Strike Back s04e10 Episode Script

Shadow Warfare: Episode 10

Previously on Strike Back Al-Zuhari will bring down a vengence upon the west.
It was my dad.
How do you know what it feels like? I'm a dad too.
It's a genetically engineered smallpox with an infection rate that is terrifying.
Al-Zuhari gets his hands on this, thousands of people will die.
Anyone infected will be dead within days.
Anderson uploaded false identies.
- How many more are there? - I don't know.
Matthew Voss, Arkady Ulyanov.
*** *** This is gonna end well.
Dad? What the fuck Dad? Fuck.
They told me that you were dead, that Qassem killed you.
Leo, what the fuck is going on? I've got a fair idea.
I don't understand.
Your dad faked his own execution.
He played us all along.
Ester, your father is a terrorist.
He works for a man who wants to kill thousands of people.
They're lying to you, Ester.
Ester, I know it looks bad, but I didn't lie to you.
I'm here, aren't I, and why would Qassem want to kill me? Go on.
You go with Qassem to the car, and I'll be right behind you.
Ester! Hey! You lied to me! You told me that he was dead! Why would you say that? He's taking you outside because he doesn't want you to see him kill us.
That's not true.
I am not going to hurt them, I promise.
Go on.
Go with Qassem to the car.
Come on, Ester.
It's OK.
Go on now.
Well played.
You got a good track record with your promises, don't you? Get her to the car.
You just won't go away.
Dalton was right about you.
You underestimated her.
I didn't.
Ha! So you had her killed? We got Bin Laden.
We'll get Al-Zuhari, you piece of shit.
You fucking people! You count every one of your dead servicemen, but you pay no attention to the body count of your victims.
You don't care.
They're not important.
Al-Zuhari's been dead for 6 months, killed in an Israeli air strike in Syria.
Deliver these men to Ulyanov.
He will dispose of them.
Can this day get any worse? I couldn't see where you were comin' from but I know just what you're running from and what matters ain't who's baddest but the ones who stop you falling from your ladder when you feel like you're feeling now and doing things just to please your crowd when I love you like the way I love you and I suffer but I ain't gonna cut you 'cause this ain't no place for no hero this ain't no place for no better man this ain't no place for no hero to call home this this ain't no place for no hero this ain't no place for no better man this ain't no place for no hero to call home You think Ulyanov will kill them straightaway, sir? No.
I don't think they'll be that lucky.
*** Why can't we just kill them ourselves? Kamali has a deal with the Russians.
They want to do it themselves.
Aah! What? You alive? Yeah! Fuck! Shit! Then cut me free! Get down, down, down! I've got an idea.
Jesus Christ, Mikey! Ha ha! Aah! I need this car a lot more than you do.
Come on! See you, fuckers! Yeah.
Get in.
Ha ha! Cheers.
Nice of you to drop in.
All right.
We got to get a live one.
Fucking pull over right now! Say, "Please.
" Please fucking pull over! Fuck! Mike! Shit.
I see it, I see it.
Construction, dude! We're not gonna make that.
Oh, shit! I'm doing it! You're an idiot, you know! Aah! Hold on, you motherfucker! Aah! Aw, man! - Oh, shit! - Fuck me! I told you you wouldn't make it.
I just saved your arse! We're upside down, Michael! We've got a live one over there.
Fuck! A live one? Ohh.
Let's get out of here.
Come here, you fucker! In the name of Allah the gracious, you have offered yourself to Allah and his cause justice, the right to defend ourselves Yeah.
Against imperialist oppressors.
They never arrived at Ulyanov's.
I pray that Allah Twenty are still out there.
Let's move now.
Enough, enough! We haven't time.
- Get them ready.
- Allah.
Let's go.
Come on! Come on! There was an Israeli strike on a Syrian target last May.
Since then, there have been no confirmed sightings of Al-Zuhari except for the video that we retrieved in Budapest.
Which could have been prerecorded and planted by Kamali.
Where the fuck did we go wrong? Kamali shot Baxter, had Dalton killed.
Martinez is in the hospital because of him.
He used us to get to the virus and fucking handed us off to Ulyanov.
So you tell me how the fuck did we get here? Whoa.
You bought into this as much as any of us, mate.
The hero Kamali leading the undercover life and all that CIA bullshit you Shut the fuck up, Michael.
- Excuse me? - How did this happen? - Tell me the truth.
- What? How the fuck did this happen? The truth is that Dalton warned you about this, and you chose Kamali's side.
- Really? - Yeah, really.
That's what you think, Michael? Really? Yeah, it is what I fucking think, Scott.
I don't give a fuck what you think! That's enough, that's enough! Stay the fuck out of this! What the fuck is your problem? - Back up! Back up! - That is it! I said enough! Sorry.
You're right.
The buck does stop with me, but Kamali used us all.
He used the CIA, he used me, and he used you, Scott, everyone, so why don't we concentrate on stopping him? So you finally managed to bring me a live one.
Well, you get something out of him, whatever it takes.
Yes, boss.
How we doing on the clean skins' I.
s? They're using a fast in-painting algorithm.
Uh, thank you, sergeant.
Could you just do it as quickly as possible? We need those identities.
Sorry about up there, Mikey.
Might have been a bit Yeah.
A bit? All right.
More than a bit.
I shouldn't have, uh No.
You probably shouldn't have.
I can't believe that crazy bitch Dalton was right.
Well, he had us all fooled.
Sure you're ready for this? No.
You? People like you and me don't do shit like this, where's that leave everyone else, huh? Unh! I'm not afraid to die! You're not gonna die.
What's Kamali's target? These are you identities for the air base.
Each cell has its own target, but everyone serves the same goal.
Nothing else matters.
We go in, we release the virus, and then we leave.
These soldiers will carry death.
Some of us may not live to see the end of this day.
Be prepared to make that sacrifice, Do you have eyes on Ulyanov? I do.
Get in position.
I'll be there shortly.
What is that? It's fine.
No, Dad, no.
I have to do this, Ester.
It's protection.
I'll be quick.
In and out.
Good because it hurt.
Where were they taken? Well? Michael and Damien are not who you think they are.
They're not your friends.
They are the enemy.
They saved my life.
Ester, they believe that what they're doing is right.
They think they're good men.
They're not.
They are killers, murderers.
No, they're not.
Ester the pilot who killed your mother, who fired indiscriminately on an ambulance that was carrying her to hospital, having just given birth to you, that pilot thought he was a good man, too.
This belonged to your mother, the woman you never met.
You're gonna kill them aren't you? We have the right to live in a world where people like us and those we love are safe, Ester.
Philip Locke Section Twenty.
Why are you here? Kamali underestimated my people.
He thought he could simply deliver them to you.
I want to see you don't make the same mistake.
You chose the wrong business partner, Mr.
This is not business.
It's personal.
Your men murdered my son.
Poor, old Viktor.
He was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Wrong place? You have no idea.
To lose a child.
Oh, yes, I do.
I also had a son who was murdered, but he was an innocent school boy whose only fault was to be my child, not a coke-snorting prick with eyes on his father's throne.
- Fuck - Be very careful.
Say what you have to say.
Whether Kamali succeeds or fails, once this is done, there will be a hunt the likes of which has never been seen.
If Leo Kamali succeeds, the world is gonna be very, very different.
But there will still be people like me looking for those who help them, and you will be top of that list.
You help us now, you have my word you won't be on that list.
I'll give you what you want, but you know the price.
What did you get? Well the plan is to infect servicemen with the virus before they go home.
Those carriers will spread the disease in America.
Where? Ramstein Air Base.
He says they're already there.
Names, I.
Claims that's all he knows.
Martinez is at Ramstein, waiting to be sent home.
We'll make sure she's kept in the loop.
Kit up.
I'll bring Richmond.
She's I.
ing the clean skins.
- You two, follow.
- Sir.
Hold on.
Put your I.
on the scanner, please.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
You want me to close down a base because of one interrogation? Yes, general.
I want you to ground the aircraft and seal off this base.
Security here is better than anywhere else in the world.
Sir, they'll be invisible to the system, but we have intel that says these people are already here.
Your security's been breached.
I seriously doubt the quality of your intel, Colonel Locke.
Everyone is vetted and checked, identity cards, biometrics.
There is no way these people can just walk right into an American air base.
Colonel Locke.
Kim, Ramstein is Kamali's target.
He's planning to infect the wounded on the way home.
The clean skins are coming in with the virus.
Just hang tight.
We're on our way now.
When Richmond gets photos, she'll send them through.
Copy that.
Colonel, I have them.
How many? So far, we have 14, but there's likely to be more.
- Brigadier general.
- Colonel.
Well, this is what we've got.
These 14 have I.
s for the base.
There may be more.
I'm not taking any chances.
Captain, I want you to lock down the entire air base.
Ground all aircraft.
No one in our out.
Sir, yes, sir.
Lieutenant Greg, on me.
We need to get these pictures online immediately.
Sergeant, my head of security.
Let him those I.
s into the system.
- Sir.
- Don't worry.
Two minutes, everyone will know who these guys are.
Bravo One and Two at medical center.
Can you put your I.
on the scanner, please? Yeah, sure.
Excuse me.
British military You're expecting us.
We need to talk to your commanding officer.
This way.
He's one of them.
Positive I.
! Repeat! He's an intruder! Step back.
I said step back.
Mike! Unh! Shit! Clear the area now! Clear! We got 3 clean skins down, all dressed as Air Force maintenance.
They were bringing something through in a case.
Give me a visual.
That's a filter for one of the ventilation systems.
How many systems do you have? Two, one in the main hospital, the other in the basement of the rehab center.
I want men down there now! Bravo Team, are you getting this? Yeah.
Roger that.
Let's go.
All right.
One, two.
Hey, guys.
This is a restricted area.
Can I see some I.
? Sir.
Just a minute.
Now! Just a minute! Aah! Ready to go home, solider? Yeah.
Just one more thing to do, then we'll get you on that flight.
A little something for the flight.
Hey, you! Hey.
I said unh! Get her off me! Close the door, close the door! No one here is leaving! Hey.
Show me your hands! Let me see some hands! Hands up! Keep them back.
Keep them back.
Zero, we got eyes on Kamali! Repeat we got Kamali here! We are in the base.
Prepare to exit.
Coming to you! Move! Hey, fellas.
This is a restricted area.
Aah! All right, Mikey.
You got it, you got it.
Shit! Scott, we're too late.
Zero, Kamali's activated it.
What do we do? Lieutenant Greg, shut the system down.
I can't, sir.
They seem to have jammed it somehow.
I've managed to contain it in the medical center.
Bravo Team, get out now.
No shit! Roger that.
Security lock down procedure! Get to your units now! Let's go, let's go! Don't have a side arm or anything.
Don't worry about that.
Let's lock down.
Let's go, let's go! You 3, secure the plane.
We have to leave now.
I know.
The ward's been infected.
I'm OK.
I know the score.
I'm just reporting it in.
The men who were following me, kill them.
Yes, sir.
Possible security breach, Hangar 5.
Let's go! Go, go.
Down, down, down! They're looking for the maintenance guys.
Section Twenty are everywhere.
- Let's get out of here.
- All right.
- Have you commandeered the plane? - Yeah.
- Is the virus on board? - Of course.
Aah! Fuck! We lost comms to Hangar 5.
Do you have CCTV? OK.
Run it back.
Hold the frame.
Enhance it.
Sir, Kamali's here, Hangar 5, two minutes ago.
Lieutenant Greg, take some men and get down there with them now.
Yes, sir.
You 3 on me! I'm going with him.
Bravo One and Two, send sitrep.
Zero, we're pinned down here outside the rehab center.
Kamali's men dressed as MPs.
Wrap it up and get to Hangar 5.
Kamali's there.
Copy that.
Entering Hangar 5.
Stop! Stop the car! All right, all right.
Don't shoot, don't shoot.
You wouldn't want to come with us anyway, mate.
Hold tight.
We're on our way.
I've got a KIA.
I've got a man down.
Hold your position.
I see movement on the plane.
Moving to cover.
Fuck! I've got eyes on Kamali.
He's on the plane.
There's at least I'm going in.
Bravo 3, you stay off that plane and you wait for backup.
Sir, I'm going in.
Move! I repeat.
Wait for backup.
Bravo One and Two are on their way.
Richmond do not get on that plane.
Bravo 3, do not board that plane! Huh! Where the fuck's Kamali? Change of plan! Disperse the virus over the city! Leo, those people down there, women, children, Muslims, they don't have the antivirus.
Casualties of war, Qassem, sacrificial lambs.
Bravo 3, this is Zero.
Do you copy? Bravo 3, do you copy? This is Bravo One and Bravo Two.
We have target in sight.
I repeat.
We have eyes on the target.
Bravo 3, this is Zero.
Do you copy? Julia, come in! Kamali's here.
He's on the plane.
They're going to disperse the virus over Berlin.
I can't let that plane take off.
Will you just give my men some time? Negative.
I've got a soldier on that plane! You heard what she said.
If they get the wheels up, they're gonna release the weapon over a populated area, and I can't have that.
Bravo One and Two, you hear that? You stop that plane from taking off.
Copy that.
Let's go get our girl back.
I want surface to air missiles locked on.
Back launcher online.
Come down here! Get me close.
Keep it steady.
Close the ramp, close the ramp.
It's not responding.
The ramp won't close.
Speed the plane.
Take off, you hear me? Team two, get to runaway 3 now.
Are they yours? Negative.
Bravo, be advised, hostiles coming up on your 6.
Mike, on our 6.
Shit! Fuck! I got them! I got front.
Fuck you! Changing.
Fuck off! Sorry, sir.
Get him? We fucking got him.
Fuck, yeah! Nice, Michael, nice.
Missiles armed and ready, sir.
If we don't get Kamali off that plane, you may never find a cure, and your infected people will not have a chance.
One down.
Let's get our girl back, huh? Take it up, take it up.
Oh, shit.
Ohh! Get them, Mikey.
Julia? Richmond, Richmond! Julia, you all right? Yeah.
On my command.
Kamali's on board.
They're gonna shoot down the plane.
There's a cure.
You're out of time.
Shit! We got to go, we got to go.
We got to get off this plane.
Stand by.
Will you wait? They're not kidding.
The wheels are up.
Fire! Bravo, SAM incoming.
Hold on! I'm about to do something really fucking stupid! Let's Go! Do it! Aah! Aah! Strike confirmed.
Target destroyed.
Oh, shit.
That's one toasted terrorist.
The cure.
Oh, fuck.
No Kamali, but we have Richmond.
You made the right call.
I hope you're right.
Hola, papi.
¿Cómo estás? No, no, no.
Estoy bien.
I-I I was just calling to say hi.
Is our deal still on? Kamali's dead.
Are you sure? I just got a call from him.
He wasn't on the plane.
If you still want him, Center Square half an hour.
Any minute now, Ulyanov's gonna pull up on the other side of that square.
He's with Kamali and the last of the virus.
We're here to do a trade.
What are we trading? It's us, isn't it? We're the only things he wants.
And you waited till now to tell us? How fucking convenient.
Would you be here if I told you before? All right.
So make a trade in a public square.
Kamali and the virus? What if he releases it? We're playing by Ulyanov's rules.
It's our only chance.
Fuck off! We just did a Houdini act get get away from that guy.
Kamali's the only man who knows where the antivirus is, Scott.
Without a cure, Martinez and everyone at that base who's infected is dead, and if we can't contain it there, who knows how many more? That "far, far better that that I do" shit might work on him.
Doesn't work on me.
So what will, Scott, what will? Sense of responsibility, a sense of giving a damn about something other than yourself? Pirogova's got you covered.
But that's it? We spook Ulyanov, he's gone, and Kamali with him.
Hey, listen.
I won't order you to do this.
Give me 5 minutes.
I can't send you over there armed, Michael.
Hello? My name's Damien Scott, and, uh I got I got to tell you something.
Why are we stopping? Business.
Get out of the car.
Ester, everything is going to be absolutely fine.
Dad, dad.
- Out of the car.
- Dad! We're gonna be fine.
Don't go.
- Do not worry.
- Get out of the car.
- Don't worry.
- Dad, don't go! No! No! No! Not my daughter, not my daughter.
Shut up! Arkady, not my daughter! Arkady, please do not hurt my daughter.
You should have given me the two men who killed Viktor.
You really believe that they're just gonna hand themselves over to you? Two soldiers for Leo Kamali and the virus? Why not? Locke.
Send him over with the virus.
You're gonna cross that square.
I will kill her.
Cool? I'll tell you later.
I have to go now.
Dad, they're trading you in for Michael and Damien.
I told you I wouldn't harm them.
But this man will! That's out of my control now, - but you will be safe.
- Move.
Just remember that your mother loves you, and I do, too.
Move now.
I'm going.
You still think Pirogova can make the shot? I fucking hope so.
You guys didn't, uh Yeah.
One-night thing.
She's fucking crazy, even for me.
This is an open channel, guys.
What about Richmond? Still open.
Yeah, sorry.
Two guys packing either side of us, Mikey.
Check the case.
It's empty.
There's no virus.
It's in his hand.
There's no deal! Move, Kamali! Hold.
No way! There's no trade! Shit! There's no deal! Bring them to me! Kamali, move! Move now! There's no deal! There's no trade.
Bravo 3, fire at will.
I'll kill her right now! Wh Dad! Dad! No! Come here, come here.
Dad! You can't go over there.
You see that in his hand? That's smallpox.
Dad, please! It's a biological weapon.
You can't go over there.
Don't do it, Kamali.
You're not gonna do this here, not here.
I have no other choice.
Don't do it, Kamali.
What about her? You both know even if I hand this over now I'm never gonna see her again.
You're gonna chain me up in some hole like Guantanamo, your idea of justice.
Dad, please just give it up! Take the shot.
I can't, boss man.
We've got the cure.
Don't do it.
Ester! Ester, don't, don't.
And what's your idea of justice, huh, Kamali? You release this virus in this public square with thousands of innocent people? Is that your idea of justice? Innocent people always die.
Your own daughter, Kamali, your own fucking daughter? Look at her face.
Look at her.
I won't justify myself to you.
You might understand, and then where would you be? Aah! Kill him.
Dad! Fuck! No! Dad! Where's the cure? Where's the cure? Where is it? Michael, what have you done? Only for the righteous.
Dad, give them the cure for me, yeah? Kamali, where's the cure? If there's something you need to give them, then do it, yeah? Do it for me.
Just do it, and then everything will be all right, OK? Come on, Kamali.
Do it for her.
Just please.
Where is it? Could you just please give it to them? Yeah.
Don't just do it for me.
You can die a good man.
You can do this, OK? All right? Come on.
Just tell them.
Tell them where it is.
Kamali, she's the one true thing in your life.
You said so yourself.
Do it for her.
Come on.
Tell them.
It's the necklace, Scott.
It's in her necklace! Give me that, sweetheart.
Swetheart, give me that.
You've done it.
You've done it.
You've told them.
Now now it can all be OK.
Get this to the lab.
Dad? Dad, Daddy.
Dad, wake up! Dad! Dad! Looks like you got your man.
I'll sleep better now.
Revenge is liberating.
You should try it, Philip.
You got yourself a good team here.
If you ever need a hand, give me a call.
I'm done with FSB.
Thank you, Nina.
Your father was a great man.
He'd have been proud.
Locke wants you.
- See you around.
- Yeah, sure.
What are you doing tonight? Um Um, he'll be free from 8:00.
I'll call you.
Ha! Fuck.
She is scary.
You have no idea, dude.
Ha ha ha! You ought to take vodka and a gun.
Ha ha ha! Lads.
Morning, boss.
I just heard from the lab.
The antiviral was in the pendant.
Martinez and the others are gonna be fine.
So all things considered, good job.
Hold off on the medals.
We'll just settle for a raise.
Really? Thought that'd be the last thing you needed.
I was just going through the Beirut paperwork if there's anything you'd like to claim or hand in.
- It's all good.
- It's all there.
I'll leave that with you, shall I? How the fuck did he work that out? You got to hand it to him, don't you? Fuck that.
I handed one to a girl.
Where? Beirut at the time.
The only one of us that's gonna get away with a $250,000 rock is a Ukrainian poll dancer.
- Sorry.
That's not funny.
- No.
- No, but it is your problem.
- Thanks.
Well done.
Fucking asshole.
Ha ha ha! Fancy that beer? You want it? Yes, I do.
- What the fuck? - Ha ha ha! She's not, uh, contagious? No.
You're safe.
- Get out of here.
- I was just checking.
I didn't want to, you know? Ha ha ha! You know, I thought if you pulled that stick out of your ass you'd be a guy I'd take more seriously, but it kind of belongs there, doesn't it? I'll take that as a compliment.
It was meant as one.
You boys had a pretty tough time.
The guys on the train? We were too late.
We had it easy here.
Yeah, you did.
You're starting to sound more like Locke every day.
I'm gonna take that as a compliment, as well.
It wasn't meant as one.
You know, I had my doubts about Section Twenty and how you guys do it, but after being here with these guys in this room, it makes sense.
Someone has to do it, and I can't think of anyone better.
This life's in your blood, isn't it? Yeah.
And we had a win.
You got to be happy about that, hmm? A win, a win.
Are we winning? I feel like I'm winning right now.
Heh heh heh.
So the, uh, the call.
The call.
I'm a dad, Mikey.
- Seriously? - Yeah.
Wow! Boy or girl.
His name's Finn.
All right.
How old? He's 15.
How's it feel? - It feels good.
- Yeah.
Kind of ashamed of myself, you know? Are you gonna see him? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
I want to.
Fucking knew we should have kept some of those diamonds.
I got a kid.
Yeah, you do.
Kids are expensive.
- He's gonna want a fast car.
- Yeah.
Medical, dental.
I didn't think of all that shit.
Yeah, and if it's your son, there might be a few girls.
Weren't enough diamonds for that.
It's good I asked Locke for a raise, huh? Huh.
So does that mean you're staying? Of course I am, buddy.
I'm not this good at anything else.
And you're not that good at this.
Ha ha ha!
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