Strike Back s03e04 Episode Script

Vengeance: Episode 4

They've identified Craig Hanson as the man who murdered your wife.
When I heard, I wanted to kill him.
Stonebridge has requested reassignment to this unit.
- And you approved that? - We need the best.
Christy Bryant.
I should see that they're fully briefed on you.
- They know.
- Everything? What is it that you really want? El Soldat is a man that could get us the triggers.
- The terrorist? - I thought you dealt with anyone.
The man that you know as Othmani is El Soldat's brother.
- Two trucks heading your way.
- El Soldat's men.
- We got to move.
- What about the triggers? We got to go.
RPG! Zero, you got a position on El Soldat's men? They're still at the bus.
Bravo, as soon as they have the triggers, they'll be headed your way.
How's he doing? He's lost a lot of blood.
There's a French monk, helps out the locals.
One kilometer from here.
Maybe he has IV fluids.
I don't give a shit.
We're not stopping.
Then he will die.
We keep him alive, we have something to bargain with.
Stonebridge: This place is a fucking death trap.
Scott: Yeah, I know.
Get what we need to keep Othmani alive, and we're out of here.
Coming to you.
[Othmani groans.]
[Knocks on door.]
[Knocks on door.]
We have a wounded man, and we could use some help, please.
[Speaks French.]
Sir, we got a guy dying here, so we'd really appreciate a little Christian charity.
Understand? Thank you.
Come on.
Fix him up.
Thank you.
Scott: Give me that.
[Othmani groaning.]
Scott: Here, here.
Make it quick, huh? Stonebridge: It's all clear out back.
[Speaking French.]
If he's not sewn up properly, nothing will help.
You got 5 minutes.
Money? Are you fucking kidding me? If you don't help, he's going to die.
Scott: Here.
How much do you want? Fuck.
It's going to take at least-- Yeah.
You got Yeah.
Locals have a lot of trauma wounds? Monk: Out here, men get very possessive with the goats.
Scott: Take your fucking time.
[Goat bleating.]
You seen a white bunny with a pocket watch recently? I'm beginning to think you fell down the rabbit hole, bud.
I'm here.
You better be.
What's taking them so long? Richmond: Bravo, El Soldat and his men are on their way.
You've got a minute, two at most.
Scott: All right.
Hey, people.
Let's go.
[Knocks on door.]
We're moving out right now.
You see that white bunny, you let me know.
I will.
You stay on us.
Let's move.
Let's move.
Let's move.
Pick him up! Get him back! Get him back in the house now! Shit! Man: I couldn't see where you were comin' from but I know just what you're running from and what matters ain't who's baddest but the ones who stop you falling from your ladder when you feel like you're feeling now and doing things just to please your crowd when I love you like the way I love you and I suffer but I ain't gonna cut you 'cause this ain't no place for no hero this ain't no place for no better man this ain't no place for no hero to go home this this ain't no place for no hero this ain't no place for no better man this ain't no place for no hero Get them in the house! Move! Move! Fuck! [Shouting.]
Move, move, move! Fuck! Move, move, move forward! Move! Right now! Move! Fuck! [Shouts.]
Move, move, move, move, move! Move! Fuck.
Move in! Fuck.
Fuck! Fuck me! Markunda! Cover! You cover from there! Grenade! Fuck.
Aah! Fuck! Go! Aah! [Men shouting.]
Fuck! Fuck! Going back.
Back up! Fuck.
Move! Fuck.
Not gonna try that anytime soon.
Yeah, at least not in the daylight.
Scott: Sorry about your truck.
Stonebridge: So, what happens now? You ever heard of the Alamo? How long have you known that Othmani is El Soldat's brother? Half-brother.
For sure? Not until I saw his face.
Would it have made any difference before now? You're not a spook anymore.
You're the leader of this team.
We share what we know because out there, knowledge isn't power.
It's what keeps us alive.
You think they want to surrender? Scott: Mike.
Hmm? White flag out there.
Stonebridge: Do you believe it? Scott: Well, don't know.
There's only one way to find out.
I'll go.
I'm better with people.
Fuck off.
That's exactly what I'm talking about.
Stonebridge: Zero, I have visual.
It's El Soldat in person.
I never got close.
Your people are excited, huh? I don't get out much.
Scott: Anyone tell you you got a great profile? Once.
Bravo One, make sure you have a clear shot.
Scott: Copy that.
When Bravo Two signals he's clear, and on my command, take it.
We have your brother.
We only share a mother, but she would be most disappointed if I did not bring him home, so give him back to me, and you may leave.
You release the triggers, let us go, and I'll let you have your family reunion.
I have made my offer.
Scott: Oh, fuck.
Bravo Two, you're marked.
About your Zero, if I take this hit, Bravo Two is dead.
Zero, Bravo Two is signaling to take the shot anyway.
Bravo Two, disengage.
One soldier for El Soldat.
Yes, I thought about it, Major.
El Soldat: Are you sure you won't change your mind? Because as you see, I have many men and RPGs.
Yeah, but you'll never use them unless you want to barbecue your brother.
You have limited ammunition and a perimeter you cannot defend.
And there is one thing else you should know: My men--they are not as educated as I am.
Last month, they cut off the cocks of an Algerian army patrol and put them in their mouth just like this, for fun.
We're done here.
Stupid as well as naive.
You must be an excellent soldier.
I hope you like my country, because you will die here.
So that whole "shoot him anyway" stunt Huh? If I'd have taken that shot, you'd be dead, buddy.
Yeah, well, I knew you wouldn't take it.
Really? Yeah, really.
Scott: Bullshit.
So, what did he have to say? The usual bad-guy bollocks.
Oh, and he said something about cutting off our cocks and putting them in our mouths.
I've been thinking of a new look.
Try shaving.
Scott: All right, so we move out of here as soon as it's dark.
That's a plan.
You got a spare one of those? [Speaking Arabic.]
They told you I'm a terrorist.
I'm a soldier.
Othmani: This is a war, and sooner or later, you're going to have to choose: Us or them.
What's to choose? And you--why do you help these people? It suits me.
They come here.
They take what they want, and they move on.
They don't give a shit about us.
That's a little harsh.
Markunda: And now it's "us"? At least they do move on, Arab.
Over a thousand years, and we're still waiting for you to leave.
We're leaving as soon as it gets dark.
Tell your guys.
You're coming, too, princess.
Let's move.
Let's go! Stonebridge: Let's go.
Pick him up.
Make sure he doesn't bleed out.
And you, also.
Let's go.
We can't leave you behind.
El Soldat will come down hard on anyone who has helped us.
This is my home.
Scott: Zero, how are we looking out there? Richmond: Bravo, you're clear.
Good luck.
Stonebridge: Stay tight.
Scott: Thanks.
Gonna need some of that.
[Door creaks.]
Scott: Go.
Stonebridge: That's it.
Let's move.
Come on.
Come on.
Let's go.
Come on.
Come on.
Stonebridge: Across there.
Go, go.
Scott: Fuck! Come here.
Come here.
Get in back! Move! Get in back! What have you got? Can you see anything? No, nothing.
You got a phosphorus grenade? Yeah.
Give me it.
When this goes off, you run back there.
Aah! Aah! Go! Move, move, move, move, move! Go on.
They're not gonna try leaving again anytime soon.
We sit tight, see how it plays.
Zero, we can't move.
Scott: We got a sniper up on that raised ground, southwest.
Can you have a look for me? Bravo, I've got nothing.
Sinclair: Must be masking their heat signature.
Old Taliban trick.
Guess what I'm thinking right now.
A mule could guess.
I'm thinking that my last human contact is potentially gonna be with some sweaty little bearded terrorist who wants to kill me just so he can cut off my cock and stick it in my own mouth.
It might be safer there.
El Soldat's men could come at any time.
Well? That's it.
Yes, ma'am.
[Speaking Arabic.]
Ma'am? You asked me to look into who was on the CIA flight shot down over Mali.
There was a prisoner-- Faris Rafik, El Soldat's right-hand man.
Dalton: But a closer friend to the man that you know as Othmani.
They knew each other as children.
What is the exact nature of your relationship with Othmani, Major? Have you been speaking to Toby Oakes? What did he tell you? That you slept with Othmani to get to El Soldat.
Sis got impatient.
They wanted him snatched, but he'd gone.
Did he tell you that I tipped him off? Did you? What--tip him off or fuck him? Who you fuck in the line of duty is your business, but if you warned him off and he went on to bring down that plane over Mali, then you're carrying baggage that could impact your leadership of this unit, and that is my business.
Bravo, is the prisoner conscious? Stonebridge: That's affirmative.
Put him on.
It's for you.
[Dalton speaks Arabic.]
[Speaks Arabic.]
Dalton: In English, for my friends.
I remember the taste of your skin and the lies you whispered.
Perhaps they weren't all lies.
Dalton: You are injured.
Life is hard on those of us who dare to dream.
The triggers were on the bus.
El Soldat has them.
You lost.
You made the call from the compound initiating the bombing on the CIA flight.
Arrest me.
Your friend Faris Rafik was on that plane.
When there is no enemy within, the enemy outside cannot hurt you.
He was a traitor? I am tired now.
He's hiding something.
Where are you going? If El Soldat's right-hand man was talking to the Americans, then I want to know what he said.
You did tip Othmani off in Tangiers, didn't you? He guessed-- outplayed me.
It won't happen again.
Richmond: Be advised: Helios is about to go blind.
We lose sat coverage at 0500.
If they mobilize for an attack, you let us know.
[Scott grunts.]
Guess we're gonna be here for the party after all.
Look what I found-- fertilizer.
There's a couple of cans of gas out the back, so I figured we'd prep some shit, lay it as soon as we find out which way they're gonna come at us.
What about our friends with the night sight? Yeah, I'm still working on that one.
You can't actually mean to fight them.
You must surrender.
Do what they say, exchange the brother for your freedom.
No way.
We're dead as soon as we hand him over.
You take sugar with your coffee, father? What? You got fresh coffee.
Grind it yourself? You want to tell me what happened on the bus? If you're gonna start that "Alice In Wonderland" bullshit, I don't want to have this conversation, yeah? I'm not.
I lost it.
You only came back to 20 because You thought it would be easier to track down Hanson, huh? Mm-hmm.
Don't blame you.
If I was you, I'd probably do the same thing.
But? That shit leads down a dark and slippery path, Mike.
What's at the end of it-- that ain't pretty.
What we do, our jobs-- you let that shit get personal, and That's when you lose yourself.
Trust me.
I did.
And if it weren't for 20, you guys-- All I'm saying is don't go getting lost on me, Mike.
Roger that.
The other woman in Scott's life.
Tell me what El Soldat's lieutenant was doing on that CIA flight he had shot down over Mali.
And in return I get? Axmali was selling on nuclear triggers that he picked up in Mogadishu.
To El Soldat.
Ok, let's talk.
[Speaking Arabic.]
[Speaking French.]
Mind if I turn on the radio? I find it relaxing.
Stonebridge: That's fine.
Zero, is there any movement from El Soldat's men? Richmond: Negative.
[Markunda sharpening knife.]
The one who killed your wife-- is he dead? You--you don't do subtle, do you? You will see it is done.
[Cuts flexi-cuffs.]
[Speaks Arabic.]
Your people are like mine.
How many lives, how much gold did it take to kill Bin Laden? It is what is right, whatever the cost.
[Continues sharpening knife.]
Aah! Aah! What are you doing? Stop! What are you doing? Othmani: No! No! Khafir! No! Oy! Oy, get off of him! Move! Back against the wall.
Back against the wall! Stonebridge: Who released him? You released him? How the fuck do you think I can stay here? I've been treating El Soldat's men for years.
You motherfucker.
Get out.
[Speaks Arabic.]
Zero, can you have another look for that sniper for me? Forget the heat signatures.
Looking for a void of some kind.
The rocks retain heat.
There should be some kind of displacement.
Bravo, I think I've found him.
Forwarding angle, elevation, and stellar triangulation.
Scott: Copy that.
Dalton: Get me Othmani.
Baxter: Bravo, request immediate contact with prisoner.
Stonebridge: Oy.
We have nothing more to say.
The game, it's over.
You lost, remember? Your friend isn't the traitor.
You killed the wrong person.
It's your brother who betrayed you.
This is what Rafik told the CIA? El Soldat has been buying up Libyan arms and selling them to whoever's paying.
He never gave a shit about you or your cause.
Dalton: For him it's only ever been about money and power.
I have proof-- CIA recordings of the initial interview.
[Speaking Arabic.]
He called you that as a kid, didn't he? Dalton: You told me it was because you believed in right and wrong.
[Speaks Arabic.]
Are you? You're just blinded by the love for your older brother.
Matlock: Take cover.
You've spent your whole life doing whatever he asked, one way or another, haven't you? What would you know? Where I'm coming from, family is everything.
Blood binds us.
Because when your brother told you to bring the triggers, you came running like a faithful dog.
He will use them in God's name.
You don't believe that, really.
Not anymore.
Dalton: Money is all the triggers are to El Soldat, the next deal, and to safeguard that deal, he needed somebody to kill his right-hand man and take down that plane, no questions asked.
Who else but the little fool? You murdered your best friend so El Soldat could have his triggers so the deal-- There will be no deal, because he doesn't have them.
You put them on the bus in Niamey.
In the Khafir's bag.
What the fuck? It's not possible.
Holy shit.
Scott: I did not see that one coming.
Ha! Must have nearly choked when we grabbed that vet off the bus, huh? It's God's will.
Richmond: Bravo, I have movement.
Approximately 30 people moving to the end of the valley behind the farmhouse.
Richmond: Looks like they're prepping for a dawn attack.
If we want to pack those booby traps, now is probably a really good time.
Zero, how long have we got? Bravo, we've lost the satellite.
Man, this guy's got impeccable timing.
Guard these with your life.
Whoever El Soldat has at GSI tipped him off about the sat coverage.
That's why he waited.
You ready? Scott: Yeah.
If they make it into the house, we fall back to the kitchen.
Scott: Hey.
One more little surprise, just in case there's a family reunion in there.
Take out El Soldat.
Father? Yeah? Does this work? Scott: Mike.
Mind your fingers.
So, what makes you tick, huh? For every fighter that your drones kill, will die.
Isn't that enough? An eye for an eye.
That's it? Really? You really think you can start a new world on a stack of dead bodies? You should read more history.
This is how it's done.
Oh, yeah? Can't wait to read about you in the history books tomorrow.
Open your mouth.
Open your fucking mouth.
Thank you.
Just in case you decide you love your big brother after all.
See you around.
Richmond: We won't pick up coverage for another couple of hours, Major.
Scott, get ready.
[Tires screech.]
[Men shouting.]
Aah! [Shouting.]
[Shouting in Arabic.]
[Gunfire continues.]
Aah! Aah! Uh! When I tell you, we're running back to the house! Move! No! I'm not running away! You're not running away! It's a tactical withdrawal! Move! Go! Move! Scott: Fuck! Scott: Michael! Behind you! Scott: Michael! Move! Go! Shit! Going back! Scott: Fuck! Move! Fuck! [Shouts.]
Into the house! Coming to you! Move! Move! Fuck! Move! Now! Fuck! Stonebridge: I'm out! I'm out! Fuck! Shit! Fuck you! Stonebridge: Help me move this.
Scott, move! See you around, fucker.
[Man grunting.]
[Speaking Arabic.]
Get down! Down! Down! [Shouting.]
[Speaking Arabic.]
Everyone get ready! Fuck.
[Speaks Arabic.]
Aah! [Gunfire.]
[Speaks Arabic.]
Fuck! [Speaking Arabic.]
Who's the fucking fool now? [Shouts in Arabic.]
[People coughing.]
You ok? Right.
We got to stop meeting like this.
What you did here was something special.
Maybe they'll give you a medal.
The triggers.
Uh uh uh.
Open it.
Matlock: I want to see them this time.
Matlock: Thanks.
Come here.
Come here.
Come here.
Come here.
Richmond: Bravo, this is Zero.
Are you receiving? Over.
Bravo, this is Zero.
Are you receiving? Over.
Bravo, this is Zero, request immediate sitrep.
Stonebridge: Zero, this is Bravo.
We've definitely been better.
Who's gonna tell Dalton? Fuck.
[Clears throat.]
Zero, how long until the Algerians get here? Richmond: Should be with you any minute, Bravo.
And we don't have the triggers.
Dalton: You have got to be fucking kidding me.
Where the hell are they? Zero, this is Bravo.
El Soldat is dead.
We assume you want DNA.
Bravo out.
No problem.
Stonebridge: Thank you for everything you did.
We'll make sure someone gets you home.
This was my home.
[Speaks French.]
[Clears throat.]
Scott: You ok? Yeah.
We'll be lifted out of here in about a half an hour.
I can find my own way back.
I'm sure you can.
I'm sorry for your losses.
We couldn't have done this without the help of your men.
If you need a hand-- I will see what must be done is done.
Next time you're in the desert Yeah.
You nomads tend to move around, though, huh? If you wish, you will find me.
Dalton: Nice work.
El Soldat is a major scalp for 20.
That in itself justifies what we're doing here.
But we still do not have the triggers.
So clean up, and then we are back in business.
Baxter: Ma'am? I think I've got him.
The guy who set up the charity that shipped the triggers.
That's him.
Ex-legionnaire Karl Matlock.
US citizen.
Awarded the legion d'honneur in Afghanistan.
Scott: Fuck me.
They don't just hand that shit out to anyone.
Since then, he's gone freelance-- Chad, Rwanda, Sudan.
Find out where he is, because that is where we need to be.
Man: Hip hip.
Children: Hooray! Hip hip.
Hooray! Thank you, sweetheart.
You wanted results.
Thank you.
Imagine what I can do with these.
We should limit our contact from now on.
Recruitment for "Nostromo"? Circuit's quiet right now, so we should have the best people beating a path to our door.
First time in Cape Town, sir? Business or pleasure? A little of both, I hope.