Strike Back s06e05 Episode Script

Retribution: Episode 5

- Give us something solid.
- Used a go-between, a banker guy called David Amelio.
We tried to check-up on him but he's a ghost.
All those pictures of Section 20.
Jane is on to us, knows exactly who we are and what we're doing.
Move! I wish you could see what comes next.
- That's our man.
- I know him.
Get down! He's the last person in the world we want Jane Lowry to get a hold of.
Kamil Markov.
(KNOCKING) Dr Markov.
How much longer? 48 hours.
I am confused, Tommy.
We give you job, pay you decent wage and yet still you see fit to steal from me.
Do you think I do not keep track of my product? - I am so sorry for this.
- Hm.
My mother passed away yesterday.
She always taught me to believe in actions over words.
You say you are sorry then prove it.
One finger.
Show me how sorry you really are.
Mr Borisovich.
Sorry to disturb you.
I need to use your facilities a little longer, please.
Three more days, with an option to extend.
30,000 a day, payment within 24 hours.
Rocko here will make the arrangements.
But please, be prompt.
(CHOPPING, MAN SCREAMS IN PAIN) (MUSIC: Short Change Hero by The Heavy) (ALARM BLARES) What's the one thing the boss said? Don't trip the alarms.
That was not my fault.
Do you people have any idea what's going to happen to you? What, your big fuckers shooting at us? Cos it's already happening, mate! - Skinny, call off your men, now! - They're not my men.
They belong to the Cosa Nostra, the cartel, they're here to protect their money.
Coming through! The guy hit a panic switch, it could've happened to anyone.
Yeah, but it just so happens that it happened to you, - so you owe me a beer.
- No, no, no, the bet was triggering an alarm.
A panic switch is a completely different thing.
Get behind me, Skinny! It's the same goddamn thing! - Go on, back to blondie.
- That's Captain Blondie, come here.
Wyatt's right by the way, you owe us a beer.
All right, I owe you a beer.
(INDISTINCT) Get in, get in! Go, let's go! (GUNFIRE) (DOOR CLOSES) Clever place to hang out.
Container, mobile, moving locations.
I was impressed.
- How did you find me? - Rosa Varga, Magyar Ultra, the money Lowry was paying them.
I want to see a lawyer.
Skinny, look where you are.
This isn't the sort of room a lawyer walks into.
Still maintain it was a panic switch but Good man.
She's playing him like the world's saddest violin.
How long have we got with this clown? Managed to hold off Whitehall so far but they are scratching at the door.
They want him handed over within the hour.
Captain better crack him fast.
You launder and transfer money for a lot of bad people.
There's a lot of secrets on that laptop of yours and a lot of security agencies who want to get their hands on you.
All I need from you is access to Jane Lowry's account.
That's it.
So either you help me or we hand-deliver you back to the cartels.
Zero, uplink going live.
Reading loud and clear.
- We good? - We're good.
I-I-I can go now, right? You knew exactly who you were working for, Skinny.
See you in 25 years.
Sir, there's over a million dollars in the Lowry account that Skinny was handling.
Shut it down.
I want her starved of funds.
- That's her account frozen now, ma'am.
- Nice work, Johnson.
- Nice one, lad.
- Thanks, man.
What're you doing? Can you trace where the money was going? Err - It may lead us to Jane's location.
- Yes, yes, I can.
So no cash, no resources.
Lowry's gotta start seeing the writing on the wall.
You saw how hard she went to get Markov.
You don't do that and give up in a day.
I'm not saying she's gonna give up in a day.
I'm just saying Sorry, do you mind? This is quite tricky.
And the chatter is I think Jensen just told the two of you to shut the fuck up.
(SCOFFS) OK, so it's gonna take a few hours to confirm this but I'm already seeing a common thread here.
Lowry's payments were all funnelled into shell companies.
All of which are connected to one person Belarusian businessman Milos Borisovich.
Milos Borisovich.
Owns a string of drug labs.
Everything from crystal meth amphetamine to anabolic steroids.
He's the next in line to the largest Belarusian crime dynasty.
Do you know why we wash the body, Alexander? It's to cleanse it of all worldly sin before it passes into the next life.
And your grandmother needs that more than most.
She made this family what it is.
And she was very fond of you.
Are you sure? Then bring her in.
Finish up.
(DOOR CLOSES) You enjoy your work.
Everyone said that Novichok could not be done.
No, it was an impossible puzzle.
And I was the only one that could solve it.
(DOOR OPENS) - We are not to be disturbed.
- You have defaulted on your payment.
- Mr Borisovich wishes to see you.
- That can't be right.
I need some time to look into this.
We made an agreement.
You broke that agreement.
I think it would be better to talk, no? (HE GROANS) Thank you.
Tomorrow this house will be full of guests, commemorating the life of my mother.
But tonight tonight I am lucky because a beautiful woman has come to fuck me.
That is what you are doing, is it not? Fucking with me! I have a temporary issue with funds.
In this world only two things matter profit and loss.
- Right now you are in the wrong column.
- I can get you the money.
And I can pay you extra for the inconvenience.
How much "extra" are we talking? 50,000.
But I need to travel to meet someone.
24 hours.
You can go.
But Markov stays.
And if you do not return, then you lose everything and we will have problem.
- Yeah.
I understand.
- Good.
By combing through Borisovich's acquisition list, I saw that five days ago he ordered specialist lab equipment for his facility in Turov, southern Belarus.
That's where Lowry must be.
Please tell me this plan involves kicking in some doors.
Doors are definitely being kicked in.
We cut off Jane's finances, now let's go for the nerve gas.
We'll travel to Turov overnight, hit them first thing.
Take out Markov.
Destroy the lab.
- Put an end to this.
- Yes, ma'am.
Nearing Turov.
Saddle up, boys.
- Hm.
- What? You really like getting into character, don't you? I take pride in my work, McAllister.
Is that how it was back in Task Force 18? You're gonna have to talk about it sometime.
Au contraire, Pierre.
I don't have to talk about shit.
Pest control, at your service.
You got termites.
- Pest control, really? - Yeah, what would you have said? - Exterminators.
- Not very subtle.
Oh, I didn't realise we were doing subtle.
- (SPEAKING RUSSIAN) Put your hands up! - Hands! Let me see your hands! - Everybody stand back! - Everybody lay down! Down on the ground now! Put your hands in the air! Stay down! - You got this? - We got it.
Try not to trigger any alarms, hey? - Get your hands up! - Hey, I love your work by the way.
What are you waiting for? Let's go! Don't piss the lady off! Do as she says! - Whew! Party time! - (SPEAKING RUSSIAN) I got eyes on Markov.
Move! Go left, left.
This door.
Markov's getting away.
- Move, move! - They've got an exit.
Target's escaping, we need to intercept.
Throw me the bag.
- Gonna blow the door off.
- Contact! Check your six! How we doing with that door, Wyatt? About to blow it, just give me a second! Move, move, move! - Oh, shit.
- Oh, shit! Yeah, that's not good.
Wyatt, we've gotta go, this place is gonna blow.
Oh, shit! Forget the damn door, we need to get the fuck outta here now! OK, move, move, move! Get out! Let's go, let's go! - Come on, come on, come on! - Come on, move! Wyatt, we need to move now! The whole place is gonna blow.
- Move, move! - Go, go! Let's go, Wyatt, move it! Move! Hey, Jensen, you wanna warn us about a secret exit next time?! It wasn't marked on the plans.
What about Lowry? No sign, she's gone.
And they've snatched Markov.
Not sure about the hair.
- Volkan.
- How much do you need? Quarter of a million.
You have connections, you know people who supported Omair, maybe Omair is dead.
I can give you a few men.
Some willing disciples, even.
Money, weapons, things that matter Omair believed in something that was true and pure.
But you, you crave that power, that excitement.
There was a sickness in you.
- I loved him.
- As did I, Jane.
But only one of us got him killed.
I made a promise to him.
We made a promise to him.
- Please! - Like I said, a few men.
That's all I can spare.
Thank you so much for coming.
It's very good to see you.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
These guests are here for our family.
Put your fucking phone away.
I do not think it was rival gang, Mr Borisovich.
Then who the hell were they? The lab is destroyed.
That's enough shit on this day of all days.
Someone is fucking with me.
Every generation of the Borisovich family keeps their assets listed in a ledger.
So you think wherever he has Markov we can find it in that? The ledger will lead to Markov and Lowry.
And you're sure about sending Novin in alone? Her Russian's good, she'll blend in.
There's gonna be representatives from nearly every major Eastern European crime family there, if she gets caught We are taking the risk.
It's not up for debate.
OK, look, forgive me for saying this but I think it feels personal.
I brought 20 back from the grave.
We have lost Lowry and she stands to gain access to the deadliest chemical weapon ever created.
Of course it's personal.
We all have a stake in this.
(KNOCK ON DOOR) Donovan's given the green light.
We need Borisovich's ledger.
Cheers, man.
What? Planning on staying and watching me change? No, no, I just wanna go through the op again.
Gate-crash a funeral party.
The ledger is either on Borisovich or kept in a safe room.
In which case you'll need to find the access codes.
Yes, William, I get it.
Grab the little red book, try not to die, get out of there and, uh no comms.
Can't risk it.
I do have this for you.
Really don't get my style, do you? It's just a tracker.
So we can keep tabs on you.
It's worth it, right? The shit we do, collateral damage, the It's necessary.
Right? Guy walks on to a subway at rush hour, Novichok in hand.
He flicks the switch.
The two chemicals combine.
Nerve gas pours out.
Entire carriage starts vomiting seizures, major organs shutting down.
Dead within minutes.
And it spreads, from one carriage to the next carriage to the next carriage.
Then by the time the train pulls in to the next station there's not a single soul left alive.
Would have taken a simple yes.
It's worth it.
We'll be close by.
Oi, sunshine.
If I don't make it back there's a decent bottle of tequila in my kitbag, so you know.
Knock yourself out.
You should.
Makes it easier.
But then, I don't think you're here to fuck, no? You pay me to get you into this party so you can fuck.
You'll never make that back in one night.
So I think what? It is simple, Tatiana, tonight I find a rich idiot and I make him my husband.
Drone's up.
Copy that.
Surveillance is good.
(APPLAUSE) Finish him.
You have the advantage, he is defeated.
You finish him.
What? You think this is fucking joke? Wha? Don't you fucking move! These blades have tasted the blood of the bastards who oppressed my family.
They are not toys.
So you finish him or I will kill you both.
- Sorry.
- No.
- Please.
- I'm sorry.
Dennis! I fucking joking.
(HE LAUGHS) (LAUGHTER) Come on, buddy, no problem.
Relax, everyone.
Have a drink.
She's moving in.
You are very funny man.
I like it.
She's made contact.
- What's your name? - Natalia.
- Where are you from? - Sarata.
You come with me.
We're about to lose visual.
Has she been made? Novin on the move.
My son, Alexander.
Always playing the video games, staring at the fucking screen.
When I was his age I was camping in the woods, lost for days, hunting, surviving living.
It is time for him to become a man and you will deflower my son.
It will not be pleasant experience for you but you will be financially compensated.
It's, uh Alexander, da? How is the game going? Are you a virgin? What? My grandmother said I should only sleep with virgins and that all other women were whores.
So She sounds like she was a very special lady.
Has your father done this before? Sent a woman to you? Guessing it didn't work out.
Don't sweat it, kid.
Nothing's gonna happen.
- But my father said I should - I bet he said a lot of things.
Sometimes your dad might be, you know, full of shit.
He does care about you, though.
No, he doesn't like me.
He says that one day all this will be mine, that I have to be tougher.
He just worries about ya, that's why he's got that safe room all set up.
It's for him, not for me.
You've never been in? A few times but when I do he gets mad at me, so That's probably because you're not meant to know how to get in.
I worked out the code.
Bullshit you did.
My grandmother's birthday.
April the 12th.
- June the 5th.
- Ah.
I was close.
How old was she again? 70 something.
Really fucking old.
There you go, got you a bonus round.
That'll be our little secret.
Oh, don't worry I'll tell him you were great.
That was quick.
On the move again.
Come on.
(KEYPAD BEEPS) Motherf Come on.
(KEYPAD BEEPS) - Motherfucker, come on.
Don't talk.
(DOOR OPENS) - Mr Borisovich.
- What?! - Sorry.
- Get out! There is an alert.
Someone is in the safe room.
That fucking idiot boy.
Alexander is in his room.
Every time I try to entertain guests always fucking problem.
I will be back.
(SPEAKING RUSSIAN) (DOOR OPENS) (KEYPAD BEEPS) (HE SCREAMS) (HE SCREAMS) We have guards moving in from the outside.
We've lost her signal.
- Distraction, now! - I guess that's us.
Who are you? Who sent you? (GUNFIRE, GUESTS SCREAM) - Gracie, come on.
- I've got it! I've got the ledger! Move! Moving! - Novin's secure.
Move out.
- Copy that! - Wyatt, get some wheels! - I'm on it! I've got one! - (ENGINE SPLUTTERS) - Come on! - (ENGINE STARTS) - Let's go, let's go! Come on, we gotta move, let's go! - What the hell is this? - You told me to grab some wheels.
This is a hearse.
Yeah, I grabbed the first thing I could.
- You stole a hearse? - What? To be fair, McAllister, you didn't specify what kind of car.
I didn't think I had to! Oh, Jesus Christ! You just stole the body of Borisovich's dead mother.
No, no, no, no, no! I stole a hearse, I didn't know his mother was in the back.
It's a fucking hearse, what did you think was in the back?! You wanted a getaway vehicle, we're getting away.
Shit, contact! We're too heavy.
- No.
- Yes.
- No.
- Yes.
Mac, we can sit here and discuss the moral implications of this but right now we're too heavy and we gotta lose some weight.
She does not deserve to go like that.
- Mac, just kick her out.
- This is just fucking great, this is.
Just shut up and get back there.
- "How did you wanna go?" - Move it! "A burial, a cremation?" "No, I'd like to be kicked out the back of a fucking hearse!" Shit, contact! Hang on! Shit! Nice driving, Ace.
I'm sorry, I didn't think they'd come to your home.
Then you are a fool.
I could still make this worth your while.
The scientist, Dr Markov, if I can get him to complete his work he will be worth millions to the FSB and I will give him to you to sell on.
Mr Borisovich Why should I trust you? This is all your fault.
- You OK? - Got the ledger, I'm good.
Take it easy, Grace.
You got your (SHE WINCES) Jesus, Will, I told you I'm good.
- Any word on Wyatt or Mac? - Nothing.
Their last tracker position was south of the mansion.
- We need to go back.
- Agreed.
I'm coming, too.
Need all the bodies you can get.
Kit up.
Make it fast.
Morning, sunshine.
What happened to my husband? Keep trying to picture it.
And you were there.
So what were his last moments? Words Your husband had 50 Stinger missiles that he was arming terrorist groups with.
The devastation that would have caused The devastation? Have you seen what a stray drone strike does to a school a hospital? I have.
Idrisi killed General Farid.
We gave chase.
McAllister tried to take him alive but there was a missile strike coming, so So we shot him.
And he died.
And the missile brought the mountain down.
He's gone.
Let it go, you don't need to carry on, you don't need to do this.
No, we started this together.
I want what he wanted.
I want the West to experience what my people go through every day.
YOUR people? You're from Warrington, for Christ's sake.
I grew up in the same town as you.
I guess she needs an excuse to be a psycho.
Of course.
The lone wolf.
Doesn't play well with others.
Have you told him about your task force yet? - The whole story? - All right.
The one where he was so desperate for glory he got his entire team killed.
Wasn't like that.
I didn't have a choice.
Although we've only got your word to go on.
Fuck you.
Fuck you, they were my friends.
Yeah, and they got to find out exactly what kind of man Sergeant Samuel Wyatt really is.
So what you telling me? Wyatt's some kind of dick? Because that's big news.
I've spent time with the guy, I know he's a dick.
I also know that he's solid.
What about you though, Jane? You could have sat there all silent but you're talking away.
I know why.
You've got nobody.
You're lonely.
You don't know me.
I'm not mocking you.
All your money's gone.
Your own people would never back a woman.
You still keep going and going.
Takes guts.
Do you know the last thing my mother said to me was? "Don't get into trouble.
" Could never go back.
Even if I wanted.
Have you got some family back home? Yeah.
Must worry about you.
Mum says I should phone home more.
"Do they not have phones in Afghanistan?" "No, we blew them all up.
" (THEY LAUGH) I'll save them for last, then.
(DOOR OPENS) Alexander, these are the two men who stole your grandmother's body - and defiled it.
- Mr Borisovich, I do just have to ask.
Was your mother a larger woman? If we had known that your mother was so heavy, we would have stolen ano Alexander.
What do you say to them? Alexander! F Fuck you! (HE SPEAKS OWN LANGUAGE) I looked into what you told me about your scientist.
It's true, he's worth something.
But it's been 20 years so he needs to show that he still has the skills.
- Can you make that happen? - I can.
Then we're back in business.
My mother was a very hard woman but she was right about one thing.
I raised a weak child.
Sasha, it is time for you to grow up.
Choose a target.
Pull the trigger.
And become a man.
- In position.
- In position.
(GUNFIRE) Moving.
All right, kid, easy.
Easy now, come on.
- You can't make him do this.
- Eight.
Kid, you don't have to do this.
You don't.
- Six.
- You know what? Shoot me.
That's fair.
Actually, shoot him, he's an asshole.
- Five.
- You stole the hearse.
We needed a getaway vehicle.
- Did we get away? - Four.
(GUNFIRE) Sasha You are my boy and I love you but this world is hard and I will not always be there.
You have to be nicer to me.
Moving! Moving! - Lowry? - Gone.
Nice moves, computer guy.
Move! Go, go, go! (COUGHING AND SPLUTTERING) Fuck.
Phone! Give me phone.
(PHONE BUZZES) Da? Yuri, it's me.
- Mr Borisovich.
- I have some people I want dealt with.
This is bad time.
Yuri just finish his last job.
Yuri retired now.
I recommend someone else.
I don't want someone else, I want the best.
It's important, Yuri.
Four kills.
You will enjoy it.
(HE SPEAKS OWN LANGUAGE) Send me details.
(HE SPEAKS OWN LANGUAGE) So Yuri was wrong.
You were not my last job.
Not by long shot.
Yuri must go to work.
(PHONE BEEPS) I feel like Donovan would burn through all of us just to take Lowry down.
You said if it's not purified it'll kill her.
She's dying anyway.