo! The car! More in the car, Jacoub! I'll cover you! Stay down behind the front of the car! Where the fuck is he? Hey Allah! I will never die! You can't kill me.
I'm sorry too.
Come on.
Clare! Clare, come with me! Keep your head down! Get in.
Tell me you've got it.
He gave her the name of the spy, before he died.
Be right back.
So, you got your car then.
And your money.
Thank you.
And you are sure no one will come and look for it? You've earned it.
It's yours.
We are business partners, now.
"Jacoub and Sons.
" I will beat you for your rudeness.
- As-Salamu.
- As-Salamu.
- As-Salamu.
- Now, go.
Wanna put away the Pulitzer for a minute? Come back here.
Doctor's orders, Sweetie.
Can't get you too excited.
Promise I'll make it worth your while.
What's the matter, Sweetie?