Strike Back s06e08 Episode Script

Retribution: Episode 8

WYATT: I shot Idrisi, twice! There's no way he's getting back up from that.
- Is he alive? - It's true, he's alive.
NOVIN: The drop was a set-up! They've taken Jensen! Project Tenebrae, that's the real enemy.
If Idrisi's alive, we need to find out which black site he's in.
There's a site I redesigned, you might manage to find a way in, but there's no way you'll ever get out.
- NOVIN: Will.
- I told her about the farmhouse.
NOVIN: Boss, do you copy? Operation compromised.
Can you walk? I think so.
Omair, we need to go.
My father, he gave this to me when I was twelve.
(COUGHS) Before he died he (GAGS, COUGHS) (LOWRY GASPS) (VOMITS, SPLUTTERS) Omair! Omair.
- LOWRY: Can you hear me? - DOCTOR: Can you hear me?! Omair! Omair! Tell me about the terrorist cells in Nangarhar.
Give me some names.
- Locations.
Or we go again.
- He's had enough.
He keeps dying.
We keep bringing him back, the human body can only take so much.
And in a month, he hasn't given us a single piece of actionable intel.
We start again in an hour.
- NOVIN: Clear.
REYNOLDS: We're at the last of Volkan's warehouses.
NOVIN: How are the boys doing? McAlister and Wyatt are en route to the black site.
You just find out what happened to Rachel Sheridan.
REYNOLDS: Copy that.
It could be rigged.
It's Rachel Sheridan.
Rachel Sheridan's dead.
They've done a number on her.
We have to assume that Jane and Volkan got the location of the site, and are coming for Idrisi.
I have no other choice.
Your office told me where you were.
There's a black site in Klomino, Poland.
Paid for with a Special Operations slush fund and controlled by you.
You know I can't talk about this shit, Adeena.
Jane Lowry knows Idrisi's there.
She took out Krieger, Sheridan.
And now she's coming for him.
You're telling me that I have Omair Idrisi at this site.
You are aware that I was the one who ordered the MOP strike on him? Let's not waste time being cute.
D'you have any evidence or solid facts to support these ludicrous claims? Your site is off the grid.
That means if anything happens, there's no backup, no reinforcements.
Tighten your security.
You really want me to get on the phone to your people and tell them you're slinging around unfounded accusations like this? Jesus, Adeena.
You'll be a laughing stock.
We're both on the same side here.
Our intel is that Jane Lowry is going to the black site.
That isn't going to change.
We need to stop her.
(CELLPHONE BEEPS) Parker gave me nothing.
I see no other option.
Mission is a go.
Get to Idrisi before Jane does, secure him and bring him out.
And if you run into her, don't leave her alive.
- Copy that.
- (CAR APPROACHES) Pretty regular sweep of guard patrols.
That's a good time to go underground.
(DOOR OPENS) It wasn't your fault, mate, what happened to Lila.
I know exactly what is and isn't my fault, McAllister.
I'm just staying on mission.
What are you doing here? Work.
Where's the team? McAllister and Wyatt are infiltrating the black site.
Reynolds and Novin have found Rachel Sheridan dead.
And you are going back to hospital.
- To do what? - To recover.
No, sorry, ma'am, I've got a job to do here.
I'm up to speed on the black site, alright? You have the comms, Lance Corporal.
Bravo, send sitrep.
Johnson, is that you? Back at work already? Respect.
Just living for the day, you get my name right, Sergeant.
Well, you're gonna be living a long time.
We're entering the arterial tunnel now.
Copy that.
Comms'll be out the moment you get beyond the perimeter, they'll have a pretty sophisticated jamming system in there.
The black site itself will be fairly rudimentary, but Sheridan retrofitted the old Soviet base with a system of emergency lockdowns that you really don't want to be the ones to trigger.
MAC: Yeah, we're screwed.
Got it.
It's good to hear your voice, mate.
- WYATT: Ready? - Yep.
- 1, 2, 3.
MAC: See you on the other side.
Comms are now out.
Have you heard of something called Project Tenebrae, ma'am? Lowry said something about it being the real enemy, erm, before she, er I don't know, it just seemed important.
You should look into it.
But right now, we should focus on the mission.
(DOOR OPENS) You son of a bitch.
(METAL SQUEAKS) (SARCASTICALLY) Can you make a bit more noise? It's rusted.
Er, I'm glad you're here, actually.
Er Er Donovan asked me to look into something while she was gone, and and I've found I need second level clearance.
(SIGHS) I don't believe this.
It concerns Lowry.
You shouldn't be at work.
Captain, time is an issue.
And, er, Donovan's not due back for a while.
Sorry, erm, do you mind if we have the room? Yeah, of course.
It's done.
Erm Jensen, it's good to have you back.
What the fuck are you doing here? Following up a lead.
Back at work.
It hasn't even been twenty-four hours.
(STUTTERS) I don't blame you, if that's what you're worried about.
Oh, yeah? You should! I left you in the car and you weren't even meant to be in the fucking field.
Can this not wait? (TYPES ON KEYBOARD) Have you looked at yourself, Will? Have you looked at what they've done to ya? Have you? Why are you doing this? This fucking life, it's not for you.
It's not.
Are we done here? Erm, because this work isn't.
- MAC: Move.
- Moving.
Black site secure zone dead ahead.
Shit! Is that a metal detector? Rachel Sheridan never mentioned that.
If we go through there all geared up, we'll have every alarm in the place ringing.
(FOOTSTEPS APPROACH) What are you doing? You watch my back from here.
I'll check ahead.
Unarmed? You know another way round? And while we're talking, I don't know.
You don't know what? What I'm going to do when I see Idrisi again.
Why the hell are you telling me this now? Out of respect.
Besides, you can't shout at me, can you? Asshole.
- 1, 2 - (TURNS DIAL, DOOR UNLOCKS) We're on high alert.
Who gave you permission to open the cell? Erm, Doctor Pryce needed to see the patient.
It will help.
I've taken care of immediate security, but there'll be more in the area, coming this way.
(IDRISI GRUNTS) (GUNSHOTS) Captain, Parker's running a rogue op for his own glory.
At least that means going in and grabbing Idrisi won't cause an international incident.
Did you give Jensen a security override earlier? I received an alert.
He was looking into intel on Lowry.
I had denied him the request.
He's barely able to function as it is.
Lowry had access my records, Wyatt's as well, something else is going on here.
You don't think I'm aware of that? Right now, I'm trying to protect Jensen.
Right now, you are hiding something from me.
We are not equals, Captain.
I have no duty to you.
(PHONE BEEPS) That's a geo-tag from Parker.
Why would he send me that? Get over there and find out what the hell's going on.
So, middle of the night, I got an email from you.
I didn't send you an email.
Yeah, I know.
You were asleep, I could see that.
You were in my hospital room? Point is, it was a link, to all of Will Jensen's files.
It's an automated programme, if I don't check in every twenty-four hours.
It's just important to keep everything backed up.
Dude, I'm not a hard drive.
No, you're you're the person I trust.
Gracie, saddle up.
We're going to check on Parker.
Something might be up.
- Copy.
- Alright.
- Catch you later.
- Grace? (LAUGHS) (CLEARS THROAT) (ALARM BLARING) Okara is in cell number five.
We release all the prisoners, Doctor.
Omair, these men, they see me as the enemy, the things I've done.
That is why you are helping me.
Mm? Why you risked everything to place a call to my wife.
To redeem yourself.
We are all prisoners of some kind, Doctor.
We need Okara, to open the doors.
We need to take it slowly; the torture has taken its toll.
You promise they won't harm me? I give you my word.
(DOOR OPENS) (GUNSHOT) Who the hell are you? Sergeant Wyatt.
How're you doing? Looks like I got here just in time.
You broke in here? That's impossible.
Call Colonel Parker.
He'll vouch for me.
- Mostly.
- Parker's not picking up.
You just lost your eyes as well.
Look, I've got a buddy on the wrong side of your lockdown, Sergeant McAllister.
I know Parker will have warned you about Jane Lowry.
That's why we're here.
To make sure she doesn't get what she wants.
Or maybe you're here to help her.
Come on.
How long to open the doors? I don't work for you, Idrisi.
I work for myself.
They told me there wasn't a prison built that could hold you.
They were right.
Ten minutes.
If we're lucky.
Rachel Sheridan built a backdoor into the site.
It's via an arterial tunnel, connected to the old drainage system, it's about half a klick from here.
It's how me and my buddy got in.
And right now, there's a chance that Jane Lowry knows about it too.
So just, just get some bodies down there, guard it at least.
Come on.
I wouldn't be telling you this shit if I was working with her, would I? Get me a patrol on the old drainage system entrance, east of the site.
You two, go.
Find Find him.
(WHACK, GROANS) (METAL CLATTERS) Who else is in here? Who else is in here, we gotta worry about? Ibrahim Okara.
Ex-Boko Haram.
Yeah, he's a nasty son of a bitch.
Listen, man, just get me Hey, hey.
Just get me in there.
Just get me in there, I'll bring it under control.
I'll find my buddy, and we'll bring it under control.
That's not happening.
The men in there are desperate, dangerous.
If your friend is trapped in there with them, then he's as good as dead.
You, find a chair.
Pick him up.
Fuck off! Tell me what you are doing here.
Had to see for myself.
If it was true.
How the fuck did you survive that? Turns out it was not my day to die.
(LAUGHS) That whole plan you had, Markov, the Novichok, we well and truly fucked that up for you.
(LAUGHS) Good.
You still have spirit.
Something to break.
Did you come alone? I wanted to make it extra special for you.
Come on, don't lie to me.
Where is your boyfriend, from the USA? - (ELECTRICAL SPARKS) - (CURSES IN FOREIGN LANGUAGE) So much for your reputation.
I can get us out.
But we're talking hours.
Not minutes.
They have too many safe-guards.
Fortunately, I did not place all my faith in you, Okara.
You forget, our captors are blind.
I have a hostage.
Open the doors before I execute.
You gotta let me in there! - Let me in there! - (SCREAMS IN BACKGROUND) I can't do that! Open the doors! - (MACHINE CHARGES, SHOCKS) - (GROANS) Your father, he was a good man, Omair.
He would not want you to give into your anger.
To seek revenge.
(GROANS, MUMBLES) Get the fuck off me! (WHACKS, GRUNTS) Alpha Team You're thinking that 'this guy won't actually hurt me'.
This guy fucking will.
Now open the fucking doors and let me in.
Alright, last chance.
(WHACK, GROANS) Oh, no, no, no.
Come on, wake up.
Wake up.
Come on.
C'mon Oh, you, son of a bitch.
(TYPES ON KEYBOARD) - (COMPUTER BEEPS) - Oh, come on! Moving.
Parker's family.
Volkan has them.
(DOOR CLOSES IN BACKGROUND) (GUNSHOTS) Lower your weapon, soldier.
Lower your weapon, soldier.
- Let them go.
- (COCKS GUN) Lower it.
You can't win this.
Idrisi is alive.
Do you have any idea of what that means? What about when he discovers what you've done, turning your back on your own people? What happens to me is not important.
He is all that matters.
- (GUNSHOT) - (GASPS) Volkan is dead.
I repeat, Volkan is dead.
Solid copy on that.
Parker and his family were held hostage, they've taken him.
They must be using him to gain access to the site.
You need to get over there, fast as you can.
I'll try and contact Parker again.
- (ELECTRICAL CHARGES) - (GROANS) Open the doors! Open the doors! They are not opening the door.
They are not listening to you.
Fuck you! - Neither are we.
- (WHACK) But you're right.
Maybe a hostage is the way out.
A bullet in the leg, one in the arm, we'll see how quickly they'll open the door when their most valuable prisoner is under threat.
At least your name still means something, Idrisi.
(MACHINE CHARGES, GROANS) Stay back! Back! Stay back! - (GUNSHOTS) - (GLASS SMASHES) OK, fellas.
We need to get to the control room.
We're in lockdown, sir! Come on guys, look at me.
I'm Colonel Parker, I'm your commanding officer and we need to get to the goddamn control room! Sir, I'm sorry, but we can't open the doors.
Sir? WYATT: Hey! Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Easy, easy.
I hope you've come to sort this shitstorm out.
I'm sorry, buddy, you're going to have to speak up, you know.
Since Grozny, I am as deaf as a post.
(MAC PANTING) (IDRISI LAUGHING) You have to keep me alive, huh? I'm just doing my job, alright? Yeah, but if you didn't, no-one would know.
If it was the other way around, I wouldn't hesitate.
That's why I'm the good guy and you're the bad guy.
Your enemy is just someone who's point of view you haven't understood yet.
My father was a farmer.
I know what all about your father.
A western missile strike on an incorrectly identified village.
So you understand.
Yeah, I understand that gave you an excuse to act like a sociopath.
Bombing hotels, bringing down airliners.
- What do you know - (GUNSHOT) More men than bullets.
Let's go.
They had my whole family, Wyatt.
There was nothing I could do.
The name Lila Hall mean anything to you? Her mother was Rachel Sheridan.
And they're both dead because you lied, you lied to everybody and you hid Idrisi away in here.
What I do with men like Idrisi is about keeping people safe! Bullshit! It's about stripes and medals.
Now, I know you've got a way in there.
Yeah, I've got another way in.
I've got a way out, as well, for both of us.
Total deniability.
We can walk away, you can get your life back, you can go home again.
(GUNSHOTS) Haven't you heard? I'm with Twenty now.
Now you get me the hell in there! This way.
You're the site director? I'd like to see my husband.
We're We're in lock-down.
- Well, take us out of it.
- I can't, the system's locked me out.
I know who designed this place.
I watched her die.
I also know that in lock-down, you and Parker have the override keys.
Move him! Listen, they don't care about you.
They want me.
So use me as bait.
You don't have enough bullets.
And I will not survive in the hands of a man like Okara.
Wait! Stop! Don't move.
The British soldier.
He's behind you.
Do you think I am stupid, Idrisi? (WHACK, GUNSHOTS) - (LAUGHS) - (GUNSHOT) Drop it! Drop the weapon.
Not today, habibie.
Down, on the ground, now! Hands.
It's nice to see you stayed on mission.
Well, one of us has got to do a proper job, eh? Ah, your boyfriend is rough.
How you doing, Omair? Fuck you! - (KEYPAD BEEPS) - Faster.
It's not opening.
Whatever they've been doing has jammed the locks.
- Move, move, move! - Go! (GUNSHOTS) Got it! Open the fucking door! I was the one who kept him alive, you need to understand that.
Get down! Changing.
Shit! Moving! That's an ammo stack back there! Lucky I wasn't blown to pieces.
Shoot to the right.
I'm running low.
(YELLS) - I'm out.
- Empty.
They're out of ammo! - Shut the fuck up! - Go! (NOVIN YELLING) Aren't you guys sick of us savin' your asses? Highlight of my day.
Moving! (RAPID GUNFIRE) - Ammo dump eleven o'clock.
- Got it.
I I've lost touch with Novin and Reynolds.
No word from Mac and Wyatt.
Your wife and family are at the NATO base in Zagan.
Thank you, Captain.
I've sealed the entrance, it'll hold them a while, but, er, we need to get a move on.
We need to talk about Idrisi, what we're going to do with him.
Yeah, sure, let's talk.
We're gonna take him with us, Colonel.
Which means you you've got a long walk home.
MOP strike, asshole.
Remember that? That's the second time you've left me for dead.
Let's go, Wyatt.
I'm glad the family's okay.
- Fuck you, Sergeant.
- (ENGINE STARTS) Fuck you too, Colonel.
Maybe you should call it a day, Will.
I think I've done it.
You've done what? I think I've cracked it.
I think I think I've cracked the thing that Lowry was talking about.
There weren't any, er, references, or logs, or databases, or anything like that.
But But when you digitally remove something, you can leave traces.
I've been chasing the ghosts in the machine.
I told you to leave it for now.
Never could resist a challenge.
Wait, what? - Hold on - (GASPS, STRUGGLES) I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, Will.
I'm sorry.
I've got no choice.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
(GASPS, STRUGGLES) REYNOLDS: We've got the package.
WOMAN: I won't sacrifice all the good we've done for one mistake.
You're asking me to eliminate - my people? - (REYNOLDS GRUNTS) You have your orders.
Yes, ma'am.