Strike Back s04e08 Episode Script

Shadow Warfare: Episode 8

Previously on Strike Back Mafia boss Arkady Ulyanov.
Everyone from the Governor down is on his payrol.
Ulyano is working with Al-Zuhari.
Ulyanov finds out we're in his prison, we're dead men walking.
What happened at the bank, Leo? Al-Zuhari wanted me to close all of his accounts.
Michael's test results came through.
He's been exposed to a neurotoxin, he will deteriorate rapidly.
How are things going doctor? When Andersson is done, you will see he is transferred.
Let's get you out of here.
I am Major Nina Pirogova.
You're Locke's inside man? My job is to get you out of here.
____ Your plan could use a little more finesse.
Stay away! Stay away! How did this man get away? During processing.
A mistake.
He's not contaminated.
No risks.
Prepare it for incineration! Get me back to the facility.
Oh, shit.
____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ You want me to have a shot? 'Cause your people skills suck.
So my friend got away, huh? Pretty soon he's gonna come back and then we're gonna get out of here.
The same friend we found in one of our trucks? Sergeant Damien Scott, you have a death wish? First you kill my boss' son, then you team up with Colonel Pirogov's daughter.
____ "Want me to give it a shot, huh?" You don't want to do that.
We really don't get along.
___ What'd you say? That you only have one testicle.
It's all for you.
Colonel, you assured us your men could prevent Andersson breaching the hub.
My men are still in the field.
This mission is They failed! We have intel that prisoners are being moved from Black Bear on behalf of al-Zuhari.
Where to? And what for? Well, we don't know yet.
We have no sat cover, ma'am.
NATO has drones on Poland's eastern border and I need them.
Over Russian air space? Well, with respect, I'm not in the business of making friends.
I'm just trying to prevent an attack that we know is coming! Until you have more detailed information Well, without drones, I can't get it, sir! Where are your men now, Colonel? Well, the last we heard, they were on their way out of Black Bear.
As soon as I have more detailed intel, you'll be fully briefed.
You'll get your drones, Colonel.
Sir, ma'am.
So you got history with these assholes? History? Arkady Ulyanov murdered my father.
Fuck me.
- This is gonna end well.
- I guarantee it.
Seal the room.
No! Use Vector Strain.
He's running a fever.
Looks like there are respiratory problems.
Ah, dispose of him.
You think he's gonna buy us a bag of chips? Don't be smart-ass.
You gonna ask him for me? I like the barbecue ones.
You want bullet? Keep talking.
How's that gonna go down with Ulyanov? Wants me for himself, doesn't he? ____ What did Fuckoffski say? Oh, you gonna break that? Fuck! What is this? Bring him forward! Bring him forward! I'm trying! What are you saying? Say it in English.
- Fucking asshole.
- Yeah, he is.
Get out, get out.
Oh, wait! - Come on.
- I'm coming! Coming? I'm gonna go after that car, all right? - Yeah.
- Ready to run? Coming? Yeah.
Aah! Down.
Coming? Go! Down, down, down, down.
Get in the car.
Get in.
Move over 'cause I'm driving.
Well, get in the car, then.
Get in! Motherfucker! Shoot! Shoot! Nice! Just shut up and drive.
____ ____ ____ ____ I've fucked up.
I fucked up.
Where have you been? I had to give Ulyanov your men.
I've told him they were at Black Bear.
What? Philip, he didn't trust me.
I was in a corner.
I had to give him something real.
You used Michael and Damien.
I used what I had, as you use me.
Well, tell me what you know.
Where are they taking the prisoners? He has a facility north of Black Bear.
Give me the location.
How far north? I don't know.
Well, what kind of facility? - It's bio-chemical.
- Yeah, and what do they That's all I know! Philip, I couldn't press him any harder.
I'm sorry.
You're sorry? You get back here now.
What are you gonna do with that? Oh, fuck.
Shit! You always run out at the worst possible time.
No kidding.
Well, it looks like you're stuck with me.
Ha ha ha! Do me a favor.
Get 20 on that phone.
Why did Ulyanov kill your dad? Because he was an honest man.
Thank you.
I have Scott! On speaker.
Go ahead, Sergeant.
What have you got for me? I'm with Pigarover.
Heh! Pirogova.
We're somewhere east of Black Bear.
- Stonebridge? - I lost him.
They put Andersson on one of those prison transport trucks.
Mikey went after him.
I couldn't stop him.
Well, we have eyes in the sky.
Any idea where we should be looking? Negative.
Mike's in a pretty bad way.
I think it's in his chest.
He's having difficulty breathing.
Then we haven't got long to find him.
Get back as soon as, Scott.
Shit! Yeah, copy that.
I got to go.
I got to lose some cops.
Take that.
Have a lock on Scott's signal.
Come here.
Sit down! Sit! What is this place? Where the fuck are we? It's a research facility.
In Drezna.
What kind of research? I'm only an assistant.
I don't know! Bullshit! It's biological.
Weaponized smallpox.
Give me your phone.
They're not permitted.
Only Dr.
Takenaka has a phone.
Take me.
Take me to Andersson.
He's the man I came in with.
Take me to him.
You're dying.
I could help.
I could help you.
Just take me to Andersson.
- They're gaining.
- No shit.
Anytime you want to stop busting my balls or ball, as you put it you can.
I'll let you know when I'm finished.
Do you feel threatened? I've eaten tougher steaks than you, sweetheart.
That woman yesterday.
The hostage? Julia, it didn't bother you? Kim, this is not the DEA.
It's not about the law.
Things aren't black and white.
I understand gray.
I do.
What? I've served undercover.
Did some questionable things.
Now, I can live with killing that guard and hearing his girl on the phone, but I have never stood by and watched an innocent woman executed like that before.
Is this where you tell me we live in a complicated world? Or a very simple one.
It gets easier.
Lost signal.
So? Which way now? That car is from Black Bear.
Heh! - Oh! Where are you going? - I have no idea.
We're almost out of fuel.
You couldn't have picked a car with a full tank, could you? Yeah, sorry, I should have filled up with gas and checked the oil before I stole it.
Ooh, sarcasm from an American.
What, you think we don't get it? Oh, come on.
Everybody knows this.
You want to do stereotypes? You might look good now, sweetheart, but everybody knows all Russian women turn into short, fat little grannies who wear head scarves and have mustaches.
I can see one starting now.
- What? - That's how we call them.
See? You even got a name for them.
Must be true.
Turn! Why are you going up there? You see any other fuckin' road around here? Fuck! Come here.
Come here.
Come on.
Whoa! Come here.
- Hurry! What? - One second.
- Come on! - Quick, quick.
All right.
Now take the bait.
That's an outstanding explosion.
More cops? Those aren't cops.
Black Bear guards.
Is there anyone you haven't pissed off yet? Just as long as you still love me.
Hmhh! - Ok.
- Where are you going? Who is that? Nice timing.
That's friends of mine.
- We're gonna walk out there, all right? - Are you - Trust me.
- What? Just trust me.
You want to die stuck here, hmm? - You tell me.
- You don't.
Do what I do.
Eyes on Scott.
Fellas? Unarmed.
No gun.
Put your gun down.
Put it down.
Right there.
Down on your knees.
You got him? Yeah.
Nice work, Babushka.
Don't get overexcited.
____ ____ Major Pirogova.
He give you any trouble? - Who? - Ah, she loves me.
- Clearly.
- Nice of you guys to show up.
Are you all right? I'm fine.
Shall we go find Michael? Let's do it.
What have you done to me? Where have you been? Watch out! Come here.
You miss me? Don't! Don't you run, or I'll slit his throat.
Give me your phone.
Put it in my left hand.
He won't do it.
He needs me alive.
Go! Go! Don't do that! Don't do that! You have to get me out of here! You can't.
He's infected, contagious.
There must be something you can do! He'll be dead in hours.
That's smallpox, right? A variant.
Much, much more effective.
Huh? Effective? If Al-Zuhari gets his hands on this, thousands of people will die.
Tens of thousands.
But why? You're not even a believer.
- What is it, money? - Science.
Come here.
Come here.
Erik, I need you to listen to me.
I need you to tell me everything you know about their plans.
You're going to leave me here, aren't you? You heard what he said.
I can't let you out, but I will get you some help.
Anything that I can do, I will do, but right now, you have to tell me everything that you know about them.
Do you understand me? Yeah.
I downloaded details of every NATO base in Europe: schedules, personnel files, manifests, maps.
Was there any indication on where they plan the attacks? No.
But I wasn't just downloading.
I was uploading onto the servers, too.
What were you uploading? Clean skins.
Their people into the system.
Guards! Guards! Guards! Go.
I tagged them.
Everything I did, I tagged.
Thank you.
Everything I did, I tagged.
Yes, Philip, giving up Scott and Stonebridge was a pressure decision.
But in that moment, I thought it was a risk worth taking.
I believe they can look after themselves.
You do the same every time you send them out there.
You tell me you wouldn't have done what I did.
Now at least we know the nature of the attack Al-Zuhari is planning.
- We know it's bio-chemical - How do I even know that's true? What happened in Beirut, Leo? Yeah, what happened in Rue Eville, when Dalton went into that house? I was shot.
In the shoulder.
You think I engineered that? I could have died.
And for what? For this? You are treating me like a fucking traitor again.
But you didn't die, though, did you? One of my people did, - just like Van Berg - Do you think I could have stopped her? You couldn't control her.
For God's sake And which God would that be, Leo? Does that matter? I can't make you trust me.
You stay there.
- You ok? - Yeah.
You got anything on where they're taking the prisoners? miles north of Black Bear.
We've been using drones to track traffic from the prison, but so far we've got nothing.
How long has Michael got? - This is about stopping Al-Zuhari - How long? Not long.
- Leo.
- Don't ask.
What the fuck is going on? Spetsnaz team is on standby.
The commander was a friend of my father.
Thank you.
Sergeant? Boss.
What's your sit-rep? I'm alive.
Is Damien with you? Yeah, I'm here, bud.
All good.
Your location, Michael? Drezna.
They're developing weaponized smallpox for al-Zuhari.
The Black Bear prisoners are the test subjects.
Inform NATO.
I have a lock on the signal, and it's a match for Drezna.
Boss, Andersson's been infected.
But he's not just decoding data.
He was uploading.
Uploading what? Clean skins.
He's been putting their people into the system.
Fake IDs, but he tagged them somehow.
Michael, we have your meds and we're on our way.
Roger that.
Michael? - Leo, look - Nothing to say.
We're, all of us, under massive pressure.
Look, if this smallpox virus is at the Drezna facility, then a frontal assault could be dangerous, suicidal, even, if they decide to use it.
Also, chances are they will kill Stonebridge before you get anywhere near him.
So, what, you go in? I secure the virus safely, at least give Stonebridge a chance.
Al-Zuhari's people tried to kill you before, Leo.
You walk in there, you're probably not gonna walk out.
Philip, let me go in.
You're outside.
You come in after me.
- You have nothing to lose.
- Richmond goes with you.
Let's get on with it.
I cannot be certain, but I have a bad, bad feeling that Ulyanov wants to hand this virus off to Al-Zuhari's people soon, very soon.
Helo's on stand-by.
Drezna is 30 klicks from here.
I'll go get Spetsnaz and we'll meet you there.
We're out of here in 5.
Are you up to this? I have to make a call.
Ester? What's going on? You said you'd be back by now.
Yeah I'm gonna be a few more days here.
- Oh, no, but you said that you'd be back.
- Yep.
I know what I said, but things change.
Has something happened? Ev everything is fine, Ester.
Listen, when I get back, we'll do something.
We'll go out somewhere.
But I don't really want to do anything, just be together.
That sounds good to me.
And you'll look after him, won't you? Yeah.
It's what I do, kid.
Thanks, Damien.
Love you, Dad.
I love you, too.
You all right? You should know, I told Ulyanov you and Stonebridge were at Black Bear.
I know.
Locke told you already.
Damien, I was in a corner.
Leo we're all just pieces on a board, that's all.
Let's go catch that bird.
Philip Locke.
Colonel Voskov.
- The Major briefed you? - Yeah.
Your friend, he'll be fine.
Hope so.
That was almost human.
All right, listen up.
You find Stonebridge and the viral samples, we do the rest.
When you get to Stonebridge, give him this right away.
Let's move.
You all right? Yep.
What are they burning? I dread to think.
Leo Kamali.
Leo Kamali.
They're in.
Ok? What are you doing here, Kamali? Following Al-Zuhari's orders.
Reza Hassan is supposed to be collecting the packet.
Ah, in times like these, a little insurance is wise.
Where's Ulyanov? On his way with Hassan.
Who is this? She's with me.
You let the American escape.
We have the Englishman.
Let's go in.
He is in here.
I will demonstrate on this man.
Ulyanov wishes to take care of him in person.
They are here.
Reza Hassan.
If Al-Zuhari's on to Kamali, he's in trouble.
I'll flip you for him.
He's mine.
Bravo Two in position.
Stand by.
Assalamu alaikum.
Do it.
It's now or never.
Aah Aah! Motherfucker! Oh, you bitch! - You all right? - Yeah.
Where's Michael? Through there.
You owe me a beer.
You wish.
Hey, you need a key! Key! Got one.
Hey, Mikey.
You all right? It's nice of you to show up.
Yeah, well, any sooner and you wouldn't have appreciated it, huh? They do any funny experiments on you? - Oh, fuck.
- Pricks in your ass? Just get me the hell out of here.
All right.
Here you go.
Nice work.
Get that in you.
On your 6! On your 6! Here.
One up.
Thank you.
Think you can walk? Yeah.
I can keep up with you.
- Yeah? - Feel better already.
- Really? - No.
Oh, shit.
Go! Mikey! Shit.
Poor bastard.
Mike, comin' at us.
This way, Mike.
This way.
Ulyanov! Nina Pirogova.
Ulyanov! Are you all right? Fuck! Oh, shit! - Kamali! - Give me the virus! Stay there! Cover me! Come! Come! Out! Quick! Move! Zero, seal the building.
They have the virus.
He's with us.
He's all right.
He's with me.
You all right? Yeah.
- Ulyanov? - You were right.
Always run out at the worst time.
They got Kamali.
- Buddy, I got to sit this one out.
- Got it.
It's all right.
So what's the prognosis? Well, I won't call it a mission failure.
They have a weapon, but we have samples, and Valigny, the Swedish doctor.
I might get something out of her.
Richmond, she's with the NATO forensic computer team, see if they can find the clean skins uploaded by Andersson.
Actually, I was asking about my prognosis.
Ah, you'll be fine.
It's nothing to worry about.
It was a bacterium called clostridium botulinum.
It was a close one.
What about Leo? There's no news.
If it wasn't for him, you would be dead.
He risked his life.
He did everything he could to stop them getting the virus, and I didn't trust him.
I thought it was This is not on you.
You know, there was a a moment where I could feel myself going and I wanted it to end.
Best dead than broken, you know? And now? I'll be fine.
You want to know the truth, Michael? We don't make good old men.
Enjoy the grapes.
Who is it? FSB.
Open the fucking door.
Come in.
Which one are you intending to use? Don't know yet.
What kind of mood are you in? Do you want me to show you how a Russian girl drinks her vodka? Yes, I do.
What are you saying? What? Say it in English.
Fuck me.
Is that what you were saying? Really? - Yeah.
- You say that a lot.
Oh, shit.
Oh, my God.
- Fuck that.
- What's that? It's nothing.
What's up? My name is Leo Kamali.
"I confess I have sinned against Allah and defiled His most blessed name.
" "I have betrayed Him in the name of the infidel, the Great Satan.
" "And I am here to deliver this message.
" "Al-Zuhari will bring down a vengeance upon the West, the like of which has never been seen.
My fate is a pure and merciful one compared with the victims to come.
" Fuck! What am I gonna say to that little girl? Leo told us Al-Zuhari would sacrifice anything, pay any price to achieve his goals, and in order to defeat him, we would have to do the same.
Well, I'm telling you now that whatever the sacrifice it will be made.
And whatever the price, it will be paid.

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