Strike Back s06e06 Episode Script

Retribution: Episode 6

1 Novichok, a nerve gas 10 times stronger than any other strain.
- Get down! - (HE GRUNTS) Karim Markov.
Move away! Move! (HE SCREAMS) It's true he's worth something, but he needs to show that he still has the skill.
- Can you make that happen? - I can.
Then we're back in business.
Dr Markov.
How much longer? Look at these.
Have you seen her? Her name is Jane Lowry.
- No.
- British woman.
I'm just a courier for Borisovich.
- Any luck? - No, nothing.
You? No.
Not even a flicker.
These boys are out the loop.
Zero, we stopped drug runners, but it's a bust.
These guys haven't seen Lowry or Markov.
Wherever Borisovich has them stashed, they don't know about it.
I can't see where you coming from But I know just what you running from This ain't no place for no hero This ain't no place for no better man This ain't no place for no hero To call home.
- Listen, about last night - Coffee in the pot, pastries on the table.
- It was a one-off.
- You don't want pastries? I didn't say that.
I just meant, you know.
Let's not get weird about it.
Jensen? Hello? I've been tracking police reports, keyword hits.
Mmm! - That's good.
- I mean, this might be about Lowry.
It's probably nothing, but That's what you always say when it's something.
Don't make it weird.
Better contact the boss.
- Will.
- Yeah, I know.
Don't make it weird.
- We're cool, right? - Yeah, cool.
Five minutes.
Never again.
You know, Johnson, you seem very smiley this morning.
Just enjoying my work, Sergeant.
Talk me through this.
We're tracing police reports, keywords, and an assault on some youths in Mazyr stood out.
Because? The perpetrator was described as a white British woman protecting a 15-year-old local girl.
Jensen cross-referenced the girl's name and got a hit.
She was on a watchlist six months back for radical communiques with Volkan Horacin.
- Horacin? Turkish, yes? - Yes, boss.
Radical jihadist.
- Associate of Omair Idrisi.
- And Jane Lowry.
- What was the girl's name? - Maya.
Maya Behmen.
Omair would have been so proud of you.
What was he like? The first time we met, he gave me this.
I always keep it with me.
Even though he's gone.
Because it was for me and him only.
The times we were apart and I would fall asleep listening to his voice down the line.
(PHONE RINGS) I have another.
Excuse me.
Yeah? The British hit another of my couriers.
I'm sorry to hear that.
It does not matter.
By this time tomorrow they will be dead, and Markov will be worth twice as much.
- So I have the go-ahead, then? - 'Morally, of course, I object.
' Of course.
'But a successful test of the Novichok, ' proof that it can pass through Security, would certainly increase the doctor's market value.
'Good luck, Jane.
' It's today.
- Are you scared? - No.
I feel good.
We moved here from Bosnia.
- You are aware of the troubles there, yes? - Yes.
So, the family are sent here because we've been told things will be different.
The Englishwoman who helped your sister, do you know her name? No.
My sister She's a teenager.
Bring her home.
Promise me.
Look, is there anything, anything that you can tell me that you think might help? I saw a car.
They left in it together.
Going through traffic cameras in the area, for a car that matches the sister's description.
This is half a mile away.
Fits the timescale.
It's her.
It's Jane.
I know it.
A few frames on, you can see a grab of a partial license number, running automated checks on the traffic cameras now.
- She's using the girl for an attack.
- It's a possibility.
No, it's more than a possibility, I understand how she works.
She'll have gained her trust, made her feel important.
We've had a hit.
15 minutes ago passing through traffic cameras on the way to Minsk airport.
- Get the team out there now.
- Yes, ma'am.
Minsk airport is the target.
Jensen is sending through Maya's ID now.
They're already ahead of us.
We got to move fast.
Be brave.
Remember everything I told you.
At least allow my people to go in and provide backup.
I understand.
Thank you.
Fuckng idiot.
'They won't perform a complete shutdown without evidence.
' - Copy that.
- This is Maya.
This is our girl.
She's just a kid.
- (CAR HORN BLARES) - Oh, come on! Move it! Captain, you OK? 'Entering Minsk airport now, ma'am.
' 'Mac, with me.
' 'Wyatt, Novin, check the Departures hall.
' Wait.
Please come through the gate, miss.
NOVIN: 'No visual of her by the entrance.
' 'Copy that, heading to Security.
' Please, remove your jacket.
Thank you.
Hey! Hey! Hey, let me see your bag.
I'm sorry.
(MACHINE BLEEPS) Stand back, take off the belt, please.
The belt, take off.
(INDISTINCT) Excuse me.
I'm sorry.
(PASSENGER SPEAKING RUSSIAN) British military, Colonel Donovan spoke to your superiors.
No, cannot take weapons through.
- It's already been cleared.
- Not with me.
You're not coming through with your firearms.
Someone has already spoken to your superiors.
Get your superior down here now.
- There she is.
Maya! - Hey! Hey! (CROWD PANICKING) LOW: Excuse me.
It's OK.
It's OK, I promise.
Maya, you don't have to do this.
Maya, look at me.
Just give me the bag, OK? It's OK.
'Just bring me the bag.
'Come on.
' Give me the bag.
Come on.
(CLICK, HISS) - Everybody back! Back! - (SCREAMING AND SHOUTING) Let's go, let's go, move, go, go! - Device has gone live.
- Come on, get out of here.
(HISSING) The device wasn't live.
Cap, we've got to go.
Cap, we've got to go.
Let's go.
Move, now, go.
Come on.
You were right, Mr Borisovich, they showed up.
IN OWN LANGUAGE: It didn't work.
All that effort finding that girl, setting the whole thing up, all for nothing! I told him to make sure the device was filled with harmless chemicals.
Why? Because I do not shit on my own doorstep, Miss Lowry.
But this was success.
This was not a success.
You proved the device can be smuggled through Security, activated by a child, no less.
That's proof of concept.
- I wanted to make a statement.
- Which you did.
- And what of 20? - Yuri will deal with them.
Tomorrow, the rest of the Novichok will be completed, you can take them away, and I will take Markov as agreed.
Are we good, Miss Lowry? - Yeah, I'm good.
- Hmm.
DONOVAN: We have Forensics examining the device now, trying to find out if it was faulty or deliberately primed not to activate.
Airport security cameras pulled up something else, though.
Yuri Shevchenko, ex-member of Scorpio, a notorious Serbian paramilitary unit, and for years, he was Borisovich's main enforcer.
He was at the airport watching.
And this is good.
Boss, I missed the good part.
If Borisovich had a presence at the airport for Lowry's attack, it's evidence they are still working together.
Yuri has a cousin in town.
Runs a pool hall.
Are they close? Imagine so, the place is called Ivan and Yuri's.
Could have led with that, Will.
The pool hall's a front for low-level crime.
Have words with the cousin, try to find out where Yuri is.
We locate Yuri, we work our way back, we find Borisovich, find Jane before something else happens.
Because this this felt like a dress rehearsal for something much worse.
Copy that.
So, ma'am, has anyone told Maya's sister? Anti-terrorist officers have picked her up for questioning.
Right, it's just I promised her sister You promised her sister whatever she needed to hear so you could get the intel, exactly as I told you to do.
This is only a win because the device didn't activate.
You want to feel bad about something, feel bad about that.
Have a drink, shake this off, get focused.
- Nastrovje.
- Slainte.
- You did the right thing, you know.
- Yeah.
That's what we're up against these days.
One person, a city centre, a bomb, a car, truck, a knife - She chose to do this.
- Yeah, and Lowry chose her.
Give me more of that.
Misguided, justified It doesn't matter.
The moment she went into a civilian area to do harm to folk whose only crime was being in the wrong place at the wrong time No.
- You don't have any doubts, do you? - Not about this.
So, what's worrying you? We'd all be on the scrapheap if it wasn't for Donovan, right? I feel like she would burn through all of us just to take Lowry down.
It's her job though, isn't it? Yeah.
So, what's the plan, then? Sit here and finish that bottle? Nah.
Sit here, finish the bottle, and find somebody vaguely attractive so I can screw their brains out and forget what a shit day I've had.
You know, I've heard it said that I'm vaguely attractive.
Really? Well, that barman has been giving me free drinks all night, and I don't think he speaks much English, so you're outclassed there, McAllister.
Enjoy the pool hall.
Be gentle with him.
- Here we go.
Couple of cold ones.
- Any eyes on Yuri's cousin? - No, just the cheery locals.
You know, while we've got some time, how about we talk about Jackson.
- Jensen.
- Whatever.
Yeah, what about him? - He's smiling too much.
- Smiling way too much.
What, people aren't allowed to smile any more? I am not forming a coalition against happiness, that's the last thing I would do, cos I have been told that I have a beautiful smile.
- But - Something is definitely going on.
You people are sick in the head, you know that? Ooh.
- Been in the field for too long.
- Is Novin being defensive? You know what, I kind of think she is.
- Oy! - Defend that, dickhead.
Cousin at six.
I'm sorry.
- Mebers only.
- What? Your sign.
It's missing an M.
You think I give a shit? We have been watching this place for hours waiting for you to show up.
- Are you police? - No, man.
We're looking for Yuri.
- Just want to talk.
- You can fuck off.
All right, let's do this the hard way.
(SPEAKING FOREIGN LANGUAGE) Guys, how about we just settle this over a few beers and a couple of games of eight ball, huh? (IVAN SPEAKS OWN LANGUAGE) A bit of help would be nice! Coming! Thank you.
- One last time.
Where do we find Yuri? - Fuck you! All right, two times.
We know he works for Borisovich.
Is he helping Jane Lowry? Mr Borisovich sent him out hunting.
- Want to tell me what the hell that means? - It means he waits.
Gets you alone.
You don't find Yuri, he finds you.
(PHONE BUZZES) (MAN SPEAKS QUIETLY ON PHONE) Hey! - Who are you talking to? - What the hell is wrong? - Who is this? - 'Marco's fucking girlfriend! 'Who is this?!' What the hell is wrong with you? Just get your shit and get out.
You are fucking crazy! (PHONE BUZZES) Ah, Jesus, I told you to PHONE MESSAGE: 'Captain, listen, it's me again.
'We got a feeling this Yuri guy might be heading your way, 'so we're coming over to pick you up.
Be there soon.
' It's OK to be scared, Captain Reynolds.
I saw you at the airport.
(SHE GASPS) Felt a connection.
There is a sadness in you.
Yuri Shevchenko.
I heard such stories about you.
The Butcher of Balintski.
200 shallow graves.
You're just a man with a gun.
You're just a thug.
In cheap clothes.
You could be anyone.
You're all the same.
I thought when the end came, it would at least be something special.
This was meant to be a kindness.
But OK.
I give you special.
(SHE YELPS) (SHE GROANS) I think, missy all your trials are over.
(GUNSHOTS) Fuck! Shit! - Captain! Captain! - He's gone.
You OK? Yeah, ma'am, we got her, she's fine.
She's going to need a medic.
All right, copy that.
Boss wants us back in now.
Says Jensen has cracked it.
He's found Lowry.
Let's go.
Be careful with the Novichok canisters.
- Is that the last of them? - Yes.
They are all ready.
Congratulations, Dr Markov.
Your life's work is complete.
Mr Borisovich.
There's been a delay.
'How long?' Well, Dr Markov assures me it will only be a few more days, but I think I can make him go quicker.
24 hours, maybe less, then we're done.
I understand.
Thank you for keeping me informed, Miss Lowry.
You're welcome.
Captain Orlov.
Follow me, I take you to Dr Markov.
All right, Jensen.
You're up.
The lab sent through the diagnosis from the Novichok canister.
Turns out only half the chemicals necessary were present.
- The dimethylheptylpyran - Jensen.
Two active agents, when the device is triggered, they combine, creating nerve gas.
So they had Abbott and no Costello.
- Which means Maya died for nothing.
- Not necessarily.
They discovered a faint level of radiation on the canister, which is strange in itself.
But it also means We can trace where it came from.
Yes, because each radiation signature is distinct.
So, I've been working through the ledger that Novin grabbed from Borisovich to see if any of his assets match this radiation source Will.
Where is Lowry? Borisovich bought a lab where no-one would ever look.
Somewhere that 50,000 people were evacuated, and never came back.
The radiation signal came from Chernobyl.
Were you going somewhere, Jane? You told Mr Borisovich these would be another 24 hours.
You're Russian FSB.
Thank you for finding Dr Markov for us again.
We'll also be taking the Novichok for ourselves.
So Borisovich is betraying me.
And you are doing the same thing to him.
He would like a word.
One for Mr Borisovich, as agreed.
Let's go.
Welcome back, Doctor.
You should not have stayed away for so long.
(ENGINE STARTS) The facility Borisovich owns is due east.
Novin, Reynolds, approach from the north side, you guys from the west.
I've installed Geiger sensors in your watches, still some hot spots of radiation out there, so be careful.
The ministry would very much like a sample of the Novichok brought back before the lab is destroyed.
That seems a bit risky.
They wish to dissect it, understand it, so as to prepare against it.
Don't let Maya's death be in vain.
Catch yous on the other side, boys.
Try not to fry.
- You OK, Captain? - Yeah.
Let's do this.
Move! Move it! Four vehicles just went past, soldiers on board.
'Russian FSB, heading towards the facility.
' Russia's not exactly on friendly terms with Ukraine.
I doubt they're authorised to be in country.
'All units step up, get to the facility as soon as possible.
' Copy.
MAC: 'Copy that, we're one street over, be there in five.
' This should cut through to the west entrance.
Wyatt, we may have company.
- Holding position at north entrance.
- Copy that.
Any visual on Lowry or Markov? Negative.
They must be inside the facility.
NOVIN: 'The place is crawling with Russians.
' 12 tangos outside, definitely more inside.
- Moving.
- 'Copy that.
Be with you ASAP.
' Wyatt? All your life, from the moment you were born, was going to end like this.
Wyatt Do you see it? The black universes yawning, opening up for you.
No, I don't see shit.
(INDISTINCT) Put the weapon down.
Put it down or I snap his neck.
- Snap his neck and I'll shoot you.
- Put the weapon down.
Take the shot.
Let him go.
Don't put the weapon down.
Don't put the weapon down.
REYNOLDS: We've got eyes on Markov.
FSB are extracting him.
We're moving in.
What the fuck are you doing? - That's a good swap.
I'll put this down - What the fuck? Dr Markov.
Are you ready to go home? Three two Pick up the weapon! one! - You want me to get a gun? - No, I've got this.
(SOLDIER SHOUTING IN RUSSIAN) Moving! Markov heading back into the lab.
Waiting! Moving! Moving! Enjoy your universe, asshole.
- 'Status report.
' - 30 seconds away.
Please, don't shoot.
(GUNFIRE) - Good to see you again, Doc.
- Cheer up, we're the good guys.
- Where's the Novichok? - The Russians are taking it.
- We've got one shot at stopping this.
- Well, lead on, Macduff.
Let's go.
IN OWN LANGUAGE: Mac, with me.
(GUNFIRE) Stay down.
Novichok on the move, I've got to get in there.
- Give me all the cover you can.
- Copy that.
Contact, three o'clock.
Go! Fuck! Reynolds! Shit, the door! Captain, come on.
Come on, get up.
- She can't breathe! - Shit.
It's an air lock.
Gotta move.
'Novin, status report.
' Novichok's contained, but Reynolds was exposed.
- It's bad, Boss! - Markov, help her.
Her body is shutting down.
She only has a few moments.
What can we do? Come on, you fuck, you made this shit! I made an antidote, there is one vial.
Where is it, you Russian piece of shit? Find it! In here.
- It's gone! - Bullshit! - I swear.
- You're the genius, make some more.
I have to purify the base solution.
- Stop talking, just do it.
- Contact! (SHE CHOKES AND COUGHS) Hold on, yeah? You're going to be OK.
Just hold on.
- Markov - I need a minute.
She doesn't have a minute.
If it's not properly purified, it will kill her.
- Shit! - Oh, you've got to be fucking kidding me.
Did he finish it? (REYNOLDS GASPS) Mac, what are you doing? Mac? Wait! He said if it's not purified, it'll kill her.
She's dying anyway.
It's OK.
She's OK.
She's OK.
Come on, let's blow this place and get the hell out of here.
You did it, you stopped it.
You stopped it.
We good? Let's go.
Let's go, let's go, let's go! This will get the job done.
Put you down.
- Yep, that'll do it.
- It's set, let's move.
Donovan said if we could get a sample of the Novichok, the Ministry of Defence would really like it.
Of course, when the enemy has it, it's terrorism.
When we have it, it's just modern warfare.
So, we following orders or what? REYNOLDS: Just blow the place to hell.
- You sure about this? - Do it.
Wait, wait, wait.
Can I do it? Sure, mate.
Come on! Fucking 20, eh? Destroying more of my property.
Even without Markov, the Novichok can be reverse-engineered.
Our agreement You didn't really think I would let that jihadist bitch, loose with chemical weapons, did you? Then what was all this for? The Russians developed Novichok, but no paperwork, no samples, Markov had it all up here.
I needed you to make sure he completed his work.
You were my good and faithful servant, and I thank you.
Stop! Stop! (GASPING) (SHE WHEEZES AND COUGHS) (SHE RETCHES) (PHONE RINGS) How did you get this number? Ma'am? I was monitoring comms within a 10 mile radius of the facility, going through all the calls it picked up and What? LOWRY: 'How did you get this number?' MAN: 'He gave it to me.
'What do you mean? 'Your husband.
Omair Idrisi.
'He's still alive.
' I can't see where you coming from But I know just what you running from This ain't no place for no hero This ain't no place for no better man This ain't no place for no hero to call home.