Strike Back s03e06 Episode Script

Vengeance: Episode 6

Dalton: Let's go.
[Tires screech.]
[Car crashes.]
Rebecca: You're not my target.
Is there anyone else with you? Answer me! No.
I know what you're doing.
I was trying to do the same thing-- depersonalize at all times.
They're not real people.
Your target's name is Peter Evans.
He's a grandfather.
He's here to save his family, all right? Not threaten Israel.
What do you know? Scott: I know that you don't have to kill him to end it.
Just need to rescue some hostages.
Will you do that with me? No.
It might help you sleep better at night.
I sleep fine.
Thank you.
[Metal clangs.]
Fuck, no! Aaah! Man: I couldn't see where you were comin' from but I know just what you're running from and what matters ain't who's baddest but the ones who stop you falling from your ladder when you feel like you're feeling now and doing things just to please your crowd when I love you like the way I love you and I suffer but I ain't gonna cut you 'cause this ain't no place for no hero this ain't no place for no better man this ain't no place for no hero to go home this this ain't no place for no hero this ain't no place for no better man this ain't no place for no hero [Stonebridge coughs.]
[Tires screech.]
Stonebridge, are you all right? Yeah.
Evans--where is he? Is he safe? There was an ambush.
Where's Evans? [Police siren.]
Get in the car.
Go! Move.
Sinclair: This is from a CCTV camera near the exfil point.
We tried tracking where they went, but there was insufficient coverage.
I mean, you should have just let Mossad kill him rather than lose him like this.
And how the hell did they get a tracker on you? I don't know, ma'am.
It must have been at the airport, but they could have got one on you, Michael Dalton: We sweep this place every day.
We are clean.
Stonebridge: I'm fine.
Richmond: Michael, you need to rest.
Yeah, but that's not true, is it? We have to find Matlock and his men and take them all out.
I will decide who the target is and when you are fit for duty.
Yes, ma'am.
Now, if Knox needs Evans, it can only be to build a bomb.
We need to find out exactly what he is planning and shut it down fast.
Conrad Knox.
Your delayed arrival has upset our schedule somewhat, but I'm sure we'll catch up.
I'm not going anywhere until I've seen my daughter and my grandson.
I want to know they're ok.
Well, then follow me.
Knox: Your son-in-law's death was a tragedy.
It was a terrible mistake that should never have happened, but rest assured I'll do everything in my power to make amends.
New house, the finest schools-- Melissa and Harry will want for nothing.
Apart from a husband and a father.
All revolutions have their martyrs.
We need to look forward, not back Make David's sacrifice worthwhile.
You'll understand soon enough.
What we're about to achieve is something you will be proud to have been part of.
Harry! Granddad! [Peter laughs.]
Oh, sweetheart.
Female voice on loudspeaker: Dr.
Willow Matlock: Yes.
Female voice on loudspeaker: Please proceed immediately to research desk 6.
You, uh--you didn't get tagged at the airport, did you? No.
I fucked up, Mike.
I ran into that Mossad chick in a bar.
I fucked up, too.
How? I saw Hanson.
I saw him, and I just left Evans like he didn't even exist.
I just fucking left him there, mate.
About Hanson Huh? I knew he was here.
You what? Richmond flagged him after some bar fight.
Mike, she gave me the heads-up.
When were you fucking gonna tell me this, huh? Don't know.
I didn't know how you'd react.
Yeah, well, if I'd have known beforehand, I'd have handled it better, Scott.
What, "We're gonna find Matlock and take care of his whole crew"? That's you handling it? Who the fuck are you to tell me what I can and can't know, huh? So what happens when we go kicking down doors and you see him? Hmm I'm fine.
The mission-- it always comes first.
Hanson--he's just a bonus, yeah? You've got to trust me.
Melissa: You need to get to a phone and tell someone what's happening.
Peter: I will.
I'm just playing them along till then.
What does he want from you? How have they been treating you? We get moved around a lot, but yes, Harry has been given more toys than he can play with.
I haven't told him About David.
I just said That he's been hurt and he won't be joining us yet.
[Knock on door.]
Matlock: Time's up.
Sinclair: Mossad on the phone.
Dalton: I'll take it up there.
Sinclair: Ok.
Dalton: You two, go home and get some rest Scott: Yeah.
They serve themselves and the corporate-- here's some more information on the Conrad Knox Foundation.
Is this you proving how on mission you are, Michael? Well, if I'm confined to desk duties, might as well make the hours count.
You coming for a beer? No, thanks.
You? Richmond: Michael, is there anything else you need? Just a heads-up on the man who murdered my wife next time.
Every weapon we destroy sends a message.
It says "Have faith.
" It says "We're winning"-- not to the warlords but to the people.
It says "believe.
" [Doorbell rings.]
It's open.
[Door closes.]
Trouble sleeping? Mmm.
You've lost Evans.
Your boss has told mine Section 20 won't protect him anymore.
He's an open target.
So, what are you doing here, then? [Rebecca moaning.]
[Scott moaning.]
Ahh! Knox: Disease is the biggest factor inhibiting the development of this continent.
But with the vaccines that these laboratories produce, we can start to put every African nation back on its feet.
Computerized female voice: Conrad Knox, 15-12-53.
Cleared for access level -35.
You were let down, Peter By men who had neither your vision nor your principles.
And now you have the opportunity to rewrite history.
Computerized female voice: Doors opening, level -35.
You are entering a restricted area.
Your life's work Hidden away by a couple of Apartheid ministers Now ready to atone for the sins of that vile regime.
Now with this, and your help, we can liberate this continent and raise Africa to a point where its voice is not just heard, but listened to all over the world.
You still think I'm using you.
To get to Evans? I don't care if you are.
We don't know where he is.
So the best way to stop him is to rescue his family.
Except you don't know where they are, either.
Yeah, you got me there.
Why didn't they send you after Knox? He's our key target.
Maybe they will.
There's always one more person to kill.
You could just walk away.
They can't hand you that next file if they can't find you.
What? Did you ever put your gun in your own mouth? That's the day you should quit.
It's our mess.
We helped build those weapons.
It's not your mess.
Walk away.
To where? Promise me you'll try.
Knox: For Evans.
He needs to examine one to make sure the technology is compatible, but I want them back, and the other components transported out as soon as he's ready.
Matlock: Well, we've got a bird on standby to start the evac.
Peter: Just be careful.
Matlock: The first load has been moved from the vaults already.
Matlock: Sir I strongly recommend you move your own departure date forward as well.
[Radio transmission.]
We're not just dealing with 20 anymore.
Mossad's a whole new ball game.
What-- We can't assume that they're not aware of your involvement also.
Matlock: If that is the case, then their failure to kill Evans only increases the chance that you or your daughter will become their primary target.
Uh! We need to shut down and move on as soon as possible.
Matlock: Let Evans finish the tests at the new location.
Uh! I don't act according to other people's agendas.
They defer to mine.
If there's a security risk, it's your job to neutralize that situation.
Don't do it.
I'm not here to kill anyone.
Craig Hanson, Mr.
I believe I've highlighted a problem in your security.
Matlock: He's not a team player.
Knox: I'm not interested in camaraderie.
I want protection, especially when I'm holding a case of nuclear triggers.
Matlock: We can't use him.
He's a known fugitive.
He killed the wife of a Section 20 operative who's now pathologically gunning for him.
Knox: Isn't that precisely how you got Evans back? Matlock: He's unbalanced.
Knox: He took out the whole of your security detail single-handedly.
Hire him.
Miss Knox.
My name is Michael Stonebridge-- Victor, relax.
May I have a word? I'm sorry.
You'll have to contact my PA, make an appointment.
Yes, but that won't benefit your fundraiser, which is why I thought I'd talk to you direct.
[Clears throat.]
I'm an active soldier in the British Military.
I fought in Sierra Leone, Rwanda, Sudan.
I've been injured several times.
Look, I think your decommissioning program is the single biggest step towards peace that this continent has ever witnessed.
If you think it would be helpful, it would be my honor to tell all of your guests just that.
Scott: Come on.
Help me find this fucking thing.
Dalton: Scott, a word.
You missed the ones of us fucking.
She's a Mossad agent.
An assassin.
Yeah, who wants to quit.
And if she does, then Evans lives.
Interesting, because you're the reason we lost Evans in the first place.
You are a liability, Scott.
I made a mistake, all right? It happens.
If you want to can my ass, then go right ahead.
Let's see how well you do without me.
Well, it could hardly get any worse.
No, it fucking couldn't, because right now we got nothing.
We got no leads, no ideas.
Knox is running rings around you, and I'm the liability? Back up, soldier.
Fuck that.
I've given this unit everything, including Curtis.
You remember him? We chewed him up and just spat him out, didn't we? And for what? For fucking nothing.
Is that what we're all worth to you, too? It's all any of us are worth.
So don't kid yourself that it's any different.
Now let's cut the sob story, shall we, and get on with the job at hand? And what job would that be, exactly, ma'am? There's a new shipment of weapons arriving from Sierra Leone.
More decommissioned arms for the Conrad Knox Foundation.
I would like you, Richmond, and Baxter to follow the trucks in case any get diverted en route.
Scott: Fine.
Thank you.
Great work.
Congratulations, Miss Knox.
Thank you so much for coming.
Stonebridge: Thank you.
It's lovely to talk to you.
Man: Very impressed.
Thank you.
You're quite the hit for a gate-crasher.
Yes, well I've had 3 pledges of support already.
I may have to use you again.
My wife would love it here.
Oh, you're married? She was shot and killed.
It's just another reason why what you're doing is so important to me, why I want to help.
Man: Great speech.
Thank you.
You know, it's ironic, isn't it? Here you are, trying to make this country safe, and yet you need armed guards to do it.
Ava: That's my father's choice, not mine.
Really? And what makes him think you're in such danger? Ava: It's just a precaution.
Two trucks just diverted.
They're no longer headed to the decommissioning site.
That road leads to the docks.
Bravo team in pursuit.
Sinclair: Roger that.
Dalton: Text Stonebridge.
I want him updated on all details as soon as they happen.
Ava: The foundation has actually been running for 8 years.
My father's biggest fundraising event to date-- excuse me.
I'm sorry to interrupt.
Might I have a word? Uh, yes.
Thank you.
Stonebridge: The convoy of arms from Sierra Leone-- are they all going to the same depot to be decommissioned? Yes, of course.
They should be on their way now.
How do you know that? I'm working with British Military Intelligence.
We have growing evidence that large quantities of the foundation's weapons are in fact being secretly stockpiled.
What? The weapons from Rwanda were never destroyed.
This handgun was used in a shootout at the Cape Town Airport That's impossible.
We think by this man-- Karl Matlock.
You ever seen him before? No, I haven't.
What about your father? Do you think he'd recognize him? You'd need to ask him yourself.
Miss Knox, I want to protect what the foundation stands for, not just bring down the people corrupting it.
What people? At the port, Duncan Dock, yard 3.
Dalton: I want you to sit tight and observe.
We'll contact the South African Police, let them make the arrests.
Scott: Copy that.
There's the money shot.
Got that one, Baxter? [Camera shutter clicking.]
Is there any sign of Matlock? Richmond: Negative.
He's not with the escort.
[Camera shutter clicking.]
The girl's there, though.
The sniper.
Stonebridge: These pictures are live from my unit's location.
Those are your weapons getting ready for shipping.
Well, then, I'll contact the police.
They're already on their way, but they'll not catch their main target.
This Matlock? Or who he's working for.
Baxter: 2 o'clock.
That's Craig Hanson.
Hanson match.
Stonebridge? Let's hold on that one.
It's not relevant to his task.
Stonebridge: Like I said, you should really ask your father if he knows him.
Ava: Are you accusing my father-- Stonebridge: And why he's using your decommissioning program to build his own private mercenary army.
Get out.
These aren't the only weapons that your father is stockpiling.
Oh, really? He also has a set of nuclear triggers, and he's forcing an ex-nuclear scientist by the name of Peter Evans to work for him.
He's doing this by kidnapping and murdering his family.
I said get out.
Man: Load the box.
Kohl: What's happening? Scott: Looks like something is going on.
Hanson! Hart! Wrap it up! Let's go! Yeah.
They're leaving.
Kohl: Come on! Scott: Zero, where are these fucking cops? Stop them leaving.
No bodies.
Bravo 3, that gas tank on your 1 o'clock-- light it up.
[Tires screech.]
[Police siren.]
[Radio transmission.]
Man: Run! Run! Policeman 1: Get them! Shit.
Policeman 2: Around the back! Over there.
Policeman 2: Over at that area.
Policeman 3: Move, move, move.
Policeman 4: Don't move! Put your hands in the air! Whoa, whoa, whoa.
No, no, no.
I'm the good guy.
Policeman 4: Stop right there! Put your hands in the air! That's the bad guy, all right? That's the bad guy.
Policeman 4: You're under arrest.
Scott: That's the fugitive.
Policeman 4: You don't say a word.
Scott: Do you understand? I'm the one that called it in.
Scott, what's going on? All right, all right.
You got it wrong.
I'm the one that called it in.
For fuck's sake.
Bravo 2, report.
Bravo 2, report! We're taking the first payload now.
Clean elements only.
He's still doing tests on the uranium, but he's finished with the triggers.
You want me to load them? No.
I want them to hand, just in case.
And don't bring them yourself.
I need you and Hanson to remain at the facility.
Ava's been approached by 20, and he's asking some very awkward questions.
Knox: And next time, please ensure that her security detail is as good at their job as this Stonebridge.
Peter: Tungsten- carbide bricks.
Probably won't use them, but I'll need them for backup for the beryllium reflectors.
Matlock: Just fucking load it.
And keep the triggers.
Dalton: What the hell is going on? I demand you to leave these premises and release my men immediately.
They will be returned to your shortly, subject to you ceasing all operations in this country with immediate effect.
You want us to leave? You have overstepped your jurisdiction, interfering with and willfully damaging a police investigation into arms smuggling.
We were the ones who gave the police that information.
We have been aware for some time of a corrupt ring of individuals within the decommissioning site, and we would have been able to arrest all the criminals involved if your premature intervention hadn't alerted them and given them time to escape.
Where are the weapons now? Returned to the Conrad Knox Foundation, naturally, so they can be disposed of as intended.
Peter: If I fly off with them, they'll let you and Harry go.
There's a small fortune waiting for you in your bank account.
I've seen it.
I don't want his money.
I want David back and my father.
I'm doing this for you.
Are you? Peter: To keep you safe.
Melissa: Like the people this bomb will kill? I won't make it viable.
I told you that.
I haven't seen you this alive in years.
Because I'm doing what I do best, finally.
Have you any idea what that's like? Starting again when everything that you know and love and worked for has been snatched away, forgotten? Yes.
I know exactly what that's like.
[Birds cawing.]
So no bodyguards, huh? You're here, aren't you? I doubt I'd be safer with anyone else.
Tell me you meant it-- what you said about the foundation being too important to be undermined.
Tell me you do understand that.
Are you offering me a deal? I want to confront my father, but I won't betray him, won't destroy what we've worked so hard to accomplish.
The question is, what do you want in return? The nuclear triggers and Peter Evans.
We think they're somewhere together.
Yeah, well, I have no idea where Peter Evans is.
Does your father have any facilities near here-- warehouses, anything like that? Um, Oakley, Little Down, Mercer Street.
Which one is the most modern? Little Down or maybe Coldfall Ridge.
Coldfall Ridge? The Zulu name is Imifula Emibidlana-- The Two Rivers Under The Mountain.
Isn't that wonderful? What? Stonebridge: "Imifula Emibidlana.
" That's where Evans said the nuclear weapons were buried.
Buried, not destroyed.
Sinclair: It was originally the site of an old military clinic.
Knox bought it and turned it into a vaccination center.
Stonebridge: So if Evans is right and Knox knows it, he'd have the bombs there already.
All he really needed was the triggers.
And a nuclear scientist to help rig them.
It's heavily fortified.
It's guarded, so yeah, it could very well be the place, but how do we prove it? We can't.
If we tell the police or any of the other authorities here, we run the risk of someone warning him beforehand.
Richmond: We could use other channels.
The UN, the IAEA.
That could take months.
Fuck that.
Let's just go in ourselves.
It's our only choice.
Ava: That woman who was here earlier Who gave you that case She's wanted by the police for murder and kidnapping.
I'm assuming the mother and child are still safe and will be properly compensated.
The money has been transferred already.
Then let them go.
All of them.
Including Peter Evans.
Ava, what are you talking about? Enough bullshit, dad, ok? I don't know what the hell you were planning, but it stops now.
We give the triggers back.
We don't build ourselves a bomb, and we stop employing fucking murderers.
Bravo Team, proceed.
Female voice on loudspeaker: Sector D, systems overload.
Where are you going? Man: Technical fault of some sort.
Female voice on loudspeaker: Repeat, systems overload.
TP, do you read me? Over.
Uh! Female voice on loudspeaker: Security to positions.
Matlock: TP, report.
Uh! Female voice on loudspeaker: System overload.
Matlock: You two, check it out.
Female voice on loudspeaker: Security to positions.
Repeat, security to positions.
Kohl, I think we may have a problem here.
Peter: You know what the first nuclear bomb was called? "Little Boy.
" Door's locked.
All right, guess we'll go around.
Uh! The goal remains a strong Africa, just as America is strong, and Russia and China and every other nuclear power.
[Door opens.]
We do what is necessary.
You can't lead a revolution by good deeds alone.
I thought you understood.
That's how power works.
Female voice on loudspeaker: All personnel must evacuate immediately.
Knox: All our aims are still the same.
We will still develop, we will still vaccinate, we will still cure And kill and kidnap and what else-- with our mercenary army and our nuclear weapons? Why has the big picture always eluded you? Yeah Just make that leap.
Embrace the possibilities.
[Telephone rings.]
Yes? Matlock: Sir, we're under attack.
We'll commence evac immediately.
I suggest you do the same.
RV as arranged.
What? [Beep.]
Female voice on loudspeaker: Evacuate immediately.
Zero, which way is the vault? Sinclair: First corridor left, then second right.
That'll take you to the lift area.
Scott, watch out for Stonebridge.
He's ahead of you now.
Female voice on loudspeaker: All personnel must evacuate immediately.
Repeat, evacuate immediately.
Peter: Careful! Female voice on loudspeaker: Evacuation Hanson: It's Stonebridge.
Move! Female voice on loudspeaker: This is not Hanson: Michael! Hanson: Michael! How's the wife? [Alarm.]
Scott: Mike Which way did they go? This way.
Ava: Dad, stop it.
Stop this insanity.
I've made a deal.
You betrayed me.
You're the one who's betrayed me.
Dad, they trust me.
I can use them.
Make sure we survive.
Dad, please don't walk away.
Please! I need to see my family.
Make sure they're safe.
No time.
Female voice on loudspeaker: Proceed to safe zones.
This is not a drill.
All personnel proceed to designated safe zones.
Kohl: Move! Let's go! Matlock: Get this crate on board.
Hurry! Shit.
Matlock: Hit them! Uh! Female voice on loudspeaker: Repeat.
This is not a drill.
Uh! Female voice on loudspeaker: Evacuation.
All personnel - Ah! - Richmond! Matlock: Now! Ah! Stonebridge: Shit.
Uh! Matlock: Hanson! Uh! Matlock: Right here.
Let's move! Go, go! Come on! Run! Hanson! It's Hanson! Take the shot, buddy! It's your kill! Hanson: Let's move! Come on! Come on.
Let's move, move, move! Take the shot, Michael! Moving! Move it up! Aaah! He jumped! Evans fucking jumped! Fuck.
Aaah! Zero, we've all got a clear shot on the tail rotor.
Hold fire.
It's loaded with radioactive materials and Christ knows what else.
Let it go.
Peter: They have nearly 50 kilos of highly enriched uranium and enough reflectors to triple that amount.
Now, they haven't assembled it and there are still some tests to be done, but if they still have the triggers, they can make Dalton: Well, at the very least, we've delayed him.
I'm going to need a full debrief of everything you saw.
Scott: Come on.
Stonebridge: There.
Harry: Come on, mom.
Stonebridge: Up there.
Peter: Uh! [Melissa screams.]
Stonebridge: Get down! [Melissa screams.]
Dalton: Scott! Got it! Melissa: Dad! Dalton: Scott! I got it! In the house.
In the house.
Dalton: Goddamn it.
What the fuck did you do that for? This is my way out.
I needed you to kill me.
Fuck, Rebecca.
You're not gonna die from those wounds.
All right? Yeah.
Scott: You have to hang on.
You got your out.
You take it.
Ok? Rebecca: Mm-hmm.
You promise me.
I promise.
Look, just hold there.
Hold on tight.
You got to get up.
Get out of here.
Sinclair: There's still no lead on Knox.
They slapped a "D" Notice on everything-- covered up any evidence that Coldfall Ridge was ever a nuclear storage facility.
Christ, we don't even know if that helicopter made it out of South African airspace.
It's possible the Israelis have got a track on Knox.
We could get Scott to intercept.
Mossad picked her up long before Evans' body went cold.
She's a ghost.
Major, we are about to be deported for an illegal raid on a civilian research facility.
We've got to move.
Knox has gone dark.
It's time we went dark, too.