Strike Back s06e02 Episode Script

Retribution: Episode 2

1 There he is.
Omar Idrisi.
Incoming! Have you heard of the Section Initiative, dangerous soldiers for dangerous missions? This is the target Omair Idrisi and his wife Jane Lowry.
Prince Khalid, we suspect he is funding the terrorists.
- Mr Ives.
- You have the money? I really do love money.
You look taller on television.
I guess you'll wanna check the merchandise.
Portable air defence system, infrared homing.
Annular blast fragmentation warheads.
Time to settle up.
Yeah, we've been, um reconsidering the price.
You see these men? If I told you how much they get paid, you'd probably cry.
And believe me, they're worth every goddamn cent, so you pay me what we agreed or they'll reduce your little Jihad here to a stain in the sand.
(HE SNIFFS) You smell lovely, by the way.
A man should be rewarded for his labours, Mr Ives.
(PHONE BEEPS) Take care now.
Keep the truck.
OK! Let's get the hell out of this sand pit.
(SHOUTING IN ARABIC) Surface-to-air, infrared homing.
What are you thinking? Ever since the Prince was taken loose ends concern me.
You motherfuckin' I can't see where you're coming from But I know just what you're running from This ain't no place for no hero This ain't no place for no better man This ain't no place for no hero To call home 'I don't hate the West.
'I pity it.
'It's sick and diseased.
'But it insists on spreading its disease to other lands 'and other people.
- 'We will wipe the sickness out.
' - (KNOCK ON DOOR) Sorry, ma'am.
We've got a fix on the target.
It's urgent.
Morgan Ives, arms dealer.
According to Prince Khalid, he's the one selling the arms to Idrisi.
Five minutes ago, we intercepted a distress signal.
Ives' helicopter has been downed just outside Ajir.
The signal suggests there are survivors, although we don't know who or how many.
OK, that's that.
If we chopper in, how close can we get? This is Ajir, as in "total war zone, insurgent stronghold, one of the most dangerous places on Earth".
- Direct quote, New York Post.
- Times.
What? - The Times, not The Post.
- The point is, someone said it.
You sounded a bit scared.
You don't get into a bathtub with a 400-pound gorilla and come out laughing.
If we get Morgan Ives out alive, we find out what he was selling Idrisi and a location.
Good luck with that.
If he's gone down in Ajir and somehow even survived, he now has a life expectancy of not very fucking long! What you're saying is let's get a move on! I'd like to hear what Mr Ives has to say for himself.
A Coalition pilot will drop you nearby.
Go in, extract him and do it fast! (GUNFIRE) (SHOUTING) Come on! Come on! Oh! (GUNFIRE CONTINUES) David! I'm gonna need you to find a pay phone.
- Find a what? - Don't worry.
I'm kidding.
We're probably gonna die here.
Ugh! I guess it's just you and me now, Mikey.
What? Shit! (GUNFIRE CONTINUES) Any of you speak English? I'm willing to pay five thousand dollars to anyone who escorts me out of here.
That's cash.
Five thousand! Ten! (SHOUTING) Fucking phone! Moving.
Whoa, whoa! Easy, easy! - Morgan Ives? - Who the hell are you? McAllister.
Wyatt, relieve Mr Ives of his weapon.
I'm a true believer in the Second Amendment, son.
Let's have a beer some time.
Weapon! Bravo One to Zero.
We have the package, moving to exfil.
- Moving! - Move! - Move, move! - OK, I'm moving.
I've got a squirter heading south! (SPEAKING IN ARABIC) (CONVERSATION IN ARABIC) Idrisi! So you were just in the area and picked up on the distress signal? Oh, no.
This was a special trip.
We want to have a chat with you about Omair Idrisi.
No idea what you're talking about.
You're trying to tell us you've never heard of Omair Idrisi? Even my mother knows who he is.
I'm saying I don't do business with terrorists.
Your intel was bad, boys.
Suck it up.
It happens.
Psst! Signal fires.
Now everyone knows where we are.
- Novin! - Moving! Move! And it's confirmed? Roger that, sir.
Bad news, I'm afraid, ma'am.
Stay close.
- 'Zero for Brave One.
' - Brave One, go ahead.
Sandstorm incoming.
Helo's been grounded.
You'll have to find a new exfil.
Intel suggests insurgency is thinnest on the east side of town.
Listen up.
Change of plan.
Helo's grounded.
We're going to proceed on foot until we find a vehicle we can take.
- Roger.
- You want us to walk out of here? We'll never make it.
The local pastime is insurgency and guerrilla warfare.
Keep sharp for a vehicle we can take.
Moving! You should have left me at the fucking crash site.
At least my death would have been quick.
Novin, we've got a vehicle here.
Moving! (CLATTER, LOUD MIAOW) Good job, soldier.
Could have been an insurgent cat.
- You can never be too careful.
- Dick! Sorry, Captain.
This hunk of turd's going nowhere.
Shit! Move out.
- Let's go.
- What division are you guys with? The Royal Division of Please Shut The Fuck Up! At least give me my sidearm back.
- I'm naked here.
- You want your sidearm? - Yeah.
- How about you start talking about Omair Idrisi? Like what he was buying and where his base of operations is.
All wonderful questions, but I've never met the man.
You think this is a fishing trip? We have Prince Khalid.
We know about the money.
Well, maybe you get me to safety first, then we'll see.
- No, we'll see now.
- It's vital you're properly invested in my continued wellbeing.
You really are a piece of shit.
You know that? You have to keep this piece of shit alive, so eyes on, soldier.
Stay frosty.
Hey, hey! Easy, easy, easy.
You two come here.
Hey, hey! - He's clean.
- Where you want to go? I get you there, no trouble.
The mission priority is to get Mr GQ here and his intel to safety and safety is still a hell of a long walk away.
Kid, listen to me.
What's your name? Saddam.
You have got to be fucking kidding me! - It's a common name.
- It's a big, red flag.
Saddam, we need a car.
Cars? Sure.
I can take you to cars.
What kind do you want? - Anything that works.
- 20 dollars.
Anyone got 20 dollars? You, asshole! - Fuck you! - Hey! Business is good.
I'm all for utilising local knowledge, but what's to say he's not gonna lead us down sniper alley? Thank you.
Listen to me.
I'm not just giving you money.
I'm giving you my trust.
Do you understand? - You understand? - Of course.
This way, Captain America.
Let's go.
- Come on.
- Good boy.
You stupid, stupid, stupid - Quick question.
- Shut it, Ives! If that kid's full of shit, is Captain America gonna put a bullet in him? Kid, wait up! Stay behind me.
Hey, mister! You want a girl? (SARCASTICALLY) Yeah, sure.
That's all I need right now some war zone pussy.
50 dollars.
Very sexy lady.
Someone explain sarcasm to little Hussein here.
- What's the matter? - I've got a bad feeling.
Where do you think everybody went? I go check, make sure everything is OK.
- You wait here.
- I go first, OK? Kid, I said fucking wait! Shit! Shit! You stay.
- I can't.
- Fuck's sake! Contact! (GUNFIRE) Kid, get down! - Changing! - Hurry! Ugh! Shit! The kid's been hit! Moving! - Moving! - Moving! On me! - Move! - Move! Let's go, let's go! It's OK, I've got him.
Med kit! (SADDAM GROANS) You're gonna be OK.
You're gonna be OK.
Just breathe slowly, OK? Breathe.
Breathe slowly.
You're gonna be OK.
For the best, right? In four years' time, he'd be strapping on a bomb vest and strolling into the Red Cross.
(DISTANT SHOUTING) Oh! If you wanna find out where Idrisi is you keep your fucking hands off me! A lot of energy keeping you alive.
Maybe we should take a short cut.
Well, what do you know? Something still works around here.
You're not that kind of soldier.
You don't know the first thing about me.
You don't know what Idrisi did to my men.
Captain! We came for the intel, not the man.
Go ahead.
What the fuck are you doing? - Are you gonna talk? - Aaaargh! We need to move now! (SHOUTING) - They're coming through! - Wanna move? Shit! Move! Go! Vehicle! Clear! Moving! Right, let's go.
(ENGINE STARTS) - Aagh! - Shit! - Oh, shit! Get up.
On your feet! - Get him up! He's been hit.
Shit! Fuck! Get him up.
Wyatt! Novin, get us the hell out of here! Hang on! (ENGINE REVS) Right, so let me get this straight.
The last time you were here, the General tortured you and then you blew up half his base? Technically speaking, that was McAllister.
- Saving you.
- Brilliant.
But it's the only medical facility for miles, although last time, the General didn't believe I was military.
This piss-tank won't last much longer.
We need to take the risk.
And the General is Bedouin.
Under their culture, any stranger can rock up and ask for sanctuary and the tribe will help them out for three days.
No questions asked.
That was the plan, right? Yeah, that was the plan.
Keep the engine running.
General Farid, we have an injured civilian who needs urgent medical attention.
You may be military, but you stole from me.
You attacked my men.
To be fair, - your men attacked us first.
- You raised weapons against us.
That makes you the enemy.
OK, I understand that, but, General, I also understand that you're Bedouin.
That is a culture I have a huge amount of respect for.
So I'm not asking for your help as a soldier.
I'm asking you as a guest.
You son of a bitch! (CRIES OF PAIN) Aaagh! Aaagh! Representatives from the different groups standing side by side.
Not a single voice raised in anger.
For far too long now we have fought amongst ourselves while the real enemy is out there.
Time to unite, to take the fight to their homeland.
I give you these missiles.
In seven days' time, we will strike as one.
Down with their airlines! Down with their planes! And while they look up to the sky in fear my people will unleash the real horror below.
(RHYTHMIC BEEPING) Boys Where the hell are we? Libyan National Army base.
I'm gonna assume that's the famous British sense of humour at work.
You know what those people would do to me? So far, they've patched you up and saved your life.
We kept our side of the bargain and we got you out.
What did you sell Idrisi? Stinger missiles, 50 of 'em.
Don't look at me like that.
It's business.
Shit like this keeps the world going round.
One Stinger missile alone could take down a commercial airliner.
You sold 'em 50.
Where do we find Idrisi? I want immunity.
OK, we can make it happen.
I install trackers on the merchandise in case the clients try to rip me off.
They sweep it for bugs and shit, but they don't have my tech.
Get my cell phone and I'll show you.
(HE SIGHS) Well? Here it is.
Yefren, up in the Nafusa Mountains.
That's where the missiles are and where you'll find Omair Idrisi.
Now, if you don't mind, I'd rather not spend another minute tied to this fucking bed.
You're not going anywhere.
You said I had immunity.
Well, from us, absolutely.
I've sold weapons that that probably killed their soldiers, their families.
Don't worry.
For three days, you're their guest.
They won't hurt you.
It's day four you've got to worry about.
Please don't leave me here.
I have money.
I I have money! Yefren, Nafusa Mountain Range.
Yes, sir.
Yeah, copy that, sir.
Just checking in with my CO.
Right now, your CO's Donovan.
This was my op.
I didn't sign up to 20.
Hey! You think I planned to end up here? Mac, revenge is like a storm.
It's easy to lose your way and end up far from where you wanted to go.
Can you just stop with this fortune cookie bullshit? You think putting a bullet in Idrisi's chest will change things? Trust me, it won't.
You suck at motivational speeches.
You won't get to enjoy them any longer.
You get this done, I'm out.
Let's get this done then.
(SPEAKS IN ARABIC) General, we don't need an escort.
Escorts? We are a strike team.
Idrisi is a son of Libya, but he has taken our words and beliefs and poisoned them.
If a man sees a snake cross his yard, he removes its head.
We ride with you.
Works for me.
Zero, heading out.
Copy that.
Be careful.
You don't know what's lying ahead.
'Some of you may know the history of the Section.
' Rumours of operatives going rogue, the Whitehall assassination.
None of that matters now.
What matters is that 20 stood for something.
They were the soldiers who kept going when others fell, who saw the odds and didn't blink, who got the job done even when it meant paying the ultimate price.
'If we don't stop Idrisi, the world will regret it.
'So it's down to you now.
'You are the Section.
'You are 20.
' (SPEAKS IN ARABIC) OK, satellite's up.
Bravo Team, we have multiple vehicles leaving a compound heading due south.
- Do you want us to intercept? - 'Negative.
' Farid's men can stop them.
Idrisi remains our target.
'And if you find Jane Lowry, bring her in yourself.
' She's a British citizen.
She can pay for her crimes in a British court.
Copy that.
Ugh! (HE GREETS HER) The missiles are moving out.
But more importantly the forger has been found.
We will have the Chechen by the end of the week.
- And is he in Europe? - Yes.
Then I must get to him.
I'm not so sure.
We've already discussed this.
I can move through Europe much more easily than you.
Then I will see you in two days.
Two days, that's all.
- No, wait.
- No, go.
We need the Chechen, whatever happens.
- I need to tell you something now.
- It must wait.
Yalla! (GUNFIRE) Zero, Bravo One.
We're gonna lose comms.
We're going deep.
Shit! Comms are out, ma'am.
Jensen? 16-year-old single malt, ma'am.
(GUNSHOTS) I've got a tango! Hands in the air.
Turn around, turn around! Help me! Turn around! Turn your face around! Help me! Shit, it's Lowry.
We've got Jane Lowry! - (GUNFIRE) - Get up! Please get me out of here! Please! You don't know what they've done! Shut up! Hands! Boss wants her extracted.
- You go.
We'll stay on Idrisi.
- Mac, take him alive.
- Copy that.
- Novin, on point! Moving! - Watch your arse! - Always, baby.
Move! 'Understood.
We have a task force in Compound 34.
' Ma'am, Colonel Parker from JSOC.
Colonel Parker, we'll need to make this quick.
We will because there's no way in hell the US military is gonna let Omair Idrisi and 50 Stinger missiles out into the world.
General Farid has secured two vehicles carrying missiles.
My team will take care of the rest and Idrisi.
'An MOP missile strike would turn that compound to dust, put an end to this.
' I have people in there.
I won't allow that.
Adeena, I'm not asking your permission.
This is a courtesy call.
Your Foreign Secretary has given me the go-ahead.
'Planes are scrambling, missiles will be inbound, so get your team out of there.
We'll clean up.
' Bravo to Zero, back on comms.
- Novin, secure vehicle.
- Copy that.
'Zero to Bravo One, send sit-rep.
' Bravo One, we have Jane Lowry.
Bring her in and get the team out.
US military are launching an air strike.
30,000-pound bunker-buster.
It'll wipe the compound out.
You know there's an ongoing op? Payload's due in ten.
Tell the team and Farid's men.
The place is going up.
Copy that.
Come here.
Move! Watch her! (DISTANT VOICES) - Do you speak English? - Yes.
Ma'am, B-2 is nine minutes out.
Aaagh! Changing! (ENGINE STARTS) Cover him! Hurry up! Hey! - There is a missile.
- Yeah, there's 50 of 'em.
No, coming this way.
The Americans.
You have to get out now! Get your men out of here now! This is on you.
Hey, I didn't know my CO would call a fucking MOP strike! Go! Move it! Still nothing from Mac and Wyatt, ma'am.
It's five minutes out, ma'am.
Five minutes.
Omair! Aagh! Aagh! Idrisi! Don't move! I'm going after him.
Shit! Shit, fuck! Give me your hand.
Give me your hand.
It's cool.
Your people should not have come here.
You should have left us alone.
I know.
Fuck it! (DISTANT SHOUTS) Three minutes, ma'am.
(SHE STARTS TO CHOKE) What the fuck's wrong with her? Shit! Shit! Shit! Agh! Fuck! Bitch! Two minutes out, ma'am.
(SHOUTING IN ARABIC) (SHOUTS) (COUGHS) Novin! Novin, get up! Novin, Novin Out! Ma'am, B-2 is 60 seconds from target.
Repeat, 60 seconds.
Novin, get up or you're gonna burn alive! Mac, we've got to move.
The missile's coming.
- I'm not leaving him.
- We don't have time.
30 seconds out, ma'am.
I'm bringing him in.
He's gonna pay for what he did.
Get up! There, he's paid! 25, 24 We can argue about this later.
Move! Come on! Payload is 20 seconds out, ma'am.
Ten Five, four, three, two, one Payload away, ma'am.
OK, go, go, go! Are you boys OK? Good job, boys.
We'll move in and confirm the target is dead.
Oorah, gentlemen! (COUGHING) You and your fucking CO almost got us killed! Hey, hey! I just saved your life.
If it wasn't for me, you'd have still been in there when the fucking missiles hit! He was always gonna know, Mac.
Donovan's people would've had to tell US Central Command before we even fired a shot.
I just wanted to get in there first.
If the word you're looking for - is "sorry" - Hey! We got the son of a bitch.
We got him! And tomorrow, I'll buy all the drinks, OK? - Revenge is a what? - A storm, apparently.
And then you get wet? Come on, it's a metaphor.
It's a metaphor for - For something.
- And then he's like, "A bullet won't change anything, man.
" Then he shoots the bastard.
(LAUGHTER) Classic glory hunter move, eh? You just wanted the credit, didn't you? Yeah, "the man who killed Omair Idrisi".
No, I'm not saying I'm a hero.
I'm not saying that.
- Good.
- Other people might say that.
I can't stop 'em.
That's all I'm saying.
Ma'am? - Drink, Colonel? - I prefer something from the top shelf.
Wyatt, I've asked Parker to extend your transfer.
We took down Idrisi.
The mission's over, right? But the op is not.
Jane Lowry's still out there.
But there are no split loyalties.
Either you're with 20 or you're not.
Well, then, I guess I'm in.
All the way down, right? All the way down.
Because we just got a hit on her.
The woman she's with is Rosa Varga.
She runs a far-right organisation, Magyar Ultra.
What does a radical Jihadist want with the far right? That's the question, Sergeant.
Not 24 hours since her husband died and already things are happening.
'We need to find the answer before it's too late.
' Remember, Magyar Ultra need to find Ilya Sarin for us.
We cannot let Lowry have her man.
Whoever he is, he's bad news.
I can't see where you're coming from But I know just what you're running from This ain't no place for no hero This ain't no place for no better man This ain't no place for no hero To call home