Strike Back s05e04 Episode Script

Legacy: Episode 4

She is a highly motivated operative with a mission she has shown incredible dedication to.
Unless we know what that mission is and why she is dealing with the Yakuza, we'll be one step behind her and her masters from North Korea.
The deal that I have with Shiro will be fulfilled.
There will be no deal.
Tell your people Section 20 did this and that your father's death needs to be avenged.
These guys are probably from the Yakuza syndicate.
Scott, go and find them.
What if the Yakuza took him? Then Mei is our best chance of getting him back.
I have Shiro here and there's no sign of Mei.
Shit! The Yakuza shipment for Mei is vanadium.
Used in missile technology.
Oh, shit, buddy! I hope you're having better luck than I have.
Shit! Oh, shit! Aargh! What the hell? Who the hell are you? The reason you're still breathing, asshole! Yeah, fair enough.
We're with the agency.
Fall back! Damien, Damien, Damien! Move back.
Move, kid! Move! Move! Get behind me and start running.
Get behind me! Run! Get to the boat! Fall back! Move, move, move! Go! Go, go, go! You just blew months of our work, so thanks for that.
So what, the CIA's recruiting out of South London now, are they? Funny guy.
We're contractors.
You're a couple of mercs, I'll tell you that.
Yeah, mercs that just saved your life.
Well, it was you and your amateur crew just screwed our entire mission.
So what are you going to do about that, eh? It's Shiro.
He ordered the murder of two of my mates.
Now I want him.
Now you can stand by me or you can kill me.
I don't really care.
Because I'm not stopping until I get him.
You OK? I think we've lost them.
We've got to keep moving.
Let's go.
Hey, kid, walk in the water.
Walk in the water! No prints.
You're really a soldier? Yeah.
I am.
I'm not a drug dealer.
I'm definitely not an IT consultant.
I'm a soldier.
I'm really good at it too.
Come on.
We better get off this beach, kid.
It's too easy to see us.
Damien, hey! What? What about that? Hey! Hey! Over here! Over here, over here! Akiyama The exchange can't be delayed.
Section 20? They were grasping at straws.
But we'll adjust our plans.
Too much is at stake for both of us.
And they said they were CIA? 'Yeah, here to render Shiro back to the US.
' And do you trust them? 'No, I don't trust them.
' Why don't I bring them in? Let's meet somewhere neutral.
'Roger that.
' You all right? Yeah.
The agency's finest - Mason and Faber.
Philip Locke.
Get me Izzy Fernandez in Virginia.
The CIA won't verify us.
Izzy owes me a few favours.
If needs be, she will verify.
See, it don't matter if you verify us or not.
What matters is that you people got in the way of our fucking mission.
Hmm! No sudden moves, darling, otherwise I'll turn this cafe into a fucking bloodbath.
Izzy, do the names Faber and Mason mean anything to you? You're brave.
You did good.
Why are you so calm? You just killed three people and you're acting like nothing happened.
Well, yeah, I did.
They were coming at us with guns.
They would have shot us.
I could have lost you.
Who were they? They looked like Yakuza.
I've never seen them before.
Occupational hazard.
Strangers trying to kill you without introducing themselves.
You think this is funny? Yeah.
You got to develop a sense of humour to deal with that shit.
Er, no, you don't.
Normal people don't.
How many How many have you killed? You know what? I'm starting to think it was a good idea you never stuck around.
Look, kid, I know I'm an asshole.
I ran out.
And if I could, I'd run back I deserve it.
I don't blame you for hating me.
What I don't understand is why you came all this way just to tell me.
You could have just picked up the phone and said, "Fuck you.
" Roger that, Izzy.
Thank you.
CIA confirms.
So, what are your orders? Right now, to tell you to back the fuck up, as my grandmomma would say.
This is our op.
Shiro is our target.
Really? Tell me, where is Shiro? Hmm? I mean, you're the CIA.
You know everything, right? Our priority is to stop the Yakuza shipping vanadium on behalf of the North Koreans.
After that .
you can take Shiro with you.
Deal? You know the MO.
The sooner we bring in Shiro, the bigger our bonus.
All right.
Martinez? Our intel suggests Shiro's operation is being held at an aid depot about 20 clicks from here.
It's part of Takagi's Kokura Foundation.
It's legit.
No, it ain't.
It's a front for Shiro's drug business.
You asked me why I came here.
To see my dad, Marcus.
He's always been there for me.
Every time I mess up, he's always on my side.
Your mom told me you messed up.
You got wasted and stole a car on your birthday.
No, Damien, I stole Marcus' credit card.
I maxed it out.
Fucking blew the lot! I can't go back.
Look, kid, people don't mess up because they're bad or evil.
They only mess up cos that's what people do.
If your dad If Marcus .
is as good as you say he is, he'll know that.
You can go back.
Trust me.
What? What? It's my first piece of parental advice.
I nailed it! Oh, fuck you.
You're an asshole.
Yeah, a lot of people would probably agree with you.
Can I buy your phone? Here.
Great! Yeah? 'Is that all you got?' Ah, Jesus.
It's Damien.
Where the fuck are you? 'Somewhere south of nowhere.
' And you're all right? Fit? Yeah.
We're both good.
Why? Did you miss me? Oh, mate, terribly.
I'm tearin' up.
Hey, Mikey, I might lose the signal.
We got hit.
Yeah, Yakuzas.
We know, we know.
The bastards are in bed with Office 39.
Listen, we're on an op, I'm going to send you the grid right now.
One sec.
What's the hold-up? Who's that? 'Oh, it's just a couple of guys we're working with.
' What - I've been gone 24 hours and you're already replacing me? What, are you jealous? It's not like that, trust me.
'Well, he's American.
That makes it worse.
' Did you get the grid? Yeah, just came through.
Mikey, Julia OK? Mate, I think she's moved on.
Fuck you.
Mate, we could use a little help here.
Damien Damien Damien? Shit.
Lost him.
Can this go any faster? OK, Martinez and Richmond with me.
We have good visual on the road.
Rebel One team, move to the warehouse, see if you can ID the vanadium.
And remember - they don't know we're here until we have eyes on.
OK, let's move.
Thank you.
I gotta find some transport and get back to the team.
Hey, what about those? Funny.
Who do you think I am? Hannibal? What's Hannibal Lecter got to do with this? No.
Hannibal was a general who went into war with an army that fought with elephants.
Anyway I got something else on my mind.
Stealing bikes? Nice.
Finn What? We're not.
I am.
You're going to get in that thing.
What? No.
Hey, you're not ditching me again.
Finn, I have to.
All right? I won't be long.
Come on.
You're going to go back to the city, find yourself a hotel.
Contact me if you need to, all right? As soon as I'm done, I'll get back there.
I promise.
What if you don't? I will.
People have been trying to kill me for years, no-one's succeeded yet.
That's for the hotel.
All right? Not alcohol.
Not girls.
And it's not a suggestion.
You hear me? 'Bravo One, you got eyes on the metal yet?' No, that's negative.
There's water, rice, fertiliser.
There's no vanadium here.
Come on, where's the metal? It has to be in play.
And in mine.
My father knew that.
And that's why he had to die.
Eyes on me.
This is it.
Be advised, drugs are in play.
What is it? Check this one.
If 20 comes, we are ready for them.
Jesus Christ! Mason's going after Shiro.
Shit! He's not supposed to go after Shiro yet.
Richmond, stop him before he screws the whole thing up.
You're not taking him back to the US, are you? No.
We're a kill squad.
Ain't nothing personal, but we plan on getting paid.
Mason, you pull that trigger, you're dead before he is.
You think the CIA gives a shit about some Yakuza arsehole when North Korea's getting its hands on long-range missiles? You think they're going to refuse to pay our employer? Our company's got half the fucking Senate on a retainer.
Give me one good reason why I shouldn't.
Cos I could've killed you already.
I'm going after the drugs.
The vanadium has to be in the trucks.
Where's the vanadium? Where is it? Mate, I'm gonna give you three seconds to tell me or I'm taking you for a test drive.
Where is it? The drums.
The drums? The drums are the vanadium? Oh, thanks.
Boss, I've got the vanadium.
It's been melted down into the aid drums.
You know what to do.
Yeah, roger that.
Come on.
That's one truck down, one to go.
I need a lift.
Coming to you, Michael.
We should go now.
When 20 are here.
You're willing to die for this, aren't you? Why? You're educated.
You've seen things from the outside.
You know the truth about your country.
The West brought their Cold War to Korea and used my homeland as a battleground against the Russians.
The South is still occupied by regularly demonstrating their military skills, just to remind the North of their might.
So, whose truth are we discussing? Got multiple x-rays.
But no sign of Mei.
'Hey, buddy.
' Hey.
Oh, mate, one second.
'Hey, baby.
' 'I'm glad you're OK.
' Come on, you know it's going to take more than a couple of bullets to keep me down.
Look, now's not the best time to talk, but we're still on for that dinner.
Sounds great to me.
I'm coming home, baby.
They're here.
Looks like they're moving it by air.
Well, let's stop them before they get a chance.
Move! OK, if we don't get past this, we lose the metal! Then it really will be game over.
We've got small-arms fire coming from 12 o'clock! Then do us all a favour and take 'em out! Me and Richmond, we'll take out the truck.
OK, blow 'em apart, nothing else matters.
On me! Clear.
Martinez, go for the truck.
We're going after Mei.
'Copy that.
' There's the target.
You draw them out? I'll take the truck.
How much C-4 have you got? Three sticks.
That is definitely a four-stick job.
Ready? Yeah.
Move, move, move! Let's go.
We are taking different paths now.
I took this from your father on the day you murdered him.
Itrusted you.
Trust That blood was your father's.
He gave you life, and you took his.
How could I trust a man who betrayed his own father for greed? To get power you need to make sacrifices.
Power is a means to an end.
Without reason, it's nothing.
What I did, what I'm doing, it's in the service of my people.
What you did .
you must decide if you can live with.
Your father's legacy - use it as you see fit.
Fuck! Fuck! Fuck you! Mei's leaving.
I repeat, Mei is leaving.
She's taking Richmond.
Everything you did was for nothing.
'Listen to me.
They've taken Richmond.
' Fuck! Where? 'The grid reference I sent you earlier, there's a dirt road, 'they're due south of it.
Follow it.
'And, mate - hurry up.
' Run away and leave you, did she? You're too late.
The vanadium's gone.
What?! All this noise, the gunfire - nothing more than smoke and mirrors.
She knew you'd follow.
She was counting on it.
Martinez! You all right? There were so many.
I should've I should have Look at me.
Look at me.
You were doing your job, you were following orders.
I gave the order.
I told her I told her to draw them out.
Where's the medal? Where's she gone? Go ahead.
That bullet is my father's.
She had you kill him, didn't she? Why? Why? Because he wouldn't do the deal? My family is from Kokura.
The city the Americans planned to drop the atomic bomb on.
That's why my father wouldn't help the North Koreans.
Why he chose compassion over duty.
Help me stop her.
You do that .
I'll give you this.
Where's the medal? Being taken to No! In a few hours the vanadium will be in North Korea, and all that you did will be for nothing.
Everything you gave.
I'm impressed by you and your team.
That is why I have to be sure.
What do 20 know about what we have planned? Julia Richmond.
Service number All you have to do is tell me, Julia, what intel you have.
What suspicion.
If you do this for me, I will let you live.
Do you have anything to live for? Anyone? Yes.
Yes, I do.
We're not that different.
We are both soldiers fighting for what we believe in.
I have no desire to kill you.
Julia Richmond.
Service number 25130581.
He'll come for you.
There's nowhere you can hide.
What happens to me is not important.
You're not scared to die.
I always knew I would die like this.
In a place like this.
I just never knew who would pull the trigger.
You've done well.
I'm sure the council will reward you.
Time to go home.