Strike Back s07e04 Episode Script

Revolution: Episode 4

Team, this is Lance Corporal Chetri.
I felt like we could use some support.
Since the missile arrived in India, all trace was lost.
I was forced to create two new portable nuclear devices.
Anjali Vartak.
She was with the man that took me.
You think she's the Kingfisher? I can't help feeling there's something even bigger, something worse coming down the pipe.
Hand it over.
Whatever you've just used to leech our files.
I am still a Russian solider! Vartak's holding a fundraiser and you are guests.
Connor Ryan.
Anjali's personal lawyer.
Who the fuck are you? Asset has access to financial records.
I've got three in the mix.
Stay on mission, Bravo one and extraction is priority.
Copy that.
Grenade! I suggest we get out of here now.
Vest took the bullet.
Stay down.
Boss? Thought we'd had a rough night.
Fake compassion.
I'd say a career in politics is really gonna suit you.
Who was your friend working for? She wasn't working for anybody.
Muslim extremists? Splinter groups? Alssayf Alddima? Yeah, of course.
You all think you're part of some grand religious war, right? Samira.
That was her name.
She had nothing to do with any of it.
She was just a woman whose father you had killed.
That's an absurd accusation.
How 'bout we just drop the bullshit? 'Cause if you were clean, I'd be down at the police station right now Her father was Professor Yamal Shah.
That name means nothing to me.
Why even bother lying, huh? And if I was, wouldn't that mean that you're in a lot of trouble? Well, I wasn't exactly expecting mercy from somebody busy cooking up suitcase nukes.
What are you talking about? Ah, shit.
You have no idea what they're making in there, do you? What did you think? What did you think you were funding, huh? Anjali, wait, you can still get out of this.
You can still help us! I love MI6 safe houses.
Chetri, get set up.
Novin, equipment's in the storage locker.
And then I want IDs on all the people that broke into our crib.
Boss, we need to go back for Wyatt.
The area's swarming with police.
The center's cordoned off.
Road blocks.
- Boss - Sergeant Wyatt knows the situation.
The mission comes first.
And for now, that means getting access to the intel that Mr.
Ryan has.
So much for never leaving any man behind, huh? As soon as your building opens up, you're giving my team complete access to all the financial information that you've gathered on Anjali, and you better hope that it helps us.
I'm not here to do your bidding.
This is a deal, yeah? Quid pro quo.
I believe Sergeant McAllister has already offered you a new identity, new location.
I can make that happen.
I want that in writing.
You'll have it in the word of an Englishman.
You're lucky.
I don't think it was luck.
He switched his aim.
From head to vest.
Why would he do that? I don't know.
Getting a match against crib closed circuit.
Gopan Laghari.
Raised in a Mumbai orphanage.
Won himself a scholarship to the Institute of Science, but was expelled due to various disciplinary issues, some violent.
After that, he fell in with militant Hindu nationalists.
Formed his own splinter group, Shuddh Raashtr.
Does he have the capability to design or construct a suitcase nuke? It's blueprints for similar kinds of devices that got him into trouble at the Institute in the first place.
I sort of feel sorry for your man.
If that's the company Anjali's keeping, he is so fucked.
Did you even think about her, man? Samira? Do you think about the strength that it took for her? The hair and the makeup? All the way to the party, knowing what she was gonna do.
Do you do you even fucking give that a thought? No.
No, of course not.
Guys like us, we just pull the trigger, right? You talk too much.
Yeah, well, I guess that's why it's called famous last words, asshole.
All right.
Just just take this off.
It was a gift from my wife, and she'll She will fucking kill me if I die wearing it.
Looks expensive.
Wanna know a secret? I feel terrible about Samira.
That feeling will pass, you know? Tomorrow, next day.
And you know what'll take its place? Nothing.
What do you think that means? No, no, don't do it.
You're not that fast.
Yeah, it's me.
I need a ride.
Aren't you going to invite me in? I find it interesting you say me coming to you is a risk, yet you show up here, unannounced.
British military have taken my lawyer.
I seem to remember you assuring me they wouldn't be a problem.
How much does he know? Nothing.
At least I thought not, but if they've gone out of their way to take him Do you trust him? He's a lawyer.
So you need me to sort it out.
- We're partners.
- Oh! Oh, is that what we are? Did you know I was self-taught? The Muslim Council forced me out of university.
They looked down on me.
Took exception to my beliefs.
I heard differently.
I heard there was an incident.
It was it was political.
That's probably hard for you to understand.
With your background, your breeding.
Never had a door slammed closed on you in your life.
Where we come from doesn't matter.
Where we are at does.
And the plan remains the same, yes? Precise radiological dispersal devices.
Contained dirty bombs.
Detonated in mosques around the city to irradiate their places of worship.
There is nothing else I need to know? Anjali.
I am not your little washer man.
You should mind your tone.
All your life, you've waited for someone to believe in you.
In your potential.
I just want to be part of this.
You have never concerned yourself with all these details before.
Maybe I'm starting to get my hands dirty.
Oh Are these cuffs absolutely necessary? Are you okay? I've been to better parties.
Brought you a change of clothes, mate.
We wanted to come back.
Don't sweat it, bro.
I get it.
Mission comes first, right? Besides, I got some information.
We all know that Vartak's dirty, right? When I mentioned the nukes, she drew a blank.
Like it was, uh, news to her.
Well, that takes her off the Kingfisher list, right? Yeah.
And what about lawyer boy here? Has he got the intel we need? He better bloody have to.
Got you some coffee, mate.
Oh, hey, thanks.
Sorry about Samira.
Yeah, I didn't really know her.
No, I meant for her.
This way, sir.
Thank you.
Yes, sir.
Nice place.
Rent's a bastard.
I'll keep eyes on the lobby, mate.
Give us a shout if you see anything.
You don't need to keep shoving me.
I'll stop shoving you when you give us all the intel you have on Vartak.
Until then, keep moving, asshole.
Here you go.
Thank you.
Short black, please.
I had a job interview at 9:00.
Just what I needed.
If they're not gonna hire you over a few coffee stains, fuck 'em, right? Thanks.
So, uh, do you lads have a plan for the future, then? This career of yours is pretty finite.
I don't know.
Probably end up in command.
Command? I hate to break it to you, soldier, but you're hardly Sandhurst material.
You? Yeah, I got a plan.
Find myself a nice bar stool.
Preferably one with an ocean view.
So what we have here is a deluded CO and an alcoholic-in-training.
Hey, fellas, if yous want, I could throw together a little portfolio for yas.
Some stocks, shares.
Mates rates.
On account of the fact that, you know you might fucking shoot me.
You handle divorces? - Do you have a prenup? - No.
No marital assets? Not as such, no.
Oh, okay.
Next time, just find a woman who hates you and buy her a house.
It'll save you.
Good advice.
It's not funny.
Getting interference on comms and surveillance.
- Cell phones too.
- Deliberate? It looks like someone's closing the place off.
One of us needs to go in.
Past 24 hours, crib's been hit, I've been shot, and they tried to execute Sergeant Wyatt.
What if something much worse is on its way? Go, go, go, move! What do you think you're doing? - I'm the one going in.
- You've seen my file.
This kind of situation is Alpha Group's speciality.
- You took a bullet.
- The vest took the bullet.
You're not ready to go back into action.
You were the one taking risks going after Gopan on your own.
He took down one of ours.
I wasn't letting him walk away from that.
One of ours? Figure of speech.
Colonel Neither of us can afford to lose another team.
Let me do this.
Go, go! Move! Business is booming, then? Well, it was, actually.
We had secretaries, paralegals and, of course, back then, the big man was still with us.
This is the Rohan of Rohan and Ryan fame.
God rest his soul.
What happened to him? What happens to us all.
You stay in the job too long, you lose focus.
The man was paranoid as shite.
For good reason.
He was ripping off the Punjab Mafiosi.
They rolled him up in a lino and Shot him in the head.
After that, well, I decided I was gonna scale the whole thing down.
Go straight.
Fuck me, that's you going straight? Deciding is not the same as doing, is it? What? Just a little bit of spending money.
Just in case of emergencies.
There's some heavy encryption on that.
You need a password.
Which is? My one and only bargaining chip.
I'll tell you as long as I'm out of here with a plane ticket in my hand and a guarantee that I can keep the money I embezzled from Anjali.
You knock yourself out, mate.
We only care about the intel.
- Hmm.
- Good to go? Give me your phone! Hey.
Let's go.
Hold your horses.
Always shouting, you are.
We have the package, we're moving out.
Zero, we have the package.
Do you copy? You know this new identity of mine? Can you take a few years off me? And maybe a couple of pounds as well? - Ah! Ah! - Ah, fuck.
Ah! Wait, wait, wait, wait! What did I tell you? Old man Rohan.
Paranoid as shite! You got any weapons? You got any firearms? - I'm a pacifist.
- Comms, cell phone, all down.
All right, we need to get back out there.
Out there? There's a masked man with guns trying to kill us out there.
There's innocent people in that lobby and one of our team.
Well, that is fucking terrible and everything.
But rather them than me.
Go, go, go, go, go.
Answer it.
- Yeah? - I have five hostages.
Hand over the lawyer, Connor Ryan.
No discussion.
- Hang on a minute.
- I said no discussion.
Wait! Just a minute! Four now.
Next will be three.
The lawyer.
Get the shutters up now.
Get them up! Just wait, wait, wait! There's a there's a passcode.
And you're not getting it.
You are fucking joking me.
What are you doing? What does it look like I'm doing? I'm trying to stay alive! Okay, you could shoot one of us.
Fuck! Let's say, for example, McAllister.
But the other one will be on you like flies on shit.
And trust me, after the fucking day I've had - Open the shutters.
- No! There's a way out of this.
You have my word.
You just have to trust us.
We'll get you out of here.
Fuck! You have a stain.
You look better now.
- Oh! - Wait! Wait.
It's not gonna work.
I recognize you.
You know the history.
Brits in India.
I mean, do you really think it's gonna work if you plug some locals? But you have value.
Use me as leverage.
All right? Just let them go.
Let them go.
Fucking piece of shit! I don't like women telling me what to do.
Hey, Gopan! This is who you want, yeah? Let's talk.
You are not in a position to make demands.
Mate, I don't even cross the road without a backup plan.
Hostages first, then we negotiate.
He's bullshitting you! There's only one of them back there.
That's all he's got.
What the fuck are you doing? Back back back around and to the right, lads.
Beardy American fella.
You can't miss him.
Yeah, your word? It's worthless to me.
All right, big man.
Let's see if we can't come to a deal here, yeah? Hey.
- Hey! - Down! Get down! Jesus! Not loving your plan so far! Shut up! Stay down! That's easy for you to say with a bloody gun! Fuck this! No, wait! Mac! Get the hell out of here! We've got the intel, Novin, let's move! I'm on my way! Zarkova! Exfil! You had one job, Mac! To keep the guy alive! He made a run for it! Yeah, well, he's the only one that had the password to the drive.
Are we gonna stop and argue about this now? - Good timing, Russki.
- Go! Zarkova, go! Shit.
So? What have we got? Well, we've got a locked hard drive with top-level encryption and no passcode.
But you can hack it, though, right? With some of that computer magic? Computer magic? You know what I mean.
It's possible I could retrieve information with the right equipment, but we've lost everything in the crib attack.
This is more or less useless.
Chetri, they executed innocent people 'cause we were after this bloody thing.
It can't be for nothing.
We can get you whatever gear you need.
We're talking military-grade hardware.
Nobody around here is gonna have that.
I know a way.
But you're really not going to like it.
- Pavel, how you doing, bro? Good to see you.
You wouldn't be following us now by any chance, would you? Are you fucking crazy? We need to use your equipment.
"We"? She actually said "we.
" You told them I was here? Lieutenant Kuragin.
Good day, mate.
What's the plan, Pavel? I don't know.
Obviously, I'm unlikely to shoot either of you, as there are now even more weapons pointed at me.
- That's good to know.
- But I also feel that lowering my weapon would be, you know an admission of failure.
Well, that's your sense of survival versus your sense of pride.
- Yes.
- I get that.
You people have treated me very badly when all I am doing is making sure someone is watching our soldier's back.
You're not doing a very good job of that, Pavel.
Your soldier took a bullet last night.
You need to be more careful.
Let's go.
Nice place.
Well, I was not expecting visitors.
Do you have any decryption gear? MCU, analyzer, oscilloscope? You see? This is what I warned you about.
Turning us into defectors.
Sergey was your best friend.
Don't you want to know who ordered the killing of our team? Look, of course I want to know, okay? What do you think I have spent the last week doing? But I also do not want to return home to face a firing squad for aiding these people.
Sorry, is that a yes, you have it, or a no, you don't? Please.
Help yourself.
So you said you'd been looking into this.
What have you discovered? You seem very determined to ignore my strong emotions about aiding you.
That is all.
It could be a person, an organization, maybe the name of an op.
I also learned that it is one of the few birds that does not sing.
Is that relevant to the situation at hand? No, it just struck me as quite depressing.
Where is everyone? I should call Gopan.
Put the phone down.
You are Anjali Vartak.
Just another spoiled rich woman.
You don't even know how to use that.
- I'm learning.
- Fuck you! Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
- You can't do this! - "You can't do this.
" I've heard that all my life.
My husband used to say it was lucky I had this face, otherwise I would have been worthless.
Where is everyone? They moved.
- To the other place.
- The slipway by the docks? Gopan was worried that you would that you would come here.
You would be angry.
He was right.
I'll go with you.
I'll make sure you get whatever you want.
What makes you think I need the help of yet another man? You listen to me, you stupid bitch! Keep an eye on this guy, will you? Pavel, mate.
Don't take this the wrong way, but if you do keep following us around, there's gonna be a problem.
That is a clear threat.
Please explain the wrong way it could be taken.
Maybe you can pass a warning onto Zarkova.
'Cause if she fucks with us again What? She will get shot again to protect your team? - She made her choice.
- Unfortunately, yes.
And now she could lose everything because she trusted someone like you.
At least I have her back.
You? You only have a body bag with her name on it.
So? Well, Ryan was certainly keeping a close eye on Anjali's money.
Three weeks ago, she forms a new shell company, purchases two locations.
A disused factory and a waterside dock house.
The company was immediately shuttered.
All trace wiped.
If it hadn't been for Ryan secretly tracking the cash, we'd have had no way of knowing she owned the properties.
Professor Shah mentioned a factory.
Said he was taken there.
Can you get a fix on that? The fire service got a call a few minutes ago.
The whole place has gone up.
They're gonna be wiping all trace of activities.
Let's get to that second location.
Hey, nice work.
Just doing my job, Sergeant.
- Showtime.
- Good.
- You are going with them? - Yes.
I will need to tell Beshnov that you did not deliver.
I will try to protect you, but you know what he is like.
I know.
I know.
You know, Pavel, mate, it wouldn't be the weirdest thing in the world if we all ended up as friends.
Gopan's expecting me.
Please, lead the way.
As soon as possible You really are paying attention to every detail.
What are they? I believe they are referred to as portable tactical nuclear devices.
You have questions? Hey! Hey! You used me.
Whirly bird's good.
Three X-rays nearby.
One main warehouse, two smaller.
We have spent our lives awake, fighting against the Muslim attempts to subjugate us, but you were happily sleeping until an accident took your son.
An accident? I lost everything.
You have everything.
Including anger.
But what happens when that fades? Move in.
Search for the packages.
And stay silent.
Moving right.
Moving to central warehouse.
Bravo Three, checking left.
You have no idea how I feel.
I don't.
I was wrong about you.
You are much stronger than I ever credited.
Who are the other devices for? For someone who appreciates my work.
The money we are being paid for this will ensure our cause for years.
So all of this, everything I did, it was nothing.
I deceived you, but I did not lie.
The plan hasn't changed.
We find those nukes, and it's mission complete for us.
So you're saying this is the last time I watch your back? Or I watch yours.
The dirty bombs, as promised.
I constructed them myself.
They're some of my best work.
Green means primed.
Cellular detonation.
And a dead man's trigger as a failsafe, should we need it.
We? As you said.
But you cannot be here.
You are the future.
Our own politician, in parliament, with real power.
It has taken me a long time to see you as you really are.
The bombs, where are they? No, no, no, no.
Don't do it.
Trust me, partner, you're not that fast.
Hello? This is Nia Chaudry from the "Indian Times.
" I was wondering if you'd like to comment on your links to Gopan Laghari and his terror group Shuddh Raashtr? I think I was clear about my feelings towards your baseless speculation.
This isn't speculation, Ms.
We have evidence.
We're publishing it in tomorrow's edition.
I-I don't believe you.
That's not possi What is it? It's over.
Building right clear.
Building left clear.
Moving in.
Zero, we've gone noisy.
Go now, while you still can.
They know about me, about everything we've been doing.
Then maybe you are finally free.
I have eyes on Vartak.
Looks like she's carrying some kind of explosive.
Truck going west.
Ah! Secondary vehicle going east.
Bravo One, stay on the truck.
Bravo Three, secondary.
In pursuit.
Novin, no backseat driving.
Get out of my way! Why are you chasing that woman? She's got a bomb, get out of the way! Get everybody back! Get them back now! Move! Hey, where'd she go? Where'd she go? The lady, this way? Yeah? Move.
Move everybody out of here.
Go, go, go.
Hold still! What did I say about backseat driving? Then drive better! Grenade! Ah! Engine's fucked.
Everyone out.
Don't worry about 20.
Stay on the truck.
Contact! Move! Wait, wait, wait! Wait.
Let them go.
Come on, get out.
So this is it, huh? This is what it all comes down to? I've lost everything.
And these people, they get to live their lives, go on as if nothing's happened.
You know what? I get it.
I do, I get it.
You want to destroy everything.
I understand that.
But these people, they're not to blame for what happened to your son.
Right now, you still have a way back.
As what? A disgrace? A failure? Maybe there is another way I can be remembered as something.
The spark that started the fire.
Changing! Don't move! Look at me.
Look at me.
Why didn't you kill me? Why didn't you kill me? Tell me.
Tell me why.
Because I was told spare the Russian.
Why? I think you know.
It is your people who are behind this.
Clear! - He dead? - Yeah.
Target is down.
Package is in the wind.
They'll be out of range in two clicks.
You're bringing it in too low.
You're gonna lose it.
Going to lose it anyway, sir.
Do you mind telling me what the point of that was? Lance Corporal.
Here, sir.
I got a shot of the driver.
I'm hoping we'll pick up something via facial recognition.
We should be able to dig in.
Track him.
That drone is coming out of your wages.
I'm sorry, sir.
I can't tell if you're joking.
Welcome to 20, Lance Corporal.
Zero has managed to ID the driver.
We're gonna find them.
Did he say anything at all? Not a word.