Strike Back s06e10 Episode Script

Retribution: Episode 10

1 I have orders from Donovan.
- Jensen! - I have him.
Donovan lied to us.
Lowry was a British agent.
Donovan trained him.
For Project Tenebrae.
Tangoes incoming.
How much do you think the Americans would pay to keep this whole shit show quiet? I have something better the Atlas, a list of every covert op and agent sanctioned by British military.
"Jawedan, listen.
We should be together walking through the fields of Camomile.
" All I want is the location of the Atlas.
It's on Avet Island.
You're not taking me in, are you? (GUNSHOTS) Go! (WOMAN SCREAMS) Wait, wait.
Coming through! Thanks.
- This way! - Move! Go! Go! - Shit.
- Ah, no, no! Boat? Yeah.
Come on, let's do it! Ready? Come on! - Shit! Ah, shit! Grenade! - Shit.
Go! (LAUGHS) Yeah! Now we just have to find Ives.
You can stop the dirty looks, yeah? Right now, this Atlas of intelligence is the only thing stopping me from selling your ass on the open market! (INDISTINCT SPEECH) I brought the Camomile.
British intel.
It's on Avet Island.
Shall I stop with the dirty looks now, Mr Ives? - (SPEAKS FOREING LANGUAGE) - Comrade.
Hey! Up ahead, that's Ives' boat! Get after them! (GUNSHOTS) - We've got company! - What the fuck? - Who the hell are they? - (GUNSHOTS) Agh! (MAN SHOUTS IN RUSSIAN) Did you hear that? Russian! (INDISTINCT SHOUTING) Shit, we've been hit! Shit! They're going up the right! It's OK, it's just a little smoke.
It'll hold.
I can see where you coming from But I know just what you Running from This ain't no place for no hero This ain't no place For no better man This ain't no place for no hero To call home (INDISTINCT SHOUTING) Michael, stop fucking around.
So, are you cowboys gonna tell me who the hell you are? We're on the trail of the Atlas.
Stolen British military files.
Oh, yeah? Never heard of that one before.
But you know, when I lose something, - it's usually in the last place I look.
- That's cute.
We know Lowry had it and now Idrisi's after it, isn't he? D'you wanna back it off there, mate? You heard her.
Step back.
Ah, fuck, it's you two.
Looks like I know them.
These guys used to be 20.
Seriously, you're in bed with the Russians? Jane, uh - (SIGHS) - I heard her contact him.
It turns out they were interested in the Atlas, as well.
Whatever they were offering, I'll pay double.
It's not about the money, Mr Ives.
But in Libya, you told 20 where I was.
That led to Jane and I being separated, to my capture and to her death.
Everything that has happened is because of you.
We should head to the island soon.
Take vehicles.
Go via the causeway.
I don't care how we get there.
I just meant, if you wanted, you still have time to do whatever you need to do.
This whole situation reminds me of a fucking joke! See, there's a Muscovite businessman, a Siberian farmer and a policeman from St Petersburg all standing on top of this building.
The stock market has crashed, the ruble's flatlined they've lost all their savings, they're on the food line.
A normal day in Russia, right? They decide to end it all, make a pact to jump off the building at the same time.
But who hits the ground first, the businessman, the farmer? Anybody want to guess? No? The Russian, so who gives a fuck? I'll give you plenty instead.
Katya, set a course to Avet Island.
These people who are after you, they're military.
They're Stillwater.
Contractors sent to clean house.
A bunch of assholes.
So I'm guessing you must've done something to piss off the wrong people.
Yeah, our CO, trying to cover up mistakes from the past.
Just out of curiosity, who are you guys working for, hm? - It's a little complicated.
- Is it? You were disavowed by the British military and now you've drafted in on occasion to do high-risk covert ops.
(IN DISTANCE) How many are there? Fuck me.
Well - at least it's not that complicated! - It's not, is it, sunshine? We've been on the trail of the stolen intel for the last few months now.
Is that right? It's just, uh, we've been looking for it for the last day and we're already ahead of ya! - We got a little distracted in São Paulo.
- Which we agreed we wouldn't talk about.
- No, we agreed you wouldn't talk about it.
- Damien! Michael.
Shut up.
Fuck you, mate.
Jesus Christ! Pair of idiots.
(COUGHING) (PHONE VIBRATES) Shit! Wyatt? Are you OK? Well, that kinda depends on your definition of OK.
We took out Lowry, but we lost Idrisi.
We did, however, get a location on the Atlas.
A place called Avet Island, due south of the Bosnian-Croatian border.
We're closer.
We'll make a move for it.
Yeah, well, it'll have to be a quick move.
Ives, Idrisi and the Russian Special Ops are already on their way.
Russian? "Yeah, Turns out there's a party and everyone's invited.
" Right.
Well, we'll hold them off as long as we can.
All right.
And Cap Donovan? - We're on our own now.
- "Copy that.
" - "Have you got transport?" - She's asking if we have transport.
I think we'll manage.
- They've got a fix on the intel.
- Sweet.
Stillwater assholes inbound.
Are you sure you can get to the Atlas before anyone else does? (MAN SCREAMS) We have to.
We need it to get back in.
- We need it to stay alive.
- It's always hearts and flowers until they try to blow your brains out.
(MEN SCREAM) We'll hold off Stillwater, buy you some time.
You stay in touch.
We'll rendezvous once you've got the package.
Appreciate it.
Yeah, well, that's the kind of gentlemen that we are.
- Go on.
- Moving.
Speaking of which, we are the kinda gentlemen that will steal that intel from them, right? Stealing is such a harsh word.
Let's go.
Let's move, bud.
'(HIGH-OCTANE MUSIC)' "It's a complicated situation.
" What's complicated?! You ordered Donovan to eliminate us! "Whatever Donovan did, she did alone.
" I'm sure you've got a wall of deniability! But we've got bigger problems here.
Lowry stole the fucking Atlas! We were aware there might've been a breach.
"Well, Idrisi's after it.
" Idrisi alongside some Russian Special Forces.
My guess would be GRU.
It's the entire map of the British military covert operation.
If it falls into Russian hands Tell me your location, I'll send a squad.
Yeah, I don't think so! We'll get the Atlas and we'll bring it in.
And then what? And then the operation will be deemed a success Lowry terminated, Atlas secured and 20 back where they belong.
Thought so.
Just remember, Captain, if you come home empty-handed, you're nothing but the team that eliminated their own CO, and that story does not have a happy ending.
Are we screwed? Yeah.
If we don't get the Atlas.
Maybe we were screwed from the start.
Donovan only got us in to clean up the mess.
You know, I didn't even try to bring her in alive.
You ask me, Captain, you did the right thing.
- They're keen.
We set? - Yep.
Everyone's after this damn thing.
It better be bloody worth it! '(TENSE MUSIC)' OK.
That should buy us some time.
20 are here.
We are going to need more men.
Let's move.
- Are you OK? - Yeah.
We need to get out to that island, quick as we can.
'Cause the Russians are gonna be on us.
I just gotta check.
Everybody is cool to go back for this, right? Well, what's the other option? If they get their hands on it, military intelligence is crippled soldiers, ops, everything we've worked for.
A bad boss doesn't mean a bad job.
Will said it was worth it.
I believed him back then and I believe him now.
Come on, it could be worse.
It could be raining.
That looks like a mausoleum to me.
All right, short stuff, come on, you and me, let's go! Short stuff, eh? That really isn't a fucking thing! See you, Big Mac! Moving.
We need to find an over-watch position.
'(TENSE MUSIC)' That's got to be where Lowry headed, centre of the mausoleum.
Your guess is as good as mine, mate.
I don't even know what it looks like.
It's clear.
- All right.
Where do you want to start? - Yeah.
Top right.
Oh, fuck! (GRUNTS) '(DRAMATIC MUSIC)' You know, if Lowry had this intel, how come she never used it? Maybe she didn't have a chance.
Maybe she didn't want Idrisi to find out the truth.
Or maybe if you didn't keep asking questions, we'd find the fucking thing faster! It was a rhetorical question.
'(GUNFIRE)' We've got to move.
(SHOUTING) You go, I'll keep them away! Go, go, go, go! Shit! They've circled around us.
Get down.
The fuck (CONTINUES WHISPERING INDISTINCTLY) (MEN SPEAK RUSSIAN) "(DEVICE BEEPS)" - See if you can get round the other side.
- Copy that.
Hey, wait.
Wait for my signal.
- What's your signal? - You'll see.
'(TENSE MUSIC)' (INDISTINCT SHOUTING) (GRUNTS) (GROANS) You took her from me! You people, you have no idea what you've taken! My family! My wife! (SHOUTS) Move! (GRUNTS) (GRUNTS) - Bullshit! - Ah, it was worth a try! Hey! Fuck! I never wanted this.
I had my team, my squad, my brothers.
You took that from me! Do you even think about the people you have killed? Agh! - You're not changing the world! - (GROANS IN PAIN) You're just putting fucking holes in it! So, what are you saying, Thomas? Should we put down our weapons, talk about our differences? No.
I'm saying today, today's the day you die.
Package acquired.
Move out.
- I'm not done! - Katya, now! Captain.
Are you all right? The Russians have the Atlas.
(SPITS) I just killed Omair Idrisi.
Are you sure? Yeah, I'm sure.
The Atlas? The Russians have it.
They've already moved out.
What was the point? It was all for shit, mate.
At least the rain's stopped.
Michael, we could do with your help.
(DOG BARKS IN DISTANCE) - What is this place? - It's an old KGB safe house.
Mind you, the owner can be a bit, er, temperamental.
Welcome home.
What the hell?! - Michael! - Peter.
- Where is the other? - He's late.
We were in the area and needed a drink.
Maybe something more Make yourselves comfortable.
Right, first things first Lance Corporal William Jensen.
- To Jensen.
- (ALL) Jensen.
- Johnson.
- Johnson.
'(TENSE MUSIC)' Hey - That's him, right? - Yep.
Anton Krupin and Katya Korikova.
GRU Black Ops.
More competent and ruthless than the KGB ever was.
Covert ops, meddling in foreign elections, not to mention their weapon caches in the US, just in case.
Once they've decrypted the Atlas, they'll have every British military secret, as well.
Bloody brilliant! So we've got about, what, 12 hours until everything's fucked.
Until we're disavowed and hunted down.
Contracts on your pretty little heads and everyone's looking to collect.
Hard to resist.
You are fucking with us, right? - I'm fucking with you.
- Dick head.
The fact remains the same, without the Atlas, you're screwed.
So we get it back.
Except we don't know where the GRU have taken it and we don't have time to track them down.
So, why don't we steal something off them? Something of equal worth.
Force a trade.
Oh, come on, reality check! We cannot just storm in and steal a list of GRU Black Ops.
Oh, that's what we're doing? 'Course we fucking are.
So Victor says Pančevo, Serbia, nearest Russian databank.
- What's the security like? - It's pretty brutal.
What have we got? Lockdown protocols, reinforced steel doors, self-destruct mechanisms.
So even if we do break in and grab the GRU data, there's no guarantee we'll make it out.
What if you knocked out the nearest power grid? Auxiliary power should go to protecting the server.
That should, theoretically, get you a window before any security shutdown goes into effect.
How big a window? How long's a piece of string? I don't know.
Seven minutes? Well, you know what they say.
It's not the size of the window that matters, it's how you use it.
Sure, knock out the power, break into the building, locate the secure GRU servers and steal the sensitive data all in the same amount of time it takes to make a good cup of coffee.
But hey, what's the alternative, spend the rest of our lives on the run, right? Kinda like this guy.
It's a big ask.
You're gonna need all hands on deck.
That's why you're gonna take out the power grid for us.
No, I'm not.
Come on, mate! Throw us a bone! Do it for 20, one last time! (DOOR OPENS) Whoa! Whoa! Put 'em down.
- What did I miss, Mikey? Fuck's going on? - Yeah.
It's about time.
Come here.
Come on.
Change of plans.
- So tell me about it over a beer.
- No.
- Come on! Come on! - What? Fuck you, I'm thirsty! Shut up, Scott.
Let's go.
All right, Michael, ETA on lights out.
(BANGS MACHINERY) Is that working? - Nothing.
- "Bollocks.
" - It's not working! It's not working! - Huh? Anything? No.
Scott! Scott! It's not gonna work! It's not gonna work, mate.
Well, you know what I've always said, if you can't smash the fuck out of it, you shoot the fuck out of it.
What about now? That should do it.
Hey, Scott, let's go to São Paulo.
Fuck, yeah! So seven minutes is all we've got to work with, huh? That was the guess.
"Could be more, could be less.
" '(TENSE MUSIC)' Moving.
Coming through.
- Jesus, how much intel do they keep here?! - All of it, by the looks of this.
Our lot do the same.
I got one, two GRU guards.
I'm gonna go up to the control room, see if I can open that thing.
You're gonna need this.
- Holler if you need me.
- Good luck.
Let me know when you're set.
- Set.
- Set.
Moving! '(DRAMATIC MUSIC)' Well, so far, so good.
Man, don't jinx it! Remember, if we can't secure the data We destroy it, I know.
Come on, you son of a bitch! Ahh! Cap, we're gonna need your help with the door.
All right, Wyatt.
Just give me a minute! (SHOUTS IN RUSSIAN) - Fucking Victor sold us out! - It sure looks that way! We gotta get through! "Captain! Captain! We've got to get this fucking door open now!" "Cap, we've got to move now! Now!" Bingo.
Door's open! Go! Go! Go! Go! Move it! - Going in now! - Yeah, go! - Which one is it? - "Look for seven.
" Look for seven! Which one's seven, dammit?! On my way down.
(GRUNTS) Agh! - We need to step it up! - This one's seven! Are you sure? Yeah! But we've got to get it open! - Four minutes till lockdown! - Can you stop that? (SHRIEKS) Come on! "(WARNING ANNOUNCEMENT IN RUSSIAN)" - That didn't sound good.
- We just activated self-destruct mode.
We got two minutes! Is there any chance you mis-translated there? Nyet! Ugh! '(DRAMATIC MUSIC)' - How we doing? - Just gimme a second! (GUNFIRE CONTINUES) I did it! I did it.
The countdown's stopped! Now all we need to do is get that thing and fight our way out of here! "(WARNING ANNOUNCEMENT IN RUSSIAN)" Stop dicking around and get here and help me! I'm not.
I don't think I can.
Come here, have a look.
- Fuck! - What does that say? We need a passcode to permanently disable it! Oh, fuck.
Hang tight.
Just hang tight.
Uh I think I've got an idea! - Coming through, Mac, cover my arse! - I haven't got anything big enough, kid! - Suck my dick! - (LAUGHS) Ugh! (PANTS) Wait! Wait! Wait! Please! Please, you win.
Please, I was just trying to do my job, same as you! (GRUNTS) - Where the hell's Novin? - Ah, fuck! - Fucking hell, kid! - We're dragging this bastard outta here! Not exactly technical! - Fuck technical! How long we got, Wyatt? - Yeah, one minute to security lockdown.
When it comes to self-destruct, as long as my hand stays here, you've got all the time you need.
- No, no, no! We're not leaving you! - We're going into lockdown.
We gotta get this server outta here! We're running out of fucking time! Well, she's sweet to go.
The mission comes first.
You guys get out of here, you get home safe, I'll make a run for it.
- It'll be fine.
- Yeah, famous last words.
Captain, we've got the server, we've got wheels, we're coming through.
"Copy that.
I'm on my way to you.
" Catch you on the flipside.
Jump on, Mac! We need to get the fuck outta here! Let's go! '(DRAMATIC MUSIC)' "Wyatt, we're clear! Shutters are down!" Alright.
Copy that.
I'll find myself a way out, don't worry about it.
I've got 87 seconds.
"(WARNING ANNOUNCEMENT IN RUSSIAN)" "(DRAMATIC MUSIC)" Wait! Wait! See this monitor? I take my hand off this and the whole places goes up, all right? That's mutually-assured destruction! That means you die and I die! - Or we work together? - You're suggesting a truce? Yeah, I guess I am.
Now what do you say? I am prepared to die for my country.
Are you? "(ALARM WAILS)" No.
Oh, you son of a bitch! Fuck.
Fuck! Mac, we've got a problem.
We've got a little situation in here.
- What do you mean? - The controller's broken.
It's not stopping.
We're going back in.
No, no, no, no! There's no way in and no way out.
The shutters are down.
- There's no time.
- Wyatt! Yeah, I just want you guys to know something, all right? I thought I was done being part of a team but, uh, it turns out I was wrong.
You know, fucking maybe, maybe this was all for something.
You know, maybe it was.
Hell, maybe we even made the world a better place.
"That's all right.
" "Yeah, there's worse ways to go, right?" What the fuck am I thinking? No! No, I don't want I don't want to die! I don't wanna fucking die, so how do I get out of here? All right, I'm coming! Come on! Come on! (ALARM COUNTS DOWN IN RUSSIAN) Wyatt! '(TENSE MUSIC)' Spasiba.
Da, da, da.
(SPEAKS RUSSIAN) - Hey, well done.
- Eh? I figured someone should say it.
We stopped Idrisi getting the missiles out.
Jane the chemical weapons.
If this goes all right, we've protected the whole of British military, so What do you want, Mac, a medal? - I'd settle for a nice cold beer.
- Shit, yeah.
I could do with a hot shower.
Any kind of shower.
Let's do this shit.
The server One previous careful owner.
Fair is fair.
Check the encryption held.
We're good.
Encryption held.
They didn't manage to clone it.
So, are we done here? Yeah.
We are done.
Here we go.
The double cross.
Hey, big fella! - Pick a number between one and ten.
- I don't understand.
- Go on, just guess.
- Come on! Any number! - Why? - I don't know.
Maybe I'm just buying time because some tosspot's supposed to be giving us cover! What for? Move! Move! Mac! Come on, Wyatt, come on! Alright.
Go ahead! Move! Take it! Here they come! - Novin, do you think you can outrun them? - I reckon I'll give it a try.
Hold on! '(DRAMATIC MUSIC)' I can see where you coming from But I know just what you Running from This ain't no place for no hero This ain't no place For no better man This ain't no place for no hero To call home