Strike Back s02e10 Episode Script

Project Dawn: Episode 10

Step aside, Major.
We'd all understand if you pulled that trigger.
But the lives of thousands of people are at stake.
Secure him.
Dress his wounds.
John Porter Blood.
Sit forward.
- Enjoy your stay at the organ farm? - Actually, I thought the food was shit.
So I discharged myself.
We're secure! Careful.
He's clean.
Sergeant Richmond All your training to do this woman's work.
We have a hit! Target 2.
- Purchasing train ticket.
- Where? Big screen.
Kobanya Station, south-east suburb.
- Satellite lock on Kobanya.
- Target's carrying a case.
Right, he's on the train.
Where's it going? Arrives Nyugati Main Station in 12 minutes.
If there is a bomb in that case He'll need a trigger mechanism.
- Something like a cell phone.
- Remember we're dealing with VX.
- You will shoot to kill.
- Copy that.
- Is it just me? - What? Sinclair.
You gotta wonder about a guy that's step between a bullet and Latif.
A Cup Of Team Tr: addic7ed General Ramiz's announcement is expected Western leaders attending the World Security Summit in Budapest.
The stability of Pakistan which has nuclear weapons is high on the summit's agenda.
For us there, Jessica what's the late latest? I report to you live from outside Buda Palace as behind me, more of the delegates from the world's most powerful countries arrive to discuss security issues in the Middle East and elsewhere.
Now, although confidential, we suspect that Pakistan will be high up there on the agenda.
Along with the staggered withdrawal of Western troops from Afghanistan.
Now as you can see, a large crowd has formed - Anything on the other target? - Nothing yet.
Whatever transport he's using, he's coming in under the radar And all the main delegates, they understand the need for absolute secrecy? A discreet meeting room has been arranged as you requested.
About time, Colonel.
Recognize it? Should I be invoking my human rights? Oh, for that you need to be human.
Terrorizing a peaceful city makes you something else How does a civilized, intelligent man become what you are? You know better than anyone, Colonel.
How many deaths have you sanctioned? As you can see, we're tracking your bomber.
We have face recognition software on every CCTV camera in this city.
He will be caught, and he will be neutralized.
But if you thought there was only one, you would have killed me already.
Target has disembarked.
We have visual! Target getting off train at Nyugati Station.
Copy that.
We're approaching the station now.
See anything? We've got no visual.
Repeat, no visual.
Found him.
Target's boarding a westbound subway.
It's rush hour.
If he detonates down there, he could kill thousands of people.
He's heading under the river.
- You need to Intercept further down the line.
- Copy that.
- We have no visual.
- Target still on train, next stop You're thinking about Delhi, aren't you? When we shook hands And you gave me Mahmood.
You must long for that moment again.
It would have saved a life.
She had forfeited her life.
And what about Sergeant John Porter? Captain Kate Marshall Are they just pawns in your game? Pawns that you pushed into the center of the board.
This will end today.
Finally, something we can agree on.
Target's off.
Batthyany Station! Copy that.
We're en route.
Going down.
Go I think I got a visual on target.
Looks like he's coming up river side exit.
Target visual.
In pursuit.
If you get a headshot, take it! Negative.
I've got no clear shot.
It's a fucking sardine can in here.
- Where's that tram heading? - Due south, towards the palace.
Moving closer, I might have a chance.
Excuse me, coming through.
Excuse me.
Calm down.
Fuck off! Fuck off.
Get the fuck back! Sorry, move out of the way Get out of my way! He's got a phone! Drop it! Shut the fuck up! Cell phone! Got it, got it.
Move, get off! Gi'me it.
What's happening? Stonebridge, report.
- I think he's armed it.
- Oh, shit! Get the fuck up! You fucker.
Stay there.
Stay there.
Everyone get off the tram, bomb! I'm opening the briefcase.
How you doing, Mike? It's empty! Where's the fucking bomb? Show me, where's the fucking bomb? Where's Where is it? What the fuck is that? Jesus, the bomb's in him! It's in him, get off the tram.
Move, Shut the doors.
Move back! Move away! Everyone get back! Move back! - Now! - Move! Back up! Everyone back! - Lady, back.
- Get away from the tram! Get away from here! - Report.
- Get on the police You need decontamination units, hazmat suits, the works.
Is he using the VX? - It's nasty shit.
- And you're okay? Thanks for asking.
Explosion was contained within the tram.
No civilian casualties.
that I know of.
That shit is leaking out.
Hey, back up! Are you at a safe distance? Affirmative.
, we're upwind.
This area needs to be sealed off.
Looks like the cavalry's here.
Let's go.
Can you confirm how the device was detonated? You really want to know? It was inside the son of a bitch.
Alert the Hungarians.
Let them know what we're dealing with.
- Got it.
- There's no keeping a lid on this now.
We need to find that other bomber.
And fucking quick.
The bomber triggered a device on board a tram.
Scott and Stonebridge managed to get everyone clear.
, and contain most of the blast.
The device was carried inside the bomber's body.
It's been a potential terrorist M.
for awhile now.
A bomb in a cavity created by the removal of the spleen.
It seems Major Sinclair appreciates the measure of my achievement.
- It's an obscenity.
- Then it is just one of many.
- Thank you, Major.
- Colonel.
We've received a report.
That there's been a large explosion in the city.
Now, we're all the way up here at the Buda Palace, and we heard a really loud bang.
There is still no indication as to what has caused that explosion.
But as you can see behind me, the riot police have been drafted in.
And they were quite calm, but now they are starting to get very, very anxious indeed.
Exposing innocent people to this poisonous, meaningless slaughter.
I'm not a nihilist, Colonel.
Everything I do has a purpose.
And what is that purpose? If word of my presence here gets out, our enemies at home, will undermine my presidential campaign.
And with it our chances for peace.
- I'm sorry, sir, We have to go turn around.
- Why? We've been given a new location.
- What is happening? - Some incident at the Summit.
Incident? Please! So what are you hoping to achieve? Becoming the poster boy for Islamist Jihad? - A new bin Laden? - Oh, please You insult me by comparing me to these religious fanatics.
- And you're not? - I'm a pragmatist.
- A Pakistani patriot.
- You disgrace your country.
I honor my country, as I always have.
I have no regrets.
Can you say the same? I am not going to let this happen.
My will is greater than yours.
Then you know nothing of my will.
Laszlo, this is Major Sinclair.
Come on, guys.
What are we waiting for? Return to base.
Still awaiting Intel on the second Target.
That was not our intention.
I want you running scans on every subway station Mr.
Laszlo, Colonel Grant cannot come to the phone.
Tell me.
Have you told Sergeant Scott that you framed him? Does he know your role in Trojan Horse? We understand that an order has been given to evacuate all of the world leaders What's more worrying is that the entire area surrounding the explosion has been sealed off And hazmat decontamination teams have been called to the site.
Emergency services are asking people to stay inside and close their doors and We intercepted a local police radio call.
A VIP convoy was ambushed en route from the airport.
Ambushed? That's strange.
I thought all the leaders had arrived.
- They have.
- So, who's this? - No power on bank one.
- Got the comms.
Everyone down! Murph, catch! - Shit, you okay? - Give me my gun.
- You're injured - I'm not dying without my fucking gun! Clear! Sinclair, Richmond, you all right? Here! Julia, you all right? What happened? They've gone.
- How the fuck did they find us? - I don't know.
You don't know? How convenient you don't know Enough! Christ.
I haven't betrayed anyone! I haven't compromised anyone! So if you want to beat some kind of confession out of me, you're gonna wait until there are no more terrorists running around.
this city.
With chemical bombs stitched inside their fucking bodies! Fine.
- What do we got? - The mainframe's fucked.
But the laptop should be able to hook up to London.
Let me help you.
The first terrorist only tried to detonate once he was confronted.
If it was about killing people, he would have done it on the subway.
That tram was headed towards the palace.
I demand to speak with your superior, right now.
She's not here.
As you can see, our unit came under attack Your unit has no mandate or authorization With respect, I have already stopped one suicide bomber in this town.
We saved the lives of God knows how many people.
We think there's another, and he's on his way to the Palace.
So, please, either help us or get out of our way.
Is this your suspect? Do you think you can recognize this man in the crowd? Yes, I could.
My officers will escort you back to the palace.
- We'll have tactical support.
- Thank you.
- What about the Colonel? - The terrorist threat first.
Besides, We have no idea where she is.
- We do if she's with Latif.
- How? - I put a tracker in his dressing.
- Nice work.
Just getting a signal now.
Thirty-eight kilometers from here.
Michael, you take the bomber.
Scott, you take the Colonel.
What the hell happened here? Carnage.
By the way, Sinclair, you hit like a girl.
- I don't know, He kind of hit you pretty good, didn't he? - It fucking hurt, buddy, but don't tell him.
- Bring her back.
- Shall do, buddy.
So what can you tell me about this man, Major? We know that he's Chechen.
But we have no name, no date of birth.
I'm sorry to interrupt.
Just before she was killed, Sally intercepted a communication between Hungarian security and Pakistani intelligence.
It refers to the VIP convoy that was ambushed.
The car that was ambushed, who was in it? General Akmal Ramiz.
Akmal? The Pakistani presidential candidate? And our best hope of peace in Pakistan.
Latif Your invitation to the summit was not as secret as you thought, General.
You have John Allen to thank.
You endanger the lives of thousands with chemical weapons for one man? As ever, Colonel, you see things so one-dimensionally.
General Ramiz is a liar, and a charlatan.
But this is not a mere abduction.
You are witness to a moment in history, and I am honored to have such distinguished guests as the two principal architects of Operation Trojan Horse.
Trojan Horse was only ever supposed to be an intelligence operation.
Falsifying the evidence of WMDs in Iraq made the case for war.
But the road to hell is paved with good intentions, isn't that right, Colonel? Intelligence wasn't enough.
Which is where ATAT and the Pakistani military proved so helpful.
So the weapons were made and transported to be placed inside Iraq.
Comms are back on.
What's your position? - ETA in 10.
- Copy that.
Trojan Horse was necessary at the time.
We had to justify the action of our western allies to our own people.
This is ancient history.
But its relics survive.
It is those relics that I have sought and obtained, the very cache of VX that you intended to plant inside Iraq.
They were supposed to be destroyed.
The temptation to keep them was too strong.
However, ATAT didn't hide them well enough, so today I deploy them, while the future of my nation is casually sealed over lunch by foreign imperialists.
And you grovel at their feet I came here to save Pakistan.
You want a craven Pakistan! A Pakistan littered with American bases! A Pakistan that would give away its nuclear weapons for an empty promise I am trying to preserve my country against extremist traitors who would tear it apart! Traitors like you! I need you to get me inside this crowd.
You are going to confess to Trojan Horse.
Let the people of our country see you for the hypocrite you really are.
What do you hope to achieve? The truth about these weapons will shatter your credibility, awakening a new Pakistan, a strong Pakistan.
Unafraid to use its nuclear weapons against its enemies in the west.
why should I do your bidding? can't tell you who they are In that crowd, a martyr is ready to detonate a bomb containing your VX gas.
He is waiting my order to proceed.
Or, if you comply, I can call him off.
They have to release this crowd.
Do you hear me? I can't.
Not until all the delegates are evacuated.
They are my absolute priority.
Someone is going to get crushed to death! You have to let them out now! I'm sorry.
You will kill those people whether I talk or not.
My men will intercept him.
We've already stopped one bomber.
You can take that chance, General.
But the question remains.
How do you weigh the lives of thousands against your cherished reputation? What, you feel sympathy for this man, Colonel? Placed in this terrible position by a monster like me? The man who killed John Porter? I, John Porter, confess to the crime of being a British spy.
But you must have asked the question, who betrayed John Porter to me? Why don't you tell her? I would not lie to you, Eleanor.
His handler reported to me.
Porter was getting too close.
He learned that the weapons were a hangover from the operation.
Knowledge of Trojan Horse would have torn Pakistan in half You gave him to Latif? I allowed certain elements within ISI to let his whereabouts be known.
A politician's answer.
But perhaps we shouldn't be too quick to judge.
I saw Porter's last report from Lahore.
He told you he'd stumbled across Trojan Horse, didn't he? But did you tell him what you knew? Let's be frank.
Mahmood, ATAT.
You suspected the connection right from the start.
- But you hid it from your own section.
- I tried to stop you.
But you only succeeded in helping me.
You didn't share your suspicions with the people who trusted you the most.
For what? Your own ambition? My only ambition has been to serve my country.
- For the sake of your career? - Not my career.
- Reputation? - No t my reputation.
- Then why? - Because I was ashamed! I was ashamed of what I'd done.
Then your shame killed Porter, and the others, as if you'd blown their brains out yourself.
Your silence meant the sabotage of your own mission, and with it you were my greatest ally.
Move through! I see him! Get down! Down! Get down! Don't shoot! Look into the camera and confess.
I will not do your bidding.
I'll do it.
I'll confess.
- Does it matter who says it? - No, Eleanor, you cannot confess.
If you confess to Trojan Horse you will destroy Fuck you.
No, don't look at them.
No, don't shoot! Don't look at them.
You look at me.
It's okay.
We're gonna let some of these people go, all right? It's you and me.
I need you to think.
It's a child.
It's a life.
Just give it to me.
It should have been my brother.
Put the phone down.
Give her here.
It seems for you the lies have been difficult to live with, Colonel.
So why don't you unburden yourself? I am Colonel Eleanor Grant, British military intelligence.
Thank you, Colonel.
There's something else I'd like to say, to my colleagues in Section 20.
Very well.
Run! Get out of here! Run! Run! Fuck! Someone's armed the bomb! Get these people out of here! Sinclair, talk to me.
- I'm going to pull out the detonator.
- Don't touch the det, it's on a trip.
Then what do I do? - Which wire do I cut? - You have to cut the earth.
Which color is the earth wire? Which one? - The one that leads to the battery.
- The brown one? - I'm not sure.
- What color is the earth wire? Which one? - Wait! - Fuck.
Green? Brown? Tell me! Fuck it! Green.
Finished? It's very touching, but I'll probably just edit that out.
Damien, forgive me! Secrets are an occupational hazard in this job.
But I have kept too many for too long.
Perhaps the burden led to my mistakes.
But everything I've done, I have done for my country.
For my involvement in Trojan Horse, my failure to admit it, and my part in John Porter's death, I have nothing but regret.
To Major Sinclair, if you're still alive, I wish you every success your doggedness and intellect deserve.
To Sergeant Richmond, for your camaraderie and your courage, I thank you.
Damien Scott.
Amongst my effects there is a blue file.
I tried to tell you.
And to Michael Stonebridge, you are the finest soldier I have ever known.
Serving with you all has been a privilege and an honor.
Colonel Grant.
What are you going to do? She did give me a second chance.
I guess I should be thankful for that.
You gotta make a decision too, buddy boy.
Yeah, I know.
And? I've already made it.
Well, fuck me.
Who's gonna make me look good now? Shit.
- Daddy Stonebridge! - I know.
Up all night.
Not for the good reasons.