Strike Back s05e05 Episode Script

Legacy: Episode 5

The Yakuza shipment for Mei is vanadium.
Use the missile technology.
We'll be facing a rogue state with a million-man army able to launch a nuclear strike at a moment's notice.
The exchange can't be delayed.
Section 20? They were grasping at straws.
Damien, Damien, Damien! I've got to find some transport and get back to my team.
Bravo One.
Have you got eyes on the metal yet? No, that's a negative.
The vanadium has to be in the trucks, pursue.
You're too late.
All this noise, the gunfire.
Nothing more than smoke and mirrors.
In a few hours, the vanadium will be in North Korea and all that you did will be for nothing.
I guess I'll see you in another 16 years or so.
Look, kid, I got a job to do.
In case you haven't noticed, there's a lot of shit going on around here.
If you want to hang out at the hotel for a while you can.
I'll be back in a couple of days.
Yeah, if you're sure.
Come on.
Your point of entry is here, just over the border.
Groups of Russian construction workers are bussed in daily to help with the new rail line.
A foreman is being paid off to smuggle both you and the C-4 into North Korea.
What did he say? He said you have a very pretty mouth and he'd love to buy you a drink sometime.
'We can't risk the metal detectors picking up 'the blasting caps and weapons.
'So you'll be getting them' once you are inside the country.
'So, what we do, walk into Best Buy and pick some shit up?' Nope.
You'll meet up with our MI6 contact outside Pyongyang.
We got someone in North Korea? Your contact is Mr Park.
He'll provide you with what you need.
Find out where Mei's taken the vanadium .
and dispose of it.
In other words Blow it the hell up.
Easy for you to say.
Someone spots us once in a country like that Another pair of dog tags to add to the pile.
Exfil is set for 72 hours once you cross the border.
The longer you spend out there, the greater the risk of discovery.
If you are captured, it would be construed as an act of war on our part.
There is nothing we can do.
You're on your own.
Step forward.
Welcome to North Korea.
Welcome home, child.
It's been a long time.
Not much has changed since we trained here.
This was your desk.
This was mine.
I am to be your liaison.
To facilitate your transition back to life here.
My liaison, huh? The Party wants you to watch me to make sure that I haven't been infected by my time in the West.
Some things don't change.
Be careful, Yoon Soo.
Don't get too close.
Or you might catch something.
I did worry .
that you would be different.
It's been a long time.
And we are both different.
Mr Park? Were you followed? No.
We're professionals.
Wait right here.
When do I get out? I've told them, I can't do this any more.
Mr Park They don't understand this place.
Can't trust anybody.
Even family.
Take pills.
Two, three before bed.
Just to make sure I don't talk in my sleep.
Yeah, we get it.
You can trust us, there is no need to worry.
It has all been arranged.
You help us, we'll help you.
Three days ago, I noticed troop transfer request.
Increased patrols around North Hamgyong Province, iron and steel complex.
What, you think our target is headed there? Yes, I think that.
That is why I am telling you this.
Our intel said you may have some equipment for us as well.
So How are The Beatles? Oh, they're great.
John, Paul, George and that other guy.
Yeah, they are still going strong.
I love their Christmas album.
Look at that.
Hey, hey.
Hey, boss, it's me.
'You hear me?' Loud and clear, Michael.
'We made it through.
' We've got the blasting caps.
We've also got a location.
North Hamgyong, iron and steel.
We've got maps as well, but they're a bit dated.
I'll try and source you some more recent ones.
Roger that.
He's my son.
Bravo One, sitrep.
Anything? You've got to get him back.
Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! How many? A lot.
That many? Come on, come on! Come on, let's go! Come on, let's go.
Come on, come on! Scott! Scott, the window! Huh? All right, let's go! Fuck! Oi! Sorry, kid.
Come on.
How's that phone coming along? Fuck, dude.
No phoning home with that one, Mikey.
There you go.
We've lost our comms and we've been compromised.
Aborting the mission is an option.
No fucking way.
Ha! Which we have discussed maturely.
And both agreed on.
Thank you.
All right.
Let's set a course across country for North Hamgyong Province.
Bearing in mind, if we're caught, the best we can hope for is to be tortured, thrown in the gulags.
Not to mention the international repercussions for our little act of terrorism.
You finished now? Yeah.
Your motivational speech needs a bit of work, Mikey.
There's 40 clicks of hostile terrain between here and there, plenty of time to work on it.
Let's go.
I don't want to keep that bitch waiting.
Hey What? Just so you know Yeah? Even if you stick a bullet between her eyes it's not going to bring Julia back.
I know.
Let's go.
Third patroller in an hour, bud.
Our luck's not going to hold out.
Maybe it has something to do with the fact that we're laying in a graveyard.
We're clear, let's move.
The government forces people to work even though there's no wages.
If there's no wages, there's no food on the table.
No food on the table, you end up burying the dead on a hillside.
They save their money for the fucking nukes, dude.
It's a policy called Songun.
It means military first, no matter what.
Sounds perfect for you.
You should move here.
Even I have my limits, mate.
We have a patrol searching for Section 20.
They won't get far.
You have no idea what 20 are capable of.
We need to consider moving production.
That's not an option.
To delay now would be a catastrophic loss of face for those in the regime who supported this programme.
Then we need to double the number of troops guarding the plant.
This is my life's work, and I will not let them ruin it.
So find a way to work within the system.
There is a contingency plan I wish to put into place, to nullify the threat.
Very well.
Carry on.
Yeah, it's Finn.
Yeah, I'm just getting some food.
You want anything? All right, we got Fish on a stick.
There's chicken.
Just one Yeah.
OK, two.
I'll catch you later, Kim.
All right.
How much? No, I gave you 20.
I gave you 20.
All right, thank you.
Hey, you.
You British? American.
Same as Leonardo di Caprio.
Yeah, we're brothers.
What's your name? Finn.
Nice to meet you, Finn.
The American.
Have a nice day.
Have a nice day, too.
Oh, fuck! Get on the phone to Finn.
We've got to get out of here.
No answer.
We need to get to him.
'Finn!' Yeah.
'Where are you?' Something's just happened, there were these guys here chasing me that had guns.
I 'Are you OK?' I don't know what happened, but I managed Aah! 'What's going on, Finn? Talk to me! 'Finn! 'Finn!' You okay? Yeah, I guess.
What is it? There's something I've gotta ask you, Mikey.
Yeah? There's 20 clicks between here and deployment.
When you lost Kerry How did you deal with it? Well, that's a little heavy.
I thought you were going to ask me something simpler than that.
I don't know.
I guess I just assumed if I moved through life fast enough, I could run away from it all.
How is it going for you? Well, here we are Whoa, whoa, whoa! Fuck.
It's all right.
Scott, we can't let them report us.
What are you going to do? Shoot 'em? No, of course not.
It's all right.
It's all right.
You hungry? It's good.
It's food.
It's OK.
Some more? It's all right.
It's chocolate.
It's good.
You owe me some of your rations, mate.
Roger that.
Well, word is out to our contacts in the police at borders.
We have got as many people as possible looking for Finn.
They must have been lying in wait, watching.
Fuck, I should have just kept a better eye on him.
This wasn't your fault.
Yeah, sure, and neither was Julia's death? It just so happens that I'm there both times.
I'll give you five seconds to feel sorry for yourself, then I need your head back in the game.
OK? We have got to find Finn.
And we need to help Scott and Stonebridge in the field.
The DEA has requested that I go back.
What, are you choosing this moment to hand in your notice? No, I am choosing this moment to use the leverage that it gives me with them.
Go on.
North Korea traffics drugs into Asia, raising cash for their regime, right? Right.
Well, the agency has had eyes on them in the sky, although they deny it on all levels.
If I push, we might be able to piggyback on the satellite, and that way we can keep eyes on the guys in the field.
We have extra security on all entrances to the plant.
And your request for reinforcements is being processed.
And what does that mean? That they will be here in an hour? A day? This isn't a time for Party visits and premature celebrations.
It doesn't matter to them as much, does it? They just want the missiles for posturing.
They may as well be wheeled into a museum for all the good they will do.
You should be careful what you say.
Of course.
I forgot, you're my liaison, you should join in the celebrations.
Apparently, our nation is already victorious.
We need to put C-4 charges in four different areas of the plant in order to compromise the vanadium.
One on the processor here.
One on the turbines.
The control room.
And last of all, the smelting furnace here.
When did you start reading Korean? I didn't, I'm just looking at pictures.
So we're blowing the shit out of a bathroom, probably.
Well Unless the toilet's the size of blasting furnaces, that's highly unlikely.
Got an entry point? No, nothing yet.
I think I found one.
Look under there.
You see that? Mercedes.
Yeah, I see it.
Security didn't stop it.
That's a classic way in.
Let's go find it.
Sit down there.
That was actually a decent vintage, mate.
Next time, throw the cheap stuff.
Clear, bud? Clear! Up.
Get up, on your feet.
Mate, there is two of us and one of you, that is a terrible answer.
Do you want to shoot him, Mike? Looks like he's going to shoot me.
Yeah, well, we need him, Scott.
Stand up.
How is she, Scott? She's gone.
Bravo One, your call is very, very welcome.
'I think we found a way into the plant.
' Good.
'If all goes according to plan, 'ETA for setting the charges should be 30 minutes or so.
' Anyone else on the line? No.
No, it's just me.
We lost Finn, Michael.
'We think Li-Na's men took him.
' What?! We can't confirm it, but You're the one in the field running the op, if you think Scott can handle the news, you tell him.
'If you think it'll compromise his effectiveness to complete 'the mission 'It's your call.
' Michael? That's a hell of a call to make.
If you don't want the responsibility No.
Like you said, I'm the one in the field.
Keep going.
Keep going.
Hey, Mike, when we got cut off from Zero, I realised something.
The boss'd be used to it, but Finn? He wouldn't know whether I was dead or alive.
Pretty shitty dad to put your kid in that spot, huh? Yeah, I hear you.
We just need to stay focused on the mission.
That's a polite way of saying, "Shut the fuck up.
" Oi, keep moving.
We are borrowing your limo and you are driving us to the plant one way or the other.
Let's go.
Fucking bastard! That's one way.
This is the other.
Let's go.
Get up.
Let's go.
Not a word.
Nice and easy.
They see me drive, they know something wrong.
Do you know who I am? Yeah, you do whatever the fuck you want to do.
I'm sure you can drive your own limo.
You go now, please! What was her name? That girl you shot.
Who cares?! That was for her.
Clear, bud.
Ready? Yeah.
Mikey, going right.
Oh, shit! Fuck! Fuck.
Mike, they're on us.
OK, feed's online.
There's definite activity.
Yeah, something is kicking off.
Mikey! I can't keep holding them off.
I need more time! Yeah, you got it.
You're late.
Traffic was a bitch.
We need to get clear of here.
All right.
Hit you up a bit later.
See you outside.
Fire in the hole.
There are chain reactions here, and here They did it! They actually did it.
OK, we celebrate later.
Right now, we need to find Finn.
I'm not saying that we are legends, Mike.
But you kind of are.
Well, I mean, we snuck into North Korea.
No back-up.
Blew the shit out of Li-Na's ten-year plan.
So, yeah, I am.
We are fucking legends.
It's a long way to the border, mate.
Yeah, I know.
'Damien, it's me.
'It's Finn.
'They've kidnapped me and 'they say, if you don't give yourself up 'I'm sorry! 'Damien, it's me.
'It's Finn.
' Very smart.
It's a good trick.
My son is in Bangkok with the colonel, fuckwits.
'Damien, it's me.
'It's Finn.
'They've kidnapped me and they say ' Mike Trick, right? Damien Mike? 'Damien, it's me.
' I knew there was a possibility that he was missing.
What do you mean you knew? Back at the villa.
The phone call with Locke.
I made a judgment call to keep us both focused on the mission.
And you knew.
Since then.
You should've told me, Michael.
Possibility or not, you should've fucking told me! There was nothing you could've done to help.
Really? Shit, shit.
So what is this, huh? We're just gonna march up there and hand ourselves in? No WE, Michael.
This is about me and my son, not you.
We can't get caught, the implications Fuck implications.
Fucking act of war, mate.
I was wrong, OK? I was wrong.
I made a shitty call.
Yeah, and it still is.
Now get the fuck out of my way, Mike! Damien Fuck.
'It's Finn.
'They've kidnapped me and they say, 'if you don't give yourself up 'I'm sorry!' My name is Sgt Damien Scott.
We were ordered to covertly go into North Korea with the intention of committing terrorist attacks.
We acted with the full knowledge of both the British and American governments.