Strike Back s03e05 Episode Script

Vengeance: Episode 5

It's El Soldat in person.
We have your brother.
You release the triggers, and I'll let you have your family reunion.
You slept with othmani to get to El Soldat.
[Dalton speaks Arabic.]
Othmani: I remember the taste of your skin.
Who you fuck in the line of duty is your business, but if you're carrying baggage that could impact your leadership, that is my business.
The triggers.
We've got him.
Ex-legionnaire Karl Matlock.
That's him.
Matlock: Here.
Imagine what I can do with these.
Scott: You only came back to 20 because you thought it would be easier to track down Hanson, huh? Don't blame you.
If I was you, I'd probably do the same thing.
[Cell phone ringing.]
Woman: Hello? Man: Mrs.
Lombard? GTS armed response.
Code word--Omega.
There's been a break-in at your neighbor's house.
I'm afraid the suspects have escaped into your garden.
Nothing's been activated.
Well, we'll be on site in two minutes.
Yeah? He said the suspects were armed.
[Dog barks.]
Let's go.
Do you want them to search the grounds for us? That's what we pay them for.
Did he give you the code word? Yeah.
[Dog barking.]
[Knock on door.]
[Opens door.]
Matlock: Mr.
Oh, my God.
Stay calm.
Do as we say, and no one gets hurt.
Where is your boy? They're going to take us on an adventure, Harry.
Where's daddy? He's coming with us, ok? It's going to be fun.
I have to get some medication that he needs.
[Dog barking.]
Stay here.
Don't move.
What's happened? He had a knife.
David! Matlock: Don't bring the boy down here.
Oh, my God! Just get them in the car.
[David gasping for air.]
Please don't hurt my family.
I'll keep them safe, I promise.
Oh, my God.
[Muffled shouts.]
Man: I couldn't see where you were comin' from but I know just what you're running from and what matters ain't who's baddest but the ones who stop you falling from your ladder when you feel like you're feeling now and doing things just to please your crowd when I love you like the way I love you and I suffer but I ain't gonna cut you 'cause this ain't no place for no hero this ain't no place for no better man this ain't no place for no hero to go home this this ain't no place for no hero this ain't no place for no better man this ain't no place for no hero Dalton: David Lombard-- killed at his home here in Cape Town last night.
Wife and son were abducted.
Scott: What's that got to do with us? Isn't that a police matter? Sinclair: Police have just issued this picture, salvaged from the disabled security camera.
Stonebridge: Ha.
That's Matlock's sniper.
Sinclair: Matlock used his false ID yesterday to hire an SUV.
We got a fix on it this morning.
It was heading out towards the airport.
We think he's going to meet this man-- Peter Evans, the abducted woman's father.
We have to get to him first, find out what the hell Matlock's up to.
Woman on PA: Please take care of your personal belongings, and do not leave any of your luggage Stonebridge: Evans' plane just arrived.
Do you have eyes on Matlock? Scott: Yeah.
He's got some new playmates.
One of them I know-- a guy named Curtis Roe.
Ex Delta boy.
He was a good soldier.
Have we found out why Evans is so important yet? Richmond: We're still looking into it.
British citizen, retired academic, divorced, pension.
Dalton: Hello.
Dalton: Dig deeper.
There has to be something else.
Evans, Rachel Dalton, British Military Intelligence.
Would you mind coming with us, please, sir? Peter: Why? What is it? What's wrong? Dalton: It's just a routine check.
This way, please.
Where the hell is he? Stay here.
I've told you, I'm here on holiday to see my daughter and grandson.
They live in Cape Town.
Dalton: And yet you only purchased your ticket yesterday at the airport--one-way.
Are you planning on staying? I don't see that's any of your business.
What is this? Dalton: Your daughter and your grandson have been abducted, her husband killed, but you knew this already.
No, I-- and the men waiting in arrivals are private military contractors led by a man called Karl Matlock.
I presume he's the man who contacted you.
I need to know exactly when and where he exits.
You understand? I have no idea what you're talking about.
I was expecting my daughter to meet me.
Then why didn't you put her address on your landing card, instead of a hotel where you don't have a reservation? Mr.
Evans, if you're the reason your family was kidnapped, we need to know why.
What do they want? I haven't broken any law.
Make them release me.
Unfortunately, Mr.
Evans, our South African colleagues here share our concerns.
Stonebridge: And this isn't just about your safety-- that of your family's.
Dalton: Leaving now.
Exfil point two.
Copy that.
This is outrageous.
I've done nothing wrong.
Thanks for your help, buddy.
Really appreciate it.
Woman: Hold that door.
You're going in there? I'm going to see my boyfriend.
Stonebridge: Bravo Two, we're bringing the package down.
I'll be at loading area 5 by the service elevators.
Scott: Copy that.
Matlock: Service elevator Loading area 5, bottom level.
Matlock: Move! [Clears throat.]
At the end of the corridor, turn left.
And hurry up.
They're heading towards the loading bays.
I want a lawyer.
Answer my questions, and then you'll get one.
Stand back! What do you-- Stonebridge: Contact! Exfil point! Guys, I might have some company of my own.
Stonebridge: Blue RV, level two.
Fuck! Fuck! Aah! [Gunshot.]
[Mouthing words.]
Scott: Fuck! RV port level two-- one hostile in pursuit.
Holding position.
Transport's down.
Moving up the stairwell.
I got two fuckers in pursuit.
Mike? It's good.
Move, move, move.
Coming to you.
Get down! [Car alarm ringing.]
Dalton: Get in! Scott: Mike! [Fires gun.]
Get in.
Get in.
Get in.
Mike! Come here! Michael! Fuck.
Get down.
Is that all you got, you fucking pussies?! Ha! Target's in a silver Audi, exiting parking level one.
License plate Charlie Alpha 198 791.
Dalton: Clearly you're not just a retired schoolteacher.
Talk to me.
Why is it that people want you dead? You can't help my family.
You can't do anything.
Just let me go.
Zero, we're on the move from the airport.
Is the safe house ready? Yes, but we can't hold him long.
That shoot-out has cost us South African support.
They want him released for questioning.
Dalton: I'll decide when we let him go.
Sinclair: We've dug further.
Turns out Evans is South African born.
He applied for UK citizenship 20 years ago, but here's the weird thing.
There's no record of his early life in Johannesburg-- no medical, no employment.
It's like he didn't even exist.
Stonebridge: Yeah.
We've got a hostile coming up on our 6.
Scott: Drop! Stonebridge: Keep him down! [Beeping.]
Scott: Matlock doesn't want to kill you, Mr.
Who the fuck is that? [Tires screeching.]
[Tires screeching.]
Dreyer, the minister's concerns are duly noted, but nobody is detaining Mr.
Evans illegally.
Sinclair: He is a British subject who has specifically asked for our protection.
We cannot condone gunfights at our airports or on our open roads.
You've already caused the death of an immigration officer.
Dalton: Which we deeply regret, but Mr.
Evans has vital information pertaining to our ongoing investigation.
Dreyer: His abducted family is a matter for the police.
Your investigation is into missing nuclear hardware.
Dreyer: How is Mr.
Evans relevant? Well, it would be premature to-- Dreyer: It is a condition of your presence here that you keep me personally informed of all developments made in this investigation.
Grant my request and release Mr.
Evans immediately, before the courts force you to do so.
Dalton: Well, that's the puppet.
Who's pulling the strings? If you want to achieve something, you'll find a way.
If you don't, you'll find an excuse.
And we're all utterly sick of hearing these excuses from politicians and big business about how they cannot tackle poverty and disease or feed their people, and we say, "Enough, because there is a way.
" What do you think? Excellent.
Really excellent.
Very good.
That'll be our sound bite for the Kampala conference: Find a way, not an excuse.
It'll also give us a rod to beat our opponents with if they start blocking our aims.
You should have stayed in Jo'burg.
Foundation hq needs at least one of us to be there, present.
Well, then you take a turn.
I need to be here now, overseeing the weapons decommissioning program.
I'll lead with Rwanda.
It'll have more impact.
[Horse neighs.]
Don't worry, dad.
Even with this triumph, my moral authority will never match yours.
[Children chatting and laughing.]
Look, why don't you two go and hide, and I'll come and look for you? Come on.
Woman: Come on! Come, dear.
John Devers.
Special delivery.
How did you get in? All deliveries are left at the gate.
Dalton: His name is John Devers, a pediatrician in Stellenbosch-- killed earlier today.
Sinclair: And like Evans, Devers' records stop This is what he was reading on his laptop right before he was shot.
Scott: What kind of pediatrician is interested in nuclear fission? The kind who used to be a scientist when South Africa became a nuclear power in the 1980s.
Dalton: When the Apartheid regime collapsed, so did their nuclear program.
A lot of the scientists received death threats and emigrated, changed their identities.
Bottom line: If Matlock does have the triggers here, who better to help him utilize them than a pair of ex nuclear scientists? Yeah, which is why he'd want Evans.
Stonebridge: This wasn't some robbery gone wrong.
This was a professional hit done by people who knew John's real name, just like they know yours.
I'm Peter Evans.
I'm a retired teacher.
The men chasing us on that motorbike were holding a magnetic charge.
It was identical to the one Mossad used to kill an Iranian nuclear scientist-- Ahmadi Roshan.
Dalton: You are very aware that Israel helped South Africa set up their nuclear program.
They know the scientists involved, and they've been watching you ever since, making sure that you don't use your talents against them.
I've done nothing wrong.
Not yet.
But the PMCs who have kidnapped your family are in possession of stolen nuclear triggers, and there is no way in hell I'm going to let your knowledge fall into their hands.
So if, for whatever reason, I am forced to let you go, I will make sure that Mossad finds you way before Matlock does.
If you'd said Devers was important, I could have protected him.
Yes, I should have anticipated that, but I assumed that after 30 years, his anonymity was safeguard enough.
If Section 20 know Evans' true identity, then why the hell would they release him? They won't, so you have to get him back.
My real name is Peter Van Der Mayes.
John's was Johan Kluge.
We were the senior team leaders overseeing the nuclear program.
Extraordinary what we achieved, despite sanctions and with the world against us-- You're proud of it? Not as much as John was.
No Apartheid guilt with him.
No, just a bitterness that our work was destroyed, along with our careers and nearly our lives.
The government had to give all of us new identities.
So how did Matlock know yours, then? Joseph Dreyer-- cabinet level civil servant.
Whoever has bought Matlock has him in their pocket, too.
I don't know Dreyer.
John was my contact.
He began telephoning me every day, asking me to come and join him, saying our work could be revived and this time used properly.
Used by who? I didn't ask.
I didn't want to know.
I kept turning John down, until they took my family and forced me here.
What else are you hiding? Free my family first.
Then I'll help.
Look, I know Curtis will help us, all right? I mean, the guy won a purple heart.
I can't believe that he's even teamed up with Matlock.
Really? You don't think the money was an incentive? No, not to Curtis.
And besides, he owes me.
I've saved his ass more times than I've saved Michael's.
- Funny.
- Yeah.
And so how exactly are you planning on making contact with him? Don't worry about that.
I got an idea.
Scott: Mike.
Stonebridge: The way you were banging on about this guy, I thought we'd be meeting him in a church.
Yeah, it's sort of like a holy place for Curtis.
Anyway, you can't knock a man's faith, Michael.
I'm not knocking his faith.
It's yours I'm wondering about.
This is the fifth one we've been to.
And that's him.
See? You should have more faith in me.
That would take a miracle.
Classy, bud, real classy.
I can't believe you're paying for that.
They pay me.
All right.
You got time for a chat? Who's your boyfriend? He's not gay.
He's British.
Easy mistake to make.
All right, here's good.
Can we talk? Uh! Fuck! Scott: I got it.
I got it.
I got it.
Don't move! Fuck.
I just want to talk.
Aah! Everything's good? I got it.
I got it.
Ha ha ha! Curtis: Oh! Jesus Christ.
You all right? Yeah, I'm good.
You good? Huh? Oh.
Oh! Did good.
Made it look good, in case anyone was watching.
It's just the 3 of us, all private.
Come on.
Just tell us where Matlock is keeping Evans' family.
Fuck you.
You got your free pass at the airport.
Don't go begging for more favors, because from where I'm standing Ha! Now you owe me one.
Oh, you like hiding behind hostages.
Is that right? Scott: Come on.
Come on, guys.
You want some of this? Step right up.
Step right up! Scott: Whoa! Let's just play nice, huh? All right.
What are you dancing with those guys for? You want to negotiate? Show me the money.
Yeah, easy.
Twice what Matlock's paying you, and you get to keep it on top.
Make it triple.
Come on, Curt.
It's a mother and a child, for Christ's sake.
That ain't soldiering.
The number is logged in.
Just think about it.
Still triple, or I walk.
What the fuck happened to you? Iraq.
You got a hell of a break missing out on that one.
I did 3 tours of duty, man.
What the fuck were you doing? I don't do it for free no more.
Got to pay for my medical bills somehow.
So take the phone.
Just think about it.
It's your call.
Come on.
You're on the wrong fucking team.
[Tires screech.]
Well? Scott: Well, you have to go to the bank.
I'm gonna have to tell Dalton about this at some point.
But I wanted you to see this first.
I've been checking all police reports since the Devers murder and found this.
A disturbance in a bar at the waterfront.
were injured, and the pub CCTV has this image of the attacker.
That is definitely Hanson.
I know.
Richmond: Here's here in Cape Town.
Do you think he's part of Matlock's team? Yeah, he could be.
I'll ask Curtis.
He'll know.
What about Dalton? Do I tell her? No.
Stonebridge? Definitely not.
Let's not make this an issue until it is one, all right? Hanson: There's not a better soldier out there, and you know it.
Matlock: It's not your skill set.
It's how you apply it.
But once 20 know I'm around, Stonebridge won't give a shit about you.
All they care about is payback.
And that's your idea of keeping a low profile, is it? Ramping up this vendetta.
Ok, then I'll kill him, solve the problem that way.
You should have done that in the first place instead of shooting his wife.
Don't ever judge me.
My job my rules.
Move on.
I just got a text from Curtis.
They're moving the MC to another safe house.
In English? Madonna and child.
It's the catholic in him.
As soon as he knows that RV point, then he'll tell us and we'll just go and snatch them.
What if it's a set-up? I'm just asking.
You trust this guy, Scott? Yeah, I do.
This is the weapon Scott took from one of Matlock's men at the airport.
I checked the serial number, found its provenance to see where Matlock was getting his weapons from.
It's Rwandan.
It's one of these.
Woman: Hundreds of Rwandan weapons-- the cause of so much misery and death, now being sent to their own destruction courtesy of the Conrad Knox foundation.
The decommissioning of these weapons is just the start of a widespread program to Baxter: That's Ava Knox, one of the foundation's directors.
The public face of the company.
And she's kind of hot.
Baxter: This is one of the weapons listed by the Rwandan authorities as sold to the Conrad Knox foundation for destruction.
So Matlock's using the stolen weapons from the decommissioning sites.
So there's another connection.
Richmond: When I was looking into John Devers, I came across this.
Stonebridge: Ha.
Conrad Knox.
fucking Africa? You guys telling me that is our new target? A guy who builds hospitals all over the country.
He could certainly afford Matlock and the acquisition of those triggers.
He's on first-name terms with most of the cabinet.
If we're wrong about this, he could bury us.
I've, uh, spoken to the lord chief justice.
The courts will rule against Section 20.
This time tomorrow, you will have Mr.
Evans in your care.
How's the family, Joseph? Very well, thank you.
Johan will graduate from Harvard this summer.
Of course, he's, uh, looking forward to repaying your faith in him.
I would rather like his father to do the same and revoke Section 20's right to even remain in the country.
I have laid the groundwork for these questions to be raised.
Well, raise them quicker.
[Tires screech.]
Is this the RV point? No.
We're on a date.
I thought I'd take you to a game, fuck your brains out.
Just don't tell Matlock.
[Tires screech.]
Curtis: A bit public, isn't it? With the whole place on lockdown He wants to score a goal on a world cup soccer field.
Matlock: So do I.
[Harry laughing.]
Harry: Goal! Dalton: We've found your daughter and grandson's new location.
We have a man on the inside watching over them.
When it's safe, we'll move in and bring them here.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Your turn.
Did John ever mention a man called Conrad Knox? Jesus Christ.
Hopefully we won't need those.
It should just be Curtis and one other guy at the hand-over.
Curtis: How do you arrange all this for the boy? Must have taken some clout, or money, more like.
But then, he has lost his father.
Let me show you where you're taking him later.
Hands where I can see them.
Legs apart.
Nice and easy.
You shouldn't have missed Scott at the airport, Curtis.
I don't know what you're talking about.
I sent Kohl to follow you, take some pictures.
We were fighting.
I ran.
Did you get pictures of that? You were sending them texts.
It's just money.
I doubled up.
I can switch back again just as easy.
It's only Scott and the Brit.
They want the hostages.
Look, they'll be out there now, just waiting for my signal.
I'll make sure they come in.
You can blow them both away.
It's like you read my mind.
Text him.
Send them to south side approach, block 4.
[Cell phone beeps.]
Richmond, we're on.
Can you confirm his position for me? Phone tracker puts him at the stadium.
Man, I don't like this at all.
It's bollocks.
Stonebridge: We're wide open here.
Scott: Yeah.
I hear you, but he's exactly where he said he would be, so Shit.
What? Throughout this whole thing, he's always said MC--Madonna and child.
If it feels wrong, let's go.
Let's get out of here.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Let's move.
Come on.
Curtis: Hey! Scott: Wait.
Hang on.
That's him.
Let's go.
Let's keep moving.
Mike, just hang on.
- Keep going.
- Just trust your instincts.
- Come on.
- It's not right.
Stonebridge: Let's get out of here.
Come on.
Back, back, back, back, back.
Come on.
Let's move.
Wait, wait, Mike.
Stonebridge: Back up, Scott.
Fuck! Fuck! Move, move, move! Stonebridge: Back up! Back up! Speed up! Speed up! Goddamn it! Fuck! Fuck me! Scott: Fuck you! Fuck! Shit! Fuck! Fuck! Goddamn it! I told you it was a set-up.
Not from Curtis! He was helping us, Mike.
He warned us.
Yeah, just waving us in like that.
What choice did he have? He had a fucking gun at his head.
I put him there.
He put himself there, Scott.
He did it by joining Matlock in the first place.
Fuck! It's the way you finish that counts, buddy.
He was with us.
She said you'd save them! We'll get them back.
You won't lose your family.
Look, if they're not dead already, it's because of me.
I'm the one keeping them alive.
Let me go.
Please, just let me save them.
Do you want to build a bomb for this guy? You speak as if there's a choice.
Would you sacrifice your family for total strangers? Let me go! Just keep 'em coming.
- Sure.
- Thanks.
Have I seen you before? Yeah, at the airport.
Were you on my flight from New York? The Rotten Big Apple? No.
I like a disillusioned man.
It means they're tired of the bullshit and they want to cut straight to the chase.
[Both moaning.]
Jesus Christ.
[Moaning loudly.]
Don't let me come.
I want you to come in me.
Uh! Fuck.
[Moaning loudly.]
Was that even sex? Huh? I've had easier cage fights than that.
That's men's big secret, isn't it? What's that? What they never admit about physically fighting each other-- how intimate it is.
Fuck off.
I have to go.
You know, you fuck like I used to.
How's that? Like you stopped believing.
Peter: I don't even know what they want from me.
I can't build anything with just triggers.
Maybe that's not all they have.
All the weapons were destroyed.
The Israelis insisted.
Everything was buried at Imifula Emibidlana-- the two rivers under the mountains.
Zulu legend.
[Cell phone rings.]
One sec.
[Door buzzer.]
Scott: Fuck.
Stop pointing that thing at me.
Stonebridge: Nice to see you're on time.
I was busy.
Yeah, I could smell her.
Hey, Scott.
You were--you were right about Curtis.
It was worth a shot.
Fuck! Michael? [Muffled shouting.]
Hostiles! Shit.
Fuck! [Coughing.]
Dalton: The safe house has been compromised.
Stay on comms.
Roger that.
Dalton: You--with me.
You've been fucking tailed.
I didn't get fucking tailed.
Scott: Fuck me! Zero! Safe house compromised! We're on our way to exfil now! Richmond: Roger that.
Backup's on its way.
Peter! Peter, I want you to do exactly as I tell you to, you understand? Go on! Fuck.
Put your hand on my back now.
Stay on my back.
Fucking bitch.
Stonebridge: To that corner now.
Move, move, move! Stonebridge: Scott! Coming to you! Mike, you go.
I got this.
Come on.
Come on.
They're gone! Move! Let's go.
Let's go.
Slow down.
Slow down.
Stonebridge: Hey, hey.
Slow down.
Stop, stop, stop.
I got an idea how they found us.
How? I think I got a tracker on me.
- What? - Check my back.
Stonebridge: Who put that there? I'll explain later.
No, you're clean.
Let's split.
You go that way.
I'll go down that way.
Ok, clear.
Go, go, go.
Man on radio: All units.
Multiple shots fired in Salt River area.
Dalton: We're at exfil point 3.
No sign of them yet.
Richmond: Bravo One has principal secure.
He's on his way.
ETA: 3 minutes.
Stonebridge: Slow down.
Slow down.
Slow down.
[Police siren.]
Come here.
Come here.
Let's go in here.
Look at me.
Look at me.
Come here.
It's just a normal conversation.
Turning to the north.
We're heading there now.
Where'd you fucking put it? Where the fuck is he? Richmond, report.
Richmond: He should be there by now.
He's not responding to my calls.
Bravo One, report.
Bravo One, report.
[Man speaking on radio.]
[Tires screech.]