Strike Back s04e09 Episode Script

Shadow Warfare: Episode 9

Previously on Strike Back> That's smallpox right? Al-Zuhari gets his hands on this, thousands of people will die.
Tens of thousands.
- What were you uploading? - Cean skins, their people into the system.
Reza Hassan.
If Al-Zuhari's on to Kamali, he's in trouble.
They have the virus.
They've got Kamali.
He risked his life and I didn't trust him.
- File from the CIA didn't mention a kid.
- Keep it that way.
Al-Zuhari will bring down a vengeance upon the West.
Leo told us Al-Zuhari would sacrifice anyuthing.
Well I'm telling you now, whatever the sacrifice it will be made.
What am I gonna say to that little girl? I am here to deliver this message.
Al-Zuhari will bring down a vengeance upon the West.
This is Kamali's executioner Qassem Namazi, Al-Zuhari's top enforcer and infamous for his inventive use of torture.
Well, there's nothing inventive about that, is there? True, but we have to assume they tortured Kamali and that he broke, giving Al-Zuhari intel he can use against us.
I don't believe that.
CCTV Shows Qassem Namazi at Moscow Airport this morning, catching a flight to Berlin.
Al-Zuhari will be looking for retribution against anyone connected with Kamali.
- And his family.
- Yeah.
Al-Zuhari will be after them, too.
It's his M.
They're gonna go after Ester.
He's here for her.
She's at school outside the city.
Let's go get her.
Protect the girl and bring her in, but we must stay on mission.
Qassem is our best chance of finding the virus.
This is what we're up against.
It's a genetically engineered smallpox with an infection rate that is terrifying.
If it's released into a populated area We don't have a vaccine, and there is no known cure.
We need all the intel we can get.
Sir, they're into the Moscow crib.
Kamali must have told them.
You know what to do.
Secure Ester and bring me a live one, preferably Qassem.
I need to know how and when they're gonna use this weapon.
Colonel, and these guys? No longer a threat.
I couldn't see where you were comin' from but I know just what you're running from and what matters ain't who's baddest but the ones who stop you falling from your ladder when you feel like you're feeling now and doing things just to please your crowd when I love you like the way I love you and I suffer but I ain't gonna cut you 'cause this ain't no place for no hero this ain't no place for no better man this ain't no place for no hero to call home this this ain't no place for no hero this ain't no place for no better man this ain't no place for no hero to call home What is he doing? What's necessary.
We know your involvement at the lab, Dr.
Valigny, and we know you're all vaccinated, and we need that vaccine.
It will take you months to extract it from my blood.
Anyone infected with the strain they're using will be dead within days.
I want to see my embassy! OK.
But there is something you need to understand.
You died at the Drezna facility.
So the only way you'll make it back to your embassy is in one of these.
Unless you can give me something I can use.
Takenaka dealt with a German, a businessman.
Maroun Saleh.
All the supplies went through him.
Maroun Saleh funded the whole operation.
Maroun Saleh.
Let's go.
Please let me go.
No, no! No! How you feeling these days, Mikey? You all better? No, not 100%, but, uh, I still got your back, yeah? Yeah.
I never doubted that, bud.
Got to say, though, when I picked you up from that lab, thought you were down for the count.
So did I.
You ever feel like everything that we touch just turns to shit? This whole thing's a mess, Mike.
That kid's dad's dead because of us.
Maybe we should have stayed on that road to Mexico.
Yeah, maybe.
Let's see this through, keep our promise to Kamali, make sure Ester's safe.
Eyes on Saleh.
Target on the move.
He's got company.
Can you grab him? Not without leaving a mess.
Stay with him.
Take him if you can.
Copy that.
Bloody hell.
Holy fuck! That's a school? Yeah.
So you're familiar with the concept, huh? School? Yeah.
It's where I learned how to smoke, drink, and fight.
All right.
Let's get Ester out.
Then we'll go get Qassem, huh? Yeah.
I'll be here.
Excuse me.
Do you know Ester Kamali? Better ask them.
- Those girls? - Mm-hmm.
Hey, girls.
Sorry to interrupt.
Do you know where Ester is? What's it to you? I'm a family friend.
Got any money? Extortion, huh? That's great.
Where is she? Her uncle gave us 50.
Her uncle? Go to the left over there.
Go straight, yeah? OK.
Let's go over there.
Find the girl, bring in Qassem, and I'll meet you at the car.
Copy that.
These balloons are cute.
Mikey, eyes on Ester.
- Beat it kid.
- Damien? - Sorry.
- Damien, what are you doing here? You got to come with me.
What are you doing here? Ester, we got to go.
There's some guys looking for you, and they're not very nice.
Come on.
Just come on.
I'm fine.
Get off me.
Ester! - Wait, Ester.
- Hey, Qassem.
Hey! Hey! We missed you, Ester.
Hey! What are you doing here? Mikey, on me.
Qassem is here.
Can you get to him? It's complicated.
I'm by that ride with the octopus.
I found you.
We were worried.
Who's your friend? He's fine.
He knows my dad.
- Your dad is waiting.
- Stop.
Let me take you to him.
Let's go.
Don't move! He's a friend of my dad's.
It's fine, honestly.
Ester, ask him why he's here with a bunch of killers.
To protect you.
I've known Ester all her life.
What's she to you, an asset, someone to use? Shut up.
Ester, that man is no friend of your dad's.
Where is my dad? Come on, come on.
Let's go.
Come on.
Hey! Don't fucking move.
Damien, what are you doing? Ester, it's all right, it's OK.
What are you gonna do, huh? You gonna shoot me here in front of everybody, huh, in front of her? - I am unarmed.
- Bullshit.
You think I'd believe any word you'd say? - Come on, Ester.
- Don't touch her.
Ester, come here.
Don't go to him.
Walk to me.
Your dad is waiting for you.
Your dad is waiting.
Let me take you to him.
Come on.
- He's not.
- Come on.
Come on.
- Ester, he's not.
- Your dad is waiting for you.
- Ester.
- Huh? He's not.
What, you don't want to see your dad? - Don't listen to him.
- I want to see my dad.
Let's go.
Come on.
Ester, you can't see him.
Let's go.
Your dad is waiting for you.
- But why? - Ester.
Come on.
He just wants me to why can't I go see him? Because he's dead, all right? He shot him! I saw him do it.
That's a lie.
He's lying to you.
- Ester.
- Ester.
Shut up! Let's go to him now.
Come on, Ester.
You want to see your dad? - Let's go and see him now.
- Shut up! No! Aah! Move, move! Down, down! Go! Where are you, Mikey? Ester's run off.
Seconds away.
Come on.
Ha ha ha! Huh? Fuck! Ester! I got her, Mikey.
Grab a live one, let's get out of here, huh? Roger that.
I'll be in the car.
Is he really dead? Ohh! I'm sorry, Ester.
Come here.
Move, move, move! Get down! Stay there.
Careful with the girl.
Scheisse! Cover me.
Move! Move! Go.
Aagh! I need to take this key.
Fuck! The black Mercedes over there.
It's our car.
I want you to get in it, I want to get on the floor, and I want you to stay there.
What are you gonna do? - Don't you worry about me, all right? - OK.
On 3.
Get ready to move.
- Ready? - Yep.
We're at the back.
Ooh, you.
You better have some fucking good intel on you, mate.
Fuck! Cut her off! Fuck! Sneaky little shit.
Come on, Damien! Hurry! She drives better than me.
Move! Hurry up, bud.
You want me to drop this intel? He's quite heavy.
And piss Locke off? No, no, no.
Use your muscles.
At least I have some.
I'm coming to you.
Ester, get in the back! Get in the back! Come on, come on, Scott.
Fuck! Coming to you, Mikey.
Come on.
Open the boot, open the boot! Is that intel alive, Mike? Wake up, babe.
Wake up.
Shit! He was alive! Move, move, move! Ugh! Zero, we've targeted Saleh.
Sending you visuals and coordinates.
That's Reza Hassan, Al-Zuhari's right-hand man.
We lost track of him after Drezna.
Full house.
You all right? Brought you that.
No, thanks.
How you doing, kid? How do you think I'm doing? I know you're hurting.
How do you know what it feels like? I'm a soldier, kid.
I know pain.
Yeah, but he was my dad.
I haven't told anyone this before, Ester, but I'm a dad, too.
How would they feel if it was you? Honestly don't know.
Well, they must love you.
They don't know me.
It's not your fault, kid.
You're still a dad, though, right? That's all that matters.
Not much of one, huh? Mine was hardly ever around.
There always seemed to be something else.
You know, he was away a lot, and there was always an excuse, but whenever he was away, there was a little part of me that always knew he'd come back.
Come here.
He's not coming back.
He's gone.
How you doing? We're up.
How is she? Eh, she's a tough little kid, you know? Yeah.
And you? I'm all right.
Just got to sort out my fucking life.
I'll give you a second.
All right.
Maroun Saleh.
According to Valigny, he helped fund the Drezna facility.
We track him down to an Al-Zuhari training camp, where he met our old friend Reza Hassan.
If we can extract these two alive alive we have Al-Zhuari's number two and a track line to the virus.
Make sure Scott's fully briefed, will you? Roger that.
Mike has the intel.
Do you know the difference between a dead man and a live man? Yeah.
Dead men don't pay taxes.
Consider yourself briefed.
Unh! Zero, Bravo One and Two in position.
Ready to extract on your command.
Hey, Bridgey.
- You good? - Good.
Ugh! Shut up! Oh, shit! Aigh! On me! Hassan, Hassan, get me out! Hassan! Aah! Ohh! Zero, we got eyes on Saleh.
Get him, Mikey, get him! Ohh! Get away! Hands! Aah! AAh! Not supposed to shoot him, Mikey.
It's his leg.
He'll live! Hands.
Hands! Don't fucking move, or I'll shoot you.
Bravo One.
We have Hassan and Saleh.
We also have a safe.
We need what's in there, and bring me one of them alive.
Roger that.
Open the safe.
Open the safe.
You, get up! Get up! Open that safe.
Open the fucking safe right now! I'll do it, I'll do it.
Right now! I'll do it.
Aah! Come here! Jesus Christ! Mike, he's gonna bleed out.
Open the fucking safe right now! Go ahead.
I'm not afraid to die.
Come on.
Do it, do it! Fucking beleivers.
Do it.
He's not gonna do it.
Just blow it.
Got him.
Get on your fucking knees! Ohh! Fuck! Come on! Stay there.
Fuck, Mike.
Come on.
Come on, bud.
I need 20 more seconds.
Come on.
They're coming through the door, Mike.
You stay there.
What are you doing, fucking math? Blow it.
It's like a soufflé.
It takes time.
Ugh! Shit, Scott.
Come on, Mikey.
Stay there! Good! We're good? Fire in the hole! That fucking worked, Michael! Yeah, that worked.
Did a great job on that one.
Shit, that's hot! Fuck! I think I've got the important bits.
You better hope so.
Cover me.
What you got? I got some hard drives.
Let's get the fuck out of here.
Got you.
Zero, Bravo One.
We're heading for exfil.
- Exfil immediate.
- Stand up! Coming to you, Scott.
This is why we don't shoot people in the leg.
Makes it hard for them to walk, bud.
Nag, nag, nag.
Fuck! What do you got? Got 4 or 5 of these guys.
I got eyes on Qassem, too.
Zero, we have Hassan and the intel.
Tell your men to stand down.
They'll kill me first.
Let's see.
Walk, walk.
Back off! I'll put a bullet in him, I swear to God! See? OK, OK.
You're a popular guy.
They're not gonna shoot you.
They love you.
Back, back, back, back! Aah! Fucking hell! Holy shit! Zero, we need a hot extraction now! Fuck off! We don't have 30 seconds! Aah! You all right? Fucking kill all the guys out there, Mikey.
Ohh! Shit! That's our fucking ride, mate.
You ready? All right.
Drop the line.
I see the rope.
The rope's down.
Moving! Aah! On your two, Richmond.
Aah! Come on! Go! Take the rope now! Go, go, go, go! You good? Yeah.
Aah! Aah! Welcome back.
- Oi.
- Ha! Oh, shit! Hi, boss.
Ohh! Shit! We're glad to see you guys.
What you got for me? We got the mother lode, baby! Yeah.
Hee hee hee! All right.
Oh, you're gonna love us.
Why is it burnt? Ask demolition man here.
Computer stuff.
You went in for Saleh.
Where is he? He was killed by Hassan.
And where's Hassan? He was killed by Qassem.
So, what, they all just killed each other? Yeah, pretty much.
Makes you wonder why we even needed to be there, huh? Next time, just bring me a body, preferably warm.
Yes, boss.
Good work.
I know what he's done.
Colonel Andersson uploaded false identities to the NATO system.
This is the first one that I found.
He has a complete NATO history going back several months, a clean skin.
How many more are there? I don't know.
I've worked out the tag Andersson used to mark them, but the data's too fire-damaged.
Heh heh heh.
So what's this guy's cover? The system has him down as Martin Novotny, Sergeant First Class, staff liaison officer for the Czech delegation.
He's due to attend the meeting tomorrow for the NATO military committee.
Where's the delegation being held? Frankfurt.
Where's Novotny now? Czech delegation boarded an overnight train yesterday.
ETA Frankfurt Central Fuck! 2 hours, That NATO meeting's the perfect target for the virus.
Give the pilot an intercept course.
Then contact NATO Command.
I want a full HAZMAT team on standby.
Yes, sir.
Listen up.
Novotny is our target.
You lot, you're gonna catch a train.
_ _ Kein Problem.
You find Novotny and you stop him.
Pull up a list of the Czech delegates.
Find proof that at least one of them is who they really claim to be.
Yes, sir.
Show me your hands, show me your hands.
Sit up, hands up.
What is this? Look at me, look at me.
- Don't fucking do that.
- Hands up, hands up.
Look at me.
I got him.
Don't worry.
Don't be a hero.
Look at me.
Oi! Who the hell are you people? Ticket inspectors.
He's not here.
What is this? She'll explain.
Yeah, right.
You go ahead.
I'll just deal with the diplomacy.
Diplomacy's overrated anyway.
It's OK.
We're NATO forces.
Just here looking for somebody.
Get the fuck out of the way! Get down! Captain, I got to go.
Whoa! Is she OK? I'm hit, and Novotny was not alone on the train.
I took one out, but there may be others.
Bravo 3, hang tight.
We'll get you out.
I've got it.
Major General Anton Palecek.
Get me through to him.
We've got eyes on target.
Fuck! Motherfucker.
Zero, he's released the virus in the carriage.
We got about 20 or 30 civilians in there.
He's got some friends with him, too.
What the hell are you doing? Motherfucker! Fuck! Hey! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Oi! Stop! That carriage is infected, all right? My girlfriend is in there.
I have to go inside.
No, no, no, no! Stay here.
You go in there, you touch that door, I shoot you, am I clear? Yes.
Sorry, kid.
Let's go up and over.
I want to get out! Don't panic, don't panic.
Listen to me.
They told me there is a virus inside.
What?! Nice work, Spider-Man.
Screw, Spider-Man, dude.
Guy wears tights.
Sir, Palecek.
Genera Palecek, this is Lieutenant Colonel Philip Locke, British Special Forces.
As I'm sure you're aware, we have an emergency.
A level 4 contagion has been released.
Do not let anyone out of that carriage.
I repeat.
Do not let anyone out of that carriage.
It's stuck.
Listen to me, listen.
No one is to leave this carriage, and I will shoot the first person who tries.
You have to unhook the infected carriage.
reaches a populated area.
Do you copy? Zero, we copy.
We're gonna blow the coupling.
We can't let it reach the city.
Roger that.
You want me to do it? After the safe? I got this one, I think.
All right.
Well, there's a first time for everything.
C4's in here.
Let's go.
I'm gonna push forward and find Novotny.
Don't blow yourself up.
Fuck! Mike! I'm all right! Ugh! Scott, grenade! Mike! Aah! Bravo Two, Bravo Two! He didn't blow the carriages.
Bravo One, we've lost Bravo Two.
Shit! You've got to stay on mission.
You have to stop that train, Michael.
Roger that.
Alles OK? Yeah.
I'm all good, kid.
That's a nice bike.
Hey, buddy boy! Didn't you just die? Ha ha! Go stop the train! I'm going after Novotny! Zero Novotny's killed the driver and disabled the brake.
One minute until you hit the suburbs.
Bravo Two, whatever it takes, stop the train.
Get out of the fucking truck! Get out of the fucking truck! Out! Now.
Fuck off! Fuck.
Ohh! Fucking give me a break! Fuck! Honestly.
Shit! Get off! Fuck! Fucking pussy of a dog.
Mike? What's it take to kill you, huh? Ha ha ha! Grid reference coordinates locked in.
HAZMAT team on their way.
We've got a live one there! He's not very alive, Mikey.
Oh, shit.
Boss ain't gonna like that.
Bravo One and Bravo Two here.
Uh, we stopped the train.
Novotny's dead.
I repeat.
Our intel is dead.
What's going on? They are coming to help you, OK? I'm sorry.
So that was your idea of how to stop a train, was it? We stopped it, didn't we? Good job, Scott.
These people got any chance? Only if we can find a cure.
So no.
You had me worried for a second.
Yeah? Heh.
Now is this what you have to do to get a day off? Heh heh heh! That was some stunt you guys pulled back there.
You take care of yourself, yeah? Yeah.
You, too.
If I'm not gonna get a hug, give me one of those famous Limey handshakes.
See you soon.
In the name of Allah the great and merciful, you must cleanse yourselves of your sins, as he has promised us that paradise awaits those of you who lay down your lives in this war, fighting for our freedom and what we believe.
Sir, a message from Pirogova.
Ulyanov has left his Dacha in Moscow.
He's on the move.
He's heading for Germany.
He's coming for the boys, isn't he? Tell Pirogova to stay with him.
Did you see the size of him? He was a fucking sasquatch.
Now he threw you off the train.
Fuck you! Next time, you fight the big guy.
Sore, huh? Good.
So what did you buy Ester? I don't know, dude.
Some shitty German mags.
I did get her these.
- Ha ha ha! - Huh? She's gonna love those, mate.
They're brilliant.
You think? I have no idea.
I don't know what teenage girls like.
Neither do I.
Poor kid.
We're all she's got.
Scott the door.
- Yeah? - Go.
Zero, safe house has been breached.
- Going up.
- Yeah.
Ester? Hands! Hands! What the fuck? Ester? Ester? Damien? Come here.
Come on.
You all right? Yeah.
Scott! Scott! No.
No, no, no.
Qassem, put that gun down.
Put that gun down.
No, Damien.
Put that fucking gun down! Please, Damien.
No more killing! He was never going to kill her.
What are you talking about, Mikey? Dad?
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