Strike Back s07e05 Episode Script

Revolution: Episode 5

He switched his aim from head to vest.
- Why would he do that? - I don't know.
We all know that Vartek's dirty, right? When I mentioned the nukes, she drew a blank.
Well, that takes her off the Kingfisher List, right? What are they? I believe they're referred to as portable tactical nuclear devices.
I've got the intel moving, let's move! Go! It's possible I could retrieve information with the right equipment, but we've lost everything in the crypt attack.
I know a way, but you're not going to like it.
Pavel! How you doing, bro? - Are you fucking crazy? - We need to use your equipment.
"We?" She actually said "we.
" - What have you discovered? - A Kingfisher.
Bravo One, stay on the truck.
Got shots of the driver.
Should be able to dig in.
Track him.
Why didn't you kill me? It is your people who are behind this.
Did he say anything at all? Not a word.
You are a very good driver.
You were unlucky to be spotted crossing Punchan territory.
But you were spotted.
It must be very valuable cargo to take a risk like this.
Well, Dagon? Is it a good day? Yes, boss.
I believe it is.
Idiot! Bravo still trying to get eyes on you? Yeah, copy that.
You think your contact will deliver, boss? She'd better.
This is some kind of shithole.
Looks like my kind of place.
How come you never age? Oh, I've aged.
Just on the inside.
Lauren Gillespie, DEA.
You want a beer? - Yeah.
- Yes, please.
I got it.
So I hear you're looking for a package.
We're tracking it from India to Myanmar.
Thought we'd lost it.
Our intel analyst pulled up these.
Uh, looks like your classic hijacking.
You see the way the body's strung up like that? It's a warning.
"Stay off my routes.
" Whose routes are we talking about? Oh, well, this is where it gets fun.
Jean-Baptiste Zaza.
Punchan cartel.
Controls the majority of meth production in the area.
He escaped the Rwandan genocide at 19, he washes up in Asia.
Machetes his way up the ladder from drug runner to drug lord.
All you need to know is that this is the fucking wild west.
And this province of Punchan here? Well, it's unique.
It operates as an independent state within Myanmar.
You know, which means it's got its own law enforcement and military, all of whom get sizeable kickbacks from Zaza.
Which brings me to rule number one: He cannot be touched.
If he stole the nukes, we're not going in gentle.
And if he dies, there'll be a bloodbath to replace him.
I'm sorry, if you want my help, you've gotta follow my lead.
Maybe we don't need your help.
Well, good luck.
Jungle out there is a dead zone.
Zaza has so many off-book assets it'll take you months to compile it.
I mean, hell, I have been here for three years and I've barely scratched the surface.
We keep the package, DEA gets the credit, and we'd very much appreciate your help.
If the jungle's a dead zone what does Zaza use for comms? Zaza has his own relay station set up in the jungle for private communication.
You knock that out, he's forced to use regular radio.
Then you can eavesdrop on his signal.
Find out what he's doing, where he is.
Maybe even where he's hiding the packages.
Tell you what, let's play a game.
Everyone around this table who has a map of Zaza's relay stations, take a drink.
You think we will find the nukes? I'm pretty confident.
Well, because you're good at your job.
You can find anything.
This here is where modern warfare's pretty much won and lost.
That's also a little bit how do you say? A little bit creepy, yes? Don't "how do you say" me, Captain.
You know exactly what the word was.
Bravo, may have X-rays inbound.
"May"? - Either we do or we don't.
- You do.
Are you expecting company? Well, this guy's been after me ever since I sent his brother down.
Boss, we have three tangos inbound.
I figured you'd take care of them.
We're not armed.
These guys have semiautomatics and shotguns.
We gotta move.
Do you have a weapon? Oh, come on.
How did I know you'd be unarmed? I will not let you take me in like my brother.
Let them go.
They're unimportant.
- What the hell was that? - Huh? We're not your fucking hit squad.
What? You need something, I need something.
We're a good match.
Zaza's radio network.
Welcome to Punchan.
Don't ask.
Say my name.
Say my name.
Say it! - Say my name.
- Jean! Jean! You should come and live with me.
You would have money.
Everything you wanted.
I prefer to work for my money.
Oh You will earn it.
I will think about it.
I've got to get ready for work, and they'll be opening up soon.
I got in touch with the buyer you suggested, and they're interested.
20 million for both nukes.
Jean, this was not an easy deal to set up.
Has Aung been fucking other people? You know what her job is.
I mean anyone regular.
More than once a week.
There is a Chinese businessman.
Been coming and going a lot.
So now he disappears.
Of course.
But we need to stay focused.
Did you take over the Punchan cartel, huh? Did you bring the rival gangs under control? Did your money build schools and villages? Change this whole region? There is no "we.
" Relay station one click uphill.
Copy? I copy.
Well, say you fucking copy.
Why do I have to shove a string up your ass and yank it every time I want an answer? What is it with you? Maybe I'm just a little homesick.
Yeah, of course.
What is borscht, again? It's cold stew.
Cold beetroot stew.
No, that is winter borscht.
Spring borscht is different.
It's better.
Any chance you can stay focused on the mission? I've got your back.
You can trust me.
Right, kids.
Stop the signal and force Zaza to use HF comms.
Relay stations all across the jungle? That does not come cheap.
A lot of money in meth, mate.
So, Zaza, he flees the genocide at 19 with nothing but the shirt on his back.
He arrives in another country, doesn't even speak the language.
By the time he's our age? Guy's got an empire.
I don't even own a car.
You're telling me a drug lord's making you feel like an underachiever? Almost 40, almost broke, almost divorced.
Almost about to blow up a relay tower, so peaks and troughs, mate.
- Set.
- Set.
Three, two, one.
Aww, come on! Son of a bitch.
You had one fucking job! Shit.
Still transmitting.
I guess we'll take it down the old-fashioned way: - By hand.
- Wait, wait! X-rays inbound with technical.
Not good.
- You think they heard us? - All right, take cover.
Quick and quiet, yeah? Let's move! Get your ass up on that 50, kid! Four tangos inbound! Contact! Come on.
Fucking jammed! Come on, Novin! Reloading! She's out! Focus on the tower! It's gonna blow! - Fall back! - Fall back! Relay down, no signal.
Good job.
- Clear! - Let's move! Let's go! Hey, Wyatt.
Eiffel Tower.
- What? - "I-Fell" Tower.
- No.
- No? - No, that's not even funny.
- Come on.
You're telling me all my communications are down? We'll have to switch comms to the old 320 radios while we repair the station.
It'll take a week.
Who is responsible for this? Maybe one of the smaller outfits? They wouldn't dare.
They know their place.
This is someone else.
Then they've made a big mistake going up against you, boss.
Indians charging more and more for their pills.
Kickback to the military authorities.
Everyone thinks they have me over a fucking barrel.
After the deal goes down tomorrow, you could buy the military.
Maybe I'll make you a little general.
Would you like that? Confirmed Zaza's using local comms, sir.
Scanning now.
What is it? Frequency and codes to a private Directorate A network.
Could maybe eavesdrop, see if there's any information about this Kingfisher.
You're getting us to spy on your own people? I just want to be sure of what information is out there.
I'm not doing this to betray my country.
I'm doing this to honor my team.
Sir, got a hit on an order to protect the other relay stations.
Far as I can tell, it came from this guy: Dagon Sao.
Zaza's number two.
Used to be part of the previous regime but he conveniently swapped sides when Zaza took over.
You got a fix on that location? Yep, signal's coming Jinsan Village, grid 63276955.
McAllister, Wyatt, grab the number two.
- Bring him in.
- Got it.
Find out where Zaza's keeping these devices.
And is "quietly" an option? Because I'd really like "quietly" to be an option.
Um - I need a favor.
- Oh, yeah? DEA tried to turn Dagon a few times and, you know, give him a bit of off-book aid, which we'd rather didn't become common knowledge.
So if you get close, it would be good if you eliminated him rather than bringing him in.
- Yeah, I'm not your guy.
- Actually, you are.
See, I've gotten resources.
The kind that can slip me your file un-redacted.
Which means Task Force 18 and all that that entails.
Are you blackmailing me? If that report got out, it'd be the end of your career.
- Good-bye, 20.
- Fuck you.
No, hang on.
Dagon is a scumbag.
It is one more pull of the trigger, and I doubt that you're gonna lose sleep over it.
- You ready, Wyatt? - Yeah.
Good luck, boys.
Be careful.
Zaza is suspicious.
Then let's just leave.
I promise.
There's too many bodies around.
You do overwatch, I'll grab Dagon.
Go quietly, yeah? Who the fuck are you? I'm the one you're giving the location of the nukes to.
Now, I'm not screwing around, bro.
Where are they? You think Zaza tells me anything? It could be any one of his compounds.
What's he plan to do with them, huh? The DEA wants you dead, and I'm the one they gave a gun to.
So talk.
Zaza's selling them.
20 million.
Deal's going down tomorrow night at the Lagoon Casino in Changzhou.
- Who's buying? - Someone from Al-Shabaab.
You're selling nukes to fucking Jihadis? Hands where I can see them.
No closer.
- We can make a deal.
- Oh, yeah? You take out Zaza - I help you.
- Hands! I told you.
Maybe you're just here to kill me.
Like you said.
Wyatt? Supposed to take him alive, mate.
Asshole drew on me.
I didn't have a choice.
Got the intel, though.
It's good.
- What? - What do you mean, "what"? I'm waiting for you to move.
The whole bloody village heard that.
One call to Virginia, I can have your whole team removed.
The deal was not to touch Zaza.
His second doesn't come under that.
Come on with the fucking semantics, Alexander.
I mean, what did you think would happen? I mean, you you've hit his relay stations, you've taken out his number two.
You're starting a war.
And if Al-Shabaab get their hands on the contraband, we'll have a terrorist group with nuclear capability.
I'll happily explain that to your superiors if necessary.
We didn't have a choice, okay? Yeah, no, I suppose you didn't.
Excuse me.
There's the place that Dagon said the deal's going down.
Get eyes on all main roads, docks.
We need to intercept the Al-Shabaab buyer.
Bravo dockside.
Think we might have something.
Sending image.
Notice anything weird about Wyatt? I think there's a lot weird about Wyatt.
You seen the shirts he's been wearing lately? Why, what's up? I dunno.
Something about him and Gillespie.
Facial recognition has a hit.
"Gabriela Barre.
" Arms broker.
Exclusively works for Al-Shabaab.
Stay on her.
- Grab her.
- Copy that.
Go, go.
Go, go.
Echo one going foxtrot, heading south.
Copy, moving.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
We just want to talk, okay? Let's do this the easy way, yeah? Don't wanna fight you.
No one wants to talk anymore.
Fucking hell, kid.
She just kept coming at me.
Is she gonna make it? It's not looking good.
Come on, hang in there.
Sorry, love.
We're in.
She sees you.
She's gone.
What? What does that mean? What what was that? - "Smierc.
" - "Smierc," it's it's Polish.
It's an old lady in a white robe.
She's, uh death.
Oh, that's reassuring.
All right, so we got a phone.
And we got the cash.
Well, it's not all bad.
Gabriela's cell phone contained instructions for the deal.
The $80,000 there, that buys a seat at the table.
Zaza has an encrypted tracker with the location of the suitcase nukes.
Ten million in cryptocurrency goes into his account and he hands it over, then a further 10 million is sent once the broker gets her hands on the weapons.
That's a lot of trust.
That's why they use an arms broker, genius.
Shit, we could've trailed her all the way to the package.
Why don't we just say "screw you" to the DEA and grab Zaza ourselves? Retrieving the stolen nukes is all that matters.
The Shan drug lords grab and torture Zaza for the location of his first meth labs.
They work him over for seven days, he barely cracks a smile.
So I doubt that blondie here will fare any better.
We need that location.
He's expecting an arms broker, so we send him one.
Yes, sir? You'll be taking her place.
Copy that.
Right, what if Zaza knows what the broker looks like? Then she's been taken ill or has security concerns and has sent a replacement.
Right now, he's expecting $10 million into an account.
We don't have that kind of loose change kicking around.
No, we don't, but we do have this.
Data leacher Zarkova used to access our files.
Yes, let's bring that up again.
You activate it, I'll remotely tune it to Zaza's tracker.
We'll suck up his data in 10, 15 minutes.
10, 15 minutes Zaza's sitting there expecting millions and getting dick.
The risk is worth it.
- I'm in.
- Very good.
I want a closed-target recce of the venue.
CCTV placements, surveillance blind spots, infil, exfil points.
The moment Zaza arrives, we go to work.
I broke in to have a snoop around.
Interesting ploy.
Not exactly the Four Seasons, is it? Mm, it's all mine.
What's the deal with you and Wyatt? Oh, there's no deal.
Lauren, you and I know that's bullshit.
You've got files on his previous job.
See, you're on my turf now, and I do my homework and I do it well.
But I know all about you.
About Lowry.
And Idrisi.
And the fact that you broke your Commanding Officer's jaw once, which is quite a turn-on.
Seriously? You think that's gonna work? Mm-hmm.
My team are doing everything to stop these nukes.
So whatever your game is, I'll find out.
You're about to rip off a notorious warlord for $20 million.
If it goes wrong, he's gonna come after all of us.
And he's not gonna stop till we're dead.
So there may not be a tomorrow.
That was like kissing a snake.
I've modified the device.
The closer you are to the target, the faster the data will transfer.
Yeah, well, why don't you modify it some more so I don't have to sit on his face to get it done.
I'm trying to help you here.
I'm sorry.
It's not about you.
Just let me get my head around this.
I know there was someone else in the crib before.
No, you you're doing a great job, okay? Lance Corporal Jensen.
I looked it up.
I used to hear his voice in my ear when we were working and Can't remember it now.
How he sounded, I I'm forgetting it.
Some free advice: Remember, it's just a job.
Clock in, clock out, don't get close to anyone.
I gotta ask, what the hell is that? Tiger bone wine.
Would you like to try? Bourbon, double.
Thank you.
- Double bourbon.
- Thank you.
What? Now I can't drink on the job? Just take it slow, mate.
Might be a long night.
Hey, one thing I didn't quite get.
Yeah? These file photos of Dagon.
- You see it? - See what? Well, in every one of them, weapon's in his left hand.
When you downed him, gun was in his right.
So what? He's ambidextrous.
What's your point? Give us a shout if you see anything.
Or if you want to talk about anything.
4:00 a.
, still no sign of Zaza.
The sun will be up soon.
Maybe the deal is not happening.
What is it? Picked up some intelligence chatter on the Russian channels you gave us access to.
About Kingfisher? No.
About Colonel Beshnov.
He's labeled you a defector.
An official enemy of the state.
Okay, okay.
So I have to go back.
Clear my name.
Katrina returning home We track down these nukes maybe I can avoid a bullet.
On arrival at least.
There's another thing.
You said you were worried about Colonel Beshnov.
About what he would do to your parents.
The Morozilka, yes.
They target the families, so Except you don't have any parents.
They both died a few years ago.
How do you explain that? That that is simple.
I lied.
Emotional manipulation.
Do you think it worked? Target alpha one sighted! I repeat, alpha one sighted! Incoming to casino.
Bravos, get ready.
I'll see you soon.
Alpha's in the building.
It's on.
Strong presence outside.
A ring around the casino.
You are here to play? In a manner of speaking.
You are Gabriela Barre.
I'm the person giving you 80,000 as an advance against 20 million.
I'd rather names weren't bandied about.
You bring the locale device? This is yours.
After the first 10 million lands in my account.
I'll let them know to start the transfer now.
Leacher is activated and downloading from Zaza's device.
We should be able to steal the nuke location.
Can we stream the intel directly back here? No, she'll need to physically bring it in.
We can only monitor progress.
Aung! Come and sit with me.
You are very special to me.
This will be your last night of working.
Ah? You are looking tired.
I'll see you later.
She seems nice.
She is a fighter like me.
In Rwanda, the Hutu called my people cockroaches.
I took this as a compliment.
When the world is over, it is the roaches that will crawl out of the dust.
Can of bug spray will fuck them up every time, though.
But now, to business.
Where is my money? Halfway there.
Needs to stall.
I'm gonna put in a call to the money men.
Speed them up.
Who is that man watching us? Which man? Him? Or him? Or him? I thought you were a businessman.
You're acting like a loser.
You dare call me that? Alpha's getting twitchy.
If Zaza goes for her, take him out.
That is not your decision to make.
- We had an agreement.
- Our mission comes first.
You're about to make 20 million.
- Fuck you, Alexander.
- You'd throw all that away because some tosser maybe looked at you wrong? Relax.
We're transferring 10 million.
It takes time.
Sit down.
Have a drink.
Enjoy your moment.
When the deal is done, maybe you and I can celebrate together.
I'm gonna need a lot more drinks before I agree to that one.
The device has crashed.
I need to reboot and restart leaching the data.
No, no, not an option.
Do we have enough to get a locale on the nukes? - I don't know, I - Make a judgment call.
Yes, we've got enough.
Tell Bravo Three to exfil.
Oh, look at that.
Money should be going through right now.
No, Jean, don't! Please, don't! A friend of yours? You left this behind.
Why don't you leave her the fuck alone? You're twice the size of her.
She's scared to shit.
Come on, we've got a deal to close.
You're right.
Let us discuss our business elsewhere.
Get Bravo Three out of there.
Deal's been compromised.
Going noisy.
Bravo Four, south exit.
Do you have any idea what Al-Shabaab will do to you? The game is over.
You are Lance Corporal Novin.
British Military! We need to get outside, draw their fire! Jean! The money.
- Aung - Give it to me.
Is that all you care about? I know you love me! You are not going to shoot me.
Run! Go! Give us your gun! Stay back! Come on! No! No, don't! Everybody down! Go, get down! Now! Move! Get the fuck out! - Go, go! - I'm on it! Sweet timing, Zarkova! Go, go! Taking the crib mobile.
Regroup at the RV point.
Out! Move.
Yeah, we definitely drew their fire! And we have tangos on our tail.
Hang on, I'm gonna take a shortcut through the jungle.
Don't move.
The streets are crawling with tangos.
How the fuck are we gonna get out of here? Let's head to the docks.
Go, go, go.
Let's grab a boat.
Or a plane.
Always have plan B.
So you know how to fly, right? Yes, of course.
You know.
Okay, we are still on the water.
We need to be in the air, now.
We're taxiing.
Beshnov "Pavel.
" Who is "Pavel"?