Strike Back s05e06 Episode Script

Legacy: Episode 6

Find out where Mei's taking the vanadium and dispose of it.
If you are captured there's nothing we can do.
You're on your own.
I am your liaison, to facilitate your transition back to life here.
To make sure that I haven't been infected by my time in the West.
I think we found a way into the plant.
If all goes according to plan ETA for setting the charges should be 30 minutes.
We lost Finn, Michael.
We think Li-Na's men took him.
If you think Scott can handle the news, you tell him.
There's chain reactions here and here.
You should have told me.
There's nothing you could have done to help.
We're just gonna march up there and hand ourselves in, is that it? This is about me and my son! '.
both Washington and Whitehall 'have so far refused to comment on the arrest ' Sergeant Scott.
My name is Kwon Jun-so.
I am from the State Security Department.
I don't care who you are.
I wanna see my son.
It is not often we have people sneaking into our country.
We have those who sneak out defectors, I believe you call them.
Sometimes, they bring with them terrible tales of our nation.
One person claims she had been forced to drink water until her belly was swollen and aching.
And when it was so bloated she might burst open.
She claimed men stamped down on her stomach.
I have never heard or seen such things in my life.
If you help us, if we let you and your son free I trust you will not return home with such lies, either.
They will confess on camera that this was an organised act of aggression from the West.
The Westerners will prove to be a useful negotiating tool.
A bargaining tool? They're much more than that.
They're a cause, a reason to retaliate.
There will be no retaliation.
There has to be! I meant no disrespect.
You will extract the confessions from the Westerners.
Yes, sir.
We have began emergency protocol to deny Scott and Stonebridge.
The paper trail evidence they've been operating as mercenaries.
A rogue faction independent of the Government for some time now.
I remember when you used to get a handshake and a gold watch for serving your country.
Philip it leaves a bad taste in my mouth, too.
You have my deepest sympathy! You really think it's worth risking a war over this? Pyongyang is just looking for an excuse.
These are my men.
We don't abandon them.
We don't have a choice.
There will be no extraction.
No exfil.
You seen Finn? No.
You? No.
I should have told you about Finn.
You should have.
You're a fuckin' asshole, you know that? That was the wrong call to make.
Yeah, it was.
And for following me here.
Look where my plan got us.
You'd have done the same for me.
I woulda.
Make us both assholes, huh? Angle's too tight to figure out exact location.
However .
Sergeant Stonebridge.
Might be nothing.
It might be a deliberate gesture.
So if it was? Would be an "E" and a "four".
If that's what it is, Exfil Point 4.
That's a pretty big if.
Whitehall's made it clear - they're on their own.
We are under direct orders to stand down.
If this is gonna be my last mission, sir I must say, I have no problem with disobeying direct orders.
How's your Russian? Where's my son? I'd like to say thank you for what you did.
That's no problem at all, Mei.
If you ever want us to fuck up any more of your military operations, just let us know.
Please, Mei was only ever my stage name.
Call me Li-Na.
After all, we are old friends now.
I don't bear you any ill will.
You were acting under orders like good, loyal soldiers.
Get to the fuckin' point.
I'm not sure you'd like the point, Sergeant Scott.
Have you ever studied the history of torture? It's fascinating.
The Greeks, the Romans, the glory of the Middle Ages.
A constant throughout history.
The need to find new, inventive ways to inflict pain upon one another.
But do you know where the biggest leap forward was made? Yeah.
When you decided to lecture us to death.
Made you look.
It was your own government.
In the field.
A breathtaking mix of technological innovation and medieval brutality.
But even then, I suspect it could take days weeks to break you.
So I ask myself what is your true weakness? What would really hurt you? This is between you and me.
This has nothing to do with my son.
It has everything to do with him.
Let him go.
Let him go! A statement.
Declaring that your presence on North Korean soil was a planned military aggressive move from your government.
An act of war.
You really wanna take things that far? Think about the fallout from this.
It's another world war.
Won't it please your government? Or is it war only just when there's a profit margin in sight? It's a simple choice.
You speak or he dies.
No Let him go You're not gonna Let him go! Captive men don't debate.
They either agree or not.
Let him go! He's a kid! Fuckin' Don't you touch him! Don't fuckin' touch him! Do you recognise him? Perhaps we all look the same to you.
He was the soldier you spared in your escape from the train yard.
Killing your own people is the act of a true patriot.
And where is your own country in your hour of need? He had a chance to stop you.
He failed.
At least now he has played some part.
Did you feel helpless thinking you were watching your son die? You shouldn't.
You are not helpless.
Because it is all up to you.
But next time I promise it will be real.
Should have sent him home.
You can't think about that right now.
I had the chance, Mikey.
I didn't.
You know why? Cos I was showin' off.
Showin' my kid, "Look what your old man can do.
" Might not be around much.
I carry a gun for a job.
I fight terrorists.
Try and save the world.
How impressive! Should clear some space for my Father of the Year award.
Probably not much room on the shelf next to your Whining Yank award.
I've been called away.
They want your report on me.
You should tell them that you doubt my abilities.
That my time in the West has spoiled me.
They're looking for someone to blame.
This is a time to choose sides, and believe me, you do not want to be on mine.
We can find a way to protect you.
I look at you now, a career politician, a man who carefully chooses every word in case it should offend.
The only person you can protect is yourself.
You have no idea about me.
I know I loved you.
I know that every night I close my eyes and try to picture your face.
In case I forget.
I know you shouldn't keep them waiting.
You said if I ever needed your help He never called.
Who? Damien.
"I call you.
" But the phone, it never rings.
And that would justify leaving him in North Korea to rot? To be beaten and tortured? See this is why I like you.
You think like a woman, too.
You have contacts on the Russian-Korean border.
Access to vehicles, equipment.
Colonel, it took me years to build up those contacts.
When I realised we'd need help, you were the first name I thought of.
If I decide to help you, any window we have to get in and out of the country will be very small.
We miss it we're finished.
Let's go.
Damien It's going to be OK.
Don't believe your father, Finn.
It's not OK.
None of these indignities, the pain the West has inflicted upon this nation, could ever be described as OK.
Shut up.
I'm sorry.
It'll be OK.
I promise.
Then you have until the count of three Don't.
to fulfil that promise.
Put the gun down! One Put the fucking gun down! Two Stop! I'll say whatever you want.
I mean it.
I'll say whatever Put it down.
My name is Sergeant Damien Scott.
Formerly with the First Special Forces Operational Detachment Delta.
Currently serving in Section 20.
A branch of the British military intelligence service.
We were ordered to covertly go into North Korea with the intention of committing terrorist attacks.
Deliberately destabilising the Government.
We acted with the full knowledge and consent of both the British and American governments.
We did not act alone.
My name is Michael Stonebridge.
Sergeant Michael Stonebridge.
And I enjoy going to the cinema, listening to music and long walks in the park.
So, if you're single and looking for some fun, give me a call.
I'm sure there's a number coming up on your screens at home.
Is that the sort of thing you're after? Oh, no, sorry.
North Korea, that's right.
You know what gets me? You have this whole military-first policy.
Hundreds of thousands of people starving to death, but money being pumped into the Armed Forces.
A million-man army.
A million.
And we just waltzed in here and we fucked it up in a matter of hours.
I mean, that's really rather embarrassing, isn't it? Perhaps you need me to start the countdown from three.
Go ahead.
He's not my kid, I don't care.
I think you do care.
Otherwise you wouldn't come here with him.
That's my job.
It's called being professional.
But for you For you, this is personal, isn't it? This is a means to an end.
Yeah, you say that.
But let's look at the facts, shall we? You must have been, what, from your parents, your family? Never saw them again.
They moulded you, shaped you, sent you away, more than 20 years living a lie.
Someone else's name, personality.
A decade of that, married.
Sharing a bed with a man you didn't even love, all for the nation, for the cause.
I mean, the strength, the conviction you must have needed.
And we just walked in here and ruined all of it in the blink of an eye.
Blew your cover, ruined your glorious homecoming.
All that work.
All those years for nothing.
So, please, tell me that's not fucking personal! I told you.
What did you say? Finn, come here.
Give it to me.
Come here.
Let go.
On your knees.
On your fuckin' knees! Scott.
Scott, you want to take a raincheck on that, mate.
After what she did to Finn? Julia? Yeah.
Yeah, I hear you.
But it's a long walk between here and anything that resembles safety.
We're going to need a hostage, and one that counts.
You're fucking lucky.
Now, turn around.
Turn around.
Let's go.
Mate, take this.
Know how to use that? No? That's yours.
Right? OK, see that? It's your safety.
You always keep that off.
That's your real safety - trigger finger.
All right? Point that at people.
If they piss you off, fucking shoot 'em.
Come on.
Let's go, buddy.
Come on.
Come on.
This way.
Come here.
Finn, stay there.
It's good.
Clear? Clear.
Go left? Go.
Oh, shit.
Jesus Christ.
Back, back, back.
Oh, shit.
It's a maze.
Come on, Scott, come on.
Come on, let's go, Finn.
Got movement.
Go left.
No, hold it.
Hold it! Hey! Come here! Stay with me.
All right.
Finn Finn, come here.
You had no choice.
You had no choice.
He's not dead.
He's not dead.
Move, move.
Go to Mikey.
Hey! It's not your fault.
It's not your fault! The boss gave us Yeah? Which way are we going, then? I've got a good feeling it's that way out.
Yeah? Or there could be more soldiers.
Let's go.
Come on.
Let's go.
OK, establish a perimeter.
Treat anyone as a potential enemy.
If we're seen, we're finished.
Here! Get in the car! Come on! Get in! Got it, mate? Go, go, go! Hang on.
We're going to smash our way out of here.
Get out of the car! Finn! Come on! Move it, move it! Come here! Get in the car! Fuck! Get in the car! Finn! Come on, move, move! Stay down! Stay down! Like a bat out of fuckin' hell! How're you doing, Finn? Huh? Fuck! No! No! No! Here, here! Lay down.
Jesus Christ! Mikey! Yeah? He's been hit! How bad? Not great.
Aaagh! Jesus Christ! Here, put some pressure on that.
You'll be fine.
Mike, get us to hospital, all right? Yeah.
He's pretty bad.
Hold on! I saw a sign back there.
You got him? Is there a doctor here?! Hey, are you a doctor? Are you a doctor? Yes.
He's in shock, right? He needs attention.
Please! Please! This way.
Tell them to empty their pockets of cellphones, pagers, whatever.
Move! Make this very clear, that if anyone tries to signal outside, it will be a very bad idea.
You don't need to keep that gun on us.
He's my son.
I had a son as well.
No, thanks.
Smoking'll kill ya.
What's going on, Damien? Backup's here.
How are you doing, Doc? I've done all I can do, but he needs proper medical attention.
We don't have the supplies here.
Is there another way out? If you want to save lives, help us get out.
If they send troops in, it'll be a bloodbath and nobody wants that.
Mikey! What's going to happen to you now? Two of them came to the hospital and demanded assistance.
Myself and a nurse were forced to go with them but we refused to help.
All that remains is some physical evidence of the struggle.
No, I'm not fucking doing that.
Then they will know that I helped you! You have to.
Fuck! Uhhhh! You all right? Yes! Go, go! Please! Thanks! Sorry.
Go, Mikey, go.
I heard about the execution order.
And as you said it is time to choose sides.
We've got to go.
We wait.
We can't wait.
I swear to God, he starts the fucking engine and we got a problem.
We've lost too many people already.
I mean it.
We stay till the very last second.
We give him every goddamn chance we can.
Go! Shit! Shit! What the fuck, Mike?! Shit! It's dead! Whoa! You OK? Mikey, that truck's fucked! How we getting out of here? Huh? I have an idea, but you're not going to like it.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on! Yah! Come on! Come on! Fuck! Hit 'em! Bring it down! Come on! Ah, fuck! Hold on! Hiya.
How you doing? I'm all right.
You've been out a couple of days.
It'll take a while for your wheels to start turning properly again.
Finn I'm sorry for everything that happened.
Forget it.
I don't know anyone else's dad that could have done what you did for me.
Wow! It's the first time you called me Dad.
It makes me feel kind of old.
You are old.
You know, you've got all these dads making promises to their kids they can't keep.
Telling 'em they'll take 'em fishing on the weekends, then they can't, cos of work.
You've got to work.
When this is all done and I get a chance we are going to do this properly.
I love getting to know you, Finn.
And how is patient? A little bit hot.
You want me to bring you a cold compress? That would be great.
Whoa! What is it? This is goodbye.
I'm shipping out.
The DEA called me back.
I'm going to take an extra week or so, take Finn with me, make sure he gets out OK this time.
I'm kind of sick of pulling your asses out of the fire anyway.
Yep, fair enough.
Kim It's Julia.
I can't stop thinking that I could have done something more to save her.
You know it's not your fault, right? Yeah.
OK, fuck it.
Is there a reason you never tried to make a move on me? Cos I'm a gentleman.
I know what happens when you get attached to someone in this job.
When you care about them.
Here's to what could have been.
It would have been brilliant.
Here's to another life.
So what's going to happen now? Huh? Well, I mean, you went against orders and came back to get us.
You let me worry about that.
I doubt they'll be lining up to hand out medals, though.
What about you? I'm all right, I guess.
It's just, I keep seeing Finn laying in that hospital bed.
He's going to wake up one day and realise, "I went to visit my dad and look what happened, "I got kidnapped, tortured.
" And you risked everything to get him back.
That's what he'll remember.
Guys, you need to see this.
It came from a colleague of mine, Dansky.
She's embedded with the Russian Mafia in Vienna.
Shit! That's the guy that tortured me, Kwon Jun-so.
According to Dansky, he's been putting out feelers, getting some hired muscle, some assistance.
Assistance with what? There are whispers about a high-level attack in Europe.
Well, we brought the fight to North Korea, now they are bringing it back to us.
Yeah, but what's she planning, boss? I'm not sure, Michael.
But whatever is she's only just started.