Strike Back s06e04 Episode Script

Retribution: Episode 4

1 We're infiltrating a white power group.
DONOVAN: Rosa runs Magyar Ultra, alongside her younger brother, Josef.
Find out what Jane Lowry wants with these people, before it's too late.
He found out the name your target is hiding under.
He'll have grabbed him by nightfall.
MAC: Who is he? Why is he so important? You may have been infiltrated.
Clean - Something here feels wrong.
- your Prove how little he means to you.
They've got the target and McAllister.
Cover's blown.
They've got Mac.
- No, we need to find out who he is.
What does it matter now? (MAN SHOUTING IN FOREIGN LANGUAGE) (MEN SPEAKING IN FOREIGN LANGUAGE) - Josef! - Roland! I heard things got a little loud at the hospital.
You OK? - 12 men, including Florian.
- Jesus.
- Do you know who the hostiles are with? - No, but I will soon.
(CHUCKLES) Welcome to paradise, friend.
(MEN SHOUT) CHANTING: Ultra! Ultra! Ultra! - It's not going to be enough.
- It's all we've got.
Any idea what kind of numbers we're up against? Hard to say.
Could be anything up to 100.
Jensen pulled up the intel on the plot of land owned by a Roland Eder.
Apparently it's some sort of Magyar Ultra training ground.
- They're going to be ready for us.
- Not if we stay off the trails.
I grew up around people like this.
Waiting for the day the big, bad government comes to take them away.
Armed soldiers, black helicopters.
New world order.
All that shit.
Well, on the bright side, looks like they were right.
Comms check.
Good check.
It's quite the hike, so you need to get moving.
Grab McAllister, Lowry's target, and bring them both back home safe.
- Good luck.
- Copy.
Sounds so simple when she says it.
I can't see where you coming from But I know just what you're running from This ain't no place for no hero This ain't no place for no better man This ain't no place for no hero To call home.
- What's your name? - Ilyas Zarin.
Your real name.
Who do you work for? The important thing is I can help you.
I would worry more about yourself.
I'm just a product to be taken and sold, but you You are something worse to them.
(DOOR UNLOCKS) Let's go.
Nice tattoo.
Draw that yourself? Mark of distinction.
It means a man has done his time.
Kept his mouth shut.
Or he's broken his cherry.
Put someone in the ground.
If you say so.
Are you running things around here, then? Or are you Josef's little lapdog? We are all brothers up here.
Bound by blood.
(GRUNTING) Easy, there.
Zarin needs to be delivered by noon.
We should be preparing him for the drop.
- Maybe.
- Maybe? If the client wants him that badly they'll be willing to pay more.
Josef, this is not a game.
You don't know them, they won't accept this deal.
People died for this.
We need more money for weapons, vehicles, to expand the land to be ready.
A life worth living is worth fighting for.
Get ready for your close-up.
I am the one you have been looking for.
However, the terms have changed.
The price has doubled.
It's a slight delay, that's all.
Rosa, don't make me come and get him.
We found the man you wanted within a week.
Others had been searching for him for a lot longer.
- This won't be a problem.
- Your brother could be, though.
If he finds out you've been dealing with me.
- Don't worry, I can handle him.
- You said that he'd taken a hostage.
The infiltrator.
Well, I've looked into it, and it's worse than you think.
It's British military.
What? There will be more on the way.
Now, I told you before to clean your house.
So you listen to me.
(LIGHTER SNAPS OPEN) So, who is it you are working for? Where does all this end, Josef? You've got guys stockpiling guns and ammo out there.
It ends with our country being our own again.
White genocide isn't some myth.
And there is nothing more righteous than the preservation of one's own race.
You think all them out there are racially pure? That's bullshit.
Even I can tell you that, and I don't give a shit about your cause.
- They believe in what they are doing.
- And what about Rosa? - Does she believe in it, too? - We started all this together.
So how come she's got you working for the enemy? Jane Lowry.
As in, the widow of Omair Idrisi.
Why do you think she's kept you away from the client all this time? Not bad.
Very inventive.
I was wondering what lies you'd fall back on.
This is Sergeant Thomas McAllister.
British Military.
Active service.
Special Forces.
- You just broke my heart, man.
- Get used to it.
Because your sister's got you doing dirty jobs for the jihadists.
Do you really think I'm going to believe anything you have to say? You were right.
The war is coming.
You need to deal with this.
Show him what we do to traitors.
Take him out! And make sure all patrols are in position and on full alert.
You have been distant recently.
Because I've been worried about you.
You were always angry.
When we deliver Zarin, I'll come with you.
Meet the client.
- If you've nothing to hide - Of course.
Don't forget all I have done for you.
MEN CHANTING: Ultra! Ultra! Ultra! British military.
Sent to infiltrate and bring us down.
A profit of the new world order.
Get him up here.
CHANTING CONTINUES: Ultra! Ultra! Ultra! Josef wants you.
I'll take over.
You never come out this way any more, Rosa.
- You think you're too good for us? - Roland I've always been too good for you.
The camp should be 100 metres ahead.
Wyatt and I will take these two and head for the centre.
Novin, once I locate Mac, I'll need a distraction.
Something big.
We three need to feel like 50.
- On it.
- Wyatt, wait for Novin, then we keep moving and keep firing.
- Copy that.
- Make them think we're an army.
Remember that name, Josef.
Jane Lowry.
She's playing you.
Hang him! (CHEERING) Shit.
Novin! (CHOKING) Can't wait.
Taking the rope.
Novin, I'm going to need that distraction now.
Any second now.
Coming your way.
Throw smoke! JOSEF: McAllister! (GUNSHOT) You OK? - I've been better.
- You know where the target is? I've got a pretty good idea.
I think Rosa was heading for him.
Sure you're OK? Or want to hang for a sec? Oh, very good.
Very good.
Got Mac.
Going for the target.
Moving to rendezvous.
If we're late, don't wait.
Copy that.
- Where's Rosa? - Black Lodge.
You sent her to look after the prisoner.
(ENGINE TURNS OVER) I think you've flooded it, flower.
- Hands up.
Hands! - Hello, handsome.
(GUNFIRE) Rosa! Get down, get down! Down! Go, go, go! I've got the target.
'Mobile, heading north-west.
Tango is in pursuit.
' After them! Go! Go! Rosa! Rosa! On the roof! Stay down! (ENGINE STALLS) One of the men says he saw Rosa trying to leave with Zarin.
Get in! He is worth a lot to us, she will have been protecting him.
Then she did not succeed.
Activate the jammer, shut down all comms.
We'll trap them in the woods.
- It's buggered to shit.
- Come on, out.
The man is on the roof, you pull the trigger, the man dies, and you do not blink.
- Just doing my job, mate.
- Maybe you found your calling.
Maybe you should cut the bullshit and tell us your real name.
Or why someone wants to go to all this trouble to get their hands on you.
I'll get Jensen to ID him.
That's no good.
Not getting any reception.
- Comms? - Radio check, over.
Still nothing.
All comms in the area seem to be down.
Trying to get a fix on why that might be, but - General Laszlo.
- Colonel.
You were given permission to conduct intelligence gathering.
Instead you are responsible for several firefights around the city, including one at a hospital, resulting in a civilian death.
So, what is your aim here? We are trying to prevent a major terror plot.
Then you will share the details with me.
Sorry, I won't be doing that.
Then I have no choice but to shut you down.
(HE GIVES ORDERS IN HUNGARIAN) General, you are making a big mistake.
I have the backing of Whitehall.
Remove your forces from this country within the next two hours or face the consequences.
(HE GIVES ORDERS IN HUNGARIAN) I will sort this out.
No comms makes sense.
Signal jamming is pretty high on your average survivalist wish list.
Along with a shit-tonne of ammo.
You said you grew up around people like this.
Just before my seventh birthday my mom moved us up to a commune in the Pacific Northwest.
They were decent enough folk.
If you ignore the fact they were batshit crazy - and waiting for Armageddon to come.
- (SHE CHUCKLES) You already know this, right? You've read my file.
Skimmed it.
Stints in rehab, psych evaluations, not to mention numerous redactions.
An interesting read.
- I thought you'd be impressed.
- I think you're an excellent soldier.
I'm just concerned you might be an amateur human being.
That's Donovan's MO, though, right? Surrounding herself with people who are running out of road and looking for a break.
Which brings me to the question, Captain, what exactly is your deal? I'm the exception to the rule.
Stop there! Hands up! Hands where I can see them.
Turn around, real slow.
- Clean.
- You heading somewhere? I want to make a deal.
Get me out of here and I'll give you everything I've got on Jane Lowry.
You expect us to believe you're suddenly going to turn on your own people? Maybe I already have, maybe that's why I need a way out.
You've seen Josef, what he's like.
(BRANCH SNAPS) Fuck! Whoa, whoa, whoa! Everybody easy on the triggers.
MAN: Rosa, are you all right? Josef's been looking for you.
We'll get you back to him.
(GUNFIRE AND SHOUTING) (ROSA COUGHTS AND PANTS) There is no going back! It looks like I'm coming with you.
I got some systems up and running.
Currently working on re-establishing contact with the team.
How are things at the ministry, Ma'am? Whitehall aren't giving us any support.
As far as they're concerned, because we haven't got any firm intel on who Zarin really is, we're just out here on a fishing holiday.
I'll meet you on Harlow Street.
I'm just cutting through.
Any luck with the security footage from the hospital? (GUN COCKS) Ma'am? 'Ma'am?' - 'Ma'am, can you hear me?' - Jensen! Train station.
That's how you tracked me here.
Cameras pick me up there, right? Yeah.
That was careless.
You'd just suffered a loss, it's understandable.
No, the basics matter.
You are out on your own.
It's not easy.
Wait, are you trying to sympathise with me, Colonel? (THUD) I'm trying to understand.
Your own people, the jihadists, they won't work under a woman.
Once they understand what's coming, they'll change their minds.
I wish you could see what comes next.
I think I think I'm trying to impress you.
Don't worry.
I'll get over it.
- Wait.
- No more talk.
Colonel! - Colonel, are you all right? - Keep going after her! They went on foot.
Philip here says he saw Rosa with the British soldiers.
Says she fired on our own people.
- Why would you say such a thing? - I swear it's true.
She's with them.
- Who else have you told? - Nobody, I promise.
You did the right thing, coming to me.
Josef (PHILIP SCREAMS) OK, I had to.
It's important we remain unified.
I will deal with this.
(MEN TALKING) We are cut off from our ride.
Platoons everywhere.
We need to keep moving.
How's Wyatt? What, you mean how is he in general? Enjoying life, eating well and all that shit? Or how is he since you stabbed him in the gut? I didn't have a choice.
Jensen has patched him up.
Boy's got skills, eh? - And an eye on you.
- Can't blame him.
But honestly, Mac, you had a choice, and you made that choice.
Probably the right one.
Doesn't mean Wyatt's not going to think twice before trusting you again.
It drives us all.
It's the reason for wars, for all of this.
So now you want to talk? You're the reason we're all here, risking our lives.
The minute comms come back on, you're getting ID'd, and whatever secret it is you are holding, we'll find out.
We might have a way of finding out who Zarin really is.
Hungarian special forces grabbed all the security footage from the hospital.
We're checking their database.
- You been spying on them? - I prefer eavesdropping.
Covert surveillance on an allied state.
You know what would happen if you'd been caught? Would they shut us down and force us out the country, ma'am? The night Zarin was snatched, the cameras in the pharmacy were out.
Magyar Ultra were taking precautions.
But I checked previous week, same shift, alongside Novin's description of the target, and, I think that's our man.
Still checking image against facial recognition software.
No need.
I know him.
Dr Karim Markov.
We need to get to the team now.
Let's move out.
He is the last person in the world we want Jane Lowry to get a hold of.
Down! (GUNFIRE) Wyatt? Mac! - Taking prisoners now? - Says she's got information on Lowry.
We can't make it to the section vehicle now.
She's given us the exact location of the signal jammer.
We take that out, we can call for exfil.
And we've just alerted every fucker in the woods to our location, so I say we move and move fast.
Roland! Behind! Move.
This is good.
We know where they are going.
Rosa will be leading them to the signal jammer.
They need their communications.
And that is where we will take them down.
Building's clear.
- Novin's dealing with the jammer.
- Good work.
Let's get some defences up.
So, we're really trusting her, then? Can I just point out she tried to have her brother lynch me a few hours ago? Well, could've been worse.
She could've had someone stick you in the gut.
Oh, here we go.
I knew this was going to come up.
Oh, you knew the fact that you stabbed me might actually be referenced again? That's very perceptive of you, McAllister.
Look, if I hadn't done it, we'd both be dead.
That's kind of convenient for you, though, right? I'm the one lying in the gutter, bleeding out.
- What do you want? An apology? - An apology would be nice, yeah.
I'm not apologising for doing my job.
I been through this shit before, I'm not doing it again.
Either I can trust the guy on my shoulder, or I walk.
He's talking about Task Force 18.
The fuck you know about that? It's not what I know, it's Lowry and what she told me.
Like your father, for example.
You must have loved him very much to cover up for him like that.
If you're trying to undermine us, you're wasting your breath.
You don't need my help to do that.
If you're talking about me and Norman Bates here, you don't have to worry about that.
Cos at the end of the day, the mission comes first.
And no matter how pissed I am at him, I'm not going to forget that.
Although this would be an opportune time for you to apologise.
Apology accepted.
You want to prove what a valuable asset you are, give us something solid.
Something about Lowry.
Lowry paid us 20,000 in advance.
Used a go-between, a banker guy called David Amelio.
We tried to check-up on him, but he's a ghost.
- And? - And if you want more, get me out.
Captain Reynolds? I believe I am ready to talk.
To you, and you alone.
Get up.
DONOVAN: Dr Markov was the rising star of the Russian chemical weapons programme.
For years we'd heard this myth about something called Novichok.
A nerve gas that was undetectable, easy to transport, and 10 times stronger than any other strain.
Markov was said to be behind it.
How come he ended up working in a hospital under an assumed name? Because Novichok wasn't a myth.
The Russians were so terrified of what they've made they blew the whistle on themselves after Vladivostok.
'There was a leak at the chemical plant where Markov was overseeing its creation.
'Every single person working there died as a result, except Markov.
'He disappeared, went dark.
'It might have been an accident, but there is a strong suspicion 'that Markov deliberately released the Novichok.
'This is the man Jane Lowry wants.
' So? I can't go back.
I know what I am and what I'm capable of.
It's like alcoholic, yes? Each day they pray not today.
Not today.
You OK? Always a bad sign when they say they want to talk.
- The signal jammer? - It's down now.
Reception is patchy but I should be able to make contact.
Josef, I know Rosa is blood, but we are all blood.
We are all family.
I said I would always look after her.
If she has betrayed us, I need to know that you're strong enough for this.
We'll know soon enough.
Tell the others to get into position.
Got movement in the trees.
We definitely got tangos out there.
Looks like they're moving around the front.
- Jensen.
Jensen, can you hear me? - Copy that, loud and clear.
(HUNGARIAN NAME) water planet.
North-west of the forest, I've got the target and a prisoner.
I need an exfil now, man.
'Currently en route, should be 10-15 minutes cross-country.
DONOVAN: 'Novin, if it looks like you're going to lose the target, ' terminate him.
Do not take any chances.
Are we clear? Copy that.
(DOOR RATTLES) - Tangos inbound.
- Heads down.
Three two one.
I'm out! Fall back! Grenade! Stay with me.
Changing! Stairs! - Josef, I'm sorry.
- Roland, please.
You used to be strong.
You have forgotten who your real family are.
Roland, please wait.
JOSEF: Ceasefire! McAllister! MAC: Josef, tell your men to stand down.
Do that and we'll let Rosa go.
Is she your hostage or is she your passenger? We can all walk out of this.
Rosa, tell me the truth.
Jane Lowry.
I did it for us.
We lost men.
They died for this.
For this man.
For the fucking enemy! There is no enemy, Josef, there never was.
There is only the rich and the poor, and I wanted better.
Better? I protected you, I - I did everything for you! - But you didn't let me go.
(GUNSHOT) (GUNFIRE) (INDISTINCT) You, on me! Sorry, I've got my orders.
- Go, go, go! - Novin, exfil, move! Get in the car, go! Move it! Come on! Go, go, go! Dr Markov.
Ma'am I believe you have a man in your custody who is wanted under the 1992 Chemical Weapons Convention.
We're bringing him in.
He is a war criminal, and he's in our jurisdiction.
But your assistance is highly appreciated in the matter.
How good are your men, Laszlo? Cos I'd put my people against them any day.
Colonel, please.
Imagine this the other way around.
My men running unauthorised operations on British soil.
Pitched gun battles.
I'm only protecting my country, and you would do the same.
Your Foreign Secretary seems to agree with me.
- What do you think is going on? - Nothing good.
We need to give them Markov.
Whitehall's cut a deal.
We hand over Markov, the Hungarians get the credit for finding him.
In 24 hours' time, he is back under our command.
I'm sorry, we have no choice on this one.
- There is always a choice, right? - It's a direct order.
Seat belt.
All right, then.
Please tell me this plan involves kicking in some doors.
Choose a target Pest control, at your service.
pull the trigger and become a man.
I can't see where you're coming from But I know just what you're running from This ain't no place for no hero This ain't no place for no better man This ain't no place for no hero to call home.