Strike Back s03e01 Episode Script

Vengeance: Episode 1

You've reached Michael Stonebridge.
Leave a message.
I'll call you back.
Rosie, how's it going? It's Rachel.
It hasn't changed since we met.
What was it two hours ago? Yeah.
So, anything? No.
I'm just Curious how on earth they allowed an American to To work for the brits? It's a long story.
But is it a good story? No.
Just long.
All right, mystery man.
Let's just say, you get a second chance, you take it.
I'll bear that in mind.
And finally.
I'm guessing that's him.
So he's a big deal, huh? I doubt it, except to me.
He's the first asset I've been given responsibility for since I came here, so getting him quickly and quietly to the high commission would make me look good.
You already look good to me, Rosie.
Nice laugh.
I'm guessing that's a rental.
Keemal, this is Patrick Burton, deputy head of mission.
Thank you.
Would you like to check the laptop? Well, forgive my cynicism, miss MacMillan, but babysitting a Libyan office clerk who wants a council house on the South coast is hardly a baptism of fire for you.
Or a glorious valediction for me.
Bravo, we have visual on you.
Hey, is that my guardian angel looking down on me from above? What are you wearing today? Concentrate.
Stop, please.
Stay there! He's down.
We need to get Scott out of there.
Get them out! Stand back! They're taking hostages.
Go, go, go, go, go! Get in! Who the fuck are you? I'm from the British consulate.
Get in.
I couldn't see where you were comin' from but I know just what you're running from and what matters ain't who's baddest but the ones who stop you falling from your ladder when you feel like you're feeling now and doing things just to please your crowd when I love you like the way I love you and I suffer but I ain't gonna cut you 'cause this ain't no place for no hero this ain't no place for no better man this ain't no place for no hero to go home this this ain't no place for no hero this ain't no place for no better man this ain't no place for no hero to go home You're dead, Stonebridge.
You clear back there? No.
Then why did you come in here? Did you make that mistake in Helmand? No.
Then don't do it here.
I am going to get all my men through this.
You understand? That means you, Jake.
Take a seat.
Stonebridge I know him.
Stood with him in the sandpit.
He'll get you through this.
Jake, you were born for the regiment, like me, like dad.
I know.
That's what I want.
I just I don't know.
Maybe we should take a break, you know.
Come back, try again.
You and me, people like us, we have to fight for everything every last fucking thing.
They want you to doubt yourself.
They want you to give in, but we won't let them.
We won't let them.
What are we? Brothers and soldiers.
We're brothers and soldiers.
I'll I'll have a word with him, all right? Don't worry about it, all right? You just stay focused.
Good lad.
Craig Hanson.
There he is.
How are you? Good.
You? I'm fine, thanks.
Michael Stonebridge, desk jockey.
Who'd have believed it? Man of your talents on the circuit could be raking it in.
I'm happy here.
Of course.
Loyalty was always your thing.
But the private sector I'm telling you, that's where it's at.
Is that what you tell Jake? I don't tell him anything.
He's, uh He's making mistakes, Craig.
What, training exercises? This is the regiment.
The bar's not being lowered on my watch.
So don't lower it, Michael.
Come on.
He did went toe to toe with Terry Taliban every fucking day, and he's seen Christ knows how many of his mates get crated back home.
He's a rock, just like you and me.
Just just get him through it, all right? Whatever it takes.
I had your back once, Michael.
You remember.
Yeah, of course I do.
I'll bet you must miss it, in the field? Who wouldn't? Good to see you.
What the hell am I doing here? Use your head.
We're not gonna be able to respond if you're in a Kenyan police station for the next 48 hours.
Come on, Sinclair.
We can't let this shit stand.
Do you think I want a cock-up like this on section 20's record? At this moment, I'm working on it.
Colonel Bennett.
Colonel Hodge.
Come on! Come on! Hey, hey.
Hey! Abdulabri Keemal, born Tripoli in 1953.
He's offering information about Libyan weapons stocks in return for asylum.
But he's not the reason that the convoy was hit.
Patrick Burton, East Africa specialist.
He's been working in the region for over 30 years.
Today was his last day on the job before being sent home.
Huh? What do we know about the female? Her name's Rachel.
Who's this? It's Damien Scott, sir.
This kidnapping happened right under your nose? Unfortunately, yes.
You give me the word, and I'll get those people back.
Rachel MacMillan, junior attache at the high commission.
She only took up her post this week.
All 3 are being held prisoner in a rebel-held area of Mogadishu, Somalia.
Now, a ransom has been demanded for the britons from this man Huseyin Waabri.
He came to Europe from a refugee camp when he was 16, drifted around until he was implicated in the murder of a Somali community leader in northwest London.
Proposal? An extraction mission is possible but highly dangerous.
Scott, are you ready to go in now? Yes, I am, sir.
Without backup it's a suicide mission.
Your priority is recovery of the British citizens and all material relating to the Libyan.
Oh, and, Mr.
Scott, you're the first man we're sending in, and it goes without saying you shall also be the last.
Copy that.
I want you to find out everything you can about the Libyan.
We need to know exactly what it is they're not telling us.
I think you have a lot of faith.
One man, however good? We can't afford to make this look much bigger.
If they pull it off.
If they don't, you can bury section 20 once and for all.
I'm sorry you got caught up in this, miss MacMillan.
It goes with the territory.
Broken people.
Brutalized beyond our understanding.
Such a tragedy.
You know, the first time I came to Somalia, I made a friend.
He knew what was coming for this country.
He could see the full horror of it poverty, famine, civil war.
But he said, "however bad it gets", "on darkest day "Maalin nooga madoow The embers of hope still glow in our children's hearts.
" I should have been there.
I could have used some help, but that ain't your problem.
Would have been fun to have you there.
There's a big difference between you and me, and that's Kerry.
Say hi to her for me.
Got to go.
Scott, you take care, mate.
I found you an apostle, someone who can get you in.
We can leave in an hour.
You mean we got a whole hour? Salaamu alaikum.
May your enterprises continue to flourish, and I look forward to the day you join us again in worship.
Everything changes in a man except the beat of his heart, and Allah once flourished in that heartbeat.
You keep paying homage to Al-Shabaab and he will one day destroy you.
You do not understand.
I have requested a fee for your safe return.
She's my colleague.
I demand her proper treatment, as islam decrees.
Fradlam hushma.
You are not scared.
That is good.
And what about you, arab? What value do you have? Who will pay for your release? A foreign corpse always does wonders for the morale of my people.
Maxamed! Kill.
You want to be a soldier, kill him! For God's sake! He's just a child.
This is Somalia.
Childhood is short.
Now kill him.
Listen to me.
Kill him now! Listen to me! No, no, no, no! No, please.
Wait! I have a proposition for you.
It will be greatly to your advantage.
Somewhere a little more private? Kalay.
He wants to know if you've been there before.
To Somalia? No.
But I was trained by some guys who were.
Then you, of all people, should know what to expect.
I do.
Thank you.
Uh, two seconds.
Am I gonna get to see you again? Not if you're going into Mogadishu single-handed.
Don't you know a sympathy fuck when you've had one? I do now.
Good luck.
You have boats.
You could intercept.
It's a very special item, extremely valuable.
I exchange it with you for my freedom.
And the other hostages? I do not interfere in another man's business.
I want you to move into Waabri's sector.
We're gathering intel on the Libyan.
He may be the key to locating the hostages.
Waabri's forces are just up ahead.
Whilst he lives, African union soldiers are powerless to control the area.
What are you getting out of this? There is always business for me here.
Yeah? What business is that? I bury the dead shroud them for their journey home.
You see that is the price for crossing Waabri.
You got a shroud for Waabri? I have a shroud for everyone.
His real name is Tafiq Elgabhri.
Reclusive Gaddafi insider.
Knows where all the bodies are buried.
Kenyan secret service has had him flagged as being in country for the last two weeks.
We hacked into their surveillance records.
This is him at a shipping office in mombasa yesterday morning.
He used forged I.
D's to confirm a shipment heading down to Southern Mozambique on a boat called "Morning Star.
" Anything else? "Morning star" was hijacked by Somali pirates.
Satellite has it heading towards Mogadishu.
ETA: About now.
I want eyes on that boat and anyone that comes into contact with it.
Move it! Everybody move! Let's go! A reminder that tonight you'll be employing live rounds.
As an elite soldier, you will be operating in uncontrolled environments where you have a split second to distinguish an innocent from a hostile.
One mistake, and you have a scar on your conscience forever.
Or you're dead.
Questions? No, sarge! Then stack up! Hanson, what are you doing? Hanson, get out! Come on, hanson.
Hanson! Come back to the front! Let's go! That's an order! One down! Shit! Aah! Aah! Aah! Aah! Aaah! Fuck! What the fuck have you done?! Aah! Hanson! Aah! Jake! Hanson! Hanson! Shit! Hanson! Hanson! Major, I have a cctv feed from the docks.
He's unloading something.
Do not lose those vehicles at any cost.
Jake! They just called and told me.
Are you ok? No, I'm not ok.
I'm not ok with any of it.
Scott, we're tracking Keemal.
He's reentering Waabri's zone.
Copy that.
We are your eyes.
Follow our directions to intercept.
Target approaching.
On my mark.
Be careful.
I see Waabri and the Libyan.
They're making some kind of trade.
You can name your price.
You keep your word, yes? When do I get the buyer's identity? Now.
Fuck! Fuck.
Nice shot.
Scott, report.
We got a sniper.
Fuck me.
The Libyan was taken out.
By who? Don't know, but it was a fucking good shot.
Back off! Back off! Bravo, they mustn't find out you're military.
Lose comms.
Lose comms now.
Fucking shit.
Fuck! Go on.
Ok, ok, ok, ok.
Ok, ok, ok, ok.
Putting it down.
It's down.
It's down.
It's down! Uh! He's alive.
You heard what the general said.
He's the last man in.
Section 20 there's nothing else that we can do.
Who sent you? Good question.
I'm gonna kick my travel agent's ass.
You try to steal the case from me? I have no idea what you're talking about.
Who sent you?! I refer you to my last answer.
People say that mogadishu is a dangerous place.
But it's funny.
It was London where I learned how to look after myself.
You know Harlesden? No.
That is a scary place.
I joined a gym, was officially a "promising lightweight" before I had to leave.
When I used to work the bag, it was as if the world shrank away.
Movement, rhythm Timing.
A higher state.
You know Muhammad Ali? Yeah.
Interesting that your greatest ever boxer was a convert to islam.
It's his business, I guess.
Me I like to keep my hand in.
Uh! Uh! Michael? I have to go.
You can't be serious.
There's the coroner's hearing tomorrow and the inquiry.
It's Damien.
He's in trouble.
Damien will always be in trouble.
Just let me do this one thing.
Then I'll be home.
Home? This isn't our home.
You haven't even unpacked half your stuff.
There are still boxes in the nursery.
If there was a baby in there, would you still leave? Or maybe you're relieved I had a miscarriage.
Oh, God.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Jesus Christ.
What the hell did they do to you? Rachel.
I remembered this time.
Water and a cloth, please! You should have seen the other guy.
Not a mark on him.
Was this an attempt to rescue us? Yeah.
Gave it a shot.
That was bloody stupid.
Yes, sir.
The second Send me in.
Come on, major.
Send me in.
Send me in.
Michael, you're out of your depth.
Major, you know as well as I do we can't leave him in there.
But I can't let you go in there alone.
He won't be alone.
I'll go with him.
Just as long as you understand.
This is a roll of the dice, at best.
Succeed or fail each one of us is putting our careers on the line.
Roger that.
So, uh, your Libyan friend.
What about him? He's dead, huh.
He was shot at long range just after he handed a case off to that son of a bitch.
A silver case? Square? How did you know that? I saw him carry it in.
Well, whatever was in that case had Waabri pretty excited.
Sir, in the last few seconds, there was a call to the dead Libyan's mobile.
We have a bead on the exact location.
It's less than half a click.
Who is this? Mr.
Waabri, I'd like to discuss the case you have in your possession.
Maybe we can meet in person.
Why should I trust you? You don't have to trust me.
You just have to do business with me.
Where? Cement factory, east side.
You brought the Libyan's phone here.
I told you to destroy every phone.
Now I can be found.
We must move.
Move them.
Zero, we're in position.
We have you.
Enter building, northeast corner.
Zero, we have visual.
They're on the move.
We have one shot at this.
Make it cold and quick.
Is there any other way? All right.
It's the thieves' treasure hideout.
Soon the 40 thieves return from within the Leaving nothing to reveal the hidden You took your time.
I've definitely saved you more times than you've saved me.
Hold still.
I was way ahead of you.
Looked like it.
You shouldn't be here, Michael.
Yeah, I know.
Kalay, kalay.
Hey! Put the gun down.
No, no, no.
We should help them! Here's your gun.
Where the hell is Rachel? Come on.
Let's move.
Where's Rachel? Shit.
Stay close, boys.
Go, go, go.
Come out here now! Hey, friendly, friendly, friendly, friendly, friendly.
Rachel? - Rachel.
- Contact! Get back! Rachel! No chance that way.
This is our best shot.
Trust me.
You want to give it a shot? Yeah.
Let's move.
Let's go! Stay close, boys.
Come on.
Come on.
You listen for my signal.
Where'd he go? I got an alleyway on my right, potential exit.
I've got open ground, armed hostiles.
- Go? - Go.
Cover me! Cover me! Go, go! Go! Michael, pull back! Come on! Scott! Coming! You must clear Waabri's sector and get to an African union controlled area.
This sector extends to over a square mile.
She's not the sodding junior attache, is she? In there.
Against the wall.
Here, here, here.
So who the fuck are you, Rachel? My name is Rachel Rachel Dalton.
Military intelligence.
That explains why you're such a good liar.
And you are Scott, kicked out of delta and for some reason picked off the scrap heap by Eleanor Grant.
You roll with us, then no more lies and no more secret bullshit, all right? Oh, and you've got no secrets, Damien? Is that what you want your friends here to believe? What were you doing for those 8 years after Iraq? Zero, we could do with a way out here.
We've got a satellite feed of the adjacent street, but it's crawling with hostiles.
Do what you can to navigate them out.
You must keep moving.
We got to move.
Let's go.
With me.
We're doing everything we can But for now You're on your own.
It was you who killed the Libyan? He reneged on an agreement to furnish me with the items you have.
However I accept you received them in good faith.
As such, I am prepared to offer you an appropriate sum to obtain the case.
Why should I Believe you? Mr.
Waabri, this is the young lady Who took the shot you witnessed.
adjustment of her rifle scope, and right now it would be your brains being eaten off the floor by rats.
The Libyan had it coming.
But I will play fair with you Until you give me reason not to.
A generous sum by any standards.
It's clean.
I'll contact you on it.
You'll have made your decision by then.
How many hours of darkness left? We have to get them out of there by first light.
Go with them.
Behind me.
Scott, have we I.
D'd our mystery guest? Her name is Rachel Dalton.
Check it.
If you want me to shoot her, just give me the word.
She's kind of a bitch.
Sir, yeah, she's one of ours.
Get Scott to put her on.
My boss wants a word.
Looks like you check out.
I'm thrilled.
So am I.
This is Rachel Dalton.
Captain, major Oliver sinclair, commanding section 20.
I need you to find me Waabri's exact whereabouts.
What? You fucking what? I want my men out of there.
And I need to find Waabri.
Captain, you will obey the orders of a direct superior negative.
I have command on the ground.
If you have a problem with that, I suggest you contact general Bennett.
You know the general? Well enough to know he would never have sanctioned a second rescue mission, but I'm sure he would love to hear about it.
Tell her.
Waabri's current whereabouts are unknown.
We're monitoring all comms traffic in his sector.
You know we've dishonored him by escaping.
He'll want more than ransom this time.
I heard news of your prisoners' escape.
Could I offer any assistance? That will not be necessary.
I take solace from the knowledge that The more a believer deals with devils, the closer he will come to the true purpose of his life.
Perhaps, brother, you have taken possession of something you know in your heart belongs to Allah.
Why must you listen to him? We can sell what's in the case.
Now! Bravo, you have numerous hostiles inbound.
Get him back.
Over there.
Back, back, back, back.
All clear.
There's a price on our heads now.
I did warn you.
Baxter, this is Scott.
What have you got for me? The whole town's after you.
All routes back to the African union safe zone are shut.
No shit, Einstein.
You got an evac? We've managed to secure a chopper in northern Kenya.
It looks like it will be with you before daybreak.
Sergeant Baxter is sending over coordinates now for a rendezvous.
In the meantime, I need you to fine more secure cover.
- Sinclair - Go ahead.
I need you to contact Langley, ask for a woman named Christy Bryant.
Ask her for the location of the nearest CIA safe house.
If she gives you any bullshit, tell her it's me that's asking.
Do it.
Mike? Come on.
Here we go.
This place? Yeah? Great a.
Betcha she rocks in the sack.
Why the fuck are you here, Michael? You were doing such a good job on your own, Scott shut up.
I was doing fine.
Seriously, what happens if we don't make it out? How would you sell it to kerry? I fucking hate it when you do this.
What's that? Talk like a grown-up.
It happens sometimes.
My people were attacked.
That's unfortunate.
Maybe you should move to a nicer neighborhood.
You know nothing about this? I don't know, Mr.
Waabri, and I don't care.
Do you want to complete our transaction and sell me the case or not? Where? Choose a location.
Meet me there in an hour.
We just intercepted a call to Waabri.
He's arranged a meeting in the next hour with an unknown American male to exchange the case.
He's just texted a set of coordinates.
How far? One click from your current location.
Uploading now.
Waabri's arranged a rendezvous to exchange the case.
We have to go.
You really want to drag two kids and an old man into this? What's in the case? That's need-to-know.
I got a fucking need, lady.
That's rich coming from someone in Christy Bryant's little black book.
Fuck you.
So, what's in the case? I think the case contains You think? Nuclear triggers.
Why didn't you tell me this before? Because this is a classified mission.
You don't get to ask.
Look, if Waabri is trying to sell them on, do you have any idea what possession of those triggers could mean in the wrong hands? Yeah.
When you get the money, we will be free of this.
A new life together.
A new life.
Away from here.
Promise to take me with you.
All right, Scott, Richmond can take Burton and the boys to the safe house.
They'll sit tight.
We can go after the triggers, and everyone will meet up at the chopper rv.
I think you're out of your fucking mind.
Will you babysit the kids, then? I'm not babysitting the kids.
Besides that fact, you're too rusty to do this shit on your own.
On my worst day in your dreams, buddy.
For Christ's sake.
Cut the Laurel and Hardy routine.
Laurel and Hardy? You know what she means by that? What? She thinks you're fat.
Shut up.
The safe house will give you cover until it's time for the evac.
You're in good hands with sergeant Richmond.
All right.
I'll see you on the other side.
Ok? Go.
Hold there.
Gentleman's persuader.
Big man, that's for you.
All right, go.
Come on, boys.
Go, go, go, quickly.
We good? Clear.
Move out.
Hello? I'm looking for Michael Stonebridge.
How far to the hand-over point? Half a click.
Think she's done this before? Yeah, it looks like it, buddy.
If only your recruits could see you now, Michael.
What do they say? Those that can't do, teach? Fuck off.
What's up with you? Mike? What happened to your brother his name was Jake.
It was The training can be mentally very He was a fine soldier.
Of course.
Losing someone like this must be I can't But you know Michael.
You know that he's a good man.
He's very lucky to have you.
I had no choice, Scott.
I had to take him out.
So how did you not see that coming? I don't know.
I did, but how did it get that far? Sinclair know about this? Shit.
Good news.
The chopper is only Roger that.
You call this a safe house? Don't worry.
We will get you home.
You mean britain? I sacrificed a marriage and God knows how many promotions so that I could stay here in Africa.
Then some prick in whitehall decides that it's too expensive to keep me on.
I've got more in common with these boys than I have with anyone back home.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Aah! Get down.
Get down! Zero, we've been compromised.
Get out now.
Northwest exit clear.
Waabri's men will be here any minute.
We have to go.
Hey! You, get down! Get down on the ground! No! Friend.
Old friend.
"Maalin nooga madoow.
" "The embers of hope" "Glow in our children's hearts.
" You remembered.
Then it still lives.
Waabri put guns in these children's hands, but They decided to come with us.
You won't bury them today.
I have watched over you, but this is the toughest part of the city.
Come on.
God knows how we're going to get there unseen.
Zero, this is bravo one.
Target has arrived.
Set the device and find your position.
Shut up, sinclair.
I'm working on it.
Zero, this is bravo one in position.
Zero, in position.
Copy that.
Here comes the money man now.
That's the full amount in untraceable bonds.
You're a rich man.
All right.
You got the guy coming down the stairs with the case? Copy that.
Oh, shit.
Fuck! Drive! Aah! Aah! Go! Now, Scott.
Hit it now! I need a flight check on that huey.
Zero? We're at the rendezvous.
We still have the chopper? Affirmative, Captain.
Bird is in the air.
Agreed location in 10 minutes.
Julia, exfil in 10.
Richmond? Here.
Coming in.
All right.
Old man Kids Friendly.
Zero, in position.
Kestrel one, kestrel one, this is zero.
Are you receiving? Kestrel one, come in.
Confirm exfil.
Please confirm exfil.
Zero, this is kestrel one.
We're taking heavy fire.
Abort! Abort! Are you fucking kidding me? What? Fuck.
Hold positions, bravo.
We need a new exfil plan.
I need to speak to general Olusu immediately.
A vehicle.
Down, down, down, down.
Sergeant Baxter I want you to listen to me very carefully.
African union forces Sir? Sir, come in.
Come in.
Come on, guys.
We're gonna die out here.
Bravo one, this is zero.
The major has an exfil plan, but it is unsanctioned.
We cannot broadcast over comms.
You have to trust us.
You need to locate some transport immediately.
Maybe I can help you.
Anybody see the entrance to the freeway, just let me know.
Keep heading in this direction.
I think I've found you a way out.
No, no.
Shit! - Hold on! - Fuck! Shit.
Keep your heads down.
Zero, come in.
Go west.
Take the alley.
Buildings there for cover.
Here's your triggers.
Dalton, Scott, let's move.
Come on! Moving.
Got it.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Go left.
Coming up.
What's the plan? Straight ahead.
Guess I'm going, huh? Move.
Jesus Christ.
All right, come with me.
Come on, come on, come on.
We got company, Michael.
Yeah, you got company on your 6 as well.
Let's go.
Where are we going? Bravo, secure a defensive position.
All right, move, move.
Far corner.
Far corner there.
Far corner.
Zero? Zero, come in.
We have hostiles approaching.
We're short on ammo and we have no way out.
We'd love to hear a plan, yeah? We've got your position, bravo.
We need you to hold.
We got a lot of hostiles out here, Michael.
Baxter, where's our fucking exfil?! Hold positions.
Finding an exit.
Bravo, be aware.
The hostiles approaching from your east appear heavily armed.
No shit.
Michael, what did you find? I found some ammo.
There's no way out.
We need to hold this position.
We're in a kill zone.
Get down.
You got something for me? Ma'am? Thanks.
I need one, too.
Zero, engaging hostiles! Fuck me! Zero, whose is that bird? Shit.
What the fuck? Bravo, chopper is not friendly.
This is not an exfil.
Get down! Down! Jesus Christ! Whatever they're doing, they're doing a good job of scaring off the locals.
Bravo, repeat.
This is not exfil.
Treat as hostile.
Treat as hostile.
Yeah! Buddy, I need you to back me up on this! What? Just follow my lead.
You know what I want! Give me the case.
What the fuck are you doing? Give me the fucking case, lady.
I will have your head on a plate! That's gonna look very fucking stupid.
Stand still and show me your fucking hands! You want this, you give me him! That's a smart move.
Any chance is better than none, huh? You! Good luck.
Like you give a shit.
You know what? Come here.
You'd be surprised.
Allah has taken your weapons.
You came here for nothing.
Fuck! Shit! That plan went to shit.
What? He took out Waabri.
We've got nothing to bargain with now.
Everyone make your shots count, and, Burton, you protect those kids.
We need your help.
Bravo, be advised.
The cavalry has arrived.
Get in! Thank you, general Olusu.
Are you ok? I'm fine.
I'm fine.
General Olusu sends his regards and thanks major sinclair for his assistance.
Waabri's men killed many of our comrades.
Finally he has come to justice.
They will live a long time but it will not be I who buries them.
And I'm glad we met again, my old friend.
Shall I shroud you for your journey home? I am home.
The cost of African history is too often exacted in human lives And it's the duty of people in my position to channel the future towards something brighter.
I'm well aware of the criticism that's leveled at me.
That I'm secretive And reclusive, huh? What else? Oh, yes.
I'm unscrupulous and ruthless.
Well, as a businessman, I take that as a compliment.
The other thing that I hear quite a lot of is that I will deal with anyone, and in its work from Algeria to Zimbabwe, the Conrad knox foundation will deal with anyone, however unpopular they may be, in the cause of food aid, agricultural development, the decommissioning of arms.
I believe the deal can work where armies and politics have failed.
And the deal started on this continent two tribesmen at a watering hole finding a common interest and ensuring the very survival of our species.
In a world of aggression and violence, the deal is pure.
It's the only thing that is pure, and I truly believe that the deal is the only thing that will save Africa.
They know how hot they look in those uniforms, don't they? Huh? Of course they do.
And that's why they have women in the military so you can maintain your permanent hard-on.
You see, I like when you do that.
What's that? See things my way.
Time to face the music, mate.
You did nothing wrong, Mike.
It takes some pretty heavy shit for you to see reason, huh? Yeah.
What about you? I'm not going anywhere.
And the CIA thing you failed to mention? Yeah.
I didn't mention it.
But I'd appreciate it if you don't mention it again.
Have fun in school.
Thank you.
You showed some stones out there.
Save it.
You're a ball-Buster, you know that? Yup, and you're an arrogant, insubordinate prick.
I got you a souvenir.
I've got to know one thing.
Would you have let us all die for the sake of these? Huh? I wouldn't have lost any sleep over you.
I know who Christy Bryant is, and I know what you did with the CIA.
Just how well do you sleep at night? Fuck you.
I want those triggers.
You recovered nothing? That's what my report says.
As you proved on this mission, secrecy was always more important than success.
Well, I'm waiting.
I downloaded documents from the Libyan's laptop dodgy export licenses, money trails leading back to known human rights violators, nuclear hardware components originating from British factories.
I wouldn't want to find my name on that.
This was never about hostages.
Now I am happy to give them to you if you give section 20 a clean bill of health because anyone seriously contemplating shutting down a unit of soldiers this dedicated and this committed is a fucking Captain, you are way out of li enough.
Quite a testimonial for section 20.
Well, don't let them know I said it.
What about you? Whoever has those triggers I'm fairly sure they won't be using them as paperweights.
Have you what was promised me? I was bringing it to you.
Of course.
I have use for them.
You may try to cheat the white devils But you cannot cheat Allah.
Oh! Oh! Oh! I want to offer my thanks for all your hard work and dedication during this difficult period.
These are trying times for a section like ours, and the discipline of each and every one of you both in the field and in command has been as I would expect exemplary.
Baxter? This hasn't gone unnoticed Nice work.
And as we will be engaging in more operational work, command have decided as of today that, uh, that section 20 requires new leadership following the death of colonel grant.
Some of you already know Captain Dalton I'm sorry.
Major Dalton.
Good morning, everyone.
You're shitting me.
I was talking about you the other day.
Really? Yeah.
And it made me realize that can we start again? Kerry, of course we can.
I love you.
Ah, I don't know about you, but I would love an ice cream.
Oh, would you? Kerry! Kerry! Kerry! Kerry!