Strike Back s06e07 Episode Script

Retribution: Episode 7

Colonel Parker.
Get your team out of there.
We'll clean up.
We took down Idrisi, mission's over, right? Omair believed in something that was true and pure.
But you, you crave the power, the excitement.
I was monitoring comms within a ten-mile radius of the facility.
- And - What? - (PHONE RINGS) - How did you get this number? (METAL CLINKS) (GUNSHOT) (GUNSHOTS CONTINUE) I shot Idrisi, twice.
One in the chest, one in the head.
There's no way he's getting back up from that.
That's not what the intel's saying, is it? 'Intel!?' We're talking about the incomplete recording of a goddamn phone call.
And we don't know if that's true.
The military confirmed it, it's been headline news.
I hope he is alive.
I could happily hunt him down every day for the rest of my life.
Just got a hit on Lowry.
She's moving in on the home of Johannes Krieger.
He's the CEO of Octagon.
A private military company.
I came across him in Iraq.
He's involved in some real shady shit, that guy.
Rendition flights.
Black Sites.
So now we're saying Idrisi's in a prison somewhere? Did everybody lose their collective minds when I wasn't looking? I'd like to know where are we getting this intel on Lowry from? That's on a need-to-know basis and several levels above your clearance.
Right now, you need to focus on the task at hand, she's already one step ahead of us.
Krieger's compound.
Move! Yes, ma'am.
If we get eyes on the target, let me take the shot this time.
I know what you're thinking.
It's just three minutes.
But a lot can happen in one hundred and eighty seconds.
Empires can rise.
They can fall too.
Lives can change forever.
Come up! Yeah.
Don't stop on my account.
Make better life choices.
(GROANS, THUD) Make sure the perimeter stays secure.
If it's money you want, I can make arrangements.
If all I wanted was money, Mr.
Krieger, I'd take your art collection and retire to a beach somewhere.
I'm not interested in material gain.
I want to know where Omair Idrisi is.
I don't know what you're talking about.
(GUNSHOTS, GROANS) It's true, I swear it.
I received a phone call saying that he was alive.
Held on a black site.
They didn't know where it was, but they knew who ran it.
Your company.
Now, I just need to know the truth.
And then I'm gone.
Is he alive or not? Eyes on two tangoes by the pool.
Krieger's men are down.
Looks like Lowry's team beat us to it.
It's true, he's alive.
Where is he? I know who's in the black sites, but not where they are! We outsource the set-ups.
Rachel Sheridan, a contractor.
Where do I find her? You won't, she lives not to be found.
We're in position, move in.
(GUNSHOTS) (GUNSHOTS, SPLASHES) Look (GUNSHOT) Don't shoot! I'm with you! I'm the informant.
Bullshit you are.
Weapon on the ground.
I wouldn't worry, mate, if this guy shoots you, you'll be up and around in a couple of days.
- Nice, Mac, real classy.
- Clear.
Where's Lowry? She left us little people behind.
We'll check the house.
Volkan Horacin, call it in, MI-6.
Call it in.
See if this bullshit checks out.
- Dead? - Dead.
Shit! Right, so, we got nothing.
Maybe he's got files.
Yeah, or maybe this is all just one big tinfoil hat.
You believe in aliens, right? Statistically, Mac, the possibility of life existing somewhere else in the universe is pretty damn good.
But you don't believe a man can survive a bomb or a bullet because it hurts your pride.
No, because if he's alive, it means that somebody is fucking lying to us.
Now, it could be my people, could be your people, could be everybody.
And while I accept that my government lies to me on a daily fucking basis, not about shit like this.
Not on this scale.
We'll take the laptop and the hard drive.
See if Jensen can dig something up.
It's upside down.
How can you tell? Come on, man, it's Kandinsky, it's Russian.
The guy basically created abstractionism.
He saw the artist as a visionary who could usher in the reality of - tomorrow.
- But, could he draw a horse? Mac.
Somebody liked to make home movies.
Is he alive - or not? - It's true, he's alive.
Where is he? C'mon, the guy's got a gun to his head, he's gonna say anything.
We outsource the set-ups.
Rachel Sheridan, a contractor.
(GUNSHOT) Let's find Rachel Sheridan and what she knows about Idrisi before Jane Lowry does.
That's a recruitment campaign to end them all.
The jihadi leader who comes back from the dead, - an inspiration, a figurehead.
- We need to speak to Colonel Parker.
It was his men who found the body.
I'd rather not accuse a high-ranking American officer of lying without solid evidence.
I thought Lowry was finished.
Turns out she's only just begun.
Rachel Sheridan.
Ex-CIA infrastructure specialist.
Helped design Guantanamo before going into the private sector.
Stays off the grid as much as she can.
So she gets paid to design black sites for Octagon.
Technically, she just modifies existing sites.
Foolproofs them.
You know what I meant.
Where do we find her? We don't.
People like Sheridan disappear so that people like us can't track 'em down.
Nice work, Johnson.
I'm onto it, Sarge.
You withheld the information about Volkan from us.
MI-6 only shared his intel on Jane's movements on the proviso that I kept it confidential.
Yet, we're the ones risking our lives out there.
There are things you don't need to know, Captain.
We're all rattled by this.
If Idrisi is alive, then that means Colonel Parker lied to us.
You know, maybe even his own people.
This is a potentially explosive situation.
What you did just there, that was interesting.
Anger then empathy.
I'm sorry? Well, that's what you taught me to do when dealing with a hostile witness, isn't it? And it's what you're doing now.
You even just switched from "you" to "we" to get me on-side.
Or maybe I'm just having a fucking conversation with you, Captain.
Save the mind games for Volkan Horacin.
If you're with MI-6, why are you invading mansions? Risking men? Losing men.
She turned up, insisting Idrisi is alive.
A fucking fairy tale and my men, they start to believe it.
I had no choice.
So, you tip off MI-6.
Make a little money, maybe wipeout Lowry in the mean time.
We'll pay twice what MI-6 was promising.
Go back to your people.
Lead us to Lowry.
What, you think she's just waiting for you to find her? No.
But she'll find you.
And you give her to us.
I liked the one with the whales the best.
And 'The Wrath of Khan', the one where you die.
'Live long and prosper', it's beautiful.
He's making a joke about your name, Volkan, Vulcan, y'know, like Spock.
- Spock.
- No? More of a 'Star Wars' man? I know who you are.
You are the ones who killed Omair.
And you sit there and you joke and you laugh.
- Alright, easy.
- I should fucking kill you both! Shit people! Scum fucks! Hey, hey! Calm down, alright? I get it, you're angry.
But you've made your choice.
You'll get your silver.
The minute you know where Jane Lowry is.
Yeah, I know my task, Sergeant.
Ma'am we're not going to find Sheridan.
I did find Lila Hall though.
- Who's that? - That's Sheridan's daughter.
Sheridan kept her maiden name, Hall was the father's surname.
American, deceased.
She moved to Europe a few years ago, studying at university in Hamburg, works in a bar part-time.
Lowry's searching for Sheridan too.
That puts the daughter at risk.
Let's find her before they do.
Yes, ma'am.
What bar's she at? Volkan, we thought you were dead.
I appreciate the concern.
Something you want to tell me, Kadir? She said if you came back, we had to take precautions.
She? You are my people.
We are Idrisi's people.
No (THUD, PLASTIC CRACKS) Shit! We got a problem.
Son of a bitch! Did they make him? Yeah, they made him.
Copy that.
I need you to rendezvous with Novin.
(FOOTSTEPS APPROACH) How did you get out of there? I'm more concerned about how British military knew we were there in the first place.
Answer the question.
- Stop.
- I'll talk.
But only to you.
They let me go, because they want me to betray you.
Something must've made them think you'd take the deal.
I was convincing.
Oh, no.
You were honest.
You will betray me.
I understand that.
You've lost your faith.
Omair Idrisi is alive.
We find Rachel Sheridan, we find my husband.
And I'll teach you to believe again.
Some culture.
This is a serious misrepresentation of American frontier life.
- Any sign of Lila? - Yeah.
By the bar.
I got this.
Like you had Idrisi? Oh, listen to you.
The guy who can't let go.
Hey! Hey.
Any chance of a beer? I'm on a break.
Is that Schopenhauer.
That's That's good stuff.
Seriously? He's an asshole.
That's a little strong.
I consider the guy somewhat of a personal hero.
He said women were mostly suited for babysitting because they're childish, foolish, and short-sighted.
You will grant it he had some issues.
That nature strips them of beauty after they give birth because it's not necessary for them to breed anymore.
OK, well, that that one is-is-is terrible.
It's my belief that the majority of metaphysical philosophy was written by unattractive men who were terrified of the opposite sex.
I would like to buy you a very big drink, right now.
I don't drink at work.
Well, then, maybe we could talk about your mother, Lila.
I think you've made a mistake.
My name's Wyatt.
Sergeant Samuel Wyatt.
Right now, there's some very dangerous people looking for her.
I'm here to help.
You can walk out or Security can throw you out.
Three amigos walking in.
Shall we? Hola, hola.
Please, give me a minute.
Fuck your minute.
- Look, I'm sorry about this.
- Hey! (THUDS, WHACKS, GRUNTS) Who sent you? Who sent you? Take your goddamn hands off me! (WHACKS, GRUNTS) (WHACK, GUNSHOTS) Let's get you out of here.
(GUNSHOTS, SCREAMS) - (GUNSHOTS) - (GLASS SMASHES) Man, they better not be busting up the good shit.
- Yeah? - Now! (GUNSHOTS) Right, come here.
Come on.
Grab your stuff.
Get what you need, make it quick.
What's this about? Why is my mother suddenly so important? Your mother knows where Omair Idrisi is.
Yeah, you might want to check the news, soldier.
Idrisi is dead.
Yeah, I know.
I was there.
In fact, I was the guy that shot him.
And then a mountain came down on top of him.
Still, here we are.
That's highly confidential information, by the way.
But you understand why your mother is in danger? Fuck her! This is why I keep my distance.
Her life ruins mine.
Yeah, I get that.
Bet it gets tough.
It's tough? My father worked for an American NGO in Syria.
When I was thirteen, she turned him into a CIA mole to collect information from some colleagues, political activists.
First, Dad resisted, but Mum always gets her own way.
One afternoon, those colleagues drive him to the middle of nowhere and put a bullet in his head.
Sorry about your father.
If it's any consolation, my mother signed me up for a post-apocalyptic death cult before my tenth birthday.
(SCOFFS) That actually sounds kinda cool.
I was kinda made to believe that the world was ending on a bi-monthly basis.
After the fourth or fifth time, that shit gets a little stale.
But those first few times, right? They must have been pretty exciting.
You never feel more alive than when you're facing death.
You're a soldier, alright.
My fucking heart's beating a hundred miles an hour.
Yeah, me too.
It's kinda scary, right? One way of looking at it.
We got time.
Lila, I don't think Okay, we've got time.
(WHACK) Yeah.
Definitely a Schopenhauer fan.
Did you seriously think I was just going to fuck you, twenty minutes after first meeting you? It does happen.
Lila, look, please, you're in danger.
Guys with guns.
I gathered that.
Wait, no! Lila, I'm just trying to protect you.
Why do they want me, Wyatt? They're using you to get to your mother.
And why do you want me? It's not It's not the same.
You all carry guns and you all think you're right.
Lila, plea Lila! G'day, love! Oh, there he is.
You're coming with me, little bunny.
Now then.
Do you know where your mother is, Lila? Have you ever met my mother, Colonel? She tells me two things.
Jack and shit.
Lila, you do know what's at stake here, don't you? Yeah.
Safety of the free world.
Omair Idrisi.
Jane Lowry.
The boogeyman.
None of it is my concern.
This is what you people don't understand.
You're part of this world.
I'm not.
And I never wanted to be.
So, fuck her.
Fuck you.
And let me go home.
Shouldn't you be tied to a bed somewhere? Oh, come on.
I let you do that.
Trying to gain your trust.
OK, alright, you got me.
But Lila, listen, the people that came for you, they're not done.
They will come back.
I know.
So I've got to pack, got to move.
Even without being here, my mother has successfully screwed up my life again.
Listen, you get into trouble, please trust me.
You're gonna wanna keep this.
Hey, you were right.
The guy's an asshole.
Ma'am, it's Volkan.
You have something for me? I stole files from her laptop, it will lead you to Lowry.
Or, near enough.
We'll send someone.
What? And wake up in some prison somewhere, bag on my head? Fuck that.
Dead drop.
35 Kopenicker Street, electrics box.
By the railway.
I need two bodies for a pick-up.
- Copy.
- I could go.
Uh, copy as well.
Well, the rest of the team are on mission.
It's just a dead drop.
Simple enough.
I don't trust Volkan.
Simple might not be what's waiting.
Understood, ma'am.
I told you never to come here.
Really, not even a 'hello'? Okay.
A hello.
Is everything okay? It's just you've been a bit quiet with me, is all.
Don't make it weird, Will.
You say that about everything.
What do you think happens here? We fuck, we fall in love, there'll be a white wedding with doves and shit? I just think that you can talk straight to me, for once.
That's all.
You know how this life works.
There's only two things that count.
Staying alive and getting the job done.
- There's no room for anything else.
- I don't think that's true.
So that's why you came.
To hang out and ask questions.
This was a mistake.
- So just just forget it, mate.
- Stay in the car.
I've got this.
Time for you to stop playing soldier.
- Bravo One heading to the drop.
- Copy.
How are we doing on the locale of Sheridan? It's a farmhouse, sending GPS, sit tight, await instructions.
Yeah, alright.
(COCKS GUN) No sign of explosives.
Be careful.
No intel.
No data.
No drop.
- Copy that.
- (GLASS SMASHES) All your life, I can't phone, I can't write, I can't visit.
It's because of shit like this, Lila.
These people, they don't stop.
I told them I didn't know where you were.
It doesn't matter what you told them.
They could tail you.
No, I made sure, one of the soldiers, he gave me a note.
- A note? - Telling me not to come find you.
Why the hell would he do that? - We had a connection.
- Oh, God! Do we have to have the talk about the birds and the bees with their big army dicks and the stupid wide-eyed girls who fall for them.
I think he was trying to warn me.
Then why the fuck didn't you listen? Because your work always screws the rest of us and you never seem to get that.
And I sat in my car and realised, enough is enough.
Your car?! The same car you drove here in? - Take it.
- I am not using this.
For once in your life, just do what you're told.
I tell you not to come here, I mean don't come here.
I don't mean do whatever the hell you like.
Good, there's no tracker.
Wait, do you hear that, Mum? - What? - Shh.
I think I think that's the sound of an apology.
- That's funny.
- That is funny.
Thank you.
Now get your ass back inside.
- Jensen's comms are out.
- (DOGS BARK) Shit! Jensen's gone, the drop was a set-up.
Lowry may have made or turned Volkan.
They've taken Jensen, d'you copy? They've taken him! Fuck! Do you want the story? About the woman who made her way up through the ranks, thought she'd do anything for her career, destroyed her marriage, her family, everything? So she keeps moving from place to place because she's terrified of sounds in the night.
Of retribution for all that she's done.
And even worse, she can never tell her daughter just how sorry she is.
Easy, easy, easy.
Just want to talk.
Just talk.
(METAL SCUFFS) (GROANS) (GROANS) Fuck! (DOOR OPENS) Nothing worse than knowing something's coming and not being able to see it.
All you can do is anticipate.
So, I take it they have Lila Hall.
Do they have her mother yet? I don't know what you think you're going to get out of me.
Will, there's a good way that this happens and there is a very bad one.
I'm trying to be your friend here.
You'll always be the enemy.
Project Tenebrae.
That's the real enemy.
Never heard of it? Funny, what they tell you, what they don't.
Where is Rachel Sheridan? I don't know.
I'm not OK.
There's this thing that they teach you, body language, right? The tells people have.
You could be lying to me.
But you could be terrified, telling me things from the heart.
I gotta make a judgement call.
Look, look, the only thing that I know is that Lila, her daughter, said she doesn't know where her mother is.
That's it.
That's all.
Volkan here, he lost his way.
But he's coming back to us.
We all believe in something.
Even you, Will.
So, listen to me.
I'm asking you, one more time.
Please, just tell me.
I don't know, I don't know where Rachel Sheridan is.
I promise, I don't.
Please, please.
I'm just the computer guy.
I don't know.
Stop, please.
- Don't 'Ms' me.
I don't think you understand how serious this might be, if Omair Idrisi I get how serious you think it might be, soldier.
Was he the one? Yeah, he's the one.
If Idrisi's alive, we need to find out which black site he's in.
When he was 'dead', who claimed the body? Colonel Parker, JSOC.
Oh, now, that is interesting.
You see, I know Parker.
Do you mind if my daughter leaves? It's just there's a keypad in that box on the wall.
If I don't punch in a code every four hours, this place detonates, takes down everyone inside it.
And we're already on three hours fifty-eight.
- I think Lila can leave.
- Nobody's going anywhere.
There's a site I redesigned.
It's run by private military; Octagon.
Johannes Krieger.
But it's paid for and controlled by, anybody want to guess here? - Parker.
- Exactly.
Parker finds Idrisi alive.
Decides he wants to pump him for intel.
So he hides him in a black site.
Somewhere where the bleeding hearts in Congress can't stop him.
Somewhere he can kill a man and bring him back, over and over again, with impunity.
That lyin' son of a bitch.
We're through the looking glass here, soldier.
One minute.
- So can she leave? - Yes.
No! Not until you tell us where this black site is.
Why? Maybe Parker's doing good.
Maybe he's getting his hands dirty but saving the world.
We don't care about Parker, we care about Lowry.
- Lowry? - And she's coming for him.
Oh, that could be a problem.
Forty-five seconds Can you all stop pointing fucking guns at each other? Nobody's actually going to shoot anybody.
- What? - This is all just a bluff.
It's just a way to sound each other out.
We're not gonna shoot your mother.
Your mother, hopefully, is not gonna shoot us.
And I guarantee there is no timer hidden in a box, with a - countdown of - (BOX BEEPS) thirty-one seconds.
You know, you might just be the world's worst mother? You're still alive, aren't you? So, Lowry and Idrisi, yeah.
So you probably guessed, we tailed you out here.
You used me.
To be fair, I did tell you not to come here.
Look, this is it's it's the job.
This is my family.
You know, the best thing you can do right now, is jump in your car, and get outta here.
He's right.
Go home, Lila.
You all dragged me into this shit.
I'll go when I choose.
Klomino, Poland.
It's an abandoned Soviet military complex.
That's Parker's black site.
That's where you'll find Idrisi.
Is there a way in for us? My job is high-risk.
One day, I might find out something I shouldn't and then they'll try and silence me.
Car bomb.
Or what would be the greatest irony.
Lock you away in one of your own black sites.
Which is why I build a backdoor into every place.
Now, here is a decayed arterial tunnel.
You'll find an entrance on the perimeter, hidden in the old drainage system, it's about half a klick from the main site.
You're all either very brave or very stupid.
Because you might manage to find a way in, but there's no way you'll ever get out.
Arriving at last known location.
No hits yet on traffic cams.
Keep checking every locale that we know, keep going.
Just stay focused.
At the wrecking yard, on approach.
Will! Will? Oh, my God! I need a medivac.
Now! Sh She asked me She asked me.
I told her about the farmhouse.
Boss, do you copy? Operation compromised.
I'm so sorry.
Bravo, move out fast, you've been compromised.
I have movement.
- (GUNSHOTS) - Everybody get down.
Get down! Down, down, down.
Whatever happens, you stay down.
Sustained fire, they're trying to drive us out the back.
Be too exposed, no cover.
We need to stand our ground.
It's me they want, isn't it? Stay there, we'll get you out.
Lila! Lila I'm sorry! Hey! There's a chest over there.
You'll find something useful in it.
I'm gonna try and lead them away.
No, wait! Hey! Rachel, wait! Shit! (RAPID GUNFIRE) Move.
Wyatt, Sergeant Wyatt.
Take the shot.
(RAPID GUNFIRE CONTINUES) Belt change coming.
Open it! (EXPLOSION) Wyatt! Wyatt! (RAPID GUNFIRE) (GRUNTS, WHACK) - Where's Lowry? - (WHACK) Where is she? Now Now you listen to me.
(WHACKS) Where's Lowry? Sheridan's in the wind, ma'am.
(KNOCKS) What? I'm not saying that I'm a good person, OK? I-I've done I've done things and erm And? And when this is all over, maybe, maybe there's a world where - you and I can have that drink.
- No.
OK, I just, I thought I'd chat Sergeant Wyatt.
I'm fucking with you.
Yeah, there's a world.
Wyatt, we need to go.