Strike Back s04e04 Episode Script

Shadow Warfare: Episode 4

Previously on Strike Back James Leatherby, ex-SAS, smuggles drugs, dirty money.
- a barman? - He's just a friend.
You belong to me.
You want to get yourself killed, go ahead, I'm through.
- File from the CIA didn't mention a kid.
- Keep it that way.
A man like Kamali sells himself as whoever you need him to be.
CIA asset, terrorist, money launderer.
- I borrowed some money.
- How much? Comfirm target.
- Negative.
It's a female.
- Bring her in.
Consider yourself on extended leave.
Effective immediately.
I'm taking direct command of this unit.
I want you to bear one thing in mind.
I have nothing to lose.
Get out.
Check the back of the house.
Uh! Ester! _ _ _ _ _ Get off me! Let me go! Get off! Where's your father? Spit in my face? Where is he?! Put her in the car.
Let go! Let me go! Get off me! OK, Sofia, it's time to talk.
I couldn't see where you were comin' from but I know just what you're running from and what matters ain't who's baddest but the ones who stop you falling from your ladder when you feel like you're feeling now and doing things just to please your crowd when I love you like the way I love you and I suffer but I ain't gonna cut you 'cause this ain't no place for no hero this ain't no place for no better man this ain't no place for no hero to call home this this ain't no place for no hero this ain't no place for no better man this ain't no place for no hero to call home Leatherby has my daughter.
He has Ester.
- You stood in my home.
You made a promise.
- Yeah.
Well, I need your help.
You get her out for me.
Whatever you think of me, Ester is the one true thing I have left, and I wasn't there for her.
Kamali, we said we had your back, and we meant it.
Now you need to let us do that.
You are no use to us dead.
Leo, I swear to you that we'll bring her home.
OK? Colonel, we're gonna go get his daughter back.
Then I'll need something from you.
You know this place better than anyone else.
Sofia Abboud is the only lead we have, our only chance to find out what al-Zuhari is planning.
Find me Dalton.
Does your father love you, Sofia? Of course.
You know he's been giving financial aid to al-Zuhari, and you know about the atrocity al-Zuhari staged in Jordan last year.
Politics does not interest me.
The victims of that Jordan attack they weren't just U.
military personnel they were women and children, Muslims, too.
They're your people, Sofia.
Your father gave you a message to give to al-Zuhari, didn't he? Why have you brought me here? He's using you, manipulating you.
That's not love.
You're a pawn.
And you? What are you? Are you even a woman? You have a husband, children, anyone? Who are you? You talk to me about love, but who loves you? Who do you love? Enough! It's simple.
You find Dalton, you call me, we bring her in.
Leo, don't worry about Ester.
Do you believe in God? Because if you do, you should pray that your father very quickly comes to understand and accept the cost of betrayal.
Life's not fair, is it? Someone always gets left behind.
Once upon a time it was me, and this time it's you.
You feel sorry for her, don't you? That's why I keep you around to remind me of how I used to feel.
So we let Kamali have his daughter back, and he gives us the diamonds.
Kamali fucked with me.
He's mine.
You you find me some other man.
Every Englishman has his castle, huh? Yeah, but he's Scottish.
There's a difference? Yeah.
The Scots like to fight and eat deep-fried Mars Bars, and the English are never wrong about anything.
His compound is Security? Up to 20 hired guns.
The guy doesn't do subtle, huh? What is it, Mikey? You thinking about Dalton? Yeah, a bit.
Yeah, in my eyes, dude, Locke made the right choice.
She had it coming.
She's a fucking psycho.
The problem I'm having is that nobody recognized it till it was too late, man.
Well, we did, but what can we do, you know? No, not us.
The suits at the top.
They always want their pound of flesh, don't they? Just to make sure, Richmond, Kim.
Hmm? You're taking sniper positions on the roof.
Scott and I are gonna grab Ester and head for the exfil.
If anyone has a chance to grab Leatherby, we use him to get intel on the Abboud woman.
- Copy that.
- Roger that.
How's the hand? It hurts.
I'm sorry.
These things happen.
I said I'm fucking sorry, didn't I? Thank you.
Thank you for pulling me from the car.
Thank you.
You know, sometimes I wish you had the guts to fucking hate me.
Uh! Uh! Where's the girl? _ What did he say? I think he said "No English.
" See that? Uh! Where's the girl? I'll take you there.
Thought so.
You should consider teaching English as a second language, mate.
I am.
Ester, come here.
All right, put this on you.
It's a little bit sweaty.
Slip into that.
Sorry, it's a bit big.
It's not made for kids.
Usually fat Americans.
Target acquired.
Two seconds, Mike.
Bravo one and two headed for exfil now.
I have Leatherby.
Repeat, I have Leatherby.
Let's take him with us.
I'm coming to you.
Copy that.
On your 10.
Ah! Uh! Uh! Coming to you.
Move, move.
Come with me.
Over there.
Over there! Mike! Uh! Set.
Get in the fucking car, you fucking idiot! Hello.
Commander, I need a favor.
Of course.
Of course.
First firefight, huh? You kicked ass, kid.
Well done.
Thank you.
All of you, thank you very much, though.
Now look what you did.
You made him blush.
Fuck off I mean, knock it off.
Knock it off, I said.
Excuse him.
You'll find that Sergeant Scott has a very limited vocabulary.
Zero, this is Bravo One.
We have the primary package, but Leatherby is very much in play.
Roger, Bravo One.
Anything from Kamali on Major Dalton? No word from Kamali yet, sir.
You're crazy! I told you I don't know anything! What are you doing? What's the message, Sofia? No? There is there is no message.
There is no message.
No message? Last chance, Sofia.
Oh, no No.
It looks like we're in Hezbollah territory.
No kidding.
Someone hung the bunting out.
It's a welcoming committee.
Heads up.
We've got company.
Coming at us on the left.
Yeah, they're Hezbollah, all right.
Fuck! Ester, will you get in the back for me, please? We've got them on our left.
Right behind us.
Guessing they're friends of Leatherby's.
On our 6.
And more on our 9.
Bomber blocking our 6.
Head for the hut.
Copy that.
Go, go, go! Run, run! Run! Close it up! You all right? Yeah.
Zero, this is Bravo team.
Yeah, we ran into a Hezbollah roadblock and lost our ride.
It looks like Hezbollah is jamming our visuals, but we'll continue to monitor their comms.
Keep comms open at all times.
There's Leatherby.
Come on, let's get out of here.
Let's find an exit.
Honey, can you come with me? Yeah.
Let's go.
Ladies, you stay here.
We'll be right back.
Copy that.
If this is British Special Forces, they'll be monitoring Hezbollah comms.
Find me the channel.
No! No! No! Aah! What's the message, Sofia? There is no message.
No? This is how it's gonna be.
No! Why, Sofia, would you do this for al-Zuhari? Please.
No! _ You say that it's al-Zuhari that is a monster, a butcher, a fanatic.
But you know nothing about him.
So why don't you tell me? Al-Zuhari is kind, generous, and gentle.
Who are you? I'm al-Zuhari's wife.
He's here, isn't he? He brought you to meet him.
Kill me.
I will never tell you.
You've been in Beirut for 3 months.
I've known your every move.
This is my world.
Locke sent me.
Where is the woman? She's here.
I want to help you.
You? Can help me? We both want the same thing.
And what is that, exactly? To find al-Zuhari.
To stop him.
She's his wife.
Then she is the key.
You were right.
Rachel, for what it's worth, let me speak to her.
Can I? Be my guest.
The Sofia Abboud file, sir.
You're a long way from Hereford.
Get me voice on that channel.
Leatherby? Who is this? This is Philip Locke.
The Philip Locke I've heard so much about? I always thought you were an overrated little fucking dwarf, myself.
Possibly, but I wasn't the one capture by Saddam's weekend warriors, was I? Let my boys go, James.
They're just out there doing their job.
You have my word when I'm done, I will carve out their hearts and send them back marked for your attention.
These boys won't beat the clock, Phil.
Don't count on it.
Oh, my God.
We're gonna head for the roof and look for an exit there, yeah? Let's do it.
Let's move.
Yeah, moving.
I'll have a peek left, yeah? Right.
You ready? Go, go, go, go.
Ester, stand there.
Come on.
I said stay over there, kid.
Is my dad some kind of spy? Get down.
That's the kind of question you should ask him.
Do you have a family? Yeah.
I got some parents, live in separate states, which is great for the family.
I got a couple of brothers.
They're idiots.
No, I meant of your own.
You ask a lot of questions, huh, kid? You got a cigarette? Didn't get to the shop today.
Zero, over.
This is Bravo One.
Come in.
What's your position? Right now we're stuck between a rock and a hard Scot.
It looks like Hezbollah has locked down the whole of Dahieh.
You know if there was anything we could do Yeah.
I understand.
Be advised, new intel on Sofia Abboud.
She's al-Zuhari's wife.
Are you fucking kidding me? Do you have a location on Dalton yet? That's a negative.
If she's broken Abboud, she'll be headed for wherever that woman was going to be taken.
And Yeah.
And Leatherby's the only other person who knows where that's at.
That's a roger.
And, Bravo One, let's get that address from Leatherby.
Up on the roof.
What are we waiting for? Let's kill those bastards, huh? Aah! All right, boys.
This is where it ends.
We have done with Hope and Honor.
Mike! You all right? Ester, come with me.
We are lost to Love and Truth.
Fuck! What is it? God have mercy You're OK.
You're OK.
On such as we.
Ester! Ester! Come on.
Let's go.
Keep down.
I am not leaving my lads out there.
Let's move.
Yes, sir.
Go! Uh! Scott! On me.
Come here! Come here! Move, move, move! Changing! Changing! Mikey! Yeah, yeah, yeah.
De nada.
Gun overhead.
Get down.
Don't shoot him.
Don't shoot him.
That's Leatherby's boyfriend.
I'd better go up there, take him alive, force his sugar daddy to tell us where he took the woman.
Yeah, roger that.
Ester, stay with the girls, all right? Yeah.
Behave for them, all right? Moving.
This is Zero.
Bravo One, we're on our way.
Heads up.
Come here.
Come here.
It's OK.
It's OK.
I It's OK.
I can help you.
I can help you.
Oi, Braveheart! _ We need to talk.
Does this belong to you? Huh? Give me 10 minutes.
All right.
Sofia, you have to tell this woman what you know! _ _ Were you to meet al-Zuhari? _ _ Shh.
I'll leave you to think about it.
What did you say to her? That I'd let her get out of here.
She'll never tell us where al-Zuhari is, but if we let her escape, she will lead us to him.
What do you want? A free ride home, hmm? Even if I walk away, Hezbollah will still want you dead.
We just need an address from you.
That's it.
Where were you taking Sofia Abboud? Ha.
You think I give a shit about him? You're here, aren't you? Why are you here? For Queen and Country, huh? The truth is, you're here for the same reason I am our dirty little secret.
This is great fucking fun, eh? Eh? Try telling that to the old dear standing next to you in the queue in the supermarket.
You never feel more fucking ALIVE than the moment that you're killing another human being.
You speak for yourself.
Oh, come on.
Come on.
You're a smart lad.
You know you're out here killing for oil, dollars, and dividends.
It's just easier to pretend otherwise.
And then and then when you've bled out in some fucking shithole like this, and you will, and they don't bother turning up for your funeral, they'll just post your family, if you've got one, a fucking medal.
A fucking medal! Second class.
They never came back for you, did they? That's what all this is about, isn't it? Yeah, I understand.
But you're still not gonna let me kill your boy here.
James, don't Don't whine like a girl.
Be a man.
Make a choice! Shut the fuck up! You'd better fucking convince him.
James, look at me.
Shut the fuck up! James, please.
Make a choice.
Please, don't let them do this.
James! Don't let them do this! James.
James, look at me, please! Rue Eville.
Good work.
Zero, did you copy that? Go on.
You fucking traitor.
It's OK.
Come with me.
Let's go.
I'll see you in hell, soldier.
What the fuck you got there? Mikey.
What the fuck is that? Zero, this is Bravo Two.
Braveheart and his boyfriend KIA.
We're headed back to you now.
Did you copy that address, 7 Rue Eville? Roger.
On the road now.
Radio your exfil, and we'll pick you up en route.
You've done it.
He's here, Rachel.
I copy.
Where are you, Rachel? We're at Rue Eville.
Sit tight and observe only.
Stay on open channel.
We're on our way.
Dalton's at Rue Eville.
Let's move! Move! Get the girl back to the Crib.
Get in the car.
Get in the car.
Mike, Scott, you're with me! Go, go.
Go, go, go! Sofia.
You've come a long way.
Where's my husband? He couldn't be here, but he told me to tell you he's truly sorry.
Uh! I have a shot inside.
Rachel, get out of that house now.
Get out of that house now, Rachel.
Too late.
Goddammit! I'm sorry.
Uh! Uh! You know my face, do you? From all those Special Branch files, right? What are you, a soldier? Well, Brit, this one's for my brother.
Aaah! Fuck, did you hear that?! MacKenna.
So here's how it ends.
I'm famous, and you're done.
Going right.
She's gone.
I was too late.
Behind that wall! Whatever Sofia was carrying, she took it.
Who? Mairead MacKenna.
Real IRA.
What? What the fuck is the real IRA doing in the middle of this? I don't know, but that was her voice on comms.
She was right.
Thank God you're all right! I'm fine.
Are you OK? Yeah.
- Are you sure? - Uh-huh.
I love you.
I love you, too, Dad.
We're gonna go.
Um, you'd, um, make an all right dad, too.
Really? You're a pretty good kid.
We're done.
It's all good.
What is this? A pebble? Oh, fuck, it's not a pebble.
That would be one very expensive pebble.
That is an uncut diamond.
Really? Really.
How much? It's enough for you to get home, get out of trouble.
Why are you doing this for me? I don't know.
Probably because you want to get home and see your family fix things.
And if I want to say "Thank you"? Well begin with this.
That is not a girl's name.
It's my hotel.
Don't eat that.
Not good for you.
_ _ I'm just thinking, what the fuck do we do after all this, you know? Are you talking about a get-out plan? Well, I suppose.
Almost died out there because of her.
Ah, look.
No matter how crazy she was, I have to believe she did some things for the right reasons.
Really, like getting Baxter killed? No, no.
She did end up like him, though, and Leatherby.
Maybe he was right.
Huh? Leatherby.
We're all heading for the same place.
The only thing that changes is when we get there.
Fuck it.
It's not like I got a great retirement, anyway.
Come on.
I don't know about that.
Did you hand yours in already? Uh I'll take that as a no.
Let's work, Sergeant Stonebridge.
Yeah, well, if I did, they might start asking questions like, were there any others? Right, so you just didn't hand them in to protect me.
Yeah, I'm protecting you, my mate.
That makes me feel much better.
Uh-huh? Yeah.
We're on it.
What did they say? They spotted MacKenna on a CCTV camera at the airport.
She's heading for Budapest.
_ _
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