Strike Back s07e03 Episode Script

Revolution: Episode 3

1 (GUN COCKS AND SHOOTS) ALEXANDER COLTRANE: I'm going to ask you why you're still here.
You were at a dead end and I had the way out.
Lao Shu, you're the one who killed the British soldier.
MAN: (OVER RADIO) Novin! Novin! Sitrep! - GRACIE NOVIN: Go on without me.
- You heard her, let's go.
Lao Shu is not the mission.
NOVIN: (OVER RADIO) She had nowhere to turn but me.
I let her down.
COLTRANE: (OVER RADIO) You're disobeying a direct order.
My fight is not with you.
Mine is.
Remember Davis? - (GRUNTS) - (DOOR CRUMBLES) (KNIFE RINGS) COLTRANE: (OVER RADIO) Locate and secure the package, over.
Copy that.
It's going airborne.
(GRUNTING) Grenade! - (MAN SCREAMS) - (WOMAN GRUNTS) COLTRANE: You faced a tracker to the missile crate.
Seemed the best tactic.
COLTRANE: If you're willing to share your intelligence, I'm willing to discuss some kind of a deal.
Hey! What are you doing! [MEN SHOUTING.]
What is this all about? No.
I can't see where you coming from But I know just what you runnin' from And what matters ain't the "who's baddest" But the ones who stop you falling from your ladder Come on, feelin' like you're feelin' now And doin' things just to please your crowd When I love you like the way I love you And I suffer, but I ain't gonna cut you 'Cause this ain't no place for no hero This ain't no place for no better man This ain't no place for no hero to call home This ain't no place for no hero This ain't no place for no better man This ain't no place for no hero to call home So this Bharat guy, he's a local fixer? If something's gone on, he usually knows about it.
And you have used him before? I have, yes.
In what capacity? For information.
This is Bharat's.
All right.
You just keep delivering that intel, Zarkova.
You are kinda here just as courtesy.
I guess we'll just make ourselves at home until he gets here, eh? One week since the missile arrived in India and all trace was lost.
I'm giving you access to an FSB informant, so a courtesy? I'd say I'm more of a necessity.
Uh, this mate of yours.
5'7", awesome mullet? We got a runner.
Heading west.
He's all yours, Mac.
Move! Move! [MEN GRUNTING.]
Hey, there.
Of course I ran.
You were breaking into my room.
Sometimes you're a little bit reluctant to cooperate and need a little persuasion.
I'm not on your fucking payroll anymore.
We're on the track of a stolen nuclear missile.
Arrived in country a week ago.
Missile? No.
But maybe something.
Three scientists have gone missing.
Suspected kidnapping.
What's the connection? These are not normal scientists.
All three men are connected to nuclear energy program.
But now I hear one of the scientists may have escaped.
Good work on the lead.
Thank you, sir.
Uh, I think he's talking to Zarkova.
Hey, I was the guy that took him down.
Yeah, after I ran him all the way down the beach to you.
Oh, an ability to run.
Pretty much a bare minimum requirement on this job.
- Well done, boys.
- It's true.
So is the intel good? That's what we're trying to find out.
Hey, there.
- Sergeant Wyatt.
- Correct.
Are you aware of the Mahadeva Corner Shrine? 300 years old, hand-carved depictions of Brahma and Vishnu? Should I be? Considering it managed to survive both revolution and annexation until you smashed it into pieces.
Team, this is, um, Lance Corporal Chetri.
Chetri, the team.
I felt we could use some support in the crib.
All right, kid.
New computer guy, right? Checking through the info, all three scientists were taken a week ago.
No ransom, no trace, no public sightings.
What about family or partners? One anomaly coming up.
Samira Shah.
Daughter of Professor Yamal Shah.
Works as a doctor at the General Hospital.
A track on her credit card brought up a sizable payment this morning at a local chemical company, Beta Chemika.
Seems to be a purchase.
Filgrastim, for immediate delivery.
It's a medication used to treat low white blood cell counts.
It's also used to reduce the symptoms of radiation poisoning, right? - Mm-hmm.
- Maybe that's the connection.
Must be her father who escaped.
Certainly feels like more than a coincidence.
Let's get eyes on her.
- Find out.
- Copy that.
All the families who lost someone in the bombings were deeply affected.
It was important for me that out of my son's death came some element of hope.
A foundation to help underprivileged children fulfill their potential.
Hindu children.
The Vartak Foundation has a narrow focus.
Excludes Muslims, for example.
And Sikhs.
Jews, Christians.
But the tragedy that took your son's life away, though, it was blamed on Muslim extremists.
I-I feel sorry for them.
For anyone who resorts to violence to prove a point.
This isn't political.
We Hindus may be the majority but we still need a helping hand at times.
What are you doing here? I have news.
In my fucking house? Do you have any idea what would happen if you're seen here? I've already got some bitch journalist snapping at my heels.
One of the specialists, Yamal Shah, he's slipped away.
I have people tracking him.
People? No.
You handle this personally.
And I will.
But something more important has happened.
Nothing is more important than this.
We're changing a nation.
I found him.
You've found him? The man who killed your son.
Copy that.
We have eyes on the back door.
We're standing by.
Samira Shah.
We're looking for your father.
My father doesn't live here.
Planning a quick getaway? You're not alone, are you? [DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
We're here to help.
Don't shoot! [WHIMPERING.]
Ah! - Clear.
- Clear.
Abu Professor Shah.
We know you were kidnapped a week ago.
British military? We're looking for a stolen nuclear missile.
What can you tell us? What do you know? For goodness' sake, can you give him a moment? Samira, child, please.
If you could, the medicine.
They they took me to some run-down factory.
The men in there were using it as a rudimentary lab.
Under gunpoint, I was forced to dismantle the warhead.
How'd you get out? One of the others tried to run.
After they shot him, they threw his body into a truck to be disposed of.
I saw my chance to smuggle out beneath him.
I was willing to risk a bullet rather than continue with what they were making me do.
And what was that? To use the warhead to create two new portable nuclear devices.
So we're talking about suitcase nukes? So what was your plan? Gonna make a run for it? Yeah.
To Mumbai, to a hospital there.
This is my fault.
The moment he turned up at my door, we should have been on the road.
Why were they holding him here? I guess they looked at his home, his work, all the places he might run to No, I mean, why hold him? Why not drag him out to the car, take him back? Unless They were waiting for someone.
We gotta move.
- Tangos incoming.
- We gotta go.
Get him up, let's go.
- This way.
Go left.
Watch your step.
Extracting subject one.
Heading north.
Take the first exit right and keep going.
They're on us.
You might want to hold on back there.
Oh, no, no, no, no, what the hell is this? Move! Out of the way! [CROWD CHEERING, DRUMS BEATING.]
Wyatt! We're not getting through there, mate.
All right, I'm backing up.
I'm backing up.
Zero, we've run into a massive street festival.
There's no way through.
Hostiles inbound.
Tangos in pursuit.
We're going on foot.
Request exfil.
Wyatt, Shah's body man.
Novin, close protection.
I'll take the left flank.
Zarkova, you take the right.
Let's move.
Stay close.
Professor, you stick with me! You keep your hand on my shoulder, okay? Let's move.
Public space.
ROE won't allow for firearms, so keep them holstered.
Copy that.
I didn't know the festival was on this route.
Yeah, well, it's your job to know.
Move over.
Head northwest.
There's a park, Mazailvaddo Road.
I'll pick you up there.
Sir Stay on the comms.
Wyatt, I'm losing you in the crowd here.
Move forward.
Look at me! Abu! [PHONE BUZZING.]
Pavel! What the hell are you doing here? Your English is improving.
Your new friends must be rubbing off.
Zarkova! Katrina.
Zarkova, sit-rep! [SPIRITED DRUMMING.]
Abu! Abu! [FLARE BANGS.]
Tango down.
Be alert, they're in the area.
Almost there, mate.
Gotta keep going.
Gotta keep going.
Thanks, mate.
- Almost there, almost there.
Two tangos down.
Lost eyes on Bravo Two.
Send a sit-rep.
- Shit! - He needs to lie down! We gotta move him.
We can't leave him here.
Abu! We need to stem the blood.
Subject one is down! I repeat, subject one is down! [SPEAKING HINDI.]
- Don't talk.
- Wait, there's something else.
It doesn't matter! It doesn't matter now! When they took the other scientist's body and threw it in the truck, I saw something else.
We had an agreement.
You cannot deny me access.
It is for your own safety.
You said you trusted me to do this, so please, trust me.
Anjali Vartak.
She was with the man.
The man that took me.
Abu, conserve your energy.
Don't talk! Chalo.
Just like your mother.
Always telling me what to do.
Southwest corner of the park.
We need to get out of here.
Let's go.
We gotta go.
Let's go.
Okay, one, two, three, yep.
Yeah, you maybe want to warn us next time there's a big fucking parade in the middle of our exfil route? I'm sorry, I didn't realize Look, I get it, all right? You're young, you're ambitious, you think this is beneath you.
But right now, you're in the field, the same as us.
And there is a woman next door who just watched her father bleed out in a park because of your fucking screw-up.
All right, mate.
She hears you.
So, we've got creation of two portable nuclear devices, easily smuggled, with the ability to be detonated on short notice.
The professor said they were provided with detailed blueprints.
Maybe that's why the missile was moved here.
Somebody with the skills to design such devices.
I'll dig up a list of anyone who might fit the bill.
What have we got on Anjali Vartak? Entrepreneur.
Runs the largest textile company in the region.
Her husband passed away four years ago, natural causes.
Her son, however, was killed in a bombing two years ago.
Muslim extremists claimed credit.
- Was the kid the target? - No.
Wrong place, wrong time.
Losing a kid, though, that changes your world view.
All right, so she's not shy of a few quid.
Enough to fund a Russian plane going down? You think she's Kingfisher? Somebody's paid for the missile to be here.
And have it divided into suitcase nukes.
So what's the endgame? Well, there's a strand of radical Hindu nationalism.
Dubbed Saffron Terror.
They seek to remove all Muslims from the country, by force if necessary, to create a pure Hindu state.
Anjali's rumored to be a little more than sympathetic to the cause.
It's rather a long walk for a short drink.
Lot of risk.
Lot of work.
Stealing a missile, then hiring Triads.
No, she may have terrorist sympathies, but I can't help feeling there's something bigger something worse coming down the pipe.
Do you know who I am? Do you know what you took from me? I had nightmares about you.
The monster at the center of the maze.
But you're nothing.
You're barely even a man.
Only if you wish.
Your son is at rest.
Not until we're done.
When will the construction of the dirty bombs be complete? Gopan.
I am risking a lot here.
I will not be kept at arm's length any longer.
I dealt with Yamal Shah.
But it seems British military were in the area trying to snatch him.
The British? Why on earth are they involved? I don't know.
You promised no mess.
No trails.
So while you drink and dine with your rich friends I will clean up.
Hand it over.
Hand over Whatever you've just used to leech our files.
I don't know what you're talking about.
You're under the mistaken impression that this is a conversation.
Boss? System's been breached.
Someone hacked us.
So you assume it's her? I'm confident with my choice.
What files were you instructed to take? Where were they to be sent? [INTENSE MUSIC.]
Once again, what were you instructed to take? What are you really doing here? I can give you a ride home when you're ready.
I can drive myself.
Listen, I know I said that we could protect your father, and It had nothing to do with you.
They were coming after him anyway.
It was on my watch.
I'm sorry.
The name he gave me, Anjali Vartak.
She's responsible.
It's an angle, yeah, we're looking into it.
But you have your suspicions? You have your theories? My theory is that your father wouldn't want you worrying about this kind of stuff right now.
How could you possibly know what my father would or wouldn't want? [MELANCHOLY MUSIC.]
He believed in mercy.
I can't.
Not now.
Not after this.
Let's talk about the device.
Where did you get the device? [COUGHING.]
I'm guessing her old mate Pavel gave it to her.
Maybe at the festival.
Is Novin correct? Colonel Beshnov is demanding evidence of some kind of progress.
So you're still in touch with Moscow.
This is all an op.
Well, this is just fucking great, this is.
Of course Beshnov thinks it's an op.
How else could I convince him to let me work alongside you? I needed this.
To find Kingfisher and to find who ordered the killing of my team.
It's a nice story.
And that's the problem.
It's a fucking story.
He's not gonna put me under.
Sergeant McAllister will do what he has to do.
Sir, there's no point.
She's Alpha Group.
It's day one of training.
She's not gonna change her story.
Samira, you need to get out of here.
You need to get as far away from this as you can.
I can't tell you what's going on but these these people, the nuclear weapons, they're kidnapping, they're killing, I mean, they're not messing around [SHOUTING.]
Do you think I don't know that? I just washed my father's blood from my hands.
I'll get I'll get whoever is responsible.
I promise.
And what am I meant to do? Sit? Wait? - Hope? - I-I don't know.
I don't know, I can't I can't answer that for you.
But I can protect you.
And I feel like you're worth protecting.
Ah, no, no, no, no.
You're not thinking straight.
Don't tell me what I'm thinking.
Don't talk.
She has served a purpose.
Let's get her a ticket home and get her the fuck out of here.
No! It was me who got us this far.
Only because we let you work with us! And that was a fucking mistake, wasn't it? What would you have done in my situation? Huh? I am still a Russian soldier.
And Colonel Beshnov was threatening to put me in the morozilka.
Morazilla what? It means freezer.
Soviet Intelligence Blacklist.
They don't just target individuals.
They go after entire families.
It effectively renders them enemies of state.
Or worse.
My mother my father.
I have to protect them.
Should I bring out the violins, love? Zarkova's intel did get us here in the first place.
That counts for something.
Stakes like this might be worth the risk.
Abu? Abu! [SCREAMS.]
Weapons, facilities, converting uranium none of that comes cheap, so we need to follow the money and we see if Vartak's funding it.
She runs a private charity, which'll be useful to hide and move the kind of amounts we're talking.
If we can access their financial records, we can look for patterns.
The charity has secure offices above the Kala Cultural Centre.
How are we going in? Rooftop? Front door.
The foundation's holding a fund-raiser this evening, and you are guests.
All right, Cinderella finally gets to go to the ball.
There's been a boom in the Indian textile exports to the U.
, and Anjali's companies have been riding that wave.
You'll be posing as American investors looking for business opportunities.
Whoa, I have to pretend to be American? Why, will the accent be an issue? [IN SOUTHERN ACCENT.]
Well, howdy.
I'm from America and I'd like to invest in some of your finest Indian textiles, please.
Strong, silent type, then.
Obtain a security pass, get to the office, and clone the hard drives.
Chetri will be disabling the security cameras, but she'll need a window, so you'll be taking down the power.
Lights out, got it.
Bravo Three, running interference, should anything go wrong, which it won't.
I'll be at the bar looking sharp, sir.
Well, in character, of course.
And what about the Russian? Confined to quarters, pending review.
Watch your back, sir.
What's on your mind, short stuff? Fucking Zarkova.
Just say it.
"I told you so.
" Ta.
You know, I don't actually think that Zarkova did anything wrong.
She stole files from us.
Yeah, to maintain her cover.
Each of us would have done exactly the same thing in her position.
Oh, now you're defending her.
You are such a contradictory asshole.
Vartak, top of the stairs.
Is it just me or is she smoking hot? You're a married man.
Ah, no, no, no.
That conversation's off-limits.
Ah, Wyatt.
Two great mysteries of my life.
Who or what the fuck Kingfisher is, and whether or not you've signed those divorce papers.
Don't look at me.
You walked into that one yourself.
All right.
Do you see this watch? That is a 2016 Alpha tactical.
So what? So it was a gift from my wife.
Actually, right before I deployed to Libya, on the trail of Idrisi.
Thought you said you haven't seen her for years.
And I hadn't.
Then, all of a sudden, out of the blue, this care package arrives.
And it's got this watch and it's got a note.
And the note said, "We still have time, asshole.
" She didn't give up on me.
I can't give up on her.
Dude, you just fucked someone else this afternoon.
I'm not saying I'm perfect, but that was different.
You know what I think? You're hanging onto it because once that goes, papers signed, that's you.
Nothing to go home for.
And I believe that Coltrane said you're gonna be the strong, silent type.
With the emphasis on silent.
Suits me.
All right, let's go to work.
- Don't fuck it up.
- Don't fuck it up.
- Don't fuck it up.
- Good evening, gentlemen.
- Good evening, madam.
Ah, sorry, my bad.
What about that Bears game, huh? Moving to target area.
Step away! Whoa.
Easy, tiger.
Haven't you heard of the 6-inch rule? [DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
Bravo Two, sit-rep.
Bravo Two? [GRUNTING.]
Bravo Two, sit-rep.
Bravo Two, sit-rep.
Bravo Three, move to check.
Copy that.
Sleep well, sunshine.
Bravo Two.
Good to go.
One minute to execution.
Three, two, one.
It'll just be a moment.
Shutting down half camera feed.
All areas essential for us.
Making it look like a malfunction caused by a power surge instead of Oh.
What? This wasn't the system I was expecting.
Don't panic.
Got 15 seconds before the backup generator kicks in.
In the meantime, if I could just get you all to raise your hands.
Indulge me.
Time's running out.
I-I can take down the whole system, but it will raise suspicions Yeah, just do it.
Just do it.
Bravo, good to go.
But be aware.
Security will be raised.
Bravo One on the move.
See? Many hands make light work.
I'm sorry, I know.
As the Vartak Foundation I have eyes on Samira Shah, she's in the building.
Moving to intercept.
Bravo One moving to target location.
That doesn't relate to Anjali Vartak's off-book assets by any chance, does it? Who the fuck are you? Get back.
I mean it.
What are you gonna do with that? I mean it [GROANS.]
Ah! You broke my fucking nose! It's not broken, dickhead.
It's bleeding! - Smile.
Connor Ryan.
Anjali's personal lawyer.
Oversees all finances.
Well, if we're following the money, Ryan could be in the know.
Bravo, treat him as an asset.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, shit, it might be broken.
Do you wanna tell me why you're smashing up that hard drive, Mr.
Ryan? Who are you? Are you some kind of private military? Some sort of military, yeah.
The British army.
Thought you looked like a fucking prick.
Does Miss Vartak know you're doing this? - Course.
- Of course.
Locked office during a fund-raiser, smashing up hard drives in a panic.
Hold on.
You're not gonna hit me again, are you? - You did just call me a prick.
- Okay.
She's planning on running for office.
She wanted some financial housekeeping to stand up to the scrutiny of the campaign trail.
She's bringing in outside auditors next week.
I said to her, "I'm your fucking auditor, love.
" Well, I you know, I didn't say "fucking" and didn't say "love," obviously.
You know.
So you've been ripping her off.
How much? I'm a fucking dead man here.
People say you never get over the death of a loved one.
There are things about my son which will stay with me forever.
Things that have informed this foundation.
His warmth Don't.
His compassion Whatever it is you're planning, just don't.
Say I wanted to view these off-book accounts.
Well, I mean, you couldn't.
Not now.
That's a shame.
Should've made copies.
It's a good last resort.
Well You know, I'm not just a pretty face, you know.
That's good to hear.
Asset has access to financial records.
- Extracting.
- Who are you talking to? Let's go.
What the fuck? Oh, come on.
I also wish to announce my intention to stand for parliament as an independent candidate.
- I wanted to look at the woman who took my father from me.
Samira, I told you we'll handle this.
I believe there is a brighter future waiting Just so you know, I don't blame you for anything.
Hold on, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Bravo Three, gotta prep for Bravo One and target exfil.
Go have some drinks, have some food I mean it.
Walk away.
Shots fired on Anjali.
I think it was the daughter.
Bravo Three in the mix.
No, stay on mission.
Bravo One and extraction is priority.
Get to the vehicle.
Copy that.
Get the fuck away from her! [ALARMS BLARING.]
Hey! Samira! [BOTH GRUNTING.]
Shite's all gone down, huh? [ALARMS BLARING.]
Hey! You should not be here! Jesus fucking Christ, you just killed him.
He's not dead.
Shut up.
You ever tried meditation? Namaste.
Hey! Back! Back! [TENSE MUSIC.]
Go, go, go.
Before you ask, I hit him in the shoulder and he's not dead either.
Bravo Two, need exfil to the east corner of Altinho.
We're gonna need a pickup, like, now, kid.
Okay, come on.
- Come on, what? - We're gonna jump.
Have have you had a fucking stroke? It's the only way, trust me.
Oh, "trust me," says the Brit.
No fucking way! Okay.
Stay here, they grab you, question you, find out you've been ripping off Anjali.
Yeah, then you're done.
You help us, new identity, fresh start, that's a guarantee.
Can I keep the money I stole? Are you fucking winding me up? Please.
Ah! Hey.
Okay! Okay.
Okay, okay, I give in.
Get in the car.
Getting in.
Open the door.
Open the door! Thank you.
- Look, inside.
- Shut the door.
Did you just get hit by a car? Honestly, kid, I have no idea.
Buckle up, dickwad.
Asset acquired.
On the move.
Bravo Three is still at location.
- I'll check the power.
- No, shh, shh.
Uncuff Zarkova.
Do it.
Back, back, back.
I suggest we get out of here now.
Are you okay? I don't know.
No, I mean, are you hit? Are you wounded? No.
I'm gonna do a sweep.
Make for the vehicle.
It's a risk.
If they spot us Which is why I will draw fire.
Stand by.
Stand by.
This is gonna be loud.
Wait, I have to pretend to be American? [IN SOUTHERN ACCENT.]
Well, howdy, I'm from America and I'd like to invest in some of your finest Indian textiles, please.
And what matters ain't the "who's baddest" [IN NEW YORK ACCENT.]
Say, who's this wise guy coming in here and trying to muscle into my Indian textile business? I don't know who this guy is coming in and trying to muscle into my Indian textile business, but I want him and his crew, and I want them dead! For no better man This ain't no place for no hero [AS CHRISTOPHER WALKEN.]
I don't know what interested me first into Indian textiles.
It's a good question.
I didn't say it was Walken.
Frankenstein never scared me.