Strike Back s05e03 Episode Script

Legacy: Episode 3

I have your daughter.
Do as I say or she's dead.
You want me to bomb my own Embassy? Working on being Father Of The Year in about 16 hours.
Something lands in Bangkok.
The man I deal with is called Lee.
He's Office 39.
Office 39 are pretty much the most ruthless covert organisation on the planet.
They do anything that generates hard currency for the North Korean nuclear missile programme.
Li-Na will save everything.
She's at the hospital with Foster and May.
My name has never been May.
Duty Compassion.
The conflict between these two obligations defines who you are.
It defines any warrior.
Our crystal meth was destroyed by Section 20.
But the deal that I have with you will be fulfilled.
Another shipment will be here within 48 hours.
There will be no deal.
My son is young and foolish.
He overstepped his authority by agreeing.
What you're asking from us is wrong, empty of honour.
As the Commissioner of the syndicate, I cannot agree to it.
Our business here is concluded.
Now you are Commissioner.
Not if the Council learn of my betrayal.
Deliver what you promised and your syndicate will become the most powerful in Southeast Asia.
Tell your people Section 20 did this and that your father's death needs to be avenged.
How quickly can we get the results? I should have something later today.
What are you doing? You can't go in there! My husband's body is to be flown back to the UK.
I tried to contact you.
I'm sorry, this was my call.
You don't think Robin died as a result of his injuries.
Nothing's certain, but the autopsy should give us some answers.
Mei, the Foreign Office have signed off on this.
But I would like your permission.
Whatever you think is necessary.
And Li-Na? She's being dealt with.
Tell us about Lee Da-Ho.
I I don't know who that is.
An aid, for Office 39.
We believe the embassy bombing was a prelude to what they had planned.
Lee Da-Ho.
North Korean agent.
And we've got some CCTV footage there near the Office 39 building.
You're working for Lee.
You obviously met with him.
I meet a lot of people.
But I had no idea who he was.
Bullshit! He was a terrorist drug dealer.
Talk to us, Li-Na.
Go on.
Maybe you got too deeply involved in something.
Maybe you found out things you weren't supposed to.
But if you don't start being honest with us If I talk, you'll protect me? If you tell us the truth, yes.
I fed Office 39 information.
About what? Fosters, you, everything.
Why help the North Koreans? They're my people.
Then you know what they have planned? All I know was Foster was supposed to die in the attack and when he didn't, he instructed me to kill him.
I don't ask questions.
I only follow orders.
Boss? Well, she hardly blinked when we tied her to Lee.
But to fold just like that? Admit everything? Why? Hmm? Hello? May.
Philip? Li-Na confessed.
My God, to everything? Look, I wouldn't normally ask this, but You want me to come over? It might help verify some of what she's saying.
I'll send a car.
All right.
I think you and Finn are going to get on like a house on fire.
You do? I hope so.
What is it? Sounds kind of crazy but, uh, I always felt like I wanted to go home.
Now, home's coming to you.
Yeah Come here.
You feel like home to me.
When all this is done I'm going to take you for some dinner, dancing What? Dancing? Yeah.
I've seen you dance.
Just spend some time with your son.
OK? That's what's important now.
Why is Li-Na trying to focus all our attention on her? OK, try this one out.
What if there was another North Korean agent in the Embassy? What if Robin was murdered to stop him helping us find out who that agent is? Ask her how she killed him.
Martinez? Yeah, pathology, it's urgent.
Finn? Damian? Hey, Nick.
Whatever! Colonel Locke? Yeah, go ahead.
I only have preliminarily results from the toxicology report but our suspicions were correct.
There are traces of potassium chloride in the bloodstream.
So, that's what brought on the heart attack? Somebody got to him.
And the delivery system? Injection? It's possible, yes.
When? Given the high level of traces, the ambassador would have gone into cardiac arrest within minutes.
Robin Forster was poisoned After we'd taken Li-Na into custody.
And the only person that was with him was his wife.
How did you know I was going to be there? Your mom told me.
She called.
Said you had some trouble, flew out here to find me.
She's pretty pissed at you, by the way.
Don't worry, I've got ways of dealing with that.
I know this is weird for both of us.
All right? And, look, I don't know what your mom told you about what happened to us.
She got pregnant.
You walked out.
That about covering it? Yeah.
Finn, but your seatbelt on.
Put your seatbelt on! Put your fucking seatbelt on.
Hold on.
I'll deal with it.
Agh! Ugh! Garland! Mikey, it's me.
I'm in the car with Finn.
I've got some heat on me.
Fuck! Whoa! What the fuck is that?! Put your head down! Damien, what the fuck?! Put your head down! Window! Ugh! Martinez! Michael! Talk to me! I'm good, but Lawan's down.
I'm here! Garland's hit! Grenade! Fuck! Shit! I've got a fucking runner here! Chase him down, Michael.
Stay down! We've got to get out of there.
Get out of that belt.
There you go.
Oh, fuck.
Come on, keep moving.
We got to move.
Finn, keep moving.
Hands! Show me your hands! Fuck you! Gaijin, you killed my kumicho! Give me your phone.
Your phone.
I want to see who you're talking to.
Give me your phone.
Give me your phone.
Give me your phone! The pin has the surname Takagi written on it.
Coming in.
Clear? Yeah, good.
These guys are probably from the yakuza syndicate based in Kyushu.
One of the most powerful in Japan.
They're in bed with Office 39.
They think we killed their boss.
Mike, I'm so sorry.
'Mikey, it's me.
I'm in the car with Finn.
'I've got some heat on me.
' They hit Scott.
'Fuck!' 'Whoa, what the fuck is that?' 'Put your head down!' 'Damien, what the fuck?!' 'Put your head down!' Go and find him.
Yeah, roger that.
Yeah? We'll pick up Mei.
OK, the last signal from Scott's phone? 15 clicks west of here.
Right, let's go.
We've come to see Mei.
I'm sorry, sir.
Mrs Foster is not expecting visitors today.
Of course she isn't! Khan, it's It's OK.
They can come in.
Is she in there? Mei? She's upstairs, she's got a headache.
Is everything all right? I want you to pack a bag and get ready to leave.
Do you understand? No.
What's going on? Will you do as I say? Chloe, you're going to have to trust me, OK? It says he's here! Fuck! No.
Michael Shit.
Michael OK, come on.
I didn't expect to see you here in person.
I'm sure you didn't.
So, was killing him always part of the plan? Killing who? What are you saying? No, don't.
Don't!! It's over, Mei.
You're scaring me.
Why are you saying this? Because I know you killed him.
And all those years, he thought you loved him.
Please I don't know what you're talking about.
No, do not come any closer.
I know what you are.
You've no idea! Argh! What's going on? Ah! Mei what are you doing?! She'll be dead before you reach it.
Please, Mei.
Please Not Chloe.
Mei!! No!! Save her or take me.
Your choice.
It's OK.
She didn't do it.
Come here.
No bodies.
No visible sign of injuries.
Yeah, boss? Yeah, it's us.
We found Scott's Jeep.
And Scott? No, he's not here.
Permission to go look for him.
No, I need you back here.
Mei is behind everything.
And she's on the run.
Yeah, roger that.
He wants us back.
Wait, we need to find Scott.
What if the yakuza took him? Well, then Mei's our best chance of getting him back.
Let's go.
Come on.
Well, at least now the enemy has a face.
Whatever her name is, she enrolled at Cambridge University at the age of 18 as a Japanese national.
And before that? Absolutely nothing.
So, she must have been part of the espionage programme.
Stripped of their identity and trained to speak, dress, think and live in the skin of another.
She's not a terrorist, she is a highly-motivated operative with a mission she has shown incredible dedication to.
Unless we know what that mission is and why she's dealing with the yakuza we'll be one step behind her and her masters from North Korea.
She used the yakuza to get to us.
Let's use them to get to her.
So, what do we know? Well, according to the yakuza website, their kumicho, Takagi, was found dead this morning.
Their website? Think PricewaterhouseCoopers, but with AKs and their own fan magazine.
So, if their kumicho's dead, who's stepping up to the plate? Shiro.
He's been running the Thai organisation for the last five years.
He's Takagi's son and, if the council approve, his successor.
Hey! Yaaa! Hey! Yaaa! Hey! Hey! Yaaa! You failed.
Locke is still alive, while you play at fighting here.
We afflicted heavy casualties on them.
Bought ourselves the time we need.
The exchange has to be brought forward.
I've spoken to my people and the drugs will be here tomorrow.
If you can't deliver what I need Tomorrow.
Hey! Yaaa! Colonel? Yeah? We've got something.
Members of the syndicate council arriving in Krabi a couple of hours ago.
Shiro and the syndicate have offices there.
This guy greeting them is Akiyama, Shiro's right-hand man, the underboss for the entire operation.
On the right is Ito, the company accountant.
He'll meet with the council, to go over the books.
We find Shiro, we find Mei.
We've got a plane to catch.
Are they still after us? Yeah.
Got to find a phone, dude.
Got to get on to my team.
Why are they trying to kill you? I don't know.
Probably because of my job.
Because you're an IT consultant?! No.
That's what your mum told you? I'm in IT? I'm a soldier, Finn.
Seriously? Yeah.
I am.
Former US military.
Sergeant Damien Scott.
Special Forces.
The CIA.
Now I'm working for British intelligence.
You think I'm going to believe that? I mean, do I look stupid? No.
You don't.
So, what do you think I do for a living, kid? Come on.
You're in Bangkok on business, you've got a fucking nine mil in the glove compartment Yeah.
and you've got gangsters trying to kill you! It's obvious, man.
What? You're a drug dealer.
Are you ever barking up the wrong tree, kid! Huh? You said we've got to move, we should move.
Doesn't mean we've got to talk.
Zero, target on time.
He's gone inside.
Ah, gentlemen.
I want to thank you for your time.
Our mutual friend speaks highly of you.
I'm grateful he could put us in touch.
It is an honour to be here.
So, when do we get to see your boss? Mr Shiro does not take these kind of meetings.
You deal with me.
I deal with organ grinders, not monkeys.
Then perhaps there will be no dealings at all.
Smugglers are common.
Easy to find.
Not like us, they're not.
I want to apologise for my friend.
He's British.
But he does got a point.
You know our reputation.
What we can offer your organisation here.
Real expansion.
Shifting your meth into American markets and beyond.
Look, it's simple.
Our guns come east, your meth goes west.
This is a multimillion dollar deal.
But respect goes both ways.
If you ever apologise for me again, I'll cut your bollocks off, mate.
You think they're buying a car? I think they are someone else's problem right now.
I don't know, baby, I think it's a good deal.
Let's check the interior.
Hey, guys, something's wrong here, I don't know what happened.
It's weird, I just opened the door and it just Afternoon.
Richmond, on my left.
Argh! Argh! Stay down! Come here! Do I have your fucking attention, mate? Huh? Do you know who I am? Because I know who you are.
Fuck you! Argh! I know that you work for Mei Foster and I know she ordered a hit on us.
Now, I'm going to ask you a very simple question and you are going to answer me.
Where is she? Fuck you! If you don't answer this question, I will burn your fucking world to the ground! Contact! You got that, Richmond? Yeah! Look in my eyes.
This is your last chance.
I'm not fucking about here.
Where is Mei Foster? We've got to move! The The island Come on, now! Let's go, move, move! Fuck! Hide! Get under the water! Get under! Come here.
Come here.
Stay down.
Come with me.
Well, a lot of it's accounts, so they are legitimate businesses, and the Kokura Foundation.
Which is? It's a charity set up by Shiro's father.
Aid to developing countries, disaster relief Wait, I have a trust fund in Shiro's name, used to purchase properties in Thailand.
Four in Bangkok, then one on a private island off the coast, here.
Ladies and gentlemen, I think we have a winner.
Good job.
And if Shiro is there, Mei will be alongside.
This is for Damien.
We take her down.
The Council are old men - all that lies between you and what's rightfully yours.
He belittled you.
Undermined you.
Didn't want to be eclipsed by his son.
Sometimes we must act decisively to break free from the past.
To find our future.
Arrangements have been made.
You will get what you want.
Any heavy contact, we pull back to the RV, understood? Roger that.
Moving? Move.
It's Ito, the accountant.
I've got it.
Argh! Get up! You're going to tell me what the syndicate have that the North Koreans want so badly, or your days as a Yakuza salaryman are over.
I just look at the paperwork! What does the paperwork say? Door locked.
Shit! Contact! Richmond, move, move, move! I'm coming to you, boss.
We have the intel.
Bravo 1, we have the intel.
Hey, sit down! Don't you think you should check that out? Let's get out of here, or this thing's fucked! Bravo 1, we're heading back.
Roger that.
Going left.
Come on, Shiro, where are you? Argh! Zero, I have Shiro here.
Fuck! Bravo 1, we are at the RV point and we are taking fire.
Can you come to us? Roger that! Zero, listen to me.
I want you to move on my call.
Move! Moving! Argh! Bravo one, are you inbound? No, that's a negative.
I'm cut off.
Hold your position, Michael.
We're coming back for you.
I'll find another exfil.
Argh! OK, move out.
Move in! Argh! Shit! Fuck.
Fuck you, Damian! Oh, shit, buddy.
I hope you're having better luck than I am.
The world didn't stop just because you left.
Mom found someone else.
He brought me up like his own.
He's a good guy.
What? Hey, wait a minute.
What? You were the one that walked out on us.
All right? Do you have any idea how much of a mess Mom was? Huh? Just how much you fucked our lives Go on, go up there.
No, no, come here.
Get in there.
Sit down.
Now, stay there.
I'll be back in a second.
Bravo one, send sitrep, over.
Bravo one, send sitrep, over! Where are you, Michael? Here it is - the company the accountant mentioned.
What? The yakuza's shipment for May is Vanadium.
Used in missile technology.
And the last component Office 39 need.
And if we don't stop it, we'll be facing a rogue state with a million-man army, able to launch a nuclear strike at Europe and the US at a moment's notice.
We need the team back together.
Where are you, boys? Where are you?