Strike Back s05e08 Episode Script

Legacy: Episode 8

Oppenheimer was the codename of a master bomber active during the Troubles in Northern Ireland.
If he is teaming up with Kwon and Li-Na, God knows what they are planning.
Just think of all the damage done to these families, these children, for your sins.
Bomb! Move! Move! I've got your target in sight.
I am going to follow.
This one is FSB.
She has been after me for a long time.
- We are only here for one thing.
- Take us to the vault.
This is it.
You did it! - One second - Where are you going? Give me one minute! Shit.
You! Come here! Come here! - Jackpot.
- Open this door! - It doesn't open on this side! - Well it doesn't from here either! - I brought some toys for us.
- Move away! Here.
We're on.
Fire in the hole! _ _ _ It won't just be 20 after us now.
Our own regime Our own regime was too scared to act.
We're not.
And now, we have the codes we need.
- Scott, switch! - Yeah! Clear.
- Mike.
- Yeah.
_ _ - Where's the Li-Na? - Gotta be another way out of here.
- I got Nina.
- I'm going after Li-Na.
- You all right? - I'm all right.
Don't kill him.
We need him alive.
You need him alive.
I keep him alive.
A quick death is too good for him.
Oh, shit! - I'm OK.
Go! - Yes, ma'am! RV later.
Helmet off! Get the helmet off! - All right.
- You're here.
I saved you a spot.
You know you've got the wrong men? You let the right ones get past, you stupid asshole.
- Asshole? - Yeah.
I never said anything.
He did.
Sorry, mate.
Who are you? Why did you rob this bank? All right, I didn't rob the bank.
- We are nobody.
- Oh, come now everybody is somebody.
I wonder what we will find when I run your picture through our database.
Turn around now.
I really hate having my picture taken.
- It's nothing personal.
- Yeah, we love the cops.
And we're not stealing this.
- Those photos might put us in the system.
- We'll burn that bridge - when we get to it.
What about Nina? - She's all right.
She had it under control.
Let's go get a lecture from Locke.
It is everything you wanted.
You are somewhere else.
I was just thinking of home.
And now we will never see it again.
You miss it.
I miss what it should have been.
I'll miss what it will become, should we be successful.
We couldn't have stayed there any longer.
I know.
It's just driving here, I saw people drinking coffee together, shopping blissfully unaware of the chaotic world around them.
You want that to be us? Don't you? We made a choice when we left Korea, to change the country, to stop the rot and decay.
Yes, I wish we had more time to be to be normal, but we made a choice.
You and me together no matter what.
What the hell is that? We're supposed to be low key.
- Yeah, we just borrowed it.
- Yeah.
We don't do low key very well.
Well you better learn quick, Scott.
We're on a very tight leash here.
So, we know all Li-Na was after was a notebook.
And my little friend here wants to tell you all about it.
Don't you, Ivan? It was just symbols in it.
- Some kind of code.
- And? And Li-Na needed some kid, some egghead, to try and crack it.
Do you know what this kid looks like? All the details you need.
Ivan has been very co-operative.
Please I am begging you man-to-man, don't leave me with her.
You have no idea what she is going - to do to me.
- Yeah, I do.
You know what? Screw you.
And screw the bitch! Screw you.
That's no way to talk about a lady.
- You are handing him over to the FSB? - Yes eventually.
Take care, guys.
And next time you're in trouble call someone else.
How much longer? That depends whether you want it done quickly or you want it done right.
I was hoping for both.
I am building you something unique, something nobody has ever perfected before.
Do you know why? Because it's near impossible.
Everything has to be perfectly balanced, from the reflector to the lenses.
And, believe me, when you're transporting this across country, you'll be glad I erred on the side of caution.
It has never concerned you, has it - the deaths, the injuries - that your devices cause? - Aren't we both in the same business? I am fighting for a cause.
Those that fall are sacrifices to what is a better future.
There is no joy in it.
But your main interest seems to begin and end with money.
My only interest is the work.
Money is security.
It means the buyer is serious and I don't have my security compromised.
I also won't have people like Philip Locke knocking on my door.
You know him from your time in Northern Ireland? Well, for Philip Locke, I am the man in the window - the uninvited guest in the shadows.
He doesn't see the strange beauty in what I do.
Death and destruction is never beautiful.
Our actions have cause.
It is never something I take lightly.
Yeah, well, you would say the wiring's a bit faulty.
Something doesn't quite fit.
You're an idealist.
To me, that is even stranger.
You believe in people.
To me, they are incomplete.
Speaking of which, I can't move any further without the vital component.
The Tin Man needs a heart, as it were.
We shall get it soon.
Here we are.
- Is that it? - That's us.
Boss, everything looks clear from the outside.
OK, just this once, try and proceed with caution.
We need to extract the decoder and find out what's in this notebook that's so important to Li-Na.
What I'm trying to say is, - please don't get him killed.
- OK, let's go.
_ _ Idiot.
Cookie? No.
Excuse me, do you know where an ice machine is? _ - Down! Put it down! - Put it down! Put it down! You know if we're here, we've already got to your boss's mission, right? It's all over.
This is a one-time offer - drop the gun and take a walk.
Your choice.
_ _ Don't put that gun up.
- Are you The Kid? - Yeah.
You're The Kid.
Pack your stuff.
You're coming with us.
- Come on.
- You just shot those people! That was self-defence.
We didn't shoot them all, anyway.
We're the good guys.
Good guys?! No-one was shooting before you got here! - Yeah, that happens a lot.
- Let's go.
_ Not this way, not this way! Hey, Kid, do you have a fear of heights? Acrophobia.
That's a fear of heights.
Do you have a fear of shutting your mouth? Sedatephobia - that is a fear of silence.
- Shit! - Argh! - There you go.
- Come on! - Let's move.
Think you can make that? - Yeah.
- You? - Yeah.
What about The Kid? My name is Matthias.
And, no, I can't, obviously.
- I mean The power to weight ratio - Shut up! You'll be fine.
All right, your turn.
Let's go.
- I really can't.
- Scott! Kid, it's like Donkey Kong.
You are jumping from level to level.
You've played Donkey Kong, yeah? Donkey Kong? How old are you?! This clearly isn't a game.
I'm not jumping.
If you're not jumping, you won't need this.
- No, no, wait! No! - There you go! You want that back, go get it.
- Argh! - There you go, buddy! Nice.
So, we're going to go across there, like Donkey Kong.
Level up or down.
Move back.
- Let's go.
Hurry up.
- Yeah, I know.
Guys Or we're going in there.
Go, go, go! _ _ Put him up.
Get in, get in.
Boss, we have The Kid and his intel.
- Hey, Kid, you have other phone? - What? Give me your phone.
- I am going to call someone.
- Ah, yeah.
It's a great one.
What?! No, no, no! That's not insured, man! Well, I'll buy you a new one.
You all right back there, Kid? The normal resting heart rate for an adult is between 60 and 100 - beats per minute.
I am way over that.
- Just try and relax.
You're going to be fine.
You're safe now.
We work for the British government.
- British? - Yeah.
- Where did they find you? - Ah I'm at university.
They needed someone to break a cipher and they just took So, you're a hacker? What? No.
I am a cryptanalyst.
I decipher codes - complex interlocking structures, whose very nature conceals their true identity from the mind's eye.
Yeah, yeah, I get it.
Did you break the code? I managed three so far.
- What do they say? - I don't know, it's in Korean.
I don't do languages.
I mean, if you can speak English and German, what the fuck is the point? I don't buy all this "Mandarin is the language of the future" bullshit, either.
Oi! Oi! My task was to crack the codes and send them on.
That's what I did.
So, you decoded - and sent three of the codes, yeah? - Yeah.
- How many more were there? - Nine.
12, in total.
Right, then, we need you to decode the rest, for us.
We also need the details on where you sent them.
Then I need somewhere proper to work.
I get car sick.
And he is not a very good driver.
I've been saying that for years.
'Li-Na the decoder is gone.
' Taken by 20.
- We need the rest of those names.
- I know.
I'll get them back.
You have the first three? Yes.
We have the one we need now.
Tin Man will get his heart.
We must find him.
I'm just going to get this.
Hello, this is Heo.
_ _ _ _ _ _ It is happening.
_ The average laptop has twice as many germs in it as a toilet seat.
E Coli, Staphylococcus bacteria.
Will we start work? - You get paid much in the army? - No.
Not nearly enough.
Yeah, we've got him working on the rest of the codes right now.
I'm not sure how long it's going to take, and he's a little uptight.
Any idea about the three we sent through? It's definitely in Korean.
It's a list of names.
Just running searches on them now.
I'm going to forward you the e-mail he was sending them to.
I'll run a trace on the IP address.
See if it leads us to Li-Na.
And send the other decodes as soon as you get them.
Yeah, roger that.
You want to have some coffee with your sugar? What do you mean? Nothing.
How are things going? The cipher changes itself from line to line, so I'm currently analysing the cryptographic algorithm itself in order to be able to Good or bad? That's all you need to say.
You're quite an angry person.
- No, I'm not.
Not normally.
- Well, he does have a point.
- Really? You're siding with The Kid? - I'm not siding with him.
It's just the first thing he's said today that I actually understand.
- Can you understand that? - Yes, I can.
That's your penis.
- No, it's a fucking finger.
- The middle finger represents the penis, while the two curled fingers on either side are the genitals.
It's similar to how a monkey copulates - with its enemies to show dominance.
- Finished? I like him.
I do.
- You want to get back to work? - Yeah.
Don't blame you for being angry.
Must be a difficult time for men in your line of work.
Technology is taking over.
Drones, cyber warfare The average teenager could do more damage in 20 minutes with a mobile phone than a soldier like you could do in a week.
I can do a lot of damage in 20 seconds if you keep pushing it, Kid.
Toilet break.
Oi, oi, sit down.
Keep working on the codes, please.
This has been very upsetting for me.
Today I saw people getting killed, and now you're physically intimidating me.
Hey, hey, just - I did not choose this.
- Look, I know.
I know you're scared.
You're in a shitty situation.
I've got a kid myself.
He's a little younger than you.
Just trust me, I'm not going to let anything happen, all right? So Fine, I'll finish decoding the names when I get back.
I really need to urinate now, though.
Way too much information.
You can thank your lucky stars that Finn didn't turn out like that.
I would have left him in Korea.
How's he doing, mate? Is he OK? Yeah.
He's good.
He's back with his mom.
- Does she know? - No.
And luckily enough, he's not going to tell her.
I hope.
You know, weirdly, Mike, nearly getting killed together sort of brought us together.
Maybe you should try that with Matthias.
- How did he know that they were names? - What? Locke told me the encrypted codes came out as names.
If he doesn't know the languages, how does he know they were names, the little shit?! - Locked.
- No shit.
- Scott.
- Oh, shit.
_ Kid, hey! Wait, stop.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, guys.
I can't do this! - Don't be sorry.
Just stop.
- I can't be who you want me to be, I've got to get home.
My mother is going to be so worried about me.
Enough of your bullshit about your mom.
What are you going to do? Stop! Stop.
You are the dumbest fuck I ever met.
Come on, man! We both know you're not going to shoot me.
- Really? - Argh! What took you so long?! Shit! Ah, bollocks! He let the air out of the tyres.
Little shit! Fuck.
I can't believe he shot me.
There's blood and everything! The names.
I left my laptop.
Deleted everything from it.
You don't have the translated codes? - Given me a pen and paper.
- In there.
- Is this the way to the hospital? - You've memorised them? Don't insult my intelligence, this was child's play.
Oh, and by the way, those Russian guys you had guarding me - useless.
One of them practically rolled over and gave up.
I'd look into my employment practices if I were you.
You talk too much.
It concerns me.
Can you go to the hospital now, please? I don't want this to get infected.
No, no, no! Better.
- Here is he? - Scott.
Go, boss.
So while you two were busy losing the source, I made some progress on the names we got.
- One of them works here in Vienna.
- And? And I think they're Office 39 sleeper agents.
And if I'm right, that is very bad news indeed, because one of them is Heo Gil Rae, senior scientist at the International Nuclear Research Organisation.
Second scan for confirmation.
Move out in five.
Route 17C.
_ _ So put the pieces together - we have Li-Na, we have Oppenheimer, a man whose skills in constructing explosives are second to none.
And a possible sleeper agent with access to nuclear material.
- Exactly.
- So she's building a fucking nuke.
The intel just came in from the calls I put out.
An unscheduled convoy carrying nuclear materials just left the INRO 15 minutes ago.
Convoy's destination is a lab at Wolkersdorf.
This is the route it follows.
You think Li-Na's going to try and intercept? Mm-hm, and I think you should get there first.
CCTV's just caught it crossing the motorway at Erdberg.
Get ahead of it and apprehend it.
Stay on comms, I'll be out.
I ran a trace on the address Matthias was sending the e-mails to.
- What, did you get something? - Yeah, I triangulated the location.
It's a construction site owned by our little Russian friend, Ivan Myshkin.
I'm sorry.
Move! I need the other key.
- It is necessary.
- Argh! That's them, that's them.
Boss, we see the convoy.
It's been hit, they've taken heavy fire.
We're going in hot.
Yeah, copy that, Michael.
Do not let them gain access to the material.
Stay on comms.
There's a door here! Move! What do you mean, there's a fucking door? There's a fucking door, that's what I mean! Move it! Scott, move! Fuck! Armoured! Let's get out of here.
Fuck you guys! Shit! Get us out of here, mate! Turn around.
Do you know who I am? Yes, Philip, I know who you are.
I'd also like to point out the fact that I'm an unarmed man.
Did you kill my son? - Put the gun away, and then we'll talk.
- No.
No, you don't get to tell me what to do.
- You answer the question.
- You stand still! Did you kill my son? The car, the bomb - it was you, wasn't it? I swear to God, if you don't tell me I - I want to.
And I will.
But Jesus Christ, Philip, you're asking all the wrong questions.
What even makes you think it was me? It was that phrase.
"For your sins"? Ha! God, I could never shake that phrase.
Changed everything else, but I could never shake that phrase.
That's what five bloody years of seminary school does for you.
I don't know what it is about the Catholic Church that attracts sadists and psychopaths.
Mind you, - you could say the same about the army.
- No, just Stop the games.
I said stand still! You don't move.
Hands where I can see them.
Look at me.
Did you kill my son? - You're asking all the wrong questions.
- Did you?! Philip, I set the charge, I pushed the button.
But it wasn't about your family.
Don't you understand? For yours sins.
It was about you.
You were the one I was meant to kill to keep my cover intact.
Your cover? My name is Christopher Desmond.
I worked for the British, same as you.
The British government sanctioned my murder? - I don't believe you.
- Except that you do.
Because you've been asking yourself, "Why doesn't he exist? "Why are there no files, no records? "Why is there no trace of his existence, hm? "Who'd be able to do such a thing, and why?" If not to cover up the fact that they tried to murder one of their own.
The next one's in your head.
Who ordered my murder? - I don't know.
- Who? Argh! - Brilliant.
- What? I think we've got company.
Coming up on our six.
It's Kwon.
That fucker won't quit.
Get out of the way! Move! - Try and keep it on the road, mate.
- No back-seat driving today, bud.
OK, fine.
I'll leave.
He's coming up on your right-hand side, Scott.
- Mikey, hold on.
- Go, go, go! You want to stop me? Come that! Scott, they're closing in! Move! Move! You! It was you! You killed my son! I was the weapon.
Somebody else chose the target, somebody else aimed.
Oh, right.
What, and missed? What? This nuclear bomb, huh? That's not your responsibility, either? For the death, the suffering.
What do you care now? I never stopped caring.
Still desperately struggling to hold on to this identity you've created, huh? Boys with sticks for guns, running round the woods, the absolute game.
It's not a game.
I'm a soldier.
Trying to save the world, one corpse at a time.
Be who you really are.
You're a killer.
Your bombs killed innocent men, women and children.
My own son.
And you just put two bullets into that man there without breaking sweat.
Was he not somebody else's son, too? And now you've left your team in the field to settle a personal score with me.
- Scott, what is that? What is that? - I'm hearing ya.
- I think we're stopping, Mike.
- Bollocks! Come on! There's nothing I can do, Mike, we're stopping.
That's the difference between you and me.
I've accepted my nature.
That I was different.
You know? When other men shied away from the fire and the noise, I sought it out.
And you're the same, Philip.
Any other man would have been broken - broken - after what he did to the people he cared for, to the people he loved.
I'm not staying here.
We've got to stop them.
You'll be dead before your feet hit the ground.
- Argh, God! - Get in here! You'll get shot to pieces out there, come here.
Or cooked alive in here.
Jesus Christ! But not us.
We use that pain and that misery as fuel, and as a justification for our obscene acts of inhumanity.
- They're opening the back.
- The nuclear material.
They can't get through that door.
Jesus Christ! Shit! You don't know anything about me.
I know that the British government saw you as nothing.
A pawn to be flicked off the table to let the more important pieces remain in play, like me.
Argh! Fuck! I know you didn't quit when your son died.
You didn't even pause for reflection.
No, no, no! Go, go, go! You don't get to talk about him.
Not my Anthony.
Not after what you did.
You don't get to say that.
Why didn't you walk away, huh? Huh? Any normal man would have.
After the damage he saw that he did to his wife, to his children.
- Why did you keep going? - I had a job to do.
Ha, ha! Nah, cos you wanted revenge.
With every pull of the trigger, there was some sense of justification, some sense of vindication.
- I know who I am.
- And I know who I am.
I am a soldier, and I have a mission.
Where is Li-Na going? What does it matter now? I killed your son, you're not going to let me walk out of here.
Either way, I won't get to see it.
My greatest creation.
You're not a murderer, Philip.
But you're the exception.
- You are the one I cross the line for.
- No, you're a good man.
- You killed my son.
- No, you're a good man.
You killed my son.
- You killed my son.
- You're a good man.
His papers.
All his notes.
His environmental considerations.
Heat, time of year, indoors, outdoors.
He was thorough.
- Geneva.
- That's where he was researching.
There are other considerations, but You think this is where Li-Na's headed.
I gave him the chance to talk.
He wouldn't speak.
We understand, boss.
Oh, no.
No, no, no.
If you think a superior officer is lying, then you call him out on it.
Something doesn't ring true, never obey.
Never blindly obey.
- We said we understood, boss.
- We didn't say we believed you.
So Li-Na's headed to Geneva with a nuclear bomb.
Straight to the United Nations.
So whatever she's planning, this is it.
This is where it ends.