Strike Back s04e05 Episode Script

Shadow Warfare: Episode 5

Previously on Strike Back - I want to help you.
- You can help me? Find al-Zuhari.
To stop him.
- Mike.
You all right? - *** Were you to meet al-Zuhari? - Sofia.
- Where's my husband? He's truly sorry.
You've done it.
He's here Rachel.
Get out of that house.
Now! Mairead MacKenna.
What the fuck is the IRA doing in the middle of this! The spotted MacKenna.
She's headed for Budapest.
Originally aired September 13, 2013 Still playing soldiers, huh? Haven't you heard? The war's over.
You're here, aren't you? We're planning something big.
Better keep that to yourself then, huh? Derry man obviously.
Born and bred.
Earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust.
We therefore commit the body of Rachel Dalton to the ground in the sure and certain hope of resurrection to eternal life.
Targets are boarding the tram.
Package is being delivered.
You have something for us? Here.
My Hungarian clients will be collecting their shipment tomorrow night.
You sure put your heart and soul into your work, Special Agent.
Don't they say, "If you're gonna do something, do it right"? Yes, I think I think they do say that.
This contains a video file.
You've got the connections.
See they get it.
These guys like to see their faces on the telly all right.
I have a new life out here.
I can't You will do this.
You heard the man.
When? You will know.
Don't turn round.
Keep your mouth shut.
Long time, no see, Sean.
Where the fuck did you come from? Out of the past.
I couldn't see where you were comin' from but I know just what you're running from and what matters ain't who's baddest but the ones who stop you falling from your ladder when you feel like you're feeling now and doing things just to please your crowd when I love you like the way I love you and I suffer but I ain't gonna cut you 'cause this ain't no place for no hero this ain't no place for no better man this ain't no place for no hero to call home this this ain't no place for no hero this ain't no place for no better man this ain't no place for no hero to call home You're getting rusty, Sean.
I'm legit now.
I'm a businessman.
Of course you are.
All those years running guns into Belfast, and now you supply from Budapest.
So tell me, who's on your Christmas card list these days Al-Zuhari? Never heard of him.
What about Mairead McKenna? Who? Soon as we knew she was headed for Budapest, we pulled your phone records, Sean.
She rang you from Beirut two days ago.
You're playing a very dangerous game, Sean.
O'Riordan! Hey! Fuck off! Get back, or I'll shoot.
Contain! I'm warning youse! Get the fuck away from me! Go, go, go.
Remember, we need him alive! Hurry! Irish, oi, oi! Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Look, look, look.
We just want to talk.
Back off.
We just want to talk.
Back off! Get off me, you Can I have your wig? Right here! Oi, fella! Get that thing off me! He's getting married.
Shall we? Yeah.
No! No! There you go.
Ha ha ha! OK, OK! You want to die in a green wig? Come on, Sean.
Come on.
I said just please get me up.
Yeah, all right.
Come on, Sean.
Talk to me about McKenna.
I only dealt with her crew.
And what did they want? Same thing they always want weapons and explosives.
More, more.
That's your lot.
Back over.
No, no! There you go, buddy.
Like that? All right.
I pointed them at arms shipment coming into the switching yard tomorrow night in Pest.
McKenna's going to ambush it.
Why the fuck did McKenna kill Rachel Dalton? Who the fuck is Rachel Dalton? Where can we find McKenna? She'll be there tomorrow night.
Up you go.
Now you wouldn't lie to me, would you, Sean? I have grandchildren.
I swear to God it's the honest truth.
Search him.
Yes, sir.
Get your fucking hands off of me! Calm down, calm down.
Let's go for a walk.
Let's take a walk, big fella.
Jolly Green Giant, huh? How you doing, folks? Boss! Ah, don't be silly, Sean.
Unh! Stupid fucker.
I'm out.
You're not gonna chicken out on me With those diamonds, are you? I don't know.
Come on, Mikey.
They're bad guy diamonds.
You hand them in, and our guys are gonna give them back to the Lebanese authorities, who are probably gonna give them back to Hezbollah.
They're just gonna buy more guns and kill more of our guys.
- Well - So we're just breaking the cycle.
We're just doing everyone a favor, aren't we? Exactly.
It's a messed up world.
It certainly is.
Speaking of which, saw you and Martinez out there having a little smoochy smooch.
Just maintaining my cover, mate.
- Really? - Yeah.
Doing a very good job.
Well, cheers.
Glad to see you're finally getting some action.
Identification, gentlemen.
Uh, hang on.
We're with Sergeants Scott and Stonebridge? Her.
Stop, please.
And you are? - Out of your league.
- Ha! Natalie Fisher.
We've set up your facility in the embassy ballroom.
- Follow me.
- Thank you.
Two of yours, I believe.
- Hey.
- How was it? Bleak.
The IRA give their dead a better sendoff.
I still think we should have been there.
Sadly we don't get to choose where we're sent.
She had a son.
No shit.
Did you know? No.
Not until after.
We'll do what we can for the boy.
What, because the army won't, right? They're not the first family to pay the price for what we do, Michael.
Coming online.
Hey! - Hey, kid.
- Hi.
How you doing? Uh, not good.
Nicotine gum.
That shit doesn't work.
Try something else.
How's Switzerland? Uh, it's a bit boring.
There's no gun battles.
Ha ha ha! Aw.
I miss you guys.
Mom here has been crying into her pillow every night.
Yeah, it's true.
And you? I miss you a little.
A lot.
I'll see you later.
- Bye-bye.
- See you.
Close the door.
Glad you could join us, Leo.
We've decrypted the media file found on O'Riordan's body.
The attack you have witnessed in Europe today Al-Zuhari.
You have brought on your own heads.
On the anniversary of the martyrdom of Imam Ali, Alayahis Salam, you have tasted what we must live with every day.
Until your governments withdraw from all lands where you are unwanted, we and our brothers from oppressed nations of this earth will rain the fire of Allah on your heads.
Fuck you, too.
Kamali, this is for broadcast after an attack, right? Yeah, and at most, we have 48 hours.
The holy day he refers to is on Wednesday.
So we have an IRA man with an al-Zuhari communiqué and an arms shipment that's about to be ambushed.
Leo, I need you here.
It's difficult.
Ester No.
I need you here, Leo.
I'll make arrangements.
Thank you.
I appreciate it.
All right.
Listen up.
This isn't just a terrorist attack.
What we're looking at here has been every operative's worst nightmare for the last decade the old enemy are joining hands with the new.
So we prevent McKenna from getting hold of those weapons, we find out what al-Zuhari's playing at, and we stop it.
- K sz n m szépen.
- Fiver.
K sz n m.
There you go.
Hey! Oi! Snooze you lose.
We should drink to that.
That's what we should drink to.
Is that what we're gonna drink to? We should drink to Dalton.
She was one of us.
- God.
- Heh.
Really? You fucking kidding me? She treated you like shit, and God knows how many times she nearly got all of us fucking killed.
Damian, if maybe we could go through our time, maybe Oh, come on, dude.
We were always there, we all fucking carried her.
I know she's got a little kid, and I'm really sorry for that little boy.
I'd be a fucking liar if I said I wasn't glad she wasn't here.
Next round's on me.
I'm sorry.
I don't speak Hungarian.
Haven't see you before.
First time in the city.
Do you work here in Budapest? Embassy.
A diplomat.
Wow! That must be glamorous.
What exactly is it you do? Endless receptions.
Being hit on by over excited businessmen away from home.
Every girls dream, huh? Hey.
You were right about Dalton.
Thanks _ Old girlfriend? Yeah.
She could've got married.
Changed her name.
Leave it with me.
Things we do for our country, eh.
Whatever it takes.
You are me darlin' aren't you? I'm sorry.
We know al-Zuhari's planning an imminent attack.
The arms shipment O'Riordan told us about arrives by train tonight.
If we don't stop MacKenna's group getting their hands on those weapons.
We lose the only lead we have of the al-Zuhari attack.
So Columbia, Beirut will all have been for nothing.
Guys, I need you on that train before it reaches Budapest.
Martinez, you'll be waiting for them at the switching yard, okay? Bring me back MacKenna alive.
There she is.
All right.
I'm Butch and you're Sundance.
Hey, Sundance is faster.
Yeah, but Butch is better looking.
Yeah but Sundance got the girl.
Good point.
You can't be Sundance.
- Alright, good, the last car? - Yeah that's us.
That's us.
Nobody in here.
Bravo Two.
Are you in position? Ah, that's two hobo's on board and on the way.
Sat coming online now.
Do you think Butch and Sundance die at the end? Not dead.
They lived.
Just two men against the entire bloomin' army.
Been there and done that, huh? Ha, ha, ha.
Well I think their *** lived.
They never found the bodies.
Those two just disappeared with all that loot.
You know sometimes you gotta know when you gotta go.
All right.
Let's get the diamonds valued.
Just out of curiosity that’s all.
God knows, we fall on our faces nobody's gonna to pick us up.
That much is clear.
In position.
Any activity.
Hungarian’s are making a pick up.
_ _ Mikey.
We're movin'.
Good luck.
_ _ _ They've got some heavy duty shit here.
No sign of the Irish yet.
Hold up.
I got a sniper on my twelve.
Up on that bridge.
- Good position for the ambush, huh? - X-ray confirms.
Fuck! Put yer fuckin' hands up.
Down on your knees.
Motherfucker! Oh.
Here's the fightin' Irish.
_ _ Shit.
That's finished off the Hungarians.
Come on.
Cops will be all over this place soon.
I've got a clear shot at our primary target.
Where the fuck's Liam? Two of her crew are Middle Eastern.
Wait here.
Move those guns now.
Quickly! Target's on the move.
If you can take her.
Alive Bravo Two.
Copy that.
Who in the fuck lads.
Motherfuckin' haul away.
Come on, let's go.
Let's ship this.
Come on.
Let's go.
Shit Liam.
Who the fuck's that? Get down! - Get out of here.
- Out of here.
Target aquired.
Take the shot.
Come on.
Take the shot.
Any news on the arms truck? Nothing yet.
Local police have been alerted - and GCHQ - We all miss sometimes, Mike.
- Happens to the best of us.
- Yeah, well, I had it.
Don't be too hard on yourself dude.
It was dark.
- It was a moving target.
- I said I fuckin' had it Scott! So you just felt like getting a check up, huh? Yes.
You must be the first man in history to voluntarily visit a doctor.
- It's just been a while, that's all.
- Routine blood sample.
Results will pass to your CO in a couple of days.
Something bothering you sergeant? No.
No, nothing.
Anxiety? Mood swings? No, no not that I can think of.
I used to be Territorial Army.
Two tours, Iraq.
My number.
Any time you want to talk.
Go on.
Back in the day the IRA used to concentrate their minds on an invisible flame to resist interrogation.
You mean torture.
It wasn't the Yanks invented waterboardin'.
You were using it on us forty years ago.
Us? That's interesting.
You're not IRA Mairead.
If you were you would know the war's over.
The IRA.
What they settled for we could have had ten years before I was born.
So what are you? Oh don't tell me.
You're the real IRA.
You really think people believe that? You serve there? Six tours.
Armagh? Mid eighties? You've met my brother then.
Or maybe not you're still alive.
What were you doing in Beirut, hum? Teaming up with some like minded jihadists? Gonna bring Sharia Law to the Six Counties? And turn the North into some kind of Muslim counterfeit.
Better the Muslim's than the British.
You don't really believe that.
Where are your boys? Where's the truck? When is this attack going to take place? It's the fuckin' Brits took Mairead.
- I could smell the bastards.
- He's dying.
So he needs a fuckin' priest.
- The attack must go ahead.
- We'll get her out.
But Kletch isn't a cutlet.
- He needs the Last Rites Father.
- There's no time for this.
Show some fuckin' respect! We have a problem here.
You have to clean up your mess.
So tell me Mairead, why did you kill Major Dalton? The girl in Beirut? Bitch was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Causality of war.
And Sofia Abboud, al-Zuhari's wife? She could've compromised our operation.
What can you possibly get out of working with these people? I get to see the look on your face when you realize every fucker you've trod on for the past thousand years is club together and is coming back to get you.
Come on.
Tell me about the target.
I can keep a secret.
Ask your brother.
- My brother is dead.
- I know.
He was picked up outside the Rock Bond, the Falls Road, by a loyalist hit squad.
You've done your research.
What'd you want, a gold star? I was there.
Oh, I knew your brother Mairead.
It was my job to.
What, you knew him personally? You ran across him? I ran him.
- What? - You heard.
Your brother was a Tout.
You dirty Britt bastard.
My brother was worth 10 of you.
He had you lot running scared.
The great SAS.
Everything you are, you are because of your brother.
And everything you know about him was a lie.
Local police just got a call from a church in District Five.
One of their priests has been kidnapped as he gave the Last Rites to a man dying of gunshot wound.
Seems he was brought in by an Arab and an Irishman.
Check it out.
Roger that.
But give the Hungarians operational control.
Will do.
The Irish Counsel has just been on to the Ambassador.
Get Natalie in here will you? She didn't come in today, sir.
- Hey Sergeant.
- Yeah.
Wanna grab dinner sometime? Nothing too serious.
Just some good food, fine wine and hot, butt naked sex.
You really think now's the time to talk about it? Well given that we could be dead in sixty seconds, I'd say there's no time like the present.
Gernade! You alright? Mikey! Yeah we're alright.
You okay? What the fuck was that? Oh, yeah, Francie had us running to the bank.
Plus expenses.
Still it was money well spent.
No strings attached.
As long as we can go Dutch.
Yeah we can.
Sneaky Irish bastards.
- Yeah, pricks.
- Huh? Yeah dude.
We gotta get out of this game Mickey.
You know.
If it's not the IRA it's just gonna be some other fucker that gets us.
That's way too close.
Way too fuckin' close.
- Yeah.
- Fuck! Yes it was.
This is bullshit.
Kid with a Mac could fake this shit up in 10 minutes.
Try this.
And Francie, here's a little present from Her Majesty's government.
Two soldiers still walking the streets because of you Francie.
Thank you.
Now you have something for me? - An attack.
- Um-hum.
Tonight police station at Cushing Dawl.
Details are in there.
Francie! Good man.
What are you doing? The crew you're running only defer to you because of who your brother was.
Or who they think he was.
Same reason the actual IRA hasn't wiped you out.
You're Francie MacKenna's wee sister.
You're untouchable.
Let's see how well that holds when I post this on the Republican News website, shall we? Better a child molester than an informer, eh, Mairead? The attack when is it? Where is it? Last chance, Mairead.
Colonel Locke a word.
Would that be the Philip Locke? Please.
The Ambassador's about to bring a shit storm down on your head.
The Irish Consluate know that we're holding MacKenna.
Their threatening to take it to Number 10.
Claim we're using the embassy as a black site for illegal renditions.
She's assured them you're gonna take MacKenna to London now! Are you serious.
An attack is about to take place and is the only lead we have.
She has to go! Philip.
And it has to be official.
This is bullshit.
An imminent attack and we can't question the terrorist who's planning it because we're in the wrong fucking country.
Perhaps if your CIA hadn't set up it's own global network of torture franchises we wouldn't be in this situation now.
As soon as the wheels go up on that plane I need you lot back here.
- Got it.
- Sir.
How's your son Philip? He's what now, 20, 25.
You mention my son again and I will kill you where you stand.
You got that? Boss.
Get her in the car.
You ride with her.
Was it something I said.
Get in.
All of this for me? Scare you boys, do I? Don't normally think of rain when you think of Beirut.
But I bet you do now.
She begged me for her life.
What was her name? Dalton? Like all you boys, she was better dishing it out than taking it.
- Umm - Oh! Okay, you know the score.
Diplomatic protocols apply.
Guns in lock boxes.
- The whole nine yards.
- Yeah, we'll be sitting ducks.
I need to use the bathroom.
Nice try sweetheart.
Do it on the plane.
We're taking a prisoner back to the U.
These people are seeing me on the plane.
Paperwork's all here and our jet's on the runway over there.
I need to see everyone's passports.
Thanks dad.
There's no record of your arrival.
It was a diplomatic flight from Beirut.
She has a passport? - Oh for God's sake.
- One minute please.
Look, this woman is a wanted terrorist who's being extradited to the U.
It's been cleared.
You need to read that.
I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to wait here, gentlemen.
Get me on that plane or let me use the bathroom.
- Shut the fuck up.
- Time of the month.
- God's sake, you're women.
- Just take her.
Let's go.
I'm gonna need these off.
How am I supposed to go? You'll figure it out.
It's all yours.
Okay, everything seems in order.
About fuckin' time.
Let's go.
It's yours.
- Your guns please.
- Haven't got one.
Naw, just fuckin' with you.
Don't lose it.
Hurry up.
Right there.
Step this way.
Ha! Did you find his metal dildo? - Yeah, thanks mate.
- Where's the fuckin' girls? You can go through.
- Umm.
- Ahh.
Come here big guy.
I'm bracketing Mikey.
Drop the gun.
Drop it! - I'm moving! - Go Mike! Ahhh! Fuck! Stay there.
Stay right there.
Don't move.
Ah! Take the shot Michael.
Mikey! Take that shot.
Take it.
Don't even think about it you fucker.
You're mine.
Fuck! Ah, fuck.
What the fuck Mairead.
What are you doin'? Move it, go.
Go man.
Move! Julia.
Give me a fuckin' grenade.

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