Strike Back s05e07 Episode Script

Legacy: Episode 7

Find out where he's taken the vanadium and dispose of it.
Welcome to North Korea.
It's been a long time.
Don't get too close.
We need to put C-4 charges in four different areas of the plant.
You have no idea what 20 are capable of.
All this for nothing! The target has arrived.
Perhaps there's still something to be gained.
You speak or he dies.
We were ordered to covertly go into North Korea.
We do not abandon them.
You have contacts on the Russian/Korean border.
They are looking for someone to blame, this is the time to choose sides.
There are whispers about a high-level attack in Europe.
Well, we brought the fight to North Korea.
Now they're bringing it back to us.
Nadia? Kwon, I've got something.
She has cloned Myshkin's forum.
But she's scared.
Well, we need the intel.
If Kwon is still here, he can lead us to Li-Na.
You're going to get it.
But you'll just have to do it Nadia's way.
And what way's that? You're going to need tuxedos.
What? Hey Dude.
All right.
I've got to say, you scrub up pretty well.
You look absolutely beautiful.
I know.
There, better.
Let's do it.
So, what's with the opera house? Dansky and I, our first mission together, this was the dead drop, so she thinks it's her lucky charm.
On the bright side, it is a chance to inject young Damien here with some culture.
I got culture coming out of my ass.
Most opera involves sex, violence, death and betrayal, so this should be right up your alley.
Sounds good.
But you dress it up any way you want, all this is going to be some fat chick singing with horns on the helmets.
She's here.
First floor, box number one.
Who's this? It's OK, he's with me, you can trust him.
I'm Scott, Damien Scott.
Are you OK? You have the intel? Nina, Myshkin knows I'm undercover.
He's going to come after me just like he did with No, no.
You are out now, OK? You are out.
You believe me? Yes.
There is a meet involving Kwon tomorrow morning.
What you want is on here.
I just need something from you.
What is that? I need out.
Of this city.
This country.
New name, new identity, new start.
It's fine.
You got it.
A new start.
Let's go.
On me, on me.
I could have taken him.
Come on, come on.
RV one.
Roger that.
In position.
Did you get it? We got it, but we lost Dansky.
Police are inbound, we've got to move.
You should have let me get Myshkin.
I know.
But the mission comes first.
Nina I am sorry about your friend.
This will fix things.
To Dansky.
To Dansky.
So, you've dealt with Myshkin before, haven't you? Yeah.
Eight years ago.
He was selling arms to different terrorist organisations.
They beeped me undercover.
I was his girlfriend for two years.
Then he found out.
Myshkin likes to hurt people.
Got off on it.
Nina, you don't have to tell me.
Afterwards I was in pieces.
Nadia, she really helped me.
It's my fault.
Nina it's not your fault.
I need you to make me a promise.
What's that? That I will have Myshkin.
I need that.
All right.
You got it.
I promise.
Let's see if Myshkin's phone has what we need.
Dansky said there was a meet tomorrow at 11, involving Kwon.
Here it is.
What is it? The name, does it mean something to you? Oppenheimer was the codename of a master bomber active during the Troubles in Northern Ireland.
Which side? Which side, boss? Both.
On loan to no-one except the highest bidder.
Never managed to ID him.
This photograph is as close as we got.
We saw plenty of his handiwork, though.
Bloody hell.
We've had intel on him for the last ten years.
Terrorist attacks, bombs - Palestine, Ukraine, Chechnya.
Never managed to confirm it was him.
And there is a reason why he's stayed alive so long.
Because he is like no-one we have ever faced.
And if he is teaming up with Kwon and Li-Na God knows what they're planning.
Oppenheimer is the real deal, Michael.
OK, listen up.
Do not engage targets until we know Kwon is present.
He's our best and only lead to Li-Na.
So we scare him off, we've got nothing.
'Got that.
' 'I'll go for the north end.
' 'I'll go south.
' 'Line of sight, east-west.
I'm on it.
' 'I'm out of the station now.
No sign of him.
' Bravo team, stand by.
I have eyes on Kwon.
I repeat, confirmation of Kwon.
Approaching from the north-west.
Eyes on target.
Coming down the west set of stairs from the train station.
'Stay on him.
' 'Moving into position.
' Scott, hold position.
I'm going to take him down now.
That's a negative, let's see who he's come to meet.
That fucker tortured my child.
Scott, stay on mission! Copy that, sir.
'Target's sitting down with a man in his mid-50s, 'wearing a grey overcoat.
'That's got to be him.
That's got to be Oppenheimer.
' You're uncomfortable.
We create no direct contact.
Not yet.
'Nina, are you getting this?' I like to look a man in the eyes.
Tells me so much more than words.
You're good.
But there's a slight hint of desperation off you.
Of need.
So the price has just doubled.
Considering what you're asking me to do, I think it's reasonable.
Very well.
New account number.
Michael, take Oppenheimer.
Yeah, roger that.
'Scott, Kwon's yours.
' And then cough.
Thanks, buddy.
Mind if I join you? My team is watching you.
My advice is come quietly.
Special forces, right? British, obviously? Tactical boots.
Watch turned inside to protect it during action.
Although it's regulation issue.
So many of your type like something a bit more ostentatious, so I'm guessing you're a company man, hm? You're good boy.
Institutionalised, even.
You'll make top rank eventually.
Just by the fact that you've clung on for so long.
How am I doing? Not bad.
Not sure that changes the fundamentals of this, though.
You need to run along now, sonny.
I'm the one with the gun.
Yeah, and I'm the one holding the remote control trigger.
That's right, soldier, there's a bomb here.
I click this pen, ten seconds later, boom.
Or I can disarm it.
Simple as that, up to you.
Also the good for doing the crossword.
What if you're bluffing? Oh, no bluff.
Big bomb.
Never leave home without one.
Secret of my longevity.
Just think of all the damage done to these children, hm? Tragic.
Do you really want that on your conscience, huh? For your sins? For your sins, Philip.
He's got a bomb.
Do not let him go.
I'm not afraid to die.
Really? You're not going to die yet.
Hand seconds.
Save them or catch me.
Can't do both.
Move! Move, move! Get out of here! Yesterday, upon the stair I met a man who wasn't there He wasn't there again today I wish .
I wish he'd go away.
No! It was a risk worth taking, sir.
A risk?! Philip, a bomb was detonated in the heart of Vienna and the man responsible got away.
Yeah, but we got Kwon.
Do you know the nightmare that's in store for us if anyone knew that British military intelligence had been there? Especially after Korea.
Watch, sweetheart! Darling, no, don't eat that.
It's dirty, I'll buy you another one.
Charles? With all due respect, if the North Koreans are teaming up with the Russian mafia and the world's most infamous bomb maker I think the nightmare is still to come.
What intelligence has Kwon given us? How does that feel? Huh? Nothing? You want to give me a towel and water so I can start drowning this fucker? Let's ask him some questions first, huh? Yeah.
What are you doing in Vienna? You want to tell us what it is Li-Na wants here? You're not going to answer? Hmm? I won't answer you.
You should have never come to Korea.
If you invade our land, we will bring the fight right to your door.
Everything that happens now every drop of blood that's spilled is on your head.
How does that feel? Argh! Feels like I'm warming up.
Where's Li-Na? No? Where's that fucking bitch? Sure can take a beating, can't he? Yeah.
Years of counter-interrogation training.
He's not going to give up Li-Na.
Not consciously, anyway.
We'll see.
Want to talk about Locke? About him and Oppenheimer? Yeah.
The Square.
Left his post.
Chased him directly, on his own.
It's about Locke's son.
What, that car bombing in Northern Ireland? Yeah.
He thinks it was Oppenheimer.
Keep an eye on him.
No mission creep.
Locke? Nina? I've picked up Myshkin again.
PTRA Construction.
It's a company he uses as a front.
Money laundering, smuggling.
Is Oppenheimer with him? No, it's just Myshkin, and some extra muscle.
I don't know what he's up to yet, but he's not building any orphanages, that's for sure.
Stay with him.
Trust me, I'm not letting this bastard out of my sight ever again.
Myshkin's on the move.
I'm going to follow.
Copy that.
If this doesn't work, Mikey, we're not going to get to Li-Na.
I stay we step things up.
Meaning? You like chilli, don't you, Kwon? Thirsty? Oi, this isn't what we discussed.
Yes, it is.
I told you we'd step things up and you agreed.
Besides, I was going to give him a drink, loosen his tongue.
You're thirsty, aren't you? Huh? Last chance - where's your girlfriend? Huh? Nothing? What? Still thirsty? All right, that's enough.
Want some more? Here.
That's enough! That's enough.
What's enough, Mike? Huh? What's enough? Is it enough they killed Julia? Is it enough they shot my fucking son? We have a code.
No, you have a code.
I'm doing my fucking job.
This isn't your job if you're enjoying this too much.
You know what your problem is, Michael? Tell me.
You've got no vision.
All you've ever done is march, salute the flag.
At least I've got a life outside the Army.
At least I'm not a borderline psychopath.
You know what? Sometimes I think you want the people nearest to you to get hurt just so you have an excuse.
Fuck you! Damien, get out of here right now.
Take a walk.
There you go.
Get out of here, I mean it.
Cool it off! Hold his hands, sing Kumbaya, see how that fucking works for you, Michael.
Piss off! Fuck you.
Stand up.
I may not agree with his methods, but this interrogation is far from over.
Turn around.
I know you understand me - turn around.
Yeah, you were right - he kicks hard.
All right, good signal.
Zero, Rabbit is off and running.
Roger that.
Just hold back, don't spook him.
Just let the tracker do the work.
Copy that.
Let's hope this works.
That fucker wasn't going to talk.
You were pretty convincing, though.
Almost sounded like you meant it, me not having a life outside the Army.
I had to sell it.
You weren't too bad yourself, me being a borderline psychopath.
Oh, that bit? Yeah, well, like you said - had to sell it.
Fuck you.
Still got him? Yeah, we've still got him.
Oi, oi, oi.
Back off, don't spook him.
Scott, you're going to get your chance.
Trust me.
And when you do get it, give him a kick from me too.
Will do.
Quite happily.
He's just turned off and he's stopped one click north of here.
Take the next right.
Yeah, he should be near here.
He's very close.
Take this next left.
And after that Shit.
What? I've lost the signal.
Zero, I've lost the signal.
There it is.
Eyes on Scott.
How the hell could you have lost him? My fault.
Scott wanted to go off and I told him not to.
Oh, great.
Do you want to get on the phone to Whitehall and explain that? Right, listen up - liaise with Nina, she's on Myshkin.
Just find a way back in.
Yeah, roger that.
It's her.
Ma'am, let me help you with those, please.
I'm OK.
No, no, I insist.
Now, think of your baby and you'll survive.
Get in the car.
Your husband's bank.
Go there now.
Give me your phone.
Give me your phone! I've got your target inside.
You've got Kwon? 'No.
' The principal, Li-Na.
Nina, don't let that bitch out of your sight.
'I won't.
' 'She just entered Solar Private Bank.
' I'm going to follow.
'Roger that.
' Ms Lao.
I speak English, Mr Hauser.
Oh, good.
My Korean is, I'm afraid, rather poor.
It's a pleasure to finally meet you in person.
Please come this way.
Fucking move! Move! Watch out, watch out! Let's get there in one piece, eh, mate? What am I, Driving Miss Daisy? Jesus Christ.
She's talking to the manager.
Went to his office.
We know Kwon had contacts back here ten years ago.
But why would Li-Na expose herself at a bank now? Well, there must be something she wants there.
At a bank? She's fucking loaded.
Tell you what, let's go find out, shall we? 'Roger that.
' Sending you the grid reference now.
Yeah, copy that.
Thank you for meeting at such short notice.
Of course.
I'm always happy to accommodate my North Korean friends.
How long have you been working at the embassy? I'm not from the embassy.
I understood that you were a new posting from Pyongyang.
No, on the contrary.
The regime would be most unhappy if they knew I was here.
But the reference code you gave Was a little old.
You should be more careful, Mr Hauser.
You've become complacent.
Ms Lao, I'm sorry, I don't understand.
It's very simple.
You are going to give me the contents of this safety deposit box.
I will do no such thing.
Oh, yes, you will.
Magdalena! Fuck - Kwon's here.
No! What are you doing with her?! Hi, there.
How are you doing? Hello.
Someone told us there's a water leak on the second floor.
We've just come to fix it.
Everybody quiet! Get up! Go.
On the floor! Go! They're taking the bank.
'I need backup now.
' Li-Na, Kwon and maybe ten armed men.
Come on! On the floor.
Don't move.
I said don't move! No-one else needs to get hurt.
We're only here for one thing.
Tickets to the vault.
There's something in the vault she wants.
Hey, you! Out now! Shit.
Move! Up.
Nina! That didn't sound too good.
It's two clicks north of here.
Keep on this road.
It's on the right-hand side.
Agh! If you would be so kind, Mr Hauser.
It doesn't matter if I open the door.
I can't open the vault itself.
Don't need you for that.
Zero, we're at the bank now.
'Roger that.
' Excuse me, ma'am, I need to borrow that.
Hey! Oh, that's charming! Where do we reckon that is? I have no idea.
I'll ask this guy.
Hey, 'scuse me Yeah, no, I know, we're tourists.
I'm an American, I just want to know about that station Boy or girl? What? It's a girl.
She She's a girl.
Teach her to be strong.
To trust in herself.
Not to be weak and pathetic and leaning on a man as weak as him.
No, not here.
Put her with the others.
No, no.
This one has been after me a long time.
Then kill her.
Oh I'm going to do much more than that.
Fuck! Give me a little cover as I cross there? Go, bud.
You ready? Go.
From Bangkok to the motherland, to Europe.
They won't stop us.
They followed you here.
No, impossible.
No matter now.
You have work to do.
Is the exit route clear? Everything standing by.
We knew this would happen.
I am familiar with their tenacity.
Fuck! Where's the vault? The vault! Downstairs.
Downstairs? Bring the box.
Oh! Coming down! Clear.
Cheers, mate.
I thought you people were master cyber criminals? Couldn't you just hack what you want from this place? We know there's truly nothing secret in the cyber world.
But what's in there, there's only one of.
What are you talking - jewels, diamonds? Big diamonds? Gold? Stand back.
Let's go.
Fuck! Mikey, behind that pillar.
Have a look at that.
Go! Is that it? Anything else here is yours.
Yep, yep This is it.
You did it! Fuckin' kiddin' me?! We need to scan the pages.
No, must leave.
You, come here! I need you to unlock the door.
There's nothing through there! You're lying! I know there's an exit!