Strike Back s05e10 Episode Script

Legacy: Episode 10

As of now, Section 20 is officially disbanded.
Today, we bring the true horror of nuclear capability to the heart of the UN itself.
What's the deactivation code? Nice knowing you, Mikey.
You have Li-Na? Bring her in and I'll personally make sure that Section 20 is reinstated.
What the hell are they doing here? Urgh! No! Argh! Shit! Shit! Argh! Scott? Scott! Yeah! I'm fine.
Urgh They're going to be looking for us.
We can't leave his body here, Mike.
Scott, we don't have a choice.
We have to move on.
Well They're going to be coming.
I lost my gun.
Ammo count? I got two.
One up.
It's enough.
Three rounds isn't enough, not if you want to survive.
I'm not talking about survival, Mike.
I'm talking about getting even.
- You want to get even? - Yeah! Then let's get smart and let's move out.
Come on.
Original source: MemoryOnSmells All right, listen up! We're coming up to the crash site.
Eyes on the prize.
First blood gets a bonus in their paycheck.
Do you know what your problem is, Mike? You're still thinking like a soldier.
You stand tall, salute the fucking flag.
My problem is you'd happily get us killed without thinking things through.
What's there to think through, Michael? They killed the boss, they murdered.
You happy about that? You think I'm happy about that? I'm trying to keep us alive! What, by running like a pair of fucking cowards? Call me a coward one more time, mate, see how that fucking works out for you! What would he say about our situation? - What would the boss say? - Shut up, Michael! He'd tell us to stop shouting at each other like a couple of schoolgirls.
He'd say we're outnumbered.
We need an escape route.
He'd tell us three bullets weren't nearly enough.
That's pretty much the way I see it, too.
Problem is, we can't go for backup.
The CIA have hidden weapon caches all over Europe.
What are you thinking? We need to find a phone.
Well, let's find a phone, then, eh? Yes, sir.
- Almost touching.
- Yeah.
Think I might cry.
We got a trail over here.
Yeah, got one here, too.
Fake trails.
They're trying to mislead us.
Check every town, every home within a ten-mile radius.
Need be, we'll go door-to-door using our considerable charm.
Telephone Excuse me Excuse me! Hello? Hey.
Sorry, we're a little lost and, er, we had an accident.
So, have you got a telephone that we can use? What do the Swiss call a telephone? They call it a telephone.
But I'm not Swiss.
I'm Austrian.
Er, we also call it a telephone.
The telephone is back there.
Thank you.
- Oscar Steiner.
- Michael Stonebridge.
And that's Damien Scott.
- Army? - Yes.
And you? Look, er I need your help.
Second Lieutenant, Austrian infantry.
In the photo? Er, that was my father.
He fought in the Gebirgsjager in the Second World War.
Do excuse me, please.
Any luck? Yeah.
But you're not going to like it.
Christy Bryant.
- What? - She was my handler for seven years, Mike.
Scott, you also tried to shoot her - once or twice, didn't you? - Once.
Huh? - All right, maybe twice.
- Yeah.
The point is, she's running PMCs in Europe.
She's going to RV with us at a safe house, where she can get us cash, passports and she can confirm the location of the CIA weapons cache close to here.
That's good.
Excuse me, sir.
Have you heard of the Friedhof Dam? Yes.
It's about 50km from here.
We're going to need to rest.
Oscar, may we please stay for a while, rest up? We have no money, but we can offer you this.
It's worth something.
I live in Switzerland.
I'm surrounded by watches.
Thank you.
Please - Cheers.
- Thank you.
How long have you been in the army? Since the day I left school.
So everything you know in life it is because you are a soldier.
Have a family? Have a home? I had a wife.
I would have been a father.
I think things would have been different.
There's a world in which Michael Stonebridge is fixing the fence and he's arguing with his missus and the kids are running around the garden and they're driving him nuts and he he loves every second of it.
Because he's found his place in the world.
But that is not real.
No, it's not.
That didn't happen.
I can't even imagine that world any more.
And I'm almost I'm almost grateful, because I don't have to love or care for anyone.
I don't have to share anything.
This is all I have.
But there is a problem.
You and him walking here the state you're in, there is trouble.
Yeah, there's trouble.
You are scared? No, I'm not scared.
And part of me hopes I die a soldier, because without this life, I'm nothing.
This is all I have.
This is all that I am.
Life it is not so bad.
But wherever you are, maybe you have to get old before you can see that.
This is to a man that we just lost.
Lieutenant Colonel Philip Locke.
To the boss.
We leave at first light.
This was my father's.
It might be useful to you.
Huh! A stick grenade.
- Are you sure? - I sleep good at night.
That has no use for me.
Bloody hell! Er, no.
No way.
She's beautiful.
You in? Thank you very much.
Thank you, Oscar.
Ah It looks like an old helmet.
Ah-ha! Here, Mikey.
Look - There you go.
Now I'm comfortable.
- That's perfect.
Good day, sir.
Have you had two men pass by here? I'm sorry, nobody visit me.
Not for long time.
Please understand that the men we're looking for, despite what they may have told you, they're wanted criminals.
And by protecting them, you ain't helping no-one.
I'm going to make you a promise here.
Tell me what they wanted, where they are, we'll leave you be.
No harm, no fail.
They are soldiers.
We're soldiers, too.
You're something else.
Something worse.
It doesn't matter.
I am not going to help you.
What is it you guys always say? Ve haz vays of making you talk! I am Austrian.
Well, pardon me to hell! You just ruined my joke.
But I ain't going to let you fuck up my punchline, though! Smile Argh! Argh! Argh! Aarrgghh! Argh! Argh! We'll get tooled up here.
We'll be at our rendezvous by nightfall.
Copy that.
God bless America! And Christy Bryant! How are we doing? It's not working very well.
It's pretty wet.
Give me a minute.
We might have company.
- Yeah, that's one confirmed.
- Bollocks! Shit.
We've got two confirmed.
We need those guns, Scott.
Yeah, I know.
I'm working on it.
- It's disconnected.
- Shit.
There's two more.
How long have I got? Not long.
We're going to have to make a call, the guns or we move.
- High five.
- Let's open it up, come on.
Gone - Mike! - What? There's nothing here, Mike.
It's fucking empty.
Are you sure? - There's nothing.
- Bollocks! Damn! Dammit! I can't believe that.
All right, pros We've got great cover and we know they're coming.
Cons Inferior firepower.
My three bullets and your antique handgun.
You got a plan, Michael? Yeah, I've got a fucking plan.
Great fucking plan! Er, you got a better one? Yeah! Go! Go! Go! It was a cunning plan! Urgh! Moving! Move! Move! Move! Mikey! New plan! Beans and motherfuckers.
- Mate, we've got to keep moving! - Mike - May have to switch to plan B.
- Shit! Can you walk? Come on, get up.
- Keep pressure on that, OK? - Yeah.
You know, statistically, most battlefield deaths happen within the first ten minutes of wounding, right? - Why are you telling me that? - To distract you.
- Shit! - Keep pressure on it.
Urgh! - Does that feel good? - Yeah.
OK, there you go.
Pressure there.
- We've got to keep moving, Mike.
- Yeah, we do.
But you have to do me a favour, mate.
You need to stop bleeding.
What do they say? Those who live by the sword die by the fucking thing.
It's been a long time coming.
You really need to conserve your energy.
Relax You know the first guy that I killed in battle I was shaking.
I even threw up.
When did that stop? When did this all become normal for us, Mike? A long time coming.
Maybe not.
Because you're going to make it through this, OK? Huh? You're going to survive and you're going to go home.
Back to the real life? Paying bills? And mowing the lawn? Stopping at a fucking red light? I can't see that happening.
And being a father to your son.
After the shit I've done? - Sure! - Yeah, sure.
Stay put.
I won't be long.
Hey! OK, throw up the knife, couyon.
Couyon, what's that? Is that Cajun? Cajun for stupid.
Well, I've been called worse.
Come here, mate.
Come on.
Come on.
I'll get you to the rendezvous and you're going to be fine.
Come on.
Wake up here.
Oi! Come on! Scott! Scott! Come on.
Come on.
Come on! Scott, come on, wake up.
Hey Yeah, that's right.
Are you with me? Welcome back.
What happened? I think the words you're looking for are thank you.
I pulled this out of you.
A bullet with my name on it, huh? Are we safe here? Best I could do on short notice.
We'll leave here under the cover of dark.
Urgh Got the passports? Yeah.
The dumb blonde came all this way and forgot to bring them! Thank you.
I don't get.
After all these years and you want back in? In our line of work, you make a lot of enemies.
Multiply that by time and Well, it's cold out there.
The Agency is the best bet for survival.
Besides, I was fucking good at my job.
You were.
Don't you fucking move.
You just still see the bad we did.
I see the good.
I don't.
What I see are bodies of dead children.
Collateral damage.
Stay down.
Oh, yeah! Go on Go on, get! No idea how long those beans have been there.
Well, it's like me, it just gets better with age.
I think you'll find that that's wine and whisky and English gentlemen, not coffee.
Christy Christy, what's out there? Did they offer you a lot of money? - Are you fucking kidding me? - There's still time.
Shit! On me! On me! - Are you hit? - I'm good.
Hey Fuck.
She's gone.
- How are you doing for ammo? - I got one.
Are you ready for this? I am now, Mike.
I am now.
Ain't nothing out the back.
We're going to need more firepower.
We'll just have to improvise, mate.
I've got movement here.
Fire teams, ready? How many you got? I got two of them in my sight.
- Hold! Hold! Hold! - Why? Just trust me.
- Move in.
- Go! Go! Go! Was that you? Yeah, what the hell do you think I was doing? Fire! Fire! Fire! Argh! Fuck! I'm out! I'm changing! Flashbang! Move! Move! Fuck! Not so fuckin' tough now.
Urgh! Urgh! Argh! - Mike! - Scott, are you hit? Yeah, I got nicked in the leg.
- You? Jesus.
- Yeah, I'm wonderful.
- We've got to get out of here, Mike.
- There's a van in the garage.
- Which way? That way? - It's that way.
- Are you ready? - Go, Mikey.
Come on, Mikey! Come on! I got tagged in the leg.
Can you start it? You're not the only one that can improvise, Mikey.
Let's go and find the keys.
We're going to have a problem starting that.
The fuck?! Shit! Just one fucking break! Grab that.
I can't die here.
Not dying in Switzerland.
Yeah, don't worry about it, mate.
You're not going to die here.
That sounds good.
But my lack of ammo, my leg my stomach tells me something different.
You hear movement? Fuck.
Yeah, yeah.
Hold your fire! - Is that a white flag? - You're kidding me.
Hey, what are you doing? - I'm going to take him out.
- No, don't take him out yet.
- Why's that? - It's a white flag.
It's not a white flag situation.
So what is it? Some guy, who happens to be waving something that's white.
We are low on ammo.
And they're not.
Maybe it's a good time to talk? Guys, do me a favour.
Come out and have a powwow.
I think we're good in here.
We ain't going to shoot at you.
I'm going to go ahead and call bullshit on that one.
You want to talk? Get your ass in here.
Hands on head.
Hands on the head.
- Oh, shit, man - Hey.
It's all right, I've got him.
Fuck that off Just to be clear, I come in peace.
Yeah, right.
It's a hell of a place to make a last stand.
Me, I always wanted to go out in Vegas.
Neon lights and rock music, holding a full house.
You come in here to share your fantasies? At least my fantasies are realistic.
This fantasy where you guys are stuck on a farm, low on ammo, bursting out the front, guns blazing in slow motion, the great escape.
That ain't happening.
This is where it ends.
Let me get this straight.
You walked all the way over here just to tell us that we're going to die? You don't have to die.
We all know this ain't war.
It's business.
I don't care who's writing the cheques.
All I care about is counting the zeros.
Are you offering us a chance to buy you out? It really is a piece of shit.
I ain't going to lose any sleep over it.
Two million, each.
That's pounds, not dollars.
You wire transfer it to my account.
You do that, everybody walks away.
Good luck.
Get fucked.
Was it something I said? Yeah.
Pretty much everything you just said.
You really think we have that kind of money? You've been doing this a long time.
Surely you've been skimming something off the top? We're a couple of soldiers.
Not fucking thieves.
Jesus! Ain't my fault you're the good guys, huh? Hey, Faber.
Hm? We were never that good.
Christ! What happened to the white flag?! He was just a guy carrying something that happened to be white! Grenade! I told you, Sandra, I don't want to be disturbed.
Look at them.
Go on, look at them.
These were good men and women who sacrificed themselves for this country.
In the name of this government.
Look at them! The order came from way above me.
You're not going to kill me? Of course I'm going to kill you.
Well, it's official.
Your dad's dead.
Oi! Do you hear that? You're dead.
Ha! Feels pretty good to be dead.
You need a hand? No.
It's a work in progress.
So where are you headed? Well, I was going to take Finn on some historical, cultural, educational trip.
Hm, which means? Vegas, baby! I thought as much.
What about you, Mikey? Back on civvy street? What are you going to do? Shit, Damien, I don't have a fucking clue.
Yeah, well, if you need me - Vegas is that way.
- Roger that.
Original source: MemoryOnSmells