Strike Back s02e09 Episode Script

Project Dawn: Episode 9

Help! Help! We are ready.
{pos(192,230) Any doubts over the intention {pos(192,230) of General Akmal Ramiz to run for President {pos(192,230) of Pakistan were apparently laid to rest today.
He announced in Islamabad that he'll resign from the army, suggesting he intends to stand as a civilian in the forthcoming election.
{pos(192,215) The Pakistani army has no interest in political control.
{pos(192,215) We are the servants of the people, not its masters.
That is why I have made this decision.
General Ramiz's announcement is expected to be welcomed by many of the western leaders attending the World Security Summit in Budapest.
The stability of Pakistan, which has nuclear weapons, is high on the summit's agenda.
General Ramiz is not going to the summit, but he had this message for the delegates there.
Pakistan must be a powerful nation.
Pakistan must be a prosperous nation.
But Pakistan must also be a peaceful nation.
We will be watching events in Budapest with great interest.
I would like to reassure all of the leaders attending, the West has nothing to fear {pos(192,230) from a secure, peaceful and prosperous Pakistan.
That Security Summit's already been mobbed by violence, even Thought you looked a little lonely.
You have no idea There were two protesters killed here during fires A Cup Of Team Tr: Addi7ed Get on top of me.
That's it.
Did you get room service? Check that.
Call the Colonel.
Need a location on Colonel Grant.
I've been trying to reach you.
I just Never mind.
What? You come here to show me a file? Just make sure you're contactable.
All right? You're still on duty.
- Grant - We've decrypted John Allen's file.
So That's cheeky.
Attacking your enemy's when his defenses are down.
We could have this every day.
I know.
Section 20's no place for a father.
This isn't a joke, Michael.
Oh, for fuck's sake.
Don't pick that up.
I have to.
Yeah, I'll be there.
You have to choose, Michael.
It's Them or us.
We'll talk about this when I get back.
We've recovered the communications log on John Allen's PDA.
What did we get? Not as much as we hoped.
Certainly not whatever he was passing on to Latif.
But we do know they were communicating.
So, we checked the IP signatures on every email sent and received.
- And most of them are clean.
- All except this one.
Which {as you can see.]
has been bounced more than a Greek government check.
But it originated here Southern Russia, in a remote part of the province of Chechnya.
Near the home town of this woman.
Dr Irina Mullova.
She's a surgeon by profession, and an Islamic Chechen separatist.
- Wasn't she after your organ, Mike? - Right.
According to Stonebridge, Mullova and Latif left Kosovo together.
So, we have to assume Latif is at that location with her.
This is our geo-stationary satellite image of the exact location of the IP address.
It's another road in another forest.
That's what we thought.
But this is an image we recorded before dawn.
So, where are they going? What is that? Go to thermal imaging There's a bunker under the trees.
Your target is the bunker Where we believe Latif is located.
You're going in with Georgian Special Forces.
Be aware you are entering hostile territory controlled by the Chechen guerilla army.
Since our surveillance started, eight people have entered this building.
None of those eight have left.
Whatever and whoever you find inside, I want recovered or killed.
Copy that.
Colonel, this mission is an incursion into Russian sovereign territory - I am aware of that.
- It is my duty to remind you.
If this goes wrong, We could be committing what amounts to an act of war.
An act of war by Latif is precisely what I'm trying to stop.
Zero this is Alpha 1.
In position.
- Visual on target.
- Copy that.
Standby, standby.
Grenade! Entering building.
Copy that.
Clear! Clear! Go left! - Zero, we have stairs going down.
- Copy that, understood.
Go nuts.
Clear left.
Clear! Zero, this is Alpha 1, we have what appears to be Alpha 1, please repeat.
Comm is difficult.
We have what appears to be a communications bunker.
The building is clear! They're gone! Did you hear that? They're gone.
You're looking down on this place, right? So, tell me how the all-seeing eye doesn't see them running away Sinclair? What the hell is that? Oi, Scott, come here.
- Did you get that, Sinclair? - Oh, shit.
- Hey! - What? Give me a hand moving this.
Towards you, yeah? Go.
Zero, this is Alpha 1, we have another exit.
- What did he say? - Not sure.
Alpha 1, please repeat.
Going down! Booby trap! Go, go, go! Alpha 1, Alpha 2, this is Zero, do you copy? Alpha 1, Alpha 2, this is Zero, do you copy? - Find the Georgians.
- Over.
Zero, this is Alpha 2, copy.
- Door's jammed.
- Shit! Sinclair, can you read me? There's nothing.
I'm not picking anything up on my comms.
Guess we got no choice, pal.
- Should we go that way? - Don't know.
This is the signal for the Georgian commandos, it's flatlined.
Their comms are completely dead.
This is Stonebridge and Scott.
Now the signal's weak, but it's still there.
Keep trying.
Go left.
Clear left.
You ever wonder if there's anyone not trying to kill us? Prefer not to think about it.
That's funny.
I think about it all the time.
I know John certainly did.
What are you talking about? Come on.
You know.
Going right.
Look What? We both know Porter had his suspicions He had his suspicions? He fucking knew.
- Gonna go through the door, now? - Yeah, open the bloody door.
Going down.
I've worked with these people for years.
I've had to trust them.
Why? Porter didn't.
He worked it out, and he got killed for it.
John was given up by Allen, remember? No, he wasn't.
- What are you on about? - Allen told me in Kosovo, just before he died he had nothing to do with Porter.
You believe him? In my experience, people don't usually lie before they die.
This place is one big wine cellar? I'm willing to bet it doesn't end in a gift shop.
- Going left.
- Going right.
Holy shit, what is this place? Major? What have you got? I went back to the thermal image and found these dark spots in the forest that just seem odd.
Can you enlarge? What the fuck is that? All right, if Allen didn't give up Porter It doesn't mean Section 20 did.
You and I promised We promised to watch each others' back and we're still alive.
That's gotta count to count for something.
, right? But it's not gonna count for much longer, is it? What? What are you getting at? Come on.
You must've had that talk with Kerry.
What talk? Soldier versus Daddy talk? How the hell do you know about that? Oh, Come on.
You think you're the first soldier to be in this predicament? All right.
What should I do? - You're seriously asking me? - I'm seriously asking you.
I'm seriously touched.
In my opinion, though, you're seriously fucked.
You son of a bitch.
God, you're such an asshole.
But you love me.
Leutnant Schekter.
Thank you for coming.
Sorry I had to re-arrange.
- Circumstances.
- Of course.
And a certain penchant for the dramatic, I think.
I'd like to know why you slept with Damien Scott again.
I enjoyed it the first time, so I went back for more.
You were sent in to make a psychological appraisal of my man.
"My man.
" Interesting expression.
To consort with him outside of these parameters is entirely I fuck who I like.
You know, maybe it's you who needs an appraisal.
Excuse me? I mean Why, when you could so easily have ordered someone else to do it.
Did you knock on his door yourself? But then, I don't think I need a psychology degree to work that one out.
Tell Damien I'll call him.
Do you hear that? Sounds like a genny going right.
We've found something.
This dark patch in the forest, signifies cold air coming from deep under the ground.
The spots are at regular intervals, approximately 30 meters apart.
I think we're looking at some kind of structure.
Can we get a computer projection? - I'll see what I can do.
- Thank you.
Going left! Clear left.
Want a pay raise? Suitcase full of cash.
Fuck me.
Found a shitload of blank passports.
All right.
Moving away.
Scott, door right.
Scott, look at this.
Jackpot, it's a VX.
What d'ya make of this little guy? Looks like a bomb to me.
It looks like a bomb to me.
Think that's C4 in the middle? Could be.
I finished the projection.
Oh my God.
Must be at least fifty kilometers of tunnel.
That's gotta be some kind of abandoned facility left over from the Soviet era.
My guess is it was used to house nuclear or chemical materials I think I found a way out.
Awesome, time to play dress up.
Good man.
- Black or green? - Cheers.
Alpha 1, Alpha 2, this is Zero, are you receiving? Alpha 1, Alpha 2, this is Zero, are you receiving? - Sports fans, we're back.
- Get a fix on comms.
Alpha 1, this is Zero, are you receiving? Receiving loud and clear.
Can you give me a sit rep? Standby, clearing rooms.
Zero, this is Alpha 1.
We found some sort of lab underground.
Evidence of VX.
And possible means of dissemination.
I'm uploading photos right now.
I think I liked it better down there.
Oh, shit.
Confirm, receiving uploads now.
I need an LZ for a chopper evac.
Tell the Georgians to standby.
Location is 2.
7 clicks north east of target building.
Satellite feed coming online.
Clear, go, go, go! Move left.
Zero, we have two vehicles leaving the site! Seven people on board.
Possibly one woman.
Is it Mullova? Cannot confirm.
- Tracking vehicles heading north east.
- Understood.
The Georgians will not wait, we must evacuate now.
No, gentlemen, I need you to find some transport.
I want you in pursuit.
Come on, mate.
In pursuit.
Alpha 1 this is Zero.
We've tracked the vehicles to the town of Pentnagorsk, Roger that.
Come on.
- You want me to push? - Shut up.
Targets are entering the building now.
Have you secured a vehicle yet? How about that? Look at that.
What is Latif doing in that building? You don't know that he is in that building.
What we do know is that the Chechens are poor, radicalized Muslims fighting a vicious separatist war.
If There's One thing this place has plenty of, it's potential suicide bombers.
He says he is proud to offer himself as a true son of Chechnya in the fight against the infidel.
Scott, pull up there.
Those are the vehicles.
Zero, this is Alpha 2.
We're at the target location now.
Sitrep? There's two armed guards on the door, unknown number of men on the inside.
The place is crawling with civilians, you copy? Aslan? Alpha 1, Alpha 2, are you in position to engage? - Roger that.
- Stand by.
Hold position.
- What do you think you're doing? - If this goes wrong, if are civilians are killed, this could trigger a full-blown, international shitstorm! - You are not in the field, Major.
- And you are not listening! Colonel.
We all know that Latif made a fool of this section in Delhi.
You cannot let that cloud your judgment.
The risks of launching an assault We are in the business of risks, Major.
Risks are what real soldiers have to take.
- What the hell are we waiting for? - Stand by.
Awaiting orders.
- Oh, shit.
- There ya go.
She likes you.
You know I'd end up breaking her heart.
I don't think I'm cut out for marriage.
How would you know if you haven't tried? How do you know I haven't? {pos(192,230) Yeah, no thanks, sweetie.
{pos(192,200) Not interested, honey, you know? {pos(192,230) Hey, fuck off.
{pos(192,220) Fuck offski? That was smooth.
I don't speak prostitute, dude.
Come on.
We're sitting around like a T-ball waiting for someone to take a swing.
Even the chance, that Latif is in that building, and in possession of VX, is reason enough to engage.
I will not retreat now, to find out what Project Dawn is on the 10 o'clock news! - Gentlemen, you may engage.
- Good.
Contact! Contact! Scott, get in! Move! Find an LZ for immediate evac.
The Georgians are refusing to come back in.
I'll deal with them.
You help Scott and Stonebridge.
Grenade! Move! Shit.
We count multiple armed hostiles in pursuit.
I repeat, multiple armed hostiles.
Keep moving, Scott! Keep moving! Michael! Move, move! You get them out of there now, or I will call every Russian news station and tell them exactly who took us in, in the first place! Out, out! Covering! Alpha 1, Alpha 2, confirm your position.
Position is we're fucked! We're taking fire from two sides.
I'm out! Changing! - Michael, there's a door on our rear! - Cover me! Move it, move it, move it! Move, Scott! Just move! Comin' to ya! No good, buddy! No good! Goddammit! On me! On me! Michael, move! Fuck! Hostiles approaching east flank.
Grenade! Motherfucker! I have three hostiles flanking west side of building.
- On it! - Yeah! Grenade! Fuck you! On me! Comin' to ya! - Clear, west side.
- Fuck me! The Georgians are on route, ETA five minutes.
Which way? Forty-seven-ten north, nineteen-three east.
- Shut up, Sinclair! Which fucking way? - Straight ahead, turn right, then left.
Thank you! Move, move! Changing! Move, move, move! Move, Scott! Move, move! Fuck! Out! Changing! Where the fuck is our evac? Stand by on ETA.
I'm out! Sidearm! How many of these guys do you think we can take before we're fucked? - More than you! - Fuck you! Were you really married? Are you fucking serious? On board, go, go! Yee-fuckin'- hah, buddy! Okay.
Thank you.
May I? It's safe to handle.
The detonator's been disconnected.
Okay, thank you.
It's basically a container for highly pressurized liquid VX.
It's made almost entirely of Pyrex, ceramic, and carbon fiber.
The central explosive core is a form of PETN, similar to what the shoe bomber was carrying.
It's powerful, hard to detect, extremely volatile.
Michael thought he was carrying C4.
I know.
This is far less stable than that.
- Don't drop it then, Sinclair.
- If this had taken a stray bullet It's all right.
Stonebridge was carrying it.
Even the best get lucky.
I looked into Trojan Horse.
I couldn't find anything, except Porter mentioned it in his last report from Lahore.
Who else would have seen that report? Aside from the colonel? by siphoning off the liquid gas and putting it in smaller canisters, that's what I'd do.
Got it.
Gotta go.
- Now, how much damage could it do? - I've created a projection.
Worst case scenario.
If this device were to go off, as an uncontained blast, in perfect conditions, no wind, no obstacles, in somewhere like Trafalgar Square A pleasant thought.
there would be an instant radial spread of vaporized gas from the center of the blast.
Within the first 65 meters, anyone enveloped in the vapor cloud would be killed, instantly.
As the cloud disseminates to 80 meters, there will be irreparable damage to lungs and liver, third-degree burning, blindness.
Death's inevitable.
Up to 100 meters, providing there's a perfect spread, it's long-term organ damage, and death is highly probable.
If this device goes off in a crowd or in an enclosed area such as the subway system, - the casualties would be - Significant.
To say the least.
There is nothing left to discuss about our future, as a couple, and as a family.
I can no longer wait around for you to make up your mind.
Your choice is simple.
Either continue to risk your life, or come home, and be a father, and a husband.
I love you.
Not yet, not yet.
I'm sorry.
What's so funny? Just feel happy.
I feel I feel You know what? Never mind.
I understand you.
Sex is an important release if you're under pressure, suffering stress at work Yes I am.
For example, like, your boss doesn't understand you She definitely doesn't.
Let's face it, Colonel Eleanor Grant is a total bitch.
She is.
But how the fuck would you know that? This was one of a stolen, numbered batch of blank passports.
We've got every airport and transport hub covered.
If any of the associated passport numbers come up, it should flag up on our system within the hour.
I risk my life for you day in, day out, and this is the thanks I get? - What? - You sent someone.
You ordered someone to fuck me, to see if I'm the one spilling your goddamn secrets! - I 'm perfectly entitled to can assess whether I can trust you.
- You got a fuckin' nerve, lady! Michael, stay the fuck out of this.
I'll give you a tip.
Stop looking for the dirt on me and start look ing for a breach in your own section! - Make your point, soldier.
- I'm making my fucking point! - Then, what's your evidence? - I'm your fucking evidence, lady! The only reason I'm standing here is because somebody compromised John Porter, - and sold him down the river.
- So where is this breach? I don't know.
You tell me, Sinclair.
Where's the breach coming from? That's enough, Mr.
Scott! Face the facts, Colonel.
I don't mind the odds being stacked against me, but this is bullshit! We have a hit.
Passport scanned entering Poland.
Main screen.
We have our first target.
Passed immigration at Krakow airport 57 minutes ago.
What, so that's it? You're walking out? I'm sick of this shit.
Why are you even here when you could be at home? - I'm not talking about that.
- I am.
I've got no one at home to answer to.
- You do.
- No, I don't.
She left.
That fuckin' sucks.
So Why don't you go and fight for her, instead of fighting for them? Because we have to finish this first, that's why.
Michael, You got a chance to build a life together, instead of leaving behind a trail of dead bodies.
Only a fuckin' idiot wouldn't take that chance.
I can't leave the section now.
- Then you are a fuckin' idiot.
- Would you stop being so selfish? - Stop talking about Scott for five seconds?.
Latif! - I'm not, I'm talking about you.
Project Dawn! VX gas! Is any of that ringing a bell in your head? I can't pretend that that doesn't exist, and go out there and play happy fuckin' family, hoping that it's someone else's kids that get blown up! Listen.
We have to stop Latif.
We have to find out who set Porter up.
Now, whether or not we do it, or we get killed in the process, we have to finish this together.
I need you back in there with me.
What was that last bit? You what? I need you back in there with me.
- I complete you, don't I? - You complete me, that's right.
We have a hit on another missing passport.
It was used to enter Bratislava airport less than an hour ago.
There's our second target.
And, the same Swiss credit card that paid for the flights was also used to hire a van in Krakow.
Bring me the License plate of that vehicle.
Can you get it? Krakow, Bratislava.
Why those two cities? by large numbers of international protestors descending on the city.
Jessica Reid our security correspondent, is live for us in Budapest The security summit.
Get that news report on the big screen, please.
Well, as you can see, things are quiet now, but, with the summit delegates arriving tomorrow I want you to hack into every security camera within a 100-mile radius of Budapest.
- security is pretty tight here.
- Given the security issues - Get me the head of Hungarian security.
- Roger that.
Thank you very much for your report.
We will act on any sighting of these men.
But I can assure you the summit is absolutely watertight.
Laszlo, can I stress that we believe Latif is planning an imminent attack using Do you have any evidence that Latif is actually in the city? Not yet, but We are on the highest security level this city has ever seen.
We are prepared for every eventuality.
So once again, I thank you, but you will kindly leave Hungarian authorities to do their job.
I want the crib set up in Budapest by dawn.
No disclosure outside this section.
Okay, you heard the Colonel.
I want everything de-rigged and ready for transport within the hour.
Comm relays are in position.
I want to make this clear.
I will tolerate no further insubordination.
Understood? Thank you.
Yesterday evening we had positive hits on two cameras.
Twenty-hundred, the target van, was spotted at the intersection of the M31 and the M3.
Twenty-oh-nine, the M31 and Route 3 heading southwest.
No further hits anywhere along this ring road, which means they must still be somewhere in the Kerepes district.
We're waiting for our geostationary satellite to come up.
- What have you got? - In the meantime, We're piggybacking an ESA satellite feed to triangulate the area.
I think we've found the van.
Here's the location info.
It's at an abandoned clinic on the outskirts of Kerepes.
- We're gonna lose it the satellite feed in 30 minutes.
- I want you both out there now.
On it.
- You drive.
- Good work.
Perhaps the most pressing issue facing world leaders is Pakistan's nuclear arsenal.
Losing satellite telemetry in 10 seconds Shit.
Blind on visuals.
- Just you and me, mate.
- That's the way I like it.
- Vehicle leaving site.
- Registration? Negative.
Everything's finished.
What the fuck are you doing? I'm sorry, Colonel.
Still no response.
Try them again.
Scott, Stonebridge, this is 20, please respond, over.
We've been trying to get a hold of you for the past twenty minutes.
Why the fuck did you go off comms? Where's Stonebridge? Why isn't he