Strike Back s02e07 Episode Script

Project Dawn: Episode 7

Hello? What? No, it's a bloody awful line.
Listen I made it perfectly clear, I'm not passing a report like that to the sub-committee.
And what the hell happened to the car at the airport? No! They've put me on a bloody bus with Never mind.
Make sure I have one on standby at the hotel.
No, thanks.
This your first time in Kosovo? Fucking awful dump.
After 50 years of Serbian communism and a bloody civil war, Mr.
Bailey, what would you expect? A holiday camp? Still, no doubt they'll appreciate your invaluable advice on Infrastructure privatization.
And then they'll be able to turn the whole country into a shopping complex.
Well, send her some flowers.
Could you turn the air con up? Hello? Hello? Did I hear you say you were Are you an economic advisor? Yes.
From Erasmus University of Rotterdam.
So have you any nice investment tips for me? My advice would be to spend all your money.
as soon as you get it.
- Why's that? - Tomorrow you might be dead.
You should make that the title of your report.
Yes, it's catchy.
What're you laughing at? - Husband? - Boyfriend.
What do they want? Tell them we're part of the EU Mission.
They don't need to see our passports.
A Cup Of Team Tr: addic7ed Your turn.
Yes, ma'am.
You fucking kidding me.
All right.
Shit timing, pal.
Where're you going? Work.
Am I gonna see you again? Truthfully, probably not.
That orgasm I had Yeah.
You're gonna tell me you faked it? Actually - Morning.
- Target's in town.
Yeah, right.
You look like shit.
- No sleep.
- Yeah? Pretty, was she? She's hot.
Do everything you wanted? - Good girl.
- She's really talented.
That's brilliant.
Did you remember to deflate her when you were done? What's up? Boys.
- We good to go? - Change of mission.
About 8:00 last night, five EU officials were kidnapped leaving Pristina Airport in Kosovo.
They were kidnapped by this man, Fatmir Hasani, one-time member of the Kosovan Liberation Army.
Also the biggest heroin trafficker in the Balkans.
He runs what amounts to his own state within a state and he's got an army.
to go with it.
In return for the hostages, Hasani's demanding the release of Agim Rama, Rama's Hasani's cousin and the terrorist responsible for the attack on the US Marine base in the Philippines and linked to the bombings in London in July, 2005.
We arrested him a month ago in a joint op - with the Austrians.
- Where is he now? Here.
In a maximum security prison just outside Vienna.
Your mission is to take Rama back to Kosovo and secure the release of the hostages.
Use civilian cover for the prison.
So this guy killed American soldiers? Langley's going to love us, letting him go.
If we don't produce Rama, he has threatened to kill the hostages.
in six hours.
I thought We don't negotiate with terrorists.
One of the hostages, posing as a trade delegate Is in fact John Allen, Ml6's expert on White Muslim Terror.
According to Gerald Crawford, the British intelligence officer working is for Latif.
Now, this chap was coming to Vienna.
That's why we're here.
He was.
Probably to interrogate Rama.
But there's been a change of plan.
We don't happen to know why.
Somebody probably mentioned that we were looking for him.
Allen may have information about Project Dawn.
- I want you to get him out.
- And if we can't? Then make damn sure that he can't help Latif anymore.
So the minute we're onto Allen, he changes up, detours to Kosovo, and then gets kidnapped by this guy's cousin.
You ever feel like you're not getting told the whole story? Come on.
Not everything's a conspiracy.
Could just be a coincidence.
You want to take that chance? Good.
Thank you.
We finally got that list of all Allen's contacts from MI6.
He has been a busy boy.
All right.
Thank you.
That's gonna be you pretty soon, buddy.
- It is yours? You have the test? - You're such a twat.
I can understand you're stressed about having a baby.
I'd be stressed, too.
It's natural.
Look, the reason I'm not gonna have this conversation is because you 're the type of bloke who think a relationship with a woman is going half on a pack of rubbers.
No, that's just a quality.
I'm there for you.
If you need me to be the godfather, I'm making the phone call.
I'll call you right away.
- Nice bike.
- What the hell? Fuck.
Christ's sake! - Who sent you? - Mine's gone.
Who sent Shit.
- Cyanide pill.
- Fucking serious? Let's get out of here.
They look pissed.
Heads or tails, buddy? - Heads.
- You lose.
I'm waiting for an explanation.
A motorbike came up, alongside the van, put a magnetic charge on the side.
And? We followed the attackers.
Resulting in the deaths of two men in broad daylight in front of witnesses.
You're not even supposed to be in the country! Come on.
We got the guys.
That was not the mission.
That was not the priority.
You were to transport the asset in exchange for John Allen.
Instead, we have a blown mission, the entire Austrian police force on full alert, and a dead asset.
He's in the boot.
- What? - Rama.
We put him in the trunk.
Any particular reason? Something didn't smell right.
And so you allowed him to depart from the agreed movement order? He's got a great sense of smell.
The fact is, Colonel, Someone knew exactly what we were doing with Rama.
Kinda makes you wonder? Get him to Kosovo.
Make the trade.
Bring Allen back.
Copy that.
She makes it sound so easy.
I mean, what could possibly go wrong? Come on, mate.
All right.
What have we got here? Rough Guide to Kosovo.
"Lawless narco-state with token UN peacekeeping force.
" "Languages spoken" - How is your Albanian? - Wanna give me a hand, princess? I'm guarding the prisoner.
What else we got here? "Corruption endemic.
" I'm paraphrasing here but principle economic activities are gun-running, smack and hookers.
Sounds like Brighton.
Did I mention the trade in human organs? Seriously.
Last but not least, Hasani, your boyfriend, used to be Kosovo Liberation Army.
And we know who trained those fuckers, don't we? Let's just hope they weren't paying attention.
What would they want with us? Probably money.
That's what it's always about, isn't it? But I'm just an agronomist, for God's sake! No, you're forgetting.
I'm a Member of the European Parliament.
Maybe it's not about any of us You're both gonna die! What was that? You are both gonna die! I didn't know he spoke English.
Probably the only thing that he can say.
See it? Duct tape.
Come here! Ladies and gentlemen.
I apologize for your ordeal.
It's almost over.
In an hour or so you will be exchanged for an innocent Kosovan national, after which you will be free to leave.
Thank you, Sir.
Can you hear me? Roger, Zero Alpha.
When you land you'll be met by a member of KFOR, the peacekeeping force.
He knows the area.
He'll do what he can for you.
The Ministry is on the phone again, and the Ambassador is still holding.
Proceed immediately to the coordinates given for the handover.
Roger that.
And one more thing.
Kosovo is a political powder keg.
I want a clean, surgical mission.
Clean and surgical.
Yeah, copy that.
We sticking to the movement order on this one? No fucking way, dude.
No fucking way.
Thanks, buddy! How're you doing? - I'm Donoghue.
- Scott.
US Army and KFOR contact for the area.
Where's the other guy? What other guy? I was told there'd be two of you.
They pulled him out last minute.
No sense in killing two of us, huh? - Hasani owns these forests - All right.
So we can't go in there with you.
But I'll wait here as long as I can.
Copy that.
Good luck.
Thanks for the jeep.
Holding on? Status? All right.
I'm here.
I see the hostages.
All of them are there.
Leave your weapon in the jeep.
Time to go.
Come here.
Let's go for a walk.
Moving forward to the exchange point.
I can't understand a fucking word you're say, so Shut up.
You understand that? Shut up.
Howdy, folks.
My name is Scott, I'm here to take you home.
- Thank you very much, Mr.
- It's my pleasure, ma'am.
Down! Down! Quickly! This way! Stay down! Delta, report? What's happening? Status update.
So much for the clean, surgical approach.
Go, Scott.
Now, move.
Get in the jeep! - Fucking move! - Come on.
I'll help you! This way.
Keep going! Keep going! Goddamn it! Nearly there! Get in the fucking jeep! - {Come on.
Get in.
- What are you doing? Out of the way! Stay down! Everybody all right? - What's the matter? Why are we stopping? - Shut up.
This is Delta.
Where are you? Come on.
- For God's sake, Let's get out of here! - Shut up, or you can get out and walk! Sierra on the six! Come on! Ladies and gentlemen, F-Zero Alpha, we are clear with the hostages.
Repeat, we are clear with the hostages.
Heading back to the RV, Donoghue and the KFOR unit, now.
There's a chopper en route to the US base to pick you up.
- Copy that.
- They pulled it off.
What? You know my reservations about Scott.
He doesn't trust us.
And I certainly don't trust him.
What's the status of the Asset? Asset is deceased.
Michael blew his head off.
Negative, Colonel.
Target was taken out by a clean head shot from outside the handover zone.
It wasn't me.
What the hell is going on? Give me a visual, now.
Of course.
No problem.
In any case, I've got what we need.
So where did you get your Special Forces training.
What? I saw you back there.
You did good, soldier.
You can be part of my team, anytime.
Fuck me.
Problem? It's saying we're out of gas.
How far to the main forces? Yeah, we're close.
Thank fuck.
Hey, buddy, bring me up something out of that bag.
I've got an empty weapon, here.
- Here.
- Thanks.
So, was this the spot? - What do you think? - Where's the KFOR unit? I'm wondering the same thing.
Zero, this is Delta.
We are at the RV, no sign of KFOR unit.
Repeat, no sign of KFOR unit.
All right, w We're onto it.
- Get hold of Donoghue, now.
- Roger that.
Do you want to tell me something? - Go on.
If you didn't take out Rama, then who did? Who take out Rama? That's a good question.
It's a good mission.
- Tell me about it.
- Is this kind of thing normal? Colonel.
Proceed due south to the secondary RV.
We'll divert the chopper to pick you up there.
Transport's out of gas.
We'll make a few miles, but no more.
Fucking Donoghue.
- I can't get hold of Donoghue, but They were in position.
, last they heard.
- Jesus Christ.
- I mean, obviously They've gone to the wrong clearing.
- That's absurd.
Can't we get a chopper in closer to where they are? Hasani has ground-to-air missiles.
In those forests it's a suicide mission.
For Christ sake's, someone give me something.
That's the end of the road.
ladies and gentlemen.
Everyone out, come on.
Get out on my side, Dana.
Look at this.
- All right, this is Zero Alpha.
- Yeah.
Three miles from you're positioned, there's a car park.
Tell me it's next to a fried chicken joint, please.
It's a heroin processing plant belonging to Hasani.
There's a large parked vehicle northwest of the perimeter.
Suggest you requisition.
Roger that.
Co-ordinates? Head two-three-zero degrees southwest.
- Hit a railway line, turn right and follow that.
- Copy that.
Allen, hand me that bag.
That's for you two.
Can you carry that? Al, out of the jeep, buddy.
Everyone with me? Come on.
We're not leaving you.
Let's go.
On the move? You all right? Wrong shoes, wrong clothes, wrong life.
Don't worry.
We'll have you back to your home and your job in no time at all.
You can do all the shoe shopping you want.
You're making fun of me? After this they can take their job and shove it up their fucking ass.
What? You're pretty fucking cool.
That's what.
It's not much further.
There's transport up ahead.
I suppose that means stealing a car.
- Borrowing one.
- Oh, dear.
We're here to monitor, mentor and advise, you know.
Yeah, well, perhaps next time.
- The vehicle should be ahead of you.
- Copy that.
Rest up.
Off the track.
Down, down, down.
Everyone down.
Get down.
I need everyone to wait here, all right?.
We're gonna go for a little walk.
Stay down.
Michael, on move.
We have eyes on vehicle.
But the place is crawling with hostiles.
There's a safe evac point Can you make it on foot? Negative.
The mission priority is getting John Allen out.
You can't afford to take any casualties acquiring the vehicle.
If you can evac on foot with Allen, you must.
I can't leave the women behind.
Me, neither.
Allen's not in great shape.
There is no option.
Just give us a minute.
Bailey, Come here.
I need you guys to stay put, Just stay here.
- Nice bass? - Yeah.
Look We're never going to get out of here on foot.
And that vehicle is pretty heavily guarded.
I'm going to give you a coms back to our base.
They'll do their best to get you out of here.
Why me? You're the only other person with Special Forces training? I need you to look after these people until I get back.
You can do that for me? Thanks.
Good luck.
What's going on with you and the accountant? I like her.
You guys have known each other for a whole three hours, and she's walking around without your handprint on her ass.
- I don't know what to think.
- I don't know.
She's different.
Different? What do you mean? You haven't shagged a blonde this week? I don't mean that.
I do mean this, though "Fuck you.
" Yeah, that's more like it.
Anyway, you got your own thing going on.
She's a little old for my taste.
Heath? I'd rather be saving her than some toerag spook.
One for the ladies? Fuck yeah.
Don't move! Don't move! - Down.
Stay down! Who the fuck are you? - They make us work here.
This all heroin? - Don't shoot, please! - Stay here.
Move, move, move.
Stairs left, buddy.
What the hell are they doing? Fun times.
Wanna blow some shit up? - Grant's gonna hate us.
- What's new? Fuck her.
We're going for the vehicle.
Grenade! Go left! - Unit there.
- Better have a full fucking tank.
Fuck me! Shit! Come on! Let's go.
The transport's destroyed.
What are they doing? Please.
Take us with you.
They will kill us.
- Here.
Stay close.
- Scott! - Yeah, I got it! - Quick, quick.
Fuck, fuck.
That's our guy, Donoghue.
You all right? Jesus, Scott, the whole camp was out looking for you.
They were gonna bust me back down to private.
Come on! My God! The US cavalry really exists! Where the fuck were you? We'll debrief that shit later.
This is one of Hasani's heroin-processing facilities you blew up.
He's gonna be pissed.
You're telling me you knew about this shit? He lets us operate, not the other way around.
That's how it is.
Now, get in the truck.
We gotta move.
Come on! Let's fire it up and go! You're with me.
Bad soldier? Disobeying orders? - You all right? - Yeah.
- Mr.
- Okay, let's go! Thank you.
This is Sierra.
We've caught up with the KFOR escort.
Heading back to the US Base.
All hostages are intact.
I repeat, all hostages are intact.
And, Mike, well done.
Get them a chopper.
I need to get some fresh air.
Headlines? Basic impression, he seems in good shape.
He used alcohol, but in moderation, he lied about his work in a believable way and kept the conversation neutral and light.
In fact, past a certain superficial point, I found Sergeant Scott completely impenetrable, intellectually and emotionally.
And the rest? In bed there was nothing weird or violent.
He didn't talk in his sleep and in the morning he finished it quickly and honestly.
Did you find him attractive? That's utterly irrelevant.
Great day? Worst day of my life.
But somehow the best.
You know? To be so afraid.
You feel this all the time? Just another day in the office, you know? Today Today feels like I got a Christmas bonus.
What's that? Don't worry.
They'll let us through.
Will you hold me? Sure.
Come here.
It's going to make a bloody good article, though.
My Hostage Hell, by Christopher Manning.
For Christ's sake It's okay.
You're okay.
Come here.
Fuck me, you're beautiful.
Put it down.
Fuck! Many thanks, Major Donoghue.
Fucking piece of shit, Donoghue.
Sorry, pal.
Piece of shit.