Strike Back s03e08 Episode Script

Vengeance: Episode 8

Sinclair: Walter Lutulu, leader of the party for a Democratic Zimbabwe.
Knox is a known supporter.
Walter Lutulu with nukes.
They will need outside help if they're gonna make a move on Zimbabwe.
We could be looking at the beginning of a coup.
Let's start with the CIA.
Christy Bryant: If the regime had killed Walter, the opposition planned to install his daughter as the front-runner.
There are clear guidelines about the treatment of prisoners.
Knox ordered this.
My father--Walter Lutulu! [Cheering.]
You were with Conrad Knox.
Did you see any nuclear weapons? You have to help him! I'm trying to do the best I can! Stonebridge: This is the man responsible.
He shot Lutulu.
[Dog barks.]
Put the gun on the floor, nice and slowly.
Now get up, slowly.
My name's Michael Stonebridge.
I'm a British Military attaché.
And I need your help.
You've got a funny way of asking for it.
Take it.
You got some ID? Nothing you'd believe.
But right now, that's the least of our worries.
[Men shouting.]
Child: I saw him.
He's in there.
That mob that's gathering outside-- This is the man responsible.
He shot Lutulu.
He's lying! Hey, shut up.
I am a refugee.
This man has beaten and abused me.
Oi! I demand you lock him up! You want to go outside? You want to go outside and take your chances? No, no, no, no.
No? Then fucking get in that cell.
Come here.
Get in the cell.
I should have let them tear your arms off and beat you to death.
Get in there.
[Door closes and locks.]
What's your name? Moses.
- Moses? - Yeah.
It's nice to meet you.
How many officers do you have here? You're looking at it.
It's just a one-man operation.
I need you to call for reinforcements, yeah? If that mob gets in here, they're gonna lynch him, and us, too.
Man: I couldn't see where you were comin' from but I know just what you're running from and what matters ain't who's baddest but the ones who stop you falling from your ladder when you feel like you're feeling now and doing things just to please your crowd when I love you like the way I love you and I suffer but I ain't gonna cut you 'cause this ain't no place for no hero this ain't no place for no better man this ain't no place for no hero to go home this this ain't no place for no hero this ain't no place for no better man this ain't no place for no hero Richmond: Bravo One, are you receiving? Over.
Bravo Two, are you receiving? Over.
No cell, no comms.
Try and track where his last message came from.
What, with this equipment? [Kicks desk.]
Doctor: GSW to the mid-chest and shoulder.
Lilian: Father, look at me.
Doctor: Almost certain pneumothorax.
Shoulder through and through.
Tell surgical he'll need a central line, and get some blood up for an urgent cross-match for 6 units.
Is he going to be ok? Did you see what he was shot with? I think it was a 9 mm.
Move back.
Clear the corridor, please.
Patient coming through.
[Crowd shouting.]
[Metal clanging.]
Stonebridge: You all right? Yeah.
Call headquarters again.
Whatever you got paid for this It wasn't enough.
You'll never live long enough to spend one cent of it.
Fuck you.
All I want to know: Who signed you up? Hey, nobody signed me up for anything.
Lutulu? He's a colonialist puppet.
He deserves to die, and whoever did it is a hero of Zimbabwe! Papa, look at me.
Is he going to be ok? Look, I'm not going to lie to you.
His wounds are serious, but whoever helped him out on the way here has given him a fighting chance.
Walter: I should have been stronger for you.
Lilian: Don't say this.
I'm sorry, but I've got to ask-- Do you know the man that shot you? Sir, you're gonna have to step back.
Look, I'm a journo.
I've got to ask these questions.
Step back! Sorry.
Lilian: You can't die.
We made plans.
Don't leave me.
You have to stay with me, papa.
Uh! What the fuck? What the fuck? [Lilian screams.]
He killed him! Aah! [Gunshot.]
Lilian: Father! Fuck you! Lilian: Papa! No! No, papa! Scott: Come here.
Come here.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Lilian, come with me.
- Come with me! - Papa! Scott: I'm sorry.
We got to go.
Lilian: No! Lilian, come on.
Down there.
Fuck! Aah! Aah! Scott: Lilian! Come on! Go down! Go, go, go! Move! Hanson: Lilian! Lilian! [Door closes.]
Come on.
Hold up.
Hold up.
Come on.
Just stick with me.
All right, come this way.
Come on.
Hanson: Miss Lutulu! Lilian! My name's Craig Hanson! I've been sent by Conrad Knox! Scott: Come on.
Hanson: All I want is to take you to Mr.
You're not safe.
Scott: Lilian.
Hanson: I wouldn't listen to the man you're with.
Lilian, please.
Please, do not listen to him.
He knows Conrad.
He works for the Zimbabweans who killed your father! He's a killer, too! Scott: Come here.
Come here! Come on! Scott: That's it.
Just stick with me.
You've been set up.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Where was your getaway driver, hmm? Your backup team, your exfil plan? Face it--somebody wanted you dead.
Your tattoo First Combat Battalion, right? Zimbabwean Special Forces.
You guys were a tough unit.
Your only option is to talk to me.
I know what's going on.
I've been there myself.
I just want to know, does Conrad Knox play in any of this? [Door opens.]
No one is coming anytime soon.
We're on our own.
Fuck me.
Dead end.
Scott: Back here.
Just hide there.
[Lilian screams.]
Stay there.
Just stay there.
Who's the killer now, big man? Shut up, Hanson.
You're a fucking dead man.
Hanson: Do you hear that, Lilian? You saw what I saw.
I'm not the one shooting.
Scott: Don't listen to him, Lilian.
His men are the ones that killed your father.
Hanson: I wouldn't listen to a word he says.
Whatever he is saying is a lie.
Scott: Why don't you go do something useful, Hanson? Go donate some body parts.
I hear they're looking for assholes.
I'm unarmed.
I'm gonna come out.
Scott: Don't trust him, Lilian.
Hanson: I'm coming out, Lilian.
Here I come.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
I'm not.
Hanson: Easy.
I've just been sent for your protection.
That's it.
Knox is on the line right now.
You can ask him yourself.
Scott: That's bullshit.
Lilian, stay there.
What the fuck is your game, Hanson? Just showing Lilian who the good guy is in this situation.
What are you gonna do--shoot me? Yeah.
[Lilian screams.]
- What have you done? - Come here! Come here! Lilian: Are you crazy? He was unarmed! Move.
Move! Lilian.
[Scott grunts.]
Aah! Come here.
Kevlar? Fucking pussy.
Uh! Hanson: Fuck! [Both grunting.]
Fuck! Hanson: Aaah! Stay with me, all right? Mr.
Lutulu, who was recently broken out of a high-security prison in Harare, was gunned down today at a pro-democracy rally in Bukhoma Township.
We'll have more later.
Much more.
[Telephone rings.]
Yup? Man on TV: But in other news Major, it's Stonebridge.
Put him on speaker.
Bravo Two.
I haven't fully IDed the shooter, but he's ex-Zimbabwe Special Forces.
Dalton: Who sent him? He isn't saying.
Whoever did, they set him up.
He was waiting for support that never arrived.
He's pro Mugabe, fanatical.
"Cui bono"? Yeah.
Who benefits? The current regime.
They eliminate a rival, they get a free run at the next election.
Dalton: No.
It's too easy.
They control the electoral process anyway.
Too wily to pull something this public.
This assassination is gonna bring a firestorm down on their heads.
Where were Matlock's bodyguards when Lutulu made his speech? No, there was no one there.
Scott and I would have noticed.
Knox breaks him out and then leaves him exposed.
Why? This was never about Walter Lutulu taking over Zimbabwe.
This is about Conrad Knox.
Man on TV: Following the assassination of Walter Lutulu, a wave of unrest amongst the displaced Zimbabwean community in South Africa is spreading north to the borders of Zimbabwe itself.
Whilst denying any responsibility for Mr.
Lutulu's murder, a spokesman for the ruling Zanu-PF Party has squashed any talk of negotiating Moses? Here they come! How are we doing for ammo? Moses: Listen here.
I know these people.
I don't want to kill them.
We've got some less lethal options here.
I've never seen the point, myself.
NMIs? Uh-huh.
Electric shock.
Do they work? [Laughs.]
I volunteered when they were testing them.
Trust me, my friend, they will stop even the most committed of men.
Come with me.
Get in that ambulance.
[Lilian screams.]
Scott: Hey, shh, shh, shh.
It's just a dead body.
[Tires screech.]
Who are you? My name is Damien Scott.
I work for British Military Intelligence.
You're American.
It's kind of a long story.
What were British Military Intelligence doing in Bukhoma, hmm? We got a lead on your buddy Knox.
We were there to apprehend him.
Why? He's got ahold of some nuclear triggers for WMDs.
Conrad? That's ridiculous.
It might sound like that to you, but I'm telling you the truth.
That was us that saved you outside your office.
You? The guy that intervened His name was Sinclair.
He worked with us.
Right now, he's lying in a morgue.
Conrad had him killed.
[Crowd shouting.]
[Glass breaking.]
[Crowd shouting.]
It's about bloody time.
On your word.
[Crowd shouting.]
Go home before someone dies! Moses: Walter Lutulu was a man of peace! He would not have wanted this.
[Fires weapon.]
[Fires weapon.]
Aah! Get those cops.
You bring them in.
Moses: Let's go.
Let's go.
Stonebridge: Come on, come on, come on.
Moses, get inside.
I've got this.
Go, go! [Coughs.]
Give me the keys, please.
Woman: Looks like a fair bit of action here today.
Oh, this one.
[Keys jingling.]
Moses: Thanks.
Thanks for coming.
Woman: Well, take them if you have to.
Where do I sign, this form? Yeah, this half.
Where are you taking him? I'm taking the prisoner to the headquarters.
Is that the Samuelson Building on Long Street? Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, that's the one.
That's funny.
I thought the, uh, Cape Town HQ was on the corner of, uh, Buitenkant and Albertus.
Hey, man, it's been a hectic day, eh? Yeah, yeah, yeah, I bet.
Chaos everywhere.
Stonebridge: Yeah.
Aah! Stonebridge: Moses, they're not cops! [Gunshots.]
Moses, get down! Moses: What the fuck? Moses, get down! Moses, get the fuck down! Woman: Shut up! Shut up! I'll fucking kill him! Get the fuck down! Uh! Assassin: I'm ready to talk! I'm ready to talk! No shit.
Stonebridge: You all right? Moses: Yeah.
[Cell phone ringing.]
Matlock: Is he dead? Kohl, did you get him? Is he dead? No.
She is.
See if you can persuade Lilian to come here.
Scott: As you can guess, she's pretty shaken up.
I don't know if questioning her right now is the best idea.
Scott, do whatever you have to.
Just get her here.
[Crowd shouting.]
Your turn.
Look, the people who hired me-- I know where they have their base.
Get me out of here, and I'll take you there.
Who hired you? Who hired you?! Matlock! It was Karl Matlock.
[SUV engine revving.]
Let me out! I'm a trained soldier! I can help! [SUV engine revving.]
Moses, move! Move! Moses, get down! [Fires RPG.]
Uh! Aah [Breathing.]
Oh, God.
Stonebridge: Just do it.
Just do it.
Assassin: No, no, no, no! [Gunshot.]
Aah! [Gunshot.]
Man on TV: Reaction to the shooting has been unanimous in its condemnation.
In Washington, the Secretary of State moved swiftly to condemn the attack.
She stopped short of calling for military intervention but supported calls for the ruling Zanu Party to step down.
What did I tell you, Conrad? You've achieved more for Zimbabwe with one bullet than you will with those weapons.
[Telephone ringing.]
Can I assume that Walter's killer has met his just deserts? Yes, sir.
And 20's man? At my mercy.
When we've secured Lilian, you can dispose of him in any way you like, but until then, he remains our most valuable asset.
He killed Kohl.
Knox: I'm sorry to hear that, but I don't want to weaken my bargaining position while I have a deal to negotiate.
Lilian: We have to go back.
Scott: We can't.
It's not safe.
I need to be with my father.
Lilian, you-- The people I work with would like to see you.
Just let me take you in there, and they'll give you the background on Knox.
[Cell phone ringing.]
Go ahead, cocksucker.
You listen to me.
I have your friend.
You want him to live, you bring the girl to the abandoned textile factory at Manenberg.
Fuck me over, you'll be picking him up in a body bag.
What's wrong? It's Knox's man.
He wants to do an exchange.
You for my partner.
But don't you worry.
I'm not gonna let that happen.
I'm not worried.
If you don't take me, I'll go myself.
I need to see Conrad.
So do I.
Zero, are you getting all this? Let her do it.
It might even work in our favor.
For Christ's sake, get Stonebridge out of there.
Baxter, get kitted up and get down there.
He'll need your support.
Yes, ma'am.
Come on, Michael.
Come on.
[Tires screeching.]
[Cell phone rings.]
Scott: I'm here.
You give me Stonebridge, I give you the girl.
You don't make the rules here.
Get out.
Uh! Hold your positions.
Wait for my command.
Damien says "Duck.
" Huh? Matlock: Give me cover fire! Scott: There he is.
Get him, get him, get him! [Gunfire.]
Get in! You all right, Mikey? Scott: Did you like that one? Huh? Ha ha ha! Oh, Lilian.
Are you all right? I'm so sorry.
It's all my fault.
It's your fault? Well, inasmuch as I couldn't save Walter, yes.
Inasmuch as I couldn't marshal all the resources at my disposal to protect him, yes.
All the warning signs were there.
I promise you, we won't take any more risks.
While I have breath in my body, I'll do all I can to protect you.
The American I was with--he-- [SUV door closes.]
It was Damien Scott.
You know him? Where did you get this? Knox: Christy Bryant.
She's CIA, too.
You know her, I believe.
We've met.
Well, then you know that there are elements in that organization that are less morally scrupulous than others.
Now, I suspect Scott contracted himself out to the regime.
And they wanted him to remove Walter once and for all.
But he tried to help my father.
He may have wanted you to think he was helping him.
But he did help.
He protected me.
He shot the killers.
He rescued me from the law center.
That was him.
Lilian, there are people who run this continent as if it were their own.
Your father knew that more than anyone.
But his work needn't-- mustn't end here.
There's a growing clamor.
The people will rally behind you.
You're your father's daughter.
[Cell phone ringing.]
Richmond: Are you ok? Stonebridge: Thanks, bud.
Yeah, I'm all right.
Richmond: Let me see.
Woman on TV: Here at home, fresh discoveries have been made in the hunt for the assassins of Zimbabwean dissident Walter Lutulu.
The body of Ministerial Attaché Joseph Dreyer has been discovered at an address in Cape Town.
He had been shot.
Baxter: Oh, poor thing.
The police have issued images of two men Shit.
Wanted in connection with both murders.
We're famous.
My mommy's gonna be so proud.
She'd be a lot more proud if you'd found those nukes.
The last thing we need at this stage is you two muppets in the spotlight.
Muppets? [Laughter.]
Come here.
What? What? Walter's voice: Conrad was a valued friend, but his designs on my country are not what he pretends.
He wants power, and he has kept his true plans from me.
I now know that he would contaminate Zimbabwe with nuclear weapons.
When I confronted him, I saw how dangerous he has become, but I will not yield, no matter what the consequences are for me.
Vasiliev: There was a problem with the engineering in one of the pieces.
These components were not made to fit.
But I can adjust it.
However, there is no guarantee it will still work.
Brother, you, too.
Knox: Of course.
Man: Load them Did you set that up? Set what up? The call I just got from the CDZ.
They want me to lead the party.
That's wonderful! Of course I didn't set it up.
The people are giving you their voices, their mandate.
Surely you're not surprised.
Are you not prepared for this? All of it? Yes.
Yes, I am, but there's work to be done.
Can you arrange a press conference? The people will expect it.
Yes, of course I can.
And I need to spend some time with my father.
I can't leave without saying good-bye.
No, no, you must.
Tomorrow is a new dawn, hmm? Scott: About fucking time.
Richmond: Sorry.
It's all they had left.
- Here.
- Cheers.
- What'd you get? - Thank you, Baxter.
Stonebridge: So what's the plan? Dalton: Dreyer can't have been the only guy in Knox's pocket.
I mean, he's dead, right? And they're still issuing statements about us.
Well, then who do we go looking for? Sinclair would have had the answer to that.
Get me a list of everyone in the interior ministry.
Who to target, who to watch, who to follow.
Dalton: Shit.
Maybe we should have kept Dreyer alive.
No, we shouldn't have.
Scott: Huh.
Something to share with the class? Uh, yeah.
That's Lilian.
She wants to meet.
Papa I miss you.
[Door opens.]
I can't talk long.
What is it that you wanted to see me about? You were right about Conrad.
I found my father's diary.
In it, he describes how he found Knox's nuclear weapons.
Kill Knox for me.
I know you can do it.
I have seen your file.
If you do, I will tell you where he is, where the weapons are, but you've got to promise to kill Knox.
[Cameras clicking.]
Thank you for coming.
I'll try to keep this brief.
fled to this country to begin the fight for a freer, fairer Zimbabwe.
Two days later, not half a mile from this spot, he was gunned down.
His killers may have taken my father's life, but what they cannot take is his legacy.
The press will love her.
She will make for a more malleable partner? She's a woman.
I wouldn't presume to imagine that I could control her.
all his political life.
I have been invited to assume leadership Lilian on video: I can't pretend to have my father's strength Well, she's strong enough.
How can you be so sure? Trust me.
I know a capable woman when I see one.
his dream of a truly democratic Zimbabwe.
But men betrayed the dream that had brought them together.
Indeed, it was a former friend who took my father's life.
That man's name is Conrad Knox.
What? Conrad claims to be a friend of Africa, but he seeks only to bend Zimbabwe and its people to his will in the pursuit of wealth and power-- Power he would protect and defend with a nuclear arsenal.
She knew.
She fucking knew! Dalton: All right, you approach from the rear.
Richmond, Baxter, circle round.
I'll take up sniper position.
If you find the triggers, make every attempt to secure them.
Terminate anyone who tries to stop you.
Except Knox.
I want Knox taken alive.
All right.
Move out, [Grunts.]
Bravo Two, on me.
When my father found out, Knox had him killed.
I should never have trusted her.
I should never have listened to you.
I could have persuaded Walter.
I could have won him round.
There was no need to have-- If she betrayed you this publicly, she'll have betrayed you privately.
I suggest you take suitable precautions.
No, wait.
Greg, Joe, cover the left flank.
Bravo 3 and 4, to me, to me.
On my command, you go around the tent, all right? Matlock: This location's been compromised.
Prepare for immediate evac.
Yes, commander.
We can still do this.
Without the benefit of surprise? Without the people on your side? Without a leader? There are other leaders, other men we could approach.
I could do it.
It's over, Conrad.
And I promise you I will not rest until the blood of my father is avenged and justice is done.
Fuck! Where the fuck are you, Knox? This is Bravo One.
I've got no visual on Knox.
Dalton: Be advised, Bravo One.
X-ray approaching your position.
Aah! - Aah! - Coming down! Ooh! Bravo Two, coming to you.
Unh! Aah! Unh! Aargh! Unh! Secure the perimeter! Move it! Man: Go! Gaah! How you doing, bud? Yeah, good.
Moving! Come! Unh! Unh! Zero, I've got eyes on target now.
Pursue and secure, Bravo One-Two.
Mikey, there's a truck at our 2:00 being loaded.
Go for it? Go! Move it! Unh! [Grunts.]
Man: More guns! Quick! Quick! Mikey, the truck's leaving! Got us some wheels.
Get the fuck out! Move, move, move! Yaah! Fuck! [Breathing heavily.]
Aah! Aargh! Move! Unh! Aah! Get a bit closer.
Copy that.
Yah! Unh! Unh! Oh! Hanson! It's Matlock! We've been hit by 20! Fuck me! Jesus fucking Christ! Scott, you get me as close as you can, yeah? Got it.
Scott: Ok, good! Stop the fucking truck right now! Stop it! Fuck! Pull over! Pull the fucking truck over! Engine.
Cut the engine off right now.
Turn it off.
Mike, got him.
Got him.
Scott: Throw the fucking keys.
Stonebridge: You got 'em? Yeah.
What you got back there? What you got, Mikey? Shit! Zero, target retrieved.
You got 'em? Just the one.
All right.
What's that, one down, 3 to go? Fuck.
And Knox? No, that's a negative.
He's long gone.
Nice fucking jump, buddy! Ha ha! Shit.
I'm sorry.
He was gone by the time we got there.
I know.
So what are you gonna do now? I have a party to run An election to fight.
And you? I've got a promise to keep.
Hanson: Sir.
Tango Team were heavily engaged at Nostromo Base.
They took multiple casualties.
It's lucky we got out when we did.
What about the device? Captured.
No matter.
It was worth the sacrifice.
Well, now what? Now we make them pay.