Strike Back s06e01 Episode Script

Retribution: Episode 1

ETA Two mikes.
Copy that.
Zero from Alpha One.
Two mikes out.
How's it looking on the ground? We still good to go? Stand by Alpha Team.
All clear on the ground.
Roger that, all clear sir.
Solid copy on that.
Intelligence are giving the all clear.
Our Syrian friends are standing by with the prisoner.
Pick up Idrisi and get out of there.
No fuss.
No noise.
No-one will know we were ever there.
Roger that.
- Don't say it.
- I'm not saying anything, Sarge.
There he is.
Omair Idrisi.
Syrians have been vetted, right? The Major says checked and doublechecked.
I don't know why they can't just keep him locked up.
Major wants us to deliver him to the Yanks, that's what we do.
Alright lads.
Look sharp.
Let's go.
Doyle, with me.
Ready? If you are.
He's all yours.
Zero from Alpha one.
Receiving the package over.
Let the Americans know we've got him.
- Doyle? - Right with ya mate.
Let's pick up the pace a bit lads.
Incoming! Zero from Alpha one under heavy fire.
Need air support.
Find me some assets in the area now! Alpha One get Idrisi out of there.
Do not lose the prisoner.
Idrisi is the priority.
Shit! Tango's incoming! Get back, get back to the helo'.
Helo's down.
I repeat helo's down.
Doyle, we need to get to the vehicle at eleven o'clock.
- Doyle, move! - Yes Sarg'.
This way.
Move, go! Sabil! Changing! Incoming! Alpha sit-rep Air support inbound.
3 mikes.
Alpha one, what is your situation? Repeat.
What is your situation? Repeat.
What is your situation? Today is not your day to die, habibi? Yalla.
You said the Syrian security had been thoroughly checked.
To the best of our knowledge.
Idrisi had men on the inside.
We all knew the mission carried certain risks.
My men are dead, sir.
Because your people didn't do their fucking job! Careful who you blame, Sergeant McAllister.
You're responsible for your men.
You were the man in the field.
Get off me! Four months.
You are angry with me? You said you'd only be a day.
I got held up.
There was traffic.
But I knew you would find a way to get me out.
And, was there fire? Was there death? And, there will be more.
There will be so much more.
Nice room.
You should have asked for one with a view.
Colonel Adeena Donovan.
I've been wanting to meet you for a while.
Yeah, I hear I'm a popular guy.
Well, I like the wild ones.
Have they set a date for the court martial yet? Monday.
Seems a shame to end a promising career over one punch.
He deserved it.
Off the record I agree.
Intel was bad, security was lax your team deserved better.
I've been tasked with cleaning up the fallout.
Not much I can tell you.
They knew we were coming.
And they hit us hard.
I'm not here to interview you, Sergeant McAllister.
I'm here to recruit.
Have you heard of the Section initiative? Sure.
They were the people you'd send in to do the dirty jobs that could later be denied.
I prefer covert military intelligence and counter-terrorism.
Dangerous soldiers for dangerous missions.
I thought the Sections had been shuttered after what happened - with Twenty.
- They had.
But it's my feeling that Omair Idrisi isn't going to be stopped by conventional means.
I'm assembling a team to take him down.
There's a JSOC operator in Libya who was digging into Idrisi.
He's gone dark.
I need someone to find and rendezvous with him.
But more than that, I need a weapon.
I like that you're angry.
That you want payback.
I'm giving you that chance.
- Are you in? - What do you think? General Farid? Mr.
Richard Stevenson.
- Stevenson.
- Stevenson? No, no.
No, see, that's not me.
My name is Wyatt.
Sergeant Samuel Wyatt.
US Military Joint Special Operations.
You told my men you were an arms dealer.
That's because I thought they were working for Omair Idrisi.
You see the irony, right? I mean, I'm undercover they're undercover.
So, we contact your military.
See if this story of yours checks out.
No! Wait, wait, wait! You could but they're just gonna say they've never heard of me.
It was a deniable op.
Your own people won't vouch for you? Yeah.
That's kinda what deniable means.
Or maybe you are an arms dealer.
We will find out the truth.
One way or another.
- If-al-ha.
- Come on, come on, come on! The base belongs to a rogue faction of the Libyan National Army run by one General Ajeeb Farid.
Technically they're friendly although I use that term in the loosest sense.
So, I shouldn't knock on the door and ask if Sergeant Wyatt can come out to play.
Inadvisable, Wyatt's CO has confirmed he was on a deniable op posing as an arms dealer.
Farid runs a zero-tolerance policy on insurgent activity and anyone who aids it.
Which means Wyatt's time is running out, fast.
Back-up? Closest QRF is a few hours away.
I chose you for a reason, McAllister.
Get Wyatt out.
And try not to leave a body count.
With Gaddafi gone we were promised a new dawn.
But it is still dark, and we still wait.
Tribal militias, Jihadist groups, my country is a war zone fuelled by men like you.
I told you that's just a front.
I heard that Omair Idrisi was trying to buy heavy duty goods I was trying to draw him out.
Tell me about Khalid! I don't know Khalid! About the money.
What fucking money? My name is Sergeant Samuel Wyatt! We both want the same thing, you know, that right? We both want to stop Omair Idrisi before it's too late.
Do you fear death? Every living thing's programmed to fear death you know, that right? It's a survival mechanism.
Let's just suppose for a second that I am telling you the truth.
That I am US military.
Do you think they'll let this shit lay.
They'll come after you with every fucking thing they've got! You told me this was a deniable operation.
No-one knows you're here.
Then drown me.
Or we can work together to stop Idrisi.
Wyatt? Yeah, who's asking? McAllister.
What are you doing? What the hell are you doing? What do you think I'm doing? Looks, to me, like you're kinda screwing up my op'.
I'm here to get you out.
I've got everything under control, thank-you.
Doesn't look like that to me.
Farid was about to tell me everything.
No, no, no! Don't kill him, don't kill him.
They're good soldiers, they're fighting for their country.
They've been kinda fucked over.
Why don't we all just join hands and sing kumbaya eh? Hey I'd be up for that if someone hadn't come here and started blowing the shit out of everything.
Where the hells the rest of your team? No team.
Just me.
Let's go.
Go, go, go, vehicles.
Contact! Don't shoot them.
Get in! I need a weapon.
Give me your weapon.
You just told me not to shoot them! I'm not shooting them, I'm suppressing them.
You know what you're doing? - Yes, I know what I'm doing! - The other wire.
I've got the other fucking wire! Shut-up! Get in! Go, go, go, go! I got three on our tail.
- What are you doing? - Trying to hit the tires.
Well, bloody hit them then.
Then keep it steady, asshole.
Two down, one to go.
Can't you make this piece of shit go any faster? - Do you want to drive? - I'm kinda busy.
Hold on, I've got an idea.
That works.
What you doing? Grenade! You might just be OK.
You, asshole! What kind of person steals a car and doesn't check the gas first!? The kind of person who didn't have time to pick or choose.
No signal out here.
Let me get this straight, we've no comms.
No exfil.
We're being hunted by a rogue-wing of the Libyan National Army.
Is there anything else I missed? Oh yeah, we're stuck in the middle of a goddamn desert.
So, we should get moving.
Without cover we're gonna fry.
And if the General's men catch up with us, it's going to be even worse.
You know, it is possible that I actually drowned back there and that this is some kinda fucked up purgatory.
They say that Tibetan monks can regulate their body temperature through advanced meditation.
- Are you a Tibetan monk? - No.
Then why the fuck are you telling me this? You're quite an intense person.
So, what do you know about Omair Idrisi? I know 360 people died when he took down that airbus with his wife.
I know the Syrians grabbed him a few months back but now he's on the loose.
And I know for certain that he is one bad fucking hombre.
I meant your intel.
Yeah, I know what you meant, McAllister.
This is my op' and I'm not sharing.
You know, you remind me, a little bit, of a guy, on my squad before Doyle.
Oh, yeah? Yeah.
He was a bit of a dick, at times, as well.
Maybe I'll buy him a beer, one day.
He's dead.
Omair Idrisi killed him.
And the rest of my team, they didn't make it home either.
Alright, Alright.
I got word that Idrisi and his woman were putting together an arms deal.
Big one, millions of dollars.
Serious shit coming down the line.
- Do you know what it was? - That's what I was digging into.
What they were buying, who they were getting it from.
Turns out General Mc-fucking-Waterboard back there was doing the same thing.
But he gives me the name of a money man, Khalid.
Ring any bells? That depends, are we sharing or not.
I guess we're not.
Shit! It's Farid's men.
We need to get to cover.
Move! Wyatt, McAllister? Colonel Donovan sent me.
Get in.
Up in the back.
Don't worry the ladies will look after you.
Lance Corporal Gracie Novin.
Special Operations Command, Engineering.
Maybe you can fix this guy's phone.
It was still sending out intermittent signals, tracking you.
So, when I got a call from Colonel Donovan, asking me to pick up two losers who had got themselves stuck in the desert You guys are aware it gets to over one-hundred degrees fahrenheit, right? It wasn't part of the plan.
No shit it wasn't.
Oh, fuck! There's a bloody check-point, up ahead.
Just floor it! This is flooring it sweet-cheeks.
You might want to get down and stay down.
Now that's how you do a fuckin' extraction.
Cold shower huh? Can I help you? Colonel Donovan's called a meeting at 18 hundred.
I don't work for Donovan.
Neither did I 'til a couple of hours ago.
But good for you.
Handing over your op like that.
Got a big heart.
Now, wait on a second I'm not handing over shit.
So meeting at 18 hundred.
That's more your size.
Yeah, it's me, we need to meet, now.
You know this is the first cup of coffee I've had in this country that doesn't taste like someone took a piss in it.
Glad, you're back home safe, Sergeant.
Thank you, sir.
But, listen, there seems to be some confusion with the British - over the op'.
- No confusion.
You're still part of it.
I've temporarily attached you to their command.
I wasn't looking for a transfer, sir.
So, with all due respect, this is bullshit! Wyatt you're an excellent soldier.
But you're a goddamn headache.
You're undisciplined, you go off mission Don't give me the speech.
Don't give me the speech.
Let us not forget the shit-show in Ghazni.
So, what? You're freezing me out? You play nice with your new friends.
And if there's anything I should know about, you'll be my eyes and ears on the inside.
You do that, maybe I'll reconsider.
Let you come on home.
Incoming! Shit! I gotta get to a meeting.
No, stay! It's just a job.
I know, I know.
It just turns out I've changed my mind.
I've got to go to work.
I'm really sorry about this.
But, thank-you.
It's fine.
Sergeant Wyatt.
Glad to have you on board.
I heard you guys could use some help.
You already know Novin and McAllister.
For goodness sake.
Lance Corporal Will Jensen, from the Intelligence Corps.
Computer guy.
Got it.
So, this is the team.
And this is the target.
Omair Idrisi and his wife Jane Lowry.
Lowry? I thought she was killed in a drone strike.
Drone strikes aren't always accurate.
She's from my hometown.
Why doesn't that surprise me? Radicalised after a spell in British prison, she married Idrisi three years ago.
The voice in his ear.
And finally their attack dog.
Sabil Adiz.
Intel suggests Idrisi is purchasing weapons for a major attack.
Now, the General mentioned a name to you, Sergeant Wyatt.
Right about the time he was filling my lungs with dirty water.
This is who he was talking about.
Prince Khalid Al Hebtani.
We suspect he is funding the terrorists.
So, you want me to go shake him down? His fathers on the Saudi rich list.
Very wealthy, very protected.
- So, he's basically untouchable? - But not unreachable.
This was earlier today.
Right now, he's in Tripoli, charity work on behalf of his father.
And we know where he's going to be this evening.
I need you all to rendezvous with Captain Reynolds and provide - support - Wait, I'm sorry.
Captain Reynolds? I assumed I'd be in charge of the op.
Based on? Based on the fact that you wouldn't have shit without me giving you Khalid's name.
Yeah, this is British Military, mate.
If anything, you'd be following my lead.
It's very sweet that you both think you'd have a choice.
Jensen, measure them up.
That's CCTV from the main floor of Prince Khalid's favourite club in Tripoli.
The aptly named 'Karma' and McAllister and Wyatt on the bottom right there, Ma'am.
Kill the music and try and isolate the comms.
Understood Ma'am.
- Comms check.
- Good check.
Novin, on your six.
Still no sign of our Prince.
I would like a Pomegranite Martini.
I'm blending in.
Besides we can't do shit till we meet the Captain.
Whisky, neat.
There he is.
I'm not one to judge but he's got that kind of face you wouldn't get tired of punching.
Ooh, I'd be careful.
Shake his hand the wrong way, it could be an international incident.
Pomegranate martini? It has health benefits.
I like a soldier who looks after themselves.
- Captain Reynolds.
- McAllister.
I need to get close to our target.
Not going to be easy.
He's got shadows on him at all times.
It's going to be easy in this dress.
You two are on back-up.
Clear? And guys, it's a party, lighten up.
I'm sorry.
No, no.
I am the one who must apologise.
- Apology accepted.
- Hey, hey.
Are you going already? There was nothing worth hanging around for.
Come with me.
I have a private room upstairs.
It is more quiet, you know.
With the best champagne in the world, you won't get bored I promise.
I should buy this club.
I should just fucking do it.
I mean, have you seen the pussy in there? Insane! Dance with me.
You know what I was thinking, I was thinking it would just be the two of us.
What do you say about that? Why have one bitch when you can have three? Give me a minute and I will blow your fucking mind.
Stay there.
Captain Reynolds has started to clone the phone now, ma'am.
Should be able to pull any encrypted data from it.
Which should give us a lead on Idrisi.
How's it looking outside? Hey, computer guy.
We're not getting shit on the comms'.
The area's suffering interference.
Ma'am, it's Sabil Adiz.
Stay on him but let this play out.
Idrisi is the end-game.
OK, we need that lead to him.
Sabil Adiz incoming.
Keep it cool.
I'll get up there, just get in that bouncer's face.
Hey, bro', you got room for two more up there? VIP access only, gentlemen.
Oh, come on.
You don't recognise my little friend here? This guy? He invented disco.
That's right.
Every time someone does the Hustle I get five percent.
Come on, do the hustle, do the hustle.
Do the hustle.
Hey, come on, man.
Come on.
How much longer Jensen? Twenty seconds out now ma'am.
Transmission's been interrupted.
Get it back! Did we get any data? No, ma'am.
You dare to come here, to shame me with your begging? I will answer to Idrisi.
But I will not answer to you.
And yes.
You will bow! No.
Please, please, please, please.
Down, down, everybody down! Everybody down! Sibil Adiz has got the target! I need a weapon.
Everybody down.
Sibil Adiz has left the building, repeat, Sibil Adiz has left the building.
Moving! Go, go! - Captain Reynolds.
- Moving.
Law-enforcement incoming.
Get out, get out, get out.
Get out! Authorities are on their way, we need to move out.
We don't know where Adiz is going.
No, we don't.
But he's with Khalid.
We couldn't clone the intel, but I slipped a tracking device in our prince's pocket.
Let's go give them the good news.
- Clear.
- Jensen, she's all yours.
Copy that.
We have eyes.
Be aware bravo team, that's an Idrisi training camp.
Multiple tango's up ahead.
Bravo, Khalid's tracking signal is coming from a building to the East of your position.
Khalid, Kahalid.
You pledged your support.
But no support has come.
I relied on you.
OK, we have eyes on bravo team, moving to the east of the compound.
Maybe you were just playing games.
No, I was going to, please, I promise.
He is Omair Idrisi.
He is the future, the one who will unite us all.
But first we need you to keep your promise.
Yes, of course.
Oh, of course.
And each person must play their part.
The money transfer, please.
Novin, overwatch.
Three million dollars, yes? Five.
Of course.
Zero, we're in position.
- Targets visible.
- Take the shot.
Take the shot.
- Go! - Go, go, go! Idrisi's on the move.
McAllister, stay on Idrisi.
I'm going.
- Bravo team, get me Khalid.
- Moving! Zero we are entering East Building.
Maintaining over-watch on the drone.
I can't get eyes on inside Ma'am.
Moving in.
Prince Khalid, can you move? Go, go, go! Move! Moving! Zero this is Bravo.
We have Khalid.
Attempting to extract.
Who's the bitch now? Down, down, down, down.
Get down! Zero we're under heavy fire.
Repeat, heavy fire.
- Clear left! - Clear right! - Clear left! - Dead end! Dead end! Move, move! We are pinned down.
We have no exit.
Repeat we have no exit.
Multiple tango's repeat multiple tango's.
Under heavy fire.
I'm outta ammo.
I've got an idea.
Fuck yeah! I only have two rounds.
Make it count Captain.
Idrisi and Lowry got away Ma'am.
But we've got the Prince, he's alive and he's gonna talk.
Copy that.
Bring him to me.
You didn't have to come back for us, you know that, right.
Sure, you probably had it under control.
We'll get that son-of-abitch back.
You have my word.
Why don't you just kiss and get it over with? Moving.
You have the money? We do.
Because I hate to sound shallow, but I really do love money.
Planes are scrambling Missiles will be inbound So, get your team out of there.
US military are launching an air-strike Three two one.
Payload away Ma'am.