Strike Back s03e09 Episode Script

Vengeance: Episode 9

Zimbabweans, my father, Walter Lutulu! You've achieved more for Zimbabwe with one bullet than you will with those weapons.
What are you gonna do? Are you gonna shoot me? Yeah.
Fuck! Kevlar? Fucking pussy.
Conrad Knox took my father's life.
She fucking knew.
Pull the fucking truck over! Target retrieved.
You got 'em? - Just the one.
- And Knox? No, that's negative.
All right, what's that? One down, three to go? Good drive? Long drive.
But I understand.
You need to keep a low profile.
I'm here because I want to be.
Untouched, real.
So how are things in Johannesburg? It's good to visit you.
My man has already picked up the first crate for the Nigerians.
They will broadcast the demands we agreed, a week after receiving your weapon.
The US and the Chinese corporations will have no choice but to move out of Southern Nigeria.
Then all that oil wealth will go back to the people who live there.
You're a visionary, Mr.
Zimbabwe would never have worked.
But the people you represent Are your kindred spirits.
They share your commitment and desire to force change throughout the continent.
And, uh The other matter.
Any of my associates will gladly offer you sanctuary.
Fill it up.
Toilet? Toilet.
Hey! We got something.
We've been poring over everything that was left of the mercenary camp.
On site, there was a truck customized to carry one of the warheads, and the license plate number was from a batch of 4 vehicles bought from a dealership in Port Elizabeth.
One of the other plates was just called in after a double murder at a petrol station in Mogoto.
That's 100 miles north of here.
We managed to piggyback to get the truck's movements.
In the time lapse between images, the only cover he could have got was in Masobe.
The van is red-hot.
He's probably holed up, waiting for another vehicle.
Tell me you have a bead on it.
I'm on it.
All right.
Scott, Stonebridge, you are up.
M1 north.
You'll be briefed en route.
If I understand Conrad Knox at all, as long as he believes there's something to fight for, that's what he'll do Right to the end.
- Come on, bud.
Speed it up.
- Yeah.
Take it up to warp factor 8.
I never had you down as a closet Trekkie.
Gotta love a show that kept asking Mr.
Scott for more thrust.
I couldn't see where you were comin' from but I know just what you're running from and what matters ain't who's baddest but the ones who stop you falling from your ladder when you feel like you're feeling now and doing things just to please your crowd when I love you like the way I love you and I suffer but I ain't gonna cut you 'cause this ain't no place for no hero this ain't no place for no better man this ain't no place for no hero to go home this this ain't no place for no hero this ain't no place for no better man this ain't no place for no hero Bravo, last coordinates put the truck of your location.
Ma'am? Police are on their way.
If the police spook the driver, then God knows what he'll do.
We'll have to get to the truck first.
Mike, it's in there.
Let's go.
Ok, wait.
Count down from 3.
We go in at the same time.
On one.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
We're not going on one.
You go in after that.
Are you fucking serious? Yeah, I'm dead fucking serious.
Everybody knows that.
That's when you go in.
I'll lend you my "Lethal Weapon" box set.
That's 1, 2, 3, go.
- That's not-- - Fuck! Move! That's the same fucking crate! Target vehicle traveling south.
Where'd he go? He's driving parallel.
He's parallel! He's there.
Zero, positive ID.
It must be a nuke.
Zero, we're in pursuit.
The roads converge in 500 meters.
You need to get in front of the van and slow it down.
- Move away! - Move! Move! Get out of the way! Shut the fuck up! Sorry.
Slower! Shit.
Major, the police are setting up roadblocks.
They've got no idea there's a warhead on board.
Stop the car! Stop the car! Zero, the guy's not stopping.
Tell them to open the roadblock! Zero, come in! Tell them not to open fire! - They mustn't open fire! - Fire! Fuck! Shit.
Dear God.
An explosion that big with a nuclear warhead There'll be uranium oxide showering over that whole town.
Ok, meteorological updates, wind speed directions now! Quarantine that whole area.
Fuck! Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on, let's find your parents.
Come on.
All right.
Here we go.
Here we go.
Look at these nurses.
Is he yours? Is everyone accounted for? Do you know how many? As far as we can possibly tell.
Have you guys been tested? There.
Right there.
When you receive water, please sign.
There's no evidence of elevated radiation levels.
But we have to conduct another check for any signs of lymphocytes.
We understand a neighboring town has been completely evacuated.
South African government sources are talking about a gas leak being the cause of this explosion, but until we receive an official statement, that's all just speculation.
Certainly the people of this town have never experienced anything like this before Christian? And a few I spoke to earlier are very frightened.
Is everything all right? They've been taken from their homes and bussed to a medical facility nearby.
But nobody's telling them why they're being monitored or even if there is any danger.
Something to eat, darling? Stay tuned for more from Masobe - Ok, baby.
- outside Johannesburg.
It's a fucking disaster.
It was unfortunate.
The plan is still intact, the principle unchanged.
Well, my people will move them from now on.
And what about the Nigerians? Leave the Nigerians to me.
I'll be in touch.
Christian Lucas's office.
Yes, sir.
Those flights I asked you to book.
We're still waiting for confirmation, Mr.
I want his address.
Have you told Knox it was 20? We don't know it was 20.
I flogged all my medals after my brother-- What's that for? Congo, '97.
You ever do peacekeeping? Mostly between my mum and dad.
What happened in the Congo wasn't a war.
It was a race to the deepest pit of hell, cheered on by politicians and foreign businessmen.
I couldn't tell either side apart, but all they could see was the difference in each other.
The banality of evil.
Something had to change.
Someone had to do something.
Found a cause, have we? What are you still here for? I got nothing else.
Are you all right? Can you believe this? The nurse gave us the all clear.
She gave us potassium iodide tablets for any residual radiation.
Stonebridge, what's going on? On the way here, after I thought we'd been exposed, all I was thinking about was Hanson.
I can't get him out of my head.
And you have to know, there's always a chance that I'll make a mistake because of that.
Let me tell you a secret.
When I first allowed you back into this unit, I didn't actually read your psych report.
I still haven't.
But every time your name was mentioned, I saw the reaction amongst the team, and they told me without saying a word that you make all of them You make all of us better soldiers.
And I haven't seen anything to make me doubt my decision.
You will have your moment with Hanson.
You and Scott get cleaned up.
Need you back in the crib in two hours.
Yes, ma'am.
Major Rachel Dalton.
Captain Marcus Radebe.
Special Task Force.
We are grateful to your men for their help in the evacuation.
However, you could have informed us that you were tracking the vehicle and what it contained.
You'll understand my hesitancy to share intelligence, since it was an official of your government who murdered my most valued officer.
From now on, you have our full support.
Do you have any idea what Knox is planning to do with the weapons? Not as yet, but if he has purpose, a man like Conrad Knox won't leave any cards unplayed.
Bad news for us that he has two left.
The police found the dead driver's wallet in the shack in Masobe.
He's been identified as Winston Nyendeni.
What do we know about him? Small-time crook with a history of violence.
Dodged an attempted murder rap two months ago.
But mobile phone records show that he exchanged 5 calls with the same number in the period after the shooting.
We're running it.
Oh, and, Major We have a visitor.
To what do we owe this pleasure? Langley instructed me to make contact, offer up any assistance following that little accident up the road.
How very thoughtful of them.
I suppose you must have time on your hands now you're not dabbling in hostile takeovers.
I'm not making any apologies for backing an attempt to oust the Mugabe regime.
We would have had our foot in Zimbabwe, Knox would have been put out to pasture, and the nukes turned over to the UN in a couple of years.
Wishful thinking must be a symptom of advancing years because what I saw was you fostering a wave of anarchy across Africa, with a zealot like Conrad Knox at its heart.
A zealot you put on the run.
He's the most wanted man in the world, with two nukes up for sale.
He's not selling.
Not his character.
So now you're gonna shrink him? Face it, Rachel.
You went balls out on Knox, and it backfired big-time.
I'm asking myself how we're even in this mess when you've got a man like Damien Scott on your team, someone I know who will take an order and see it through, even if it means laying down his life.
It seems to me he's getting the wrong orders.
Well, I suppose if I was to adopt your methods, I'd be barking them on all fours.
Now if you're quite done, Mother Teresa, you can tell Langley that we decline their generous offer.
Lads, get her out of here.
Did you tag her car? Damn right.
Nice work.
I still don't get it.
Get what? That countdown bullshit.
You count down, you go on 1.
No, that's bollocks.
What about the space shuttle? You move on zero.
Zero's not even a number, dude.
Excuse me.
Captain, welcome.
Hey, how are you? Good.
What the fuck are you doing here? You should be nicer to your old friends.
You might need them.
this little screw-up.
Still thinking about coming home, soldier? What was she doing here? Making a heart-rending attempt to build bridges.
We put a tracker on her car.
Christy doesn't build bridges.
She's playing some sort of angle.
She's smart.
She actually spoke very fondly of you, too.
Meaning what, exactly? Look, I don't care what hold that woman has over you.
She can mind-fuck us and fuck you all she likes.
But all I care about right now is finding those warheads.
Yeah, I know.
And happily sacrifice this unit just to do that.
You might fool them, lady, but you don't fool me.
I need an update.
So the team have been looking into the dead driver's phone records.
The number he was in contact with belongs to this man-- Christian Lucas.
A controversial figure.
Young hotshot lawyer-- a grandstander.
He's risen fast, making police work impossible and representing killers and bombers who have murdered hundreds of innocent people.
He's been making a name for himself in West and Central African countries.
Defending terrorists.
Yeah, but not really the kind of people who can afford to buy a nuke.
And no links to Knox that we know of.
I want him brought in.
We need payback now, Mr.
You need to give me time.
You can't just come to my house like this.
I've told you we will figure this out.
- Hi.
- Hello.
May I help you? Yeah, you can.
We'd like to talk to your husband.
Excuse me.
Who are you? What do you want? Sorry.
He's a Yank.
We lost our bomb.
We want our money back, eh? - Christian.
- Who's this? Don't get up.
Just came to find out if you'd welcomed Jesus Christ into your life.
How about you, mate? Are you in need of salvation? You need to leave.
Why don't you come with us.
Christian, what's going on? What are you doing here? You want to take him outside? I thought I told you to stay upstairs.
Get down! Fuck! Shoot them! Move! Move in! Go! Fuck.
Shit! Lucas.
Hallelujah, brother.
You's been saved.
You're coming with us.
Members of the movement for the emancipation of the Niger Delta.
Mend--they kidnap, kill, and terrorize in the name of liberating Southern Nigeria from big oil, and as I understand it many of them receive the benefits of your eloquence in court.
So why, I ask myself, did they come after you? Well, you can tell us nothing, and we'll send you and your family back home where the Nigerians can try again.
Is that what you want? The warhead that went up was supposed to go to Mend.
To terrorists.
Freedom fighters-- people who are trying to stop a steamroller with sticks and stones.
People who take innocent lives to further their cause.
Does Knox actually understand who these people are? Knox is a romantic.
You're using him.
He believes in change.
By giving gangsters a portable apocalypse? Yes, and by forcing out the foreign parasites.
Delusional bullshit.
Now, I will ask you once again, why did they come after you? I took some money in payment from the Nigerians, and now it's gone.
I have debts.
They saw their bomb was lost, and they wanted paying back.
So why not just give them one of the other weapons? Because they're already spoken for, aren't they? By whom? Contacts in Sudan, Somalia.
Have they received them yet? Not yet But I am the only conduit to these people.
Knox was in charge of the transport.
Once they were all in Jo'burg, I'd be told.
So here's what you're gonna do.
You're gonna play along with Knox.
Contact him, arrange a meeting for tomorrow morning, and we will track you there.
And if I refuse? Are you going to kill me? I'll become a martyr to what I believe in.
And what about your wife and your child? Are they willing to be martyrs, too? Please.
Do not make threats that you will not see through.
There's a reason this is a deniable unit, Mr.
To stop nuclear warheads falling into the hands of radicalized killers.
Do you really think that I wouldn't give that order? You disgust me.
Any intelligence agency can monitor emails that have been sent and received, so if you want to avoid detection, leave it in the draft box for anyone else with access to read.
Al-Qaeda used the same system, but he'd know that.
And whatever happens when you follow him, this tracker ensures there's nowhere in Jo'burg he can hide.
Lucas You're set.
My old man used to say, "Never trust a soldier who can't look himself in the eye.
" He was full of shit.
What a surprise.
You're still clinging on to it, aren't you? Medals, honor, the code.
What do you know about a code? Well, I know when you let it go, it's a weight off your shoulders.
Anyway, haven't we got an appointment to keep? Right.
As we know, whoever is meeting Lucas will lead us to Knox.
We are here to make sure that Lucas goes through with it, but we must ensure absolutely no visibility.
Do not get made.
Zero, we're here, one block north of the RV point.
All right, I'm out.
See you guys in there.
I am only doing this for my son and for my wife.
And does your wife know what type of people you do business with? She understands that in the places where I fight cases-- Lagos, Kinshasa, Niamey-- There are compromises.
There are compromises in the fight for freedom.
How about you? How does your wife feel about you coming to foreign countries to kill people? She knew what it meant to marry a soldier, if that's what you mean.
She knew the cost.
Captain, make sure your men do not move in until we give the word.
Just act natural.
Nice and easy.
Hey, Scott.
Go ahead.
Just something Lucas said.
He said about working in Niamey.
That's where Christy Bryant was stationed, right? Zero, do you copy? Scan any recent CIA transmissions for any reference to Christy Bryant.
Stay calm, stay calm.
The target's entering rendezvous building.
That's one of Jo'burg's biggest brokerage firms.
Maintaining visual on Lucas.
Trading bell is imminent.
Any minute now, that lobby is going to be packed.
Tracker is up and running.
Scott, take the rear of the building.
Copy that.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Where'd he go? I don't know.
Zero, where is he? Bravo, he's still there.
He must be on the floor below you.
What's underneath them? Parking lot.
Come on.
He's leaving.
Come on.
Move! All right, go! - Bravo, we've got him again.
- Move! Tracker puts him at south exit.
Target is moving, and fast.
Zero, Matlock's got Lucas.
Target traveling westbound.
Bravo, return to your vehicle.
Fuck! Bravo, the tracker puts Lucas entering a building Should be here.
Zero, you got eyes on him? Bravo, target is ascending.
He's in the lift.
You check down there.
I'm gonna look for another entrance.
Go! Bravo, be advised, target is stationary, sixth floor.
Zero, this is Bravo One in position.
Elevator, underground level.
I got eyes on Matlock's vehicle.
I need to explain.
Oh, please don't.
Did you do well at school? Of course you did.
I didn't.
Got kicked out when I was about 15.
Got a job in an old printing works.
They put me in the accounts department.
Filling in those big ledgers.
Bravo, target is still on the sixth floor.
Activating thermal imaging to confirm other occupants.
This is Radebe.
All personnel to move.
Target What the hell are you doing? Spencer mansions.
I'm sending in my men.
This is my mission! And this is my city, Major! Knox could have an army up there.
Move! I am leading this operation.
Go, go, go! Zero, I got a tactical unit coming toward me.
What the fuck is going on? Zero, advise.
Bravo, op will be led by tactical unit.
That is an order.
Fucking kidding me? Just get Knox.
Filling in those ledgers was tedious and mundane work, but there was a kind of beautiful logic about those columns.
Good credit, bad debt.
Cause and effect.
Dear God.
Christy Bryant.
The CIA disavowed her 4 days ago, and she knows we're on to Lucas.
Action and consequence.
Damn it! Scott, Bryant knows we turned Lucas.
Knox has to know, too.
Get them out of there.
Copy that.
Who's the commanding officer? And I'm looking at one of those ledgers right now.
You are on the bad side of the page, Mr.
Christian Lucas.
Who's the commanding officer? You? Hey.
My name is Sergeant Scott.
I'm with British Military Intelligence.
Stop your guys going in there.
I can't do that, sir.
I have orders.
Yeah, well, I've got orders, too, so get your men back.
Shit! Bravo One, I'm at the back.
There's no way in.
I'm gonna have to find another way.
Bravo, be advised target is on the move again.
Which way? He's descending.
Red team, move in.
- Move in, team.
Move in! - Hey! Bravo, thermal gives us a second occupant leaving the building.
East stairwell.
You see, I know that you betrayed me to Section 20.
Be advised, sixth floor is vacant.
No occupants.
Bravo One, get out of there! It's a trap! Abort! Abort! - Get your men out of there! - No.
We're in the wrong fucking building.
- No! - Get them out of there! We're in the wrong fucking building! Get your men out now! Get them the fuck out of there! Can't you hear me? Get the fuck out! Get back here now! Holy shit.
Bravo, come in.
Report status.
Red team, come in.
Come in, red team.
Bravo, come in.
- Roll! - Stay down! Aah! Aah! Bravo, come in.
Jesus Christ.
This is on Bryant.
Activating the tracker now.
Fuck! Tracker up.
We have Bryant's coordinates.
What the fuck? Gotcha, Christy.
They threatened my family! Well, of course they did.
Scott, come in.
Bravo One, come in.
I wanted the Nigerians to have the power your weapon would have given them.
But you thought that you could treat them like your puppets.
Shit! Bravo One, come in! I have eyes on Hanson! Hanson! Sit down.
Sit down! Move.
Move! Hanson! Don't you fucking move! I'm not going anywhere, Michael.
Eyes on Stonebridge.
Dear God.
Do it.
Do it! You know you want to, Michael! Drop your weapon! Drop your weapon! Those are regular police.
They don't know who he is.
They will shoot.
Do it! Put the gun down or we will shoot! You are surrounded by police! Drop your weapon! You are under arrest! You are surrounded! Yes? You should have shot me, Michael.
You had your chance.
You know, don't kid yourself you're any different than me.
You're just a killer with a get-out-of-jail free card.
Ok, Roineck, you can go.
See what I mean? Come on.
This way.
Promise you'll never forgive me.
You are right about something.
These weapons will be lied and cheated over until the day they If it's only money they want, these Nigerians could still be of use.
But I'm afraid nothing will really change until I let these bombs go off.