Strike Back s05e01 Episode Script

Legacy: Episode 1

I thought I'd lost you.
Here? Cheers.
Where are we going? Beach parties are OK for tourists.
I want you to see the real Thailand.
You see, that just sounds like a bad excuse to get me alone.
Yeah, it is.
What's going on! When I was young, my father used to tell me there were very few differences that cannot be settled by a good honest chat across a table.
I look forward to proving him right.
I would like to personally welcome General Ong Ji-Woo and the North Korean delegation.
I would like to stress that their satellite launches and long range tests are just that I'm so sorry, if you would just excuse me for a moment.
Malcolm, if you could just take over for a second, thank you.
I'm terribly sorry, ladies and gentlemen.
In the meantime What is it? What's wrong? 'I have your daughter.
Any publicity, she's dead.
'Any police, she's dead.
You don't do exactly as we say, she's dead.
' 'I'll be in touch.
' Daddy! No! All quiet? Hey, boss.
Bravo One, Bravo Two, are you in position? Affirmative.
In position.
Philip, how can you be sure the boy is telling us the truth? I believe the kid.
Don't you? You did the right thing coming to me, Robin.
We'll get her back.
Eyes on two targets.
Bravo Three, what's your position? Coming to you.
I'm nearly there.
Bravo Three at rear of building and in position.
Bravo One, Bravo Two, stand by.
Bravo Three, now.
Copy that.
Shit, we've got to move.
Get the girl, get the girl.
Lock the door, get her out of here.
Come on! Come here, blow the door.
Come here! Clear.
Let's go.
Scott, in here, in here! Bravo, op's out, exiting rear building.
Yeah, roger that.
Let's go.
Was that her? I don't know.
Come here, come here! Boss, what do you want us to do? Scott, go after that girl.
Copy that.
Bravo One, check the rest of the building.
On me.
Move! Zero, you getting this? I've got a room full of girls here.
Is Chloe there? That's a negative.
Negative, Chloe's not here.
Bravo One, follow Bravo Two.
Go after that girl.
No, bollocks! I'm not leaving them.
Martinez, I need you in here.
I need you to come help.
I'm coming to you.
Ah! Argh! Get in! In here! Get the girls! What the hell? Zero, this is Bravo Two.
I'm in pursuit.
Martinez, move! Get out now! I'm good, I'm good, I'm nearly there.
Follow her! Shit! Get off the bike.
I need your bike.
Bravo One, the girls are clear.
Roger that.
Stay down! Move! Get out of the way! Out of the way! Watch! Move! What the fuck? 'Coming to you, Scott.
' He ain't got her.
Is he alive? Shit! 'Bravo One and Two.
Send sit ref.
' Scott, they knew we we're coming.
'Zero, hostage is gone.
' 'I repeat, the girl is gone.
' 'Good afternoon ambassadors, delegates 'and ladies and gentlemen of the press.
' How the fuck did they know we were coming? We were supposed to be covert.
What? You think he'd risk the life of his own daughter? Only a handful of people even know we're here.
Foster kept this quiet, I assure you.
Well, not quiet enough.
Someone knew.
And we lost her because of it.
I've known Robin Foster for 20 years, Chloe since she was born.
That's why he called me first.
And I promised him that this team would get her back alive.
So we'd better find a way of fixing this.
Richmond, you got anything? He's not on the Thai police system.
So we've got nothing? Well, maybe not nothing.
There's a mate of mine here, he's ex-military intelligence.
He's got a bar that fronts for a safe house for any freelancers who are passing through.
He runs in dodgy circles and there's a chance that he could put a name to this face.
I'll talk to Foster.
Get out there, find out who this mystery man is.
Right now, he's our only link to Chloe.
Ambassador Foster has an outstanding reputation in peace negotiations, having served as the UK representative in the international conference on the former Yugoslavia We just made things worse.
No, we were close.
The intel was good.
You made the right choice.
How can you say that? Mei.
No, it's Chloe we're talking about.
Mei, I know.
I understand, but involving Section Do you remember that first time we met, Robin? Rwanda.
You walk into a warlord's camp unarmed, unprepared.
And you negotiate the release of me and my men.
You held your nerve like no-one I'd ever seen.
Yeah, well, I was different then.
I didn't have Chloe.
If you think we should keep going down this path, Phillip, then we keep going down this path.
Sir, the North Korean delegation is waiting.
Shall I have the Deputy Ambassador meet them? No.
We'll wait here.
It's taken me years to bring them to the table.
What would I do without you? He looks up to you.
Always has.
Losing his first wife almost broke him, but to lose Chloe too Mei, we have a lead.
And right now my boys are going to talk to someone who can help us.
We'll get Chloe back, I promise you.
What we have to realise is that it's up to us to help North Korea break out of this cycle of agreeing to and then terminating conferences about its nuclear weapons programme.
Clearly, they cannot be allowed to carry on selling their nuclear technology to countries like Iran, Syria, Pakistan.
These talks are absolutely crucial in not only bringing both sides together, but also increasing their standing in the international community.
Gentlemen, ladies.
Since we have an awful lot of ground to cover in a very short space of time, might I suggest we get started? Here, here, here, here.
Thank you.
We have 48 hours to realistically get this girl back alive.
Hopefully Garland can help.
I hear you.
You don't snatch the ambassador's daughter unless you've got your eyes on the bigger prize.
Revenge? Ransom? Let's let the boss worry about that and you and I focus on finding that girl.
This is it.
'Bang Bang Club?' Yeah.
I like it.
Oi! Private Garland.
Need a hand? Sgt Stonebridge.
Come here.
It's good to see you, mate.
You too.
Great place you got here.
Nah, it's a shithole.
Right infested bar.
Full of ladyboys.
But you know, the best I could get for the price the British government put on an arm.
Want a beer? Yeah, go on.
Need I remind you, this is about business.
Yes, boss.
This character here, he's part of a local gang.
He's done a high-profile snatch and grab and we need to find him fast.
Any ideas? Yeah, I know him.
Aaron, muscle for his cousin, Ray McQueen.
Ray McQueen? Any ideas where to find that guy? I'll make some calls.
Oh, he's kicking.
Hey, my boy's going to be a muay thai champion, I know it.
She might be.
Beautiful like her ma.
And tough like her dad.
Everything you need.
I'm not looking.
I haven't seen any of your faces.
That's OK, Chloe, that doesn't matter.
You can look at me now.
What are you going to do? Do you live with your dad? What? Do you live with your dad? No, I go to college in England.
I was just visiting him.
So you live with your mother in Britain? No, my mum died when I was 10.
That's awful, I'm sorry about that.
You know, I lost my folks when I was a kid as well and it can affect you really badly that.
Not having your proper family around.
And I know when I have my little ba-ba, I'm going to make sure I'm there I've got to say though, all things considered, I don't think I turned out that badly, really.
Got to be strong now, Chloe.
Nice and strong for your dad.
Please don't.
Please don't hurt me.
Please, please don't.
Please no! No! Please don't hurt me! Ah! Haven't you got beautiful eyes? You should probably close them.
This is going to hurt.
You know, I hope my little girl grows up to be nice and strong like you.
This with your fault.
Your men, your tactics.
Robin, listen to me.
He listened and this is what happened.
You promised that Chloe would be safe.
You should leave.
We can't leave.
My daughter's finger is in a fucking box because of you, Philip.
So don't you Don't you dare tell me you can't leave.
This is my fucking embassy.
You're here on my invitation only.
I'm sorry, Robin, you misunderstand.
It's not that we can't leave, it's that we won't.
You said yourself these people should be making demands.
They should be asking for money, something.
So whatever is going on here, it's about a lot more than Chloe.
And you know it.
Get up on Foster's phone, e-mail, everything.
I want to know who he's contacting, who's talking to him.
Roger that.
I thought you two were buddies? Isn't that why we're here? Well, McQueen's people just delivered one of his daughter's fingers to him.
Have they made demands yet? Not yet.
Then why take the daughter and do nothing? It's not nothing.
They're just waiting.
They're gaining leverage until he'll do anything they want.
I'm sure it's linked to his talks with the North Koreans.
You got a location for McQueen? Yeah, that mate of mine came through.
He said Ray does a money pick-up at a nightclub that he owns.
Richmond, if you could put a tracker on him, it might lead us to Chloe.
Clock's ticking.
Let's get her back.
You couldn't phone? What do you want? The fight at the floating market has caused our friends concern.
You think I'm sitting on a bed of fucking roses? Nobody told me about any soldiers rocking up and killing my crew.
They said this was going to be a simple bit of work - take the girl and Foster would roll over.
No-one expected him to call these people.
Yeah, well, maybe they should have done their homework before they asked me to take the girl.
Would you like to call them and discuss it? I thought not.
Insure Foster takes this to the right place at the right time.
You know, I don't know what you're on, but I'm not getting anywhere near enough for this shit.
Money shouldn't be your primary concern, Ray.
With the baby on the way.
How long now? "Fuck you", is how long.
Fatherhood is a blessing.
It will change you forever.
But these final few weeks are a dangerous time for mother and child.
You threaten me again Threaten me again.
You got anything, Mike? No, not yet.
Zero, this is Bravo Team.
Still no eyes on McQueen.
Copy that.
Patching you into the club CCTV.
Got it.
Good signal.
Standing by.
Copy that.
Heads up, guys.
Everything OK? Make sure Foster gets this.
Yeah, all right.
Let me know when he's got it, yeah? Yeah.
Hey, it's important.
It's done.
Zero, this is Bravo Team.
Target is entering the building.
Copy that.
Bravo Three, move in.
Got it.
Like what you see? You know I do.
Can't wait to debrief you later.
What? Oh, come on, he knows.
You know, don't you, Mikey? What? You two? Since when? You two are wankers.
And I'll talk to you later.
Oh, I look forward to it.
He's an A-class asshole, all right? So be careful.
I'll be fine.
Go get 'em.
Fuck, she's hot.
Should I go in with her? No, we've been made, remember? If we go in, we blow it.
Yeah, but, Mike Oi, she's been a soldier longer than she's been your girlfriend.
She knows what she's doing.
Zero, eyes on target.
Moving in.
Catch you later, babe.
Sorry, sorry.
It's all right.
Hey, can I get you a drink? I'm good, thanks.
You sure? Yeah.
Shit! Hey! Hey, hey, hey! 'McQueen has taken Bravo Three to a private booth on the main floor.
' Boss, boss! What? Problem in the club.
Boss! Hey, you all right? I'm OK.
Damien, I'm OK.
Go! Yes, boss.
Oi, McQueen! Tell me where the girl is.
Where is she? Where's the You met me cousin? Whoo-hoo! He's a fucking lunatic.
Killed a man once in the Octagon.
Finish him off, son.
Hurry up, we've got things to do.
Get in! Come on! Come on, mate! Come on! Ah, shit! Go, go, go! I thought you're were good at fighting? Guess I'm rusty.
Don't worry, I'll get him next time.
Yeah, get in line, he's mine.
Richmond, tell me you put the tracker on him? Yeah, I did.
Zero, have you got him? OK, he's two blocks north-west of you.
Hang a left at the end of the street.
Bravo Three, stay on course.
Target is two clicks north of you.
Where the hell is Foster going? Why are you calling this number? Lee, listen.
It's done.
I'm going to cut this little bitch up and I'm going to dump her.
You do not make decisions, Ray.
You follow orders.
I've got soldiers all over me.
They've come to the fucking club tonight.
You follow orders because you know you are small, insignificant.
That your wife and unborn child only remain alive because we say so.
Keep the girl alive until we are done.
After that, kill her, sell her, it does not matter.
What does matter is that Foster delivers the package.
Hey, you! Mr Foster.
Zero, have you got him? Still no visual on McQueen.
Bravo team, the target is right ahead of you.
You're going to lose him, you want me to drive? Look, unless you can make this thing fly, you won't do any better.
Don't you fuck me about, OK? That's him, that's him right there.
He's got Chloe with him.
Go, go, go! We got eyes on the girl.
Walk! Hey! Move! Go, go, go! Go! Move! Move! Oh, my God.
Move! Move! Get out the way! Hello.
Dad? Oh, Chloe, Chloe Dad, I think they're trying to Shut up.
Those are the last words you're going to hear from your daughter unless you do exactly what I say and you deliver that package to the North Koreans, you understand? The North Koreans? You want me to bomb my own embassy? Clocks ticking, Ambassador.
Dad! Fuck.
Robin? What are you doing? Is she safe? We have eyes on, Robin.
Is she safe? We're close.
What have you got in the bag, Robin? You've got 13 minutes to rescue Chloe, Philip.
After that Robin, wait! Martinez, tell Scott and Stonebridge they have exactly 13 minutes to get the girl back.
Copy that, I've got 13 minutes on the clock.
Not a second more.
Bobby! Two white guys are coming in here.
I don't want them getting out alive, do you understand? Yes, boss.
OK, it looks like McQueen has taken her to the Kong Twai Markets.
Is that bad? It's a gang stronghold.
Cops won't even touch it.
Oh, brilliant.
Heading there now.
Zero, guide me in.
Copy that.
'All right, he's 100 yards south-west of you.
Hang a left.
' 'You've got 10 minutes.
' Wow.
It's nothing.
Through there? Yeah.
If life was easy, bud, anyone could do it.
I'll tell you what, let's go get that girl back, huh? You and me.
Walk in the fucking park, dude.
'McQueen is 100 metres to your south southeast.
' Get inside, get inside.
Robin! Robin! Robin! Robin! Sergeant.
Sir! Stop this man, he's a security risk.
Shoot him if you have to.
Listen to me very carefully.
It's the ambassador who's the security risk.
Do not let him in.
Hands in the air.
Down on your knees.
Robin, my boys are close.
Argh! I'm Lieutenant Colonel Philip Locke.
I know who you are, sir.
Now keep your hands where I can see them and get down on your knees.
I need some backup.
We've got six minutes.
What the fuck happened? You were supposed to keep them in the club.
There was a bit of a situation.
Bit of a fucking situation? Go and sort it now.
I'll fucking sort this, all right? Come on.
We're pinned down here, mate.
We've got to move.
Hang on.
Fuck you.
Scott, move, move, move! Move, Scott, move! Follow me! On me! Right door, yeah? Martinez, which way? McQueen is 100 yards to your south southeast.
It's a fucking maze in here.
Both go Southeast.
Fuck sake.
All right, Mike, which way? I'm going to go that way.
I'm going that way.
See you there.
He's just ahead of you guys.
You've got five minutes.
Scott, he's 30 yards ahead of you, make a right.
Get down, get down, stay there.
Fucking you again.
Bravo One, come in.
Mike, you there? Sorry, sorry.
Martinez, which way? Not that direction, turn around.
Really? Turn around where? Hang left.
Here? You've got three minutes.
You kill a man in the Octagon, eh? You're not in the fucking Octagon any more.
Fucking come and get it then.
Scott, 25 yards, then right.
Fuck, it's a dead-end.
Jesus! Martinez, and do you have eyes on? OK, I've got Foster, he's heading for the North Korean break-out room.
I need to see the General urgently.
Stop right there.
Whoa, whoa.
Put your hands up.
I am begging you, do not do this.
Don't fucking move! Tell me you wouldn't give everything to have your son alive again now.
Believe me, I am not the threat here.
Robin, for God's sake! General Ong Ji-Woo.
OK, guys, you've got two minutes.
I have dedicated my life to peace.
Tried to find ways to bring people together, to find ways of saving lives and avoiding conflict.
I've shown humility before cruel and brutal men because I believe that violence is not the answer.
'30 seconds, guys.
' Violence can never solve the differences we have.
Violence cannot win the peace.
I believe all these things, General, but what I know is that none of this means anything without my daughter.
You're right on top of them.
Straight ahead.
He's right in front of you.
This is nothing personal.
You're just a loose end that I've got to tidy up, that's all.
'That's the building, he's there.
' 'Five metres.
' 'You must be right on him.
' I am so sorry.
Scott? In here, Mikey.
It's OK.
Get her back to her father.
Zero, we have the girl.
I repeat, we have Chloe.
'Copy that.
' 'Colonel, they have the girl, they have the girl.
' Chloe's safe! Robin, Chloe's safe! Ray, drop the gun.