Strike Back s06e03 Episode Script

Retribution: Episode 3

1 This is the target Omair Idrisi and his wife, Jane Lowry.
Take the fight to their homeland.
- Turn around! Shit, it's Lowry.
- Help me! - We've got Jane Lowry.
- Bring her in and get the team out.
I'm bringing him in, he's going to pay for what he did.
There, he's paid.
We took down Idrisi, mission's over right? But the op is not.
24 hours since her husband died and already things are happening.
Jane Lowry's still out there.
Jane Lowry was last seen two days ago at Nyugati Station in Budapest.
Lowry was meeting with Rosa Varga.
Rosa runs a white nationalist organisation, Magyar Ultra, alongside her younger brother, Josef.
(CHANTING) To put it simply, Rosa is the brains and Josef the brawn.
Josef has been in and out of prison for the last ten years.
Assault racial and religious aggravation.
All the good things.
Magyar Ultra have gone from being a backroom operation to something much, much bigger.
Rosa has successfully rebranded them.
(CROWD SHOUTING) Sponsored MMA fights.
Branded clothing, social media.
Behind the scenes though, they deal in drugs and weapons, commit credit fraud, cyber crime, raising money for the cause, promoting their racial agenda.
So we're infiltrating a white power group? (CHANTING) The fights double as recruitment drives.
So get in there.
Show them what you've got.
Get close to Josef Varga.
You can spill any blood in the ring, but I won't use an sleepover.
Reynolds, Novin, I need you to shadow Rosa.
Go where she goes, sees what she sees Find out what Jane Lowry wants with these people.
Before it's too late.
(THEME MUSIC PLAYING) Now I can't see where you comin' from But I know just what you runnin' from This ain't no place for no hero This ain't no place for no better man This ain't no place for no hero To call home.
(CHEERING) (LOUD HEAVY ROCK MUSIC) Only room for one more on the card.
- Me, then, I'll do it.
I'll do it.
- Changing rooms behind.
Purse is non negotiable.
You'll be taking on Florian.
You've got a real annoying habit of stealing my ops.
- The boss said we had to win.
- Oh, that's cute.
I'll remember that when I'm shovelling your ass off the canvas.
Come on, Florian? Piece of piss.
- Want me to take over? - I'm lulling him in.
I didn't catch that from all the blood in your mouth.
Florian! Take him down.
- Josef, our client is losing patience.
- It's under control.
I'm meeting with Tobar later.
He'll give me the name we need.
- Trust me.
- Of course.
Move! Just remember, this is important to us.
(SPEAKING IN FOREIGN LANGUAGE) Florian, take him down! Here we go.
Following target out.
Copy that.
How's McAllister doing? (HE GRUNTS) He's blending in.
(CROWD GROANS) Yeah! Yes, come on, that's it! Ultra! Ultra! Watch your six.
Just saying, you could have put him down quicker, that's all.
Oh, brilliant.
An arm chair fighter.
If you're going to steal someone's op, you shouldn't make it look so hard.
I'm starting to see why you've not got many friends.
Oh, I've got plenty of friends, McAllister, just most of them are dead.
Not bad.
- Let's see some ID.
- Let's see the purse.
Hey, hey, hey! We don't pay until we see ID, that's the way we do things here.
Why don't you just ask nicely.
Please would you be so kind to show us some identification.
Get yourselves a drink at the bar.
73 cellphones detected, grabbing data from them now.
Should I be pointing out the legal ramifications of snatching civilian cellphone data on an unauthorised op? Only if you believe patronising me is a smart career move.
(RINGING) One more day.
That's all we need to find your man.
Now, you said your people were fast and you would have located him by now.
Your husband understood it was a difficult task.
'My husband is gone and you're dealing with me.
'We are paying you a lot of money, Rosa.
' Find the location of Jane Lowry's cellphone.
ROSA: My contact will lead us to your man.
We'll have a location soon.
And you're fully confident that your people will come through? My people do what I say.
Unlike your kind, they actually listen to women.
- Ma'am, signal's local.
- Jane Lowry is in the area.
Signal's coming from an area 50 square metres east.
Go, go! You'll get your man.
- Signal's gone, call's disconnected.
- Search the area.
Don't lose her again.
Take the church, I'll do the street.
(DOOR CREAKS) (DOOR SLAMS SHUT) - (GUNSHOT) - Oh, fuck! Target's in the church.
I'm pinned down.
- (DOOR CLOSES) - Moving.
Following outside.
Shit! Lowry? Lowry's gone, we're sweeping the streets.
Copy that.
Do you think Jensen's IDs will pass the taste test? I figure we're about to find out.
Seriously? You're a used car salesman? No.
No, I'm a salesman who happens to specialise in used cars.
I tell you, I'm ten times the fighter this guy is.
You want to see me put him in the dirt? I'll do it right now.
I've just done five rounds.
It's not my fault you don't have stamina.
Mark J Baine.
I'm ex a lot of things.
Sure, but dishonourable discharge? Racially aggravated assault.
So? Politics and bullshit.
Fifth infantry brigade.
No shit.
See much action? Some.
We got sent to Afghanistan, part of the Nato coalition forces.
We had no business being in that country just as Iraq is of no fucking business being in mine.
You're not enlisted any more then? My captain didn't appreciate my input.
So I broke his fucking nose.
You two are going to get on just fine.
Josef! Just a minute, boys.
Looks like business.
- Eyes on.
- Eyes on.
So, you lost her, then, huh? No, we didn't lose her.
She had an escape route all planned.
Have you ever been in the field, Will? Yeah.
I've been in A field.
- Ooh.
- I'm not just a computer guy.
What are you doing? What is that? Well, I'm looking for patterns in the intel picked up in the DIT box.
- I'm currently being a computer guy.
- That's right.
It's not just looking at screens.
Lowry's had training.
Idrisi's cell would have instructed her.
Weapons, combat.
Yeah, but this feels like more than your average jihadist training.
We saw what she was capable of in Libya and now here.
Are you giving me excuses? - No.
- Then focus.
The concern is identifying Lowry's target.
And why she needs him so badly she's hired a bunch of Neo-Nazis to track him down.
- Where's Tobar? - He wants you to come to see him.
That's not how this works.
Tell that gypsy bastard to come here as we No, no, get off me! You gypsy - I'll kill you! - (SPEAKING IN FOREIGN LANGUAGE) Where are you taking me, huh? You son of a Come on.
Ma'am, Josef's been snatched.
We're in pursuit.
Wyatt, this must be connected to the man Jane Lowry is looking for.
Let it play out.
- Make sure you get a name.
- All right.
Go, go! Oh, looks fabulous.
Mr Varga.
Thank you for coming to see me.
But there are matters to be discussed regarding our business together.
We really could have used some weapons.
Apparently you'll be fine.
Jensen gave you that cool John Rambo cover story.
I'm just a loser who couldn't shift enough Toyotas to save his ass.
- Just let it drop, will you.
- Next time you play Willy Loman.
- Hey.
- Huh? How come you get the side arm? You said it, John Rambo.
I'm going to get closer to the action.
You are asking me to give out details of a client who has trusted me to give them a new identity.
We're not asking, we're paying.
I have a professional reputation to uphold and you are clearly working for a third party.
Downloading visual now, ma'am.
Here you go.
Christian Tobar, Romani forger.
If you want a new identity, he's your go-to guy.
The price has doubled.
If it is that important you will pay.
No wonder they say you gypsy fucks are thieves.
- Josef, what are you doing? - This is my country.
You come here, fuck with me My men will kill you, you realise that, yes? I kill you.
You're good.
But not that good.
(JOSEF WINCES) You dare point a gun at me? You little Nazi shit.
(SPEAKS OWN LANGUAGE) (GUNSHOTS) Let go of me! Stop the bastard! Fuck! Kill them! (GUN CLICKS) How come you're here? We saw the bastards stick you in a car and figured you could use some backup.
We're soldiers, mate, you and me.
You Easy, easy! Think it through, man.
Take a breath.
Take a breath.
Come on, come on.
Think about it.
Come on.
Nah, nah, nah, nah.
You think I'm bluffing now, huh?! Josef.
God damn it.
God damn it.
No, no, no.
You're wasting your time.
It works with blood flow.
No, no, no, I need this information, I told Rosa I'd get it.
Maybe you should have thought about that before you shot him.
You think this is funny? There is a fucking war coming.
Used to be catchers who caught the vermins.
Now the vermin just float over our borders into our homes.
Hey, hey, hey, hey! Give me a hand here.
- Fuck.
- (KNIFE CLATTERS) What you doing? I need to massage his heart but his ribcage is in the way.
Pass me the hammer.
Please, pass me the hammer.
Hold that.
You might want to look away for this.
- But this man is dead.
- Yeah, I know that.
G Got it.
(HE MOUTHS) No, man.
Man, you can massage his heart or you won't.
He's not getting up and going home for his fucking dinner! Put his finger on the reader, we just need to pump the blood enough to fool the lock.
Oh, nothing, man, nothing! Fuck.
Keep it on, keep it on.
(TABLET BEEPS) Ah-ha! Good job, brother! Oh, yes! (PHONE BEEPS) Rosa.
I have his name.
Ilias Zarin.
Ilias Zarin.
We can use our people to locate him.
(PHONE RINGS) 'He found out what name your target is hiding under.
' They'll have located and grabbed him by nightfall.
'He'll be with you tomorrow.
In the meantime, we may have attracted the attention of the authorities.
'You may have been compromised, infiltrated.
'Clean 'your 'house.
' I have contacts across the city searching for this Ilias Zarin.
We find him.
By tonight.
We need to deliver tomorrow.
Can you not just say that I have done good, that you are proud? I will be proud when the job is finished and a quarter of $1 million is in our bank.
Who are these people, they pay so much for one man? Josef, you know how this works I handle the client, you handle the rest.
Don't speak to me like that.
I am not the others.
I am your brother.
If it were not for me, we would not be here.
I'm sorry, I This money will change future forever.
We can build the life we've always dreamt of.
I'm just worried.
We may have a rat in the house.
Nice fight.
Ready for a rematch whenever you are, my friend.
Let's do it now, dickhead.
We can break the r (SHOUTING) It's a shame we don't have these bars in there.
- Yeah? Come on! - Come back here.
Fucking idiot.
Wanna tell me what the point of that was? Other than drawing unnecessary attention to ourselves? Stay on mission.
Some things are more important than the mission.
Like what? Doesn't matter.
If you're going to put me in unnecessary danger, then I want a damn good reason.
My dad's mixed race.
These fucking idiots wander around acting like I'm one of them, - that I think like them.
- All right.
Easy, easy.
Josef is calling me, "Brother.
" They can't even get their own racial purity bullshit right.
I don't want to be admired by these fucking idiots.
Every one of them wants a beating.
All day.
Every day.
I'm like one 18th Cherokee.
You're like 99% dickhead.
Look on the bright side.
Zero finds his mystery man Zarin, we get the hell out of here.
Till then, stay on mission, stay in character.
Stay in character, got it.
There is nothing coming up for Ilias Zarin.
But there are whole sections of Hungarian government records that we can't access.
Did you try alternate spellings? Jeez, Will, never thought of that one.
So Lowry pays Magyar Ultra to find the target.
The target is hiding under a new identity.
Maybe he's running from something he did or from something he can do.
Ma'am, I'm seeing a pattern in calls to Rosa Varga's cellphone in the past three days.
She had nine calls from nine different burner phones.
Any other calls come from the same location? Yes.
Four in the last few hours.
The locale appears to be an abandoned apartment block - in the eighth district.
- Reynolds, on me.
You think that's where Lowry's hiding out.
One way to find out.
So, if Lowry is up there, are we taking her alive? In an ideal world.
But we don't live in an ideal world.
(BEEPING) Shit! Run! (COUGHING) All of those pictures of Section 20.
Jane is onto us, knows exactly who we are and what we do.
- (ALARMS BLARING) - (SIREN WAILING IN DISTANCE) You should meet my sister.
Do either of you know what the Terrorelharitasi Kozpont is? It's a hell of a score in Scrabble.
Special police force.
About a year ago, someone joined us.
Dominik Viklatsi.
He was enthusiastic, dedicated, seemed too good to be true.
He was an undercover agent.
Sent to infiltrate and undermine.
I ignored my instincts on him for too long.
I won't make that mistake again.
So, what are you saying? I'm saying something here feels wrong.
You've seen my record, you've seen my ID.
So, you vouch for each other? - Absolutely.
- I didn't say that.
I only met this guy a few weeks ago in a bar in the seventh district.
He bought drinks, we started talking about the fights, he suggested I try out here and that he'd tag along.
And that's pretty much what you've been doing since.
Are you serious? All right, this is bullshit.
Josef, I just pulled you out of that fire.
- Remember that? - You like to talk a lot.
That's no fucking good, man.
You do ask a lot of questions.
- What? - You're not worth risking my life over.
Prove it.
Show us how little he means to you.
Screw this, sweetheart.
Just because I think he is an arsehole doesn't mean I want to stick him.
Someone is screwing with us, Mark.
Aaargh! Aargh Argh Good job, Mark.
Take him out.
Best go back to selling cars, huh? You hesitated back there.
I took half a second before stabbing a drinking buddy in the gut.
'Cause he filled me up.
You don't fit in here.
I could say the same thing about you.
Look I was military and I took a lot of shots, but not a lot of money.
So, if someone is trying to knock me down I at least want to make a bit of profit.
So, it's all about money? Yeah, what else is there? - Family, of course.
- Oh, come on.
You're not running around after Romani forgers for the cause.
That's money, through and through.
There is a war coming.
Yeah, I've heard that speech from Josef.
You made a big impression on him.
He's a good guy.
Most people think he's an animal.
What do you think? Hello? Shut up.
What are you doing? Checking for wires.
You think I would be stupid enough to wear a wire? That is how we caught out Dominik.
Except he made one mistake.
He thought he was in love with me.
Wanted to take me away from all of this.
I get the feeling when you go you'll be on your own terms, right? I've already proved myself.
He's working in the hospital in the first district.
Prepare the men.
Wait outside.
You think he's your friend and the moment your back is turned he's fucking your sister.
Everybody wants to fuck you, Rosa! We are this close, I won't take any chances.
What do you want? Do you want to go back to where we started? Back to that fucking apartment? Back to that fucking life?! A quarter of a million dollars, Josef.
That is what is on the line.
We will go for Zarin now.
I will watch for Mac.
Trust me.
Nearly done, sir.
Well, it's a great shot.
Seriously? Sergeant McAllister missed all the major organs.
Pin a medal on Mac.
Either he meant to do the least amount of damage possible or you just got lucky.
It's up to you, Sergeant.
Hey, how about you just shut up and give me something for the pain? - Ma'am.
- Lowry knows we're closing in on her.
We run the risk of her going ghost and disappearing.
Well, I would assume that McAllister is intent on stopping that from happening.
So I hear.
It is a great shot.
You did the right thing.
Ultra have contacts right across the city police, government departments possibly why Jane is using them to find her target and when they do, we need McAllister on hand to grab the target first.
Except like you said, Lowry is on to us and Rosa is suspicious as hell.
Ma'am, it is a matter of time before they work out that Mac is dirty and when they do, this will be nothing compared to what they do to him.
Magyar Ultra and Mac mobile.
Looks like we're crossing the river to the first district.
Remember Magyar Ultra need to find Ilias Zarin for us.
We cannot let Lowry have her man.
Whoever he is, he's bad news.
- Mac just went in.
- If they move, you need to be on them.
- Wyatt and I will get eyes inside.
- Copy.
- Real covert, cowboy.
- Tsk.
Get down! Get down! (INDISTINCT) Ten Ultras have just pulled up.
Heading in.
(INDISTINCT) Ready for trouble.
Moving down east stairs towards gunshots.
Moving! Target's in vehicle making a break for it.
Mac, Rosa, Josef following.
Stay on them.
If you get a chance to grab the target, take it.
Who is he? Why is he so important? You're going to shoot me? Take another step forward and you'll find out.
(GUN CLICKS) I removed the firing pin.
You see, there's trust and then there's trust, yeah? I told you there was something off about him.
I thought we had something special.
Leave him.
I am not done! Now, Josef! Get in.
Go, go, go! Get him in.
Get him in.
- (TYRES SCREECHING) - Shit! They've got the target and McAllister.
Cover's blown.
They've got Mac.
They've got him.
(NOVIN PANTING) Grab McAllister, Lowry's target and bring them both back home safe.
I know him.
He's the last person in the world we want Jane Lowry to get a hold of.
Novin, if it looks like you're going to lose the target, terminate him.
Do not take any chances.