Strike Back s06e09 Episode Script

Retribution: Episode 9

Stinger missiles.
Get up! I shot Idrisi twice.
How did you survive that? Where is he? I know who is in the black sites, but not where they are! We outsource the setups.
(SHOUTS) Open the door! Aren't you guys sick of us saving your asses? Now we need to talk about Idrisi.
We're gonna take him with us, Colonel.
I've been chasing the ghosts in the machine.
I told you to leave it for now.
I've got no choice, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
Grenade! Go, go, go! They're blocking all exits.
Move! Moving! Moving! What did I say about taking the freeway? Seriously? You're doing that? Right now? Go! Gotta move.
Go, go, go.
Moving! Who are these guys? Feel free to ask them, mate! I don't know if this guy's worth dying for, though.
They will not stop until they have me.
Maybe we should give them what they want, then.
Hold your fire! This is who you want, right? You can have him.
Lower your weapons.
I said, lower your weapons! Baissez vos armes, faites ce qu'il dit.
Guns down, ho, ho.
There, you can have him, I'm walking away.
Move! Move! Moving! Shit! Shit! Hey! Captain! Captain! What the hell are you doing? Get down! Get down! Stay down! Reynolds just fucked off with Idrisi! Why the hell would she do that? Fuck knows, mate! We're gonna need another exfil.
Grenade! C'mon, move! Clear.
Got wheels, over here.
Get in, let's get after her.
Nicely done.
No, I let you get the drop on me.
And then, you recovered.
Turned it to your advantage.
Eighteen months ago, you would have crumbled.
Yeah, well, eighteen months ago, I didn't know a muzzle from a magazine.
Come on, please, let's do it again.
You're ready.
Really? Have they given us the green light? Omair Idrisi.
Get close to him.
Gain his trust.
Get us what we need to take him and his organisation down.
You really believe that's possible? I have never seen anyone with such natural talent, the ability to adapt.
Believe me one person can make all the difference.
And what And what happens if it all goes wrong? And if when if he finds out that I'm not wh what I say I am? If anything happens, I'll be there, to get you out.
I promise.
(PHONE RINGING) I have him.
Bring him to the rendezvous point.
And the rest of the team? Well, I left them behind, Colonel, just like you said.
I know you've got doubts.
But there was an attack on the crib.
And until I'm sure everyone is clean, you're the only one I can trust.
You should know You should know, there was an ambush and I don't think it was Parker's men.
So, you might want to get Jensen to look into it.
Natalie, Jensen didn't make it out.
I'm sorry.
You understand now why I asked you to do this? Stay on mission.
Bring me Idrisi.
(ENGAGED TONE) Bloody hell! Reynolds just snatched Idrisi and took off on us.
I don't think she's gonna answer the phone.
No, I'm trying to get in touch with Jensen.
He tracks our phones, he can get a bead on her.
Oh, wait, he sent me an automated link to his files, I might be able to access tracking through that.
What the fuck?! The last files that Jensen logged, that Project Tenebrae thing he was looking into, it's Donovan.
And Lowry.
Would you like to talk about it? No.
You will deliver me to a person you have lost faith in and you turn your back on the people you trust.
I'm going to take life advice from a man who blows up airliners and hotels.
Fuck! Jesus.
(SPEAKS IN ARABIC) What the fuck are you doing? I'm joking.
What the hell were you going to do with that? (DOOR SLAMS) How did you find me? Jensen had a tracker on your phone.
You alright? I've been better.
Just wanna talk, OK? Are you alone? Yeah, I'm alone.
Mostly alone.
Mostly alone.
Hey, Captain.
Put your hands behind your back, come on.
You know, I'm getting fucking sick of tying you up.
I had orders from Donovan.
Did you know Lowry was a British agent? What? No.
Donovan trained her, it's called Project Tenebrae.
That's bullshit! She would have told us.
Come on.
She should have told us.
You don't think I don't know what this is, huh? Your little setup.
You lie to me.
- Try to tricking me.
- Look at the photos, mate.
I don't need to look at your photos, mate.
I know my wife.
Do you? Look at them! Look at them! This whole time, we've been chasing a rogue fuckin' agent.
Remember when Jensen asked you for security clearance? This was the shit he was looking into.
- (HEAR A CAR AND SHOUTS NEARBY) - We need to get in touch with him and find out what else he knows.
The crib was hit.
And? Donovan said that Jensen didn't make it, Gracie.
Oh, is that right? What, he's dead? Is that what you're saying? I'm sorry.
Donovan lied to us about Lowry and now you want me to believe this? It's fucking bullshit! Shit! Tangoes incoming.
Shall we sort this out in a bit? Is it bad? Yeah, it's pretty bad.
- Go.
Go! Move! - Yeah.
Incoming! OK.
Let's go.
Move! Move! Friends of yours? I don't have friends, but you have many enemies.
Fall back! In here.
- Moving! - Move! Move! ENEMY SOLDIER: we've got them pinned down! Move to the ship.
- Get up there! - More inbound.
Fuck! Coming through! Move! Stay there! Keep them from grabbing Idrisi.
Shit! Fuck, I'm out.
Mac, they're coming from the bow.
Changing! Novin! - Move! - Move! Move! You're good, go, go! Go, go, go! Move! - Go there! - Novin, no! Upstairs! Go! Stay there! They're still coming, keep it moving.
You, with me, now! I'll go up, give us cover.
I'm heading down the back.
Hey! Drop your weapon.
Fuck me! I'm moving! Easy, easy.
Novin? I thought she was with you.
So, anybody want to hear a funny story? This is nice.
Old friends, getting together.
If the details of Tenebrae got out, it would be uncomfortable but survivable.
But where it would lead, what we're accountable for, it would bring military intelligence to its knees.
I won't sacrifice all the good we've done for one mistake.
Ma'am, the team aren't aware of what Lance Corporal Jensen discovered.
As far as you know.
I'm not taking the risk.
You're asking me to eliminate my people? I'm saying that a clean house is a good house.
And to do what needs to be done.
Captain Reynolds is bringing me Idrisi.
We'll use him as bait to draw Lowry out.
I can get this under control.
We lost control a long time ago.
I've given you those Stillwater men for a reason.
You have your orders.
Yes, ma'am.
Looks like you're having a bad day, too.
We should do this more often.
You don't write, you don't call.
You just drop in, unexpectedly.
You stole something from me.
Your death was headline news.
The hell you want with him? He belongs to me.
Octagon Private Security is one of my companies.
We've been tracking you, assholes, by satellite, ever since you broke out of my black site.
Wait, and you didn't know they had him? Oh! Colonel Parker never said a goddamn word.
This is very exciting.
How much do you think the Americans would pay to keep this whole shitshow quiet? I have something better.
Yeah, I very much doubt that.
Jane told me she has a drive, hidden away for our insurance.
The Atlas.
It's a list of every covert op and agent sanctioned by British Military Intelligence.
I just wanted to talk.
You and me.
Might be the last chance we'll have to understand each other.
Hundreds of people are dead because of you.
What is there that I could possibly need to understand? You sanctioned a drone strike against Idrisi.
And when warned that-that you had an asset in the area, you said I was expendable.
Direct quote.
I saw the communiques.
You gave me access to the system.
I revoked that access before we put you in with Idrisi.
You taught me how to get around such things.
You were a great teacher.
I'll give you that.
Where do you see this conversation ending, Jane? We hug, we agree to be friends? No.
I'll be with Omair again.
And we'll disappear.
And you'll leave us alone.
That is not an option.
Do you know what else I found when I was combing through the system? I found the Atlas.
Even if that's true, you'd never release it.
Because then, Idrisi would know the truth about you.
Or did you tell him you were a British agent? Or about your life before that? You used me.
Quite a life it was, as well; petty theft, violent assaults, addiction.
And I wasn't the first, was I? Standing on street corners with your your skirt hiked up, turning tricks.
- How many people have you used and thrown away? - How would your beloved husband react to that? Hiya.
What can I get you? I'm fine, thanks.
I'm not staying.
Another coffee? No.
This one was bad enough.
I apologise.
She has no manners.
Try the coffee.
And then, tell me if I'm wrong.
The mission comes first.
The life of one person is nothing compared to the many that we're fighting to protect.
I'm sorry.
You're not going to shoot me in a public place, Adeena.
I'm not here alone.
The clean-up crew.
I think we underestimated each other.
(SCREAMING) Ives, come on, you can't make a deal with him.
He shot down your helicopter for fuck's sake! Think about what this means if the intel is real.
Every British agent, every covert op is gonna be blown wide open.
Are you trying to get me hard? Info like that'll fetch eight figures on the open market easy.
Big pot of gold.
Hey, hey, remember, we dragged your ass out of Ajir.
Remember? If it helps, think of this as a character building moment.
For me of course.
You'll just drown.
Should never have left me in that fucking desert.
Secure the weights.
Make sure they sink like a stone.
Let's get that deal in motion.
Fuck! Did I just die? Did I just die? Well, yeah.
You did stop breathing for a bit.
(COUGHS) Oh, wow! That was wild, that kinda makes me want to do it again.
(LAUGHS) Possible brain damage due to lack of oxygen.
Business as usual, then.
- Ives? - Gone.
Luckily, Novin (CONTINUES INDISTINCTLY) You okay? Mate, I didn't bring you back from the dead to ask me stupid questions.
You're okay.
We need to find out what resources Ives has in the area, where he might have hidden Idrisi.
Think I've got that covered for you.
Come on.
Course she has.
Are you ready? Poor fella, got knocked over the side of the ship with me.
Before I saved your life, didn't I? You want to know something, matey? We're having a pretty shitful day.
Decent haul of kit, though, ammo, binos.
And Wyatt's favourite.
C4, now you're talking.
We've been lied to, shot at, drowned, my knickers are wet and I'm bloody starving.
If you don't tell us where Morgan Ives was headed Rovinj, it's a town on the coast.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hang on! Jesus.
That was fast.
Right, you get details.
We'll get vehicles.
Copy that.
(CHUCKLES) This, fucking guy.
I'm guessing you don't play poker, right? (LOWRY WINCING) Fuck.
Where are you? With our good friend, Morgan Ives.
Jawedan, listen.
You told me once you stole something from the British.
Intelligence that would one day might be our insurance.
You remember? Yes.
The day is here.
No, no, you can't do a deal with Morgan Ives, he's, he's subhuman scum.
This subhuman scum is on the call, sweetheart.
Of course you are.
Jawedan, listen.
I'm sorry.
I did not provide the life I promised.
We should be together, walking through the fields of Camomile.
That's what I promised and I'm sorry.
Enough with this "Mills and Boon" shit.
Tell my people where you are.
I'll get you picked up.
So, how's it gonna work when you die? The Seventy-two Virgins.
She'd have to be a very understanding wife to put up with that amount of extracurricular pussy.
Da? Sweet! About Jensen.
Look, Donovan wasn't telling the truth about Lowry being a British agent.
So, maybe she wasn't being straight about Jensen's situation either.
He's got this system where he has to check in every twenty-four hours or I get an alert.
It's bloody annoying, I told him to quit it, but I got one earlier and, err What? Well, that could be for any number of reasons.
Yeah, I know.
You wanna do me a favour and fire up that Quattro? Odds on there's a spare set of keys under the wheel arch.
If not, I'll bust up the locks.
Gracie, look.
Oh, come on.
Fuck, fuck, fuck! (PHONE RINING AND BUZZING) Give me an update, Captain.
Still en route, ETA 2 hours.
The team? Nothing.
I would have thought they'd come after you.
Yeah, me too.
Maybe we should try to contact them.
Loop them in? Right now, the main concern is delivering Idrisi.
Knowing how capable the team are, I'm sure they're not far behind you.
Copy that.
I know.
I wish there was another way, Natalie.
But right now, it's for the best.
Keep me informed.
So, laughing boy's given us a good idea where Ives and Idrisi might be heading.
No, we will scope out Donovan.
Find out why she didn't give us the intel on Lowry.
Mac, what are you doing? Taking a car.
Yeah, no.
That's your pimp and ride.
Flip you for it.
Think I've got one.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
- We flipped.
- You lost.
I'm driving.
- Alright! Big Mac's got the wheel.
- That's not a thing.
- It could become a thing.
- Better not! Guys, be careful out there.
It's a hairdresser's car, anyway.
Follow up the lead on Ives and Idrisi.
Find out where the Atlas is.
We'll stay in touch.
Copy that, Captain.
Boss has got some company.
I'm counting two, three, gotta assume there's more.
Weapons on you.
Don't make any sudden movements.
Captain Reynolds, where's Idrisi? Don't you feel better now you're dressed like a normal person? Come on.
You give us the Atlas, we let you go free.
Bed time, mate.
I actually like you, Omair.
The feeling is not mutual.
You remind me of an ant, striving away, unaware of how insignificant you are.
The west needs people like you, to justify those fat military budgets.
It's why they let you live for so long.
Your jihad was nothing but a cog in their machine.
You have no idea what I fight for.
Touched a nerve? Don't worry.
Few days, you'll be back in some dark, dank cave again.
It's a wonderful life you've got.
Tell you something.
Morgan Ives would get a gold medal for breaking balls.
If you only had one bullet Idrisi.
Killed my squad.
Changed everything.
Yeah, but then you would never have met me.
- Another good reason, then.
- (CHUCKLES) Is he the only reason we're doing this? That's the mission, yes.
You know that.
Natalie? Are we alone? Of course.
Just you and me.
What is it? Where's Idrisi? Why didn't you tell us that Jane Lowry was a British agent? Is that what this is about? It was a covert program which has since been disbanded and buried.
We were after her, we had a right to know that.
Natalie, I chose Jane.
I trained her.
I put her in with Idrisi.
And then, she asked for resources to perform a small act of terrorism, to give her legitimacy, and And you gave them to her? It was an unmanned ammunitions dump.
A symbolic strike, that's all it was.
At least, that's what she told me.
And I'm sitting there, news reports flooding in, a hotel bombing, sixty-three people dead, including an American ambassador and his family.
And if that ever gets out Then British Military Intelligence sanctioned and paid for an attack on an American official.
There'd be no coming back from that.
Everything we do, everything we work for, it'd all be wiped out, because of one error of judgement.
I didn't tell you because no one could ever know.
At least, Idrisi believes in something, right? I can kind of respect that.
But Morgan Ives, well, that son of a bitch, is just a shit stain on a shiny suit.
You son of a bitch! I'm changing my vote.
My bullet is for Lowry.
So, what is the location of this British intelligence? And how the hell did you get a hold of it? I will answer the second part, Mr.
My wife used to be a British agent.
That's right, Jane, is it not? And there's Project Tenebrae.
You'd do anything to keep it quiet, to stop the Americans finding out.
For the greater good.
And what about if someone like Jensen discovered it? Oh, Natalie.
You need to tell me what happened to him.
If you want me to help you, then, you have to tell me what happened.
You said the crib was hit.
If you're asking the question, then, you already know the answer.
We do what we have to do.
I've taught you that since the first day we met.
They've got sights on you, I can't do anything.
You gotta give me some breathing space.
Adeena, can you do me a favour? Can you ask your men to step down? They're just here for an insurance.
In case Lowry came for Idrisi.
Yeah, I understand that.
Of course.
Of course.
They're on amber alert.
Don't get comfortable.
He's gonna kill her.
- No, he won't.
- Yeah? Not after all they've been through.
I was sent to inform on you, to lead you to your death, but I wouldn't do it.
I wouldn't do it.
Everything was a lie.
Here it comes.
But I stayed with you.
I stayed by your side, through everything.
- Everything.
- Sweetheart.
All I give a fuck about is the location of the Atlas.
If you had known the truth about me, about what I was, you never could have loved me.
You made me.
Here it comes.
- You stayed.
- I stayed.
Oh, God! - Huh! Son of a bitch! - The location.
- Told ya! - All I want is the location! All I want is the Atlas.
It's at the centre of a mausoleum.
On Avet Island.
Got it! Avet Island, inside a mausoleum.
I have a yacht, primed and ready in the docks.
But I need some more specific fucking, goddamn, details.
But you don't, I'm gonna show you.
You're gonna tell me.
My wife said she will show you.
Hmm? You know, fuck it! I'm taking the shot.
Wyatt, we can track them.
I'm not letting them get away this time.
This is our shot.
Wyatt! No! No, Mac, this is your chance.
Of not letting Lowry get away again.
I'll take Lowry.
You take Idrisi.
Come on.
Line it up.
Nice and clean.
You have to make a choice, Natalie.
If you need to ask.
She's signalling.
Tower, check in.
- Shit! We've been made.
- Tower? Boss, there's been a (CONTINUES INDISTINCTLY) Move, move, move! All stations report in.
Wyatt, we need to move.
Jawedan! Brian, Brian! Take Idrisi, now! (IDRISI YELLS) Fuck! Jawedan! We need to move, Wyatt.
We're sitting ducks up here.
(IDRISI YELLING) Jawedan! Shit! We gotta get to the docks, after Ives and Idrisi.
Yeah, I'm trying to stay alive first.
- Wyatt, this way.
- Yeah, yeah, go, go, go! That was good, nicely done.
When I found you, your career was over, you were nothing.
No, me, Jane, the rest, we were never nothing.
See, that's your mistake.
You never see the bigger picture.
All I ever tried to do was help.
He He wouldn't stop.
I tried to warn him.
But he wouldn't.
You see how it spreads.
Him, then you, then the rest of the Section.
Word gets out, and then it all comes crashing down.
All you were trying to do was protect yourself.
No, no, no.
To protect everything we're fighting for.
You're not taking me in, are you? I know the kind of person you are.
This will stay with you.
There's no coming back from this.
Novin! - Fuck.
- Drop your weapon.
- Get on the floor! Now! - Easy.
Going down.
Oh, fuck! Alright, now I'm really done.
Any last words? Fuck you.
Good for me, what do you reckon? Works for me.
Like your hair.
Get the chance for last words, go for some poetry, a bit of Keats, Tennyson.
Or Zeppelin, Stones.
Yeah, anything that'll buy you more time.
- They're inside here - We've got company.
I'll remember that next time.
Of course it's always better not to get grabbed in the first place.
Who the hell are you guys, anyway? Eh, it's a long story.
Well, save it for next time.
- Clear? - Clear.
On me.
That's not how we're doing things.
Wasn't asking, dickhead.
There's no way out! Hey! Wyatt.
Hey, I just want you guys to know something, right? I thought I was done being part of the team, but, uh, turns out I was wrong.
There's worse ways to go, right? Wyatt! (THEME MUSIC PLAYING)